Monday, April 30, 2018

Tennessee state police form a perimeter to protect a white nationalist gathering from anti-racist protesters. Did I mention this was in a state park?

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Police formed a tight perimeter around a Tennessee state-owned hotel Saturday, guarding a white nationalist conference inside the building from anti-racist protesters gathered outside. 

American Renaissance, a racist Virginia-based organization listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, reserved the 125 rooms inside Montgomery Bell State Park Inn for the weekend conference. Attendees not staying at the hotel arrived there early Saturday morning. Nearly all of them were men. They wore suit and ties — mandatory dress for the event — and didn’t respond to reporters’ questions as police escorted them inside.

Anti-racist protesters arrived a short time later. State park rangers subjected each protester to a metal detector test before allowing them to enter a fenced-off area across from the hotel. 

One protester, Beth Foster, grew upset when park rangers wouldn’t allow her to bring a purse inside, as bags were prohibited in the protest zone. 

“This is absolutely absurd,” she told the officers. “Nazis” from out of state, she told them, were allowed to rent out an entire Tennessee taxpayer-owned hotel, and yet she wasn’t allowed to bring a tiny purse inside a section of her own state park. Eventually Foster — co-director of the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee — left her purse and walked through the security checkpoint. 

“It’s anti-racist activists that the state sees as the enemies,” she told reporters. “Not the Nazis or the white supremacists who are in our buildings, using our public restrooms, and eating in our public restaurant, plotting genocide.” 

So to be clear the police perimeter was in place BEFORE any protesters even arrived?

So they just assumed they would be violent?

The protesters, many of whom I would assume were also residents of the state, were then not only forbidden to enter the hotel on state park land, but were corralled into a fenced off area like cattle.

And you know this is now a thing, with the Nazis and white supremacists demonstrating real fear about the protesters that show up at their rallies and gatherings, even though most of the violence, and the only death, is attributed to their side.

So much for being the "master race," right?


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    The wives of these Nazis are the onea buying Sarah Palin's HOLIDAY cookbook so they have homemade snacks to eat while they plot murder. This makes Sarah Palin a terrorist for supporting terrorists.

    1. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Wake the hell up. $arah has BEEN a terrorist, for a long time. Time is up. ;)

  2. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I find the state of the union to be despicable. Steve Bannon invited the nazis to come out and play.

    1. aka DEPLORABLE.
      'synonyms: disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable; reprehensible, DESPICABLE, abominable, contemptible, execrable, heinous'

    2. Anonymous7:43 AM

      No, John McCain did.

    3. Anonymous8:26 AM

      McCain did NOT overtly invite the white supremacists. His grab for the evangelical vote with his pick of Palin did it.

  3. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Russia Continues Info-War Tactics In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

    And they're winning.

  4. Anonymous7:29 AM

    The racial demons that help explain evangelical support for Trump

    Evangelicals’ tenacious affection for Donald Trump is not a bug driven by expediency. Instead, it reflects defining features of American evangelicalism that become clearer when we examine the historical record. Doing so reveals that when white conservative evangelicals feel threatened by cultural change, the old demons of racism and misogyny, which lurk at the heart of the American evangelical tradition, return with a vengeance. Trump is just another chapter in that story.

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      I haven't seen that article but will read it. Thanks for posting. Evangelicals are the most racist, misogynistic people you'll ever find.

    2. Anonymous9:33 AM

      Cumming $OOn^>


      Welcome to TEN
      The Evangelical Network (TEN) is an association of LGBT&S affirming evangelical ministries and individuals. TEN’s mission is focused on the LGBT community and its allies to:
      Provide a safe place for LGBT people to discover and rediscover Christianity
      Bring together people with a shared faith to worship, evangelize and disciple
      Give people from all different backgrounds an opportunity to be educated about Homosexuality and Christianity
      Afford ministry and growth opportunities to people in the LGBT community
      Hold an annual conference open to all that is designed for networking, fellowship, education and worship
      Offer a safe place for LGBT people and the evangelical church community to dialogue
      Be a voice in the public and media that supports the LGBT community and its struggles for equality, and to speak out against negative stereotypes
      This mission is accomplished through an affiliation of churches, ministries and individuals working together. "

      #1 I$$ue A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N.

  5. Anonymous7:41 AM

    The most convincing piece of data that things are looking very bad for Republicans in November

  6. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Typical. If there were black people protesting the police would be doing the opposite.

  7. White privilege on display. Had the gathering been all Blacks, the police probably would have welcomed every gun toting wasicu to join in keeping the Blacks in their place.

  8. Anonymous8:15 AM

    This type stuff wouldn't be allowed to be going on IF Trump were not potus! Unbelievable!

    There are so many reasons to impeach him!

  9. Anonymous8:42 AM


  10. Anonymous8:48 AM


    '"Granting statehood means granting seven seats to the Democrats,” University of Connecticut professor Charles Venator Santiago said. “Statehood has been dead for decades.”

    Former governor Pedro Rosselló — the current governor’s father — said there is a chance for statehood though.

    “We feel that a lot of the discussion about unequal treatment in response to the hurricane are merely the symptoms of a condition with a root cause: the fundamental limitation of civil rights,” he said. “As long as the U.S. has under its jurisdiction areas that, by law, do not participate fully with other citizens, the United States is not a republic. It’s an empire.”'

  11. Marthe8:50 AM

    This is a state-owned hotel who non only caters to a white nationalist organisation but also provdes police security to these people. Let's think about that for a second.

    1. Anonymous9:14 AM

      I'm in East Tennessee and knee-deep in Reds, but it's like i told my Irish Catholic grandmother when she complained about me going to a Baptist church and singing in the choir:
      "Grandmother, when i'm there, they don't talk badly from the pulpit about the Catholics worshipping statues."

      "You keep going there" she said (meaning that was worth condemning my soul to hellfire for not attending mass — i guess).

  12. Anonymous9:42 AM

    watch & LISTEN to THIS important Information-VOTE:

    The paths are available ...' "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls" USa2

  13. Anonymous10:03 AM

    "As Pew found last year, some three-quarters of gun owners say the right to civilian gun ownership is “essential” to “their own personal sense of freedom.”

    But is the right to civilian gun ownership also essential to the prevention of tyranny? Is it a key ingredient to the preservation, implementation, and extension of democracy?

    The short answer: NO."
    "what government would attempt to implement tyrannical policies — say, interning its own citizens based on their ethnicity, or preventing wide segments of the public from the right to vote based on their race...
    ". “White supremacists are absolutely correct in pointing to the Second Amendment as having been created for their supremacy in perpetuity, so that what they regarded as ‘tyranny’ was and is any deviance by government from that arrangement,” Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, the author of Loaded, a recent history of the Second Amendment"
    "or observers of Ukraine’s EuroMaidan revolution, the role of civilian arms ownership in toppling Yanukovych was, at best, scant. “What was most important [to toppling Yanukovych] was the fact that a large cross-section of society rejected what Yanukovych and his oligarchy stood for,” Yuri Shevchuk, an expert on Ukrainian politics at Columbia University, told ThinkProgress. “I don’t think guns played any significant role in what happened.”" the far more important role that mass turnout, press freedoms, and minority rights play in the overthrow of anti-democratic regimes. As Xavier Marquez wrote in Non-Democratic Politics, protest campaigns involving more than 4 percent of the population’s participation “almost always” succeed. Arms are beside the point.

    This notion is, in the end, a myth — one that will do little to slow the democratic backsliding we’ve already witnessed, or prevent the imposition of a tyrannical government so long feared.

  14. Anonymous10:14 AM

    " They’re the first delegation from a “caravan” of about 300 Central Americans that has traveled through Mexico over the last few weeks on the way to the United States, organized by the humanitarian nonprofit Pueblos sin Fronteras."
    " most of them Central Americans, present themselves for asylum to border agents every day. It’s perfectly legal for someone without papers to go to a US port of entry and seek asylum by showing they meet the legal definition: that they would be the victims of persecution based on their race, nationality, religion, political views, or membership in a targeted social group if returned to their home country."

  15. Anonymous12:48 PM

    it is..unfortunate that the master race has the same right to freedom of speech as the rest of us. i am not protecting them-it's just the fact that they have the same rights and we must let them use those rights. and as we have seen, it's better every group is kelp away from each other.

  16. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Shit, last time I went camping at a state park and some fucking rednecks blew off fireworks at 3 a.m., I couldn't even FIND a park ranger to do a drive by warning.

  17. Anonymous3:39 PM

    How do you feel about the 'all black' groups?

    Serious question.

    For instance... the Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan. He has never backed away from the group’s fundamental tenets, espoused by the group’s previous leader, Elijah Mohammed, that white people are inherently evil — that they are "blue-eyed devils."

    How about the "Congressional Black Caucus", is that not a racist segregationist group?

  18. Anonymous6:05 PM

    It's Tennessee FFS, who would expect any less from a bunch of inbred southerners? Can we really trust anyone from south of the Mason-Dixon? I think not, the genetic material is way too compromised, for way too long.


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