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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bristol Palin did NOT have jaw surgery. Except she did.

Last night, after the airing of DWTS, somebody sent me THIS capture of Bristol from the show.

If image does not expand click here.
I know right?

First off nobody with any real intelligence has every really been fooled into believing that Bristol had her "jaw aligned" to correct an overbite, or simply had some fat sucked out of her chin. (Seriously only a Palin-bot could be that ignorant.)

As a matter of fact the Washington Post even had an oral surgeon state for the record that Bristol's claims were essentially bullshit.

Secondly I really DON'T care if the Palin clan gets all kinds of corrective surgery, as it feeds right into my meme that they are incredibly insecure attention whores.

However I REALLY dislike the fact that these people essentially lie about EVERYTHING.

They lie about their accomplishments.

They lie about their abilities.

They lie about being pregnant, or lie about NOT being pregnant.

They lie about needing glasses.

They lie about the size of their breasts.

They lie about how many children they have, and who they belong to.

Essentially they lie about fucking EVERYTHING!

And what's more THAT chronic lying has now virtually become a party platform within the GOP.

And for that reason, if for no other, the lies need to be revealed.

Now go ahead, look at that chin.  Do any of you REALLY think that is natural?

I await your ridiculous arguments in defense of this completely obvious falsehood.

Update: For those on the proverbial slow bus.

 But hey its probably not fair that those who are seeing the obvious surgical enhancement are using logic and reason. TOTALLY puts the Palin-bots at a serious disadvantage!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Did Bristol Palin start a trend?

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Chins are the new boobs according to latest plastic surgery figures. 

Chin implants - coined a 'chinplant' - is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend, according to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and grew more than breast augmentation, Botox and liposuction combined in 2011. 

Experts suggest the trend has been prompted by increased use of video conferencing in the workplace which causes employees to focus on their facial appearance. 

Overall more than 20,000 procedures were carried out in the U.S. in 2011, the largest increase was seen in patients aged 40 plus, but their was also a sharp rise in patients in their twenties.

Now of course the argument can be made that Bristol's surgery did not significantly impact the upsurge in recent chin surgery, but it should be noted that she had her surgery in December 2010, and these were the statistics for 2011.

Overall: 20,680 (+ 71 per cent) 
Women: 10,087 (+ 66 per cent) 
Men: 10,593 (+ 76 per cent) 
20-29 years: 2,750 (+ 68 per cent) 
30-39 years: 2,587 (+ 69 per cent) 
40-54 years: 5,075 (+ 77 per cent) 
55 and over: 8,459 (+ 70 per cent) 

So clearly AFTER Bristol's surgery there was a dramatic increase in "chin-jobs" in the US.

Of course this is not definitive proof that Bristol served as a role model to these poor inadequately chinned individuals, but you have to admit it IS an interesting coincidence.

And really who can blame them?

After all she looks magnificent.

Don't you agree?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mercede Johnston's Star magazine interview.

Many of you have been asking for my opinion on this article and whether I knew about Bristol's surgery or not. Yes I did know about the second surgery, but not the first.

However I feel I need to clear up some misconceptions about the interview. 

The writing is very small, and the only way to really read it is to save the picture and then blow it up on your computer. 

Because it is so small some have leaped to the conclusion that Bristol had TWO breast surgeries. However that is not what Mercede said. She stated that Bristol had two plastic surgeries that she knows of, and that the most recent one, which I believe was several months ago and before she and Levi got back together, included breast reduction. (BTW I don't believe there is any significance to the fact that Star picked that first photo of Bristol, other than that it shows her with larger breasts than more recent pictures.)

I am not all that comfortable talking about a young woman's breast surgery, but there is one part of Mercede's interview that I found somewhat startling.  Sadie says that in December of 2007, when Bristol was a young girl of only seventeen years of age, she received plastic surgery.

I talked to Mercede about this and she says Levi told her the surgery was for the area beneath Bristol's chin. Now for Bristol to receive that surgery one of her parents would have had to have given their permission.  I doubt that Todd is allowed to give the okay for anything as important as plastic surgery, so I feel comfortable in saying that Sarah would have undoubtedly been the one to sign off on that one.

I find that kind of interesting because it raises few questions.

Palin was the Governor at that time and, as we are now all too aware, VERY concerned with how she was perceived by the public.  So it beggars the question as to WHY she would have allowed Bristol to get surgery?  Even for an individual as chronically shallow as Sarah Palin, why would she have thought it appropriate for her SEVENTEEN year old daughter to have had cosmetic surgery?

Unless, and I am only postulating here, there was more than just some minor facial surgery involved?

Sadie said she and her mother pestered Levi for an answer as to WHY Bristol would not come into the house and open the presents that they had bought for her.  And that he finally broke down and told the chin surgery story. But Sadie did not SEE Bristol at that time so she only has Levi's word about what kind of surgery that Bristol had done.  (I am not calling Levi a liar I am just stating the facts.)

I can tell you without equivocation that the Alaska Native Hospital does NOT do cosmetic surgery, nor does insurance usually cover selective surgery of this kind.  So Sarah and Todd would have had to come up with this money out of pocket.  Why?

That is a very good question.

By the way this is what Bristol looked like less than four months later, the day after Trig Palin was supposedly born.

You have admit, her chin does look nice and slim.  But one has to wonder WHY a relatively slim girl like Bristol would have gained enough weight in her face back in 2007 for her mother to agree to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to rectify?

Just another piece of the puzzle. Could it be an important piece?  I think it just might be.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You knew it was coming. Fox News in Boston does 'man on the street" interviews concerning Sarah Palin's possible breast enhancement.

To be honest I kind of thought this story had played itself out and I was not going to address it any further, but the responses from some of the people in the video are simply too good not to share.


God these guys are brutal!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hot Sarah Palin rumor of the day.

Okay I was not going to post this but then I noticed that Alaska Report had already broached the subject so...what the hell.

When Sarah first pulled her Houdini there was a lot of joking about why she might be in hiding and what she might be doing there.

Everything from "She is learning how to turn those letters on Wheel of Fortune, because Vanna White has suddenly developed dyslexia", to "She is being trained to read off of a cue card, without inserting her own made up words, in order to host her own prime time FOX show called Are you crazier than Sarah Palin?", to "She has been getting cosmetic surgery to have a useless blemish removed called Todd Palin."

Now these were obviously not exactly serious considerations (Though that second one has the ring of truth to it), but as time has gone on, and on, and on. The one that keeps rising to the top is the question of whether Sarah is getting some "work" done.

Now this would not be the most unusual thing for a public figure, including a politician, to do. I mean either Nancy Pelosi has had some work done or she is the most easily surprised woman I have ever seen.

And who can forget Joe Biden's horrible hair plugs?

(See? I can be non-partisan sometimes.)

So is Sarah getting something tucked, implanted, or permanently tattooed on her face? I have no idea.

But what I do know is that this is the longest Sarah Palin has been out of the public eye since the soothing radiance of a flash bulb first bathed her face. "Oh daddy that made me feel special please take my picture again!"

She has stood up Republican bigwigs, anti-abortion advocates, and just about everybody who ever supported her. Oh sure her ghostwriter occasionally posts an anti-Obama diatribe on her Facebook page or the Wall Street Journal, but other than hide nor hair of her has been spotted since that suspicious story out of San Diego back in August. But that thing had more holes in it than her version of Trig's birth.

So what could be keeping Sarah from rushing back to the spotlight and the adulation of her bat guano (thanks Shannyn) fans? Could it be this?

After the surgery, the surgeon is going to put bandages to prevent swelling. The bandages are worn for several days. After they are removed, you will need to follow other instructions from the surgeon if the swelling does not go away. While it may seem that plastic surgery is no different than a visit to a spa, the reality is that you may not be able to go in public for days/weeks. Many people find it awkward to go to work with bandages particularly if they are in an area visible to everyone. That means that you may either need to take time off or work from home, if that is an option.

All I know is there are reporters all over the country who have telephoto lenses ready to zoom in to record any tell tale signs of "improvement" on Palin's face. If she has tried to improve on God's work we will definitely know it.

So what do you think she might have had done?

A) Tummy Tuck: "Gotta compete with that Carrie Prejean bitch."
B) Ass lift: "Make sure it is high and tight for my many admirers to kiss."
C) Botox: "Smiling like a ninny through that whole stupid campaign has created a lot of wear and tear and my beautiful face."
D) Breast enhancement: "These ought to help open a few Republican donor wallets!"
E) All of the above: "Why go in for a simple oil change when you get a whole new chassis?"

Yeah I know that this post may seem a little mean spirited, but hey at least I know she was the Governor of Alaska unlike a certain ex-Republican President: "I'm trying to remember if I've met her before. What is she, the governor of Guam?"

Ouch! Now THAT hurts.