Saturday, December 24, 2005

Update! Apparently the "Little Red Book" story has proved to be a hoax!

Anybody who read my post yesterday concerning the New Bedford college student who was visited by two federal agents because he had ordered Mao Tse-Tung's communist manifesto, should be made aware that the little prick made it up!

I, and many other sites, were completely sucked in by this story and understandably indignant concerning this attack on our freedom of choice. And while I am still very worried about our personal freedom in this country, apparently we can still sip russian vodka and read Mao Tse-Tung to our little socialists hearts desire.

This was actually brought to my attention when I noticed a number of visitors from a right wing blog called Tim Blair. Mr. Blair made the point that I and other liberal leaning blogs were easily tricked by this story and I would have to concur. I certainly was fooled by the news article, which I found in a number of sites that I trust, and only posted after reading the original news story .

I apologize to the visitors of this site, because though I am not a professional journalist I do try to present facts and informed opinion to the best of my ability. So once again I apologize and would like to thank Tim Blair for bringing this to my attention, although indirectly.

And to any right wingers who visited this site to check out our gullibility I would like to say, welcome! I certainly do not require that everybody who visits here is completely on my side on all issues. I have to imagine that I make most of the people who visit here a little uncomfortable at least once in a while. I am terribly opinionated and that is why I started the blog in the first place. If you do not agree with me that is fine, no hard feelings.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Suckered into believing it? The fault is perhaps 10% his and 90% yours. Thats once .. next time shame on you.

    But ... thank goodness that we have the ability now to find out about MADE UP STUFF .. much .. much more easily.

  2. Anonymous5:57 PM

    You failed to mention that the little prick is a student of "Islamic History", and we'll never know if his name begins with an M. since the 22 year old is being hidden by his Professor. You will note that the big prick is the asscocaite professor of Islamic History who accepted the story on its face without checking it and spreading it as far as he could.

  3. I, and many other sites, were completely sucked in by this story and understandably indignant concerning this attack on our freedom of choice.

    What "attack on your freedom of choice"? If you're stupid enough to admire Mao you can still do so. There was never an "attack on your freedom of choice".

    It's funny how the Clinton administration can do the very same things the Bush administration is doing (I supported Clinton about this), and the left was totally, utterly silent about it. Why is this, do you think? Is it willful stupidity? Or are they simply partisan hacks who cannot think for themselves? I think it's the later.

    Regardless, I encourage Democrats to keep hammering away at this. Especially with the 2006 elections coming up. Really. Keep bringing up the fact that liberal Democrats are against US agents secretly spying on terrorist suspects. I am sure that will go over big in middle America.

  4. Anonymous2:57 AM

    For folks who dislike the current administration, this story was probably too delicious to ignore.
    I am on your side on very few issues; but your honesty, and integrity are commendable. Thank you for that.

  5. well, I see the gloaty christmas trolls are out in full swiftboat fashion, gee after all the REAL stories of Torture and Rendition they grab the first whisp of a tale to massage their little corrupted morals.....I am still not covinced the story is a fake...and I have my reasons, that have nothing to do with false reassurance being thrown about....As far as I know Dartmouth has not issued a Statement....

    ( the same time this story was SAID to be false it now comes out that Islamic Mosques, businesses, and homes have been surveilled and monitored for "radiation issues". And ALL International Communitcations have been monitored by Data Mining NSA programs and the Pentagon special teams , as well as Homeland Security Speical teams...)

    So do we feel better yet ?

  6. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Anyone can post the rumours as fact. It takes balls to retract 'em when they turn out to be incorrect and say "I was wrong.". Good on ya mate.

  7. Anonymous5:46 PM

    You sir, have the potential to become a serious leader of the liberals. They desperately need that.

    A liberal who is willing to fairly debate, and admit when he is wrong is a wonder and a joy. And I hope one day to see you on TV arguing with Brit Humes.

    Eric R. Ashley

    Merry Christmas.

  8. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Tim Blair's is a "right wing blog"? You may have bigger perceptual problems than you realize.

  9. It takes balls to retract 'em when they turn out to be incorrect

    No, it just takes honesty and integrity, two human qualities that are unfortunately in too short supply in the over-partisan political game.

    I think the more important question to consider is why so many on the "left" bought such a story with absolutely no evidence other than the student's story? Perhaps the same reasons that led many Democrats in Congress to believe photos taken from a porno web site depicted actual rapes by US servicemen? Perhaps the same reasons that cause some to automatically believe a captive terrorist's stories about Q'ran flushing.

    Perhaps it may be a good idea to examine how often the inherent predisposition of the "left" leads to wrong conclusions and evaluate if either these biases are unfounded or if one is being intentionally misled for others' larger political purposes. Fool me one shame on you, fool me every time ...

  10. If I may be so bold I would like to point out that the Left Wing has certainly not cornered the market on excitedly jumping on a story which reinforces their point of view. You do remember the whole "WMD's in Iraq" debacle don't you?

    If we are to be completely honest most of us tend to be far more charitable when a story either makes our side look better, or the other side look rediculous.

    It is really just human nature. Let's try not to always look at others with such a critical eye without being willing to take a look in the mirror as well.

  11. Anonymous9:28 PM

    As a "rightwinger" I think your retraction was well done. Just don't be so quick to believe.


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