Monday, March 04, 2013

Shameful secrets in Ashley Judd's past might put an end to political aspirations. According to the Right Wing of course.

That's right the great progressive hope of Kentucky has a skeleton in her closet that could derail her  future political aspirations. A once mullet sporting, pop singer skeleton named Michael Bolton.

Oh the shame!

And of course the Right Wing media is quick to make political hay with this terrible discovery:  

But could this one little-known yet damaging fact about her past ruin any chance at a United States Senate seat she may have? 

In her 2011 memoir “All That is Bitter and Sweet,” Judd writes that she dated singer ”no-talent ass clown” Michael Bolton for six weeks. Yes, that Michael Bolton. 

Judd writes that even though the two dated for a short time, she said the singer “made a poignant impression on my life.” She probably shouldn’t have admitted that. BUT SHE DID.

It sort of appears that the Daily Caller is being a little tongue in cheek with their article concerning Bolton, however they are less flippant when discussing other things that Judd has revealed:  

We are used to knowing just about everything there is to know about serious political candidates. But will Judd be the first potential senator who has — literally — nothing left to show us? 

The actress has bared her breasts in several films and has had some raunchy sex scenes in others. 

According to, which bills itself as “the largest free nude celebrity movie archive,” Judd has flashed just about everything on-screen. 

So Ashley Judd is a liberal intelligent female who once dated a multimillionaire pop star, often showed her boobs on camera, and is destined to destroy Mitch McConnell in the 2014 election.  

I certainly hope she announces her campaign soon, so I know where to send my donations.


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Oh the horror! When are Americans going to get rid of their Puritan inclinations?

    1. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Why do these Ass clowns pick up a book and think its some revelation? All we heard about POTUS was excerpts from his book "About his Kenyan father" bla, bla, bla.
      Its like they can do no real investigation?
      Its so secret... she put it in her book!

  2. The Retardican should do a campaign ad where he shows a montage of her topless scenes. Oh, wait. That could backfire, couldn't it?

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    She didn't marry a pimp or lie about having a baby, did she? Shouldn't be a problem. We could always bring up the Tundra Turd of the North for comparison.....

    1. Err...speaking of the "Tundra Turd of the North"...saw this advertisement at the Asylum today! I don't know if this is suppose to be a JOKE on Baldy or her bots! Have a good laugh...I know I did!

      Worst photo shop....EVER!

    2. Anonymous12:07 PM

      You can bet that sister Sarah has bought 100's of those posters and is giving them out to everyone she knows or runs into, telling them that is really her on the posters.

    3. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Do you suppose those cforp idiots are too old/ignorant to know that those are photoshopped? I really wonder, especially lately,since these old farts can't find their way out of (or into) an open thread.

  4. eclecticsandra10:30 AM

    What about Scott Brown? Is this a double standard? Reagan was lucky the film industry was so prudish during his career.

    1. Anonymous6:30 PM

      The faux rage on the wing-nut RW is sad but predictable. I don't even peruse those sites like DC, Breitfart, WND, etc. anymore. And I don't read the tabloids at K-Mart, but we know someone who does. lol

      Ashley Judd is a big girl and has a tremendous amount of poise and class. She'll be fine if she runs, because she is pretty damn smart and speaks in sentences with subjects and verbs and periods.

      But Scott Brown, yeah he was a model and a partial term senator, so his resume will always make Sarah Palin'halide of accomplishments look small by comparison. Plus, Scott Brown has a job now---- at Fox News. Which is more than I can say about Baldy & Family, any of em, all of em.

      Scott Brown tuk her jerb!!!

      Bless her heart.

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      The man made a movie with a monkey. I think I'd rather show my titties than to be a supporting actor for a monkey. BTW, I never saw Bedtime for Bonzo, and I don't think I missed much.

      But I did watch the Clint Eastwood movies with the chimp (Clyde?) in the late 70's. It was better than watching Clint ttalk to an empty chair, but that's about it.

  5. Boscoe10:37 AM

    Considering the general state of projection that streams forth from conservative minds, I take that article to be an open declaration of fear. Because really, can nude images of Ashley Judd be anything but a boost to her chances?

    See, deep down they know Palin only got as far as she did due to lurid conservative sex fantasies. So, imagine if you had that pretty package with an actual BRAIN behind it? Over at the Daily Caller, they're imagining it right now.

    They should be VERY afraid.I fully expect them to attempt to paint Judd exactly the same way as they perceive the media painted Palin (though WE all know the media LOVED her until it became obvious she was an unfit moron after her first interview)

  6. Anonymous10:42 AM

    We in Kentucky really do not care about her supposed "skeletons", it's not news. At least we know she's not hiding anything and, at least we won't go blind seeing what she has to flash as compared to the Turtle's physical attributes (oh my imaginary eyes!!!!)
    Seriously, Ms. Judd is wicked smart and very effective communicating with others.
    She and George Clooney are both excellent examples of Kentuckians who actually care about people and do something to make a difference, even if they don't trumpet it from the mountaintops.

    1. Not hiding anything? I was laughing so hard at your post, I nearly choked. Please be careful! We need to keep all of us alive to send Ashley campaign donations.

  7. Anonymous10:55 AM

    ".. and is destined to destroy Mitch McConnell in the 2014 election."

    That's all I need to know. : )

  8. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Mitch is going to have to take this on the chin............oh, sorry.

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      If you can find it between his jowls. He needs to pull a Bristol and get a jaw-realignment.

    2. Anonymous12:26 PM

      Yes, but where does his chin end and his neck begins? It seems by his appearance that both are the same body part. Now you can see why they came up calling him Turtle Neck

  9. I don’t think Ashley has done anything politically fatal. She may have to watch her tongue a bit (God knows I’d never get elected), but I think she has the makings of a better Thatcher.

  10. She has nothing to hide. She is a beautiful actress who acted in her craft. Dems aren't stuffy regressive, false vanity, hypocritical fakes like the gop.

    I sure don't wanna see mr turtle's deflated man boos...mean boobs. Yuck!

    1. Anonymous12:10 PM

      I wonder what happened when McConnell was discharged from the service after 3 weeks? It was listed as "an incident in the showers" Bears digging into.

    2. Read more here and here, for example.

    3. Anonymous7:08 PM

      I THINK think this preemptive strike on Ashley Judd is supposed to make the McConnell army wash-out incident fair game. I hope Ashley takes the high road, and forces the Teabaggers to run a candidate in the GOP primary against McConnell. He's more likely to be smeared in a primary, but the Neocons will not let his seat go without a death match against the baggers. It will be ugly if TP has a decent candidate.

  11. Anonymous11:09 AM

    If platinum artist Michael Bolton is a ”no-talent ass clown” I hate to see what these critics say of fellow Z-Lister Bristol Palin in Dancing With the Stars season 11.

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Oh and Queen Anne "who considered going on DWTS"!!!!

  12. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Remember what Sarah Palin considered a skeleton?

    "Let me help you out if you're looking for skeletons in my closet," she said. "I got a D in a macro-econ course 24 years ago in college."

    1. Anonymous12:11 PM

      That was the very least of HER skeletons.

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      I recall she was shaking in her boots that someone would find that out during the campaign. LOL, that is the LEAST of her skeletons, that's for damn sure.

  13. I have it on good authority from "The Hamburger Guy" [1] that "Michal Bolton is the AntiChrist".

    [1] The Hamburger Guy was one of several faux personalities used by one of the DJ's on a radio station I listened to while driving to work in the early 1990's.

  14. Nancy Reagan was also well-known for "getting around" during her MGM Studio days... for that matter, so was Ronnie.

    He dated multiple women while dating Nancy and - EGAD! - they had a hush-hush marriage to avoid the press because Nancy was 2 months pregnant with Patty. Oops. Talk about inconvenient truth!

    - KAO

  15. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I recall seeing Bolton on talent at all! He made some other contestant look like a dancer. :- 0

  16. Anonymous12:34 PM

    This is such horseshit. She made her living as an actress and she pursued roles that showcased her all arenas...and now she has determined that she would like to be politically active, to become a Senator. There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

    She has chosen to become involved in a way that can make a difference, differently than art/film, and so what? So what if she has shifted her activity to a political arena? So what if she fulfilled her acting ability in ways that she believed were important to the characters she played?

    I'm just disgusted with this faux conservative modesty crap. I hope to hell that she beats the living political shit out of Turtle face and sends him packing to the anus of history. He's a ruthless, nasty, political whore that has sucked the cock of every lobbyist out there that would put money in his pocket to influence legislation. I hope she flattens him.

    And if this is the angle that they're gonna take to attack me it just says they are are already SCARED SHITLESS that she has a shot. I would donate to her campaign in a heartbeat! And so would lots of people, with lots of money, who believe in her, her accomplishments and her intelligence.

  17. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Michael Bolton is very talented, has a huge body of work, a bushel of awards and massively popular hits. His rendition of 'When a Man Loves A Woman' cannot be beat.

    Further, he is active in all sorts of ways to benefit kids and women, so you can stop dissing him immediately, he's a good man.

    Charity work

    In 1993, he established the Michael Bolton Foundation (now Michael Bolton Charities) to assist women and children at risk from the effects of poverty as well as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.[17] The foundation has provided over US$3.7 million in funding to local and national charities.

    Bolton also serves as the honorary chairman of Prevent Child Abuse America,[18] the national chairman for This Close for Cancer Research,[19] and a board member for the National Mentoring Partnership[20] and the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.[21]

    In March 2003, Bolton joined with Lifetime Television, Verizon Wireless, and many others to lobby on behalf of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,[22] urging legislation to provide more assistance for victims of domestic violence, such as affordable housing options.

    Bolton has received the Lewis Hine Award from the National Child Labor Committee, the Martin Luther King Award from the Congress of Racial Equality, and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations.[23] The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce[24] also recognized Bolton with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his musical and charitable contributions.

    1. Michael Bolton is obviously going to be Ashley's terrorist, socialist, communist, probably gay, probably some kind of minority, Bill Ayers, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright connection all rolled into one horrible package. She's doomed!

    2. PalinsHoax2:52 PM

      Yeah, but can Michael sing "You Light Up My Life" like Ol' Tawdry croons to Shailey?

    3. Anonymous7:24 PM

      Lynne, I seem to recall M Bolton playing softball on MTV in the Rock n Jocks (something like that) in the 80's. I believe there is the distinct possibility that a couple of players on Bolton's team (who weren't starters) planned various terrorist acts while they were stuck in the dugout. They poured gatorade on players and gave interviews during the game, blew bubbles, and talked to pretty gals in halter tops in the stands. Basic terrorist stuff. I'm sure some of that rubbed off on Bolton and then later on Ashley. I don't know if Reverend Wright or Bill Ayers came to any games, but it will be tough for Ashley to prove they didn't. So yeah, she palled around with terrorists, as far as Tucker Carlson knows. Plus, she showed her breasts in movies. Oh my!

  18. Another example of the GOP's war on women.

    Arnold shows his wang on film and Republicans elect him governor.

    Mark Foley sex texts underage male pages and Republicans cover it up.

    David Vitter frequents prostitutes and Republicans re-elect him.

    Mark Sanford has an affair with a foreigner and Republicans forgive him.

    Newt Gingrich has several affairs and is elected House Speaker.

    1. There is a magazine picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the '70s during his Pumping Iron days where he's not exactly full-frontal nude, but you can see his entire package.

      This Terminator film where we just see his backside is practically PG-13 compared to that.

  19. Anonymous1:28 PM

    After going to Wikipedia and looking up Ashley Judd, poor Mitch "boy" McConnell is going to have a fight on his hands if she decides to run. And if he tries to do what he's threatening to do by throwing mud at her he's probably going to cause damage to his own campaign instead of hers. Mitch already has a battle on his hands by being one of the Republican leaders of a Congress that has the lowest rating ever. He also has to try to keep his role as being one of the obstructor's in the Senate, especially after what he said that the Republican's main goal is to make sure Obama is a one term President.

    I will be happy to see him lose his reelection and will be looking forward in seeing what he says when he concedes his seat in the evening of the election.

  20. lostinmn1:38 PM

    Considering how many repubs pound themselves in frenzied fantasies about seeing Sara's belmont's I would think they would be completely all over voting for someone they can actually pull up on the computer screen and see the full monty. Good lord, if seeing someone's boobs is what they want then Ashley might sweep the election.

  21. Anonymous2:17 PM

    If I were her, I would tweet:
    Some people are offended that I have shown my boobs. Well, if you ask me, Im more ashamed of the fact that Mitch McConnell hangs around so many. And then I would retweet articles attaching him to political failures like Todd Akin.


    If you ask me, KY's Senate delegation has the two biggest boobs around, and they seem shy about going out in public.

    1. Maple5:54 PM


      I suspect Clooney would be ready to bankroll her run.

  22. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Considering how many repubs pound themselves in frenzied fantasies about seeing Sara's belmont's I would think they would be completely all over voting for someone they can actually pull up on the computer screen and see the full monty. Good lord, if seeing someone's boobs is what they want then Ashley might sweep the election. But just hang on about the idea of sending her campaign some money. You don't have a dollar to waste when you're a hasbeen blogger with a declining following.

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM
      But just hang on about the idea of sending her campaign some money. You don't have a dollar to waste when you're a hasbeen blogger with a declining following.

      Speaking of "hasbeen"....


      Your alkie ass is so fucking lazy you have to STEAL someone else's comment to post your stupidity! How much money left in BaldyPAC? Is that why you're on here instead of posting comments over to your crazy ass computer illiterate bots! STFU tranny face and go drink some more vodka! LOL!!

  23. Anonymous3:46 PM

    >>But just hang on about the idea of sending her campaign some money. You don't have a dollar to waste when you're a hasbeen blogger with a declining following

    Oh you WISH that Gryphen was a hasbeen blogger with a declining following, but it just ain't so. Breitfart tried to pull that shit too, and he's dead, so let's just hold that thought for you, Sarah.

    The only one that is in decline is you with your messed up drug and alcohol abuse, your pimping husband, your bitchy, whore daughter who is a horrific mother (just like you).

    Your political career is in the toilet. No one is interested in what you have to say or what your ghostwriter writes, or your maniacal tweets. You're so over it's pathetic. The GOP doesn't want you, they saw what a fucking loser you were in short order. CPAC is a collection of misfits and fools, so of course you're yapping a speech (that you won't write) there. But you're just one of the many idiots that will be there, so no one is gonna roll out any red carpet for your scraggly, tranny, has been ass.

    You're just continuing the slide into oblivion that started pretty much immediately in 2008. You can't garner any interest no matter how you spew, spit, drool, snark, twat, even your husband goes to other women for satisfaction. I mean who would want a dried up old c*nt? Gryphen will be around LONG after you're six feed under from a drug overdose or anorexic heart attack, whichever comes first. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. He will burn your ass in a heartbeat and YOU KNOW IT, so that's why you have to come here and post, because you don't know what else to do with yourself, not getting any attention and that is the hardest for a self-centered, narcissistic loser.

    Maybe if you wave those nasty panties of yours you'll get some takers at the PeePond.

  24. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Ashley Judd target of GOP preemptive strike

    She’s not even a candidate yet.
    But the GOP opposition research machine is already in full froth over what it views as perhaps the juiciest 2014 target: Ashley Judd, who is exploring a challenge to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

    Republicans are homing in with glee on the actress and activist, picking apart her views and statements and compiling a thick compendium of speeches, writings and tweets. What they found: Judd may not have a legislative record, but she has left quite a paper trail.

    This early opposition research effort seems as much about scaring Democrats nationally about a Judd candidacy as informing Kentuckians before Judd even decides to make the race.
    “Ms. Judd has a bit of a habit of making bizarre comments and observations that will put Democratic officials and candidates across the country in uncomfortable positions,” said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. “As for Kentucky, well let’s just say that Ms. Judd’s comments are outlandish for Hollywood, never mind Covington.”
    The latest of Judd’s unorthodox views to rise to the surface courtesy of the GOP is a 2006 statement about why she doesn’t have children — which Republicans say will not sit well in Kentucky. “It’s unconscionable to breed, with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries,” Judd said. Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.), who has been advising Judd, said that the actress was speaking for herself, and added that people in Kentucky understand the word “breeding.”
    In a disjointed talk at George Washington University Friday, Judd, 44, may have given her opponents more fodder by referencing U2 rocker Bono, her dog being on a hunger strike and her extravagant travels. “We winter in Scotland. We’re smart like that,” she told students.

    “She’s well aware of what might get thrown at her,”said Yarmuth, who believes Judd is going to enter the campaign and can withstand the heat.
    “She is going to get so much free publicity, and she will have plenty of opportunity to define who she is on her own terms. And it might be a bit risky for Mitch to go after her in a nasty way — she’s very likable.”
    But free publicity can cut both ways, and there’s some evidence the GOP effort is hitting its target in portraying her as an Hollywood elitist. In addition to her liberal positions on social issues, Judd’s anti-coal stance in a coal-mining state has gotten wide attention. Kentucky Public Radio recently published a survey of 14 Democratic state legislators, many of whom were skeptical that Judd was the right choice to beat McConnell.
    “I mean, she’s got some issues that would hurt her up in Eastern Kentucky,” Democratic state Rep. Walter Blevins told the radio station. House Speaker Greg Stumbo was blunt: “Given her position on mining, it would probably be a race that Democrats like myself would have trouble supporting her.”
    Noted a McConnell campaign adviser, who asked not to be named: “We truly believe that if she were to run, her candidacy would have the capacity to be the liberal Democrat version of Todd Akin for the rest of the Democratic candidates running in ’14.”

    Read more:

  25. Anonymous5:24 PM

    A person's past means jack shit in the real world. If thats a critic's ONLY argument, or even an argument, said critics need a life and to stop being jealous of others' . It's like all these democrats who are jealous of successful people.

    1. Cracklin Charlie7:09 PM

      Nobody is jealous of you, Willow.

    2. Anonymous8:28 PM

      5:24 PM TAKE YOUR MEDS, Skank, we have had enough of you and all of your usernames. Is PIMPING a Republican thing, or just a Palin thing? Now Scurry away like a little rat.

  26. Anita Winecooler5:36 PM

    I bet Ashely's tatas would get more votes than Mich McConnels tatas! But all joking aside, I think it's rich that the woman hasn't yet voiced a move to run for office, and the worst the opposition research could come up with was dating a singer and doing nude scenes in movies.

    I guess Bristol won't be following in Mas footsteps! She groaned and dry humped on live tv and dated joey junker, among other atrocities.

  27. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Better for her to have dated Michael Bolton than John Bolton. Just sayin'.


  28. bws586:18 PM

    Of course she winters in Scotland, it's where her husband is from. Judd is married to Dario Fraanchitti, the race car driver

  29. Judd's would not be the first senatorial breasts bared to the public. That would have been Scott Brown. It didn't seem to hurt his political career.

  30. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Oh noooos -- not boobies. Jezuz these people need to go away asap.

  31. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Maybe Ashley Judd really would be the ideal candidate. Her life story and her work in film is out there for all to see. I'm not sure, however, if the average Kentucky voter would be sophisticated enough to appreciate that reality.

  32. Anonymous2:07 PM


    The Right Wing who is trying to find fault with Ashley Judd for her movie characters are the same people who fell in love with Sarah Palin the wife of a pimp and the mother of two kids who has children of their own from pregnancies before marriage and neither one is married. The same Sarah Palin whose 3 adult children are not in college, where one was pregnant in high school, two were home schooled with one of them last attending high school in her sophomore year.

    Can anybody explain their love for multimillionaire Sarah Palin who can't even raise her own children?


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