Friday, May 14, 2010

Sarah Palin lies to anti-abortion group about Trig's birth. Once again this is why getting to the truth is so important.

So here we have Sarah Palin in front of a crowd that could not be more receptive to her brand of pro-life talking points, and she demonstrates no hesitancy to trot out the mythology of Trig's birth.

If you pay attention around the 28:58 mark you will notice that Sarah accidentally tells the truth referring to her pregnancy as lasting only weeks, before quickly correcting herself.  It becoming clearer and clearer to me that Sarah may have made her decision to fake her pregnancy at the very last minute, so the entire conception and "pregnancy" may have only encompassed six or seven weeks in her consciousness.

As I have said repeatedly Trig Palin is the secret to Sarah Palin's mystical image as the Madonna of Right Wing politics, and when that lie is revealed she will be finished.  However if this were an easy task it would have been done a long time ago.

I know many people are still disappointed that the Johnston's were not able to provide the smoking gun that proved Sarah did not give birth to Trig, however the information they provided does allow us to focus on what we know, and what we think we know, with fresh eyes.  The only way to get to the truth of the matter is to take in new facts and eyewitness accounts with an open mind.  If we think about this logically we are far less likely to get stuck on our preferred theories and more likely to quickly adapt to new information as it presents itself.

If you remember, that was one of the things that caused a lot of friction over at Palin Deceptions.  People started to choose sides and argue vehemently against other points of view until it became very difficult to have a civil conversation or exchange of ideas.

Let's remember that we are all searching for the truth.  If we have already determined what the truth looks like how will we recognize it if it turns up wearing a different face?


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    It's me from Maine again.
    OK...she wins.
    She's a multi - millionaire without a job.

    But that doesn't take away from the fact she is an idiot, with no credentials to speak about anything beyond disposable diaper choice.

    The biggest problem is she has a national audience who think she is qualified for the Presidency of the United States. That is VERY scary. She can't manage a household.

    I'm disheartened that I have spent the time on these websites only to find that it is all rumor and wife's tales.
    There's been plenty of money and opportunity to spill the beans for anyone in the know.

    Deceptions and Mudflats and others gave up the fight long before I did.
    But today I give up the "birther" fight.

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Susan B. Anthony must be rolling over in her grave.

  3. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Its these little slips that are happening more and more often, that will unravel it all eventually. And she and Bristle will only have themselves to blame in the end.

  4. Anonymous5:05 PM


    I agree we are all searching for the truth. Are you prepared for what may happen if the truth turns out to be that $P actually gave birth to only one baby and that baby is Trigg?

    Modifying your theory to new facts is great. At some point, after the fifth or sixth modification, we may need to admit that, as much as we love it, the basic premise is wrong.

  5. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I also join you in giving up! There is too much money to be made if this was a faked pregnancy, someone would have come forward by now. I know we all want it to be true but I just don't think it will pan out the way we would like. I personally know lots of people in the valley and they were more than happy to tell me about the affair and other little Palin tidbits but never once did anybody ever believe she faked a pregnancy. Oh well maybe her just being an idiot will be enough.

  6. Anonymous5:09 PM

    My only hesitance now about babygate is, she began wearing scarves in jan/feb correct? about the time a normal pregnancy would show. She'd obviously be expecting to show at any moment from then on (and it can happen overnight)

    If you look at the timeline of photos on APimages, there is consistency. its kind of poor and she is a small woman, but it does appear it got harder to cover it up. and there was genuine need (in her mind) to cover up due to the impending election.

    Im now torn. because a faked pregnancy takes many many facts to be kept together and a decent size family to protect the secret as well, thats whats making me hesitant now.

    Teenagers talk, teenagers friends talk more. Trig looks like a Palin.

    It's none of my business but because I'm in theatre, I'd love to know the real deal for theatrical closure sake.

    That and I think Levi's full o' crap on all counts

  7. Melly5:14 PM

    No, sorry, people didn't take sides at Palin's Deceptions. We followed the evidence laid out by Audrey and did not deny what we saw. There was sometimes disagreement about the facts of the evidence--dates of photographs, eg--but the evidence spoke for itself. SP did not give birth to a child on Apr 18 2008 and was not consistently or convincingly pregnant in the months leading up to that. The Johnston's comments don't deter me from that belief at all.

  8. Anonymous5:20 PM


    I agree we are all searching for the truth. Are you prepared for what may happen if the truth turns out to be that $P actually gave birth to only one baby and that baby is Trigg?

    Modifying your theory to new facts is great. At some point, after the fifth or sixth modification, we may need to admit that, as much as we love it, the basic premise is wrong.

  9. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Trig's "birth" was carried out in the dead of night. If only a handful of people know the truth - and have their own reasons for keeping the truth well-hidden - we might have to wait for a deathbed confession. What's certain is that Trig himself won't have any questions or want to know the truth when he grows up. They're safe there.

    But any skulduggery would take quite a bit of electronic coordination (like from a Blackberry permanently attached to someone's hand) and all of those communications are recorded. The NSA knows the truth.

  10. Forever Anonymous5:20 PM

    I thought she delivered him standing up by the way she has said they put him in her arms and he melted.

    Today she said he was put on her chest. and continues tripping on her tongue; Trag....Trig

    At the Rainbow Omega speech she said she could tell he was different from the other kids; he wasn't screaming and hollering, and red faced. He just sort of melted into her arms, LOOKED at her.......this preemie down syndrome baby was able to look into this monster's eyes within minutes of his birth!

    Please Lord, have mercy.

  11. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I think she faked the pregancy.

    But I don't think this was a big deal "slip". It sounds like the way she talks...."the weeks, the months...." is kind of her pattern. Similar to the the deficit is immoral, its outrageous and its not good....she repeats or describes the same thing slightly differently.

    She's still FOS, but I don't see this as a big deal.

  12. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Faked pregnancy or wild ride, either way, it shows the woman is a BONKERS, unfit for office.

  13. Anonymous5:33 PM

    These comments must be joyous for Sarah to read. After all, giving up is what she knows best.

    I just don't feel ready to believe that this is a no-go issue. I am willing to wait along with Gryphen to see what happens next.

    Sarah is her own worst enemy. All liars are.

    BTW 5:09 - do you really believe a woman's womb simply "blows up" overnight? It may seem that way - but there is NO way for a woman to go from a relatively flat stomach to a huge watermelon-shaped abdomen overnight. That happens in movies when aliens impregnate a female human, but unless you think Todd is an alien, well . . . it is very doubtful that Sarah just suddenly had such a leap.

  14. the problem child5:42 PM

    Ah, if the truth is that she did give birth to Trig, we'll always have the wild ride/ fundy abortion.

    Not that I am giving up. I want this bitch DONE.

  15. I don't know, I still think of Levi telling Kathy Griffin some 'secret'. I wonder what it is? Kathy told him to save it. What will he save it for? I am not giving up, who says the Johnston's were in the loop anyway? Levi is the one who knows more and he might not have told his sister.

  16. Anonymous5:45 PM

    The only scenario that makes sense at this point if SP didn't give birth to Trig herself would be that it's Track's baby with a girlfriend. Otherwise, the whole reasoning and risk would be utterly ridiculous. If Trig is not Track's, I think the whole babygate conspiracy theory needs to go out the window.

    As far as Levi goes, I have no respect for him unless he writes a book and tells what he knows about the other Palin scandals. I heard Tank on a radio show around the end of last year and he said that Levi was writing a book and what was in it would "rock the nation", that they had emails to back up the book's allegations, and that what Levi would disclose would end Palin's career. Now if Levi stays silent after all of the lies and bullying and keeping his son from him, I refuse to root for him--he would deserve to continue being the Palins' doormat.

  17. Keep up the fight, Gryphen! I agree with most of what you have said. We all want the same thing, just a little sanity for our national political future. As I have said on my blog many times, there is something dreadfully wrong in that family, and like you, I think Trig is the key to the mystery. Although Patrick is all about the facts, you are near the scene of the crime, and I am most obsessed with the repulsive psychodrama unleashed on us by the unscrupulous media, we all seem to agree that Sarah did not birth that child. The truly insane part of this story is that if we are wrong, and she did, her risk to his safety on The Wild Ride and her use of him solely as a political prop are far more despicable than a faked pregnancy!

  18. Bella5:47 PM

    Her pregnancy only lasted weeks because it was fake. The story is full of holes:
    She says the amnio was at 12 weeks -eh? That can't be right.
    She says she is anti-choice but, consents to an amnio -eh? What for?
    And, yep, Bristol said it was her "son's" picture during the Kernell trial.
    Too many damn clues and that's without going back to 2008 and the videos of Palin thumping her belly padding.

  19. Anonymous5:53 PM

    There's nothing to discover because Trig is Palin's son. No one is ever going to prove otherwise. Ten years from now, I predict this theory will banished to dustbin of forgotten conspiracies.

  20. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Ditto on the Levi comment.

    Levi doesn't want joint custody. Just his sister and mom do. Levi doesn't know anything because he would have spilled it by now if for no other reason than to make some money to pay his outragous support payments. He's a normal dumb 20 year old kid. He's gotten bad advice and he will end up broke in a year.

    It's like finding out Lee Harvey Oswald really did act alone....

  21. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Yes Sarah, God knows what he is doing. He gave Bristol a DS baby to keep her off the streets only to find out that you took Trig from Bristol. Then God sat back and said, "OH NO she didn't!" I gave Sarah 4 kids and she screwed them up... so I better give Sarah a job that will pay her enough money so that she can pay for a nanny to take of Trig...

  22. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Oh, look, the trolls are scenting weakness and trolling in.

    Pictures don't lie. Palin was NOT pregnant as claimed. Based on photographic evidence (both the existing evidence, and the fact that there is SO LITTLE existing evidence -- why the need to scrub web sites of Palin pregnancy pics, if she was really pregnant?), it's simply physically impossible that she gave birth to the child presented as Trig. As is her scenario of water breaking in TX but not giving birth until she returned to AK, physically impossible.

    Everything else is just distraction.

    Sarah Palin is an accomplished liar. She does nothing but lie, pretty much -- her autobio is packed with them, every other word out of her mouth is a lie. Her whole life is a lie.

    Why would she not lie about birthing Trig, when it suited her purposes so conveniently and admirably?

    Not only that but for those who claim they now believe Palin did birth Trig, how do you account for the fact that there are clearly at LEAST two different babies identified as Trig?

    Answer: you can't.

  23. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Honestly, I don't know what the hell is up with all the weirdness surrounding Trig's birth. I've never heard a birth and delivery story change up depending on the venue as much as this poor kid's birth story. The sad part is that no one really calls her on the fact that no two stories ever really match up.

    Either way, if she faked a pregnancy or she risked his life with the purported 'wild ride' she talks so proudly about, she doesn't come off looking good to anyone with a working mind. I was born more than 30 years ago and my mother would laugh in someone's face as she pulled out my birth records to prove she is my mother. Funny, a woman who allegedly had a baby less than three years ago can't and won't put this issue to rest -- but hey, as long as it keeps her on peoples' minds, I guess it's all good in deluded Palinland.

    The one thing I do care deeply about is that this dimwit never, ever gets anywhere near any mechanism that will allow her to have any bearing on making decisions regarding me or my body. If she isn't stepping up to pay my bills, she can step off a cliff, seriously.

    Thank God for grown, thinking, intelligent folks in the White House. We all need to work to keep it that way. Palin and her thieving ass family can run their carnival sideshow existence to their hearts' content, eventually people will tire of them and they'll be lucky to get cab fare for a 'speech' in the next year or two. Like Paris Hilton, she'll fade off and no one will think of her again.

    I've known many smart Republican women and Palin is definitely not one of them.

  24. Anonymous6:23 PM

    The mere fact that she pulls out her "I didn't abort" kid at the drop of a dollar.... Is enough for me.

  25. If you throw her in the river and she drowns shes innocent, if she lives she's a witch.

  26. taco bell scarf6:41 PM

    I don't know when Palin started wearing scarves. I do know that on March 26, 2008 she did not need a scarf to hide a flat stomach. If she was wearing scarves before that, I doubt it was because she was hiding a flat stomach. I know taco bell food is salty and can blow you up, hands and face can get puffy. One day she could be swollen and the next not. When you are pregnant the baby bump does not go up and down.

    She might have been hiding her taco bell look with the scarves.

  27. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Perhaps you can run a post with all the information you DO know
    leave out the sources
    Mark things you have found out with something like
    2 sources confirmed this
    1 source says it is not true

    or 1 source confirmed this but waiting on a 2nd confirmation

    Just put it all out in a post..
    and let the thinkers that come to this blog put some of these puzzle pieces together

  28. Anonymous6:54 PM

    How did palin put the screws to Levi? She used the legal system to tie up his time and take his money, now that is something the legal system is really good at, look at how much those ethcs charges cost her in her own state Alaska. Now if we could get Washington state or Seattle to press charges against her for the endangerment of her unborn child, TriG that would put in her on the witness stand and a pickle. If the book and the wild ride is true she endangered TriG, if not she would be shown for the liar she is, Win Win situation!
    Who wants to put a online petition up asking for her to be formally charged with child endangerment.

  29. Anonymous6:56 PM

    When I hear Sarah Palin say ""I shall not seek, nor will I accept the nomination of my party...", I will lose all interest in her lies, her womb and her ignorance.

    If babygate does the job, great! If any other of her myriad lies does the job, also great! I just want her permanently out of political office.

    So all areas of investigation are of interest to me, Gryphen

  30. talking about FRAUD7:00 PM

    Imfo, there is no way that Sarah Palin was pregnant March-April 2008.
    For me that indicates crimes were involved. Crime that is every law abiding citizen's business.
    I can't buy the wild ride versions of events either. Call it baby-gate or anything you like, it took a crime syndicate to carry out what happened. I quit on Levi opening up long ago. He and the Johnston's value might come during depositions. Mercedes and Sherry may not know much and they do not want to say much about what they do know.

    Bristol and one pregnancy is bad enough. A second or third pregnancy seems a logical reason to move Sarah Palin to a place where she would conspire to fraud, that remains to be seen. I am not attached to Bristol as the mother of one or more Trigs.

    It would be wrong to let up on a crime of this caliber. I get sick of Sarah Palin and take breaks. It would feel wrong to give up, but understandable. For those who will not give up it is good to take a look with fresh eyes. Anyone who is finished with her it is better to move on.

    I have a problem with calling this a fake pregnancy because it is more than fake, it is fraud.

  31. Anonymous7:00 PM

    FA @ 5:20
    "Today she said he was put on her chest. and continues tripping on her tongue; Trag....Trig

    At the Rainbow Omega speech she said she could tell he was different from the other kids; he wasn't screaming and hollering, and red faced. He just sort of melted into her arms, LOOKED at her.......this preemie down syndrome baby was able to look into this monster's eyes within minutes of his birth!"

    So, this is just more examples of her making up stuff that just doesn't happen in "real life"; only in a faked pregnancy and delivery.

    Raise your hand if you had a high risk preemie baby who was immediately placed on your stomach/chest after delivery vs. being whisked off to be sure all was ok?

    Even my full term cord compression baby DID NOT land on my stomach after she was born! She was taken right away for vitals, clean up and to be sure all was well. THEN, I finally got to see her when she was verified as being ok.

    Saraliar Quittergrifter is my new name for her.

  32. Anonymous7:05 PM

    NO ONE seems to believe. IF the proof in SO compelling, send it on to someone at HuffPo, or the Daily Beast, or the NYT or SOMEBODY that can and WILL get it into the main stream discussion.

    Unless PROOF can be out into the daily noise of the news cycle, the only truth is the truth SHE MAKES UP! Real truth be damned.

  33. Anonymous7:20 PM

    WHAT information? WHAT new facts?! Did I miss something?

  34. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Forgot to add with the last post. It looks like the photo with SP and Mercedes was taken before the one with Levi because of the items on the counter with the Levi photo. The angle is different but I think you can say the cake was not on the counter with the SP photo. I think it shows again it was a surprise cake for Levi. He hadn't yet arrived when that photo was taken with SP. Is he wearing 2 t-shirts?

  35. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Trig resembles Levi but he also resembles Levi's best friend, the one that Bristol is now shacking up with. It is no secret that Bristol partied and did the nasty with other boys. It was off and on with Levi. Did Sadie say off and on for three years?

    I never did think Sadie and the mother were in the inner circle, they may have heard hearsay from Levi. The questions I would have liked them to answer are more about the lifestyle, the party scene at the time and the so-called friends that turned on them. I lost track of how many times Sadie couldn't believe someone betrayed them. It is strange to me that they would not say who turned Sherry into the law.

    I don't know how many people are in the small group of friends that are significant to Bristol and Levi. They may not have seen Sarah or Bristol during gestation. It seems we are talking about a small number of people. It is possible that the same friends that turned in Sherry were close to the Palins and know more than anyone has said. I think they could be important players, we know they are when it comes to the drug business. They could be close enough to the Palins to know more. Where I live no one protects a snitch. It is a red flag when a snitch is not named.

    I can see why Sarah wanted Sherry to be under her control. It will take years before the corrupt Alaska authorities will free her. I think she is tight with the Wasilla life and she may never want to tell on the friends that got her busted.

  36. Anonymous7:50 PM

    According to Sarah's birth story, it certainly looks like unborn child endangerment. Her accounts sound like an unlikely fish story, a teen-girl story about how wild and crazy she was and it all unfazed her like water off a duck's back; the motivation being showing off her tough tenacious pioneering spirit.

    Would it that she could have written a romance novel on the birth account. Sarah on the front cover with "Have you seen Todd?-Todd" with rippling muscles holding her in his arms, leaning over her. A romantic account of the child of their loins being thrust into the world by the skin of their teeth. Ignoring and bypassing specialized hospitals because the ruggishly handsome leading man couldn't accept his child being a fish picker from Texas.

  37. Anonymous7:51 PM

    In an ideal world journalists and authorities would always do a primo job. Instead we have people like Bernie Madoff who can go on year after year doing crime. Proof and proving is not always quick or easy.

  38. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Personally, I keep hoping the rumors that she faked are true just because I could accept faking a pregnancy to protect someone, and I just cannot accept getting on a plane while leaking amniotic fluid and having contractions. And if someone makes the comment, "Well, it all turned out okay.", just ask them if it's okay if someone went out drinking last weekend and drove himself home afterwards. Sure, he weaved a bit on the road, but he didn't hit anything, so it must have been totally ok that he was DUI. It's not the end result, it's the stupidity and recklessness behind the action.

  39. Once again, her voice goes into that ultra-high falsetto when she's just makin' stuff up as she goes along.

  40. Anonymous8:11 PM

    The MSM reporters are watching this story, and are waiting for her to declare as a candidate. Don't doubt that for a minute. Until then, keep doing what you do. You will have help or they will be contacting you upon her announcement.

  41. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Fred M. Orr's post is so true, especially about the media.

  42. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck8:20 PM

    my money is on "she faked it".....and it seems to pay well for her.

  43. Enjay in E MT8:24 PM

    Where to start ---

    It comes down to what we can accept as "truth" which is difficult considering the former half term gov's propensity for storytelling.

    Is it POSSIBLE - considering her age, she believed it was just menopause? Didn't realize she was 5 or 6 months pregnant? When the ultra sound was done and a "thick neck" was visible - that it was too late to consider options?

  44. Anonymous8:30 PM

    6:59 PM You certainly are right about preemie, high risk babies not being placed on mother. Add to that, an infant who had just been on a wild ride of thousands of miles, and bypass hospitals equipped for such a delivery. Makes ya wonder what she was trying to do to him, even if true. Wouldn't Mercede have only been 16 or 17 when this fraud was going on? Can anyone really think she would know what happened. Someone got to her.

  45. Anonymous8:41 PM

    @8:24 PM

    I think her most recent version says she knew Downs Syndrome at 12 weeks.

  46. Anonymous8:41 PM

    A little logic:
    Reasons to believe Trig is Sarah's biological child- she says so.
    Reasons to believe he is not-photographs, Wild Ride story, no birth
    certificate, hospital records show no Palin birth April 18, 2008, no Dr.
    Claiming to have been at the birth, no others verifying the birth.
    Seems pretty clear to me. Oh, and Sarah has been known to lie
    also, too.

  47. honestyinGov8:46 PM

    Gryphen, Can you possibly do an 'Update ' and post exactly what she said at the 28:00 mark..? What did she say... maybe a small transcript to the story.
    If you use dial-up ( like myself ) to play a 28 minute clip.... I'll be waiting hours ( even 5 minute clips are bad )for the buffering and download. I'm curious what she said.... But..?.. a 28 minute clip.. NO way. And none of the comments posted explain what she said either.

  48. Anonymous8:46 PM

    It does seem that the wild ride was unborn child endangerment. She was leaking fluids, she was either trying to kill TriG or lying. Well there is a third possibility, that she is just fucking nuts!
    Gryphon take her down now!

  49. honestyinGov, she simply refers to the time she was pregnant as "weeks" before correcting it and saying "months". It is a small thing but it simply reminds us that she is always fudging the dates and details of Trig's birth and her supposed pregnancy.

  50. Forever Anonymous9:19 PM

    Sarah did not deceived the public trust in order to cover for her daughter's teenage, unmarried pregnancy.

    That makes her hoax to be of a sinister nature.

    The story should get more attention, not less.

    She has no excuse, but to explain how she got Trig.

    Those who have some info that didn't fit with Bristol being a baby's mom are more credible now.

  51. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Sarah and Bristol and their baby making machine world are two cons doing a number on everyone. Dr. Drew will give them the MTV crowd. 10 to 12 year olds?
    "this morning on his L.A. radio show on KROQ, Dr. Drew said "Bristol does NOT believe in abstinence only. That is ridiculous!"
    That man should be stopped. They are both corporate hacks confusing things for the preteens they are claiming to care for. Bristol Palin is a blur, what on earth does she think or believe. She bounces all over.
    She does not clarify, she is just taking acting lessons to improve her scams and make more money. Dr. Drew is as shameful to promote false propaganda, lies to impressionable youth. Sick and twisted narcissists.

  52. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Sorry, Gryphen, I just made a long very informative post and lost it! I try to use my Google account with my name, but for some reason it gives me a problem!

    Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Trust me, Sarah and her palinbots will be happy about this!


  53. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Track + Bristol = Trig Just a thought. Wasilla anything is possible.

  54. Anonymous9:39 PM

    "If we have already determined what the truth looks like how will we recognize it if it turns up wearing a different face?"

    Haven't you already declared your truth, on various occasions? That you know that Palin isn't Trig's mom? That there are three different Trigs. That Bristol Palin may have given birth to two children in less than a year. That the Palins are splitsville.

    Are these the faces of the truth you have in mind?

  55. Anonymous10:01 PM

    We have to pick up where PD left off, collecting facts and putting them into a timeline. I agree with the other posters. They only put the baby on the mother's chest on TV shows or in the movies. I was awake when both of my kids were born. The nurses were busy sucking mucus and gunk from the baby's nostrils, mouth and throat in order to provide a clear passage for breathing. One child was full term, the other was four weeks early, same procedure. When baby was all cleaned up, finger printed, foot printed, had plastic ID's attached, then the baby was wrapped in a blanket and laid next to me so I could see her.

    Let's look at some of the other strange statements about Trig. Someone (Sarah or Bristol)recently said that he was 28 months old, adding a few additional months to what should be his real age. That makes sense because one of the PD theories was that Trig was born earlier than April 18, 2008.

    That matches up with Sarah's latest slip, the part about being pregnant for only a few weeks. We know that Bristol was AWOL with mono, out of circulation and out of sight. Let's just say that she did have a baby in late January, months premature. That baby would be touch and go. Use Floyd Orr's theory of FAS. That would go hand in hand with premature birth and facial deformities. He might have look DS at birth. When they realized that little baby would make it after all, Sarah had to go into her dance of the seven veils, I mean scarves. This was the baby that Sarah begged to adopt and pass off as her own.

  56. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Something is weird about her medical past. I am not sure what it is. Why else wouldn't she have let folks look at her medical history they way they have for every presidential and vice presidential candidate in recent history. What does she have to hide?

  57. Anonymous10:39 PM

    I'll say it once more....Susan B. Anthony must be rolling over in her grave. How in the hell did this agenda use her name? She was an advocate of women's rights and civil right and I'm pretty sure she would not have approved of Sister Sarah speaking on a podium with her name printed on the background. Especially the crap she spoke of. Sarah has no right associating herself with Susan B. Anthony at all!

  58. sallyngarland, tx10:42 PM

    Her lie has become her "truth".--

  59. Sarah Pay-Me will keep the TriG-shister gig going as long as she can and now she has the help of her sinful extended family who are raking in the bucks along with her. What started as a family and political lie to save face as a new Governor has turned into the Palin family career. They all benefit finacially from this fraud.
    Poor TriG, he has no momma. What is it-Auntie in Anchorage is now raising him and hiding him away from humanity while "mom" is tracking across the country? What a obscene joke on real working moms who contribute financially while they are daily involved in raising their kids.

    Palin did not birth TriG. Truth WILL spill out, maybe not gush, baby, gush as we had hoped. But sooner or later, this will be outed as the scandal of the century. I only hope McGinnis and Dunne are doing their investigative jobs well.
    All I know is,she is a lying pig. Photo trail still exists and tell the tale. Now if those with the missing evidence links will grow some balls and have the integrity to tell the truth.

  60. I'm so glad to read this post! I couldn't agree with you more about Trig being the secret to Palin's 'mystical image'. I'm ecstatic that you're going forward without a preferred Trig donor or motives for the Palins apparent custody of Trig. It makes me crazy when folks limit the possibilities and/or come to a definitive conclusion when there is no definitive proof.

    David Weigle was in-house for Palin's NRA performance and confirmed the power Sarah has with the Trig story. On Friday's Countdown, He told Keith that Palin trips over political topics but had an eloquence on her pro-life topics and "People sort of freeze when they hear her bring it up in those terms.”

    In his Washington Post blog, he said about Trig, "It's an issue she's discussed with other anti-abortion rights groups, and in her memoir "Going Rogue," but the audience was spellbound as she told the story again.
    SBA List's Marjorie Dannenfelser happily reminded the crowd that "the biggest applause was for Trig."

    Thanks for pointing out the 'week-month' slip. And it did sound and look like a slip up rather than a would-be bizarre restatement.

    Gryphen - You're a hero -- fighting the good fight!

  61. Forever Anonymous12:06 AM

    honestyinGov. @ 8;46

    Look how her delivery changes as she approaches the moment God is kind of telling her something:

    "...I believe one of the whisper in my ear during...after that ultrasound and and the weeks..uhm..of..the pregnancy, the months of the pregnancy was God kind of whispering..."

    -I stopped watching this video on other site because she appear normal, calm and on topic for the audience. The portion Gryphen points out shows her rambling and tripping.

    26:54 "..and if motherhood isn't an option, raising that that child that you allowed life, well then, adoption is a beautiful choice and we need to pursue more opportunity on that arena (applause)so, even in less than ideal circumstances are this pro life groups are empowering women, letting them understand that yeah, there is going to be some help and some support and resources out there for you in order to give your child life...

    ...and I understand those challenges in less than ideal circumstances...I've been there, I never order up, planned on being the mom of a son with special needs, you know I thought oops, you know God would never give me something that I can handle.

    when I found out at about 12 weeks along an ultrasound that that my baby would be born with down syndrome I thought immediately Ok God remember you promised that you would never give us anything that we can't handle?

    I I don't think I can handle this, this wasn't my life plan I had no idea, how i was going a handle the situation (smacks her lips), in uhm, raising a special needs child that as a very busy governor busy with four other children, a husband away quiet often commercial fishing and up in the north slop in the oil field working there, and just you know the circumstances not and I not knowing if my heart was ready, not knowing I was patient and nurturing enough.

    My sister has a child with autism and we've always said God knew what he was doing
    the autistic child would be for Heather, my sister Heather because she is the more nurturing one

    She'll be able to handle this, but when Trig was born then(smacks lips) ummh, I I understood then that no, God knows what he is doing..and and..what seemed like what would be such a challenge has turn into our greatest blessing

    ...I believe one of the whisper in my ear during...after that ultrasound and and the weeks..uhm..of..the pregnancy, the months of the pregnancy was God kind of whispering in my ears saying are you going to trust me? and ummh, are you going to ,eh, walk the walk or talk the talk?

    and so he preparing my heart, though I didn't know the preparation was even uhm b being done in our family and in my heart, but the minute that Tra..that Trig was born and they laid him on my arms..he just melted right on into my chest, looks up at me and and it was just like he saying..see, God knows what he is doing

    and and this is going to be good and mom he gave me to you and he gave you to me. this is going to be going to be a wonderful journey

    and Trig really got so overwhelming us with with joy and the recognition of his perfection, Trig's perfection has been nothing but blessing and I.."

  62. I don't think this speech proves anything in regards to her alleged pregnancy, however it does show, again, what a terrible public speaker she is! She rambles on from one topic to another without any coherent thought expressed.

    When it comes to her pregnancy, there were two or three things that did it for me and for the women here who have been pregnant, they will know what I'm talking about. The week before she announced her pregnancy, she was interviewed with Janet Napolitano during a governor's conference. Sarah was sitting there with her legs crossed at the thigh and leaning forward...where did the baby go in this position? That position is impossible for a woman at six months of pregnancy and even much sooner.

    Her interview that starts at the Governor's mansion where she walks briskly over icy and slushy sidewalks in high heeled boots is another farce, especially when you see her run up the steps without holding onto a railing. For those men who are thinking of a young wife, in her twenties or early thirties who are still incredibly limber and able to do quite a bit while pregnant, that may be so. However, with each pregnancy, a woman beings to show sooner and the uterus expands much more quickly. I was 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and couldn't zipper up a favorite pair of pants, let alone button them and I had yet to gain any weight. It was the uterus beginning to expand, along with the pelvis. The whole "Tight abs" bit is pure bullshit. It's also another good video to watch with Elan Frank, on Youtube. When you hear $arah explaining her tight abs her voice screeches even higher as she talks about how she hid it from everyone without even trying. It's such a blatant lie and she's so proud of herself thinking that she got away with it.

    Her "wild ride" wa a dead giveaway, especially when the flight attendants who gave their name, said she was not noticeably pregnant. We saw the Gusty photo from supposedly 3 days earlier, did the baby disappear again? She would have needed seat belt extenders and several trips to the ladies room if she had been pregnant. There's also the question as to why if she was in labor did she not have an ambulance waiting for her at the gate? It would have been expected under the circumstances and $arah is not one who was known to not take advantage of the perks of being Governor, except when it would have protected the life of her unborn child? Shaking my head as to why these questions have not been grouped together and asked. Also, where are all the people who would have come in contact with her due to her pregnancy? Why are they not coming forward, at least anonymously to vouch for her? But what do we get? Crickets!

    If she decides to chance a run in 2012, the truth will come out because the media won't let it go at that time. In 2008, she wasn't a real threat, now she's a threat to the future of this country, that can change a lot of minds.

  63. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Bingo! You are correct! She really flubbed up! She thinks because she hasn't been exposed yet, that it will not happen. Wonder how these people will feel after paying her thousands of dollars to speak and find out SHE had LIED about giving birth to that DS baby Trig.

  64. correction: Dave Weigle was at the Susan B Anthony performance not the NRA.

  65. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Does Sarah drink any alcohol,in private? Is she known to drink? Were there any beverages on receipts that were presented to the state for reimbursement during the "fake pregnancy"????

    I heard that she is a wino in private, so on any travels while GOV, did she submit receipts? Or did anyone wait on her where she ordered a glass of wine?

    Sarah Palin did not give birth to that baby, sue me Sarah, if I'm a liar.

  66. Anonymous12:45 AM

    The empty vessel forgot who was footing the bill at the 26:36 mark.

  67. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Sarah is going to undo herself. You can see and hear her beginning to unravel already. I still say someone who loves her (someone does, right?) should get her some real help now before the stress overwhelms her.

    I do not think she can maintain the stress of a campaign because she will not be able to control things as tightly as she does now.

    Even another book tour may push her one step too far.

    Get her some help. I say that as a person who doesn't even like her, respect her or believe in her in any way, shape or fashion - but she is a human being who obviously needs medical help.

  68. Anonymous3:44 AM

    The pictorial evidence is quite striking. In one month, does a petite woman on her 7th pregnancy go from an entirely flat belly in a pencil skirt (ADN picture w/ Sean Parnell from March 14) to the April 13 Gusty photo?

  69. Lidia3:59 AM

    Anonymous at 7:57:

    >>I could accept faking a pregnancy to protect someone [over a real Wild Ride]<<

    Yeah, well the thing is that apparently NEITHER of those situations is the truth.

    Think about Sarah. When has she ever, ever, ever, ever done anything selfless for her kids? She can't dress them properly, she doesn't seem to ever have cooked for them, she doesn't worry about whether they go to school or not, nor whether they are off doing drugs, drinking and having sex. Trig has been outsourced to her sister or, even more likely, an institution.

    So whenever I hear that Sarah faked the Trig pregnancy to "protect" someone, I just can't buy it. She doesn't have one altruistic bone in her body, and we see how quickly she threw Bristol under the bus during the campaign, ran her over, and threw it into reverse.

    In fact, that's my main sticking point with the theory that DS Trig is Bristol's. Sarah's involvement would not be nearly nefarious enough; it would be out of character. Now Ruffles (the child with the deformed ear first presented as Trig) I can believe to be Bristol's child. Who knows what happened to poor Ruffles!?!

  70. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Has this suspicious death which occurred shortly after Trig popped out, been ruled out as having anything to do with Sarah or Bristol?

    Like deaths by plane crash and death by suicide, death by drug overdose is relatively easy to accomplish.

    Graham, Tyree* - Wasilla resident Tyree Sean Graham, 18, died May 29, 2008, in Annville, Pa. A service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Family ...
    Published in the from 6/5/2008 - 6/7/2008

  71. Anonymous4:17 AM

    I'm sorry, I can't stand to watch it. She sure looks old in this video. What is going to happen when her looks really go?

  72. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Has anyone kept track of what Sarah's said in previous speeches about the pregnancy and timeline of ultrasound, amnio, telling Todd, etc?
    That might be a source of additional discrepancies. I think she gave a speech in WI and discussed some of these points.

    Also, besides the wild ride that doesn't make sense, especially with the eye witnesses from the airlines, there is no way a 1 month early DS baby would be going to the office 3 days later. I'm sure she wasn't doting on him at the office, probably dumped him in a corner and went back to work. Any evidence of breast feeding during that time? That info would help add more info.

  73. Theories arent required for this baby thing. keep it simple.

    There is NO way she strapped herself into 2 airplane seats for long periods of time looking like she did in the Gusty pic. NO WAY. Didnt happen. Focus on the pics and her own words, as they are the best evidence of her accelerated pregnancy. You have a pic of a VERY slim $sarah in March, the pillow in tummy pic a short time later then the Gusty pic. Focus on the evidence, dont speculate and make someone disprove the pictures that scared 2 websites to stop dissecting them. Its right in front of anyone who cares to look.

  74. Anonymous5:05 AM

    What's that line from Oliver Stone's movie JFK?
    (Which is actually a quote from Winston Churchill)

    "It's a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma"

    That's what this is. Perhaps Sarah WAS pregnant at some time, with the seed of a lover. She never said anything,Todd and she both know it couldn't be Todd's kid. Maybe she was showing alittle bit. But perhaps she aborted or miscarried it in the second trimester, as she had twice with previous pregnancies. Perhaps there is a FAS baby somewhere that is Bristol's. Perhaps someone got wind of an abortion of Sarah's when it became clear she was gonna get the nomination. Then the whole adopting a DS baby hoax started.

    All I know is there was no pregnancy in March or April. Sarah did not give birth in April. The wild ride is insulting to every US citizens intelligence.

    The rest is unknown. A mystery, wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.

    Also, too, those of us who follow this so closely DO have a skewed view. Palin really is not that important to most citizens. When I speak with the really smart doctors and nurses I work with, they all think Palin is a stupid blip on our screen, most know there is something wonky with the birth story, but most don't think she is any threat. Maybe they are right. Even if she gets a nomination, unless the election is rigged, there are too many smart people that will keep her from winning. There is too much info about diebold and vote fixing for such a disgrace to happen again, especially with Palin as the candidate. This country will not stand for it again.

  75. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Malia Litman has written some excellent work I recommend reading. I followed her link to the forbes article about Palin which I can summarize as every con artist studies and knows his "mark".. Palin's stories change to target her marks creating tall tales froma kernal of truth spun to her advantage, favor and or all against another person to their disadvantage.

    IMO, Plain's decision to conceal a pregnancy, lie by ommission about her fetus's health, the tale of the wild ride that is used to impress people she is "tough" mainly incurred her the consequence of what she says is suspect, not to be believed nor trusted. The same goes for Bristol now as they sell identities that shift like the wind. Palin has conned many and has loyal followers that she is the most pious, honest person in the universe just as Bernie Madoff had people conned.

    Gryph, you are correct the Palins were gearing up to sell their selves as extreme ordainary folks...Bristol's recent tour of slavin g single mother boo hoo...Palin's mother's day BS the house..wrangling six's the redneck oops knocked up tour for personal gain and wreckage..destruction to others tour.

    I recommend people read The Sociopth Next Door to grasp people like this do exist and frankly can pass self off as the "nicest" person...the red flag is when caught in their lies..they do not cease..but tell bigger lies and slander others as liars. What she claims and what she does are contradictory, a case in which actions are her truth. This is a person who has no integrity. the more she lies, spews her venom of others..notice she uses the props of bigger who would think this christian holy roller self proclaimed would smile, blink pulling off con jobs. Many humans can't reconcile diabolical people do exist. Sadly our culture comes to worship money, high earners until the mask comes off like Bernie Madoff when in due time they fall hard.

    Palin repeatedly lies about ehr lies...dismissing what she said previously, lying someone "made it up"...con after con that reinforces her fictional image she is devoutly against is what such personalities do..and are master of lying is like breathing for them. She preys of human naievety and human decency.

  76. Anonymous5:42 AM

    The evidence is clear. There is no other reason for photos and video to have disappeared on the State website and news websites during the time she claims to have been pg. NO OTHER REASON THAT SOMEONE IS HIDING SOMETHING.

    The photos we do have show no belly. Has anyone seen the wife of the new Prime Minister in England? 5 months pg, 4th child, slim and showing a big obvious bump.

    Someone will crack, she will slip, Bristol will be drunk and confess to a boyfriend, these secrets fester and cause wounds and will come out.

  77. Lidia6:04 AM

    Forever Anonymous, thanks for that transcript bit..

    >>the minute that Tra..that Trig was born and they laid him on my arms..he just melted right on into my chest, looks up at me and and it was just like he saying..see, God knows what he is doing<<

    From a statement analysis pov this is (to me) a HUGE admission that she did not birth Trig. When trying to imagine his "birth" she is forced to call up imagery of a birth she actually experienced, here the birth of her first-born Track (prob. her fave because Track CJ is most likely the son of her true flame Curtis [Menard] Jr.). She was describing her feelings about baby Track and then had to catch herself.

  78. Anonymous6:54 AM

    You didn't like my comments about substance abusers but can you put up the other comment about Levi in the dirty pants holding Trig in the SP kitchen.

    When Mercedes is holding Trig in the SP kitchen she is dressed nicely. However when Levi is holding Trig he is wearing a hat and dirty pants. There is also a birthday cake in the background (wasn't Levi born around May). I think Mercedes and mom brought the cake (and camera) to surprise Levi after work at SP house. I think he was living there, otherwise why look so casual. The reason why few SP family members were present was because it was a surprise.
    Also Mercedes made a point of decorating the photo with Levi and Trig. A 16 year old girl would do it of herself and Trig UNLESS there is a direct relationship between Levi and Trig.

  79. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Lidia @3:59, I think of it as more Sarah protecting Sarah's reputation as a pro-abstinence, anti-choice, 'family values' candidate moreso than her trying to protect a daughter (or whomever's) honor. If she faked this pregnancy, there was no altruism involved.

    You're absolutely right that Sarah is solely about Sarah, so everything she does is about protecting this mythological image she puts out -- a pregnant daughter would be far too detrimental to her climb to the top

  80. Anonymous7:09 AM

    does a zygote show a thick neck at 12 weeks gestation? Her fairy tales are so convoluted.

    Piper was her last child and her favorite. They sleep in the same bed FDS. That is not normal!

    I agree with the above poster - when describing Trig's birth, she was actually remembering Track's. And the other freudian slip was the weeks of pregnancy and she doesn't mean 32...LOL

    I wish people would ignore her. I wish the media would ignore her, but it's not going to happen. So WE have to keep on keeping on to bring out the truth. GOD asked me to do this to protect his name! hehehe

  81. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I believe the pictures of Ruffles, but whatever the story behind him is probably not as deep as we've presumed. The theory that he had FAS and Sarah worried that people would know so he was switched doesn't add up. If Sarah concocted such a lame pregnancy story and didn't worry about the details adding up, I doubt she'd think or worry enough about people questioning a FAS baby.

    Also when she claims Todd was on the slopes when she got the Downs diagnosis and couldn't tell him in person for 3 weeks seems bizarre. If you've been together for 20+ years why couldn't they discuss it over the phone? And why were she & Bristol in NY together for a long weekend, hatching a plot? looking for an abortion doctor for one of them? Buying a baby?

    From the picture of Willow or whoever holding the blue eyed baby on the plane, can anyone figure where they were flying to or from?

  82. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I'm glad that this topic is still generating comments. I liked the quote from the Washington Post reporter who said that the audience really responded to Sarah's stories about Trig. That is great news for us.

    As we know from "Game Change," Sarah could not/would not prepare for her debate with Joe Biden. She is incapable of preparation, even for her current $100,000. speeches. Evidence is that after months of giving speeches, she still does a poor job of reading from notes. Her delivery is awful, except for the stuff about Trig.

    There, Sarah clearly loves the attention that God's gift has created for her. She doesn't even need to drag him around as a prop; now he can just be her verbal prop. Mentioning Trig is like waving the flag, and giving a shout-out to the troops.

    Sarah has never rehearsed anything, and has a poor memory. Now, she is even more encouraged to add details to milk the story. That's the good news for us. She's not careful. She says "weeks" instead of "months." She says "Tra..." instead of "Trig." A while ago, Trig's age was 28 months. With a mid-April birthday, he really is 25 months now; now we know that he was born much earlier. We also learned that she knew about DS as early as 12 weeks, when amnio is usually done later. I hope that Sarah keeps talking and talking and talking. Every speech reveals a little bit more of the truth. It's human nature when one is constantly repressing a secret to let it come out.

  83. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Also, too, another ahha moment:
    Sarah states that when Tri-g was born he was placed in her arms and he melted into her......wooop wooop wooooop BULLSHIT ALERT going off!!
    A premie Tri-g would be wisked from her perineum and handed to a group of medical professionals who would do thorough assessments of this child. If Tri-g was stable, it could still be SEVERAL HOURS before she could hold him and he could melt into her arms and she'd have time to muse over god knowing what he was doing. If she got to see him or hold him after he was born it was for SECONDS and there'd be no time for musing.

  84. Anonymous8:19 AM

    In every speech SP has retold the Trig story, never did she display any emotion. Having attended many women's groups and women's church functions myself, (with very personal testimony given by women on such a topic, or similar topics where it involved their children, families), they were never able to tell their story without real genuine sincere tears, which would move the audience.

    Interesting how Sarah tells and retells the Trig birth story, about them placing him in her arms, the God whispering, without a sniffle or tear. She's either very cold unfeeling mother, or it's a fabrication of the century.

    That being said, yes, in this latest clip above, she does lower her head and maybe tries to some look like she's hiding back tears, but to me, it's a poor attempt, because her demeanor doesn't ever change, her voice and demeanor are business-like.

  85. Anonymous8:43 AM

    7:11 ~ I am not sure why you are saying the FAS theory doesn't add up.
    I see Sarah as living in the moment with workers who take care of things for her. For some reason the blue-eyed FAS baby wasn't going to work out. They go to another plan.

    Sarah is a barking shrill hard core dominatrix. She also adheres to a public script that paints her as a mama bear and all that. The FAS baby could have been a no go for reasons unknown. The "baby" known as Trig did change, I see at least two. One that looks like Johnny Chandler. Another that looks like best friends Ben Barber or Levi Johnston. That may all be coincidence and the two babies come from someplace else. A child conceived by a teen or teens under the influence is still possible, the babies could be random from parents connected to a shady church adoption mill or Dr. Cathy's house of children.

    I wish the authorities would get over the Sarah Palin myths and find out what happens to the missing children.

  86. So Gryphen, all these times that you've spoken to Sadie and Sherry Johnston. Did you ever ask about Mercedes myspace '08 enties where she describes Triggerbear as her new baby brother, the most adorable man ever?

    How about that strange pose for a woman who supposedly just gave birth- bent at the waist! Who took those family pictures? Hmmm, why, it was Sherry J. All one big happy family. Family LOVE. Once upon a time they knew exactly what's going on. They deserve cashola for what they know. Gryphen, did you offer them any cash or you expected them to tell all to a local blogger for nothin? Just askin..

  87. "It's a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma"
    Wow!! If this doesn't say it all concerning this fraud!!

    I like it, I may use it often!

  88. Anonymous8:56 AM

    After reading all of the comments in this thread, this is my theory:

    Bristol was rumored to be pregnant. She stayed out of school for 5 months because she was supposed to have mono. Meanwhile, she was living with an aunt in Anchorage.

    Bristol and Levi had a party life style involving drinking and/or drugs. They were careless, and Bristol got pregnant. (They could have been trying, as Mercede suggested, or it could have been an accident. Saying that they were planning to have a child is nice for Tripp to hear later on so he doesn't think that he was unwanted or an accident.)

    A baby is born to Bristol. The baby is premature, and he has facial distortions and a ruffled ear. (These physical traits can be associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). They may have been mistaken for DS at first. If the baby was very premature, it would have been touch and go for a month or two. When it was clear that the baby would make it, Sarah went into her act, I mean pregnancy.

    Sarah covered for Bristol, pretending to be pregnant. She even said, according to Levi, that she wanted to adopt their baby and claim him as her own. When another doctor did some genetic testing, it was discovered to be FAS instead of DS. But, Sarah could not be associated with alcohol abuse. DS had already been announced, and the religious right was impressed with the news. A baby with DS replaced Ruffles.

    When Mercede told Gryphen that Bristol did not give birth to the boy who is now Trig, that would be true. Bristol may given birth to Ruffles, the baby who was the subject of those tender, Triggy Bear pictures. I cannot account for what happened to Ruffles. He could have been so sick and weak that he just cold not overcome FAS issues. He may be with a loving family or in an institution. Thanks to Gryphen, we have photographic evidence that a tiny, ruffled ear baby and a DS child with round ears both existed at one time.

    Sarah's recent Freudian slips are examples of Sarah getting careless as she adds detail and embellishment to the Trig story, looking for bigger applause. And, Freud may be right; this might be an example of the repressed truth trying to get out. It's tough to keep a secret for so long, especially when it means remembering what the story is.

    Where I live, there have been several very sensational crimes. A local columnist noted that even though there was little evidence, and little chance of finding the culprit, they would eventually be known. People cannot keep a secret. They slip up. They need to brag. They have to tell someone, even by accident. He was right. The truth does come out in the end.

  89. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Does anybody else remember - as I do - the interview Levi, Sherry, and Sadie did on Tyra Banks and she was asking him how he and Bristol went about telling Sarah Bristol was pregnant? He said something like "That time --".....


    No well in hell Levi would be talking about "that time" if there hadn't been ANOTHER, earlier time when she had also been pregnant.

  90. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Don't give up on bringing this witch down. She did not give birth to Trig. I can't wait for this grifting bitch to be exposed for the fraud she is. This has gone on way too long! I'm sickened every time I read about how much money she's making....what kind of idiots pay to listen to her? Someone would have to PAY ME to listen to her....grrrrrr

  91. Anonymous9:49 AM

    To 10:33 Anony
    I can think of some reasons why there are no medical rcords released during the campaign or since.
    abortions :number of live births and those that did not survive.
    sexual dieases
    Hepatitis, syphilis,herpes
    all would be recorded in a medical record....... good reason to keep things quiet?? or not??

  92. Here's my theory, which I posted a few months ago. Sarah hears that she is being considered for the VP pick. She panics, remembering that she had 1 or 2 abortions. She hastily adopts a DS baby: nobody who carries a DS baby to term could possibly be pro-choice, right? She gives the baby to Bristol (mother duck) and Levi to raise. They love him (Triggy-Bear), but become resentful, and deliberately get pregnant with their own child as revenge.

  93. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I think it is a huge win for the Palin mafia that they scored with NOW and the the Susan B. Anthony name. It is a major feather in their cap that they own Dr. Drew and MTV. Get them while they are young.
    Non whites are not her thing, she is definitely targeting women (of all races, Judeo-Christian), she and Bristol are the new feminist. I agree with the power of the Trig factor. Bristol's brand is just as important to move forward and build up momentum.

    Thanks to Gryphen there is hope. You are a jewel.

  94. Here's the truth:

    Sarah Palin was not pregnant in 2008 and is not the birth mother of Trig.


  95. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I want to add that Jezebel will ask you to write an article. Images help. Keep it simple. Had Mercedes or Mrs. Johnston been able to tell a story or propose questions with images, they would have been in.
    Women's issue, pregnancy and how substance abuse effects life have impact. You don't have to have name recognition.

  96. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Pregnant bellies are not square. Ever. The square pillow photos, thumping the square pillow & looking up and the camera bliiiinnkkinnnng soooo slooowlyyy while she's making up the story of being pregnant & her tight abs--that's the total giveaway. There's not a (sane)woman on the planet who would actually use a "tight ab" excuse for not showing a pregnancy.

    There's biology & then there's fantasy. Maybe in her magical mystery world where men & dinosaurs existed at the same time a woman could have a square fetus that only appears in the final month of pregnancy and then the same woman is able to use her vaginal muscles of steel to prevent the birth of the square fetus thru 12 hours of plane travel while leaking amniotic fluid-- but there's not a real woman on the planet that could do it. BECAUSE IT'S A FANTASY.

    She's a delusional, dangerous woman. There's more psychosis going on in that family than 12 million bucks will ever cover the therapy bill to cure. But frankly, I could give a rat's ass about the grown ups & adult children in that family--they've obviously completely bought in. But those little ones should be liberated from that cult. I say call DSS on that hot mess. Get some authority involved & make her explain it away. The Britney Spears of politics ought to have to explain her "parenting style." She disgusts me.

  97. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Do you all remember the anonymous comment on Gryph's blog from Scarah or one of her ghost writers saying the truth will never be discovered and if it was we would all "feel sorry for her"?
    Todd knocked up someone: NOT her...but NOTHING would make me feel sorry for the wretch.
    Unless CBJ is pulled into court or The Inquirer has enough doe to get someone to spill it, I too feel she will get away with this LIE! It is truly disgusting to think she has been put on the national stage because of it and has turned into a millionaire with this lie.
    SOMEONE PLEASE STEP UP AND SHUT THIS SHIT DOWN: FOREVER! You owe it to the people of the United States of America!

  98. Forever Anonymous - Thanks for doing the transcript. It's a killer task.

    I hope this is helpful and not just plain around 29:19, I'm pretty sure she says "that Tra-Trig"(without the extra that).

    Funny that! She thinks of Track, her first-born, in the midst of her speech about Trig, who is talked up as the best thing that ever happened to her and her family and his birth was "the happiest day of my life" and God had done wondrous things in her heart.

  99. emrysa12:18 PM

    I think the folks who claim to be giving up are plants.

    there is no way a woman who is 8 months pregnant, whose water is leaking, is going to get on a plane and fly from one end of the country to the other. there is a reason why women who are 8 months pregnant aren't supposed to fly, and it's called CABIN PRESSURE. if her water had started "leaking" she would have given birth on the plane. the story is fucking bullshit.

    other good points people have brought up - no belly in march vs huge belly 1 month later. that newsweek conference video from march - there is just no way a woman who is 7 months pregnant can cross her legs so tightly and lean forward the way she is doing. it's physically impossible. there is no baby in that belly. then there's the elan frank video from early april, which has several problems, all relating to her very small belly 2 weeks before triG is "born" and 1 week before the whale gusty photo. an especially good point is how the pics of her during those 4 months have disappeared from the state government website (even out of the pdf newsletters) - why would those pics have been removed if there was nothing to hide?

    I am looking forward to seeing the transcript of bristols testimony in the hacker trial, because if she really did say that she was shocked to see pics of her son on there, then that pretty much seals it.

    I still think trig is bristols - but for a while now I have thought that there is one way that triG could possibly be sarah's biological baby, but it was just too f-ing warped to even believe that she would do it, so I haven't really gone down that road. but throughout this year it has become crystal clear that the woman is certifiable, so I can't put it past her. there is a chance she had the baby "removed" when she was 4 months along. raised in an incubator for the first 4 months of his life. could explain why the photos of the heaths with trig in the hospital don't look like he just came out of the womb the day before. there are those 2 days in january where her governor's schedule was noted DO NOT SCHEDULE - I've wondered what that could be about, given the timing, and given that you don't see that anywhere else on her schedule. I think this scenario is a possibility, but I still think the bristol scenario is more likely.

    what is absolutely NOT a possibility tho, is that sarah palin birthed triG on april 18, 2008.

  100. femininity and motherhood12:27 PM

    Earlier generations of women politicians (Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, up to a point even Hillary Clinton) were what is usually referred to as "phallic" women: they acted as "iron ladies" who imitated and tried to outdo male authority, to be "more men than men themselves." ...Jacques-Alain Miller pointed out how Sarah Palin, on the contrary, proudly displays her femininity and motherhood. She has a "castrating" effect on her male opponents not by way of being more manly than them, but by using the ultimate feminine weapon, the sarcastic put-down of male authority — she knows that male "phallic" authority is a posture, a semblance to be exploited and mocked.....Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek has a new book, End Times, out later this month which analyzes the end of the world as we know it. And, quite appropriately, there's a section on Sarah Palin.

  101. It's occurred to me that perhaps we need to beat Sarah at her own game. She keeps bringing up her the tale of how she found out that Trig had Down Syndrome and how she chose life, and thought for a brief moment how she could quietly have an abortion because no one would know. What if we start calling her out on the obvious strange stories surrounding this child. What if we highlighted how she didn't gain any weight during the pregnancy and kept business as usual. Show those pictures where she does not look pregnant, but instead present them as proof that she did not want this child. Highlight how she didn't tell anyone, not even her mother or children she was having a baby. Shine that big bright spotlight on the wild ride, and show what risk she put her beloved little prop in. We all have concerns and theories that she did not give birth to Trig. Some people and the MSM find this very hard to swallow. BUT, I bet they would love to write about why Mrs. Palin, Right to Life advocate, tried to give herself a fundie abortion! Really push this angle, and the adoring Right To Life crowds may start to question her sincerity. In the mean time, still try to uncover who really is Trigs birth parents.

  102. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Gryphen: I am curious, has she ever spoken in detail about the wild ride other than when she was first interviewed just following the birth? I know, when it suited her in speeches, she has mentioned the Texas speech/supposedly rushing to get back to Alaska story but only in a sentence or two.

  103. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I just don't give a tinker's damn about any of this any more. I'm sick of conspiracy theories that cannot be proven, I'm sick of MSM that WILL not be true journalists and DIG, I'm sick of Levi's family that knows one HELL of a lot but remains "durrr" in interviews.

    As I've said before, sh*t or get off the pot, ANYONE. She is evil incarnate, the whole damn political system is....$$ buys silence. I NEVER want to hear a "State Of The Union" address out of that bitch.

  104. Anonymous3:52 PM


    I have a theory that fits all of the facts, plus the reasons why SP would have faked a pregnancy. Track is the father and an unnamed underage girl is the mom. It explains why Track was shipped to MI, why he was forced to join the army, why he is being kept at arms length from the family, why SP would pretend to birth the child instead of letting it go through the traditional adoption process and the truth of his parenthood coming out it the process from the girl's family, and why the mother and her parents would also have an interest in keeping it quiet.

    Look at what SP would have to lose--what Track did was not only immoral, it was criminal, and she and Todd actively covered it up (just like with the school bus incident and Willow's break-in), Also it would invalidate her patriotic explanation for why Track joined the military. SP loves the fact that everyone has been focusing on Bristol, it's why she hasn't raised too much of a fuss, because she knows we were all on the wrong track. I am 100% sure this is the answer. On my hunch I did a quick internet search for "Track" and "statutory rape" and found:

    “Did Track Palin commit statutory rape? Its impossilbe to say yes because if he did he was a minor and not charged as an adult so his name would be protected. a lot of locals seem to think he did but being hockey stick on boy statutory rape it isn't regarded as seriously by law but it landed him a stint in the military to get him out of town.”

    From 09-10-2008:
    "This supposedly rape happened around Aug of last year. The school bus incident happen in 2005 and he was arrested and charges were filed. Can't remember if the charges were dropped. But then the alleged statutory rape charges were made so some type of plea deal was arranged where he signed up for the army on 9/11/07. Now what they were saying in Alaska is that because he joined on such a significant date 9/11/07 the charges were either lessened or dropped. I can't remember all the details, but people in Alaska were talking about Track's involvement with a number of things."

    “Well track did Move away to Michigan for his senior year... so something was wrong. I believe I read that she sent him away to play hockey- right then, I knew things were off. Who sends their kid thousands of miles away while they are in high school to play some damn hockey?? Not like his ass was going off to college & trying to win a Heisman or something, but to play hockey.”

    "That’s what I was thinking - Track is Trig’s father. Something odd going on here - Palin trouped out the entire family on camera, but passed up the opportunity to parade out Track in uniform? He spent 2006 playing hockey at a Michigan High School known as a” hotbed for exposure to scouts for college hockey teams”, but shortly decided after returning to Alaska to skip college & join the army, not to be heard from since? They’re hushing up something.”

  105. Anonymous4:53 PM

    emrysa said... I think the folks who claim to be giving up are plants.

    For the most part I echo that. Frustrations are high and there are times I swear off. It doesn't last.

    I am thankful for Gryphen's perseverance. This nut will crack and the legal system will get involved. They take years to process solid cases. The DoJ is full of obfuscation. High crimes and misdemeanors. McCain has contacts that can do most anything. Not everyone in the DoJ likes the dirty tricks but you are wiped out if a whistle blower. Journalists are rewarded hacks owned by corporations. Human beings can create earthquakes and tornadoes of motion when they aren't going to take it anymore. That is what Palin is set up to do with her rhetoric and pathetic delivery. Rile those who are listening to her or dumb enough to read her ghost writers.
    There will be a backlash.
    The McCain/Palin twisted web won't survive.

    Sarah Palin’s political portfolio for the midterm election is beginning to take shape, and the races that interest her appear to share a similar trait—for the most part, they involve a woman on one side of the ballot or the other.

  106. Keith and Track?5:06 PM

    “Did Track Palin commit statutory rape? Its impossible to say yes because if he did he was a minor and not charged as an adult so his name would be protected. a lot of locals seem to think he did but being hockey stick on boy statutory rape it isn't regarded as seriously by law but it landed him a stint in the military to get him out of town.”

    Did Keith Johnston mentor Track Palin at an ice rink in the Valley through a boys youth organization?
    Does anyone remember? Can anyone say?

  107. Anonymous5:30 PM

    @anon 8:19, you remind me of something that happened when my first child was born. I was awake. alert and aware of what was happening. Later, the doctor stopped in my hospital room to see how I was doing. I thanked him for such a beautiful child.

    He was deeply modest, and claimed that he was just the delivery man (like the mail carrier). He took no credit for the beautiful baby. Then he said something even more beautiful. He asked if I noticed that right before he delivered the baby, he stopped for a moment. I had noticed it. He explained that he always gave a prayer of thanks to God for entrusting him with such an important job, and he was truly grateful to be delivering a beautiful, healthy baby. He said it did this before every birth, giving a prayer of thanks.

    I was deeply touched. When I tried to repeat the story to others, I found my eyes welling up with tears. I was blessed to have such a deeply caring doctor. I knew that he had lost a child, and at the time, his partner was dying from cancer. Yet, he stopped to thank God for allowing him to deliver a healthy child. I am still emotional when I think of that beautiful person.

    So, anon 8:19, you are absolutely right. There is no such emotion when Sarah tells her Trig stories. I have never seen her chock up at the thought of the brave men and women who did not come back with Track, or those who came back but will bear their wounds for a lifetime. I have never seen her display any deep emotion, other than the snarling hatred that she musters up for her political and personal enemies in each speech. I'm sorry; Sarah did cry once and show real emotion. It was the night that John McCain did not allow her to give a concession speech when they lost. It is hard to tell if it was the loss that Sarah didn't expect or the disappointment at not giving a speech (that the VP candidate never gives).

  108. I remember the Sarah's emails where her insurance company was asking her (or Todd) to send them Trig's birth certificate.

    Gryphen, can you tell us how the medical insurance for Alaska's Governor would work? Do Alaskan's pay for it with their taxes? Does anyone know which insurance company they use?

    We know Sarah did put Trig on their insurance, or they would not have asked for his birth certificate. Also, anytime Sarah can get a free ride, we know she is going to take it.

    Has a baby had plastic surgery done on his ears? What if pictures can be submitted that show 'Trig's' ear is perfectly normal? What if any surgeries are being done on two different babies that are being listed under one child? One may have had a cardiac condition, while another has severe ear deformities. They wind up paying for both, thinking it is for one child. This could result in paying out many thousands of dollars that would clearly be insurance fraud.

    If Alaskan taxpayers have been helping foot the bill, it seems like they would have the rights to be able to ask the insurance company about this, show them photos, and have them look into it.

    My sister always said, "Follow the money."

  109. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Anon 3:52 - your theory makes a lot of sense.

    Sharon TN

  110. There are too many holes and red flags to believe the Johnston's comments. They also might be waiting for a huge payoff to keep their mouths shut and they know how much money the liar is making right now (nauseating btw). Let's review: Red Flag number one: Bristol missed MONTHS of school the SAME EXACT time as Sarah's last months of pregnancy. 2. When the rumors were flying in Alaska - she never produced Bristol to fightthem off - just hid her at her sister's house. 3. the wild birth story itself has numerous, unbelievable accounts that those of us that have children know could not have happened the way she described 4. Sarah does not look like a woman who just had a baby in ANY of the newborn photos. 5. Bristol however has a fatter face in the September photos and has HUGE boobs and belly on stage 6. She refuses to produce a birth certificate 7. Dr who "delivered" has not spoken about this and seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. 8. Sarah does not look pregnant in many of the photos taken of her from Dec - April. When she does finally look pregnant in a video - she pats her belly and it sound completely hard - not like the sound of a real belly (trust me - I know the difference) 9. She didn't tell anyone in her office shewas pregnant until 7 months - BS - and I don't care about her reasoning - even if she was hiding it - people who would have worked with her on a daily basis would have KNOWN SHE WAS PREGNANT. I don't care how fit you are - you are not that fit. I saw her pregnancy photos from other children. She was HUGE. 10. The weird facebook captions where Mercedes called Trig her baby bro... 11. no birth record at MAt-Su hospital. 12. Pictures being removed from the Governor's website - what were they trying to hise 13. Sarah's walk during a video where the host didn't even know she was pregnant. 14. The face that Sarah loves attention - we all know she is a narcissist - textbook. If she were really the one who got pregnant back in aug 07 or so ... she would have come out and told everyone right away - it is her nature - She would have done all the other things women do when they are pregnant. I kept a journal - where is her journal? I kep the ultrasound.... I had a shower with a ton of pics with me in them. I had a TON of pics the day my son was born. With the world of digital.... they would have taken some with her in the hospital bed... a WHOLE bunch of pics should exist through ALL the months of her pregnancy - but she can only produce a few where she really looks pregnant. Sorry - nothing in the world except DNA testing will convince me that she delivered Trig and not Bristol. The whole thing is so weird it begs of a Jerry Springer intervention!

  111. To: Next Chapter

    Finally, people are picking up on the e-mail. On Gryphen's last thread, I said I would do a post on his next babygate. However, you inspired me to write here.

    Yes, the e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., dated May 21, 2008, to Gov. Sarah Palin, asked her for Trig's birth certificate. It said..."This is a reminder from the Benefits Section to let you know that, to date, we have not received the dependent verification documents for your new child. To insure CONTINUED COVERAGE for your newborn (didn't say adopted), please submit a copy of the child's Birth Certificate to us within 60 days of the date of birth. Claims submitted for your dependent child after this time period will be pended until this documentation has been received by the Benefits Section."

    Thanks to Palingates, who posted all the MSNBC e-mails, this is the only piece of evidence that I have ever found. Last March, 2009, I asked Gryphen, if a mother can fake a pregnancy, why can't a daughter?

    I posted this e-mail some time ago here on Gryphen's blog. He didn't respond but Bree did. When I responded to thank her, something just came to me. For a week, I pondered over this trying to figure out how she got her state insurance to pay for Trig's birth and care.

    The only thing I could figure out was...Dr. CBJ put all the invoices/billings in Sarah's name using her insurance. But, the patient could have been Bristol. This is speculation on my part but with this family, you have to think out-of-the-box. Come-on, how many families do you know that borrow babies?

    Why did Sarah fake a pregnancy?

    1. Money! According to the e-mail, she got the SOA to pay for Trig's birth and care...up until she quit. Remember, she didn't have the kind of money then, like she does now. And, we all know how cheap she is.

    2. Children! Track pleaded with her not to run for governor. So, I can imagine Bristol, as soon as she found out she was PG, doing the same thing. What young girl would want her mother on the national stage while she sat home with a baby? She would have been a 17 year old, unwed, teenage mother, hiding out in Wasilla.

    Sarah wanted to have Bristol's support in her efforts to achieve higher office. So, she fixed it and faked the PG so no one would ever know Bristol had even been PG...except in Alaska. Just think, if not for the wild ride, and Audrey/Bree and RPK's efforts, she might have gotten away with this.

    Don't think for a minute she wanted to throw Bristol under the bus. The RNC had orders to..."stop the rumors she faked a PG." Campaign people are really smart. Tell everybody Bristol is five months PG and that will shut them up. Can't you see the RNC laughing (Steve Schmidt) when they came up with this? Who would ever believe a mother faked a PG and a daughter did too? Unbelievable, huh?

    As I've said, the only evidence is the e-mail. The rest is my theory. What do I base it on? I was PG at 16 and a senior in high school. I, too, was pretty, popular but also a cheerleader. My steady boyfriend and I married and everything turned out O.K. But, the pain and the disappointment I caused my parents, has lived with me through a lifetime! The thought of a pretty young girl like Bristol, in the prime of her life, turning around and getting PG again, just doesn't make sense to me.

    One last thing...if Dr. CBJ put the invoices in Sarah's name, it's possible she did the same with the b/c.


  112. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Gryphen what do you have to say about Anon 3:52 post?

  113. Anonymous6:32 AM

    3:52 makes some sense. Have to sit with it to see if any facts come up that are inconsistent (which is tough because you have to figure out which "facts" you believe and which are bogus), but I suspect 3:52 has already done that.

    The only "fact" I can think of thus far is that that story wouldn't make me feel sorry for SP. I assumed that statement suggested some situation in which SP was a victim (please don't argue whether SP can be a victim. It's entirely possible that SP's marriage is worse than is known, that things have gone on in the family. SP may very well be a very wounded soul. That doesn't mean I want to get in the pathway of this wounded soul. Just like I can feel sorry for a bear that has been shot, but probably wouldn't try to rescue the bear - I'm not qualified to do so safely)

  114. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Maybe Sarah quit being governor because the sate of Alaska stopped paying for Trig's health insurance so she needed big money to buy a private health insurance policy for his health care!

  115. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Maybe the Johnstons aren't telling. And why would they? Sarah is evil personified. There is no telling what this woman could do to them if the Johnstons did speak.
    There is no way Sarah Palin was pregnant or gave birth to Trig. The photo evidence is overwhelming. So, someone knows, someone needs to talk. And money can make people talk. Only I think the Johnstons need to be provided security and protection.

  116. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Has anyone entertained the idea that Sarah Palin took little triggy to work just two days later because she knew if she took maternity days for a baby that wasn't hers it would be fraud against the state?
    I wonder who paid for Trig's birth? Did they file her state insurance? (which would be fraud if did and Trig wasn't hers) Or did the Alaska Indian pay for it? (which Bristol was covered under and still is, and so is all the other Palin kids because Todd is). Since insurance would have been readily available for this birth either way, if the birth was paid for in cash, I would be really suspicious.
    And maybe finding other ways like who paid for the birth would be a way of getting to the truth so the Johnstons don't have to talk. Calling out the Dr. who told Palin to get on a plane would be a way too. Make the state board review her practices in this case.
    Someone needs to do something.
    Cause if Sarah Palin really wanted all this to go away and prove Trig was really hers, she would pull a Maury Povich and prove with a simple DNA test.
    That would make the birthers go away for sure.

  117. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Sorry for off topic, but 2012 is close, is this really matter?

  118. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Sorry for off topic, but 2012 is close, is this really matter?


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