Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Jury Duty for Sarah Palin.

Courtesy of the Alaska Dispatch:

The first day of the Sarah Palin jury watch passed with this simple recorded message to those called for jury duty: "Your services will not be needed on Friday, June 24.''

Those in the Palmer jury pool, which Palin has indicated include her, are to call back Friday night to find out about "possible service on Monday, June 27.

The former governor lives just up the road from Palmer in the small town of Wasilla, where she was once mayor. Local legal cases, however, are tried at the courthouse in Palmer.

The jury procedure in Alaska is to send jury duty notices to a small army of people. They are given a pool number. If there pool number is called, they are to report to the court house to await possible selection to a jury.

It is rare to get picked, and a half-dozen attorneys queried by Alaska Dispatch said that they would immediately move to waive Palin if she was actually called to sit on a jury.

As one of them put it, no one would want to bring to the courtroom the circus that seems to follow in the wake of the former Alaska governor these days.

Let's face it, she quit!

She was embarrassed by the attention her ridiculous Paul Revere statements attracted, her family abandoned her, and she started to get panicky, so she pulled the plug.

She quit. Her apologists can make up any bullshit excuse they want, but they are not fooling anybody. As we all know, quitting is what she does best, and she proved it for all the world to see yet again.

The jury duty excuse was the only thing she could come up with on the fly and it was essentially her version of "The dog ate my bus tour." Pathetic!


  1. honeybabe1:07 AM

    just another example of the "i'm gettin' out of dodge" syndrome of palin. turns out she is the world's most famous coward as well as too many negative traits to list in one posting. hard to feel sorry for them.

  2. Anonymous1:44 AM

    She got the Bots' cash - why spend it on another bus trip now that she and Ailes decided against a Presdential run ?

  3. Anonymous2:15 AM


    Bad choice of words. Having work and child obligations don't abandonment do they?

  4. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Exactly!! She gets them to place her in the jury duty pool giving the appearance of a civil servant, knowing full well she won't be selected!

  5. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Quelle surprise. Everyone ever called for jury duty knows that it can be postponed easily if there are prior commitments. She flunked the campaign bus tour rehearsal and ran home.

  6. What a crock. I've been called for jury duty five times. The first time, I had a freelance work commitment, called the court. No problem.Released from duty.It's that simple as long as you offer to serve in the future and don't evade them.

  7. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Palin's movie premieres Tuesday in Iowa and she is invited. Obama will be in Iowa on Tues and Bachmann will be there Mon. Being the trickster Palin is, she might show up and make up another story about getting out of jury duty.

  8. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn2:43 AM

    If any of you Botniks honestly believed Sarah "Trademark" Palin had jury duty, I have a lovely bridge over here to sell you. I'll even deliver it!

  9. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Look at Sushannah Walshe twitter (@ shushwalshe) for 6/24. A RT of @ rabcarian says Palin's people have been asking about historical Iowa sites, so she might be starting up her bus tour. Of course, that is what she wants people to think in order to satisfy some extremely strange,sick need she has to "tease". I think she will end up ruining the Repub Party & I hope she does.

  10. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Looks as if Sarah will need to scurry around in search of another excuse now.

    Craig Medred wrote:- "If 'there' pool number is called, they are to report to the court house to await possible selection to a jury."

    Shouldn't a journalist know the difference between 'their' and 'there'...(sigh)

  11. Anonymous3:22 AM

    Pathetic try, scara........everyone knows/knew you would never be allowed to sit on a jury. First of all the attention you bring would hurt the trial, duh, AND you are a documented LIAR. Using this as an excuse AGAIN backfires and makes you look more like the idiot you are. But, hey, keep up the comic relief we love to laugh at ya!

  12. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Pathetic is right! Sad that this woman could have made so much of herself, had she been someone else! But she is the author of her own destruction and has effectively taken all that potential and whittled it down to one anecdote that sums up the entirety of her persona: QUITTER

  13. angela3:34 AM

    "The dog ate my tour bus".


  14. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Sarah didn't want anyone to know that she quit her bus tour and she quit the Sudan tour also too.

    She used the excuse of jury duty to try to prop herself up but she made another blunder by this big whopper.

    Something big is coming down the pike and has Miss Barbie Shoes all a flutter and this sex tale by Bristol is making this family look worse by the second.

    Bristol has vacated her Arizona home and it is on the rental market and Bristol will never go back there to live. That was also some strange wedding announcement about Track and his supposed bride.

    How come Bristol is not going to actor's school because she really sucked big time in that little thing she was on before.

    Even Ram was disgusted by Bristol's sexual antics and said lots of families have one of them.

    Also too, Frank Bailey was supposed to be on Billo's show last night on Fox but that part was not shown according to the Mudflats.

    I believe that Sarah and Bristol have pissed one time too many in somebody's cornflakes and the heat is on.

    The Globe has a new story coming out, I believe July 4 edition, about Sarah Palin Love Child Scandal. Firecrackers seem to be going off everywhere this trashy family is involved.

  15. Anonymous4:40 AM

    "If there pool"
    Where is the pool?

    "If their pool" please.

  16. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Well, I am sure the people in the community are grateful that she is not serving; I would hate to have my legal fate tied to the mind of an imbecile. I would see if her excused status could be made permanent, unless we have a third OJ trial--she would fit right in there.

  17. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Sarah Palin's civic duty

    I wonder if the judge in Alaska will confiscate Sarah's BlackBerries? Her addiction to them is legendary.

  18. Anonymous4:50 AM

    New Sarah Palin Documentary Emerges (Video)

  19. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Hmmmm, Sarah rubbing two sticks together in her brain to come up with an idea how to combat criticism about her decision-making skills without RAM sounds more simplistic and catty without the acerbic and juxtaposed blame on others.

    Even if she had never been mayor or half-term quitting Governor and failed VP running-mate, I wouldn't want that lazy, know-nothing, racist, bigoted and homophobic breeding fundy in my jury pool either.

    Meanwhile, in the midst of burnt ash and cinder, Sarah wrings her claw-like hands against her flat-chested bag of bones and thinning hair and panics that she is, indeed, an international joke.

  20. Anonymous5:03 AM

    All Sarah has to do is show up in her red-carpet outfit and be pegged as mentally-ill, totally unfit for judgement.

    Badly sun-burnt legs, shoes two sizes too big for her, food stains on her jacket and mismatched skirt. . .crazy lady with delusions of grandeur.

  21. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Granny LuLu's "Blood Libel" statement showed mainstream conservatives that she is not an inspiring leader, and her tale about Paul Revere "ringin' those bells and warnin' the British" proved to even hard-core rightwingers that she is an idiot. So all that's left to support her are the C4P cultists.

    And then, that damn Sasha Obama had to behave on her trip to Africa.

    Poor Granny LuLu.

  22. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Your Heinous: God just keeps SLAMMING those doors, doesn't He? The more you LIE, the bigger JOKE you are not only to our country but the world. A Bannon "documentary," read propoganda, film will NOT change people's minds.

  23. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Medred - journalist - grammar! Hahahahahaha. Oh my that IS funny.

  24. I think I heard Bill Maher say last night in his opening monologue something to the effect that "Sarah Palin is the only person in history ever to come up with an excuse to get into jury duty instead of out of jury duty."

  25. Anonymous5:57 AM


    Bad choice of words. Having work and child obligations don't abandonment do they?

    2:15 AM


    When it's billed as a "family vacation," yes, they do. Oh, and if it's a political bus tour, billed as one big happy family, yes, they do.

    Ask Piper if she's willing to take another "family vacation."

  26. Anonymous5:58 AM

    There, their, they're ... if typos are all you have to contribute to the conversation, please enjoy reading the threads on Free Republic.


    William Strunk, Jr., 1918

  27. Randall6:32 AM

    I think it's about time that from now on, EVERY published photograph of Sarah should show her with a red clown-nose.

  28. Granny,


    Good lord, woman! Haven't you realized by RECYCLING TWEETS(!) that you simply. do. not. have. the. capacity?

    I know you hate RAM's guts but you NEED her! You NEED someone. Someone much, much better than you are.

    It took you a YEAR to drag your wrinkled Ass to HAITI!

    You are being handed a silver platter opportunity to RUN AWAY from US b/c the sh!t is going to hit. the. fan.


    And you QUIT your chance to RUN AWAY?

    Oh, Granny, you confuse...

  29. Anonymous6:37 AM

    "The jury duty excuse was the only thing she could come up with on the fly "


  30. In all seriousness though, think about this-

    How many people would ever want Sarah Palin to be on their jury (1 of 12), making a decision on their life?

    Now, remember the incredibly frightening fact that THIS woman DID have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people's lives in her hands!!!!

    And some old glory hound wanted to HAND HER the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES!!

    As I read Dunn's book I was increasingly angry and queasy, rememebering this woman was not always a cartoon, but at one time, a very real elected official with very REAL power,

    which she abused accordingly.

  31. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Maybe I missed something, but did SP ever actually say she has jury duty? All I ever saw was a tweet that said even former governors sometimes get picked for jury duty. Yes, that's right. They also occasionally have diarrhea. Doesn't mean she does.

  32. I think she was too embarassed to admit she was caught using the trademarked slogan of One Nation without permission and one of those automatic cover-lies popped up. "Jury duty. Yeah, that's the ticket". She wouldn't want it to be known that she her team hadn't properly done their discovery when it came bus paintin' time.

  33. Anonymous6:58 AM

    My theory:

    Palin may have flat out lied in whole about this, OR, there could be a shred of truth, ie, word "Jury" in her statements. Remember our Dairygate scandal recently surfaced again, with the words that the FBI is in fact, investigating.

    Federal Grand Juries also help investigate federal cases, and so....

    Maybe Sarah got subpoenaed to testify. Of course, Federal Grand Juries operate in secret, and I'm just supposing they aren't as easily delayed/postponed if you were issued a subpoena to testify.

    Just thoughts! Here is the link the latest on Dairygate, and a link to more info on how Federal Grand Juries operate. Hmmm.....

  34. Oh, Granny, also, too-

    Since you said you are such a BIG fan of Franklin's dad, Billy,

    just wondering if you have gotten to meet Billy Graham yet?

    Where is your photo op?

    Why haven't you told us all how EXCITED Billy would be to meet a good Christian gal with Strong principles, such as yourself?

  35. Anonymous7:30 AM

    She's such a coward. Such a fraud. Such a liar. But lucky for us her days appear to be numbered. She's sinking and she knows it. Unfortunately for Obama, she won't run. She can't handle it and she knows she'll lose.

  36. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Sarah are you stil going to see Thatcher or does your jury duty schedule conflicts with that day as well?

  37. Anonymous7:44 AM

    There is one person is happy that Sarah has jury duty and that is Willow.

    The "Sarah Palin Home School For Juveniles" has been temporarily closed because of conflict of schedule. The teacher has jury duty.

  38. Anonymous8:17 AM


    "Bad choice of words. Having work and child obligations don't abandonment do they?"

    @2:15 AM

    Oh, please. Palin has left her kids, and grandkids behind to be taken care of by other people tons of times. Where were the two youngest, Tripp and Trig during the bus tour? And, what fucking "work?" The bitch hasn't had a real job since she quit her governor's job.

  39. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Here's how jury duty works in Alaska. You get the notice several weeks to months in advance. If you have a prior commitment that would prevent you from serving during the appointed time, you can request a postponement. And you get to tell them when you will be available. So either way, Jury duty is NEVER a surprise. You know well in advance when your jury pool will be on standby.

    What this means is that Palin must have scheduled her bus trip KNOWING that she had an upcoming obligation for jury duty. She NEVER intended on going to those other places. As with all things Palin, Iowa and South Carolina were just more of her tease routine. And as Lawrence O'Donnell has explained over and over, she has no intention of running for President. She's the Paris Hilton of the political scene. Completely devoid of any substance - a celebrity for being a celebrity.


  40. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I am loving watching the train wreck of SP and her ruining the republican party!!!

  41. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Anon 10:13 AM:

    I am loving watching the train wreck of SP and her ruining the republican party!!!


    Word! What makes it double-delicious is that the GOP's doom is brought on by the very harpy they were falling over themselves to embrace in 2008. Given the Republican's total inability to grasp irony or hypocrisy, their bitter tears will taste all the sweeter.

  42. Anonymous10:58 AM

    It's a damned good thing Alaskans can read the manipulations of this idiot and get it out nationally.

    There is a place waiting for her in hell I have no doubt.

  43. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Hahahaha!! @5:03 Thanks for reminding us of the ridiculous look that Palin was sporting back in May at the media gathering. The food-stained jacket was so
    funny! The too-large shoes was just down right dumb looking. Most people would be mortified and deeply embarassed by such a look but not Sarah! Does that woman have any self awareness at all? She truly is a clown.

  44. Anonymous11:31 AM

    There are numerous pols and VIPs who have done their duty and showed up for the jury service "cattle call." Some of them, the real Americans show up and blend, act like normal people, and occasionally serve on a jury, showing due respect for the process and their fellow jurors.

    Ddubya was called up in Austin and he did get the press there but with Gonzo at his side he did sit quietly in Austin's version of a 4H barn, and did not create a major distraction.

    Palin would show up with the whole three ring freak show, who would be left outside but I doubt that she would have the self control to not sign autographs and create a commotion.

    No lawyer would want someone as brainless and disruptive as Palin sitting on their jury, prosecutor or defense, except maybe OJ's lawyers.

    Can you imagine being sequestered with Sarah for a month or two?

  45. So $arah is going to MISS the “jury duty” call on Monday…

    Sarah Palin is Stepping on GOP Toes Again

    Sat Jun 25 2011 07:53

    || After drawing attention away from Romney’s announcement, Palin will do the same to Bachmann. ||

    Headline Grabber.

    Earlier in the month Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” bus tour paid a visit to New Hampshire.

    Just in time to draw attention away from Mitt Romney’s presidential announcement.

    On Monday, Michele Bachmann will announce her presidential candidacy in Iowa.

    Sarah Palin will be in Iowa on Monday as well.

    Palin, who may or may not run for president, will attend on Tuesday the premiere of a glowing pro-Palin documentary in Iowa, which holds the first presidential nominating contest.

    The documentary, “The Undefeated,” chronicles her accomplishments as Alaska governor, highlights the attacks she received from Hollywood and the media when she was the GOP’s vice-presidential nominee in 2008 and throws some punches at the Republican Party’s establishment, accusing GOP leaders of not defending her.

    Palin’s appearance in Iowa could potentially step on Michele Bachmann’s official presidential announcement in the Hawkeye State, which takes place on Monday.

    We will not know for sure where Palin will be on Monday until she confirms it on Twitter,

    But it seems that the former Governor likes drawing attention away from her fellow Republicans,

    Just as much as she likes drawing it to herself.

  46. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I'm grateful to Sarah Palin for one thing: That Steven Colbert reenactment was hysterical.


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