Sunday, January 27, 2013

Clip from 60 Minutes unprecedented joint interview with President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Okay if this is not some kind of endorsement for Hillary Clinton in 2016 then I will eat my hat.

The President has NEVER done a joint interview with anybody except Michelle and clearly there is a subtext here.

Anybody not agree with that?

The entire interview will be broadcast tonight. I think I will make a point of watching it.


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    He picked her for SoS; he's got her back. He's telling the world that they're united.


    1. I think so too! Remember dumbassed Rand Paul who said he would of "Fired" Hillary? This is POTUS giving a big "Fuck You" to all the republican cretins!

      That's what I think. I think he wouldn't endorse her b/c Joe might run also.

      I hope the interview will be online (Don't have a TV)
      I did write to him and tell him I was VERY displeased at how Hillary was treated by these Cretins! How disrespectful they all were.

    2. Up on Youtube:


  2. WakeUpAmerica10:16 AM

    I don't think there is a sub-text because I don't think he will take sides if Biden runs too. Talk about awkward if he did take sides. Until one of them says he/she isn't running for sure, Then he will endorse the one who does run ( IF one of them runs).

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Gryphen --

    Oh please. Don't tell me you too are buying into the Chris Matthews braindead rant that's it's his endorsement of Hillary.

    For christ sake -- you've raved how Obama is so caring, etc. -- why the hell can't he just do an interview in recognition of thanking Hillary for an extremely well done job.

    You, like Matthews and far too many and I will say 'moron lefties' are sounding like conspiracy rethugs.

    Give me a freaking break.

    This reminds me of the many that lost their shit over his first debate. The more media and blogs post bullshit like this -- is when the Dem party does lose their shit and then the Rethugs grow a set and we wonder why we're behind again.

    I'm so fed up of Dems too in that it's 'theories' like this that makes you sound like a site I see as more extreme -- FDL. Can't remember the last time they thought Obama did something right.

    It was a joint interview. That's it -- that's all. It was Bill & Hillary -- Hillary for her SOS job and Bill for his Convention & campaign stump speeches that did much for Obama. Why the hell can't you & others just see it for what it is -- a job well done -- extremely well done.

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      What is your purpose of dissing Gryphen, concerned troll? Leave if you don't like reading here.

      Thank you, Gryphen for all your hard work running this blog, it is very much appreciated!


    3. Anonymous10:55 AM

      I agree, he's with Hillary because of her outstanding work and besides they're friends, especially after how the rethugs failed to take her down after the hearings...he is showing his support and gratitude...that's all.

    4. You're right and it is just like all the other interviews that he gave with other cabinet appointees as they were leaving.


    5. Anonymous10:59 AM


      Gryphen...I saw that the documentary "Sarah Palin-Youbetcha" is on youtube. I watched it last night for the first time and it was great. Loved your cameo's too!

      If anyone wants to watch it, here is the link...


    6. Anonymous11:07 AM


      an emphatic X2

    7. 10:21AM

      Feel better now Chucky, Jr?

      When Sister Sarah ain't happy, no one is happy, right? At least she spreads the butt-hurt around to all those junior grifters like you that have your hands out all the time. You people have earned the ridicule you receive and more. Good luck with your new racist, nationalist political party.

    8. Anonymous12:16 PM

      As for the response I got up on the wrong side of bed -- No I didn't. Last time I looked, people can disagree and not fall in line like C4Peers.

      As for him doing other interviews with others leaving -- Hillary was 'outstanding' and it was also like a shoutout to Bill for his massive support in the campaign.

      IMO it's stories like this that do sound like the Rethug conspiracies and when Dems show their weaknesses. When you post so many stories and comments of how you like him for his caring for people and recognizing people for their good deeds or reads and includes the children who write letters, then it's written that this is an endorsement -- does raise question of your truthfulness.

      You might also give thought that the outgoing cabinet members were present when he nominated his new ones. Hillary wasn't as she was ill. A public thanking -- good for him.

      10:55 -- Because someone disagrees, they're a troll? Says more about you than me and why the Dems do more times than not show as the weak party. Got your feelings hurt. Awww -- poor baby. Actually, to see it signed 'Alicat' -- wow -- you've changed. Yea, I know the name from the mudflats & elsewhere. I've only been around for over 4 years now.

    9. Anonymous12:53 PM

      You know....there's a big difference between commentary and "conspiracies," right? Babygate was a conspiracy...talking about Sarah Palin being over is commentary. These are actually pretty ginormous differences.

    10. Anita Winecooler2:05 PM

      blah.. blah.. blah.. the Dems show themselves as a weak party... Bwaaaaahaaaaaa!!!

      In what alternative universe? The GOP failed miserably and couldn't even get the votes for "Plan B", instead they turned it over to people more capable of compromising and getting a bill passed, aka "The Dems".
      The GOP refused to fund emergency relief for "Sandy", a bill that passed the Senate and only needed to be signed. What happened? They had to break it down, pass one small portion, then wait a week to finally sign the rest.
      It's not rocket science, if Nancy can do it right the first time, why can't John?

      Head Slap... and they come back for more... unflippingbelievable!

    11. Anonymous2:08 PM

      I agree with you completely.

      Too many signs point to a possible Biden run in 2016 and it's way too soon for the President to be even hinting at endorsements. The man was just inaugurated himself only a week ago, for goodness' sake!

      While it is certainly significant that the President has done only one joint interview like this, I do believe it is far more likely a show of support for Hillary after the Senate hearings on Benghazi, especially coming so soon after her health problems and the nasty conspiracy stories circulating about her only pretending to be sick.

      I believe that it's a very strong declaration to the right that he's got her back for as long as she's SOS and beyond.

    12. Anonymous3:13 PM

      Both sides, Dem and Repub, need to work on their platforms. Being an Independent is the best way to go and vote for the person, not the platform.

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Will be watching interview tonight. Just glad to see them together.

  5. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I think we should take President Obama's explanation of the joint interview at face value. Given the nastiness of the Republican machine recently with regard to Hillary Clinton, I'm very pleased that they did this joint interview. I'm sure it is important to President Obama that the American people understand that the amazing job she's done as secretary of state and her reputation should not be tarnished by last fall's events in Libya and Egypt. President Obama did not cause those events; Hillary Clinton did not cause those events. The US State Department did not cause those events. Those events were caused by crazies and terrorists in Libya and Egypt. Here at home the GOP sure has tried to capitalize on them.

    At this moment in time Republicans want to split the Democrats. The Democrats want to move the country forward. You don't do that if you are at one another's throats.

    It's 2013; the president was inaugurated a week ago. I think that we should all resolve to think about 2016 no earlier than 2015. Please give us at least two years to work on moving the country forward.

  6. My reading indicates that exposure to Hillary Clinton leads to respect of Hillary Clinton. I think President Obama likes her. One of my favorite pictures of the two of them: it was right after the Obama girls got their playground equipment, and it was a lovely crisp autumn evening. Barack and Hillary were sitting on some of the equipment and talking.

  7. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Hillary is in a unique position to understand what Barack Obama is going through. Very few people alive have lived in the White House and very very few have had the kinds of attacks that the Obamas and Clinton's have taken. You could argue that W. was attacked, too, but he has retreated to Dallas and there was a big difference: the attacks on Obama have been, as they were on Clinton, unrelenting whereas the attacks on w. only started in 2004, in the midst of the campaign. Obama and Clinton probably didn't like each other in 2008 but I bet they have grown to respect and admire each other. She probably appreciates the fact that he, unlike Bill, keeps his cool. I imagine that she has been a good resource for them when it comes to how to deal with the attacks on their daughters. If I were Michelle, I'd probably have Hilary on speed dial.

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Obama does keep his cool. All the bullcrap that is relentlessly thrown at him, and his family...he keeps his cool. He takes the high road.
      Unlike Palin, who is so thin-skinned she'd stalk the gas meter-reader if he said something she didn't like..

  8. Anonymous11:42 AM

    In a nutshell: These two are the smartest people in the room. Any room. Get over it, trolls, and Republicans.

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      These two are the smartest people in *just about any* room.

      There...fixed it for ya! ;)

    2. Anonymous9:13 PM

      I completely agree!

  9. Anonymous12:26 PM

    This kind of talk reminds me of Andrew Sullivan and MSNBC Chris Matthews losing their poop after the first debate. Also all the 'left' media, politicians and blogs going mad over his new nominations for cabinet posts that there was a lack of diversity.

    Everybody has to have an agenda. No one accepts anything for face value anymore. He likes her; he respects her; he's thanking her for her excellent job as fact that she was doing her's so well, it saved his time from having to communicate with all the leaders around the world on 'everything'.

    Remember too, Hillary has been away ill and Obama was not able to thank her at the Kerry announcement as he did Panetta and others.

  10. Wow! Some nasty hateful Anonymous'ers on here! But I guess that's the only kinda folks who like falin Palin! I hope Hillary does run in '16 - she's certainly smarter than ANY rethug candidate I can think of - past of present!

    1. Anita Winecooler2:07 PM

      Yeah, Sarah, DO RUN! Please, Please, Please!!!!

  11. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Love both President Obama and SOS Hillary Clinton. What a team they are and I'm sure both have nothing but respect for each other. They are the adults in the house that is for sure!

  12. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Won't matter who runs in 2016 if you have the likes of Jim DeMint still spewing that states should continue pushing 'Personhood' bills because 'thats what the people are for'.
    (DeMint on Meet the Press this morning)

    Amber Alert: His rock is looking for him!!

    1. Leland2:27 PM

      I hate to say it, but Jim DeMint is a complete ASS. I say I hate it because unfortunately, the ignorant fools in my state elected him to the Senate for us.

      Happy Happy Joy Joy


  13. Anita Winecooler2:15 PM

    Whatever Hillary decides to do, I'm sure she'll do well. She's been tested and proved she has what it takes. The fact that this interview was President Obama's idea and that it's the first of it's kind just emphasizes that he's got her back.

    Don't get me wrong, I think Joe Biden has done a remarkable job as VPOTUS, but if Hillary does decide to run, she'd definitely win.

    Thanks, Hillary, for a lifetime of service and for doing a stellar job as SOS and babysitting the Republican Ben Ghazi Witch Doctors! Job Well Done!

  14. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Compare that, with say, John McCain's desperate attempt to clean up the "misrepresentation and misunderstood" series of interviews with his VP pick in a joint appearance with Katie Couric. . .

  15. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I think anyone who believes that Hillary Clinton will run for POTUS should go back and read 'Game Change' again. I believe her when she says she won't do it again. It was the unhappiest time of her life.

  16. Randall8:01 AM

    EVERY time I see either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton I'm nearly overwhelmed with relief that McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan lost.

    I'm so grateful when I see our President and Secretary of State and hear them speak, because I know that the adults are in control.


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