Saturday, December 18, 2010

It is deja vu all over again at the Sarah Palin book signing in Anchorage!

It took me some time to decide if I REALLY wanted to attempt to attend yet another Sarah Palin book signing or not.

I mean after the last time I sort of had a bad taste in my mouth.  But this one WAS in Anchorage, and it WAS at MY Costco store, and it WAS a whole year later.  Surely this time it would probably be a rather tame excursion to one of my favorite stores which might provide a relatively entertaining story to share with you my loyal readers. So why not?

Perhaps I should have remembered just WHO I was talking about.

I arrived at around 10:00 AM to find that most of the crowd had been let inside the building. But since I was newly arrived I was forced to wait outside for many, many scrotum shrinking minutes while they moved people around to make room for the rest of us.  The temperature was only about six degrees and in no time at all I had lost most of the feeling in the parts of my body where I really enjoy having feeling.

Finally I made it to the side entrance where they were allowing us in, only to find myself stuck halfway between the frigid outdoors and the relatively warm indoors.  You might not think it, but for some reason that was infinitely worse then the twenty minutes I had spent outside.  Fifteen minutes later, just as I was envisioning saying "Fuck this" and going home to take a nice long bath in steaming hot cocoa, the line moved and I was finally allowed to stumble the rest of the way into the warehouse.

Inside I was confronted by a very pretty young Costco employee who asked to see the receipt for my book and my Costco card. It took a moment, since there was no feeling in my hand below the wrist, but eventually I was able to comply.

Once it was confirmed that my book was purchased at Costco and I was indeed a member, she placed a band around my wrist which allowed me to have my book signed by Caribou Barbie herself. (Be still my beating heart.)

Then I stood in line and listened to the people around me share what had made them decide to brave the Arctic chill to just have Sarah Palin sign the book she had somebody else write for her.

Surprisingly many of the people were there to get books signed for other people. (As practical jokes I have to assume.)  But there WERE a few actual Palin fans.

The line wound around a in a snakelike pattern, returning to the beginning, and the cold air, before heading off toward where the Queen of the North Star awaited. 

On the last pass I asked the pretty young Costco worker how many of the 500 arm bands, allowing people to meet and get their books signed by Sarah Palin, they had given out already. I was told they had only given out about 380, and that the the line to get them had dwindled down to nothing.  Her response sounded much like what I had heard was taking place in other book signings for Palin's new book so I was not surprised. This was at about 11:00 AM.

A few minutes later I came to the grocery aisle where Palin had made her grand entrance.

For reasons I cannot quite explain this gave me an embarrassing case the giggles, which attracted a few suspicious glances in my direction.. (Is that crepe paper?)

Soon I was very close to the the Grizzled Mama.  So close in fact that I swore I smelled moose chili and the faint scent of fading glory. (Fading glory smells a bit like burnt toast in case you were wondering.)

Then I saw Snowdrift Snookie herself, and she had even brought along Toad!  Well THIS should be interesting.

Ah, what am I saying.  NO way will Palin make a scene like the last time.  And I had already been standing in line for such a long time, without incident, how could ANYBODY claim I was going to cause a disruption.  (That is called foreshadowing kids.)

Just about the time that I had that thought, some lady, about ten people in front of me, started yelling at the Palins and had to be grabbed and escorted out by the security staff.

Whoa! And here I thought this might be a real snoozefest.

A few minutes later a security guy who had helped get the protester out of the area (no NOT the Drop Zone guys, these were REAL security guys.) came back and started bitching to me: "Yeah this is America, but that is no excuse to act crazy."

I certainly agreed, and personally I was not planning to make a scene at all.  I just wanted to successfully get through the line.  Get my book signed. And then say to Sarah, "See, there was never any need to throw me out, I am perfectly civilized." At least THAT was my plan.

Finally it was my turn.  As I walked up the handlers took my book and told me that I would get one directly from Sarah after she signed it.  Sounds good I thought, though I was a little confused as to why I could not leave with the same book I had walked in with, but hey not a biggie.

One of the handlers directed me to the table, and as I arrived I found Todd's outstretched hand waiting for me. ("Finally!" I thought. "Now they will see that there was no reason to throw me out last year.")

I shook Todd's hand and returned his warm smile. (He really is a nice looking man up close, though quite thin and slightly built.)

He had a book open in front of him, with pen in hand ready to sign it. "What's your name?" He asked. 

Unlike the first time I met Sarah I was not about to give a false name. So I told him my first name.

It took a second, but I saw the slow realization come over his face. So I smiled harder.
His face darkened just a bit, and his pen did not move.  "And your last name?" He asked in much less friendly tone.  Uh oh.

Well, in for a penny in for a pound I thought.  So I told him my last name. And, what  the hell, I smiled again.

"What do you want?" He asked in a rather confrontational tone.

"I want to get my book signed"  I said.  I kind of thought that was obvious.

Todd leaned over to Sarah, who was talking to somebody else and said my full name loud enough for everybody to hear it. (Nope, this is NOT good.)

No smile from Sarah,  as she snatched the book, my book,  out of Todd's hand.

"Oh you are the one who is trying to destroy my children!" She snapped.

"No I'm not" I responded.

"Well I will talk to you later, I am talking to this nice lady now." She said as she motioned for the security to come over.

This time there was no hand on the shoulder like in Wasilla, but the nice gentleman motioned for me to walk to the exit out of the book signing area, and away from the Palins.  I did as requested (I really never had any intention of causing a scene), and I stood there for a minute, a little confused since Sarah was still holding my book under the one she was signing for the "nice lady."

A few minutes later one of the handlers walked up and handed me a book, from who knows where, and  gestured that I should leave the area.  So I did.

As I walked outside I found myself, much like the time in Wasilla, overcome with a case of the giggles.

How absurd I thought. She actually had me kicked out not once, but twice, from one of her book signings. Has she learned nothing?

If she had just signed the book, I would have had a relatively boring post to write. And she would have looked like the bigger person, having grown a thicker skin and learned to take the high road.  But she simply CAN NOT do that!

I drove off to the Snow Cafe, to meet friends, some of who had also been to the book signing, to commiserate and compare notes. They of course thought it was the height of hilarity that I was escorted out again, and all agreed that she is indeed her own worst enemy.

Those who had attended like I did also had their own stories to tell.  It is not my place to tell you of their experiences, they will have to do that on their own, but I do have a picture that sort of sums up the feeling we were all left with after today's Sarah Palin book signing escapade.


Eloquently put, don't you agree?


  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Well, Gryphen, I hope you return the book to Costco for a refund.

    She's such a nasty piece of work. I just want her gone, gone, gone.

  2. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Confronting a blogger: How very presidential.

    Gryph, your story HAS to make it to every progressive blog just has to.

  3. She's not even worth it anymore. Nice of you to take one for the team, though, and document her paranoia. I never thought I'd see the day, but she truly is becoming irrelevant. She might actually become, actually irrelevant, before the Mudflats even finishes her 12 days of Palin Xmas!

    What are we going to talk about when she is done? Will our favorite AK bloggers jump on the anti-Pebble Mine bandwagon and we can all rally 'round that?

    I'm as sad to see her go as I was to see Britney Spears finally take off the pink wig and go to rehab. Entertainment like Britney Pink Wig and Sarah Palin and Family don't just come round every day.

    We're going to have to address serious stuff again, aren't we, like Pebble Mine, election reform, and whistleblowing corrupt AK politicians. Dammit, that shit is boring, but actually serves the better good, so be it.

  4. Aussie Blue Sky6:01 PM

    That last pic is a scream! :D

    Well done, Gryph.

  5. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Haha! Mama Grizzly is scared of you Gryphen! I'm sure that while you were laughing over drinks with your friends she was seething and sniping for the rest of the day. You should have congratulated her on the new grandchild(ren) she's expecting to see her reaction!

  6. Anonymous6:07 PM

    enjoy the cocoa bath

  7. meena6:07 PM


    I just read u were asked to leave on Alaska dispatch!

    Toad ask ur last name, is this norm? U should have replied just sign my fist name!

    U just wasted ur hard earned $ on that stupid book!

  8. Anonymous6:08 PM

    gryphen, you had me cracking up while reading this post. thanks for the laughs!


  9. Thank you Gryphen for a nice chuckle was it worth the frozen parts and peaces?

  10. Okay, I do have to comment off topic because I guess that Levi has a new girlfriend and they did a piece on it on Gawker and, well, Levi is not faring very well. Neither is his new piece. People can be so cruel to those with low IQ's, such as Bristol and Levi. But, they've both made their beds by being underachievers, right? Of course I am.

    Here's the link:

    You don't have to post my comment sending this to you; I don't want people to think I'm a meant :-)

  11. igettit26:14 PM

    That grand entranceway under the shelves of shrink wrapped flats of groceries made me giggle, too.

    Can't believe you made it all the way to the signing table and then they escorted you out. What clueless clowns....

    Also love the t-shirt with silver duct tape over "McCain". Snort! An expression of solidarity with Ms. Black Sharpie on Hat?

  12. Anonymous6:14 PM

    YEAH!!!! Go guys...

    The Swag-Hag strikes again.. I can't imagine what would have happened if you AND Joe McGinniss walked up to the table together!!! YEOWEE!!!

  13. Anonymous6:16 PM

    why didn't Costco's treat her like anyone else that signs books at Costco's. I lost a little respect for Costco's for giving in to her. Let her hire a shitload of security Male her sit at a little desk near the front (where it is cold) and fend for herself. I'm fucking tired of people catering to this whacko.

  14. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Oh Sarah dear, darling North Star of the Alaskan night, Gryphen isn't trying to destroy your children, you are doing fine all by yourself.

    Love the photo at the end Jesse, you and your buddies have grace and class those Wasillabillies could never hope to have.

    What did the lady yell? I'm fascinated, as I'm sure I wouldn't be able to be civil in that bullshit artist's presence. Talking to a "nice lady" indeed. What happened to all that energy and good enthusiasm Sarah? And your thug husband.

  15. One more, can't resist, but you guys actually have on wristbands that say Sarah Palin. Bet Sarah wishes she would have had one of these to show off when Trig was born!

  16. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Oh, Sarah! You're the one who is trying to destroy your own children. You've ruined all of them by continuing to use them just to further your ambitions. Your kids are your dysfunctional employees paid by bits of conditional love you dole out like cookies to starving villagers.

    Gryphen, there's nothing surprising about Sarah throwing you out of Costco. Fighting is how she stays in the public eye.

    Just like Tina Dupuy stated on The Young Turks, Sarah really can't stay above the fray. She likes getting back at people and loves revenge. She is unable to not engage. What a leader she would be. How many wars could America handle at one time?

  17. Anonymous6:24 PM


  18. Anonymous6:24 PM

    OK. You went to Costco's in Anchorage to get your book signed (you had to know she wouldn't sign it.)

    But, tell me, why, oh, why, did you go to Wasilla? This inquiring mind really wants to know.

    And yes, the birds were eloquent (and so apropos).

  19. Fading glory kinda smells like burnt toast? Huh, that's not so bad. Here all this time I was afraid it smelled like burned popccorn which is much worse because it's a lot harder to get THAT smell out of your nostrils even after you've gotten away from the offending source.

    You're pretty brave for even having that book in your posession. I'd be afraid it would start speaking to me like "The Ring." I might start stroking it whispering "My Precious....."

  20. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I just peed myself reading this. Dude, you have the best confrontations with this woman

  21. Janet in Texas6:30 PM

    Well I was wondering where you were all day, Grypen, but sounds like you were having a ball. Good for you. She is such a bitch. She has been slitting her own throat for so long very soon her stupid head will roll off her shoulders.

  22. Anonymous6:30 PM

    And this is the person who begins every speech by screeching "Do You Love Your Freedom?" What a buffoon.

  23. Anonymous6:31 PM


    You are a brave and persistent soul.

    Your account was gripping...NEXT TIME though...can we raise a little dough and rig you up with a lipstick cam?

    That way, you could rilly cash in from your POV of the Queen of Amerikuh's Fort Knox North!

  24. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I think I would be penning a note to Costco home office. Is this anyway to treat a member. Who runs this company, Palin?

  25. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Only Snowdrift Snooki is stupid enough to hand you this ammunition on a silver platter.

    Todd's deferential behavior is disturbing. Couldn't he have made a judgment call on his own? Had they signed the book and gone through the usual pleasantries, they would have sent the message that you were so inconsequential, they didn't even remember your face or name. By bringing attention to who you were, and having you removed, they turned this into another circus that makes THEM look like the clowns.

  26. O M G !!! The suspense was heart stopping! This was HI-larious. Best post EVER. You scamp, you!

  27. crystalwolfakacalifgrl6:36 PM

    Gryphen you should sue her! She & costco violated your 1st amendment rights.
    She also had a woman kicked out who had a "WorstGovernorEver" Teeshirt on.
    Do You know if it was the blogger from "We're not that Stupid"? Kind of looks like her.
    Sue them! I've tweeted this out to ACLU!

  28. Anonymous6:39 PM

    So, it's clear now that YOU are the one responsible for how shitty HER kids have turned out. Just what I suspected!!

  29. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Too funny.

  30. Oh, Gryphen, Destroyer of Children, lol! You are right, there was no reason for her to act like this. All she had to do is sign you book and throw it at you.
    This reminds me of her unnecessary lying, it's freezing Wasilla, etc. I can't figure out why she does it but when I remember that people with mental illness do things like this I understand. We already had one mentally ill president in Bush, we don't need another and somehow the American people have caught on.

  31. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Candidate for 2008 VP and supposed candidate for POTUS 2012 who can't even handle a face to face civilized Alaskan blogger request for a signed copy of her book?

    Imagine what she would do with Kim Jung-Il? D'ya think she would have Todd just throw him out of North Korea?

    What a putz.


  32. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Love it. Too damn funny!

  33. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Keep all of this information moving about on the "intertubes." It is this idiot behavior that will destroy her, if she later attempts a presidential run.

  34. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I do agree, the last picture said it all.

    sarah, keep your kids out of the spotlight. the kids need a good education and some normalcy. you are a idiot, but they don't have to be.

  35. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Love it!

  36. WalterNeff7:06 PM

    To quote Carrie Fisher's definition of celebrity:

    "Obscurity biding its time"

  37. indylindy7:10 PM

    Oh this story gave me a case of the giggles too. Thanks for sharing! She truly is a piece of work.

    BTW Sarah I don't think you need any help destroying your are doing a fine job of that all by yourself!

  38. Anonymous7:10 PM

    LMAO!!!!! Now I have a case of the giggles, thanks $carah and Toad BWWWAAAAA HAAAA HAAAAA :-)

  39. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Yeah but....was the damn book signed?
    Auction it off and give the money to a rape shelter or a home for unwed mothers.


  40. She can't help herself. She just had to have you escorted out to try to humiliate/punish you and, instead, showed her foolishness. And she gave you the priceless gift of a great blog post and memory.

    Silly woman!

    I'm so glad you got a photo of the royal grand entrance 'curtain'. I expect to giggle about this for days.

  41. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Hey Gryphen,

    I did not start yelling, "Sign it 'Quiter!" until AFTER I was getting escorted out for wearing a t-shirt that the posse didn't appreciate. That is when i said loudly what I would have said lower, if my attire would have allowed me to approach the table.

    I had said, "Hello Mr. Heath, Happy Holidays" in a civil tone after all.

    Peace and Freedom,

  42. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Just for clarification because so many people get it wrong. The first amendment prohibits the government from making any law that restricts speech, among other things. You have no first amendment rights inside a private business on private property. The first amendment protects your speech only from restriction by the government. Your employer, a private business, a theater, can restrict your speech to their hearts delight.

  43. Anonymous7:23 PM

    I agree with you guys! FUCK SARAH PALIN! Hope she disappears soon!

  44. Anonymous7:24 PM

    If Sarah can not handle an Alaskan blogger, how would she be able to handle the pressure of Washington DC?
    I know....
    She would Quit!

  45. I've been anxiously awaiting your post about this since you tweeted that you'd been kicked out! Great write-up and fantastic photos. I'm really glad you pissed Sarah off.

    I can't believe how unpresidential the whole Costco set-up looks, but it's entirely appropriate for a woman of ill-refute, don't ya think?

  46. Anonymous7:40 PM

    At another blog, it was reported that a woman wearing a sweatshirt with "Worst Governor Ever" was asked to leave the book signing. So much for her first amendment rights.

    Gryphen, it was noble of you to be honest and give your real name. Todd wouldn't have know who you were if you said Joe McGinniss, Geoffry Dunn, Joe Dunn or Jeff McGinn.

    It's one thing for Sarah to worry about security. After all, there is that teen aged stalker kid and the guy who guessed her pass word. But, she hasn't sworn out any restraining acts against you, so she really has no cause of action.

    What Sarah seems to forget is that she is teasing the public with the thought of her running for president. Quitting her job as governor showed that she couldn't handle things when the going got tough. And, when you showed up, she blinked. She was frightened. I don't want anyone who is that easily scared answering that phone call at 3 AM.

    Sarah has been whacking fish, shooting caribou and showing how tough she is, and we almost believed those fake TLC programs. Then, she blew it. If she couldn't face one blogger from Alaska, there is no way that she could deal with other world leaders, especially from countries that want to harm her children.

    I am going to end with a suggestion to Gryphen's Alaska readers. I think that when Costco chose between Sarah and all of its customers, they made a bad choice. Sarah's books will result in a few thousand dollars. I suggest that anyone who was a regular shopper at the Costco, and who might have thought that Gryphen wasn't treated properly TELL THEM! Shop some place else, and let them know that when they lost Gryphen, they also lost other business, too.

  47. Molly7:43 PM

    ...."trying to destroy my children"

    Uh, no ma'am.......just shining a light on YOU, idiot.

    Oh, and what's this "my children" business. Todd is standing right there; are they not "our children"?


  48. Forever Anonymous7:44 PM

    Am I doing interviews?” “I thought I got to talk to the nice people. And where’s our music and where’s our good enthusiasm?” she persisted.
    "Well I will talk to you later, I am talking to this nice lady now." She said as she motioned for the security to come over.

    God, she is a mean stupid. Can't her fans see that she lumps them all under 'nice' while using them as an excuse when caught off guard by THE PRESS?

    What about throwing in her children to the lions(conjuring up their offensive behavior) when the beef is with her, her sham marriage, her faked pregnancy, her vendettas?

    Well Gryphen, there are things you can do with that book, it cost you money, so you may as well use it.

    Read it seriously and counter every hypocrisy with a detailed account of her misdeeds.

    You could call your writings The Unsigned Truth.

    Hey, thank you for going there. It is a reminder to Palin that WE are not going away.

  49. Anonymous7:49 PM

    That was purely PRICELESS! And the photo at the end...imagine her reaction as she sneaks in to read your post. LMAO!!!


  50. I hope you cancelled your membership to Costo. It seems they had no right to exclude you.

  51. Anonymous7:51 PM

    That photo of the grand entrance kind of reminds me of the end of This is Spinal Tap.

  52. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I'm proud of you Gryphen. Next time ask her who Trigs real mommy is. http://

  53. Oh Gryphen - you are too much!! Haha - she is probably still seething! This is the thing with truly crazy people - you don't have to do a thing and still they react - inappropriately!

    I was wondering where you were today as I was expecting more on dadt repeal - this was so worth the wait! Thank you!!

  54. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I don't understand how you COULD be thrown out. You have a Costco membership. Does Sarah?

  55. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Gryph, that was one of the best told stories EVER! Not sure I could have controlled my laughter either or just screamed out Fux you, you stupid beech! This is brilliant!

  56. SME1318:22 PM

    You're mentioned in this post as well.

    Along with the lady wearing the best t-shirt ever. LOL

    If costco is going to allow this type of bullshit behavior just because Scarah can't take it I will cancel my membership and start shopping other places. Fuck Palin and Costco.

  57. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Wow, Todd and Sarah sure are intimidated by you Gryphen. Todd and Sarah are cowards and they are to blame for their children's actions. How dare Sarah blame you for her children's bad behavior.

    Todd and Sarah can't handle being confronted by someone that really knows the truth about them. I hope Sarah peed her pants.

  58. Did they play "Hail to the Chief" when she made her grand entrance thru the red white and blue curtains, in the space right beside the pallets of bulk canned goods?

  59. nswfm8:37 PM

    LMAO! I don't know how you could be giggling. I let out a huge guffaw when I saw the hand gestures! I'm going to be laughing for weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  60. Anonymous8:41 PM

    What a nut job. They have the red, white and blue drapes for her to WALK UNDER so she looks presidential? Or like a politician? Or extra rill American? Who does she think she is kidding? It's a wonder she doesn't have them roll out a red carpet for her.

    This woman will make us the laughing stock of the world if she hasn't already.

  61. Anonymous8:59 PM

    1. sarah will never open one of her books handed to her by a palinbot. She learned her lesson in Indiana. It takes so little to shake her up. Watching her run away from all the punkings was glorious.

    2. sarah gets punked at every book signing. Every one.

    3. sarah thinks you are trying to destroy her children because Bristol told her you were the one that got her preggers.

  62. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I am astounded and envious of the power you have over the Palins. All you have to do is say your name and they will punk themselves.


  63. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I kept thinking He didn't really go to the book signing... HEH.

    This is an example of stupidity on the part of whomever is in charge of the assclown posse.

    Actually, if there were persons whose books were not to be signed, and this was known in advance; then to allow someone to reach the table and be confronted by the former half governor's husband is beyond stupid.

    I'd suggest how this might have been better handled- but I doubt they'll follow the advice given here. Hi Sarah! Hi Todd! Hi RAM!

    To keep it simple for those who need it simple- a more successful and less risky method of distributing the signed books may be viewed in this video. WKRP Turkey Drop in 30 Seconds.( Turkeys!!)

    Now simply substitute a turkey of a book for real turkeys. But real turkeys would guarantee a better turnout...
    Just take the names, sign the books, load up and have everyone waiting in the parking lot. What could go wrong?

  64. Anonymous9:25 PM

    GenieO said...

    Only Snowdrift Snooki is stupid enough to hand you this ammunition on a silver platter.

    My thoughts EXACTLY! What did she think you were gonna do, go home and cry because she snubbed you and had you kicked out of the book signing? Anyone with an ounce of foresight would realize that she acted in the worst possible way. She GAVE you the punch line in what could have been a boring narrative about standing in line and getting a book signed. Hell, she even could have made herself look good if she'd treated you with grace and humor. Instead she's just provided confirmation that she's ungracious, paranoid, and unable to be civil to people who disagree with her.

    MicMac, I'd be more worried that as president, she'd nuke South Korea under the mistaken impression that they're not our allies.

  65. Gasman9:29 PM

    I wonder why the words "petty" and "bitch" spring to mind after reading Gryphen's tale? This little vignette rather concisely illustrates why Palin hasn’t even a snowball’s chance in hell of making it to the White House as anything other than a tourist: she has the thinnest skin of any presidential aspirant in history. Palin has the emotional maturity of an unstable, snotty 13 year old girl. She is simply congenitally unable to overlook ANY slight - real or imagined - no matter how small or insignificant. WTF would she do if she had to face any REAL challenges?

    If only she were able to just ignore the small stuff she might actually be able to repair her image. If after two years, she STILL hasn’t figured this out, it’s pretty clear that it will never happen. What a buffoon Palin is. No offense Gryphen, but why the hell should she care if she signs your book or not? If she really was cut from presidential cloth, a single blogger should be of absolutely no consequence to her at all. By engaging in such a pissy little tantrum, she betrayed the stuff of which she is actually made.

    Mind you, I’m not complaining. I hope - and would eagerly bet - that she’ll be just as mean, petty, annoying, and unbelievably stupid as she always has been. It simply amazes me how this woman cons credulous goobers into believing that she is capable of leading them anywhere - and gets them to part with their money. However, if the dwindling numbers of sycophants at the signings and plummeting book sales are any measure, Palin might well have begun her downward trajectory. One can only hope.

  66. majii9:31 PM

    I got this story from politicususa, another one of my favorite blogs, and I had to come here and check it out. This is amazing! Palin and Toad kick you out of another one of her events.

    Palin says that YOU'RE trying to destroy her children.

    That's impossible.

    She's already accomplished that.

  67. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Sarah, you destroyed YOUR own family when you dragged you unmarried young daughter into the national spotlight while spewing hate, family values and hypocrisy. Gryphen and noone else wants to harm you or your family, you are just a laughing stock of the country/world! And when you pushed your daughter into being the Abstinence Spokesperson of The Universe for huge speaking fees, you knew damn well every move she made would be scrutinized. AS it should be after selling stories to the tabloid rags for hundreds of thousands of dollars and DWTS for cash.. You my dear, Destroyed your own family for cold hard cash, you sold out AK and you sold out your kids. And I haven't even mentioned the fake baby birth of Trig yet. You and your family ran to the Hollywood lights and cash and it will never stop, because you are a pathological hypocrite.

  68. Anonymous10:07 PM

    so the thing with proof of purchase and then being given a signed book--means two book purchases for one--nice..

  69. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Nice man. Hey, next time you should go into one of these things with a hidden camera. They are super discreet.

  70. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Sarah, you are the one who sold out your family. It is heartbreaking to watch your children.

  71. Anonymous10:15 PM

    You were very poised there, I must say, unlike Sarah. I don't know how you do it. I would have been tempted to have a steaming crap in my hand in preparation for the handshake.

  72. Anonymous10:23 PM

    9:34 PM, hear, hear!

  73. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I don't really care for the finger salute but, your blog.
    How arrogant of her.
    Wouldn't it have been nice if she had or Todd said.
    "you know we are really hurt by what you write about us and we'd wish you'd stop.
    Thanks for buying my book.
    Have a merry Christmas".

    That would show gracefulness and class.
    But again, that Palins have neither.
    If I were you, I would never buy one of her books again.
    If that how an author treats one of her buying public, then nobody chould buy from her.

  74. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Well, though we all know it anyway, she just confirmed that she's certainly reading your blog dude. Something tells me she spends most of her non-public team reading what people are saying about her. So self-absorbed.

    "You're the one who's trying to destroy my children!"

    Does she actually believe that? I actually think so. As you said, she is doing that just fine on her own.

  75. Anonymous10:31 PM

    I tried to email Costco's and it seems there customer service website is temporarily down. Isn't that convenient.

  76. Anonymous10:45 PM

    So you didn't get your YouTube moment, no air on MSNBC? Keep trying!

  77. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Here's the real question everyone wants to know!! Was it Palin Man who escorted you out ? LOL,now that would of made my whole week.


  78. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Just imagine Sarah Palin as POTUS:

    Palin would stop talking to Senators because they disagreed with her.

    Palin would never talk to Russia or Mexico because she is mad at them.

    Palin would never visit blue states because they were against her.

    Bottom line is that the Palins are very thin skinned people and do not have the mentality to serve in public office.

    What a bunch of losers, the whole hill billy trailer trash Palins and Heaths.

  79. Anonymous11:08 PM

    He who laughs last, laughs best Gryphen.

    And you will get the last laugh.


  80. Anonymous11:12 PM

    I'm glad that's not my name in this headline!

    Hundreds line up for Palin book signing at Anchorage store

    'AMERICA BY HEART': Portable toilets outside weren't needed.

    The above is the headline for the ADN coverage of the book signing.

    "The store had portable toilets outside the night before, Desatoff said, but nobody camped out overnight in the subzero cold."

    Don't miss the dog that can read and other--- Is this an ONION story?

  81. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Todd was obviously pissed that you are trying to ruin his gig as "First Eunuch".


  82. Anonymous11:44 PM

    So often, Palinbots will charge that 'libruls' are afraid of their Northern Star and just wait till she's in charge, then boy, we will really be sorry.


    Then there is Tood (ok, that was a typo, but I'm leaving it;-) He has an aura of menace about him, at least in the ADN pictures, though you report he seemed mild. I saw a video report of him threatening someone in a small airport up there in Alaska, maybe last summer?

    Also, I agree with one of the earlier posters at this article; you have created a good community here, hope we can keep working once SP is put in her rightful place.

    Thanks, as always, for your tireless efforts on behalf of the truth.

  83. Anonymous11:58 PM

    ¨Well I will talk to you later.¨

    And you were smart enough to get an academic scholarship. And Todd was good enough to get a basketball scholarship. And Bristol is not pregnant.

  84. Anonymous12:11 AM

    They almost got away with theft, didn't they? That is until Costco tracked you down to replace your book & a signed one, to boot.

    I think it's creepy that Todd was there to sign the books, too. Who the hell is he in the grand scheme of things? Who wants his autograph? He's a nobody. He has no accomplishments in his life. Do we see other spouses of authors standing close by, taking the book from a fan to sign? No of course not. That's an awfully big & creepy ego he's got there!

    Another thing, I would never give my last name to any ol' stray asshat. It was none of his business. He shouldn't have had his hand on your book, let alone be in your 'space' to ask you such a personal question.

    Screw them!

    Denise (Michigan)

    The most troubling of your story is when Todd asked for your last name. I'm sorry,

  85. Palin is a dumbass12:32 AM

    Well, we already know for a fact that Palin can't handle pressure.

    That's why she continues to boot bloggers from book lines.

    And that's why she quit her job as a governor - even after she took an oath!

    We know, Sarah. We know.

  86. honestyingov1:09 AM

    Just a thought about the book Gryphen...? Sell it on E-Bay as the " OFFICIAL Book " that sarah refused to sign. It's a Collectors Item ( PriceLess )... One of a kind. As much as the Bots hate you , they would still Pay Twice as much just to get their hands on it.

  87. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Hey, Sarah, I was there today as well. I find it interesting that for all of your other book signings you get all dressed up in one of your RNC jackets and a pencil skirt. Not for your Alaskans, though....a ski yellow skit jacket is good enough...and you never took it off. Piper and Uncle Chuck wandered through the store hitting all of the free food tables. Piper never cracked a smile and when people approached her to shake her hand, she turned her back. She is done with this "fame." She appears miserable and sullen.

    Why is it your father goes most places with you? He had his chest all puffed out like a peacock like it was HIS book. Where is your mother? Watching the grandbabies?

    Where was your energy today? You seemed tired and lackluster.

    This really was a dull, dull event.

  88. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Gryphen, you are too funny!!!! Thanks for the story.

  89. Anonymous2:10 AM

    So they take away the book you bought and give you another one? What has happened at other book signings? Have people inserted nasty notes? Is she concerned about book bombs?

    She purports to be a Mama Grizzly but she's the most fearful, cowardly human being on the planet. President Obama has been lambasted relentlessly for two years, yet he carries himself with dignity and grace. Sarah wouldn't last 1 nanosecond as president. Every staffer, dignitary, world leader would offend her at one moment or another, and she'd be so busy tweeting and posting FB attacks she wouldn't have time to govern.

  90. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Sounds more like the rules for standing in line for toilet paper in the former Soviet Union.

  91. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Molly said...
    ...."trying to destroy my children"

    Uh, no ma'am.......just shining a light on YOU, idiot.

    Oh, and what's this "my children" business. Todd is standing right there; are they not "our children"?


    7:43 PM

    She said 'my' children because odds are that only one of her brood were actually fathered by Todd. Maybe 2, but no more than that. The rest were fathered by 'others' or were 'adopted'.

    Or 'whited-out' !

  92. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Ok, I'm not sure I get this...the people buy a book beforehand, hand it over, then are given a different book. That's 2 books for every person, right? Because they're not using the books you guys bring in, right? They wouldn't hand a person a book that had snot on it from someone's grubby hands who stood in line for a hour, would they? So explain to me how the book sale figures are accurate. Wouldn't (at least for the number of signed ones) be half what it's reported to be?

  93. Anonymous2:52 AM

    An explanation re the two books from this commenter over at ADN is very informative:

    "The reason they switch books at the signing table: the customer has already purchased one book; it is switched with another one that was bought with private money.
    (Probably by Palin, at the author's discount.) Thus, there are two books purchased for every one reader; her sales figures are doubled by this sleight of hand.
    Somewhere there is a storage facility full of all those unread, unused, unwanted Palin books that were confiscated from the original buyers."

  94. ToesInTheSand3:23 AM

    To use a worn out 80's word: AWESOME! You're right....if she just would have signed it, it would have been a done deal. What a complete moron she is. I actually thought twice before, old book tour and now this one, how I would find it interesting to do this myself. Alas, she never came close to my neck of the woods, and there is NO WAY I would travel more than 50 miles to do it, but it was fun to think about it. I live vicariously through you.

  95. Anonymous3:26 AM

    What is this power the mighty Gryphen has over the grizzled mama?

    So much so that they have to have a conference right there at the table on what to do with you?

    What totally shocks me is that Todd didn't just call security over. He has to ASKED mama what to do????? Did he lose his testicles in a snow machine accident? Or does Sarah-baby just loan them out to him when she feels like it.

    All she had to do was just sign the damn book, or if not sign it, just smile and say nothing. But to shriek that you're "destroying her children?" Why didn't you get that on tape so we could play that in a loop for laughs???

    It's almost kind of sad how she's become kind of a farce.

  96. Anonymous3:51 AM

    sorta off topic but,, have you seen this video of sarah saying she would never kill an animal for fashion.
    while on the floor in the background is a bear skin rug!!!!!

    bill in belize

  97. London Bridges3:52 AM

    The fact that they take your book and give you another has great possibilities: Stick a handwritten note by Sarah inside page 100 saying, "I can't believe these stupid morans stand in line to buy these overpriced books I fill up with my bullshit lies! Ha! Ha!"

    Then when the palibot who had the book you paid for gets home, they'll discover "Sarah's" little note!

  98. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Loved your post. I like to start my day with a good chuckle, and this didn't disappoint. And yes, thanks for taking one for the team.

    I have to ask this question though although maybe I don't really care, but why do you have to show your Costco membership card? What if you weren't a member? Does that mean you can't come in and get your book signed, or that you can't buy one there? I don't get that. Oh well.

    Last year my bf gave me the other ghost-written book for X-mas as a joke, so yes, people do that. I immediately took it back for a refund. Didn't even open it. The person at B & N said she had seen several returns of the book.

  99. Anonymous4:25 AM

    From politicususa:
    "The store was prepared to give out paper wrist bands to 1,000 customers, assuring the first 500 they would see Palin. The next 500 had no guarantee, but not nearly that many people showed up.”

    Am I reading correctly that on her own home turf, less than 500 people showed up to see the Queen of Wasilla and purchase her POS bird cage lining?

  100. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Grand entranceway is hilarious!!! OMG. Too funny. How very very presidential! :D

    Looks like what you'd do for a junior high dance.

  101. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I think the Palin's can exercise choice to not want you at the book signing.

    What floored me was her saying YOU are destroying her family.

    I have observed that dysfunctional people have no problem doing wrong, fostering chaos from lying habitually but in their mind it is the person who speaks of or points out their wrong doing who is demonized as "destructive". It is not ever their destructive behavior.

    When the Palins were introduced as the VP pick they put a hard sell IMO of a perfect, ideal American family. Within two weeks I thought something is not right with these people. Did they not expect making themselves THE poster family it was going to be an issue the teen daughter was pregnant? It was as if the public was not to notice.

    The Palins are responsisble for their choice to sell themselves as a family, the epitomy of christian virtues, truth tellers, abstinence, purity and even an advocate of special needs.

    I don't see them as the icons of family ideals and they violate christian values by habitually lying to sound greater than they are. Their tall tales are like a balloon and yes people do present reality based view which to Sarah and Todd is "destroying them" for facts are like stiking a pin in their grandiose self inflated fictional perfection.

    I am starting to believe the Palin's strategy, she quit the governorship, they go after the money choosing the celebrity path, use Bristol to promote their family and this reality show to promote untruths to control a fictional image shall be their demise.

    The Palins believe they are entitled to their lies and everyone should be in awe of their distortions and agree that up is down and black is white. They become enraged when people don't.

    To even mention Todd's AIP involvement sent Sarah into a rage. If she lies it is being an independent God help anyone who does not repeat or reflect that back.

    I don't know what they were thinking highlighting Piper's hair and the bumpit do but I don't want them representing our country nor being the poster family.

  102. "How absurd I thought. She actually had me kicked out not once, but twice, from one of her book signings. Has she learned nothing?'

    Yes, she has learned nothing.

  103. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Gryphen .. does this mean you will not get an invite to Christmas dinner at the Palins?

    Hope your standing in front of Sarah ruin her entire day.

  104. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I agree with the first commenter must return the book to Costco for a full refund. You should also tell them that you, a Costco customer, were treated shabbily in their store.
    Palin will never be ready for the big leagues,and she just proves that repeatedly.

  105. Anonymous4:39 AM

    All of you haters know good and well why Mister Smiley Face writing this here blog was kicked out. He smiled at Todd, then he smiled at Todd again.

    And all of you haters are sitting in front your laptop screens pretending what really happened next never happened at all. You know in your heart he smiled at sarah as well.

    The truth hurts, doesn´t it?

  106. Anonymous4:42 AM

    You didnt do anything to her kids. As a matter of fact, you are a bit too protective of them, since they are young adults.

    Ms. Palin is a woman confronting her declining sex appeal and the fact that everyone hates her. Mr. Palin is confronting the fact that the cash cow is dying.

  107. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Here is website to contact costco. All friends of this blog need to send costco a message that they allowed Sarah Palin to expel a harmless member from a book signing held in a Costco.
    Carry on!!

  108. Anonymous4:56 AM

    AkMom... instead of 'Hail to the Chief', I was hearing Bert Parks singing "There she is Miss Irrelevant ....." ... as she sashayed through the plastic's aisle with her 'court' tailing behind her.

    During the 2 years that she's been on my radar, I have never,ever thought for a second that $aint $arah is a ruff-n-tuff, multitasking, bring home the bacon, keep her house in order, leap tall buildings in a single bound super woman ... She's just a pathological lying chickenshit whose puppet strings come to life when she's behind a microphone or hiding behind twitter/facebook.

  109. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Sarah, no one likes you anymore. And, you do have to worry about us in Virginia, DC, and Maryland because we have a large population, we vote, and we are born and trained to navigate bull shit.

    And, dear, your bull shit is not even good bullshit.

    We are not scared of you. We go to your rallies to gawk, and as Republicans, we say nice things to your face, and "oy" behind your back.

    Women dont like you because we know what kind of a person you are. Men may have wet dreams about you but no man is going to let you win.

    But, we all encourage you to run. Because, it is your right as an American, to make an ass of yourself.

    Keep up the good works! Congrats on Willow's forthcoming bundle o' joy. You must be so proud!!

  110. Anonymous5:06 AM

    SP's book has dropped down to #8 from 5 on the NYTimes Bestseller list. Pres. Obama's book is still #1 in the children's category.

  111. Great Job!
    Allowing scara to once again sink her own ship. Suggestion for the worthless stack of paper you now own. Have a book burning party. Stack them all up nice and neat, take some pics, torch, and celebrate. I was thinking you could auction it off to some mouth breathers and give the money to a special needs group in Trig's name, since his mommy seems to be having a hard time supporting this group she said she would. The $9.95 you would raise would speak volumes. Scara, honey, you are so easy to wee wee up. I can't wait for the psych kids to start writing papers in their college classes about the disorder known as scara paylin.

  112. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Thanks for the laughs, what a wonderful day! DADT gets passed & the Palin's get punked by you! Just doesn't get any better than this.

    Thanks for taking another one for the team! You made the ADN article too, and the comments.

    Toad proved once again what a wimpy creep he is. Had to ask the Queen for instructions. Laughing still!

    Give it up Palin's you're beyond pathetic.

  113. Anonymous5:13 AM

    So here's some fun: Why not at the next staged event to meet the queen, you get oh, about 100 of your closest friends and spread them throughout the lines. Each one, as they shake the toads hand introduces themselves as "Jessie Griffin" Men, women, children.
    How fun would THAT be?

  114. Rick Hill5:19 AM

    Her whole set up kind of reminds me of the part in Galaxy Quest where Tim Allen say "Wow, this is pretty elaborate, usually it's just a cardboard set in a garage..."
    I'm sure it was genuine crepe paper and not some cheap plastic imitation though.

  115. Anonymous5:23 AM

    As with others, I'm laughing my ass off! Wonderful summary of your latest attempt to be civil to the whore of babble-on.

    What a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning!!

  116. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Dear Sister Sarah: you are a fascist and don't even know it. Up here in Canada we sized you up pretty fast. Remember when you got punked by the 2 Quebec radio comedians? You are hopelessly vacuous and underbred Gryphen is not destroying your kids, you are doing a great job all on your own. Why don't you do the Christian thing and be a good mother and start raising them properly. Start by putting Piper in school and focus on her getting a good education all through to college (preferably 1 university per BA) so that she may avoid the dismal fate of her 2 older sisters. Proper sex education would also, too be a good idea.

  117. Check out the new Sarah Palin coloring book. The article in at HP under comedy.......

  118. Mark In Everett5:49 AM

    Amazing - how childish of the Palins. Ungracious and not that bright. For clarity, Gryph, am I understanding that when you got your book back it was NOT signed? If so how petty of her - mean girl indeed. Shame on Costco for hosting her. What would have really been funny is if you could have told Ms. Palin, when you got to the table to chat, that you wanted your money back from her personally, even though she didn't write her book. Of course that would have been childish so I take it back. You handled it perfectly which only highlighted how poorly she handled the situation. And talk about projecting re her kids! This woman has some serious issues.

  119. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Ruh roh!

  120. Anonymous5:52 AM

    I forgot to add, people in my area that you term "Elite" (DC, VA, MD), as well as across the country who have good jobs and good educations more often than not came up through the ranks of enlisted Military Services, or worked while getting their degrees, or had scholarships based upon good grades. Most of us had parents who could not afford us after 18, unlike Bristol et al in your family. (BTW, if you were so smart, why didnt you get a 4-year scholarship? Alaskan residents, and not necesarily of Native backgrounds have an advantage because of the rural area status.)

    How dare you diminish our accomplishments because we didnt take the easy way out on our looks like you did.

    I still dont believe you have a degree. Where is your internship? I know enough about institutions of higher learning that in the time of poor returns on investments, they can be bought off very easily.

    And, by the way, why are you surprised about your kids getting knocked up without benefit of marriage? Your momma and you didnt think it was so wrong.

    Why dont you just come out and say,

    "Jesus is great and my daughters like to Fuck! Its a family tradition, passed down from my Mother to Me, to My daughters. It is what makes us who we are. Respect our traditions!"

    Dont fight reality babe.

  121. You are braver than me. I wouldn't walk across the street to see her!

  122. Anonymous5:58 AM

    It's a shame that someone can't photo shop the finger picture to include the millions of us that wish ours were in there with yours.

    Fingers across the world???

  123. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Oh grow up already Sarah!

  124. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Kudos for your bravery and lost time.

    Does she really wear as much makeup as it looks like she does? For someone with Irish skin i.e., freckles, she certainly has used makeup/tanning beds et al to become very tanned.

    Did anyone read P. Munger's story on Palingates about how Chuckie tried to bully him from his fishing site? What an ass Chuckie is!! These Palin people try to size up people for getting their own way. Sometimes it works, and in Phil Munger's case, it just resulted in Chuckie's tantrum and Munger's daughter's loss of respect for Chuckie.

    The question unfortunately is that Chuckie et al have gotten away with this behavior on other people, under tacit threat of social exclusion.

    Bristol looks knocked up in the Media picture, referred to by another commenter.

    I get much joy from your site.

  125. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Two thoughts...I wonder if she confused you with Joe McGuiness?

    Also, they do that with the books to keep the line moving. I don't think there are extra books. You just get the person's in front of you, book.

  126. Mark In Everett6:45 AM

    The more I think about this the more I find it 1) Great that you did this, Gryphen and 2) amazingly thin-skinned and petty of Caribou Barbie. After all she had the upper hand here. You waited in the cold for your chance to meet her and Toad - she didn't wait for you - to sign her (piece of crap) book that you bought. She was the center of attention. Even knowing full well who you are (which proves something in itself) she should have greeted you warmly and said thank you for buying my (piece of crap) book AND for helping to keep her in the public eye. Even bad publicity is publicity and partly why she has made millions of dollars since quitting. Instead SHE brings up her children and in a negative light and projecting. Her kids might destory her. What a dolt. And Toad is a whipped man.

  127. Anonymous7:34 AM

    @4:39, you belong in a mental health facility.

    @6:25, I think the Palins are familiar with Joe McGinnis, as he lived next door to them for a few months.

  128. Anonymous7:40 AM

    @3:52, I think that your little scenario is exactly why they take each person's book. They probably check them. And I have a feeling it has to do with babygate.

  129. Oh Sarah...
    Hide your kids
    Hide your husband
    Gryphen gonna destroy em
    He gonna destroy 'em...

    LOL She's a nutt, still and always

    Gryphen, for your Combat duty, you're on my holiday donation list as are all the Alaska blogs I enjoy.

    Oh, you might have missed your calling as a comedy writer. This post had me laffin' hard.

  130. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Considering that the Palins feel they own everyone, and are in control, the fact that Gryphen could wee-wee them up says Gryphen is a gem, a thorn in their flesh. Their actions prove they find him "annoying".

    Gryphen, you are the gift that keeps on giving to the Palins. Now that's an accomplishment! Be proud!!

  131. Not sure if you saw it.

    Several times onlookers caught a glimpse of the Palins and exclaimed, "Oh! There she is!" Security kicked out at least two people -- a woman with a "Worst Governor Ever" shirt, and a blogger critical of Palin who claimed security escorted him out after Todd recognized him.

  132. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Although i am a democrat, I have democratic friends who have said some horrible things to Ms. Murkowski at meet and greets, about how she looks etc. And, she just smiled because it undermined their stupidity. Being rude doesnt help.

    My point is, so what if Gryphen smiled? He wasnt rude.

  133. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Funny how Sarah likes to market herself as some fearless, strong person, but she can't even ignore the smallest of rubs.

    She has the emotional maturity of a 14 year old on teh internets.

    Anyone else hear Prince singing, "Act your age not your shoe size!"

  134. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I copied this from the ADN comment page. Locals should consider penning a considerate and thoughtful note expressing their disappointment on Gryphen's behalf.

    The contact information, from Costco's website and press releases:

    Costco Wholesale Corporation
    999 Lake Drive
    Issaquah, WA 98027
    Fax: 425-313-8114

    Jeffrey H. Brotman
    Co-Founder and Chairman, Costco Wholesale Corporation

    Richard A. Galanti
    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer And Director

    Richard J. Olin
    VP and General Counsel

    Bob Nelson
    VP, Financial Planning and Investor Relations

  135. So. DID she actually sign the book? Or did they just hand you a blank book?

    If she didn't sign it, wouldn't that be a breach of contract, since you did all that CostCo and Bible Spice asked of you to get an autographed book?

  136. Anonymous8:39 AM

    AKPetMom: "We're going to have to address serious stuff again, aren't we, like Pebble Mine, election reform, and whistleblowing corrupt AK politicians. Dammit, that shit is boring, but actually serves the better good, so be it."

    I also think about the industry that's grown up around Palin and what they/we'll do when she's more boring than mines and reforming. I look forward to it! That being said...remember what we're dealing with. A whack-a-mole that won't change, mature, acknowledge, learn, develop empathy, or stop her compulsive need to express hostility. Here we have a parent, a MOTHER, whose response to Jesse is to toss up her children again as her shield! Just as Joe McG is trying to spy on her kids and Letterman wants to defile them, Jesse wants to "destroy" them. That kind of willingness to do and say anything means she'll keep coming back in some toxic way or another.

    Jesse, I really have to hand it to you for not letting the monster queen forget for even a day that we are on to her, for the long haul. Congrats, Melly

  137. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Perhaps they can use all those "extra books" to send to the Alaka Natives for heat. Although by burning them those people might actually loose a few IQ points just by breathing in the stupid seeping from the smoke.
    (couldn't resist, sorry).

    Alas, this will be her downfall. Her inability to be polite to even those who don't approve. This is the big difference between her and Obama. Obama knows there are people who hate him, but he has the grace to still govern for them, as well as those who approve.

    That woman is an idiot. She proves it once again.

    I would love to have been at your get-together afterwards. Now you guys seem like my kinda guys.

  138. Anonymous8:47 AM

    "I did not start yelling, "Sign it 'Quiter!" until AFTER I was getting escorted out for wearing a t-shirt that the posse didn't appreciate. That is when i said loudly what I would have said lower, if my attire would have allowed me to approach the table.

    I had said, "Hello Mr. Heath, Happy Holidays" in a civil tone after all."

    Hey, whoever you are, you rock!!!! Many thanks to you and Jesse.

    Peace and Freedom,

  139. Anonymous9:04 AM

    The amount of paranoia and fear she displays is astounding. I'm sure many politicians have no love for the blogosphere, but for God's sake, you don't act like a deer in headlights when one comes to your event. You carry on exactly like you would if they weren't there.

    Giving him nothing to write about would have been the best payback, Sarah. God, you're a dumbass.

  140. for fuck's sake, anon 7:34, i can feel the force of anon 4:39's tongue pushing against his interior cheek from here; he or she was clearly being facetious.

    while i'm certain g. appreciates your loyalty, might i nonetheless suggest you take that stick out of your ass?

  141. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Gryphen, so you are the one destroying Sarah Palin’s family.

    I was trying to figure out who put wire cutters into Track’s hands so that he could destroy the school buses the children rides to school on. Mister, thank God someone spotted the damage to the buses or you would of been in trouble for murder.

    I was trying to figure out who gave the Palin kids meth, weed and vodka with Mt. Dew. It was you, you you controller of the Palin kids!

    You are nasty Gryphen,it was you who slipped the condom off of Levi’s johnson when he was doing Sarah’s daughters and impregnated that underage high school girl. It was your fault her cup filleth over with Levi's tadpoles!

    So either you are Bristol’s new baby’s daddy or you have been stuffing her with the Gryphen sausage and Bristol has been gaining wait from all that Gryphen protein. It is your fault she is as big as a house.

    Somebody should call the Dept of Law on you for keeping Piper from going to school everyday. I thought it was you who blocked her front door and now we have another ignorant retarded Palin growing up in Wasilla.

    Damn you Gryphen it was you, the leader of the Colony Girls, that made Willow break into that house and destroyed it.

    Shame on you Gryphen, so you are the bastard that took away Trig’s glasses, shoes and sox. I thought it was you wearing his stuff. Now he is growing up with more disabilities and it is all your fault.

    Finally Gryphen, it now revealed who turned Todd gay! Somebody had to break his anal cherry and I thought you were the one, but I was not sure until now.

    Yes Gryphen, you are the one destroying Sarah Palin’s family.

  142. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I love love LOVE how powerful and important you are to Scarah!!

  143. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I guess Gryphen as President Wannabe Sarah Palin's running mate is out of the question now?

    Gryphen, can you tell me what a vp does?

    What do you read besides Sarah Palin's America By Heart? Do you still have your unsigned copy?

    Gryphen what is the Palin's "Bush Doctrine"? Don't tell us "Over One Million Served".

  144. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Destroying her children????

    What a maroon. She is the one that allows them to drink alcohol and do drugs. She allowed them to date at 10 years old - just look at how inappropriate Piper dresses with heavy makeup and high heels.

    The Palin girls have had lousy reputations for putting out for YEARS now. This is nothing new.

    The fact that there are multiple babies born to her children and more on the way says it all. The only people destroying her children are herself and the Toad by not assuring the children have an education of some sort.

    Partying behind the barn is an education, but not the one I speak of.

  145. Anonymous10:35 AM

    What a hilarious story. I hope the "lamestream" media picks it up.

    By the way, this book must really be a bomb. There are two copies on the shelves at the local library, where it is extremely unusual to have brand-new books going unwanted. Sarah should count out the support of the Philadelphia suburbs in her presidential race.

    And the full-color insert of family photos in the book surprised me. Do they belong in a book like this? How can she cry foul when the media writes about her children/props, if she's willing to trot them out in such a way?

    Who wrote this book? There is no credited cowriter, but we know Sarah isn't capable of producing it on her own.

  146. Anonymous11:09 AM

    "Piper never cracked a smile and when people approached her to shake her hand, she turned her back. She is done with this "fame." She appears miserable and sullen."

    Stuff like that is what people will remember. My
    mother used to go to TV show tapings (for an
    American Bandstand-type show) and still
    remembers which celebrities were rude to
    audience members. Piper is just a child, but
    her attitude reflects her upbringing. I doubt
    she is miserable & sullen from attention, I
    think she is probably a spoiled, snobbish brat.

  147. Good work Gryph! I admire your willingness to keep giving them a chance to be decent. You can count on these two creating conflict with those they perseve as unexcepting of their flippin BS.. You may not realize it but Todd and Sarah are idiots. (Idiot: is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way.) neither of these people have ever dealt appropriately in control of their own emotions and arrogance in any area of life.

  148. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Gryph, why don't you rent Joe's house? You being
    next door would really send her over the edge.

  149. Anonymous11:36 AM

    " Anonymous said...
    Just imagine Sarah Palin as POTUS:

    Palin would stop talking to Senators because they disagreed with her.

    Palin would never talk to Russia or Mexico because she is mad at them.

    Palin would never visit blue states because they were against her.

    11:01 PM"

    People who've been paying attention for the last
    2 years know "President Palin" would be like this,
    and a lot worse.

  150. Anonymous12:07 PM

    What a story! I sure loved the photo at the end, especially after all the tension... You are a treasure, Gryph! The other one, not so much.

  151. Anonymous1:13 PM

    With a week left until Christmas I was thinking "I feel like a pathetic Grinch!" because here I am fighting The Cold from Hell and in a panic trying to get everything done to have the perfect family holiday. You have No Idea how much I needed a good laugh. It put life in Perspective. I would rather be fighting 101 fever, coughing my head off, feeling like Shit a week before Christmas than be to be at a Cosco with security just to get a book signed by this woman! Are you kidding me? Thanks for the life-altering moment. I really needed that! Thanks, Gryph

  152. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Gryphen, I was watching a clip of Sarah Palin's Alaska and I noticed that Sarah was sitting at her table on her patio, I'm sorry, I meant to say "cement slab" and I noticed she only had 4 "cement slab" chairs at her table and I know at least 8 people live there. Are you the S.O.B. who stoled the other 4 chairs? I'm sure Sarah had 8 chairs there, otherwise how could they all enjoy an outside family bbq together. Hey, the bbq grill on the "cement slab" is missing too? Did you steal that too?

    Will you stop destroying the Palin family?

  153. Anonymous2:27 PM

    It is amazing that she doesn't realize the she is one creating the scene,and in front of people who, if they are buying books for friends or relatives, might not be her fans and will gladly tell people how she behaved.

  154. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I wish she could be pres for a day and have to meet the press in the WH press room and answer questions.

    There are a lot of overseas correspondents in that group and they would not cut her any slack.

  155. Anonymous6:38 PM

    'the whore of babble-on.'

    per Soapy Dog

    per fection

  156. Anonymous8:30 PM

    "Finally it was my turn. As I walked up the handlers took my book and told me that I would get one directly from Sarah after she signed it. Sounds good I thought, though I was a little confused as to why I could not leave with the same book I had walked in with, but hey not a biggie."

    Probably for security reasons. Someone might have tried to slip Sarah a booby-trapped book, or something, so her handlers take the book that has been in their hands and give them one instead from a stack of books that Sarah's security had control over. I've never heard of booby-trapped books at book signings before, but Scarah and Toad must have thought they might be the first, thus the switch.

  157. Gryphen, I especially liked "Snowdrift Snookie." I've never seen "Jersey Shore," but those characters can't be any dimmer than the Palin Clan. If you don't mind, I may link this on my blog "JackRabbit Café." Good stuff...

  158. You could have said, "My name is Gryphen....I was named after my grandpa's hooker!"


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