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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

John Oliver demands to know why Ayn Rand is still a thing.

I have to admit that I have never read any of Ayn Rand's work.

And after seeing this clip, with its clown car of Rand apostles, there is virtually no chance that I ever will read any of her books.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Bristol Palin/Nancy French would like you to know that French's daughter is a little anti-sex terrorist like her mom.

So Brancy placed a link on the Bristol Palin blog that linked to the Nancy French blog, that mentioned a little sabotage at a book store perpetrated by her daughter.

French's daughter, not Palin's.

At least I think. (I swear this schizophrenic relationship between Bristol and Nancy is so confusing.)

Anyhow apparently the little no nookie Nazi moved some books around so that a display next to some issues of "Fifty Shades of Grey" that offered similar reading material instead looked like this:

Which personally I find offensive, because though I am not sure which books these pornographic volumes are covering I have little doubt that they do not contain anywhere near the amount of rape, genocide, infanticide, incest, human sacrifice, or murder contained within this so-called "holy book."

Interestingly enough French then goes on to explain where little Adolph got her ideas for literary vandalism, by linking to an earlier post in which SHE went all Cotton Mather over a display on human sexuality, in the grown up section, which featured these book covers.

Of the second one French apparently exclaimed to the store clerk, “But my kids would learn exactly how to have sex simply from the cover.”

I assume that what has really upset French is the book's title, 365 Sex Positions," when everybody knows that the only morally correct sexual position is the missionary position. with the man on top and the woman on the bottom trying to push him away while yelling "Stop."

You know I have taken tons of kids to the bookstore over the years, and there have often been displays of books with covers portraying bondage, monsters, murder, and all kinds of non-kid friendly images.

As an adult I simply steered the children to other parts of the store, and if the children noticed the books and asked a question I answered with a simple, "Oh those are grown up books. Let's you and I look in the children's section."

Good parents know how to protect their children's innocence without resorting to censorship or vandalism. Or encouraging their children to follow suit.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just in case you wondered where internet trolls come from.

"Here's what I do, I get on Amazon. I type in 'liberal books.' I go through and I say one star, one star, one star. The flip side is to go to conservative, libertarian, whatever. Go to their products and give them five stars. Okay? So literally 80% of the books I put a star on I don't read."

I imagine that this is exactly how conservative books get such good reviews, and how cable stations like Fox News also get such high ratings. There is a machine in place that simply falsifies data in order to drive an agenda.

Now I would never condone doing this kind of thing in response, though I know some of you do it in response to Palin books, I think as an overall agenda. to perform this sabotage purely along ideological lines is indefensible.

And that is really what is hamstringing the Liberals. You see we believe in fair play and level paying field, the other side has no compunction with cutting corners, falsifying data, or using dirty tricks at every opportunity.

And yet they will, to a person, tell you that THEY are the moral ones and that their agenda is the one most in line with American ideals. 

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Christmas shopping with the President.

Courtesy of USA Today:  

President Obama is doing his part to support small businesses. 

Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha dropped in Saturday at Washington's Politics and Prose bookstore and purchased what he said was a "long list" of books that included The Kite Runner,Harold and the Purple Crayon, and The Sports Gene. 

The president said he bought a reader for every age, from 5 to 52 — his age. He paid by credit card. The total was not announced.

(Well I can tell you which book he didn't buy!)

I have to admit that I am feeling a little sentimental towards our President right now. 

After the holidays I might come back and bitch about the NSA or complain that the website should have been ready to rock and roll on day one, but right now I can't bring myself to do any of that.

During Thanksgiving the relatives waited until I was full of turkey and wine before going at me over Obamacare, but I am happy to report that I had little trouble knocking heads together and correcting talking points.

However at one point somebody said that President Obama was a failure, the worst President ever in fact, and I have to admit that I got pissed! Really pissed!

Instead of rationally explaining why that was incorrect, I lost my shit and demanded examples.

When they started throwing out talking points and quotes from Facebook I explained that if they were going to come at me with shit they read on Facebook they were going to walk away with stumps for arms.

I sat them in their chairs and went through the entire build up to the Affordable Care Act, from Hillary's attempt in the 90's, to the fact that it was really an expansion of Mitt Romney's Massachusetts plan, to the steady stream of Right Wing attacks it has endured since its inception.

I also asked my family to consider the purpose of the law, and why they thought this man considered it important enough to risk his entire presidency on.

They stuttered for awhile, so I explained the benefits from the program, and even explained why THEY should  be building a damn statue to the man instead of running him down.

In the end I think they had their perspective shifted quite a bit, but I came away angry that the Republicans had been so successful that such a conversation had to take place.

So now I am just raring for a fight.

Who's next?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trio of teen exorcists heading to England to battle the forces of Harry Potter.

(Okay one of the young ladies is twenty, but the other two ARE teens.)

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

A trio of Arizona “exorcists” has ventured to England to fight what it describes as the endorsement of satanic elements in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. 

“Harry is using this magic for good,” 18-year-old Brynne Larson explains in video posted by the Daily Mail on Monday. “So here we have the dangerous idea that you can use this magic for good or bad. When in reality, all magic is bad ’cause you’re getting your power from Satan.” 

Larson and friends Tess and Savannah Scherkenback will be profiled in a BBC special on Friday discussing both their longtime friendship and their training by Larson’s father, Rev. Bob Larson, who claims to have performed 15,000 exorcisms. 

The BBC reported that Bob Larson asks for donations of $200 for each exorcism. The three girls claim in the video that the popularity of Rowling’s books marked the culmination of a rise in occult activity in England. 

“The spells and things that you’re reading in the Harry Potter books, those aren’t just something that are made up,” 18-year-old Tess Scherkenback says. “Those are actual spells. Those are things that came from witchcraft books.”

The spells in Harry Potter books are NOT made up? Well that would certainly be news to J.K Rowling, who worked so hard to invent her own word combinations for her books.

This is clearly yet another bizarre pitch for reality show fame by a gaggle of giggly girls promoted by Rev. Bob Larsen, a well known charlatan.

However the Fundamentalist freakout over the Harry Potter books is all too real.

As I watched the video up above I thought t looked strangely familiar. And indeed it did.

Personally I have always thought that the main irritation by the Christian community when it comes to the Harry Potter books is that children scrambled to read them, and they they supplanted the Bible as the most popular book. And why not? After all they are better written by far, and the allegorical lessons are much easier to understand.

But what they don't teach us is how to perform actual magic. And only an imbecile would think otherwise. Or, a trio of imbeciles.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Allow me to introduce you to a blast from our racist past called. "The Negro a Beast, In the image of God."

The book, written in 1849 (Oops, sorry it was published in 1900. Even worse!), is essentially an example of Pre-Adamite thinking, which contends that there WERE people on the planet before God created Adam and Eve, and that these individuals, Negroes, were the children of Ham and inferior to the children of Adam.

The book further purports to "explode" the theory of Evolution, using the revealed truth in the Bible, and uses that argument to maintain that human beings were created in the image of God while the Negroes were to be ruled over and dominated by the superior white race.

It is an incredibly ugly piece of "literature" which illustrates how incredibly far we have come in the last hundred plus years since its creation.

If you can stomach it the entire book can be viewed here.

However I would caution you against it until you have something besides coffee in your system.  The term stomach churning barely does this vile piece of crap justice.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your early morning thought of the day.

I don't usually post quotes from fictional characters, but when I do I go all in for Gandalf.

The more you read it, the more sense it makes.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Sarah Palin encourages people to hold a book, and then post a picture proving they own one. You know, for America. Update!

 This was posted on the Lunatic from Lake Lucille's Facebook page:

Invitation for Americans to roguely illustrate their stand in today's 'Liberty vs Tyranny' war. Post a pic. 

"Roguely?" Is she still trying to make up her own language? Where in the hell is her ghostwriter?

She also posted this about the same time just in case you did not know what kind of book she thinks takes a stand for "Liberty vs Tyranny."

Show your support for liberty. Post a pic holding a liberty-loving book! 

Yes Mark Levin, who is her favorite author because he is one of the few remaining people on the planet who do not think she has the mental capacity of a toddler whacked out on library paste.

Now it is important to note that Palin is NOT encouraging anybody to actually read a book, just hold one. Because you know holding books makes you look smart. Kind of like wearing glasses after you have had Lasik to correct your vision.

You know I have to admit being a little surprised to see Palin holding a book, I always thought books worked on her kind of like crucifixes did on vampires.

I think it would be a good idea to take up her challenge and send her pictures on Twitter and Facebook of yourself holding up a book.

Here are a few suggestions.

 If the idiot wants pictures, let's send her pictures.

Update: So appears that this is what has Palin's nose so out of joint:Friday afternoon on Fox News,  

The Five took on the story of an army sergeant and marching band member whose superior officer apparently told him to stop reading books Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and David Limbaugh while on the bus to concerts. Eric Bolling kicked off the segment by defending Sgt. Nathan Sommers against the “disheartening and dangerous” trend of political correctness in the military. 

“This is outrageous,” Kimberly Guilfoyle said, before somehow linking the incident to President Obama. “These soldiers and troops are fighting for our freedom every day, and President Obama is stripping them of their freedoms, telling them that they can’t read this or they can’t look at these materials. This is his administration.” 

Andrea Tantaros claimed that it was this same trend of political correctness that failed to prevent the Fort Hood shooting, when army psychologists neglected to report Major Nidal Hasan. Sommers “is facing the last form of discrimination,” she said, “which is you’re a Christian or you’re a conservative, and he’s being discriminated against.”

I literally had NO idea what she was talking about this time, so thanks very much to the Anonymous poster who gave me the heads up.

So apparently Klondike Kardashian is still taking her cues from Fox News, most likely in the vain hope that they will toss her another multimillion dollar bone someday in the future to appear on their network.

Don't hold your breath Grannie Grifter.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Palin-bot FINALLY allows the scales to fall from her eyes. I swear these are the slowest people on the planet!

From TownHall:  

You are beginning to worry me. I am afraid you are losing touch with the people of whom your fame is based. (You cannot "lose touch" with people you never gave a shit about in the first place.) I, after all, was one of your biggest supporters once. I am thrilled that you get invitations to go to NBA games, that you display your Chick-fil-A shirt, and that you go and support your daughter and her celebrity friends on Dancing with the Stars. 

But at CPAC last week you made a rush for the exits. After you gave an inspiring speech where you said to a thrilled audience, “At a time when our country is desperate for leadership, we get instead a permanent campaign“. Instead of coming out and shaking the hands of those who you inspire, you quickly left the building without even a second glance. (What? She wants Palin to mingle with the little people? Boy does she not know this woman very well!)

You called out the liberal media as being unashamed, so at least you took notice of them. Not so for those of us on the right who had hoped that the woman from Wasilla, Alaska might understand our plight and give us a chance to engage one of the top names in the movement. (Yeah, couldn't you insult us a little too? At least give us something!)

We were, to put it bluntly, disappointed. And while I wish this was a solo occurrence, unfortunately this seems to be your pattern. (Gee, ya think?)

I know we in the Tea Party movement don’t throw the best parties or live the most glamorous lives, but we are the ones who faithfully donated to the McCain campaign once you joined the ticket. We are the ones who defended you publicly when the liberal media made fun of you and when your own campaign advisors turned on you. We are the ones who add you and your family to our prayers every night at bedtime. (And don't you feel stupid now?)

Yet it seems those in Hollywood who have made their money making you the butt of their jokes get more of your attention than the movement you helped inspire. 

As a working mother in political journalism, I always looked to your journey as a source of inspiration. (Boy are there a couple of book THIS woman needs to read!) It was a testament to the fact that a woman can use her professional talents and not let her family suffer. The other side wants to make female conservatives feel like we are put in binders and that our party doesn’t encourage women to grow in our careers. (I'm just going to let this part go. Too easy.)

Whether it is Dr. Rice, Rep Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and legions of others, time and time again conservative women prove this statement to be false. But what makes us different is that women on our side are not afraid to come off the stage and get involved with the people they claim to represent and champion. 

Our party does not need another “celebrity.” One of the best attributes of today’s Republicans is that we do not hide behind the curtain and only come out to chat when there is a teleprompter present. The American conservative wants an honest and humble spokesman unafraid to mill about with real people, to listen.

" The American conservative wants an honest and humble spokesman unafraid to mill about with real people, to listen?" Boy were they barking up the wrong tree!

Okay clearly this poor woman is still a moron. But at least she is a moron that has finally recognized that the "Liberal Left" has been right about Sarah Palin all along.

Boy THAT must burn her ass!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

What better place to get pro-gun anecdotes, that you can pass off as historically accurate, than from a Louis L'Amour book? Well if you are Glenn Beck's favorite historian, the answer is no place

When I saw this video I knew right away that this David Barton guy was full of shit. (Of course just the fact that he was being interviewed by Glenn Beck was probably all I needed to know to figure that out.) However I wasn't confident that we would ever be able to PROVE that he as full of shit.

So I was thrilled when I saw this post over at Wonkette

Well, it turns out that the topic of guns is pretty darn popular at the moment, so Barton has been having himself a fine old time with tales of how in America’s Good Old Days, an armed populace kept everyone happy and free. Arm teachers? Better yet, why not arm the kids, too? As we see in the video up top, that idea is grounded in the very best Authentic Frontier Gibberish available — after all, it convinced even a skeptical tough guy like Glenn Beck! This week, we learned that Barton’s tale appears to come from an unimpeachable source of knowledge on the Old West — a 1979 novel by Louis L’Amour, Bendigo Shafter. 

Barton told Beck this charming true tale of how guns keep good people — even kids! — so very safe and free from worry: 

“The great example, in the 1850s you have a school teacher who’s teaching. A guy — he’s out in the West — this guy from New England wants to kill him and find him. So he comes into the school with his gun to shoot the teacher, he decides not to shoot the teacher because all the kids pull their guns out and point it at him and say, ‘You kill the teacher, you die.’ He says, ‘Okay.’ The teacher lives. Real simple stuff. Saved the life of — there was no shooting because all the kids — we’re talking in elementary school — all the kids pull their guns out and says, ‘We like our teacher. You shoot our teacher, we’ll kill you.’” 

Wonkette then linked to a female blogger named Chris Rodda who makes it her business to fact check David Barton. Here is what she found:

 I assumed that Barton was either exaggerating a real story or just making the whole thing up, but since he didn’t give any source for the story or enough specifics to fact check it, I thought it would be impossible to find out whether or not there was any truth to it. I didn’t even consider that it might have come from a novel, but when a commenter on my previous post noted the striking similarity between Barton’s story and a story from the Louis L’Amour novel Bendigo Shafter, I downloaded the Kindle version of the novel and checked it out. 

I wasn’t about to read an entire Louis L’Amour novel, but read enough to get the gist of the story: 

The teacher in L’Amour’s novel was Drake Morrell, a gambler and gunfighter who had killed five men. Morrell was sentenced to be hanged in San Francisco, but somehow escaped and ended up in a town in Wyoming, where he became a respected citizen and, of course, the school teacher. But he was still being pursued by a character named Stacy Follett. Years earlier, Morrell had exposed that Follett and his friends were cheating at cards. Two of Follett’s friends had confronted Morrell with guns, and Morrell had shot and killed them. Follett caught up with Morrell and went to the school where he was teaching to kill the now respectable school teacher, who was defended by his gun-toting students. 

Here’s how the character Follett recounted the incident at the school to another character in the book when asked if he had killed Morrell: 

“… And then I looked at him over my cup. “Did you kill Drake Morrell?” 

He chuckled again. “Decided agin it.” He sipped his coffee. “You know somethin’? After he started that there schoolteachin’ I figured I had him dead to rights. I laid out for him, waitin’ until he was out of school, and when he come out the door, I shaped up with my old Betsy girl here” — he slapped his rifle — “right on his belly. I had him where he couldn’t move. There was youngsters all around him, and he stood there lookin’ at me and never turned a hair. He had sand, that Morrell.” 


"Has. He’s still around. You want to know what happened? I nigh got myself kilt. Five or six of them youngsters, weren’t but two of them upwards of twelve or thirteen, they outs with their six-shooters and had me covered. 

“They told me he was their teacher and he was a mighty good one and if I shot him they’d fill my hide.” 

He chuckled again. “An’ you know somethin’? They’d of done it, too.” 

“What happened?” 

“Nothin’. I pulled down my flag. Pulled her down right quick. I never seen so many youngsters with six-shooters.”

Can you believe that shit? So essentially this David Barton guy, who claims to have access to secret historical manuscripts that tell a different version of American history than the one taught in public schools, referenced a fictional story from a paper back copy of a Louis L'Amour book in an attempt to sell Beck''s audience on the "fact" that in olden times American classrooms were protected from attack by gun wielding school children.

And do you know what? I bet Glenn Beck's listeners ate it up with a spoon, and undoubtedly repeated it to  their friends and family as if it were an actual historic fact.

And that my friends is why you don't get your information or historical facts from Right Wing radio, or Fox News.

By the way if David Barton wants to refute the idea that he got his information from a work of western fiction than he is welcome to produce the document that proves otherwise, but until he does and I VERY comfortable stating that we caught his lying ass red handed.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Prolific author Stephen King uses his talents to throw a scare into the NRA.

Courtesy of the Guardian:  

The best-selling author made an unexpected charge into the national debate on gun violence on Friday with a passionate, angry essay pleading for reform. King, who owns three handguns, aimed the expletive-peppered polemic at fellow gun-owners, calling on them to support a ban on automatic and semi-automatic weapons in the wake of the December shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school which left 20 children and six adults dead. "Autos and semi-autos are weapons of mass destruction. When lunatics want to make war on the unarmed and unprepared, these are the weapons they use," King wrote. 

"Here's how it shakes out," the essay begins, before describing 22 ritual steps in which the US experiences a school massacre. Excoriating the media and television voyeurism, he writes: "Sixteenth, what cable news does best now begins, and will continue for the next seventy-two hours: the slow and luxurious licking of tears from the faces of the bereaved." 

King recalls that the fictional schoolboy killer in his 1977 novel Rage, which was published under a pen name, Richard Bachman, resonated with several boys who subsequently rampaged at their own schools. One, Barry Loukaitis, shot dead a teacher and two students in Moses Lake, Washington in 1996, then quoted a line from the novel: "This sure beats algebra, doesn't it?" 

King said he did not apologise for writing Rage – "no, sir, no ma'am" – because it told the truth about high-school alienation and spoke to troubled adolescents who "were already broken". However, he said, he ordered his publisher to withdraw the book because it had proved dangerous. He was not obliged to do so by law – it was protected by the first amendment – but it was the right thing to do. Gun advocates should do the same, he argued. 

The idea that US gun rampages stem from a culture of violence was a "self-serving lie promulgated by fundamentalist religious types and America's propaganda-savvy gun-pimps", he wrote. In reality the US had a "Kardashian culture" which preferred to read and watch comedies, romances and super-heroes, rather than stories involving gun violence. 

Much of the opposition to gun control stemmed from paranoia about the federal government, King argued. "These guys and gals actually believe that dictatorship will follow disarmament, with tanks in the streets of Topeka." 

He assured gun owners that no one wanted to take away their hunting rifles, shotguns or pistols, as long as they held no more than 10 rounds. "If you can't kill a home invader (or your wife, up in the middle of the night to get a snack from the fridge) with ten shots, you need to go back to the local shooting range." 

The mockery continued when he noted semi-automatics had only two purposes: to kill people, and to let their owners go to a shooting range, "yell yeehaw, and get all horny at the rapid fire and the burning vapor spurting from the end of the barrel".

Ooh, I like that last part! You know as frightened as the NRA is of Gabby Giffords, I would advice them to be equally concerned about Stephen King. 

King is easily the most popular, and prolific, American writer of the last fifty years, and has a huge fan base, many of whom I am sure consider themselves to be proud gun owners.

To have him write, as only he can, in such a confrontational manner is going to make some people really have to evaluate why they support allowing access to these types of weapons, and possibly even why they themselves feel the need to own one.

Hell if Stephen King can make someone like me terrified of St. Bernard dogs and clowns named Pennywise, I am sure he can frighten some sense into people about gun violence. Though after what happened at Sandy Hook I am not sure how much more frightening things have to become before people wake up to what is happening in this country.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some troubling news about our friend Joe.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:  

Author-journalist Joe McGinniss says he was diagnosed in May with advanced prostate cancer but is responding well to treatment and feels "terrific." 

The 70-year-old McGinniss is best known for controversial works such as "The Selling of the President" and "Fatal Vision." On Wednesday, he posted on his Facebook page that he had "inoperable, terminal, metastatic prostate cancer." He confirmed the diagnosis in response to an email from The Associated Press and in a subsequent Facebook posting. 

McGinniss told the AP that he has no symptoms and is eager to write more books and magazine articles.

This is certainly an upsetting way to end the day.

Joe was, and continues to be, a great friend, and I have every confidence that he will "not go gentle into that good night." But instead  "rage, rage against the dying of the light."

I still remember sitting with Joe on the porch of his rented house in Wasilla, looking out over that dead lake and sharing stories about Alaska on one of the most beautiful summer days that I can remember. Not a memory that I will soon forget, and I hope that he returns someday soon so we can pick up where we left off that day.

This country owes Joe McGinniss an incredible debt of gratitude for exposing Sarah Palin to the world. Not to mention the fact that they owe him for the many OTHER wonderful books that he had written before.

I am fortunate to have TWO books in my library signed by Joe, "Going to Extremes" and of course "The Rogue."  I will treasure them always.

Hopefully they will soon be joined by the NEXT book that Joe writes as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

English teacher puts abilities to use and writes novel, resulting in suspension. Wait, what?

Courtesy of Ohio's ABC News Channel 5:

 A sexually-explicit novel written by a North Canton Hoover High School English teacher is raising eyebrows throughout the district. 

Superintendent Michael Hartenstein said Carol Ann Eastman, hired by the district in 2006, admitted to writing the fictional book, "Schooled." However, she used the pen name, "Deena Bright." 

The story revolves around a teacher getting revenge on her cheating husband by having sexual encounters with former students. Several of the passages contain raunchy details. 

Oh, I get it. The book has that "sex" stuff in it.

Well no wonder she got in trouble, after all teacher's are only supposed to teach, not be actual human beings that think about or indulge in basic human behaviors.

Besides maybe she was writing about actual real life people and experiences?

On the dedication page, Eastman wrote, "This work is a work of fiction, fabricated in the author's mind. Names, characters, places, and events are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual occurrences or people, living or dead, is purely coincidental." 

Oh. Well it's still icky, right?

Or is it?

You know it just so happens that I have worked with a number of teachers, and guess what? I think some of them just MIGHT have been having sex. And, gasp, some of them were not even married!

Shocking I know!

And don't think I am simply imagining things. There were a couple of teachers that got pregnant, and though it has been years since I had a biology class, I think there just might be a correlation between sex and pregnancy. OMGD!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sarah Palin ghostwriter goes rogue. As "rogue" as one can go while hamstrung by a non-disclosure agreement that is.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed:

Add the ghostwriter of Sarah Palin's 2009 memoir, "Going Rogue" to the already swollen ranks of conservatives still shaking their heads over Palin's vice presidential nomination. 

"Whatever anyone's opinion of her faults and failings, to tap someone to be a Veep candidate a few days before the Convention was really not the best plan," Lynn Vincent, a veteran ghostwriter of Christian memoirs who is credited as a collaborator on Palin's book, told The New Yorker in this week's issue. 

Vincent has been credited as co-author on several bestselling memoirs, but has no formal acknowledgement in Palin's book, and sources told the magazine's Ariel Levy that Palin and her team had "reworked" Vincent's draft because Palin felt it was "too down-homey." 

Vincent, who is prevented by a non-disclosure agreement from discussing her collaboration with the former Alaska governor, is thanked on the second page of the book's acknowledgements for "her indispensible help in getting words on paper." 

This appears not to have gone down well with Vincent. 

"With Sarah Palin, it was, like, 'Thanks, Lynn Vincent, for taking out the trash,'" she said.

Wow! That's last remark is pretty telling. I wonder what kind of "trash" Vincent had to clean up?

By the way how many of us would LOVE to get Vincent alone and ply her with drinks until she starts spouting all of the unseemly truths that she undoubtedly learned while working with the Lunatic from Lake Lucille?

God I hate non-disclosure agreements. If not for them we would know hell of a lot more about the Palin family's dirty little secrets. Not only from the research for THIS book, but also the behind the scenes stories on the reality shows, and DWTS.

Still this should be enough to have a certain refrigerator in Wasilla shuddering in abject terror.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Could this possibly be secret of Sarah Palin's dramatic weight loss?

As a rule I don't usually put too much stock in blind items. However this one sort of caught my eye:

I guess she is a celebrity now. Not sure what her title would be. Anyway, she definitely has A list name recognition. Actually she has A+ name recognition. Anyway, she has lost weight recently and says it is because of diet and exercise. Could be true, but the little pick me up powder she was wiping from her nose the other night is probably helping too and that famed LA weight loss drug Adderall.

Of course the vast majority of  comments on this post immediately identified Sarah Palin as the most likely subject.

Now as you all know I have already ridiculed the idea that Palin's weight loss has anything to do with a new fitness regime, which is simply absurd.  Having said that we already know from Joe's book that Palin has a history of cocaine use, however it was the inclusion of the Adderall that immediately convinced me that this was most likely Palin.

I cannot give specifics right now, but I will say that during the research for one of the books on Palin, information concerning another family members longtime addiction to that particular drug emerged. It did not make it into the book, due to the difficulty of finding cooperative witnesses to confirm it, but between all of us it was given a great deal of credence.

Hmm, could this also clear up the mystery of the "white powder" delivered to Bristol on the set of DWTS? Inquiring minds want to know.

Monday, September 17, 2012

NEVER one to let go of a grudge, Sarah Palin has a ghostwritten attack on Joe McGinniss published on rabid Right Wing blog.

Sarah Palin is famous for going after people who she believes have done her wrong, and is also known for NEVER letting go of her hatred for these people who dare damage her reputation by pointing out the truth.

So today Palin had a ghostwriter post a hateful diatribe against Joe over at the now truly defunct Andrew Bretbart's old website. (Well Breitbart himself is "defunct" anyhow.)

Essentially she discusses a new book which examines the Jeffrey MacDonald case that was at the heart of Joe's famous book "Fatal Vision," and resurrects the claim that McGinniss gained MacDonald's trust, claiming he believed that he was innocent, only to turn on him when he became convinced of his guilt. And then takes it a step further by implicating McGinniss in the perception of MacDonald's guilt, which the author believes is false.

Now I only know what I have read about the trial, and saw presented in the television movie adapted from Joe's book, so I don't have any real idea of whether MacDonald was guilty or innocent.

I did talk to Joe very briefly about it once, after it was dredged up while he was still living next to Palin, and he expressed confidence that MacDonald was indeed guilty. And that he had dealt with the man fairly.

However the reason this is worthy of a post is to, once again, illustrate just how vindictive Palin is, and to what extremes she will go to in order to injure or frighten those that dare stand up to her, or who she identifies as an enemy. (A list that WE all know is almost too long to read in one sitting.)

McGinniss, to his eternal credit, may in fact have been the one to have finally put that proverbial stake through Palin's political aspirations for all time. So of course she hates him with the white hot hate of a woman who despises men in general, and despises men who will not succumb to her "charms" even more.

Joe was not only unimpressed with Palin, he wrote a book telling the world exactly WHY she was unimpressive, and potentially dangerous.

Of course Palin lacks the talent to do her own dirty work so in this case she simply used one of Breitbart's journalistic hit-men to write a screed and then stamped it with one of her cloven hooves.

Here you tell me if this sounds like it came from the cottage cheese filled head of the Lunatic from Lake Lucille:

I don’t normally read “true crime” books, and I’ve certainly never written a review of one, but Errol Morris’ new book, “A Wilderness of Error,” isn’t typical of the genre. It’s much more interesting and I think important. It’s a book about the failings of a legal system administered by very fallible human beings, and it’s a book about how we buy into false media narratives that tidy up uncomfortably complex stories and give us permission to call off any further search for truth – and, yes, Morris argues with refreshing clarity that objective truth is real and worthy of being sought after despite the pretentious nonsense preached in faculty lounges about all truth being relative. In fact, he argues passionately that the search for truth is what journalism and justice is all about.

"Pretentious," "fallible,"  "isn't typical of the genre." Does any of that sound like Palin-speak to any of you? Of course not.

No this is just another example of Palin smelling blood in the water and going for the jugular like she has over and over again in the past. And essentially it reveals far more about HER than it does her intended target.

Look "Fatal Vision" was written four decades ago, and nothing that Palin or this writer say about the circumstances surrounding the case will have any significant impact on Joe McGinniss, his reputation, or his future endeavors.

However Joe's book "The Rogue" DID have a very significant and disasterous impact on a certain treacherous politician who caters to the very worst in American politics, and whose influence is STILL causing negative ramifications throughout our now fragile political system. And for that the American people owe him a great debt of gratitude.

In other words, nice try Sarah, but we still know who actually ran Wasilla while you were Mayor, that even those close to you doubt you gave birth to Trig, and that you at one time used your position as a part time sportscaster to seduce a young basketball player named Glen Rice.

And NOTHING you have ghostwritten about the author of that information will EVER erase it from our minds.

And no giving us the evil eye will not change that either.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson to film expletive laden pro-Obama ad. Is it too much to hope that it will be something like, "Get these motherf*cking Republicans, out of these motherf*cking elections?"

Courtesy of the New York Post:

They picked the perfect actor for a political ad loaded with f-bombs. 

Samuel L. Jackson will film a provocative spot supporting President Obama’s re-election bid as early as tomorrow — telling voters to “Wake the f--k up, Vote for Obama.” 

The ad is a riff on Jackson’s viral video “Go the F--k to Sleep,” where he narrates a children’s book written by Adam Mansbach. 

It’s paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research Super PAC — which earlier this summer aired an ad of comedian Sarah Silverman offering “free lesbian sex” to billionaire Sheldon Adelson if he stopped supporting GOP nominee Mitt Romney. 

“It’s definitely going to get attention,” said Mansbach, who is writing the script for Jackson’s ad and said it would appear on YouTube on Sept. 24.

Okay well that's ALMOST as good as the idea in my headline.  I know I'll certainly post the advertisement!

By they if you have NOT heard Jackson read "Go the fuck to Sleep." You are in for a treat.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What a great place for a final thought.

“A book is made from a tree. It is an assemblage of flat, flexible parts (still called "leaves") imprinted with dark pigmented squiggles. One glance at it and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, the author is speaking, clearly and silently, inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs, who never knew one another. Books break the shackles of time, proof that humans can work magic.” ― Carl Sagan

Sunday, July 15, 2012

As a man I am not sure if I should find this humorous or threatening?

One of the more eye opening things that I have learned while working predominantly with women over the years is that they re not even remotely as prudish or innocent about sex as they like to project.

Even in environments that you would think would be fairly asexual I have hard women talk about things that have made even somebody as jaded as myself blush a deep crimson.

In fact women may turn their nose up the very idea of porn as "degrading to women" and "disgusting," but if men ever took the opportunity to read some of the "romance novels" sold over the counter at Barnes and Noble, or even Wal-Mart stores, they would very likely be surprised by the inclusion of bondage, submission, and the flirtation with rape that is often a part of the storyline before the heroine is rescued by the bare chested, gainfully employed, and monogamy minded hero.

And just as women can feel threatened by their mate's sexual arousal at the sight of the gymnastic qualities of the silicone enhanced, overly peroxided bimbo making obviously exaggerated vocal responses to coitus, so too can men feel emasculated by the image of the always unbuttoned shirt of the pirate with the heart of gold just waiting for the right woman to tame his wicked ways and turn him into a 9 to 5 businessman forever in lust with his soul mate, and whose burly bronze chest will never grow moobs, and whose cheese grater like abdominals will never soften.

Hey whatever floats your boat I always say.

The President heard Romney whining about an apology, and it looks like he has a response.

"Yeah, like THAT'S going to happen!"
In fact here is a video that the Obama campaign threw together to address the VERY idea of an apology.

I think there may be an apology due alright, but it certainly is NOT one that needs to come from the President.