Monday, September 01, 2014

Armed Open Carry advocates crash protest against gun violence in order to "educate" them.

Courtesy of Liberaland: 

In Akron, Ohio on Sunday, protesters against gun violence gathered, then armed counter-protesters confronted them – or as they would put it, to”‘educate” them. At least one of the female protester’s family members was a victim of domestic violence.

Why do these armed men insist on going into areas where they are not wanted or needed? All we have to do for gun sense laws to be implemented is to sit back and continue to let them be their own worst enemies. 

Armed white men invading a peaceful protest to teach them a lesson.

Sounds kind of like intimidation to me.

Of course as we know these "tough guys" would be cowering under their beds, jumping at every shadow, without access to their precious metal pacifiers, now wouldn't they?

Sarah Palin squeezes every little bit of attention out of her schmoozing with the Duck Dynasty clan, even manages to include Franklin Graham and Fox News.

"Don't poke my fake boob with that flag Todd. It might deflate."
Courtesy of Granny Grifter's Facebook page:

Such a beautiful day in Port Alsworth, Alaska, as our family joined Rev. Franklin Graham & the Duck Commander crew to again welcome veterans and their spouses at an Operation Heal Our Patriot's retreat. This tremendous program for wounded warriors is run by Samaritan's Purse and works to help heal our returning heroes who have the same emotional and spiritual scars the rest of us have (You know after Franklin Graham skims a little from the top first.), but theirs are compounded by extreme circumstances in war zones, and they return with scars all to often overlooked. Thank you to all the dedicated OHOP volunteers committed to our returning heroes to heal marriages affected by these scars. (Not sure she is the best person be talking about "healing marriages.") Our prayers are with the couples we welcomed yesterday on a chilly end-of-summer evening that reminds us our Alaskan winter rolls in quickly and spectacularly. It was 27 degrees there this morning (She got this part right. Colder than hell this morning.), and bear viewing is great as the nearby animals fatten themselves up before hunkering down for the cold winter months. This Bristol Bay region is a most beautiful spot in the Last Frontier; it's the region where Todd was born and raised. We're blessed to have this chunk of God's country in our backyard. Glad the Duck Commander crew traveled North for these views, too! 

America, please join us in supporting and praying for all our vets and their families. If you love your freedom, thank a vet!

 - Sarah Palin

Nothing says "We're just small town living Americans like all of you" like hobnobbing with reality TV stars and having it covered by a host on a popular cable news channel.

And of course while she has this "star" power at her disposal, why not use them as a lure to get somebody to finally visit her stupid all about me vanity channel?

Photo courtesy of Chuck Jr.'s Facebook page.
Seriously where is a hungry bear fattening up for winter when you need one?

Rick Perry tweets inflammatory photo of woman that he undoubtedly blames for his indictment. Immediately regrets it.

Courtesy of Mediaite:  

Last night, the official Twitter account of Governor Rick Perry posted a photo taking a shot at the Texas Democrat at the heart of Perry’s indictment and veto scandal. Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested for DUI last year, and Perry threatened not to fund the Travis County Public Integrity Unit unless she resigned.

The tweet was taken down almost immediately and not long afterward this tweet also went out from his official account.
Ah yes, the ever popular, "Somebody tweeted a message from me that was not from me" defense.

We know it well.

Hey maybe it's true.

I mean after all it is not like Perry is known for making stupid mistakes and then refusing to take responsibility for them or anything, right?

I think it's pretty clear that Ted Cruz is going to run for President.

Courtesy of AOL:  

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz sounds increasingly like he's made up his mind to run for president in 2016, telling an influential gathering of conservative activists Saturday that "we are part of a grassroots fire that is sweeping this country." 

"I'm convinced we're going to win in 2014, and 2016 is going to be even better," the Texas Republican said during a summit of Americans for Prosperity, the political arm of the billionaire GOP donors Charles and David Koch. "And in the year 2017, a Republican president in the Rose Garden is going to sign a bill repealing every word of Obamacare." 

Cruz joked about inviting President Barack Obama to the border to see where thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children have poured into the U.S. The president declined such an invitation from Texas Gov. Rick Perry. 

"I figured out the only way there is a chance in heaven he might come, I'm inviting him to come to a golf course," Cruz said. 

Cruz offered a way to deal with Islamic State militants in Iraq. "ISIS says they want to go back and reject modernity," he said. "Well, I think we should help them. We ought to bomb them back to the stone age."

That last part sounds like he is channeling John McCain.

Of all of the potential GOP presidential candidates for 2016, I dislike Cruz the most. (And I mean really, really, really dislike him.)

He quite literally makes me queezy.

He reminds me of that asshole who sidles up to you at a party and tells you that your girlfriend looks hot, and if she ever dumped you he would be all over that. In other words he is the kind of guy that I have put on their ass almost more times than I can remember.

He is oily, arrogant, and odious.  And I hope that he falls out of the Republican clown car early on so that I don't have to write about him any longer than necessary.

However the thing that he does is to make Rand Paul seem more reasonable and palpable to the primary voters, and that might be exactly what Paul needs to help him to win the nomination.

 God can you just imagine the Paul/Cruz ticket?

I would have to take three showers a day just to feel clean.

P.S. Here is an article with more of Cruz's American for Prosperity comedy show.

Try not to gag. 

Woman gets 14 months in jail after 9 year old son took handgun to school that accidentally wounded 8 year old.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

A Washington woman has been sentenced to jail for her part in a shooting at an elementary school after a handgun her son had in his backpack went off, wounding a classmate.

 Jamie Lee Chaffin was sentenced to 14 months in prison after pleading guilty to unlawful weapon possession charges, reports the Kitnap Sun. 

On Feb. 22, 2012, Chaffin’s then 9-year-old son took a loaded handgun to school in his backpack, which went off wounding 8-year-old classmate, Amina Kocer Bowman, shattering her elbow and damaging her internal organs before the bullet came to rest in her spine. 

According to Chaffin’s son, he took the gun to school to protect himself from classmates.

Which is exactly the message that we keep sending to our children through video games and movies.

Without a gun we are vulnerable. With a gun...invincible. 

Apparently the boy also said that there were a number of unsecured weapons around the boyfriend's home for him to choose from.

I think it is very good news that a parent is being help responsible for this accidental shooting, however it is truly unfortunate that the boyfriend's charges were dismissed by the state Supreme Court.

In my mind if you own a gun you are responsible for any damage, injury, or death that is the fault of that gun.

After all what would have happened if that eight year old girl had died? Or if other children had also been injured?

Watching this literally fills me with joy.

If we could only shed ourselves of our crippling insecurities, and shake off the chains of superstition, just imagine how much farther we would be down the path of understanding.

Everyday we should ask ourselves what we want to learn today.

And the answer should always come back "Everything."

I thought this might be a little good news start to our Labor Day.

Actually by the end of 2014 it is projected that the deficit will only represent 2.9% pf the GDP.

Gee imagine how much better it would be if the Republicans would lift a finger to help the President repair the economy.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's a rooting tooting Teabagger shit kicking shindig when the Palin clan and the Duck Dynasty dipshits get together. Yeehaw!

So many puns rolling around my head concerning the name of this grill.
So the other day Palin welcomed the Robertson clan to her house in Wasilla,

This according to Facebook:

This has been an awesome weekend all around for us. Yesterday was the MOST gorgeous day so we had a great cookout with the awesome Duck Dynasty family here in our yard at home in Wasilla. (Stay tuned to hear more about that wonderful visit!)

Oh yeah stay tuned, cause you know she is going to be milking this.

I can just see it all now, both the Robertson clan and a whole passel of Palins all gathered together enjoying barbecue critter, playing the popular hillbilly board game "Do you think you're smarter than an embryo?," and enjoying everybody's favorite bread, inbred.

But hey the butt kissing and name dropping don't end there.

After this the Palins are headed off to Bristol Bay (Hey, did you know that Todd has a lodge out there?) to visit with Franklin Graham, where I am sure they will compare grifting tips, and gather at night to recite imprecatory prayers aimed at killing off liberals and giving Hillary Clinton cancer.

Gee you can almost smell the self righteousness from here.

St. Louis area gun manufacturers introduce the pocket shotgun. Gee, what good timing.

Courtesy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: 

This may not be the best time to establish yourself as a gun maker — with firearms sales slowing after several years of rapid growth — but that’s what two local companies are trying to do. 

Pevely-based Heizer Defense and St. Louis-based DoubleTap Defense are pushing new guns — sharing a common, and somewhat contentious, ancestry — targeting the highly competitive concealed carry market. 

Both companies are doing it with small, but powerful, handguns. Heizer has what it calls the Pocket Shotgun, a single-shot pistol that fires a .410-gauge shotgun shell. DoubleTap’s flagship is a two-shot pistol chambered to use .45 ACP rounds.

Yes a weapon with the power of the shotgun that an be easily concealed in a woman's purse or the rectum of a prison inmate. Nothing too concerning about that.

As you can see the pocket shotgun, pictured above, comes in various colors to match any lady's ensemble.

However since it IS a tiny shotgun, it might be wise to remove those high heels before firing those freedom bullets or you might find yourself tumbling ass over teakettle into a 2nd Amendment loving heap on the sidewalk.

What a country.

What a fucked up, increasingly dangerous, and racially intolerant country. 

Sit down kiddies, Sarah Palin's going to learn ya about unions.

Holy crap! Did you buy ANY of that?

Here was Wonkette's take on this drivel:

It start with some facts about the history of Labor Day that Sarah found on Wikipedia, about how hard-workin’ people built America. What do Republicans think of hard-workin’ Americans, you ask? “Fer ‘em!” Sarah replies. But then she brings up how Todd was in a union — elected treasurer, even! — and how that was fine because Todd was helpin’ some hard-workin’ guys up in Alaska, whereas the “union thugs,” the ones runnin’ the unions, they’re no good. She concludes this rambling saying that the true meaning of Labor Day is not about politics. 

At the end of the video, she takes a moment to address everyone who doesn’t have Labor Day off, and she thanks them for coming to work that day. 

So Palin has nothing against her union brothers and sisters' but flat out hate those union "thugs" don'tcha know?

I guess it does not dawn on Palin that those "thugs" ie union bosses, are union members as well who worked their way up. (And by the way if Todd was the treasurer, you know the guy that makes sure people pay their dues and keeps track of the payout, that kind of puts him in cahoots with those same thugs that Palin is dissing in this stupid video.

As for Palin's contention that the Republicans are on the side of union member, well that is simply Palin brand mooseshit.

Here is just a smattering of what the GOP has been up to lately to undermine or even destroy unions in this country, courtesy of Mother Jones:

From New Hampshire to Alaska, Republican lawmakers are waging war on organized labor. They're pushing bills to curb, if not eliminate, collective bargaining for public workers; make it harder for unions to collect member dues; and, in some states, allow workers to opt out of joining unions entirely but still enjoy union-won benefits. All told, it's one of the largest assaults on American unions in recent history. 

Behind the onslaught is a well-funded network of conservative think tanks that you've probably never heard of. Conceived by the same conservative ideologues who helped found the Heritage Foundation, the State Policy Network (SPN) is a little-known umbrella group with deep ties to the national conservative movement. Its mission is simple: to back a constellation of state-level think tanks loosely modeled after Heritage that promote free-market principles and rail against unions, regulation, and tax increases.

In the immortal words of Keith Olbermann, "The an idiot."

Finally some good news for the women of Texas.

Courtesy of the New York Times:

A federal judge in Austin, Tex., blocked a stringent new rule on Friday that would have forced more than half of the state’s remaining abortion clinics to close, the latest in a string of court decisions that have at least temporarily kept abortion clinics across the South from being shuttered. 

The Texas rule, requiring all abortion clinics to meet the building, equipment and staffing standards of hospital-style surgery centers, had been set to take effect on Monday. But in his opinion, Judge Lee Yeakel of the United States District Court in Austin said the mandate placed unjustified obstacles on women’s access to abortion without providing significant medical benefits. 

The rule “is unconstitutional because it imposes an undue burden on the right of women throughout Texas to seek a pre-viability abortion,” he wrote.

Of course this is exactly what Wendy Davis was fighting against when she staged her 11 hour filibuster in 2013. Sadly however the Republicans and Rick Perry, have worked overtime to erode women's rights since that event.

This is how things would have turned out if the judge had not found the new restrictions unconstitutional.
Liberals United offers a sequence of events:

1. Texas GOP introduces anti-choice, anti-abortion HB2 Bill in the Spring of 2013 
2. Wendy Davis holds a 13-hour filabuster in June 2013 
3. GOP passes HB2 Bill anyway in July 2013 
4. Planned Parenthood sues September 2013 
5. Judge Yeakel strikes down abortion restrictions declaring them unconstitutional in September 2013 
6. DU Greg Abbott appeals and wins in October 2013. Restrictions reinstated. 
7. Judge Yeakel strikes down key abortion restrictions August 29, 2014 (see above) 
8. Prediction: Greg Abbott appeals, but will he win?…

Of course electing Davis as the new Governor would change this scenario completely.

 Come on Texas have you not yet had enough?

Conservative think tank decides to demonstrate their disdain for unions by working on Labor Day. Oh yeah, that'll teach'em.

Courtesy of The Seattle Times:  

Just when it seemed the right wing couldn’t get any more divorced from reality around here, a local conservative group has launched a protest against what it sees as a pernicious cultural touchstone. 

Labor Day. 

Yes, bittersweet old Labor Day — the first Monday in September, the holiday that’s been around for generations and is known to most non-ideologically blinkered Americans as an end-of-summer free day honoring all the hard work you put in the rest of the year. 

But to the Freedom Foundation, a business-backed Olympia think tank, the day is evidence of the power of unions, which to them equals the decline of America. Rather than stoop to taking a union-backed day off, they plan to fight the power by ... working all day Monday instead! 

“I can’t think of a problem in society that can’t be traced in some way back to the abuses of organized labor, so it would be hypocritical of us to take a day off on its behalf,” said Freedom Foundation CEO Tom McCabe, in announcing the “work-in.” 

That’ll show those unions who control everything around here. Let’s all go into the offices and the factories and work like dogs instead of barbecuing or watching parades! Who’s with me? 

Of course, if McCabe followed this principle to its logical end, he’d have to work every Saturday, too. Year round.

But why end with working Saturdays?

The unions are also responsible for out ability to be paid overtime, have lunch breaks, receive paid vacations, the 40 hour work week, safety standards, child labor laws, etc, etc., etc..

Clearly these idiots know NOTHING about American history.

Was Jesus a real person? A growing number of scholars think not.

Courtesy of Alternet:  

Most antiquities scholars think that the New Testament gospels are “mythologized history.” In other words, they think that around the start of the first century a controversial Jewish rabbi named Yeshua ben Yosef gathered a following and his life and teachings provided the seed that grew into Christianity. 

At the same time, these scholars acknowledge that many Bible stories like the virgin birth, miracles, resurrection, and women at the tomb borrow and rework mythic themes that were common in the Ancient Near East, much the way that screenwriters base new movies on old familiar tropes or plot elements. In this view, a “historical Jesus” became mythologized

For over 200 years, a wide ranging array of theologians and historians—most of them Christian—analyzed ancient texts, both those that made it into the Bible and those that didn’t, in attempts to excavate the man behind the myth. Several current or recent bestsellers take this approach, distilling the scholarship for a popular audience. Familiar titles include Zealot by Reza Aslan and How Jesus Became God by Bart Ehrman. 

But other scholars believe that the gospel stories are actually “historicized mythology.” In this view, those ancient mythic templates are themselves the kernel. They got filled in with names, places and other real world details as early sects of Jesus worship attempted to understand and defend the devotional traditions they had received. 

The notion that Jesus never existed is a minority position. Of course it is! says David Fitzgerald, author of Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All. For centuries all serious scholars of Christianity were Christians themselves, and modern secular scholars lean heavily on the groundwork that they laid in collecting, preserving, and analyzing ancient texts. Even today most secular scholars come out of a religious background, and many operate by default under historical presumptions of their former faith.

The article then lays out five somewhat compelling reasons to believe that Jesus was made up out of whole cloth. 

1. No first century secular evidence whatsoever exists to support the actuality of Yeshua ben Yosef. In the words of Bart Ehrman: “What sorts of things do pagan authors from the time of Jesus have to say about him? Nothing. As odd as it may seem, there is no mention of Jesus at all by any of his pagan contemporaries. There are no birth records, no trial transcripts, no death certificates; there are no expressions of interest, no heated slanders, no passing references – nothing. 

2. The earliest New Testament writers seem ignorant of the details of Jesus’ life, which become more crystalized in later texts. Paul seems unaware of any virgin birth, for example. No wise men, no star in the east, no miracles. Historians have long puzzled over the “Silence of Paul” on the most basic biographical facts and teachings of Jesus. Paul fails to cite Jesus’ authority precisely when it would make his case. What’s more, he never calls the twelve apostles Jesus’ disciples; in fact, he never says Jesus HAD disciples –or a ministry, or did miracles, or gave teachings. 

3. Even the New Testament stories don’t claim to be first-hand accounts. We now know that the four gospels were assigned the names of the apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, not written by them. To make matter sketchier, the name designations happened sometime in second century, around 100 years or more after Christianity supposedly began. 

 4. The gospels, our only accounts of a historical Jesus, contradict each other 

5. Modern scholars who claim to have uncovered the real historical Jesus depict wildly different persons. They include a cynic philosopher, charismatic Hasid, liberal Pharisee, conservative rabbi, Zealot revolutionary, nonviolent pacifist...etc..

This may be one of my all time favorite subjects, and it is nice to revisit it once in awhile and take break from all of the political stuff that takes up so much of my time. 

My personal opinion, going back to my teen years, is that essentially EVERYTHING about Jesus is manufactured to sell a product, much like Ronald McDonald or the Jolly Green Giant.

However I have been surprised to read from various scholars, most recently Reza Aslan, that the current consensus is that Jesus was an actual personae though virtually everything the Bible says about him is bullshit.

So I'm interested, what do you think?

Just another one of those Jewish liberals attacking praying in public again.

Seriously I don't know where this guy gets off.

You would think he felt he had the right to explain Christianity to Christians or something.

The audacity of the man!