Monday, April 30, 2018

Keep in mind that these are the people supposedly scandalized by Michelle Wolf's WHCD performance.

Yeah, such delicate sensibilities.


  1. Anonymous2:06 AM

    That is what i say to them when people say trump shouldn't be impeached because his supporters will be angry.

    All i can say is at least we know who the deplorables are,the septic tank scum of our country.

  2. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Republicans and god botherers and the biggest hypocrites around. They love to insult liberals, atheists, women, minorities and others but if it's turned around on them they get sooo offended and sensitive. I thought Michelle Wolf's jokes were funny but her delivery of them was off. It seemed like she was just reading them straight off of her notes instead of using timing and voice inflection. But the jokes themselves were spot on and it wouldn't have caused such controversy if there wasn't a strong element of truth in all of them. Not to even mention that earlier Trump was threatening to blackmail Sen Tester and for his entire career he has taken potshots and cheap insults at countless people as well as cherished democratic institutions.

    Fuck their feelings is perfect.

    1. Anonymous4:55 AM

      Goodness we don't want to hurt their widdle feelings now do we? They will be attending the NRA Russian CONvention in texas locked and loaded to hear trump and pence talk sense into their widdle brains.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Awww,poor babies! People who leave in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  3. I bet I'd hear some obscene vernacular from them if I wore my "Don't blame me, I voted for Hillary" t-shirt.

    They're only sensitive if you hurt their little snowflake fee-fees. They couldn't give a shit about other people.

    1. Anonymous4:58 AM

      I'm gonna buy a new tshirt from DNC. But we have to tell them to remove that one that says I hate tea. Not thinking about the t bags.....but I like tea to drink and that is kinda of stupid to use on a t shirt for democrats.

  4. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Kathy Griffin has great responses to those like Andrea itchell callign for an apology. Sharp, reasoned. All on her twitter.

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      "Another horrible week for women. Yes, Golden State Killer, w/10 murders and 50!rapes found, Denmark man who tortured & dismembered Kim Wall sentenced, Bill Cosby guilty, but 8 women killed by a sexist in a van, and online 40,000 men discovered who want to kill women. PATTERN?
      12:22 AM - 28 Apr 2018"
      Right ON>'Michelle Wolf : Mr. Trump, she said, “has helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV. You helped create this monster and now you are profiting from him.”

  5. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Wow what a happy beautiful American couple. Well fed, T shirts on, smiling, and so much in love.

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      Fake outrage. Fake humans. Fake so called president. Where was their god damn outrage when the white trash, rah, rah, pom pom shaking, pep rallying, dirty old white boys were oh so proudly wearing their "Hillary is a cunt" t-shirts? Disgusting degenerates!

      Funny how shit turns out. We do have a nasty cunt in the WH.

    2. We should label them "Outrage Actors."

  6. Anonymous3:48 AM

    I believe in real journalism. It was real when the big bad wolf spoke of Kelly ann and hucklesuck. LOL!!! and the created the monster. Loved it.

  7. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Did anyone see the photos of the "caravan" people,they were sitting on top of the wall!

    Like we didn't already know trump's wall is a stupid idea,now is he planning on electrifying it?

    1. Anonymous5:01 AM

      Yeah I saw that. Not good. Where is trumps big bad border security and why were they not there telling those people to get of that wall and behave? No illegal entry.

  8. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Ignorance supercedes any irony. These people pull out their guns at any inkling of the FEELING of fear.

    Ps. Kathy Griffin, who hurt their feelings, is selling out shows in minutes!

  9. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Holy shit, what ignorant pigs.

  10. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Check out all of Kathy Griffin's 19 tweets yesterday.

    She f@cking nailed it.

    Can you imagine if a suicide hotline told callers to just 'fuck your feelings'?

  11. Anonymous5:47 AM

    I've heard enough bullshit about the WHCD. The media should have been DOING THEIR Fu*king JOB back in 2016 before the Russians rigged the election for a F*cking scumbag liar. ENOUGH lying!!! Lets talk real shit. Trump and his supporters should get a BIG BAD WOLF attack every F*cking second. This was a Saturday night "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" dinner. Wolf was hired to do what she did, and I'm glad she did it. To hell with the trump and his whiney thin skin ass kissing assholes. Hire wolf to do the evening news please. Thank you from Americans.

    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    2. They weren't doing their jobs. They were selling advertising and upping viewership. They had to make it look like a horserace, make Trump look credible, take Hillary down a bit to make it competitive.

      They did too good a job.

      They haven't apologized enough for what they did. Some have never admitted it.

    3. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Every single night would please me greatly. I’m SO OVER the politics of personal grievance we’ve been subjected to by this asshole and his sycophants. When will this all end?

      And as for that asshole Huckabee-Sanders, if that bitch can’t take it she should try to dish it out less. Who knows how these hateful bitches sleep at night?

  12. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Ronny Jackson Not Returning As Trump’s Personal Doctor, Reports Say

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      Dr. Ronny Jackson Demoted, Will Have To Lie About Other White House Staffers’ Weight Now

    2. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Ronny probably was offered the job for giving Agent Orange a glowing med report . Typical Dump tactic.Buy 'em off,and blackmail 'em. Now,he's labeled a pill pusher,and possibly under investigation for it. O,how the mighty do fall. Huh,Sarah. ;)

    3. Trump has a thing about alcohol and drugs. Once that was pointed out to him, Dr. Ronnie is gone.

    4. Anonymous3:55 PM

      I still don't believe trump is alcohol and drug free. He sold vodka. He acts like he is drugged. He hangs with drunks and druggies. He is a liar and fraud.

  13. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Jackson’s resignation also undercuts Trump’s argument that the allegations were all merely some kind of frame job aimed at derailing Jackson’s nomination. It’s one thing to give up on trying to get a promotion amid scandal. It’s another to abruptly quit your current job as well.

    1. Anonymous6:32 AM

      Ronny Jackson’s resignation suggests that this scandal is a whole lot worse than we know. It raises new questions about whether Donald Trump knew about Jackson’s disturbing behavior and used it to coerce him into faking the physical. It means that the results of Trump’s physical can now be fully thrown out, because it was obviously done under compromised circumstances. How deep does this rabbit hole go? More to the point, Trump’s physical and mental health are failing so egregiously that he was willing to go these lengths to try to cover it up.

  14. Anonymous6:28 AM

    The mainstream media’s effort to silence Michelle Wolf

    ...It’s as if the mainstream media went out of its way to create the false narrative that Michelle Wolf spent the whole time riffing on Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ looks, so it could bury the fact that Wolf called out Huckabee Sanders for lying, and called out Donald Trump for being broke. These are two topics the media has largely been afraid to touch on in general – perhaps because they’re afraid of losing their access to those White House press briefings. The real scandal here is that the media is trying to effectively silence Michelle Wolf by drowning out what she actually said by putting other words in her mouth instead.

    Donald Trump has “filthy” late night meltdown

    ...Here’s what Trump finally tweeted just before 11pm: “The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a failure last year, but this year was an embarrassment to everyone associated with it. The filthy “comedian” totally bombed (couldn’t even deliver her lines-much like the Seth Meyers weak performance). Put Dinner to rest, or start over!” This is odd for a few reasons. For one thing, Trump is rarely awake this late. In addition, he still hasn’t mentioned Michelle Wolf’s name, even though he’s likely been hearing it all day while he was watching cable news.

    This is also a reminder that Donald Trump never did get over the jokes that Seth Meyers hurled at him during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner several years ago. Trump is as fragile as he is obsessive as he is narcissistic. Considering that Trump has delivered some of the filthiest insults and slurs in the history of U.S. politics, it’s notable that he’s accusing Wolf of being “filthy” – it feels like yet another classic case of Trump projecting his own behavior onto others.

    1. Anonymous6:37 AM

      WHCA president throws Michelle Wolf under the bus in statement about ‘dismay’ over jokes

      ‘Give me a damn break’: Ana Navarro shreds Trump supporter’s blatant hypocrisy on Michelle Wolf

    2. Nope. They’re on the attack because she called them out for making money off Trump and not doing their jobs to call him out on his lies.

      She had a few duds but on a whole she was laser accurate. A lot of them couldn’t take that being pointed out. Especially by a woman.

      They’re just lucky Colbert wasn’t doing the stand-up this year. They’re ears would still be bleeding.

  15. Anonymous6:30 AM

    The telltale giveaway in Donald Trump’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner rant

    ...Here’s what he left out that would have made his argument much stronger: an actual denial of anything specific she said. There was no attempt at defending his Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who took the brunt of it. Why? Because he can’t. Wolf focused on the fact that Huckabee Sanders constantly lies about Trump. He can’t push back against that, because it’s true.

    Donald Trump also couldn’t push back against the jokes that Michelle Wolf made about him, because they were primarily focused on what we all know to be true: his net worth is a small fraction of what he claims, if it isn’t in outright negative territory. Trump was afraid to even bother refuting that one, for fear of bringing more attention to it. Trump didn’t like the jokes about him and his staff, but he made no effort at refuting the accuracy of those jokes.

  16. Anonymous6:42 AM

    ‘What a joke’: Morning Joe calls out Trump supporters for holding president to a lower standard than comic Michelle Wolf

    ...“The New York Times compiled a list of 446 people, places and things that Donald Trump has insulted just on Twitter, just since he took office 15 months ago,” Scarborough said. “So really, the criticism from Trump supporters is rich.”

    The show’s producers played a montage of Trump insulting various people on TV — especially Rosie O’Donnell — and Scarborough recalled when the president had targeted him specifically for personal attacks.

    “I must say, there were quite a few people that I’ve known and I’ve considered friends for some time saying they were shocked and stunned and deeply saddened and they were so shocked by the personal insults that they left early,” he said. “Then they went to afterparties and had a great time there, but these friends of mine for 20 years certainly didn’t call me up and say, ‘Hey, Joe, we’re thinking about you, so sorry he attacked your fiancée’s appearance. Hey, Joe, we’re sorry that Donald Trump said you’re a murderer and you had to explain to your 9- or 14-year-old boy.'”

    He hammered Trump supporters for holding the president of the United States to a lower standard of personal conduct than a stand-up comic.

    “I understand it, I’m a big boy, I didn’t bitch about it at the time,” he added. “But these people so shocked and stunned and deeply saddened that a comedian did what comedians do, and yet they just apologized for Donald Trump over and over again and kept their mouths shut, what a joke.”

  17. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Meet the pro-Trump PR Guy at the Center of the Mueller Probe — And Everything Else

    Ronn Torossian got his start representing hip pop stars, but now has ties to some of the most scrutinized parts of the Trump orbit.

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      'Sinclair Broadcasting, "Girls Gone Wild," Israel'1-2-3
      "Torossian became close to Zionist Organization of America President Mort Klein, an ally of Trump’s hawkish new national security adviser, John Bolton. Klein considers himself an admirer of Torossian’s no-holds-barred approach. “I want someone who’s strong and committed and doing everything he can to expose the truth of the Arab war against Israel,” he says. “Ronn Torossian understands the truth of the Arab-Islamic war against Israel and the West better than anyone.”-"Zampolli describes him as a “unique character” and a “mastermind.” Last month, before Torossian embarked on his recent anti-CNN crusade for Sinclair, he stopped by Zampolli’s Union Square townhouse for the diplomat’s 48th birthday party, where party favors included T-shirts with a mock CNN logo that instead said, “Fake News Network.”

      Trump’s longest-serving political adviser, the dirty trickster Roger Stone, has done work with Torossian, too, and once delivered a speech at 5W’s offices. And before he was Stone’s protege, future Trump political adviser Sam Nunberg, while on the payroll of Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law & Justice, regularly worked out of 5W’s offices in 2009 and 2010.

      In 2014, as Trump was courting grassroots Republican activists, Torossian brokered a meeting between Jenny Beth Martin and Lynn Bradshaw of the Tea Party Patriots, then a client, and Cohen. In June of that year, Bradshaw scored a meeting with Trump himself in his office."

  18. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Wolf being so blunt and pithy worked it's magic; if she'd been too clever, the sound bites would have gone right over Cheetolini's head.

  19. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Trump shill demands journalists stop calling out White House lies

  20. Anonymous7:06 AM

    After press defended her, Sanders scolds reporter for doing his job

    Reporters face backlash for dismissing criticism of Sarah Sanders’ lies

  21. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Fuck Pu$$ies who can't hear the RAW TRUTH!

    "The annual dinner is “billed as a celebration of freedom of the press and the First Amendment” and usually features a comedian, hired to roast Washington figures from both sides of the aisle."

    "The original mission was to keep Wilson from ending his press conferences. In the 100 years since that founding in February of 1914, the group has expanded its mission to pushing for broader access to the White House and supporting vigorous reporting on the presidency."
    "in 1921, there was also “such fun as the Prohibition Era afforded.” So there was a piano and there were songs modeled after those popularized at the more established Gridiron Dinner, full of satire and poking fun at the White House and Congress. That set the tone for the dinners to come, with the 1922 dinner described by one newspaper as “an occasion of much gayety and enthusiasm.”

  22. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Michelle Wolf was the big winner of the WHCD, not Trump

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      From the 1st Roy Moore 'FUCK' line>i knew she was going to 'Bern' them. They all faced a 'HOT POKhER' whittling, $mackdown! de$ervingly $o.
      I Laud HER.

  23. Anonymous8:54 AM

    ot-But have any of them ever been RAPED?
    "“It was his deposition,” Harrison Snyder, 22, told ABC. “Mr. Cosby admitted to giving these Quaaludes to women, young women, in order to have sex with them.”"In the deposition from the 2005 civil lawsuit filed by Constand, Cosby described giving drugs, including the sedative Quaaludes, and alcohol to women before sex, hosting Constand at his home and a slew of other acts.

    Prosecutors presented new witnesses at Cosby’s most recent trial that the judge had blocked them from calling in 2017, including five other women who accused him of drugging and assaulting them." "Cosby is planning to appeal the verdict, which could potentially delay his imprisonment for months or even years."<RStory


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