Monday, April 30, 2018

Pack your things kids! IM has moved!

So finally, after much planning, and a ton of stops and starts, The Immoral Minority is making the big move.

(Yeah, I know it took awhile but, hey I've been busy.)

From this point on to find all of your Immoral Minority snark, political commentary, and Sarah Palin updates you need to go here to our new home.

It is sleeker, it is more user friendly, and of course it has that all important new website smell.

So update your bookmarks my friends, and spread the news far and wide that there is a new and improved Immoral Minority just a hop, skip, and click away.


  1. Anonymous11:52 PM

    i dont like it

    1. Anonymous5:31 AM

      Me neither. It is harder to track stories.
      What happens to your archives, Gryphen?

    2. Anonymous5:41 AM

      Yeah,wanting one's url attached,ect. I dont do facebook nor do i surrender my personal info to Any site in today's climate. I'm out.

    3. Anonymous6:40 AM

      The Mission Statement is MIA tOO.

    4. Anonymous7:29 AM

      I visit several times a day, for Gryphen's posts but also for the blogroll. If it's gone, I don't see
      that I can't follow the news in other places. And, with privacy in the forefront, I won't leave my e-mail in order to comment.
      I've read you since 2008, but, sadly, there are dozens of blogs out there that do about the same thing. Yours used to be different. I don't know what will bring me back -- blogpost for sure. Won't add comments anymore.

    5. Anonymous7:42 AM

      @6:40 I found it deep in the bowels...
      'About the Author: Gryphen

      This blog is dedicated to finding the truth, exposing the lies, and holding our politicians and leaders accountable when they fall far short of the promises that they have made to both my fellow Alaskans and the American people."

    6. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Stocks will crash & burn now.
      Haha. Better sell them fast.

    7. Anonymous10:57 AM

      At 2:55 EST -- your new home won't Open for me. A sign?

    8. Anonymous11:22 AM

      ^ who are you talking to? :/

    9. Anonymous11:34 AM

      A sign it's a pain in the ass

  2. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Well I'm out. Good luck with your future and new format. Sincerely hope you will change your mind and come back to this. Simple, easy, 'semi' ANONYMOUS (think facebook fallout), and kinda frankly liked your rolling out style of your posts.

    Check out Litmans blog, she made the mistake IMO you are heading into.

    Serious question, is this a money making change? Not being sarcastic or a dick, just curious?

    1. Anonymous4:18 AM

      Agree completely. The ads are terrible and I'm not gping to comment under the new system. Frankly, it's shitty.

  3. Oh, I really hate that new format. For the same reason I left The Mudflats.

    The old site? This one? I can scroll down the center and everything is in a row by chronology.

    That new one? It’s all over the place.

    I hate that I have to go to different sections to read all new posts. I like everything in one place in a row, from oldest to newest.

    I hate that both sides are cluttered with articles that not only go elsewhere with an Immortal Majority skin on top but they have big, honkin ads on top.

    And there are ads all over the place.

    It is not sleaker. It is not more user friendly.

    I know you just love your new shiny, easy to manage site, but frankly, it sucks.

    I hate it.

    I really loved the format you have here at the old site. I really tried to love the new Mudflats website but I couldn’t stand it and left.

    I’m not even going to try to keep up with your shiny new piece of schizophrenia with ad crap all over it.

    Really a shame. I’ve been coming here since McCain announce Palin as his running mate and I said “Sarah who?” Over a decade. But I just can’t stand your new shiny new toy. I think you were dazzled by the shiny bells and whistles.

    Check your stats for the next month and see if you gain or lose readers.

    1. Anonymous5:10 AM

      I agree. New site sucks.

    2. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Bandaid solution. Go to facebook module on the left side of page and the articles are posted in sequence. Click the article link and it connects to the new site page and article. Shame to have to do it this way, but it's the only way to do it and get the sequential result.

    3. Anonymous8:27 AM

      @8:14 ? "on the 'left' side" Facebook?

    4. Anonymous9:27 AM

      On the left side of the homepage on the new blog site, sorry for lack of clarity.

      Bandaid solution. Go to facebook module on the left side of page and the articles are posted in sequence. Click the article link and it connects to the new site page and article. Shame to have to do it this way, but it's the only way to do it and get the sequential result.

    5. Anonymous11:35 AM

      Cry. Us. A. River.

    6. Since I don't do Facebook and will never do Facebook this module solution you're offering is useless.

    7. Anonymous8:52 PM

      This is one of the three or four times a year I completely am in agreement with you mlaiuppa.

      Pour a glass and have a cheers with me. I do every blue moon when our stars align.

  4. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Enjoy your new home, don't expect too many comments if people have to give up their email address for it. I for one am being spied on more than enough already.

    1. Anonymous3:54 AM

      Agreed! I saw the ‘email required’ and decided to not leave a comment.

    2. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Yep. Same here. Not going to comment there, and more likely than not not even going to read there. Too many sites have gone to that layout, and from what I have seen, there are very, very few comments on either one of those sites.

  5. Anonymous1:54 AM

    I love the original IM (it's my home page). I visit several times a day for new articles and updates on the blog list, too.

    1. Anonymous5:33 AM

      The new site is messier not sleeker.

    2. Anonymous7:24 AM

      Agreed. If you need money, put up a GoFundMe site, Gryph, but please reconsider and keep this one here alive!

  6. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Thought you were packing up and heading to Canada. Which is where I’m heading if aDump is nominated for a Nobel!

  7. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Aye yi yi.....

  8. Anonymous3:10 AM

    OT: NOT AGAIN! This has happened so many times, the last *I* remember being 'Dr. Feelgood's' (obviously written by a layperson with poor grammar) letter of Trumplethinskin's glowing health.

    'A former special assistant to Robert Mueller doesn’t believe for a second that the “leaked questions” came from the special counsel or that those are the questions he’ll ask.

    It was revealed Monday that there are 40 questions that Mueller will ask President Donald Trump about the ongoing investigations. The New York Times reported that someone outside of Trump’s legal team leaked the questions. However, Michael Zeldin, who now works as a legal analyst for CNN, told “New Day” that he doesn’t believe these questions came from Mueller.'

    1. Anonymous7:27 AM

      Yeah, I thought so too. Mueller had been asked earlier to give Dotard and his lawyers questions so he (they!) could answer them, and Mueller basically told them to go take a hike. All of a sudden he agreed? No way in hell. Unless he is giving some non-sense ones, just to haul Dotard in and then actually ask him questions he wants to ask.

  9. Paul in Minnesota3:20 AM

    It is difficult to get accustomed to change!!! Well, I will hang in there with the new website. In time I will get the layout of the new place. Good luck Gryphen. Hugs, Paul

  10. Nope -- it doesn't work for me at all. I like the timely posts scrolled out version (and posts) like you have here.

  11. Anonymous4:11 AM

    What a bunch of fucking whiners.

    1. Anonymous6:43 AM

      It is funny. It’s a blog. It’s not a scholastic thing or a necessity. People needs lives.

  12. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Interesting that the original skank hacker is pointing the bony finger in the new direction of this site finding the truth etc. Good Luck in your search. Happy May Day Everyone (: #impeachtrumpnow

    1. Anonymous6:34 AM

      Trump’s Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize Was Apparently Forged. Twice.!!

      So how long will this blog be working?....Will it be Gone by the days end?

    2. Anonymous7:07 AM

      Good Finger Pointing out...THAT!

  13. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Well the ads are bigger. I don’t see the links to other like minded political blogs or the charming live feed that shows where people are logging on. To bad. I thought the blogger website was charming. No anonymous comments either. Sad!

  14. You no longer have to provide your email to comment. I changed that.

    The ads are the same ones that appeared here on Blogspot, they are just in different places.

    Also keep in mind that Blogspot blocked my access to comments here on more than one occasion, and once even blocked my access to the blog for several hours, Wordpress will not do that.

    Change is always hard, but if you give it a shot I think you will ultimately like the new format better.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      I just had to provide my email about 5 minutes ago. So it is still there.

    2. Anonymous5:37 AM

      Where are the blog roll and the archives on the new site?

    3. Anonymous6:57 AM

      Just like when radio shack used to want your phone number and name for EVERY purchase!

      Make one up instead of turning over your real info.

      I used to tell them Joe Blow 555-555 5555.

      Also used Han Djob 123 456 7899.

      They got the message!

    4. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Still 'email required'.
      Also: I tried to answer, and a message came up that I already had said that - which is not true, since I clicked on the answer button just once.

  15. Anonymous4:52 AM

    I'm going to miss the updating blogroll on the left edge showing recent posts by other sites (and a remembrance of sites past that dogged SP well). But I'll probably be back on the new site on regular basis; let's see how it looks with a few days worth of Gryphen's posts. Early days. Could be good. One last anonymous post!
    Ben in SF

  16. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Chill, kids. Within a week we will be used to the new format. Change is good for old brains.

    1. Tried that with The Mudflats. I never got used to the new format and after a month I just never bothered to go anymore. I'm not even going to put that effort into Gryphen's new folly.

  17. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Removing the blogroll this is a show stopper for me. Sorry but I'll move on

    1. I'm looking to put a blogroll in over at the new site.

      Still working out the kinks.

    2. Anonymous5:45 AM

      Damn, you just gave me a great idea. If there was a way to bookmark a site on Windows???? Jesus, what a lazy f you are.

    3. Anonymous7:48 AM

      Thanks Gryph - It would be great if you can keep the old version up until then.

      To Anon, No need to be rude - it's not a bookmark that I like, it's the quick access to the top story on 10 different sites simultaneously. And to be pedant, you do not bookmark sites on Windows but in a browser ;-)

    4. Anonymous10:30 AM


  18. Lindsay6:13 AM

    My husband ran a web based business for many years. He upgraded the website 4 times. Each time it was MORE functional with several improved features. Each time many users insisted that they hated it and wanted to old way. Change takes some time to get used to. Keep an open mind but give Gryph constructive feedback.

  19. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Glad summers coming. To bad. I always say...
    Don't fix ~IT~ if ~IT~ ain't broke....

    1. Blogspot was broken for what Grypen wanted. Of course, allowing the ANONYMOUS postings was what was broken. He could have changed that but he refused. If he had done that, he could have stayed on Blogspot.

      I suggested Dreamwidth but he'd have the same problem. It's either public and open to trolls or you make it register, then you don't have anonymous posters or you'd have to approved each anonyous post.

      The new site sucks. Period.

  20. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Scattered, non sequential, hate it. One of the best things of about your blog is that any time of day, I could check in and a new story would show up in sequence, so I would know I had seen all the posts of the day or week. In order of postings. Now that is impossible, making me have to hunt about to see what I've read or not read. So now I'll have to go to the Facebook page to see the sequence, so I can come back to the new site and find the article. And where is all the HISTORY of your posts? Are you going to get rid of the old site? So all that history will be gone? What a shame that is. Archived stuff is so easy to find on the old site with the search tool, how will that work on the new site?

    Sorry G, but it doesn't work. I'm sure you spent lots of time with good intentions, but it just doesn't work. I'll watch for a bit, but it breaks my heart that you've done this to yourself and to your readers. I've seen other sites try this and I find myself going there less and less. Can you tell us the PROS of this new format, because clearly, the CONS are being made immediately clear from the comments. I feel like something good just died. So sad.

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      The white background is so hard on my eyes. The font is so slight and skinny so that compounds the issue. I found a HUGE feeling relief clicking back and seeing the blue background on this site. I'm an avid IM reader since the beginning of time and if I'm upset, then there's tons of people out there that are too. PLEASE change the background to a darker color and the font to a more bold font, it's too hard on the eyes the way it is. PLEASE?????????

    2. Anonymous7:59 AM

      SO here's a bandaid fix. If you go to the left side of the page of the new site, the facebook module is there. The articles are posted sequentially, as before, just click on the link and it will get you to the article on the new blog page, so you can still access the articles in sequence.

    3. And for those that DON'T DO FACEBOOK?

      I will not ever sign up for Facebook so the minute the word is read as a solution, I stop reading. Fuck Facebook.

    4. Anonymous11:35 AM

      '“Facebook Dating is the perfect way to meet your Ru$$ian mail-order bot.”'
      "that the social media behemoth is rolling out a dating feature that would allow users to connect with perfect strangers was met with a resounding “don’t want” on Twitter by users who are already wary after Facebook allowed their private info to be misused during the 2016 election.

      According to TechCrunch, the new feature would be available for those who wish to opt in, allowing Facebook’s algorithms to match users based on preferences."

    5. Anonymous11:48 AM

      My sentiments, exactly. Plus, the click link provided does not work for me and no printed address so we may try another way.
      After reading these comments,Gryph, it seems like you better attend to that hole that you just shot in your foot.

    6. Couldn't agree more. Facebook is the kiss of death for me. Sorry but I'm not a fan of the new site.

  21. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I tried to post a link and it never showed up. Why can't you post comments anonymously anymore?

    This so doesn't work, Gryphen, you are gonna lost so many readers this way. So disappointed.

    1. In marketing, "they" say that for every negative comment, 200 people feel the same but wouldn't comment or post a complaint.

  22. Anonymous6:45 AM

    OMG, the font is so hard to read, it's so faint. Pretty, but not very effective. You need a bolder font, not one so skinny and delicate. Even increasing the size doesn't help much. Please choose another font style Gryphen, it's really hard on the eyes to struggle to read the comments.

  23. Anonymous6:57 AM

    It's all trump's fault.

    1. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Nuh uh, you're trippin'. It's obviously Obama and Clinton's fault.

  24. Anonymous7:18 AM

    A ONE-letter mistake'?>
    "To be clear, the United States has long known that Iran had a robust, clandestine nuclear weapons program."'

    1. Anonymous8:08 AM

      CON cerning^

    2. Anonymous8:38 AM

      North/South Korea Summit

    3. Anonymous8:47 AM

      "As the day wore on, however, it became obvious that the information Netanyahu had presented to the public was actually outdated — most of it from the period between 1993 and 2003, The Atlantic notes — and likely part of a broader scheme to convince Trump to withdraw the United States from the Iran agreement. An assessment by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday, as well as one he gave in October, also contradicted Netanyahu’s claim that the nuclear deal was ineffective."

  25. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Its kinda like Roseanne boaring barr. NOPE. The show sucked way back when and it really sucks now. She looks like a trump supporter. And Romney? what a very opportunist scab. The guy needs a new religion and backbone. Again NOPE. Another trump ass kissing fool.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      I stopped watching her show after the first one - where she came out in support of Trump. Turned me off totally!

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      "Lesser of two evils" true that.

  26. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I won’t waste words reiterating what has already been said by other posters but DAMN! Gryphen, sadly I must say goodbye to my favorite go-to site. You were my daily addiction. I’ll miss you.

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

      I'm friggin' amazed how readers are overreacting to IM's new blog site. Get a life and accept that things are improving and moving on.

      And, when something is new it's more than likely going to need to have 'corrections' made.

      I've been reading IM daily too ever since he first started and assuredly plan to continue.

    2. Anonymous11:41 AM

      I've got a life, thanks, it's not for others to judge what is an overreaction, I am accepting change (not improvement), and I'm moving on. To other blogs. I also am a daily reader, but I won't be back to the new one.

    3. Different is not necessarily improving.

    4. Anonymous5:40 PM

      Oh, at first I thought you said "other pastors". I initially thot that was strange. But now I realize it said "other posters." See? I now know I need glasses. Don't change anything. ty.

  27. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Is that a New Logo tOO?

    1. No.

      A phoenix is a bird that burns and rises from the ashes.

      A griffin is a combo of a lion and an eagle.

    2. Anonymous11:08 AM

      G. could soon be both!
      Griffin Phoenix

  28. Anonymous7:35 AM

    New site does not open for me. Looks like it is offline?

  29. Anonymous7:36 AM


  30. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I agree with the other commentators that I don't like having to click multiple places to read the stories. Also, I just clicked on some and got a "500 Internal Server Error" (using Chrome if that matters). So the links aren't working for some reason. I stopped realing Malia when she went to a similar format. I *do* understand wanting to be on wordpress-- I have a wordpress blog myself-- and I know that you can still have a "rolling" blog with the articles in order. Might need a new "theme"- (under "Appearance")- try "GreenHope" , "Titan" or "TwentyTwelve" for example. *PLEASE* change the theme to be a rolling one. Pretty please?

  31. Please find space for the RSS feed- the chronological blog roll was one of the best features of your old site.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Yup. Global Imer's checked in to see the "little Russia" activity in Alaska.
      The. Sound. Of. Silence.
      Hahaha that's all folks! ;)

    2. Anonymous11:39 AM

      ^ hahaha. Watch. Your. Back.

  32. Anonymous8:11 AM

    The View’s Whoopi Goldberg calls out Meghan McCain for always playing the victim on show

  33. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Been a reader from the start and check it often during the day. I'm sorry but those ads flashing to the right and to the left just drove me crazy. That's even before I got into the entire page. Don't like it. I know it is hard sometimes to get used to new things, but I'm like the others, I tried Malia's new site and wanted so much to keep reading hers and just had to leave. Just can't stand it. I will really miss you but this just isn't working for me

  34. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Like @ the center of the 'new site'
    "Yes, the President of the United States is like a cartoon supervillain who, having captured the hero, decides to reveal the details of his evil plan."
    "rump has served up a perfect opportunity to bolster his case. Instead, he directly contradicted his own lawyer on a central matter in this case. That’s never a good plan for a litigant who hopes to prevail in court."

  35. Anonymous9:10 AM

    EPA Aide On Toxic Cleanups Resigns Amid Scott Pruitt Scandals

    Albert Kelly was appointed to the position last year after being banned for life from the banking industry.

  36. Anonymous9:12 AM
    '“One of my goals as U.S. senator will be to ditch Cocaine Mitch,”'> &wifey tOO.

    40 kilograms, or about (90) ninety pounds, of cocaine.

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Turtle man is a cokehead.

  37. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Ex-Mueller Assistant Doesn't Believe Questions Came From Mueller

    ..."I think these are notes taken by the recipients of a conversation with Mueller's office where he outlined broad topics and these guys wrote down questions that they thought these topics may raise."

    "Why do you think that?" Camerota said "Why don't you think that this is more like notes?"

    "Because this isn't the way lawyers will write questions," Zelden said. "In my estimation, some of the grammar is not even proper. So I don't see this as a list of written questions that Mueller's office gave to the president.

    "I think these are more notes that the White House has taken and then they have expanded upon the conversation to write out these as questions and that's where we are. So, I think Jeffrey is right that these are introductory questions that then introduce a lot of sub questions in a longer interview. And the thing that you can see from this, this interview is not going to end any time quickly because these are a lot of questions and this will take potentially more than one day to answer, which is why I thought originally this may be an effort to influence the president's thinking about whether or not he's going to try to resist an effort to interview him or not."

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      FAKE questions. Surprise.

    2. Anonymous11:32 AM

  38. Anonymous9:21 AM

    "Stephen Colbert", possibly the last true American, does an EPIC takedown of Michelle Wolf!!!

  39. Anonymous9:23 AM

    FYI-"Santiago is accused of flying on a one-way ticket from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in January of last year to carry out the shootings of mostly elderly travelers — one of three mass firearm killings in Florida since 2016.

    Santiago, who suffers from mental health problems, is expected to change his plea to guilty on May 23 after undergoing a psychiatric competency evaluation"
    "A military veteran charged with fatally shooting five people and wounding six others at the Fort Lauderdale airport last year will plead guilty in exchange for receiving a life sentence under an agreement disclosed Tuesday in Miami federal court."

    Read more here:

  40. Anonymous9:33 AM

    G, why would you shoot yourself in the foot like this? It's OVERWHELMINGLY not working for your long time, devoted readers. It's ok to make a mistake and admit it and rectify it. This is simply a big mistake that you must not have thought through. It happens. But is it worth losing your readers? If it's financial, I'd be happy to contribute to a GoFundMe site. If it's just you being bored with the 'old' format, well, we're hating the new one. It's not about change, I have no problem with change is it is in a positive and BETTER direction, but this just isn't. Even working out the kinks, I don't see how this will ultimately be a smart move for you if you want to keep your readers going forward.

    1. Anonymous10:30 AM

      I got a feeling a law dog recommended this change.
      To catch a LEECH may be?

    2. Anonymous10:45 AM

      How long will this site be upend working?
      The other has crashed again...
      IM willing to work both.

  41. Anonymous9:36 AM

    CNN House Key Race alerts: A dozen GOP-held seats get more competitive

  42. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Trump and Cohen Accused of Breaking Campaign Finance Laws

    And now comes another report of a major campaign finance legal violation by Cohen and Trump: ABC has reported that some of the legal expenses for Cohen — President Donald Trump’s personal attorney — were paid by the Trump campaign.

    According to ABC:

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

  43. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Mueller's former assistant says grammatical errors prove leaked questions came from Trump

    1. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Of course it did, bet it was leaked by some guy called John Barron.

      this way trump can cry foul, by the way supposedly their were questions on collusion and the moron sent out a tweet that said no collusion.

      that's ok, get him on obstruction of justice.

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      My bet is on Rudy Ghoulianny. He took the questions that were submitted to tRump's former lawyer that quit about a month ago, and 'tweaked' them a bit by inserting some grammatical errors, so it does not seem like HE leaked them.

  44. Blogroll has now been added at new site.

    It is preliminary of course, but I will add to it as time goes on.

    Feel free to cheer lead for your favorites.

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Huffington Post
      Raw Story
      Crooks and Liar
      The Hill
      Addicting Info
      Daily KOS
      Daily Beast
      Common Dreams
      Rolling Stone politics
      Washington Monthly
      Business Insider politics
      The Last Word
      Rachel Maddow
      No More Mister Nice Blog
      Daily Banter
      Esquire (Charles P. Pierce)
      NY Post
      New Civil Rights Movement
      Vanity Fair
      The Intercept
      Law & Crime

      just a few really important sites to consider posting on blogroll.

    2. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Graphen, on your new site, could you please add a date/time to the title of your posts? Like that people do not need to go through trial-and-error having to click on each story to see if it is a new one or older!
      THANK YOU!

    3. Anonymous11:01 AM


    4. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Could you Please try to put those in a alphabetic order or Category of some sort?

    5. Now do something about the comments. You have to do an EXTRA click, once you find the tiny little icon, to see the comments. The comments are where the meat is, plus extra links to other pertinent or must interesting information.

      Switch your font so a serif font. Try Georgia to start. It's easier on the eyes, especially with a white background.

      Then explain to me why after a decade of posting and not having done anything obscene or flaming my IP is suddenly BANNED and none of my posts have shown up. Not even the one from last night.

      You're still allowing the Anonymous, no e-mail unaccountable posts in by *I'm* banned for constructive criticism?

  45. Anonymous10:31 AM

    “It was horrific — people had waited months for the war to end, only to be blown up inside their homes.”

    ...Yet the fall of ISIS was not the end of terror in the war-ravaged city. Waves of displaced residents flocked back to their neighborhoods and re-entered their homes — only to fall victim to hidden explosives, left behind by retreating ISIS fighters. Emergency medical staff began to receive dozens of patients who were mutilated by shrapnel and heat, their families bringing reports of mines hidden inside refrigerators, teddy bears, kitchen cabinets, and even under Qurans.

    “We were seeing men, women, and children with parts of their bodies blown off, with internal injuries, broken bones,” the head of mission for a European medical NGO that works inside Raqqa told The Intercept. (He asked not to be named because the NGO does not publicize its presence in the city, for safety reasons.) “It was horrific — people had waited months for the war to end, only to be blown up inside their homes.”

    Others unwittingly triggered explosives hidden on neighborhood streets; children were blasted after picking up shiny objects or climbing over booby-trapped debris. As the casualties climbed into the hundreds, the reality of post-ISIS Raqqa quickly became clear: The retreating caliphate had rendered the city a death trap.

  46. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Only Democrats Could F*ck This Up, Volume Infinity
    The DCCC manages to throw both of its candidates for a House seat under the bus.

  47. Anonymous10:32 AM


    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Holy shitballs Batman!

      That's the best link of the week!

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      "In February 2017, a top White House aide who was Trump's longtime personal bodyguard, along with the top lawyer at the Trump Organization and a third man, showed up at the office of Trump's New York doctor without notice and took all the president's medical records.

      The incident, which Dr. Harold Bornstein described as a "raid," took place two days after Bornstein told a newspaper that he had prescribed a hair growth medicine for the president for years...."
      "According to the Toxicology Data Network at the National Institutes of Health, diethylpropion has a high risk of dependency and chronic abuse – such as taking it for years – can cause delusions, paranoia, and hyperactivity."
      ".. In the controversial 1993 Trump biography Lost Tycoon, author Harry Hurt attributed a steady stream diet pill habit to “Donald’s mood swings” and “his fits of distemper.”

      Sadistic $PeedFreakViagra Junkie^

    3. Anonymous11:14 AM

      "rump had always been aggressive

      sometime brutal

      in business as well as loose with the truth, but in the late 1980s, things had become much worse. While former employees said he had often been thoughtful and caring to his staff, he suddenly exhibited abusive behavior that at times seemed irrational. His self-aggrandizement grew to delusions of grandeur, his thin skin thinned more, his decisions grew more reckless. While he had always been a liar when it was convenient, he sputtered greater numbers of falsehoods at an alarming rate and seemed to believe them. When previously he would speak in sexist ways that were fairly typical in businesses during the early 1980s, toward the end of the decade he seemed to have no filter and openly said far more inappropriate things about women. "
      "e borrowed billions to open one Atlantic City casino after another, launching another one before any had turned a profit and ultimately creating a business model where he was competing with him$elf. "

    4. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Someone said that before.
      Now he is sounding normal. Did he figure out someone was slipping him a Mickey? Gasp.
      Your fired mutherfucker. Out.

    5. Anonymous12:44 PM

      Tax Payers paid for a WH employee (Keith Schiller) to raid a US Business (Dr. Harold Bornstein) without a warrant and demand medical records for the sitting US President in order to suppress the fact that he was going bald and that he weighs more than 239 pounds.

      This is NOT OK!

    6. Anonymous12:44 PM

      The reason Keith Schiller raided the office of Trump's physician Dr. Harold Bornstein is because the side effects for Trump taking the male baldness drug Propecia are erectile dysfunction, impotence, low libido and massive man boobs -- and the side effects do not disappear.

    7. Anonymous12:45 PM

      This is why people call Donald Trump a mob boss. His bodyguard Keith Schiller engaged in thug behavior, unbefitting of the president of the United States. We haven't seen this type of depraved political criminality since Nixon's burglars broke into the Watergate building in 1972.

    8. Anonymous12:46 PM

      This ransacking of Bornstein's office by Trump's bodyguard, Keith Schiller sounds remarkably like other efforts to silence potential scandals with strongarm tactics.

      And it makes Stormy Daniels account of being threatened by a sitting President and his legal team VERY believable

    9. Anonymous12:47 PM

      Keith Schiller took The Trump Propecia Files from Dr. Harold Bornstein.

      Propecia side effects:

      Swelling of extremities
      Runny Nose


      New research shows mental changes is one of Propecia’s side effects.

    10. Anonymous12:48 PM

  48. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Haven't seen this yet in comments, so adding my 2 cents worth. For several reasons I can't/won't access this blog on my work computer or my personal laptop which I'll sometimes use on the network at work. So usually I'm reading on my phone (Samsung galaxy). Although I can see the list of posts on the new site, I get an error message everytime I try to read one. I know all new sites of issues, so I'll keep trying. Hopefully this too will get worked out.

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      I'm getting an error message opening it on my desktop (Chrome)...! Not just cell phone issues.............

  49. Anonymous11:02 AM

    I am getting an error message 500 internal server error on new site:

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator at to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  50. It appears that the new site is under attack, which is why people are getting that error message.

    Hoping to rectify that soon.

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Of course it is. Russia.
      They don't like you. Haha.
      Who cares! We love You! ;)

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM


    3. Anonymous11:38 AM

      I guess I know why Bristol had Nancy run her blog!

    4. Anonymous11:46 AM

      I would report it to the Fed's. I am guessing that there is a Penelope Garcia.
      Let her 'catch a mouse' hack!
      They probably look on IM. ;)
      For entertainment purposes.

    5. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Because Barstool is allergic to working a real fucking job? Oh. Right. Embezzling.
      Wink. I forgot. Big long fart

  51. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I guess I know why Bristol had Nancy run her blog!

    1. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Yeah. Because working is soooo hard. Eye roll. Gag.

  52. Anonymous11:42 AM

    EPA FYI-"Pruitt touted the agency’s work on Superfund during a pair of congressional hearings last week. “We have removed over three times the number of polluted sites of contaminated communities across the country as compared to the previous administration for 2017,” he said.

    The Associated Press fact-checked the claim and concluded Pruitt “is taking credit for work largely completed when Barack Obama was president.”

    Reacting to news of Kelly and Perotta’s departures, Beyer called on Pruitt to also step down.

    “The exodus of Pruitt’s closest aides shows just how toxic his reign at EPA has become,” Beyer said in a statement. “The EPA needs new leadership from public servants committed to its mission of protecting the environment and putting Americans’ public health first.”"

  53. Anonymous12:00 PM

    The real story on the 40 questions for Donald Trump from special counsel Robert Mueller

    1. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Gravest danger to Trump lies in sleeper questions from Mueller

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Zeldin is right. No prosecutor or investigator would phrase their questions the way the leaked questions were phrased. *Way* too many open-ended questions that call for a narrative from the witness. These questions were likely taken from a White House outline of question topics.

      BREAKING: This could be big. Tom Barrack and Flynn lobbied Trump to give Saudi Arabia nuclear tech—which enriches Russia, as they'd build the facilities. Barrack got Manafort atop Trump's campaign just as Flynn joined. Now Mifsud is in a Saudi delegation?

    3. Anonymous3:37 PM

      >>>Gravest danger to Trump lies in sleeper questions from Mueller<<<

      Trump is schmart but not nearly as schmart as he thinks!

      But he thinks he is schmarter than Muller and this is the downfall of everyone around him and in the end his own larda$$ed self!

  54. Anonymous12:07 PM

    G? Isn't this much faster?

    1. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Yes. Not stagnant at all. Very refreshing.. lime hooligan.

  55. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I can't open your link. I use chrome.

  56. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Former Dem Rep. Alan Grayson to challenge for old House seat

    Poll: Two-thirds say Trump hasn't drained 'swamp' or has made it worse

  57. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Poll: Majorities in 44 states approve of same-sex marriage

  58. Anonymous12:28 PM

    IM backup!

  59. Anonymous12:31 PM

    The Media Hated Michelle Wolf’s Speech, But Not Because of Her Sarah Sanders Jokes

    1. Yep. That is *exactly* it. She did what most guest comedians have failed to do. She also roasted the hosts, the WHCA and all of the media. They don't like being exposed for their complicity in getting Trump elected and then failing to do their jobs exposing every lie and attack on our nation and it's citizens.

  60. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Don Blankenship Releases "Cocaine Mitch" Ad Explanation

  61. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Old Mitch’s father in law OWNS a Chinese shipping company recently IMPLICATED in SMUGGLING COCAINE FROM COLUMBIA TO EUROPE!



  62. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I can't find comment section on new site it definitely is not an easy site to use on a phone,will reserve comment until i can access on a computer,was down last time i tried.

  63. Anonymous4:50 PM

    love the new website!!! i always come to you because you share my views!

  64. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Your new website looks great!


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