Monday, December 14, 2009

So finally Sarah returns to Alaska to enjoy the holidays with friends and fam.....wait where is she going?

A loyal reader of Alaska blogs called to tell me that sister Sarah, sporting dark glasses, a baseball cap, and long dark hair (wig?) was spotted at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage at 8:00 a.m. this morning. She was apparently waiting at the gate to board a plane on its way to Hawaii. That's right, the birthplace of our terrorist loving Muslim President, Hawaii.

WTF, you say? How can she be headed to Hawaii, when she is supposed to be having a public book signing in Alaska? Well THAT is a very good question. But she did promise ("We will have a public book signing. Some guys are trying to organize that now as we speak, and I promise we'll do that," she said.) so of course we know we can count on her to keep her word. After all when has Sarah lied to the American people. Not to mention that just last night she tweeted the following.

Flying from Fairbanks 2 Wasilla, looking 4 dancing Northern Lights.The frigid,black sky paints perfect backdrop 4 hem of the Aurora Borealis
from TwitterBerry

Well despite those assurance via radio and Twitter, it looks like the Twitter Quitter has indeed flown the coop. So while her few remaining Alaska fans are convinced that Sarah has returned home to them, in actual fact she is once again getting the hell out of Dodge.

According to my source the only Palin family members present, besides Sarah herself, were husband Todd (Did you get that roof fixed Todd?), little Trig (without shoes and socks and crawling around on the filthy airport floor), and Piper who wandering around the nearby shops unattended. Nowhere to be found were Willow, Bristol, and baby Tripp.

Now I think we can all agree that Sarah, and her family of handy props, deserve a vacation. I mean after all, pimping a book and pretending that you actually like the people who come to fawn over you must be exhausting. But the timing is a little odd.

After all school vacation in Alaska starts at the end of this week. And yes I know that Willow and Piper have missed almost the whole year of school, but still you would think they could put this off until the kids could say good bye to their school chums and get their make up work. (Which must be substantial.)

And maybe that is why Willow was not with them, perhaps she needed to finish her finals in Palmer before heading off to join the family. But who is left behind to drive her to school and make sure she does her homework? Bristol? Doesn't she have ENOUGH responsibilities?

Or maybe Sarah plans on making this an educational opportunity. For instance they could all go to visit Hilo, Hawaii and see the college that she attended and one of the first places she quit.

And afterward Sarah could take a moment to point out how unglamorous the Asian and Pacific Islanders are. "Look kids they can't afford REAL necklaces like us, so they have to make theirs out of flowers!"

Or perhaps they might decide to try and to locate a certain document. "Looks fake to me. Don't you agree Piper?"

I think it is time that Alaskans finally came to realize that despite her protestations to the contrary Sarah Palin is "just not that into Alaska anymore". And you know what? The feeling is mutual lady!

Gee I hope her new face does not get too much sun and fall off. That would be terrible. Well maybe "terrible" is not exactly the right word for it.

Update: It can now be revealed that my source for this post was Kim Chatman. Yes THAT Kim Chatman! Anyhow she told more of the story to Celtic Diva who has it up on Blue Oasis.


  1. When do the Obamas arrive in Hawaii? You don't think Sarah's neocon handlers know the Obama agenda while on the island and have cooked up some sort of random bumping into the Obamas by the Palins do you? I wouldn't put them past it.

  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Can you imagine the suspicious minds exploding if the Obamas spent the holidays in Alaska? The far right lives on a one way street.

  3. Strange, to say the least!

    Please, tell me you were kidding about Trig with no socks & shoes, crawling on the filthy airport floor?

    My heart simply breaks for those poor kids!

  4. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Poor future Piper. School is going to get harder and harder for her. This whole governor-and-quit-bit is so entertaining.

  5. I'm glad that Sarah is enjoying the money her fans that starve their kids to send her $$$$$.

  6. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I have it on good authority (friend works at airport in Kona) that Gov. Arnold landed in Hawaii as well. What the heck is going on in Hawaii?
    Seems Sarah could not wait to flee Alaska. Was someone mean to little ol' her?

  7. I know just where the Obama family stays in Hawai'i. Hope to heaven $P doesn't get ANYWHERE NEAR IT.


  9. Anonymous1:20 PM

    No staff, no security, flying commercial aviation? How the mighty have fallen.

  10. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Do you really think Obama would let her anywhere near him in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world? I'm sure he regards her as a pesky mosquito.

  11. Gasman1:25 PM

    I wonder if Palin realizes that Hawaii still has lots of "Orientals and natives" and that she will still be a minority?

  12. Yes, why on earth would she want to go to Hawaii, seeing as how the "natives" make her uncomfortable.

  13. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Well, I guess she decided she had to hurry up & upstage the President (AS IF!! lol), since he & the First Lady announced last night on the "Christmas at the White House" special w/ Oprah that they'll be spending the holidays in Hawaii, as usual.

    I have really, really, really tried to avoid using this word, but this just put me over the edge, so I'll say it. She really is, no bones about it, a royal (she wishes), first class (well, sorta, in a Larry the Cable Guy sorta way), BITCH.

    The very idea. That sweet baby crawling on a nasty airport floor. Makes me need to shower.

    She's just vile. Gryph, c'mon man--put us out of our misery.

    Sarah in SC (posting as anon b/c of stupid google)

  14. Anonymous1:39 PM

    What happened to her Christmas preparations, the ones she twittered about yesterday? Are they going to be in Alaska for Christmas? Or Hawaii? This family is just lost... And Trig on the ground at the airport? That's horrible. Why did she think dark glasses were necessary and/or effective, when she had her very recognizable relatives in tow?

  15. It looks like she's determined to get out of the obligatory Christmas tasks unless it's the opposite. They could be the advance Christmas-prep team, with the rest of the family to join them shortly.

    Please, MSM, do not follow her. Do not cover her Christmas celebration wherever it is.

  16. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I think she should go scope out a volcano. Perhaps, with any luck, it would suddenly become active . . .

  17. womanwithsardinecan1:47 PM

    We can always hope she visits one of the volcanic parks, strays off the path, and falls down one of those big cracks. Please, Santa.

  18. Anonymous1:54 PM

    She is a Hillbilly. I know the family. She will go through the money like the lottery winners do

  19. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Maybe Sarah wants us to think Todd is going to Hawaii with another woman. Too funny, is she that stupid to think no one would recognize the rest of the family.

  20. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Wild times at the Palin compound this week!!!

  21. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Or, maybe she is setting Todd up and going to use this against him, claiming he went to Hawaii with "another woman so she can keep all her money.

  22. Our $arah booked her paid-for-by-her-sheeple-first-class-tickets the minute she heard the Obamas were going to Hawaii for the holidays. Yep. She copies (or tries to) everything he does because in her little pea-sized brain she thinks she is in the same league. HA!!!

    And even though she may say he copied her, just like she said he quoted from her book for his speech (she is delusional, isn't she?), we know it is not true. The Obamas also mentioned they were going to Hawaii for the holidays since they HAVE ALWAYS DONE THAT.

    I am so sick of this woman and pray she gets taken down soon and thrown in jail. I seriously hope the FBI, IRS are just getting their case airtight because if they are not involved I don't even know what to feel other than total despair.

  23. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Bbbbbbbbbbut ... wasn't she flying home for a dance recital? I'm sure that was in one of the Twit's Tweets. Y'think mebbe the kids missed too many rehearsals?

  24. Anonymous2:16 PM

    There needs to be major news about the fact that no public book signing has been held in Alaska.....WTF....she quit too make things better for Alaska......this really says alot about how she feels she'll be received by the Alaskan people......needs to be in the MSM....NO PUBLIC BOOK SIGNING IN ALASKA

  25. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Obama's heading home to Hawaii for Christmas, while $arah is running away from home and heading to the beach for X-mas. I imagine these two families will be having quite different holiday celebrations. I feel really sorry for the Palin kids and the superficiality (and narcissism) that rules their lives. Not to mention the lack of education, proper nutrition, and appropriate clothing.

  26. She is delusional. She thinks she is the President. Yes, the minute she heard the President and family were doing their USUAL and spending the holidays in Hawaii, she grabs the family and goes. I hope with all my heart she gets no where near President Obama or any member of family or entourage. Was she seriously at the airport? No private plane? Who is paying for this vacation? And who is minding the new big house next to the house built with stolen materials?

  27. No Chuck and Sally? Chuck probably does not like those minorities since he is he one who mentioned them and his little girl coming home because she was uncomfortable.

  28. Anonymous2:27 PM

    She is either running scared from the "public book signing" or they used a decoy and she isn't in Hawaii but somewhere else getting her plastic surgery spruced up!

    What kind of a mother is never home? What kind of mother lets her child crawl around on the floor of a public place? What kind of mother doesn't provide a stable and loving home environment?

    She is a total and EPIC FAIL.

  29. Anonymous2:35 PM

    According to Sarah herself (via Twitter, which is as deep and meaningful as one can get in 140 characters or less):

    this yr.wanting kids (especially!) 2remember true Reason 4 the Season.This is most beautiful time of yr n Alaska & reminds how blessed we r

    Please ignore the fact that it sounds like kids in junior high texting each other. If we translate correctly, and remember the true reason for the religious meaning of Chiristmas, it is not ditching part of the family and heading for the beach, out of town, way out of town.

    And Sarah most certainly is not "n Alaska." Sorry, folks, she has turned her back on you again. Lucy and the football, were you hoping that she would show up at a book store near you? Nope, you need two thousand people in line to make Sarah show up.

    So, I do agree that Sarah hits the nail on the head when she counts her ble$$ing$. Caching!

  30. kdusmdd2:36 PM

    Your responsibilities as a parent
    By law, all children of compulsory school age (5 to 16) must receive a suitable full-time education. As a parent, you have a legal responsibility to make sure this happens - either by registering your child at a school or by making other arrangements to give them a suitable, full-time education. Once your child is registered at a school, you are legally responsible for making sure they attend regularly.

    If they do not, you will be contacted by your child’s school or your Education and Library Board (ELB). ELBs have a duty to step in if they believe a child is not getting the education required by law, either at home or at school.

    If your child is missing school, you may be visited by a member of the Education Welfare Service. They will talk to you about your child’s attendance problems.

    A child becomes of compulsory school age when they reach the age of five and, where a parent has elected to register their child at school, they must start school in the term following their fifth birthday. A child continues to be of compulsory school age until the last Friday in June in the school year that they reach the age of 16.


  31. Not surprised Sarah has not sent out a tweet about the trip to Hawaii.

  32. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Here is an interesting thought: why isn't she spending Christmas with her firstborn son Trapp, who had to spend last Christmas in the battlefield, instead of leaving him on his own for the holidays. Is this a new way to honor vets? Same question applies for not only Bristol and Willow, but also her parents, siblings, and first grandson. (Seriously, how many grandmothers choose to leave the same town where their first grandson lives at this time of year, DELIBERATELY MISSING THE CHILD'S FIRST CHRISTMAS? Oh, only those trying to upstage and zealously dig up false dirt on the President. True to her nature, once again personal gain and exploitation of others trumps everything else.) Trapp deserves special investigation as well: what is he doing, who is paying him, how much, and why is he never around his mother – particularly at the visited military bases? Oh, and what were the statistical odds of ANYONE his age and rank serving less than one year in Iraq?

  33. Wow, you would think Todd and Sarah would have learned that they should supervise their teenage daughters a little closer. They have left Willow alone for almost a month, and Bristol, (although legally an adult is definitely not a role model for her younger sister to emulate. I don't think a 19 year old with a baby can adequately supervise a high school student.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Willow followed Bristol's footsteps by the time she turned 18.

    I also agree with anon poster...this is the most expensive time of the year to travel to Hawaii..Sarah will have blown thru her cash in a year

  34. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I am inclined to think "fake out" while Sarah gets some of those little post-surgery problems taken care of.

    And, why would Sarah blow the chance to show the great big happy family around the tree, opening presents, posing for yet another photo op.

    If it was baseball hat, long hair and sun glasses, I bet "decoy." Todd let the kids run around the airport to be noticed, they went to the boarding area, and a car met them at a side door and shuttled them out to the parking lot.

  35. From Alaska2:51 PM

    I'm not sure how many others here are from Alaska, but it's pretty common this time of year for Alaskans to travel to Hawaii. Of the 15 people I work with in our small company, 4 have been to Hawaii in the last month. Febuary is also a popular time to get out of the frozen north and enjoy a little sun and sand.
    If you've never lived in a northern climate with little sunlight and extended cold weather, you probably wouldn't understand how nice it can be to get out for a week or so.
    It's fine to hate someone if you want, but it sounds a little desperate to criticize every little thing they do. It makes you sound petty.

  36. "And yes I know that Willow and Piper have missed almost the whole year of school..."

    Gryphen - I think Piper is the only one who missed any school. Willow wasn't on the book tour and only attended the signing yesterday. Her basketball season starts in January.

  37. Anonymous2:52 PM

    wait.... I don't understand........I thought the minorities in Hawaii made Sarah uncomfortable?

  38. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Wow. This from the woman who twitted - er - thwitted - er - Twittered:

    "...this yr;wanting kids(especially!)2remember true Reason 4 the Season.This is most beautiful time of yr n Alaska&reminds how blessed we r"

    just one day ago.


  39. Good point .. why is Piper still out of school? Or out of school again? Seriously - if spotted at 8 am this morning (Monday) and one week before school lets out for the holidays. Can no one in AK check on this child's school attendance? She tweets that she hopes the kids do not focus on the material for Christmas, but hey, it is ok for her to fly off to Hawaii? How is that not materialistic? For President Obama, it is home, but we are told SP did not even like it there. This is very troubling. I don't trust anything she does. This has not been a comforting day on the blogs for me relative to Palin.

  40. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Oh, Gawd, I just had a really disturbing thought: can we expect to see pix in the MSM of Scarah on the beach at Waikiki wearing a bikini? YIKES!!!!!

  41. Anonymous3:01 PM

    If the truth about Babygate ever comes out the ex-Gov will likely go into hiding while she and her family regroup and figure out a damage control strategy. Maybe on a yacht off the coast of Florida, near the Woods family.

    Those who know the truth are almost as guilty as Palin for not proclaiming it loudly, and with evidence, for all the world to see. This includes Levi, who prefers to hold out for book money, and Gryphen, if you really know for sure, the doctors, her parents, and anyone else who is keeping silent for their various reasons.

    Those who really know the truth owe it to the rest of us to get this woman off the national platform before she convinces one more poor, unsuspecting bot that she is their last, best hope.

  42. Anon@2:57: Remember the pics of Obama shirtless on the beach? She has to do what he does, you know!

    However, I'm inclined to think that this was a case of mistaken identity or something. Are we SURE that she's going to HI.

  43. From Alaska: It is understandable that many people in Alaska would have a winter vacation in Hawaii. What seems a little different for this family is that they have been all over the lower 48 for the last two weeks. And it's the same ones who were gone before who are going this time.

  44. Anonymous3:21 PM

    This phrase bothers me - "Reason 4 the Season" - in the same way that the "word" Xmas bothers me. I hate them both.

  45. Anonymous3:25 PM

    GO Obama!
    Stop the Grifter from Wasilla

    Don't Kill Anyone --Make Peace, not War (Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the kingdom of God...)

    Find Victory in Copenhagen and end Global Warming

    Support Gay Mayors in Texas and everywhere else.

    Great victories are coming from the leadership of the Democratic Party after the disastrous Bush/Cheney years

    Trig Truthers will also end the Barbie Doll's political career

    Obama wins WH again by another landslide in 2012

    Take back our country from the teabagging, secessionist traitors and wingnut phony X-tians!

  46. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Sarah 2012 - So you and the rest of the TeaBaggers plan on taking over Kenya? Right after you stop the people of Texas from electing gay mayors? Hilarious!

  47. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Well, I gotta say I've spent a lot of time in the past 15 months trying to discredit Sarah, but I am willing to give her a little break here, at least in so far as Christmas goes. I mean, we don't know yet how long she is staying in Hawaii, and she may actually return to AK in time for the holiday festivities. So, I would say, hold your fire until we know more facts. Of course, the criticisms of Piper's lack of schooling and of Trig crawling on the airport floor (ugh) are completely justified in any event. But we already knew that she is incapable of basic parenting and has no common sense (which may be a handicap for a self-proclaimed common sense conservative).

  48. Some of the things you small minded libs come up with.. You sound like a bunch of microminded gossips on a party line.. It must be nice to have lives so totally devoid of substance that you can spend your time with this kind of mindless trash talk. You know nothing about the reality of your own lives much less that of Sarah Palin. You are sadly pathetic little gossips that support grocery store tabloids.. Whats the matter, Bat Boy not in the news today? Couldn't one of you find a picture of Mary on a piece of toast? When I fera for the future of my country, you are the fools that I fear the most. Gossipy pointless shrews.. Pathetic in your small mindedness, miserable in your hatred..God I'm glad I'm not one of you.

  49. Anonymous3:32 PM

    IF sp is going to Hawaii, maybe it's just for the week, and she'll be back in time to spend it with the kids.
    Piper should be in school. I don't know Alaska's school attendance laws, but because of "No Child Left Behind", attendance is mandatory in most states. More than 10 absences per school year in my state means you HAVE to repeat the school year. Doesn't mattter if they were because of illness or because of travel. They have really cracked down on this. Perhaps Piper has been given lessons to keep up?

  50. Have a great vacation Sarah
    You deserve it
    Great work in stopping HCR and pointing out the GW foolishness.

    Sarah wins WH in 2012
    Take back our country

  51. Ditto on the Alaska-Hawaii vacation connection. It is not uncommon for Alaskans to have condos and time-shares there. The planes out of Anchorage will be full when school gets out on Friday!

    But leave it to Sarah to try to create an Alaskan wilderness Christmas scenario for her public, even though she has not intention of actually being here.

  52. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Have a great vacation $arah
    You deserve what's coming with babygate
    Great work in derailing McCain's campaign and allowing Katie Couric to point out your true ignorance
    Sarah goes to jail in 2012 after babygate, troopergate, housegate and AlaskaFundTrustgate catch up with her
    Thank God our country sees you for what you are.

  53. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I prefer to MOVE OUR COUNTRY FORWARD, not take it "back" to the way it was during the Bush Years.

  54. Could be a book signing.

  55. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Maybe she'll fit in a book signing at Kaneohe marine base. It's just down the street from Obama's vacation home. Just speculating.

  56. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Please know that I despise this woman with the heat of a thousand suns, but many of you are assuming she will be in Hawaii through the holidays. It's 12/14. I agree that Willow should be supervised, but let's assume that she has been (by some family member?) all this time.

    It's possible, even likely, that they will be back in plenty of time for Christmas. I am sure she just wanted a more pleasant environment in which to do all that Christmas shopping.

  57. I haven't read all the other comments yet but

    I'd enjoy it an awful lot if President Obama invited Governor Schwarzenegger to high tea while they're both in Hawaii...or they met and enjoyed dinner together.

    And little ol' Sarah from Wasilla is roaming the islands like any other tourist.

    HAH! (talking to myself) Don't count on it, KaJo -- I'll bet as soon as the Palins arrive, she's going to call the local Fox affiliate in Honolulu and invite them along when she and her family visit the Arizona memorial, and she'll make a big deal of tossing flowers in the water and emoting her patented "troops" comments.

  58. It's pointless to feed trolls, but when Franklin L said, "God I'm glad I'm not one of you," I found I agreed with him. I'm awfully glad, too! Why not re-read Atlas Shrugs, Frankie-me-lad, instead of patronizing us?

  59. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Franklin L,

    You are the "small-minded" ones. The lies you right-wing crazies make up about Obama are much worse, and dangerous. I'm glad I'm not one of you right-wing cousin fuckers, either!

  60. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Sarah's probably going to Alaska for more plastic surgery and some augmentation for her career.

  61. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Interesting about Alaskans going to Hawaii. I would never have known that! erhaps Sarah and Todd plan to be back in Alaska by Christmas. But I honestly don't know how she is getting ready for it, then. Takes significant preparation - does she have people doing it for her? Maybe that's what Bristol is at home doing....

  62. Anonymous3:59 PM

    here's why I think that Sarah is Trigg's birth mother. it is obvious from all her actions that she did not want to parent another child. Let's face it - taking care of an infant and then a toddler and preschooler - esp. one with special needs - is a lot of work! I doubt she wanted to start all over with a baby. That's why this was an unplanned pregnancy - not an adoption. She did not want to adopt and take care of a special needs child - she is too selfish.

  63. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Palin in 2012? Wishful thinking on your part. Again, you crazies are getting ahead yourselves. You didn't think Barack Obama was even going to win the election. I bet you're still shocked. You still can't believe there's a "black man, in the White House." Palin is irrelevent to healthcare reform, and every other issue. Democrats are not worried about your favorite idiot killing healthcare reform. Joe Lieberman could kill it, and Palin being a narcissist would take credit for it! When Palin, and her ilk talk about about taking America back, then mean they want to take the country back in time, before the days of civil rights, and women's rights, etc. Oh, yeah, and to take the country back form that ni**ger in the White House. Code words.

  64. @ Anon 3:52

    How much preparation for Christmas does she need to do, really?
    Cards: Twittered
    Presents: autographed book
    Food: Subway
    Tree: outside the front door, decorated in grand style by Mother Nature

  65. Anonymous4:13 PM

    "Piper who wandering around the nearby shops unattended."

    Once again we have Sarah Palin resembling Bertold Brecht's undelicious heroine in "Mutter Courage" who ignored her three children as they died and were killed. She mean while was selling her soul to try to insure her financial survival during the 30 Years War.

    Most parents are afraid to let young children, especially young girls be alone in public places.

    Plus why isn't Piper in school?

  66. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I agree, snowlady. It's nice to think that all mothers enjoy the days preceding Christmas: decorating, baking, welcoming home grown children and enjoying the company of one's own.

    But it is patently absurd to think that she would have interest in any of it. Volunteers will do the prep. (I'm sure she wouldn't pay for it with so many fawners willing to do it for free.)

  67. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I wonder if that woman at the airport was not her look-alike they showed the other day. (Don't remember which blog it was, but it happened at one of her book signings.)

  68. Anonymous4:20 PM

    We know nothing about Piper's school status -- she may be officially enrolled in cyber school or a home school program.
    We also know nothing about when and why $arah decided to go to Hawaii, or how long she will be there.
    When it comes to Sarah, the facts alone are damning enough. There is no need for conjecture.

  69. Snowing in Alaska4:23 PM

    It's the copy and paste teabagger troll! Keep it here - as long as it's wasting its time posting on an anti Palin site then it's not doing anything constructive for its cause. Dumb is the new teabagger smart!

  70. Celtic Diva has a post about Sarah dressing Trig after a woman got her camera out.

  71. Anonymous4:29 PM

    @3:25 - great parody!

  72. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Humm... Could she be signing books at the Honolulu Costco?

  73. Anonymous4:45 PM

    A reminder that Sarah requested special security at her air force base book signing because she had received threats. Palingates has a picture of a security soldier with dog (sniffing for WMD or drugs?).

    So, if Sarah required extra security, why is Piper wandering around the airport (unguarded). Either there was no threat, or taking care of one's children is not a Palin Priority.

    I vote for a third reason; Piper was all over the place to make people believe that Sarah was there. And, why in the world would Sarah wear a disguise? She loves attention, being photographed and noticed.

    Remember in Sarah's book when she had to sneak in the back door to see a geneticist for her amniocentisis-- did she think up the disugise thing then, when it would have served a purpose?

    Better yet, we remember Sarah's best disguise, and it was not a wig, baseball hat and sunglasses. It has to do with appearing pregnant during the early spring of 2008.

  74. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I want to see that pic. My daughter just told me that Sarah is supposed to be on Conan tonight, just saw it advertised, yet if you go to his show she's not a guest for this evening. Daughter didn't know about the other appearance, so don't know if what she saw is going to be a rerun or what, but she's not on his site as tonight's guest. Tomorrow's guests both say TBA, so maybe that's where she's headed. I'm sure she thinks she'll get back at Dave by using Conan and we know Conan could use it.

    Dave's been kicking his tail ever since the whole Palin faux outrage incident. His ratings have stayed up and over Conan ever since and he continues to dominate. Conan not so funny. He needs to be replaced by Craig that's funny!

  75. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Read Celtic Diva's post! I want to see the picture that Kim got of Trig. Bet that really made old Sarah mad.

  76. Anonymous5:04 PM

    No public book signing in Alaska, because she fears how she will be received (or ridiculed) by the people who know her best. Could be a few more protesters at that book signing--ones that know all or some of her secrets! Tell your buddy Shannyn Moore to report THIS interesting perspective--the ex-gov shuns that people and the state that made her!

  77. Anonymous5:18 PM

    @4:50, I can't seem to ever read Diva's site. It always says page not found after I get into her site. Any ideas?

  78. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Anon @ 5:18 -- You have to click on "Home" under her picture on the left.

  79. Who's watching those frisky teenagers in Wasilla? Isn't that how Bristol got into trouble in the first place? Not to mention, now they have two party houses instead of just one!

    Does Sarah let her precious iconic special needs kid play on the floor barefoot at gas stations and on public bathroom floors, too? I have traveled most of my life and NEVER seen a toddler playing barefoot in an airport!! WTF--that is totally gross, just think of the nastiness that poor child was exposed to. Something is seriously wrong with this woman's mental health.

  80. Anonymous6:08 PM

    The RNC is having a winter meeting in Honoloulu, this is where those who want to run in 2010 and 2012 are supposed to sign the purity test. I thought it was supposed to be in Jan. 2010 but I could be wrong. Maybe Sarah is there to get her purity ring for 2012.

  81. Anonymous6:28 PM

    There was a direct flight this morning from Anchorage to Maui.

  82. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Yes, Piper was at a dance recital at a middle school in Wasilla this weekend. Apparently lost a toe nail in her little tumbling routine. I asked my source how the heck she could perform in a recital having not been home in weeks/months and I was told it was "just tumbling". But the toenail hurt and she was crying over it. :( And now she's off to Hawaii? How can Palin possibly justify this as responsible parenting?

  83. Since all the military base are on Oahu, I'm hopeful she won't be coming here to Maui. I'll have to watch the news tonight to see if she puts in her usual "Look at Me" performance. OMG!
    If they are planning on being back in AK for the holidays, it's clear, she won't be doing any of the heavy lifting to get ready for it. I wonder if Molly is getting tired of doing all the work for the queen of the family.

    I've been posting about her neglect of Trig on ADN the last couple of nights. I even thanked the lady Palinbot who made the crocheted hat for Trig. Said it was about time someone cared about keeping Trig warm since his "mother" clearly didn't. Then I went on to ask people to look at the pictures from the book tour as clear proof of what a neglectful parent she is. A few other posters talked about it too.

    This latest episode makes me sick all over again. What douche bags the Palin's are!!

  84. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:52 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Read Celtic Diva's post! I want to see the picture that Kim got of Trig. Bet that really made old Sarah mad.
    4:50 PM
    Ha!!! This is probably EVIDENCE!!!! Palin a little too late, lol! Go Kim Go!!!!

  85. emrysa7:11 PM

    don't ya'll know?

    every redneck joe six-pack flies to hawaii for the holidays. it's what all the average folks do.

  86. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Piper was not on the book tour. She just went to the Oprah show during teacher work days. Trig was the only child on the tour. Check the pictures and accounts by the 'bots who were there. No Piper sightings.

  87. Anon @7:11: Piper was on the book tour. Two images I remember off hand are the photo of Piper at Roanoke VA (currently on Bree Palin's site) and the video of Palin's visit to the Grahams, where Piper didn't want Franklin Graham to take Trigg.

  88. Anonymous7:52 PM

    anon @7:39
    I think you have your facts wrong. Piper was indeed on the book tour.

  89. Anonymous7:53 PM

    There are numerous pictures and video of Piper on the book tour. Do a google search.

  90. Anonymous8:14 PM

    PIPER, AND TRIG at TEMP 41 DEGREES. Roanoke, VA, 11:45 p.m. PHOTO
    conservatives and republicans love this, smell the sexy. rah rah rah
    They all it presidential.

  91. Diva's post doesn't say that Kim got a photo, just that when she took out the camera to get one, that is when the b-ball hat dark sunglasses wearing woman scooped Trig up and took him to the women's rest room to put on his shoes and socks. We'll have to wait and see if there is an actual photo or not, but from the wording I'm guessing 'not'.

    And the Ocean of Urine fans have gotten wind of this concern regarding Trig's being improperly dressed, and are now calling it an obsession and claiming that Trig isn't going to die without socks on and it is none of our business regarding Sarah's mothering capabilities.

  92. Oh, and as to why Sarah might be headed to Hawaii? Well, we know she keeps up with the blogs, so she might just be going for a "mini vacation" where she will take some photos of herself with some of the natives/islanders to help mitigate the problem Daddy Heath created by telling people she didn't like being a minority in Hawaii.

  93. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Trig's book tour.

    oooops! CALL
    They CALL it presidential.

    Thomas Van Flein will love this one:
    '' see Todd Palin. However, what really attracted her attention was on the hard floor of the hallway typically filled with all walks of humanity trying to get to their gate...yes, it was Trig Palin playing on the germ-ridden floor and once again, HE HAD NO SOCKS AND NO SHOES.''
    Why Van Flein is proud to take Palin money. He worships their parenting style.

  94. I thought that it was reported here on I. M. that Todd had moved out and was living in Palmer, and that Willow was living with him and attending school over in Palmer at Colony High School. Was that never the case, or have they moved back in to the main home?
    And poor Piper; this could have long-term consequences for her and her education. How much school can a brilliant child with totally supportive parents miss and still do okay, and where would that leave Piper, since that's not the case for her?

  95. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Ocean of Urine is so predictable. They think it is cute to have a child on germ-ridden floor.

    EOY--- That sounds like a reason for Sarah to bail out on Alaska and go to Hawaii. Ocean of Urine will worship her. She may stop a volcano eruption and save the Islands while she is there for a few days.

  96. Anonymous8:59 PM

    It is not looking good or poor Piper. She was real spaced out at the base and went on to lose a toenail and cry at a tumbling contest. That was all she could see of her friends? NOT HEALTHY AT ALL.

    Someone may be going into a rehab in Hawaii. There may have been an intervention or this is how they could get her there.I've seen that before.

  97. To Palin, Piper roaming alone at an Airport is an education. Think of the grade if she was kidnapped and escaped. WOW! Momma Bear thinks of every possibility.

  98. I guess what cracks me up is everyone on the blog comments worrying about the Palin children and their education. Trust, education is not a big deal in that family.

    They have their mother as a poster child of how far you can go with just passing grades in one of the easiest degrees to acquire. Todd makes big buck wrangling oil and snow machines.

    Bristol, Willow and Piper will have no worries because there will be money to feed and support them. Trig, well, school is probably not in his future anyway.

    I just don't understand anyone getting their knickers in a twist regarding the Palin kids education.

    As long as Palin is not a contender in 2012 and never gains another elected post in Alaska I could give a rats ass what kind of education her hillbilly brood gets.

  99. There are many kids in Alaska that are home schooled because their parents do not want them to be infected by public school lies about science & history. I think they might even get some charter money from the school district/government to do it! (damned socialists!)

    My guess is that Piper is most likely involved in something like that.

    Also, I used to work at the airport. Poor baby, that floor can get very gross. Maybe she is trying to make him ill.

    Who knows with that woman!

  100. S'arah Palin misses so many opportunities to truly share "teachable moments" and be all that she claims to be.

    She claimed she wanted to talk about being a mom with Katie Couric, but she never bothers to share with the watching world how she's helping Trig have every opportunity to achieve his potential.

    She never shows us how a loving, professionally ambitious mother makes sure her elementary school aged daughter gets to spend time with mom, travel, and keep up with her age peers.

    And on and on and on.

    She's a caricature of everything she claims to represent and hold dear.

  101. On this website:

    ...there is this important excerpt:
    Compared to the general population, individuals with Down syndrome have a 12-fold higher mortality rate from infectious diseases, if these infections are left untreated and unmonitored. These infections are due to abnormalities in their immune systems, usually the t-cell and antibody-mediated immunity functions that fight off infections. Children with Down syndrome are also more likely to develop chronic respiratory infections, middle ear infections, and recurrent tonsillitis. In addition, there is a 62-fold higher incidence of pneumonia in children with Down syndrome than in the general population.

    Enough said!

  102. Anonymous4:26 AM

    think she's heading to Hawaii to undo the racial comment her daddy said about her during her college years?

  103. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Probably getting a little more "work" done so it can heal over the holidays. Also, too a good hair weave.

  104. Anonymous4:45 AM

    You'd think Palin would be reluctant to ever step foot in Hawaii again after the comment her father made on why she left Hawaii - because Sarah felt uncomfortable around all the "Asians"! People in Hawaii read the paper so I don't think she'll be immune from some local backlash upon her arrival. What a piece of work!

  105. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Palin needed to fly to Hawaii to purchase another $35 wedding ring. Then she can say,"Look here is my wedding ring the one I bought in Hawaii."

  106. Anonymous5:55 AM

    "Pathetic in your small mindedness, miserable in your hatred..God I'm glad I'm not one of you."

    Me too. Listen, we're so pathetic, why don't you just stomp out of here and slam the door in our faces? That would show us, all righty!


  107. lilly7:10 AM

    I recall when I first researched Palin after the nomination, back in 2008. I found the Witch hunter tape and posted it on a right wing site.

    Was immediatly called a troll, a liar, and a hater and jealous of her beauty.

    I had done nothing but post a youtube.

    It's a year and a lot of pathological lies by $P later, and it is still your jealous of her beauty, you are a hater, a liar if you expose her lies, and so on.

    When I told them to search their souls when Gryphen was harried and threatened, oh my what a mess. So I went to blog rather than have any discussion.

    The tune hasn't changed from the Palinbots.

    So I don't post any of my opinions on Right wing news or political sites, as to them anything that isn't pro $arah means you are a troll.

    I did post a Blog, but stopped once Palins book came out. Too many lies, I figured let her pathological lies stand as is. No need for any comment by me.

    So I can't understand why Palinbots who tolerate nothing but drivel and drooling for their love object, post anything at all on sites like immoral minority.

    After all, this is a democracy.

    No one here gives a hoot about the Palinbot Trolls opinions.

    Thank god.

  108. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Wow, always amazed at how outsiders see us Alaskans. Play on airport floors, yup my kids have. No socks, yup, my kids ripped em off as soon as I put em on! I am amazed at the micro managing of Sarah and her kids. Folks...there are truly worthy kids that need all of our help. Lets use this season to do just that. As far as the Trig and who his mother is, really? Do you think we are that good in Wasilla and can keep our mouths shut? HA! You give us way to much credit. Dont worry about Piper and her education. She goes to an excellent school and the teachers are used to coming up with "packets" for travelling kids. Spend your worry time,for something useful folks. Come on, "Tis the Season"

  109. Anonymous7:39 AM

    AK pet Mom at 9:06 pm nailed it. Sarah is now a rich "celebrity" like Madonna, and can do whatever rich folks do. The only thing to be concerned about is that she never is in public office. The obsession with the welfare of her kids on this blog is as perverse as the obsessive worship of her by the Palinbots.

  110. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Frankly I don't give a damn about Palins childrens welfare.

    I do give a damn that she remains in politics.

    So if the people nattering away about Trig being underdressed, and Piper missing her schooling and socializing gets under Mrs. Palins skin, why natter away.

    Public perception is a politicians lifeblood, and in some ways we are helping her out. Dress your toddler properly for the weather, Wear your most becoming wigs, and so on.

    If it irritates her, that is good. If it bugs her base, that is better.

  111. Anonymous7:52 AM

    In fact, I love that her base is irritated. What do they think, that their beloved walks on water?

  112. If "$arah is now a rich 'celebrity' like Madonna, and can do whatever rich folks do," the main difference is that Madonna is a kazillionaire whose children are not used as props in her performances. Given that $P's money flows like water to build her compound and rebuild her face, I seriously doubt that her one-shot book windfall will last long enough to help the children in the future. Camp Palin says that Bristol "works two jobs" and "goes to college": Srsly? Where? And as a full-time mother of one or two (when $P isn't on display) toddlers?

    Most of us here on the blog are parents, and the ones who are not also are gobsmacked to see a toddler (much less a DS tot at greatly increased risk for infectious disease, high-altitude pulmonary edema from flying, etc.) brought out of a bus, half-dressed and blinking, just before midnight in 41-degree weather to face a screeching mob, or hatless in the snow. This same toddler is cared for, in part, by an eight-year-old who has missed a month's school in order to be used as a prop on her mother's hectic trip to the whiter parts of the United States. Would you do this to your kids, if you have any, or even to your pets?

    Recently I read a news article about a woman whose child was taken into temporary custody by the police because she'd left him in the car for at least two hours while Mom gambled in a casino. The child was twelve, and the weather was temperate. His mom looked like June Cleaver compared with $P.

    Already I'm betting on whether the little ones will get sunblock applied while under the tropical sun in Hawai'i. Is someone designated to take care of that? Oh, and to plan on something to put in their Xmas stockings. I'd like to put a lump of coal in $P's, but she'd probably ask someone to pen another op-ed about how the fabulously safe, safe coal industry produces one of America's cleanest sources of energy...

  113. Anonymous9:19 AM

    "She's a caricature of everything she claims to represent and hold dear."


    She is a public figure and is held to a higher standard, whether she wants it or not. She can't claim to be some innocuous housewife from Wasilla and no one should pay attention to what she does. And the next day, claim to be the governor and everyone should listen to her.

    No. . . not gonna happen.

    She has put herself out into the public eye and she is going to be scrutinize by the public. She put her children into the public and they will be scrutinized.

    Yes, we will pay attention to what her children wear (and don't wear). Yes, we will pay attention to when her children go (or don't go) to school.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  114. crystalwolf aka caligrl9:21 AM

    The palinbots have no facts to back up that Grifter is not full of Lies, unethical, bad mother, Liar, etc.
    So they resort to the Right's "Ad hominem" abusive tactics!
    Your jealous, your ugly, your fat, your a Transexual (one just called me that one recently)
    simply b/c they have NO FACTS!
    Liar, Her book has been proven a Pac-o-Lies, 22+ ethic's complaints against her, unethical! Bad Mom, drags TriG (who she probably named him a condition TRIsomy-G, and therefore I believe Levis claim she called him a retard)He never has any shoes,socks on, she is dragging him all over the country which is full of H1N1 flu right now! And also means he is not getting therapy he needs, how do we know this? He is not wearing his glasses or hearing aids, he does not eat solid foods at 20(or more) mos old. She is a quitter...ask any Alaskan, any one of them... and they will tell you that!!!
    She didn't govern anyway!!!
    Telling any of the about to a palinbot will get you a Ad hominem abusive attack.
    Why? Because they have NO FACTS, and they are mentally about a jr. high level. They can't just say,hmmm, you could be right about, that, let me research it...its just "your ugly" "your jealous"
    and also its comes from a primitive place of fear. The right is constantly in the "chicken Little" mindset..."the sky is falling" "Terrorists are around every corner" etc. etc.
    They have NO CRITICAL thinking skills. None at all.

  115. Anonymous10:42 AM

    But they know how to photo shop. I saw one a very nasty woman posted on another site. Obama as a shoe shine boy, kneeling and shining $Palins black high heeled pumps.

    THAT is how they see her. The POTUS kneeling at her feet.

    They don't know, they are the ones groveling at her feet while they send her their hard earned money, while she lives as high off the hog as she can manage.


  116. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Anon@7:52 I stand corrected in that Piper flew in for the tour during school break over Thanksgiving. After spending Thanksgiving in WA state with the family, Piper went back to school when it resumed. She has been in school since then. She is in no tour pictures since Thanksgiving except the ones in AK this past weekend.

  117. Piper's school is a Christian one in Palmer. Her mother is a saintly mother and they can do what they want. Her children have a good Christian upbringing like Sarah. Piper do not need to scoialize with her age group. A tumble recital is plenty. I hope all parents follow this example. When you have faith children can wander airports and crawl on dirty floors. The rapture will come but why worry, if not you can try communism.

  118. Anonymous1:33 PM

    "Wow, always amazed at how outsiders see us Alaskans. Play on airport floors, yup my kids have. No socks, yup, my kids ripped em off as soon as I put em on! I am amazed at the micro managing of Sarah and her kids"

    It's not Alaskans. I'm sure many of them are decent people. It's just Sarah. We're not attempting to micromanage her; out of human decency we are hoping that Trig gets the supervision, sanitation and therapy he deserves. It's a disgrace that she has to be sent messages via her lawyer about her appalling carelessness of him.

  119. Anonymous2:48 PM

    "It's not Alaskans."
    We know some of you like your politicians corrupt and don't notice the high rate of incest and rape. Yet there are good people and parents in Alaska and there are children that get an education.

    My friend just sent me some information and photos of other Alaskan parents. In the younger group you see alot of alcohol, drug talk and smoking cigs when pregnant. What is unusual to me is they are the same people who go to church and that is a big part of their life. I don't know who they look up to as a role model. Bristol? Sarah? The pregnant teens explain Sarah's behavior, in that, it is acceptable to some in Alaska. I think there is a high infant death rate, not sure about that. May some of the educated Alaskans collect data on the problems and find solutions. Alaskans need data of what you are up against and to be able to discuss it. Hiding and lies never works. Alaska is a tiny state and if it looks like a big part of them are like Bristol and Sarah the impression will be hillbilly yuk. I know some good hillbillies and don't put them all in the Palin category. How did she get elected? People say she is like them.

    There is also the imagine of the Alaska that accepts the dead lake Sarah, melting glaciers and her lust to kill, kill, kill.

  120. Venefica3:46 PM

    I've seen ZERO corroboration that $P is in Hawaii. Is your source positive it was the Palins? If so, could they have been at the airport to pick up someone who was arriving? It's just very odd to me that she could fly to Hawaii completely under the radar!

  121. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Easy if someone is putting them up in a private spa, condo or....

  122. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Hope those "Asians" in Hawaii she detests treat her the way she should be treated.

    "Can I call you Barack?"


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