Friday, June 17, 2011

Desperate conservative blogger predicts Sarah Palin will announce her candidacy next week. Palin quickly crushes rumor.

From the American Spectator:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is expected within a week to make a decision on whether to enter the 2012 presidential campaign, according to one Republican source.

Vendors of campaign services who hope to work for Team Palin have been told that Palin, the 2008 GOP vice-presidential candidate, will decide soon one way or another on mounting a 2012 campaign.

This is clearly wishful thinking on this blogger's apart, and Granny Grifter was quick to put him in his place. (Which by the way is under her heel.)

Really? Hmm, guess they forgot to inform me what I'm "expected to do" next wk MT@AmSpec: Palin Decision Expected Next Wk
6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

This compelled the now publicly humiliated Palin pantie sniffer to whine in response:

OK, fine, governor, but I was reporting what my source had been told. Has my source been misinformed?

By the way this slimy little punk is one of the blogging Palin-bots that Sarah and her attorney Thomas Van Flein sent against me back in 2009, and he was so thoroughly inept that he and his buddy Dan Riehl ended up inventing a whole bizarre conspiracy about my background that was so completely removed from reality that I STILL have no idea how they came up with it.  I am not at all surprised to see that he still can't find his own ass with both hands and a road map.

My prediction is that this kind of disappointing news will keep coming out of the Palin camp until the Winged Monkeys start cannibalizing each other in a frenzy of frustration, devouring the weaker ones, until there is only a handful of angry, spiteful, though surprisingly plump, supporters left.

And the really funny thing is that Palin has every intention of dragging this thing out past the 2012 election and into the future until the very last battered and bruised Palin sycophant loses their grip on the bumper of her speeding "All about me" tour bus and bounces lifelessly into a nearby ditch.

By the way if you go back and check those ditches now, THAT is where you will  find what remains of "Number one Palin-fan" Rebecca Monsour, after her unfortunate fall from grace


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    She looks more pregnant in this picture than she ever did with Trig.

  2. emrysa3:31 PM

    yeah shailey's story gives new meaning to the title "madame president," doesn't it?

  3. Anonymous3:36 PM

    So if this is one of her panty sniffers then was he set up to post this as more tease? Is the atm running low on funds? She's pretty shameless in her own promotion.

    Poor RAM, she really has disappeared from the face of the earth. I wonder why no one is worried she hasn't been seen or heard from like they are about Trig?

    RAM? Come out, come out wherever you are. You can talk to us, share your stories and secrets. We'll listen nicely.

    Interesting Sara is still tweeting though, wonder why she hasn't said anything about Shailey? or the mortgage crisis in AZ? Or Brisket moving out of the the new house?

  4. Sweet anny3:38 PM

    OK fine, governor... I'm gonna hold my breath 'til I turn blue! That'll show you!

    Do I sense trouble in paradise? Could it be the natives are getting restless?

    What will they do when they find out how they've been had, so publicly and and in such a demeaning way?

    Stay tuned. This ain't gonna be pretty.

  5. ibwilliamsi3:39 PM

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here, but I understood that so long as she has not yet declared she's running her PAC money can be spent on pretty much anything and everything - such as "family vacations" and houses in Arizona to winter in. Although to be honest she doesn't seem to have a keen concept of what "winter" is, exactly.

    Anyway, my understanding is that once she declares she must spend her PAC money on election efforts. Can anyone clarify? TIA.

  6. Anonymous3:44 PM

    If I'm late with this, apologies!

    Just like Preparation-H, also too trademarked. A hemerrhoid on society.

  7. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Wonder what Ram is doing these days without the love of her life, Sarah Palin?

    Ram was one nasty mean woman, I wonder if she regrets all that hate she generated in order to keep her Idol on a throne.

  8. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Maybe they are setting up Sarah to make her say yes or no. I imagine people who have donated to her are furious that she used their money for a shrink wrapped bus cover and her family's vacation.

    They also found out that she can use the money to pay for the mansion in Arizona and I bet that is exactly what she did by funnelling the cash thru a Delaware Co.

    Sarah just keeps screwing her flock by taking all their money and laughing all the way to the bank.

  9. angela3:58 PM

    I think RAM is still with Sarah. She can't talk about anything because she signed a non-disclosure. She is sitting in her Anchorage apartment waiting for her punishment. Then Sarah will grant her a stay and torture her for the rest of her employment. RAM will appear even more vicious than before to prove herself.
    Sort of like Sarah herself.

  10. London Bridges3:59 PM

    Sarah with the helmet should be next to the picture of Mike Dukakis on his tank. Very similar.

    Also try this one on for size:

  11. Re: the author: LittleGreenFootballs ( is a good resource on all things Robert Stacy McCain.

  12. Anonymous4:01 PM

    3:39 ibwilliamsi

    You are absolutely correct. Milking for all she can.

  13. Anonymous4:01 PM


    As I understand it sarapac is just a place where people can send money to her so she can live the high life. If she declares as a candidate then she must use it for campaign expenses only. Until then she can use it as she likes, and she does seem to use it for fun and herself.

  14. Anonymous4:05 PM

    The only reason Sarah has a bad influence on this country is because she naturally sucks attention from actual problems, scandals and lying politicians who have actual power.
    ie HCR is a fine example that has been overused

    When are people going to wake up and cease the bullshit. Sarah is just another opinionated person. She's not dangerous. She's not evil. She's not the anti Christ. SOO much more frightening things are developing for ANYONE to be concerned with everyone's favorite hockey mom. her loyalties lie with her family first, then with the welfare of the country. That has been proven.

  15. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Why call RAM unfortunate fall from grace? She was disloyal. she deserved all she got. You'd do the same thing. Honestly, she shouldve been dismissed awhile ago. I think Sarah was looking for an excuse.

    Lesson learned for all. People aren't trustworthy. Obama, keep up those confidentiality agreements. Otherwise, YOU good sir, will get screwed too.

    In the end, people only "get hurt" when they warrant it. Things happen for a reason.

  16. emrysa @ 3:31pm! Thank! I needed that! :) ROFLMAO!!

  17. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I'm pretty sure this blogger R.S. McCain did an interview with Todd in AK. I would assume that he was at one time a supporter. Maybe this represents some of her faithful becoming tired of her tease.

    R.S. McCain did an interview with Brietbart last night at the RightOnline conference competing with NetRoots. Brietbart was obviously drunk at the time. What a gross and pathetic person.

  18. Anonymous4:21 PM

    She's waiting to see if Romney is nominated. If he is, she will get in as a third party candidate. It's what she's been hinting at for months. It's also a sure way to re-elect the President.

  19. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Trademarking her name wasn't great business strategy. That means her followers and fans can't have websites with her name???? without her permission? The conservative companies can't make items to sell with her name? Less free promotion for her??

  20. Jennifer4:22 PM

    Where is RAM hiding? Has anyone seen or heard from her since Twittergate?

  21. Anonymous4:30 PM


    You have it exactly right.As I have said before

    Faux News--$1,000,000 per year
    SaraPac----$5,000,000 per year

    or give it all up and attempt

    POTUS-------$400,000 per year

    Never gonna happen.


  22. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Anonymous @ 3:44 PM said...

    If I'm late with this, apologies!

    Just like Preparation-H, also too trademarked. A hemerrhoid on society.

    HMMMM So, that one commenter on that site is correct? Her name/picture cannot be used in political ads now (except for herself, of course...) ???

  23. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Is RAM being paid to keep her mouth shut or is she working on the tell-all? (or in rehab?)

  24. Anonymous4:42 PM

    So where is RAM these days? Anyone know?

  25. Many of the mouth-breathing bots wants palin to run against and beat Obama. if she doesn't run in 2012 many will lose interest.

  26. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I wonder how many of her trolls will waddle over to the Bachmann camp soon. I mean, they've been very generous and more than patient with their royal Heinous, but there is a limit. We'll all hear the moaning when she is exposed and doesn't run at all. Fun times ahead.

  27. Anonymous4:47 PM

    The natives of the peezoo cult are getting very restless. Their little pee brains are exploding. They are going to be quite angry if/when Palin decides not to run.
    sarah will string this out as long as she can (keep the $$$ coming from the bots for houses, plastic surgery and vacations) - but at SOME point, she will have to let them know.

    Just a few examples of them losing it today:

    "I will burn my copy of going rouge if she "lebrons"the race!!"

    " I've not changed my view that she is running but oh boy the ducking and diving around on the interviews re running is getting harder and harder to endure."

    "The Press and Palin's enemies in the GOP will annihilate Palin. Period.
    That's just the way it is. She will become very irrelevant, very fast.
    I'd be very surprised if Ailes keeps her on at FOX after the first of the year. People here are into the fanboy thing and haven't stepped back and considered the consequences of Palin building herself up like this and then pulling the rug out from her supporters.
    It won't be pretty. Trust me"

    "She cannot make her many fans look small and stupid by endorsing another candidate and cheerlead for him (she will be cheerleading by herself because she won’t have any more following).
    For Sarah, it’s run or die as a politician AND celebrity. Run or be owned by the LSM and GOP establishment. Run or betray the hardcore fan that believed in you."

  28. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I loved this post. Very funny writing Gryphen. Thanks.

  29. With the baggers clearly behind bat shit crazy Michelle, I really don't think that the Quitter is going to run.
    $arah is just going to keep bilking her ignorant bots until they are plum out of pennies. Then she will say that she is going to wait until the 2016 race so that she can bilk blood from these sorry ass bots for four more years.
    $he's a coward, and knows that unless debates are held via twitter she has no way of sounding smart or rational. Because, she is neither.

  30. R. S. McCain went after me, too, after I had a talk with Todd last summer, asking Todd if he was aware that the guy who had just written about how much he worshipped Mr. Palin, and gushed bout his visit with Todd like McCain had a hard-on, is widely regarded as a racist.

    McCain wrote about my description of the talk with Todd, throwing in something like 'how can you believe such a vicious anti-Semite as Munger on anything,' or such. Robert Stacy McCain is indeed creepy, Gryph.

  31. ibwilliamsi5:16 PM

    Anon @ 3:31 - She just looks pregnant because one of her falsies fell out of her bra and down her shirt. She's good at "stuffing".

  32. Anonymous5:28 PM

    "You ain't the boss of me!" Now that is the kind of maturity that we need running the nation!

    So what is Screech's role in the family "business" does she "train" the "boys"?

  33. Anonymous5:31 PM

    B.S. Palin is in it for the money, she has NOT INTENTION of being a serous candidate. She has not intentions of announcing crap.

  34. Anonymous5:31 PM

    ROFL @anon 3:31 read that and peed!

    Gryphen - I actually think we should be encouraging all the Palin bloggers to keep predicting and printing "Palin announces her cnadidacy next week!" because it will keep her highness busy making denials - she'll get progressively angrier at her own fans - and publicly!

    How unkind of her to not have softened her tweet - this is someone who is meant to either vote for her, send her money or both :)

    Think this woman will ever learn it's not a good idea to not be gracious?


  35. Anonymous5:34 PM

    4:30PM...unless she's paid. Imagine that.

  36. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Re: ibiwilliamsi, et al.

    Once Palin declares, then she must open a new PAC directly supporting her as a candidate (for any office). SarahPAC, at that point, will only be able to make a limited contribution to the new Palin PAC, just like they do for any other candidate. The SarahPAC remaining funds will have to be spent on other causes/candidates other than Sarah.

    But SarahPAC can go on indefinitely, supporting "causes" and "candidates" dear to Palin's heart; in fact, Palin can rejoin them after she loses. But they cannot pay anything more past the limit for what are/would have been direct campaign costs for her candidacy during its term.


  37. Anonymous5:44 PM

    "...until the very last battered and bruised Palin sycophant loses their grip on the bumper of her speeding "All about me" tour bus and bounces lifelessly into a nearby ditch."

    Gryphen, the above is currently at the top of my list of favorite Gryphen quotes. Can't stop chuckling at the all-too-real picture it conjures up.

    Great writing...AND great reporting. Thank you.

  38. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I've been thinking that maybe Palin's ploy was to bide her time until 2016, all the while grifting while the grifting is good. She's young enough to wait. But it just hit me. To the pee 'bots she isn't just their Queen, she's The Queen Who Will Deliver them from the Great (Black) Satan. Clearly these nitwits are beyond the reach of anything as passe as logic or reasoned consideration, or even rational self-interest. But if their Queen lets them down by refusing to even engage in battle, and worse yet if Obama is re-elected, maybe that will finally be what it takes to break the pee spell.

  39. Anonymous6:03 PM

    RAM was Sarah's brain for a while. apparently she hasn't found a replacement.....

  40. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Hey Sare~

    Why Retreat when you can Freeload, eh?

    Coveting Coward.

  41. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Attention RAM!, grab a mop and bucket!
    Cleanup in aisle anon 4:05 pm and aisle anon 4:08 pm! Two piles of fresh Sarah Toe Jam just plopped on a pile of Santorum!

    Truth is, RAM is too much woman for Sarah to handle, RAM's more attractive, and more smart, smells nice and she knows too much to be let go by Palin, at least not yet.

  42. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Sarah just wants to ride into the sunset with Graham, leaving Tawd and everyone else behind.

  43. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Palin's just worried the gullible contributors will catch on to her grifting scheme, and she'll lose her Fox news job, and besides, she's the best "insurance policy" that will guarantee, no matter how the economy goes, that Obama will win the election, and the Dem's will get control of the House. The uglier and more stupid she gets, the better it is for the President.

    Great post, btw. It's nice to see her pee in her supporter's cheerios, shame they haven't caught on, maybe they should start educating themselves by reading your blog!

  44. Anonymous6:24 PM

    4:05 PM ...everyone's favorite hockey mom. her loyalties lie with her family first, then with the welfare of the country. That has been proven.

    What has been proven is that Sarah Palin is mentally unstable. She is a sociopath loyal only to herself. She boasts of endangering the life of her unborn child with her "wild ride". The welfare of the USA is the furtherest thing from what Sarah Palin calls her mind.

  45. Anonymous6:31 PM

    The grifter will not give up her ability to earn buttloads of money in exchange for doing NOTHING but open her piehole, just to run for president. I mean, heck, she'd be making only $400K...that's parking meter money for this ridiculous woman. Thank God she's so greedy, or we'd be having to hear her screechy voice more often than we do now.

  46. Anonymous6:41 PM

    oops, sorry, Sarah wants to ride Graham into the sunset.

  47. Anonymous7:32 PM

    You know, I just had an odd thought. Remember a couple of weeks back, when C4P ran that crazy article where they bashed Michele Bachmann as a grifter for doing the EXACT SAME THING Palin is doing?

    I wonder... id it possible that this wasn't just insane hypocrisy, but rather a veiled passive-aggressive warning to Sarah that her "brilliant strategy" was wearing thin and she needed to make her announcement soon or her fans might start thinking about her the way they're thinking about Bachmann?

    And it certainly can't help the Palinbots' cognitive dissonance that Bachmann has finally announced and Palin still has not, and is still raising money.

    I dunno, maybe it's a stupid idea, but in a way it's actually more reasonable sounding to me than the cartoonish Palinbot utter lack of self awareness point of view... the Palinbots seem like very proud people and I'm not certain what the limits of their blind faith are.

    SOME of them at least, must be starting to smell something fishy in Palintown. Maybe it'll spread like the wildfires that are eating Arizona right now.

  48. Anonymous7:50 PM

    RAM certainly was shoved under the bus, quickly, wow!! That really is kind of sad. I really don't like how RAM treated others-she seemed to get meaner by the day. But she was incredibly loyal to Sarah. And so what she made a mistake. Sarah is a complete bitch to throw her under the bus. But it was bound to happen sooner than later.
    My question is why don't the RAMs of the world speak out against Sarah? Frank Bailiey did and he still protected Sarah the way he did it. He didn't release all the emails and other things. Why are they so loyal? Sarah doesn't deserve it. So is RAM crying her eyes out somewhere or is she still writing nasty things on blogs.

  49. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Anon 4:05. FUCK YOU!! What you say hasn't been proven you stupid low IQ idiot!! And Sarah is NOT a hockey mom-what a pile of moose crap. Her kid played for a year or two a LONG time ago. Go somewhere else you sick fuck. I'm sick of you stupid racist Palinbits and the way you talk about our President. YOU and your faux hockey mom can go screw yourselves - you are hateful, vindictive and unAmerican. And Sarah is definitely not a favorite. America, and that's REAL America can't stand her for good reason. Try reading or watching something other than Fox you brainwashed cretan!

  50. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Rebecca Mansour, olly olly in come free.

    I forgive you...

    I want you to come back, you forgot to sign my "Sarah's Confidentiality Agreement".

    All is forgiven... you are right... Bristol is a slut... she said it herself in her new book.

  51. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Look at Sarah Palin’s picture riding bitch on the motorcycle, WTF is wrong with her claws? Arthritis? Looks like she has mummified hands.

  52. Anonymous1:20 AM

    RAM? Ram is probably somewhere in Switzerland getting a face transplant right now. With some good luck she'll be disappear into the general population and someday have a normal life.

    Seriously RAM, to borrow a popular internet meme:
    IT GETS BETTER. (Just ask Frank Bailey.)

  53. Anonymous2:02 AM

    I agree about her hands; they look like a Halloween decoration. And what happened to her boobs ? She looks awfully flat-chested in that photo.

  54. indy_girl4:20 AM

    Here, I'll make a prediction that I know will come true:

    "Sarah Palin expected to remain as vapid and self-absorbed as ever, learning nothing from her mistakes."

  55. Anonymous4:25 AM

    anon at 405pm said"When are people going to wake up and cease the bullshit. Sarah is just another opinionated person. She's not dangerous. She's not evil."

    Oh really? I wonder what Curtis Menard Jr. and Dar Miller would say about that.

  56. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Anon @ 6:04 pm . . .

    Love, love, love your clarification of Palin's mantra:

    "Don't Retreat. Freeload."

    That's Palin alright, Palin the Moocher.

  57. TruthSeeker5:42 AM

    Anon @ 4:05pm said "Sarah is just another opinionated person. She's not dangerous. She's not evil."

    Somehow I do not think that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, little Christina Green and all the other victims of the Tuscon massacre would agree with you.

  58. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Grumpy, much?

    That's the problem with Twitter and someone quick to respond, you just might say something that you shouldn't. Snarling at one of your few supporters is not too smart.


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