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This hilarious pro-gay marriage advertisement from Ireland is a must see.

Okay that was bloody brilliant.

Here is a little more about it from the Raw Story.

Sarah Palin once again leaves lipstick marks all over Rush Limbaugh's porcine hindquarters. Eeeww!

Courtesy of the lard ass kisser's Facebook page: 

Rush Limbaugh’s always on top of the pile. He’s ahead of issues, including this one where he gives a heads up that Coach Ditka may actually get fired for exercising America’s First Amendment.

Palin then links to a Newsmax article covering remarks by Limbaugh suggesting that Mike Dtika might lose his job at ESPN for comment he made about the liberal media being behind the call for the Washington Redskins to change their name.

Apparently this enraged Limbaugh, who then went on his own rant about the politically correct liberals attacking the Redskins over their name, and suggesting that the majority of people want the name to remain the same.

Here is more of what Palin had to say about that: 

Nothing should surprise us lately; but when the Politically Correct Police bust Ditka, they hope the silent majority will cower under leftist control. My goodness, Ditka merely spoke his mind. This accomplished and esteemed coach knows there are big issues to be addressed in America today; there’s no intent to offend by referring to a team by the name they’ve proudly worn since day one and chose with pride in our native ancestry and obviously had absolutely no intent to insult; and the liberal media’s made-up controversies divide our country. The government’s intent to force any owner of anything, in this case an NFL entity, to change a name is the antithesis of the American way of working through differences. Ditka said he actually likes the Washington Redskins, and he’s a man full of commonsense and admired patriotism. Still, I must disagree with Coach Ditka after reading his full statement: 

“What’s all the stink over the Redskin name?” Ditka said. “It’s so much [expletive], it’s incredible. We’re going to let the liberals of the world run this world. It was said out of reverence, out of pride to the American Indian. Even though it was called a Redskin, what are you going to call them, a Proudskin? This is so stupid it’s appalling, and I hope that owner keeps fighting for it and never changes it, because the Redskins are part of an American football history, and it should never be anything but the Washington Redskins. That’s the way it is. It’s been the name of the team since the beginning of football. It has nothing to do with something that happened lately, or something that somebody dreamed up. This was the name, period. Leave it alone. These people are silly — asinine, actually, in my opinion.” 

He thinks the name should always be Washington Redskins, as a source of pride? Take the word “Washington” out and I’ll agree the team name is a great source of pride. 

- Sarah Palin

It should be noted that as of right now there is no public cry for Ditka to lose his job. 

It should also be noted that those calling for a name change are not simply a liberal minority, but the Native American community themselves.

Now I can understand that Rush Limbaugh, an unhealthily overweight, cigar smoking white guy, might demonstrate insensitivity to the native American community. After all the only reason he is not in the KKK is that they cannot find white bed sheets big enough to cover him. 

But Sarah Palin is married to a Native American man, and has Native American children, as well has grandchildren who are part Native American.

Hell Tripp has doctor visits at the Alaskan Native Hospital in Anchorage, and you certainly do not get that opportunity if you are a pure Aryan.

So for Palin to defend Rush Limbaugh, while Limbaugh defends Mike Ditka, is...well it's pretty fucked up is what it is.

I am also part Native American and I can remember my maternal grandmother, who was a quarter Apache, being disgusted by the westerns we would watch on television during the Sunday afternoons we would come to visit her.

At first I thought it was just the violence that bothered her, but later I learned that it was the constant references to "injuns," and "squaws," and "savages" that used to upset her.

She felt she had no choice but to accept the world as it was back then, but today we are making great progress and surely we can all enjoy rooting for sports teams that do not denigrate, or insult, minorities in this country.

I mean after all, is that too much to ask?

No Michael Brown did NOT fracture police officer Darren Wilson's eye socket during tussle. Update!

Yesterday the Washington Post reported the following:

The signs of easing tensions came as a family friend of the officer who fatally shot Brown came forward to offer a version of the incident with new details, saying that the officer suffered a fracture to his eye socket in a scuffle with the unarmed teenager before opening fire. 

Hospital X-rays of the injury have been taken and will be shared with a grand jury that is weighing evidence to determine whether Officer Darren Wilson should be charged in the shooting, said the friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of fear of threats. The friend has been in contact with Wilson’s family members.

Of course this resulted in all kinds of "We told you so's" from the Right Wing and Fox News ran with it as a sign that the police officer was in fear for his life from the six foot four teenager. 

Only problem with that is that it is not true.

Well that's interesting.

Equally interesting is the statement made by a new witness who more or less corroborates much of what Brown's friend, Michael Johnson, told reporters. 

Here is what I thought was the most interesting portion: 

CC (Reporter Courtney Collins.): he did not fire at that time? 

Brady: no he fired, he fired 

CC: ok see that's important, that's important 

Brady: he definitely fired, he definitely fired 

CC: so mike brown is running away, the officer is out of the car, the weapon is drawn, and you see him hear and fire at mike brown while he is running away? 

Brady: yes 

CC: absolutely? 

Brady: absolutely 

CC: so he is hit and he's now facing the officer 

Brady: facing the officer 

CC: What is the position of the officer? 

Brady: the officer - he's still got his gun drawn - 

CC: gun is drawn 

Brady: and he's at a distance - still about 15-20 feet away 

CC: so mike brown is hunched over 

Brady: he's hunched over like this, like he was already shot when I come outside, so now he's facing the officer, I remember him taking like 2 small steps - like he was going down anyway, he didn't look like he was going to give up, it looked like he was already hurt. 

CC: what's the loaded word? The loaded word is charged. Does the word charged fit was mike brown was doing? 

Brady: charged, no... like want to charge toward the officer? 

CC: yes 

Brady: no, no, no, there's no way 

CC: there's no way? 

Brady: there's no way, there's no way // he was already like this - and the officer took like 3 - 4 shots at him and that's when he went down just like he - 

CC: so as he's going in the motion that you're describing, you do see and hear the officer fire again? 

Brady: yes, yes - before he went down 

CC: You're sure? 

Brady: yes

The witness also said that he heard no shots fired while Brown and Wilson were tussling in the patrol car, and that Wilson did not demand that Brown stop before firing his weapon, which as stated above he fired at the retreating back of Michale Brown.

To be fair the Ferguson police claim to have a "dozen witnesses" that back up the officer's statement about the shooting, but oddly I have not seen any of them come forward to be interviewed by reporters.

Update: Keep in mind that the only autopsy made public thus far found that there was NO evidence to support the accusation that Michael Brown struck Officer Wilson during the altercation.

Update 2: The long lost incident report has also been released today.

Here is a rather comprehensive explanation for what you are seeing from the Daily Kos.

Protesters demand that Honduran children illegally crossing the border be sent back. But sent back to what?

We have all seen those protesters stopping buses filled with undocumented immigrant children, and forcing them to turn around.

We have all seen the signs, like those above, that insist that the children, who have traveled many hundreds of miles, simply be forced to go back to the dangerous world that they just barely managed to escape.

But what happens to them then?

Well in Honduras we have an answer.

Courtesy of the LA Times: 

"There are many youngsters who only three days after they've been deported are killed, shot by a firearm," said Hector Hernandez, who runs the morgue in San Pedro Sula. "They return just to die." 

At least five, perhaps as many as 10, of the 42 children slain here since February had been recently deported from the U.S., Hernandez said. 

Immigrant aid groups and human rights organizers say the Honduran government is ill-equipped to assist children at high risk after they have been returned. 

Unaccompanied children from Honduras "come from extremely violent regions where they probably perceive the risk of traveling alone to the U.S. preferable to staying at home," the report said. 

In one case, a teenage boy was shot to death hours after arriving in San Pedro Sula on a deportation flight, according to the boy's cousin, who refused to identify himself or the boy to The Times for fear of reprisal from neighborhood gangs. 

To do so, he said, "I would be killing my entire family." 

This is where those demanding deportation are sending these children. To their deaths.

And here's the thing that I am struggling with.

The people who are shouting "Send then back" the loudest, are the same people who are demanding that we protect Christians in Iraq and Afghanistan from attacks by Islamic terrorists.

Well Honduras is a deeply Christian country with 97% being Roman Catholic and the rest Protestant.

So why in the hell does the Right Wing care so much about Christians being murdered thousands of miles away who are very difficult for us to protect, and so little for the Christian children arriving on our very border pleading for our protection?

(H/T to AATTP.)

In 2012 409 people were killed by police officers in America in what were determined to be justifiable shootings. In Britain the police fired off a single shot. Nobody was killed.

Courtesy of PRI:

In 2012, 409 people were shot and killed by American police in what were termed justifiable shootings. In that same year, British police officers fired their weapons just once. No one was killed. 

In 2013, British police officers fired their weapons all of three times. No one died. According to The Economist, "British citizens are around 100 times less likely to be shot by a police officer than Americans. Between 2010 and 2014, the police force of one small American city — Albuquerque in New Mexico — shot and killed 23 civilians; seven times more than the number of Brits killed by all of England and Wales’s 43 forces during the same period. 

So wait, so does this mean that when a man approaches the police and asks them to kill him that they DON'T simply fill him with holes? 

The Economist argues that the reason for this disparity is actually quite simple: guns are comparatively rare in the UK. Most cops don't carry them and criminals rarely have access to them. The last time a British officer was killed by a gun was in 2012. In the US last year, 30 police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty. 

In December, PRI's The World reported on Icelanders grieving after their police force killed a man — for the first time in the country's history as a republic.

Perhaps the NRA would like to explain one more time how everybody owning a gun in America keeps all of us safe. I'm just not getting it. 

For over a decade women have been dying of domestic abuse at the rate of one every twelve days. The war on women is real.

Courtesy of The Post and Courier:  

More than 300 women were shot, stabbed, strangled, beaten, bludgeoned or burned to death over the past decade by men in South Carolina, dying at a rate of one every 12 days while the state does little to stem the carnage from domestic abuse. 

More than three times as many women have died here at the hands of current or former lovers than the number of Palmetto State soldiers killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. 

It’s a staggering toll that for more than 15 years has placed South Carolina among the top 10 states nationally in the rate of women killed by men. The state topped the list on three occasions, including this past year, when it posted a murder rate for women that was more than double the national rate. 

Awash in guns, saddled with ineffective laws and lacking enough shelters for the battered, South Carolina is a state where the deck is stacked against women trapped in the cycle of abuse, a Post and Courier investigation has found. 

Couple this with deep-rooted beliefs about the sanctity of marriage and the place of women in the home, and the vows “till death do us part” take on a sinister tone.

The article goes on to point out that while the rate of domestic violence has tumbled 64% nationwide, that there is little change in South Carolina.

But why?  

Interviews with more than 100 victims, counselors, police, prosecutors and judges reveal an ingrained, multi-generational problem in South Carolina, where abusive behavior is passed down from parents to their children. Yet the problem essentially remains a silent epidemic, a private matter that is seldom discussed outside the home until someone is seriously hurt. 

“We have the notion that what goes on between a couple is just between the couple and is none of our business,” said 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, chief prosecutor for Charleston and Berkeley counties. “Where that analysis goes wrong is we have to remember that couple is training their little boy that this is how he treats women and training their little girl that this is what she should expect from her man. The cycle is just perpetual.”

It should also not be terribly surprising that the top ten states where a woman is most likely to be murdered by her significant other are almost exclusively red states. (With the exception of Vermont. What the hell Vermont?)

Personally I would place a lot of blame on fundamentalist religious reliefs that equate women with property, and insist that the man is the head of the household and must be deferred to in all cases.

That kind of thinking simply opens up a Pandora's box of possible abuse scenarios.

I also could not help but to be reminded of a post I did last year, which indicated that one in every two women living in the Mat-Su Valley (Yes that is where Wasilla is located), have been the victim of domestic violence.

Yes there is a war on women, and it is being fought in Washington DC, the boardrooms, and in living rooms all over America. And sadly, for right now,  the women appear to be on the losing end.

And that my friends is something that needs to change, and it needs to change now.

The new Miranda. (For black folks especially.)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Recent indictment may keep Rick Perry from fondling his favorite weapon. No, not that one.

Courtesy of the Austin American-Statesman:  

Forget that it could ruin his presidential aspirations. Look beyond the possibility he could spend about a century in prison explaining to fellow inmates (with names like Mad Dog and Widowmaker) the intricacies of constitutional law and vetoes. 

Those of you who wish ill upon Gov. Rick Perry (and shame on you for doing so) perhaps will find delight in the fact that his indictment already has hit him where it hurts. It’s right there in federal law, specifically the federal law known as 18 USC 922(n), and I quote: 

“It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person (1) is under indictment for, or has been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.” 

Thanks to last week’s indictment, your fun-with-guns governor is now in that category.

Holy crap! This is big.

After all a Texas politicians without his guns is like a duck without webbed feet.

Now how will he stave off rumors that he is a homosexual, while also pandering to the NRA?

I also think we can assume that there will be mocking.

Sarah Palin takes on Richard Dawkins over remarks about aborting children with Down Syndrome. Update!

Palin posted the above graphic and then followed it up with this: 

Mr. Dawkins, I'd let you meet my son if you promised to open your mind, your eyes, and your heart to a unique kind of absolute beauty. But, in my request for you to be tolerant, I’d have to warn Trig he must be tolerant, too, because he may superficially look at you as kind of awkward. I'll make sure he's polite, though! 


Sarah Palin & family

On the face of it one would think that Palin is in the right in this confrontation of Dawkins. 

And in some ways she might be.

However what has to be remembered is that Dawkins is a scientist and his thinking is purely logical.

Which he attempted to explain in several tweets following the dust up on Twitter:

Professor Dawkins made a few rather unfortunate errors.

One is in forgetting that the things he tweets will be seen by EVERYBODY, and not simply the person to whom he is responding.

And the second was in not taking into consideration how the incredibly irrational anti-abortion groups would be in response to his advice.

Now the difference between Dawkins and Palin is that Dawkins is being completely truthful in his response, and she is simply seizing on this as a way to insert herself into a conversation that has nothing to do with her personally and to also kinda play the victim while utilizing on of her favorite props.

My take is that Dawkins should have expressed his feelings in an e-mail instead of on Twitter.

However as somebody who has worked with children who have Downs I can certainly attest to the challenges that they face, the incredible strain on their families, and that I have heard more than one exhausted parent sobbing that if they had it all to do over, they might have chosen not to bring this particular child into the world.

There are many wonderful success stories of children with Down syndrome succeeding belong all expectations. But for every one of those there  are about a hundred others where there was no fairy tale ending, and their lives have been rife with medical problems, frustrating disabilities, and despair.

Those are just the facts, and Richard Dawkins is obviously well aware of them.

Update: It looks like this is going to be a family affair

Did you guys see this? Richard Dawkins, probably the worlds’ most famous and influential atheist, just told a woman that it was “immoral” to give birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome. 

Immoral for my Mom not to kill her own son? 

I’ll make this simple: We love Trig. He brings us joy, and I know that he has a joyful life. 

Do you think the fact that they keep hammering home that "immoral" word is a sly shot at little ole me?

Newly released video of St. Louis police shooting a suicidal black man, does not match the police description of the incident.

Courtesy of HuffPo:  

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department released cell phone footage Wednesday of the police shooting of Kajieme Powell, a 25-year-old black man killed on Tuesday in St. Louis, according to St. Louis Public Radio. 

A convenience store owner called 911 on Tuesday when he suspected Powell stole drinks and donuts from his shop, according to a recording of the call. Another woman called to report Powell was acting erratically and had a knife in his pocket. 

Two officers in a police SUV responded to the calls, the cell phone video shows. When the officers got out of their vehicle, Powell walked in their direction, yelling and telling them to shoot him already. 

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said Tuesday that both of the officers opened fire on Powell when he came within a three or four feet of them holding a knife "in an overhand grip." But the newly released cell phone footage undermines the statement, showing Powell approaching the cops, but not coming as close as was reported, with his hands at his side. 

The officers began shooting within 15 seconds of their arrival, hitting Powell with a barrage of bullets.

It is clear that this young man was quite disturbed, and based on what he said early in the video, and the fact that he waited for the police to arrive, and then demanded that they shoot him, that he was seeking what is referred to as "suicide by police."

It is also clear that he was cognizant enough of his surroundings to move up on that lawn so that when the officers fired their bullets they would not hit any innocent bystanders.

That shows a level of awareness that the police could have used to diffuse the situation if they had been better trained.

Personally I could not see the knife in the video, but I could definitely see that he did not have it in an overhand position ready to stab one of the officers.

They could definitely have tazed him, or pepper sprayed him.

This is murder.

As the primary season comes to an end journalists take note of the Sarah Palin curse.

At one time a political force in America now reduced to mere shadow of her former self.
Courtesy of McClatchy DC: 

Sarah Palin has lost the magic. The defeat of her choice Tuesday in a Republican Senate primary in her home state of Alaska capped a primary season in which her favored candidates have stumbled across the nation. 

A referendum to restore Palin’s signature achievement from her time as Alaska governor, a state tax on oil companies, was also headed toward defeat following Tuesday’s voting, dealing a double whammy loss to Palin in her home state and highlighting her declining influence. 

Only four of the 15 congressional candidates endorsed by Palin nationwide this year have won their primaries, a far worse record than the previous two elections, when Palin played a role as kingmaker and her approval was eagerly sought by candidates looking for an edge with Republican voters. 

Palin remains talented at raising money. “But her influence on the actual political process is diminishing rapidly,” said John Feehery, a Republican political consultant and former aide to GOP leadership in the House of Representatives. 

The article points out that Palin had recently endorsed Joe Miller, who went to down in defeat on Tuesday, as well as Ballot Measure 1 that was supposed to reinstate the oil tax that Palin championed before being selected as McCain's VP choice.

Those are the only two things that Palin endorsed up here this election cycle, and they both went down in flames. 

It then goes on to discuss Palin's extremely low poll ratings in Alaska, and her transition from politician to reality show "star."

McClatchy goes on from there to take note of her lack of success in the endorsement game this time around: 

Palin backed failed attempts to unseat incumbent Sens. Thad Cochran in Mississippi and Lamar Alexander in Tennessee. Her Senate picks in Oklahoma, Minnesota and Georgia all failed to advance beyond the Republican primary as well. 

Palin had more success with her Nebraska pick, following Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., in endorsing Ben Sasse’s successful campaign for the GOP Senate nomination. 

Palin also joined Mitt Romney and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida in stumping for Joni Ernst, who won the Republican Senate primary in Iowa, and she endorsed heavily favored Sen. Tim Scott in South Carolina. 

Just one of Palin’s choices for the U.S. House, Barry Loudermilk in Georgia, won the Republican primary election. Palin‘s picks for the House lost in Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida and Georgia. 

A message left with SarahPAC asking about the endorsed candidates’ struggles was not returned. 

I think that last line is my favorite.

So finally it appears that the so-called "lamestream media" has taken note of Palin's incredible losing streak and her lack of political intuition. About time.

Of course that is not the only place where Palin is failin'.

I noticed just yesterday that the YouTube page that had been posting all of her Sarah Palin Channel video has been taken down, which indicates that either despite its name it was NOT actually the "Official Sarah Palin" YouTube account, or that Palin felt that she would never get subscribers if the content were free on line in other places so she had it taken down.

Whatever the case it's gone now.

So currently the only way to see Palin's rants is to pay the subscription fee and watch them on her channel website blog.

Which is another way of saying that we don't have to watch them. And as you know I won't and I imagine that there are few others that will either.

Let's see how long she can last, shall we?

Grandmother shoots grandson thinking him an intruder. Another example of that 2nd Amendment keeping us safe.

Courtesy of the AP:  

A grandmother shot and critically wounded her 7-year-old grandson early Tuesday after mistaking him for an intruder who had broken into her home, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said. 

Linda Maddox, 63, and her twin grandsons were sleeping in a bedroom after her son, who is the boy's father, had left for work at the postal service, deputies said. Maddox told deputies she had placed a chair against the bedroom door handle for extra protection while they slept. 

When she heard the chair sliding against the wood floor about 1 a.m. Tuesday, she assumed it was an intruder and grabbed a loaded .22-caliber revolver she keeps by the bed and fired one shot in the dark toward the door. 

Seconds later, she heard her grandson Tyler Maddox scream, deputies said. He was shot once in the upper body. He was taken to a hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

An elderly woman, with young children in the house, blinding firing into the darkness.

That is the America that the NRA has helped to create.

rEVILution: The Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism. Perhaps the most frightening 32 minutes of your day.

Courtesy of AATTP:  

A 30 minute YouTube video documents the various plots, murders, and attempted murders carried out by members of these groups, and others who are sympathetic to their cause. 

Using mostly video from news sources, the documentary, called “rEVILution: The Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism,” lays out a timeline of violence committed by right-wing ideologues over the past six years. All of the incidents that made headlines are there, including: 

Jerad Lee Loughner’s attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, an act he called an “assassination.” 

Paul Ciancia, who opened fire in a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport last November. 

The “Hutaree Militia,” nine of whom were arrested in a plot to kill police in an attempt to start a war against the federal government. (Most of the charges against them were eventually dismissed due to lack of evidence.) 

The video also presents some cases of anti-goverment violence that didn’t get major attention nationally, such as “sovereign citizen” Jerry Kane. Kane and his son were caught on a police officer’s dash cam video after a traffic stop in Arkansas. During the stop, a confrontation ensues. Joe Kane jumps out of the minivan he and his father were traveling in, and fires multiple shots with an AK-47, killing two West Memphis, Arkansas police officers. 

Mixed with these examples of right wing terrorists, the video also presents clips of what some believe provide the inspiration for some of these killers: right wing media.

The video is chilling to be sure.

And though some may suggest that it is somewhat sensationalized, the truth is that much of what it is saying is dead on the money.

We are in desperate times right now, and things are only going to get worse, before they get better.

If I never hear this question again......

I remember once having somebody throw this at me with such a smug look on their face that I started laughing so hard I almost doubled over.

I literally never recovered long enough to answer them before they stormed off mumbling what an asshole I was.