Friday, June 17, 2011

Paul Revere to Sarah Palin: "Your poll numbers are dropping! Your poll numbers are dropping!"

From Politicususa:

Sarah Palin overall favorable rating is 24%. Her unfavorable rating is 54%. When the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll was last conducted in April, 9% of those surveyed had a very positive view of Palin. After Paul Revere that number is 7%. Her publicity blitz did cause people that have a very unfavorable view of her to drop from 41% to 38%, but this was offset by an increase in those who had a somewhat unfavorable view of her from 12% to 16%.

In a January 2011 CNN poll, Sarah Palin had a 38% approval rating. By March, a Bloomberg poll had her sinking to 28%. In an April Washington Post poll, Palin’s approval with tea partiers fell to 60%, and her disapproval rating overall shot up to 55%. Later that same month, the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll measured her approval rating at 25%.

To summarize, Sarah Palin’s approval rating when we began 2011 was 38%. It is now 24%. If the point of the bus tour was to make Palin more popular, then it was a gigantic fail on wheels. She may have been able to get something positive out of the bus tour until she was asked that gotcha question what did you do today? As soon as Palin answered with her revised history of Paul Revere’s ride, any shot at positive publicity was down the drain.

For the twelve people in the country who may not yet have seen it, here is Palin's rendition of the "Ride of Paul Revere."

And here she is doubling down on the stupid.

Wow, a 24% approval rating seems awfully generous after watching that.

And this was AFTER she tried to bring her number back up with this "educational" bus tour.

One can only imagine how much lower her poll numbers will sink after THIS thing scalds their eyes, and sears their brains in the movie theaters.

You know the funny thing is that Palin's plan to increase her popularity is exactly MY plan to destroy her popularity, and that is to simply let people learn more about her.  In her opinion, the more people know they better they will like her, and my opinion is just the opposite.

Gee who do you think has been right so far?


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Those clenched fists are what babies do... Right?

  2. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Any comment on Obama's weird version of statue of liberty?

  3. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Ever catch a falling star? Ain't no stoppin' 'til they hit the ground...

  4. Anonymous6:40 AM

    She actually spoke out on Weinergate, when will she learn to keep her mouth shut?

    Her poll numbers will continue to sink, even with the rest of the GOP crowd falling out one by one, she won't be the last crazy standing. I think that's her only hope at this point.

  5. Anonymous6:42 AM

    She needs to hire you as her PR person, Unka Griffey!

    On the other hand... Romney glowed about her, as did the others, at the debate the other night. She's getting stroked by the right palms.

  6. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Its been hard to believe how long the "15 minutes" has lasted for people like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan...

    ...but Palin's shot at fame has gone on way too far, given she has no substance behind the facade.

    I think we are mercifully seeing her shooting star burn out, at long last.

  7. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Poor Sarah. She hasn't yet figured out a way to manipulate national polls, but when she does those approval ratings will be at 80%, just like in AK.

    Yes, Sarah, America really is sick of your shit, dear. Go the fuck on already. You're so fucking dense if you think you really stand a chance at winning America over. Thank GOD that most Americans are not as stupid as your gullible, idiotic followers. There is nothing worse than someone who just doesn't get it and never will, and that someone is YOU, SARAH LOU!

    (Sorry for all the expletives, but I can hardly contain my hostility towards THAT woman, as most of you can surely relate to. Have a nice day!)

  8. Olivia6:51 AM

    What do poll numbers matter when God wants you to be president? She will keep on doing what she is doing as long as people keep giving her money.And if the money stops, she will do more and more bizarre things to stay in the spotlight. She is severely mentally ill.

  9. Some or most of her fans may transfer their support to Michelle Bachmann. Who knows if it's good or bad?

  10. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn7:04 AM

    The Traveling Sarah Sideshow and Salvation Bus was like one of those shopping carts you sometimes get--you know, the kind with the one stuck wheel that just keeps going in circles no matter how hard you push it?

  11. Anonymous7:07 AM

    She apparently "heard" the "warning" yesterday morning....and then proceeded to stomp her feet....
    Powerful Earthquake Strikes Alaska's Largest City

  12. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I'm sure she's thinking, "Wow, I still didn't get them to see the real me (or "It's harder to con a whole nation than the State of Alaska"). "I'm sure I can do it next time."

    Sarah, there is no next time. We're on to you, but if you insist, it sure has been interesting seeing you in action and finding out more about you every day. You see, there is no lens or editing that can completely filter out the real you. Face it, we've seen enough of you to know there's not much there to like. And the more we find out about who you really are (which isn't the same as who you want us to think you are), the more we don't like you. So, I say, keep getting yourself out there and helping our cause.

  13. Gasman7:24 AM

    At the rate Palin is going, before too much longer she won't even be supported by a simple majority of the teabaggers.

    If Palin doesn't even have a lock on the batshit crazy cousin humper vote, by what magical math does she figure that she can win the presidency?

    It would appear that her brand of obdurate ignorance has become so glaringly apparent that even some of the nearly brain dead teabaggers are beginning to notice. Even though she regularly hurls out the red meat, dog whistle dominionist code words every time she opens her liehole, she STILL isn't the darling of the right wing.

    THAT is satisfying news.

    Palin is a simpering ignoramus and even the members of her tribe of toothless goobers are beginning to recognize that fact.

    She who mangles sentence structure and syntax as she is ridin' her bus across the country, makin' sure that we "send those warning shots and bells that we [are] going to be sure and we [are] going to be free, and we [are] going to be armed.," makes not a fucking bit of sense, EVEN to the teabaggers.

    You go girl.

  14. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Hey everyone...sorry OT,
    but did anyone see the facebook page someone setup for "MAMA Grizzly"?

    Last I saw, they were going for 200,000 Likes,
    and had something closer to,
    around 78.

    I think one can even comment there
    without liking the page.

  15. Anonymous7:31 AM

    SO, Gryphen, what you're pointing out to us is that one in four people that I might run into today, STILL approve of Sarah Palin? That scares the hell out of me. I'm barricading myself in and not even going to the grocery store or post office. :)


  16. Anonymous7:35 AM

    The more people know her, the less they like her.

  17. Anonymous7:42 AM

    There is a reason and a good one why McCain and his campaign kept her shut up and away from talking except in controlled circumstances. Sarah Palin is a f*cking idiot!
    Keep on talking Sarah!

  18. Nancy in New York7:43 AM

    You are correct sir.

    Although why people weren't aware of her stupidity the moment she stepped on the national stage (or at least during the Couric interview) is beyond me.

    An interesting thought brought up by someone who left a comment on another post on here was that she couldn't understand how an alleged new mother such as Palin could have the capacity to be so vicious, divisive and nasty during the 2008 campaign so soon after giving birth, when most "normal" mothers just want to cocoon themselves, their family and the new baby with good vibes and energy and keep all the bad things in the world at bay. Which I think is an excellent point.

    Let's pretend that Palin actually did give birth to Trig, how nasty, rotten and evil do you have to be to vault (undeservedly) into instant fame and have everything that comes out of your mouth be nothing more than an angry, vicious tirade? This is how a brand spanking new mother acts? Unless, of course, the baby in question was a prop she didn't really give birth to and she was more concerned about her own personal ascent into the national arena.

    I can't believe it took these ridiculous Paul Revere comments and Palin's subsequent doubling down on stupid mode to sink her in the polls.

    Her stupid, vicious demeanor has been on full display since day one.

  19. I've seen that clenched fist picture in a previous post about her hagiography, Gryphen, but for some reason it really jumps out at me today.

    Dear God, what a grandiose, narcissistic, megalomaniacal depiction of her that is! There are people who have changed the entire course of human history who haven't been depicted with such extreme deification.

    And all that for a failed mayor of a tiny town, who quit her next job (which she wasn't qualified for), and the job after that (breaking her oath to the citizens of Alaska).

    And who is too cowardly to face anyone who might actually ask her questions about her alleged proposed policies and problem solutions.

    And who is a sexual pervert to boot (always looking for an opportunity to make emasculating comments about men or to throw her underage daughters onto the media stage as objects of sexual lust).

    Horrifying. Just horrifying.

  20. Anonymous7:50 AM

    The 24% do want to KNOW Sarah Palin. They have constructed the perfect RWNJ in their minds and simply attach the name, Sarah Palin, to their fantasy.

    The 24% are not low information voters, they are highly selective information voters. They only want to hear about poor little victim Sarah and the mean, evil, vicious libruls that are tormenting that beautiful (sexy) women. (Insert random biblical reference here.)

    Maybe a long hidden axe murder might sway a few of the 24%.

  21. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Maybe it was her horrible outfit that turned people off. I mean, a red boxy tee tucked into a skirt? Yuck!

    I'm kidding (not about the yuck). It was definitely her publicity whore stupidity.

  22. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Last I heard, her favorable ratings have done nothing but fall since she arrived on the national stage. If this was anyone else, we wouldn't have heard a sound from her after January 09. What will it take for her to finally disappear? I'm hoping that whatever it is, it happens soon... it would be an entertaining summer!

  23. Anonymous said...
    Any comment on Obama's weird version of statue of liberty?
    6:36 AM
    Nice try, Anonymous. You go back a year and as usual, make something out of nothing. There was nothing weird, there was no gaffe. That was all made up, again, as usual, by the right wing gasbags. Actual literate people interested in solving this country's problems had no problem understanding his speech.

    Now run along back to a relevant thread or to some idiot right-wing drooler site.

  24. Anonymous8:02 AM

    6:36 am

    Is that you Sarah idiot?

  25. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I'm counting on Gabby to come out swinging one day and Sarah Palin will be running for the border.

    Sarah Palin with her crosshairs on Gabby and innocent people getting murdered and Gabby almost assassinated; Sarah's blood libel is going to bring her down one of these days.

  26. I think her Tour De Farce backfired in a big way and she will never recover from her Revere Moment. I also think the Republicans field will be totally decimated by the time the primaries come along (save Bachmann who will win the home state crowd and then drop like a rock) and Rick Perry will then seem like the most reasonable candidate. All he has to do is fire a few salvos over their bows and wait for their ships to sink. Then the Republicans will beg him to step in over the rubble and the rabble. I don't think he'd make the same mistake as McCain and pick a crazy lady like Bachmann as his running mate, but he might pick an African American or Hispanic.


  27. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Perez Hilton the Hollywood gossip columnist is reporting Sarah is divorcing Todd for another man, I also saw this at another gossip site, but can not remember which one. Todd may not be the only one who is sleeping around.

  28. Anonymous8:18 AM

    There is nothing redeemable about this hateful, stupid, ill-bred, pathological liar. The day that she is held accountable for any and/or all of her misdeeds cannot come too soon.

  29. Anne In DC8:19 AM

    Palin is a bona fide wack job, no matter what her polls suggest. Like others on this forum, I cannot understand why it took so long for some Americans to recognize what was painfully obvious to most of us from Day One of her national debut into politics. She is I(gnorant),
    D(ivisive), I(mmature),
    O(bnoxious), and T(iresome).
    However, it's important to keep in mind that she is symptomatic of what is wrong with the Republican Party of 2011. They have become the party of ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and religous zealotry that has nothing at all to do with loving one's fellow humans.

  30. Anonymous8:25 AM

    and another thing...May all the wrongs, stealing, and lying she has done along with all the people she has taken advantage of and hurt haunt her for the rest of her miserable life. Sarah Palin deserves nothing less.

  31. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Sarah Palin "YOU ARE INCOMPETENT!"

    Don't hate the messenger, I'm just doing what I'm told.

    Crivella West email

    Subject: SPREAD THE WORD

  32. Anonymous8:31 AM


    My suspicions run toward Franklin G

  33. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Any comment on Obama's weird version of statue of liberty?

    6:36 AM

    Are you talking about Sarah Palin's comment on the

    "STATUTE" oF Liberty?

  34. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Anonymous said...
    She actually spoke out on Weinergate, when will she learn to keep her mouth shut?

    Her poll numbers will continue to sink, even with the rest of the GOP crowd falling out one by one, she won't be the last crazy standing. I think that's her only hope at this point.

    6:40 AM

    Did Sarah say anything about Todd Palin's weinergate?

    Hell... Shailey Tripp practically slapped Todd and Sarah in their wee wee's revealing Todd's other job as Alaska's Pimp Daddy.

  35. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Dumb fuckin' broad.

  36. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I remember people saying she'd never recover from "blood libel". I think it's cumulative and the Bus Tour/hijacking Rolling Thunker/Paul Revere gaff is just the latest. This movie will be a huge yawn to all but her most loyal bots. They'll try to spin it when it first comes out but the numbers and box office $ will tell the tale.

    The pro Palin and anti Palin sites are all slowing down after the initial email drop. You have to be among the dumbest of bots if you think they showed a governor hard at work. Three years and as heavily redacted as they were show some huge covering up. I think she's on her way out.

  37. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Palin and Franklin Grahm ....hell no....that means she might move close to where I live near Asheville, NC.....

    Todd as a pimp cracks me up as he seems more like a jon rather than a pimp!

  38. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Right on!! and I feel you pain; nice use of expletives; very cathartic but don't let your hatred of her destroy YOU! Pull back a bit and relish the FACT that she is failing in a very big way, and everyone knows it (including her flying monkeys) They must be very frustrated...LOL. Michelle Bachmans campaign manager (i forget his name) hates Sarah Palin in a big way. Whether sarah runs or not she is history.

  39. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I wonder how much TLC paid $carah to wear that god awful pink t-shirt on her "edumacational" bus tour.

  40. Beldar Twitchy Conehead8:53 AM

    Gryphen, what if the screechy wretch is just a cynical noisy ruse to make empty conservative suits like Romney look "moderate" and "reasonable" by comparison to the twitchy and scratchy rogues like Bachmann, Cain, The Screechy One, Santorum (google me, won't you!!), and "She Turned Me Into A" Newt? What if? Huh?

  41. Anonymous8:58 AM

    the more I see of her, the less I like her and the more I loathe her. Hey $arah, how's that "talkin' to the people without a filter thingie workin' out for ya??""

  42. Dis Gusted9:04 AM

    Perez Hilton the Hollywood gossip columnist is reporting Sarah is divorcing Todd for another man,


    pretty sure they are already divorced if they ever got married.

  43. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Pleased to see Scarah maintaining her curves...the ones that go down, down, down (popularity) and the ones that go up, up, up (lack of popularity). Face it Sarah, nothing you've ever done since Sept 08 has made you more popular, just richer. Is the $$ all you wanted? I don't think so. I think you really really really want to be popular, like you were maybe in high school, and used to be, very briefly, in AK. But you can write all the books you want and make all the reality shows and full length movies you want, and steal spotlights, and enlarge your boobs, and shorten your skirts, and hurl lies about anything and everything in your world, especially Barack Obama. Everyone will still like you less and less every time you try to make them like you. And your performance on Fox last night was no pathetically dishonest and shallow, I bet even your bots were cringing.

  44. Sweet anny9:16 AM

    Sarah. You are nekulturny.

    No. It is not a compliment.

  45. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Sarah's man crush could be Shawn Hannity. He certainly has a crush on her.

  46. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Well, sarah, you are in a pickle. You can´t claim the GOP is out to get you. All the GOP candidates told America you were qualified to be POTUS. In addition, they all agreed you can beat Obama in 2012.

    What are you going to tell your supporters now? You know, the people you´ve been teasing for three years? You can´t tell them the ¨good old boys¨ are out to get you, can you?

    Why does everyone want you to run? What is going on? Why are they revealing you?

    Darn, it´s like they want you to run.

    We do, ¨private citizen¨ sarah.

  47. Anonymous9:26 AM

    24% still approve? America, critical thinking much?

    Kind of O/T but I read a comment on another site about Americans leaving for greener pastures, just as their ancestors left Europe for America 200 years ago. The writer wanted to escape the "state religion" being imposed upon Americans by the right. Interesting.

  48. Anonymous9:28 AM

    It's interesting that the missing emails are from Dec. of 2007, about the time she was dreaming up a pregnancy for the Governor. She had asked Bailey what he thought of the idea a year before that.
    She is certainly unaware of what she sounds like to 75% of America. And how many Democratic men can she call 'impotent?' My guess is, 'all of them.' So Weiner should have resigned the minute Breitfart put the tweets out there, but she, ethically challenged Sarah, has yet to resign from public life. What will it take, Sarah? God dropping a house on your head? (Bristol wants the shoes.)

  49. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Nicole Wallace was right. Just leave Palin to her own devices and she will destroy herself.

    Blood libel and Paul Revere were her own handiwork. She thought she was so smart getting the media to follow her on the book tour, but she pissed them off big time and she will never recover from that.

  50. Anonymous9:30 AM

    There's no doubt that the more they know Palin the less the like her. That's her biggest problem. But don't you think it's a bit presumptious of you to think that you had anything to do with it? I mean really, polls that ask thousands at random compared to the maybe 200-300 that have ever even heard of your blog? Don't be so fucking vainglorious.

  51. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Is it really just the Paul Revere mangling that made her numbers drop even more? I think there's more to it than that. I saw a lot of comments from people who were wondering why the Palins weren't paying for their own vacation. More people are really seeing her for what she is, which is frugal only with her own money.

  52. lilly lily9:47 AM

    The more stupid she knows she is
    the more adorable she acts.

    It is her secret.

    Back her in a corner and she babbles and looks as adorable as a baby seal about to be clubbed.

    And her bots go oooohhhhh. Isn't she cute.

  53. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Why the TLC shirt?! Its like the John Mcain visor she blacked out. It seems like she is too cheap to buy clothes and only uses freebee's at least with her casual clothes. WEIRDO!! -E

  54. Anonymous9:54 AM


    you mean "incometence"

    Is this email for real? How weird is this?

  55. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I just went through some of her pics on her FB page and realized that she takes her whole dang fandamily with her to EVERY event she goes - with that, I mean her mommy and daddy are always there - be it meeting Conan, or 'Captn Kirk' or Graham or...
    Must be nice being mommy and daddy to the the Grifter #1 in the USA - you get to travel all over the country for free, and to top it all off, you get to meet celebrities you never on your own would get to meet!

  56. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Well, yeah. They want her to run. They all want to go up against her in the primary.

  57. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Sorry to be mean, but why is her head so large when her brain in so small? Will this scourge ever end? What will it take to make her see that she is a laughing stock and, finally, irrelevant? Is she making plans to put those crosshairs on Michelle Bachman yet also, too?

  58. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Sharon1943- I'm with you...

  59. Anonymous10:29 AM

    In the first photo, she looks VERY cross-eyed. Piper has her usual pissed-off expression on her face.

  60. @Sharon. "Tour de Farce." Like it.

    Piper looks so much like Todd in that picture. Not sure why people said she was a Menard.

    Wonder if Curtis Jr.'s confrontation with Sarah was less about her mothering and more about Todd's side business? The media does not seem to be picking up on Shailey's story. She said something about 30 days. Maybe then.

  61. So Gryphen, are you going to watch "The Undefeated" (why does that sound like a 60s western with Clint Eastwood and Lee J. Cobb)? Blerg! Somethin' tells me there will be free showings in a theatre near you. Yikes!

  62. Anonymous10:44 AM

    The most stupid part of her reply was the fact they DID NOT even ask her about Paul Revere!!!! The woman is a friggin idiot.

    Can hardly wait to have Keith Olberman back in the mix on a day-to-day basis. His voice is terribly missed.

  63. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Frequently Defeated Granny just needs a new opportunity to show how she's a great American who should be POTUS.

    "Timmy" needs to "accidentally" fall down a well so that Frequently Defeated Granny can hook all of her waterbras together and use that as a rope to save him.

    Then, she could give a mangled speech about how Paul Revere invented waterbras so that she could also, too, save "Timmy" from the well.

    Next, Frequently Defeated Granny could beg for more SarahPAC donations to replace the bras that were damaged in rescuing "Timmy".

    Lastly, Frequently Defeated Granny could go on FOX and whine for an entire week about how hard it was for her to save "Timmy".

  64. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Sweet anny, you forget, she can see Russia from her house!

  65. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I think the showing in Minneapolis will be in 1000 seat ballroom. I doubt most of her bagger followers will be able to afford the tickets. Something tells me that most of the showings will be in very small theaters. Just another grifting project for Grandma grifter.

  66. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Anonymous 9:28 AM

    The missing emails are from Dec. of 2006, not 2007.

  67. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Who really wants to waste money and time watching "Undefeated"? At least 60% of the population wouldn't! The 24% who think they like SP, will find better things to spend their resources on, given a choice - like a tank of gas, picnic with the family, a new pair of shoes, etc...

    I can see "Game Change" on HBO being a big hit. They have an awesome line-up of actors! And the narrative/storyline is as objective as one can get.

    I have finished Blind Allegiance, and look forward to McGinnis' book (pre-ordered), and I will even purchase/read Levi's. All the viewpoints/angles are good. After this year, though, I bet SP will be old news - so anyone else who has something to say about her should get on it right away!!

  68. Anonymous12:01 PM

    We've been deceived all along. Whomever is pulling our chains as in 'divide and conquer' is doing a great job.

    Here's two books to read, if G will publish the names: "Tranceformation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and "Thanks for the Memories" by Brice Taylor.

    What we have here with Sarah is a mind-controlled MK-Ultra slave with 'doll programming'.

    What Cathy O'Brien says about her deprogramming in Alaska is very significant. Warning: these books are very disturbing - do not let young children read them.

    I challenge you to read these books. They will explain Sarah Palin. And only then will you finally understand what the hell is going on here.

  69. Dis Gusted12:02 PM

    Sorry to be mean, but why is her head so large when her brain in so small?


    it's full of hot air.

  70. Dis Gusted12:04 PM

    It's interesting that the missing emails are from Dec. of 2007


    you are OFF by a year - try December 2006.

  71. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I am curious why palinistas find shrink wrapping a RV hiring drivers and decking Palin out in a long sleeve leather coat in 90 degrees is impressive as potential first family contenders? I am not impressed that the Palins have not had any past interest in history while declaring themselves to be ultimate patriots.

    Palin made a fool of herself posturing to he America's history teacher. Todd also failed given his disappearance from the "family vacation". I give th credit for getting attention. No one could miss that RV or biker chick outfit in the heat.

    Do they anticipate her poll numbers going up when Bristol's new face debuts cohabitating with two young men? It sounds like a sit com closer to Will and Grace.

  72. CharlotteB12:19 PM

    Looks like her boobs are dropping a few notches as well. Guess those RNC push-up bras are wearing out. (PS: After reading this comment, Lou Sarah makes a sudden on-camera appearance wearing a new padded push-up bra in 3,2,1...)

  73. Anonymous12:28 PM

    What does it mean "electronic snoop" here?

    -----Original Message-----

    From: "Anders, Bruce F (DNR)"

    Date : Wed, 23 Jan 2008 13:51:20, "Irwin, Tom E (DNR)" ,"Rutherford, Marty K
    (DNR)" ,

    Subject: Re: Email

    Absolutely outrageous and unacceptable if indeed it was a leak . But remember the
    electronic snoop you had on MTA during the campaign. I surely hope that's the leak rather
    than disloyal behavior ( or incredibly poor judgment ) from a team member on what was
    clearly an internal, strategy-type communication to the troops from the CO. Surely your
    IT gurus (rather than just Sunny's supposition) could run the trapline? Either way,

  74. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Could Bachman be a lesbian too, along with her sister? You know, when a family raises one there's a very high likelihood of there being more than one. An interesting thing to do woould be to ask your daughter because lesbians often are better at seeing some of the traits of their sisters. And hey ya never know, maybe your daughter had been doing Bachman or vice versa. Is your daughter the bull dyke or the other partner in her affair?

  75. Anonymous12:32 PM

    It's double flush material at this rate. She'll try to inject herself into the race, and will end up running as an inependent. She can't let go of grudges, it's clear the republican's don't want her, and the Democrats are hoping she does run.

    The bus was a race to steal thunder from Romney, nothing more, nothing less. Running as an independent would fall in step with her spiteful, vile filled hatred for the Republicans making her look like an idiot (in her mind) She's desperate enough to sabotage her own party

    Which is fine with me!

  76. Anonymous12:47 PM


    What that implies is Sara was spying on a competitor in a campaign. Not sure about legal issues or statutes of limitations but if MTA - whoever that is - wanted to pursue it I'm pretty sure, with enough noise, it would be more egg on her face

  77. Anonymous12:56 PM


    I'm guessing there are far more than 200-300 who come here and other blogs about your heinous.

    It's not the least bit presumptuous as these bloggers have been keeping the shit she pulls alive while the MSM has bent over backwards to cut her every break. You think if her private parts were discovered on a tweet we would have heard anything about it? Nope. The MSM has already given her a pass on too many things and it's bloggers who dissect, add things up and keep the pressure on her. You really think if they didn't exist Sara wouldn't be looking for cover? The MSM only covers her most egregious lies and stupid comments. Even then they give her the benefit of the doubt. When she screwed up Paul Revere the MSM almost completely ignored the story about how her monkey's put Wiki on lockdown because they tried to rewrite history. Can you imagine some poor kid submitting that answer and getting an 'f" then complaining that he took it off Wiki? She's an idiot. Yes, most people can see that but it's the bloggers who add to and support that feeling of nausea in your gut whenever she speaks

  78. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I believe the married man might be Van Flein? Arizona? If you look back to a speech she gave around the time she quit, she spoke glowing words about him. It was much more than you would hear about a typical lawyer. The person Van Flein went to work for is a house representative in Arizona. How could he possibly match the salary Van Flein was receiving as an attorney for Sarah. How much does a Deputy chief of staff make working for a hour rep of a very small district.

  79. Anonymous1:57 PM

    She reminds me of Casey Anthony. Where is Trig anyway? Someone needs to put up missing person posters in wasilla.

  80. Sarah Palin claims she didn't take ANY time off for the birth of her newest baby, Trigg.

    Instead of holding, coddling and bonding with her newborn and allowing her Lt. Gov. to "hold down the fort", Sarah Palin took her 3-day old infant to her workplace.

    But she let her Lt.Gov. RUN THE STATE for 5 WEEKS while she campaigned with McCain.

    That Totally sounds like a new mom.



  81. Someone else pointed out sp's attempt to highjack the religious intonation of that picture.

    When have you ever seen Jesus depicted with clenched fists?

    He is always depicted with open arms, and open hands...not clenched fists.

    Hitler, however...

  82. Anonymous2:12 PM

    OT, but they just announced on Minneapolis TV that Palin's Undefeated is premiering in Minneapolis tonight??????

  83. Anonymous2:17 PM

    The film is being shown tonight at the Hilton in Minneapolis for a conference.

  84. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Ouch. Bachmann is at 19% and 15% for Palin in a new poll. I guess Sarah gets Ms. Congeniality again!!

  85. @anon 12:30PM

    I don't care if Michele B is a lesbian or a deep-in-the-closet-liberal-at heart. We do know she's a shill for the corporatistas, and she exploits the same sheep that Sarah fleeces on the "right to life, liberty and a couple of guns" issues that SP does. Hell, MB's raised several households of foster children plus a gaggle of her own, so let's just give her credit where it's due.

    I don't think Bachmann is crazy in a Palin kind of idiocy, so I'm sure we'll see her move to the center a little bit if her GOP candidacy takes off more than expected. But I think she'll make a good complement to a more mainstream candidate like Huntsman of Romney, and MB will be a better VP candidate than Palin was bc she has actual creds.

    Bachmann is a fringe candidate with a shot at a #2 spot for Romney. She couldn't even be on the ticket w/Pawlenty bc POTUS and VPOTUS cannot be from same state. In that case, I guess Paws could buy a home in another state like Cheney did back home in WY since he was living in TX when W was governor there. It would be competitive with Romney/Bachmann vs Obama/Biden, with a possible edge to the GOP if the economy doesn't make a decisive upturn. If it continues to lag, Obama might need to send Joe to the showers and bring in Hillary from the bullpen. I think Hillary would lock down Florida, IMO. That's a year out from now, so lots of time.

    I think you were referencing possible hypocrisy on MB's part, but I wouldn't make any inferences just because she has a sibling who is LGBT. I would ask her, anytime one of her peers made an attack on the LGBT community, if she agrees with their peers opinion that LGBTs are in some way "wrong" or "inferior". Doing so will force her to confront her hypocrisy about her feeling differently about strangers who are LGBT vs family members.

    There are plenty of angles to slam MB. Hell, both her economics and constitutional history are suspect.

    Having a daughter who was a lesbian sure shut up Dick Cheney on the social agenda, and rightfully so. The only ones really pissed off in 2000 and 2004 were the RW families whose kids were LGBT, but they were estranged or in denial.

    Keep it above board on the lifestyle criticism, please. Otherwise, it makes ALL OF US appear to be hypocrites.
    Just Sayin'.

  86. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Poor Sarah is feeling very jealous since Michelle passed her in the polls. As such, she is showing her film at some conference at the Minneapolis Hilton tonight. First, the bus in Romney's backyard when he was going to announce. Now she shows her movie in Bachmann's backyard immediately following her rise in the polls after her debate performance!!! The woman is so predictable.

  87. Seriously?? You MUST jest... that photo on the movie... where she's giving double hand jobs?? What a bitch. Talk about sexual innuendo!!!

  88. Read Bailey's book and THEN try to convince me/us/whoever that SP doesn't cover IM daily.

    She's so damn ticklish about any flippin' criticism or "truth-speaking" about herself. Hell, I think all Ivy Frye did was monitor criticism, write op-ed letters under different names, game the call-in polls for the TV stations, and suck up to Sarah by getting her coffee. That's why she had her staff communicate with her as exclusively as was possible thru personal e-mail accts to her yahoo account.

    The things that slipped through plus the issues that Bailey documented would be a bigger deal if she were still in office.

    If you haven't read Bailey's book (and Dunn's, for that matter), it's a quick read of 380pp or so. It'll give you some insight into the palinbot thought process, bc Frank def drank the kool-aid. THat's why it took her throwing him under the bus and going around the block and running over him a couple of more times to get him to realize Sarah had hung him out to dry. Hell, he tried to resign 3 times but she wouldn't "let him".

    Sure, Gryphen had help. But he hit her where it hurts many times, and left a mark. She knows she hasn't passed off the radar yet.

  89. Anonymous2:50 PM


    I think you are way off track about MB. She's a wacko but it's more likely she's homophobic because of her extremist religious values.

    I don't know of any studies btw that back the premise one homosexual leads to another or predisposes to another. In fact my own non-scientific assessment from living in MN with a large GLB population is there's no apparent correlation.

    Now if you're trying to slam MB to throw her to the fundie wolves then keep on making the argument but absent anything more I refudiate that argument. MB's a nut and crackpot and as scary or scarier than Sara but let's keep the convo to things that matter. And MB's sexual orientation isn't a winner.

  90. Anonymous3:16 PM

    12:30 pm comment

    Is this Sarah, Bristol or Willow Palin trying to piss off Gryphen?

    Let me tell you something, you damn idiots. You Palins are white trash, uneducated fools and would steal your Grandma's last dollar. The country is going to know all about your trashy living and your pimp daddy Todd. I will personally see that everyone I come in contact with knows all about Sarah Palin, the horrible mother and her Todd pimping out prostitutes.

    You want to play games, well you just screwed yourself royally.

    Game on!

  91. Anonymous4:33 PM


    Palin may have her movie but MB and Tpaw are going to be on stage and live. Sara's "big" screening is to a room of conservative bloggers, not the general public. If it was general public I guarantee you there'd be pickets from the left AND right (MB and Tpaw fundies) protesting the film. One thing we can agree on, if nothing else, winters suck, summer's too short and Sara Palin is the biggest piece of shit ever foisted on this country

  92. Anonymous4:49 PM

    anon@930: Also too, let's not forget the nature of the pathology at work here. These NPD types can't stand to be criticized. Their pathetic lives are built on a house of cards, and if you poke at one of those cards, their heads explode. At some level I think they must realize the massive disconnect between reality on their planet and reality on Planet Earth. If people like this worm their way into power they can do a pretty good job of shutting down the criticism. He dares to say "boo" to The Queen? Off with his head! Audrey, "Bree," Gryph, and the others, they're the ones who have dared to say boo. Doesn't matter how many people know their names. Palin knows their names.
    And it kinda looks like more people will know their names before this is over :)

  93. Anonymous7:28 PM

    @12:01 - Sarah Palin is TOO DUMB to be MKULTRA. Her IQ - 80! Please stop trying to peddle that idea about Palin. They would never pick her. She's cross-eyed, short, and DUMB.

  94. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Sara's "big" screening didn't even make the local news tonight in the Twin Cities. A collective yawn from the citizens of MN

  95. indy_girl4:34 AM

    Paul Revere to Sarah Palin: "Your poll numbers are dropping! Your poll numbers are dropping!"

    Duck, Todd! Here comes another can!!

  96. indy_girl4:36 AM

    anon at 649am said "Yes, Sarah, America really is sick of your shit, dear. Go the fuck on already. You're so fucking dense if you think you really stand a chance at winning America over....GET A FUCKING CLUE! SIT DOWN, SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

    Willow...?!? Is that you?

  97. Anonymous said...
    Could Bachman be a lesbian too, along with her sister?...And hey ya never know, maybe your daughter had been doing Bachman or vice versa. Is your daughter the bull dyke or the other partner in her affair?
    12:30 PM
    You are truly a loathsome individual, with no morals or ethics. Shame on you and your hateful soul.


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