Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christian radio hosts call feminists unattractive, child hating, narcissistic, family destroying whores. Because you know they really never want to get laid again!

Okay these guys have to be heard to be believed. Here I thought I had pretty much heard the most misogynistic comments possible, but I may have been wrong about that. Take a listen for yourselves.

If you turned it off after the first ugly comments started vomiting forth, here it is in written form courtesy of Raw Story:  

“Now remember, the goal is that these women have to be independent,” Swanson said on a show devoted to the idea that rising college costs were contributing to an alleged spike in prostitution. “The goal is lots and lots of birth control. The goal is lots and lots and lots of fornication. The goal is abortion. The day-after pill will help. And it will help a lot. Remember, the goal is to get that girl a job because she needs no stinkin’ husband, she’s got the fascist corporation and government-mandated insurance programs and socialist welfare that will take care of her womb to tomb. Who needs a cotton-pickin’ husband? Who needs a family? That’s pretty much the worldview that’s dominating, my friends. That’s what the college is all about.” 

“Because her feminist professors have told her her husband will abuse her, she will be like a slave to him,” Buehner agreed. “Instead she will just go to the slave market and sell herself, at least sell her body, to the highest bidder. See, that’s much, much better!” 

“And Dave, you talk about the two kinds of feminists now, this is your new division, you say there’s two kinds of feminists,” Swanson explained. “All of them want to be free from the family. They want to be free from the husband.” 

“Right. Actually, you’re talking about perhaps even a third stream of feminism,” Buehner interjected. “There’s the Sarah Palin kind of feminism that wants to have a husband, just not one to submit to.” 

“But talk about the two forms of feminism you see that are rising today,” Swanson asked. 

“Right, there are two forms of feminism, and it actually has to do with a division of how attractive a woman is. So, you have the group that is very attractive, they’re in the sororities, they’re gonna be in the beauty contests. They’re actually going to get the good jobs,” Buehner said. “Now they will probably some of them become the Sarah Palin-style feminists, they’ll get themselves a husband, but they’ll never be dependent on the husband, they’ll never submit to the husband, in fact they will use their power probably to make their husband submit to them.” 

“Okay, so you have the cute feminists,” Swanson said. 

“Right, you have the good-looking ones,” Buehner explained. “The other ones are those who we should say are, um, attractive-deficient. … These are the kinds that will look for careers mostly likely in academia. … They can get jobs in the government bureaucracy, they can work as an FDA administrator, or you can actually run the EPA if you want, or academia. Academia’s actually the best place because you can be angry, ugly and you can also get tenure. It’s great, it’s the big trifecta.” 

“You’re gonna make some people mad about what you’ve just said. There will be some very angry feminists,” Swanson warned. 

“You mean there will be angrier angry feminists,” Buehner shot back. “I believe history will go back to this period of time and will look at feminism and say there was a time in which women lost the love of their children. They no longer cared about having children, they no longer loved their children, they no longer loved their husbands, where for all of history women very much cared about protecting the family. Now they only cared about themselves. They were riled up into a froth about how they were victims of society, patriarchal society, and they decided to become selfish, narcissistic, family-destroying whores.”

Well ladies can't you just hardly wait to go to church today?

Seriously what kind of fucked up brand of Christianity are these troglodytes practicing?

Yes how dare the feminists fight for equal rights for women, or educate them so that they do not see themselves as nothing more than incubators for the demon offspring that issues forth from the loins of these arrogant little ass monkeys.

Oh, and that only pertains to them if they are not hot of course. If they are hot, or "Sarah Palin feminists" they can boss men around all they want. You know, because they're hot.
Picture of "hot" feminist.
Apparently the only kind "good" feminist is the Sarah Palin type of feminist. You know one that dresses like a two bit slut, ignores her children until the police drop them off at her doorstep or they pop out an ankle biter of their own, and allows her husband to subjugate women into prostituting themselves. You know, June Cleaver, if June Cleaver was an attention seeking, man loathing, pill popping lunatic.

Gotta love those Christian morals!


  1. My goodness. I consider myself a feminist, but I have been married 35 years, have a pretty equal relationship. I have a college degree, am currently a poorly paid teacher's aid and a private lesson teacher as well. Hubby and I play our trombones (sometimes for pay, mostly for fun) three nights a week. Oh, kids? Gosh I had two, and actually breastfed both of them for a year. My "Christian GOP" sibs and sibs by marriage did not breastfeed for five minutes, because it was 'too hard.' I have one sister who did nurse her kids, and guess what? They are all liberals too! These guys are so far up the tree when they fall out, they will be nothing more than tangled masses of broken bones. My kids and her kids have college degrees, good jobs, and families with husbands and wives! The non-college kids from the 'right' side of the family are dropouts, unmarried with kids, know, the Palin family values types. So blow it, guys. You have no idea what you are talking about, and you are not Rush, so no one is listening!

  2. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Oh, YES, what I've ALWAYS wanted to be is a "Sarah Palin Feminist." A non-educated, free-money-grubbing, sexual-innuendo-potty-mouth-talking, hatred-inciting, drug-addled C*NT.

    What a role model.

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      love the description, fits perfect!

    2. G, wanted to let you know your post is in the twitter paper "A feminine Voice"

  3. Anonymous4:36 AM

    This should go viral. Disgusting, ignorant, woman hating fools.

  4. Anonymous4:40 AM

    The sorority girls and pageant queens that those losers are calling "feminists" are nothing of the sort; they're exploiting the "traditional femininity" that the Shrilla From Wasilla used--high heels and caked-on makeup and short-short skirts. The losers are terrified of real women, with thoughts and wants that have nothing to do with taking care of them and their penises.

  5. A couple of blow-hard misogynistic bigots.

    Wouldn't you love to be the spouse of one of these cretins. Theyhave latched onto the fundamental evangelical creed of putting the little ladies back in their places, and taking away any authority from them.

    Hopefully, they don't have children of either gender, because if they do, the kids are in for some painful reprogramming in the real world after listening to this tripe during their fostive years.

    These are the real haters.

    1. Formative years, not 'fostive'. I have no clue WTF "fostive" is nor where that came from. Need coffee, apparently.

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      it's cool...knew what you meant..good comment

  6. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Ummm, it sounds like these guys are the people who are riled up into a froth. And how are the men, today's man, not complicit in all this fornication and prostitution? Well, the good thing is, if the woman doesn't readily give it up only to have the morning-after pill or abortion tidy things up, they can always engage in illegitimate rape and lose culpability in forced sex. But that's the thing, it doesn't matter if a guy is having sex with any kind of woman, that women, defined by these kinds of guys, are feminists unattractive, child hating, narcissistic, family destroying whores. We can't win.

  7. Anonymous5:02 AM

    I came away with the idea that they don't much like the 'Sarah Palin' type of feminist either, though. If anything, those are worse, because they use their 'feminine wiles' to sneakily get their way instead of letting the man be dominant. The 'Sarah Palin' type feminists are not dependent on husbands, and therefore, very bad.

    Archie Butt

    1. Arch---

      I sensed the same thing as you. I don't think they really like women to be anything other than baby factories and also to serve as a doormat.

      Xtian Taliban. Their views only apreal to the faethest RW fringe, I hope.

    2. hedgewytch7:50 AM

      That it - They DON'T LIKE woman - period. Not any kind of woman. Even the downtrodden, totally do and say anything the male asks of her kind.

      Makes you wonder what kind of childhood they had.

    3. Anonymous7:51 AM

      "I don't think they really like women..."

      BBB - You could have stopped right there and had the most accurate take on these two loathsome Neanderthals (with apologies to Neaderthals!).

    4. Anonymous8:32 AM

      "I don't think they really like women..."

      Yes, and they scared silly of women, as well.

    5. Anonymous2:36 PM

      That was my take on it too, Archie.

  8. Leland5:08 AM

    The next thing you know, they will be using a BACKHOE to dig their hole deeper.

    I will grant you, there are SOME feminists who can get somewhat antagonistic in the verbiage.

    I remember speaking with one of the earliest of the feminists, aka "the bra burners". I was - and still am - in complete agreement with their stated goals of complete equality for the sexes and I said so. But I also then said. "Good. Then you can go sign up for the draft!" (It was still active then.)

    "Oh NO! she said. "That isn't right!"

    Apparently she didn't understand what TOTAL equality meant.

    Today's feminists (at least, the ones I have met) don't agree with that woman. MANY are perfectly prepared to serve in the military! And my hat is off to them.

    Seems everyone is willing to evolve in their opinions - except the ignorant slobs who are worrying about losing their at-home slaves.

    You know, like these idiots?

  9. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Stomach wrenching to actually witness this degree of utter ignorance and misogyny on the airwaves. Ugly beyond measure.

  10. What repulsive idiotic ignorant nonsense. And that these people believe themselves to be having an "intellectual" discourse. And naturally they believe that women should be lining up to "submit" to these men. Women have become selfish, narcissistic family destroying forces. As opposed to delightful men to whom we should submit who have always been selfless promoters of family and family life. These men are trying - badly - to promote the "traditional" family - Mommy the womb at home always ready to submit and procreate, and daddy the MAN, outside, independent making decisions for his womb and his family.

    1. Leland6:21 AM

      Cherrie Ann, you forgot that they are also (probably) out having affairs!

  11. Same shit, different decade.

    As a kid, I did most of the field work one summer while Dad was in the hospital. Some jerk put water in the gas tank of the tractor. The only thing that made sense was that he was enraged seeing me being too independent and competent.

    These scolds often have wives who bring home the bacon…

  12. LisaB25955:22 AM

    Well, I am going to church today, just not one that preaches that bullshit. ;)

    I'm not surprised these attitudes exist, but I'm always gut-punched when they find a way to be broadcast like they have value. It's so sad and so wrong.

    But it does make me angry. :D So, mission accomplished, douchebags!

  13. Anonymous5:25 AM

    What these idiots fail to mention is that the more educated a couple are, the more likely they are to marry and also to STAY married.

    1. Leland6:22 AM

      Amen! (Pun intended!)

  14. The stupid assholes left out one important group of feminists. Hard to understand, really, because there are millions of them.

    You know, men.

    1. Anonymous8:18 AM

      Good catch! The men who support feminists/women in all their full glory are so far evolved from these xtian woman-haters polluting the airwaves with their hateful drivel.

  15. A. J. Billings6:16 AM

    What's next for ultra religious conservative fanatics like these militant Christian supremacists?

    Here's their next push for state laws:

    1) All women from puberty through marriage shall wear chastity belts, and wear ankle length dresses at all times.

    2) Marriages must be performed in churches, no more secular unions.

    3) All abortions illegal, even if an 11 year old girl is pregnant by her father. Even if
    the mother has septicemia and the fetus is dead in the womb, Mom must die to save the fetus.

    4) All elected officials must be evangelical Christians, by force of law. If you are in office
    and convert to being anything else, you get 20 years of hard time in jail

    5) All women shall have an RFID chip implanted in the womb to monitor pregnancy, and the Baby Police will visit monthly to monitor your uterus

    6)Any woman who has a miscarriage shall be deemed guilty unless she can prove it
    happened naturally.

    7)Church attendance is mandatory for all citizens, under penalty of jail time and fines.

    8) Gun ownership must start at 3 years of age for all citizens. Anyone over 13 years of age can own grenades, and machine guns. No limits on arms of any type for those over 21 , including tanks, armored helicopter gunships, and F-16 jets.

    9) Women will not have leadership in church, school, or government. Only exception is to teach children under 12, and Sunday school.

    10) Gays and lesbians must move out of Christian states, or face mandatory minimum sentences

    Did I miss anything?”

  16. Anonymous6:40 AM

    This patriarchal paradigm isn't really new, but it's becoming more mainstream. I have a 38 year old student in my college composition class who is the daughter of a minister. She told me she is searching for a new church because ministers are preaching that women should not hold jobs where they may have some power and self-efficacy. She said she goes up to the minister and pointedly asks him if this is his philosophy. She walks out if it is. She hasn't found a church in her area yet. I don't believe in organized religion anymore. Therefore, men who hear this insidious drivel buy into it very quickly because it feeds their patriarchal beliefs. I never learned any of this in college. I learned through experience.

  17. our lad6:41 AM

    Nothing new here, I've been hearing these dickweasels all my life and I'm well into my 60's. Marching in lockstep, the army of the unlaid,these two blowjobs couldn't get any leg if their lives depended on it.

  18. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Most of these fundamentalist idiots are actually strong perpetrators of fornication and the other ills of which they speak. They reason they attack and vilify women is to somehow vindicate the conflicted feelings they have.

    To them, it's always the woman's fault.

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Unfortunately, that's a lot of men. Wife works hard to put hubs through school/startup business/raise family. Money is tight. She sacrifices, including all the expensive upkeep of self - like haircuts and makeup and gym memberships and dye jobs.

      Then he turns around and has an affair, because it's the wife's fault. Bastards!

      There may be exceptions, but I haven't met many.

  19. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Seems to me, the main concern for these dominate males is: submission to men.
    Women are in their minds are sup0posed to submit in all situations.
    Have read a bit of history in my day and have not seen men doing such a bang up job of running the world. Lots of wars, killing of innocents,forcing women to submission,taking of nations.
    I ask you could women do any worse?

  20. Anonymous7:10 AM

    These guys were in my fourth grade! And they followed me all the way to retirement. Of course, usually they are a tad more circumspect, but they are always there.

  21. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Have either one of these dominate men, taken a good look at themselves?
    Just who is unattractive? what may i ask have they to offer any women?

    1. Anonymous10:52 AM

      I think that is why they are so angry, because no self-respecting woman would go out with these two dweebs.

  22. Anonymous7:32 AM

    you got this wrong. These types of women hating men are usually self loathing closeted gays that hate themselves not being who they want to be.

    one of those educated "librul" feminazi's who has worked my whole life, used birth control so I could responsibly plan my family, who loves to screw and screw screw some more and I don't NEED aay man, but I have chosen to be married for 35 yrs to my loving husband who thinks being a hard worker, educated, and smart enough to use birth control and loving sex are great qualities in his wife and life partner.
    You see. my husband and I are partners, equals in our relationship and he is man enough to know that he doesn't need to "control me" or to "put me in my place" when I get all educated and "uppity
    oh yes, I said "uppity" these types of men talk about wimmins the exact same way they talk about any minority. Most racists are scared of women too.

    Little Rabbit

    1. Need to get out my "Uppity Women Unite" button again. This broadcast is appalling beyond words. Who ARE these guys? Where did you find them? And no, I'm not hoping to hear more of their screed. I just wonder what rock they live under. My world has none of these.

    2. jcinco11:00 AM

      love you little rabbit! hubby and I will soon celebrate our 32nd. he, too, is an "enlightened" man. :)

    3. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Mister Rabbit sounds like he's a lucky guy. But it's not all luck. He's got to be smart and enlightened to have chosen wisely. So he deserves a little credit for an open mind and having his ducks (or rabbits?) in a row.


  23. Chenagrrl7:41 AM

    Sounds to me like two guys who were raised by closet feminists who seethed with ambition and passed their barely repressed anger to their sons.
    Wonder what they would say about my mother? She was raised on a reservation in the lower 48, worked and paid for her own education, was moved from the Public Health Service to the Army the day after Pearl Harbor. Served injured German POWs at Camp Carson because she had taught herself German. Was transferred to the Pacific and spent the war setting up hospitals on islands across the Pacific. (The day she died in 2003, I discovered she had earned two Bronze Stars plus several commendations.)

    After the war, she moved a TB hospital from Skagway to Sitka. Took a cruise on a sternwheeler on the Yukon. Met my father in Circle City. Married him a few years later. Put up the money for the house because she had savings and my father, who had lost everything during the Depression, didn't.

    Stayed home with all five of us while my father worked, and had huge gardens to support the family during the winter. Found a homestead property during a berry-picking hike, and with my father filed and proved on it.

    At the same time she was part of a Fairbanks group filled with women just like her. Most had served in the military, too. Every last one of them encouraged me to get my education and my career.

    By the way. When I was asked to run in a local beauty pageant, mom said she'd give me more money than the contest promised if I'd take a pratfall during the pageant. (Shy, callow child that I was, I refused.)

    If I ever get a chance to meet either of these two gentlemen, they will type-cast me as one of their own, and that will give me a chance to place a knee in a spot that will cause them to walk funny for a long time.

    Somewhere my mom and her friends will be cheering.

    1. hedgewytch8:14 AM

      Your Mom's life sounds like something that needs to be put down in a book. I'd read it!

  24. Leland7:43 AM

    It goes back to the Bible and Eve having tempted Adam. Because of that men are supposed to ignore women and order them around - to prevent it happening again!


    Oops. No, that isn't right. STUPID shits is better. (Ignorance can be fixed. That is, assuming one WANTS to learn.)

  25. hedgewytch7:54 AM

    And of course, they brain tank prodigies have forgotten one very big fact of life in the US in the past 30 years. Most of us HAD to go to work, whether we wanted to or not. Most middle class families could no longer support themselves with only one breadwinner in the family. Yes, economics baby - Republican economics - was one of the single biggest contributors (outside WWII) that have brought women out of the house and into the workforce.

  26. hedgewytch8:18 AM

    Now you did it Grph - I've got this old jingle stuck in my head right now. I'm sure you'll recall it....

    "I can bring home the bacon,
    And fry it up in a pan,
    and never, never, let you forget
    you are a man,
    'Cause I'm a Woman ....."

    But I can't remember how to spell that perfume name - sound like "awjolie".

  27. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I hope any woman can see thru this.
    I'm old enough to remember why women had to go to work. It took 2 incomes to get anything in life and support the children. women had to go to work durning the 2nd w war also, to run the factories for the missing men.I know there are some pretty good ones out there somewhere! But-I'm in Tn and what I see here, most men here don't work at least in this area, they draw SS disability or SSI, work for cash so they don't pay taxes. Don't provide insurance, so they hate the idea of Obama care. They hunt and fish, live off women. With all of this they have made women be independant, have opinions . Well idoits if women aren't supposed to work wwher are the good paying jobs to provide for a big family that you want every woam to have, good benefits so these men can't be lazy anymore, and not provide for their children. Good paying jobs for all, so women can stay home. No way will that happen. It's such a hassel to even get child support, many men are off starting new families and not worring about the first family. What about the man whores? OMG I'm 66 yr old and can't believe the thinking of these nuts. How come at my age It was engrained in me only have children that you can afford? BIRTH CONTROL I'm glad I sent my money to Planned Parenthood this week. Just in time for this CR-P.

    1. honeybabe10:20 AM

      amen darling and i am 71.

    2. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Smart gal.

  28. Virginia Voter8:41 AM

    I.m going to go out on a limb here and venture to guess that these two don't get laid a lot least not by women they haven't paid or ruffied. And I'm also going to make the educated guess that if you looked at their computer browsing history, you'd see hundreds of visits per month to UPorn, Big Juggz, and Campus Cuties, if they are actually hetero.

    What a bunch of tools. I hope they never procreate.

    1. Anonymous12:54 PM

      Sound like some educational sites. Do you have links? j/k(unless you happen to have them handy. ;-)

  29. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Kevin Swanson is the pastor of Reformation Church (Orthodox Presbyterian Church), Castle Rock, CO.

    Dave Buehner is pastor of Christ the King Church (Covenant Presbyterian Church) in Larkspur, CO, meeting in the chapel of the nearby cemetery.

    You may be relieved to know that both churches allow women to teach Sunday school.

    1. Anita Winecooler1:09 PM

      See, they're not so bad, after all!

  30. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I never understand why fundamentalist christian right-wing nut jobs are so scared of sharia law since it would appear to capture their beliefs so strongly

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      How true!

    2. Anonymous10:56 AM


    3. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Or that they'll criminalize enforcement of existing American laws for their 'constitutional interpretations' is somehow an American value.

    4. Anonymous12:33 PM

      Ummm...I hate to say this, but Amen, sister!

  31. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Men like this are the EXACT reason why the feminist movement exists!

  32. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Seems these guys want women to be only sex toys and maids. Time to grow up boys and do your own laundry!

    1. Anonymous12:48 PM

      Sounds like they've been doing laundry all their lives, with their shitty, backwards beliefs. They definitely have issues from their pasts.

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM

      A Handmaid's Tale is their blueprint.

  33. Anonymous11:06 AM

    The ones who doth protest so much are usually the ones who are out doing the thing they are protesting so much about.

  34. Anonymous11:13 AM

    You give them too much credit when you say they never want to get laid "again"

  35. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn11:36 AM

    Seems these two dinkuses have severe Mommy issues.

    That is, their Mommies probably got wise and kicked these losers and their porn-saturated computers out of their rent-free basements when they were, oh, 40 or so--with no daughter-in-law prospects in sight.

  36. Something tells me that neither of these two guys did vey well with the ladies when they were young and single. And while they were striking out left and right, I'm sure that every woman that shot them down was "a dyke, a lezbo, a feminazi, a whore, a cunt, a dick-tease, or a slut", and if it was someone that let one of them down softly, then she was "just a bitch".

    This is just whining and complaining from a couple of insecure misogynists who never matured socially or emotionally. If their kids are exposed to educated persons who have healthy attitudes about gender equity and respect for every individual, the kids will realize what a dickess bastard their daddies are by contrast.

    Anyone who would listen to these creeps for a minute probably just has their own dark-ages beliefs reinforced and validated, and is just as pitiful an excuse as a man in the role of a father or husband. They're afraid of women, and feel threatened because they are insecure. Their fear of women manifests itself in their contempt for the opposite sex.

    I enjoy talk radio sometimes when I'm on a long drive, but I couldn't lister to these retards any longer than I could put up with Sean Hannity. Narrow minds, all.

  37. Anita Winecooler1:05 PM

    Did you catch De Mint on Meet the Press?

    yeah, all fetuses are children and the sole responsibility of the woman, why do these nimrods never mention the men involved? Cause a REAL man scares them!

    Add him to the "tightly clenched anal sphincter" duo featured in the clip above.

  38. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Wow, these guys are so Drop Dead Gorgeous that I totally understand their dissing of unattractive women. Not.

    God, what a couple of losers. Have they ever looked in a mirror? And they have stupid wives. I know this because they'd have to be nincompoops to marry one of these twits!

    And what would Jesus think of their mocking of ugly women?


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