Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Sarah Palin Channel Thanksgiving message, brought to you on Facebook where people might actually see it, features unruly children and an attempted puppy homicide.

So Palin, wearing the same hooker shirt she wore in Louisiana, decided to send out a Thanksgiving message.

It was clearly recorded for the Sarah Palin Channel, as indicated by the logo at the bottom, but Palin must have wanted more than six people to see it so she stuck it on Facebook,

As you can see from the picture she has both Trig (Who you can see in that screen capture is in the process of choking that poor dog damn near to death.) and Tripp (Who I was under the impression was NOT supposed to be featured in any of Palin's propaganda anymore.) on the couch with her.

Later she calls over Piper and her friend McKinley to parrot what they have been told to be thankful for. (McKinley: "Military." Piper: "Family and military." Good job kids here's your cookie.)

At the end Palin claims she did not force the girls to say that, but we all know the drill.

I think the take way from watching this video, is that the team behind the Sarah Palin Channel has given up on ever producing any sort of professional footage and that Palin has literally NO control over the kids in her family. Or the dogs for that matter.

You will never guess who the Tea Party is hoping to recruit to run against John McCain in 2016. But then again, maybe you will.

Courtesy of The New York Times:  

And in their most audacious plans, Tea Party groups are preparing to recruit challengers to run against high-profile Republicans they accuse of betraying them — as they did when they toppled Eric Cantor, the former House majority leader. 

At the top of their list of potential targets are politicians like Senator John McCain of Arizona, a proponent of an immigration overhaul. Their fantasy candidate: Sarah Palin, Mr. McCain’s former running mate, who now spends much of the year at her home in Scottsdale, Ariz. Two prominent conservative activists, who spoke anonymously to reveal private discussions, said leading Tea Party figures planned to reach out to Ms. Palin to see if she was interested in running against Mr. McCain.

Hey that's what you get when you endorse your girlfriend to run for President and not your former running mate.

Personally I think it would be a kick in the ass to watch Palin go up against John McCain in Arizona. One can only imagine the oppo research he could use against her if she dared to challenge him.

However I think that John McCain, and the rest of Arizona, can relax. 

Once again being a Senator is a J-O-B and Sarah Palin hates those.

So she is not going to run. However it is nice of the New York Times to confirm how much time Palin is spending in Arizona. Not that we all here at IM did not already know that.

Well it's Thanksgiving so you know what that means. Let the great Sarah Palin turkey slaughtering video commence!

God that never gets old!

Here is a little write up that HuffPo did for those who may not be familiar with this video gem: 

Fresh off a defeat in the 2008 presidential election, Palin headed to a turkey farm in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, to pardon a local bird -- a common practice among governors. 

Palin delivered her prepared remarks over frequent interruptions from clucking birds not as fortunate as the turkey getting the reprieve. She even touted herself as a "friend to all creatures great and small" before posing for a photo op. 

What happened next was entirely unexpected. While many had recently learned that Palin could be unpredictable -- even a maverick, perhaps -- Americans couldn't have foreseen her conducting a lengthy on-camera interview while live birds were being fed into a machine of mass turkey murder mere feet behind her. 

Palin seemed to unwittingly nail her remarks, commenting on the need to find "levity" in her job as turkey after turkey was decapitated by the metal cone of death in the background. The man shoving the struggling birds into the device even looked up toward Palin and the camera as the governor presciently predicted that the spectacle would invite skepticism.

What can I say, it's a tradition.

On this day I need some white meat, some stuffing, some cranberry sauce, and some Sarah Palin blabbering while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background, to make my holiday complete.

And let me remind everybody once again that Palin was asked if she was sure that was where she wanted to stand and she said, "No worries."

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking forward to spending the day explaining to my extended family why everything they they have heard this elections cycle was wrong.

I imagine the first punch will be thrown around four o'clock or so.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Remembering the Thanksgiving commercial that was made in 2008 to thank Sarah Palin for just being Sarah Palin.

Oh man, does that bring back memories!

I was reminded of this ad by Bloomberg. who calls it, "The greatest Thanksgiving ad of all time."

Pretty sure their tongue was firmly jammed into their cheek for that one.

But seriously I think WE should all take a moment to thank Sarah Palin as well. Here I'll start.

Thank you Sarah Palin for providing a barometer whihc helps us to measure the ignorance and incompetence of our politicians.

Thank you Sarah Palin for promoting the Tea Party in its infancy so that it could damn near destroy the Republican party from within.

Thank you Sarah Palin for the many helpings of incoherent word salad, with batshit crazy croutons, that allows the rest of us to realize just how intelligent we are by comparison.

And most of all, thank you Sarah Palin for raising a gaggle of moronic, uncivilized morons, who were responsible for perhaps the most fun we had this year.....the Throwdown at the Hoedown.

Gee, and I did not get you anything this year.

HBO films documentary on Scientology. Has 160 lawyers looking at it before broadcast. You know that might not be enough.

Courtesy of CNN:  

HBO is backing a documentary based on "Going Clear," a book about Scientology and Hollywood -- and isn't taking any chances with the legal side of things. 

"We have probably 160 lawyers" looking at the film, HBO Documentary Films President Sheila Nevins told The Hollywood Reporter. (HBO, like CNN, is a unit of Time Warner.) 

"Going Clear," by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Lawrence Wright ("The Looming Tower"), digs into the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and the influence his church has had on its believers, many of whom have close ties to Hollywood.

I have believed for years that Scientology exists solely as an opportunity for religious people to recognize how fundamentally ridiculous ALL religions are.

It is true that Scientology is filled with the so much batshit crazy that I tend to believe that L.Ron Hubbard was just putting everybody on, and would be shocked to learn that not only did his completely made up religion survive, but that it prospered.  However if you if you really examine religions, there is really NONE that stand up to even the most basic scrutiny. (Golden plates transcribed in "reform Egyptian" that only Joseph Smith ever saw? Seriously Mormons?)

And the list of famous people who follow Scientology is jaw dropping. From Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Sharon Stone to J.D. Salinger, William S. Burroughs, and Van Morrison there are a number of highly intelligent and talented people who buy into its bullshit.

Well I certainly hope that HBO is adequately prepared for the backlash, because the Scientologists are famously litigious and not know for taking perceived attacks on their beliefs lightly.

After South Park's hilarious Scientology episode the "church" went after Trey Parker and Matt Stone with everything they had. Fortunately they found nothing they could use against the duo, but it was not for lack of trying.

Republican Congressman Peter King believes that President Obama should invite Darren Wilson to the White House. Oh yeah, that's good idea.

Courtesy of Politico:

Rep. Peter King has a suggestion for the White House in dealing with the latest developments in Ferguson — invite Officer Darren Wilson over. 

“I think it would be very helpful if President Obama went and met with the police officer, or invited him to the White House and said, ‘You’ve gone through four months of smear and slander, and the least we can do is tell you that it’s unfortunate that it happened and thank you for doing your job,’” the New York Republican told Fox Business on Tuesday. 

“I thought it was terrible how, over the last four months, a narrative was put out there by our national leaders and by many in the media presuming that the police officer was guilty,” King said. 

Yes poor, poor Darren Wilson. Who somehow was able to get the St. Louis prosecuting attorney to skew the results of a Grand Jury decision by providing, and promoting, evidence to exonerate him.

Something essentially unheard of.

And now Peter King thinks the President should slap the African American community in the face by inviting this man to the White House?

Gee, it's almost like Rep. King were trying to convince the President do something that would enrage black Americans and convince them they were betrayed by the first black President elected to the White House.

Gosh I wonder why he would want to do that? (#2016.)

Hey would you like to feel smart today? Well watching this homeschooling mother demonstrating stunning ignorance while visiting the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago should do the trick.

Now the above is just a sample from the original 30 minute video which I will embed below, but it gives you some idea of that vast which emanates from this Megan Fox woman. 

As you may have guessed she is a Fundamentalist Christian, who home schools her children to protect them from anything which might threaten their faith in what Mommy and Daddy believe.

Here is how Raw Story reported on this: 

In the description of the 30 minute video she uploaded to YouTube to document the visit, Fox wrote, “In November 2014, Megan Fox toured the Field Museum’s ‘Evolving Earth’ exhibit to audit it for bias. She found many examples of inconsistencies and the Field Museum’s insistence that people support opinion as fact without proof. The Field Museum pushes certain theories as if they are absolute proven law when that is not how the scientific method works.” 

In the video’s opening moments, Fox is reading a display regarding the evolution of eukaryotes — which she has to ask her camera operator how to pronounce — simple, microscopic animals that first evolved as single-cell life forms, but which became multicellular, beginning the diversification that would lead to complex life forms. 

“‘At first, many eukaryotes were single-celled, and many still are today,’” Fox reads from the display before scoffing. “What? If many still are today, then that would support the theory that they have never changed, that they have always been as they are today, not that they started someplace else and then are here, but they were always this and still are today.” 

Regarding what paleontologists have said about the first animals to make the transition from life in the water to life on land, Fox says this is impossible. God made the creatures of the water to live in the water and the creatures of the land to live in the land, which is why fish have fins and people have feet. 

“It’s not like their fins fell off and they grew feet,” she says. “That’s what they want you to believe, that their fins fell off and then they grew some feet and started walking on the land. This is the dumbest theory I’ve ever heard in my whole life. It’s not good, it’s really not good. It’s bad. It’s very bad. Do you know how complex feet are?”

Holy crap! This woman almost makes Sarah Palin seem like a Rhodes Scholar. 

What is even more troubling is that this lunatic has a YouTube channel where she reviews, and recommends, books for children.

Now as promised embedded below is the entire 30 plus minute video.

My advice is to watch in small segments however as the stupidity is actually overwhelming.

Just a reminder that you can pause a video to make anybody look stupid.

I sometimes get angry feedback due to my propensity for finding really terrible pictures of Sarah Palin and using them on this blog. Many of them are ones I create myself by taking screenshots and posting them here.

You know like this one.

And this one.

And this one.

Okay fair enough.

However in my defense I would like to point out that when you hear Professor Tyson speak it immediately dissuades you from believing that he is intellectually impaired in any way.

Yet when you hear Sarah Palin speak people instead think, "That screen capture really failed to fully grasp the stupidity of this woman."

And the defense rests.

"Religion is really made by the brain. It is a secretion of the brain."

Lionel Tiger is a Canadian-born, American-based anthropologist. He is the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University and co-Research Director of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation.

I swear as much as I love politics, this is the kind of thing that really gets my intellectual juices flowing. I guess in my case brain secretions are caused by pursuing an understanding of the origins, purpose, and benefits to humans of religion.

"Mommy's shot."

Courtesy of KJRH:  

A Tulsa woman is dead after her toddler son accidentally shot her in the head, police say.

Christa Engles, 26, was pronounced dead at an area hospital just after 5:30 p.m. Monday after being transported from her east Tulsa home in "grave condition." 

Police say Engles was found by the children's grandmother, who arrived home to find the victim in the front room of the house with a gunshot wound to the head. 

Police say it appears she was changing the diaper of her 1-year-old daughter when she was shot by her 3-year-old son with a semiautomatic handgun.

According to the news report the young child discovered the gun under the couch, apparently there were several guns in the house, and he accidentally shot his mother to death.

Afterward the child kept repeating the phrase "Mommy's shot."

Just another tragedy brought to us by the American "gun culture."

Guns are not tools.

Guns are not accessories.

They are instruments of death, and they need to be treated as such.

Before they prove that to people the hard way.