Monday, May 22, 2017

The exact moment that Donald Trump joined the Illuminati.

Courtesy of The Hill:  

Trump, daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump and son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner all toured the new Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology, which aims to combat militant ideology and messaging. 

Trump then participated in a grand opening of the center with the Saudi king, culminating in the two leaders, along with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, placing their hands on a glowing globe. A photo of the opening quickly went viral on Twitter.

You often hear the term "the image that broke the internet," but this one may have come as close as any other to doing just that.

You first have to keep in mind the fact that many of Trump's supporters are conspiracy theorists who believe the world is run by shadowy groups, who participate in secret rituals, and control everything on the planet, such as the media, wars, and the flow of money.

An image like this is just the kind of thing that would typically have those supporters collapsing in a dead faint or dropping to their knees to pray for Trump's very soul.

In fact we also learned that Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon have left the tour and are now heading back to the White House. That MIGHT just be a coincidence, but then again......

Well whatever Trump's supporters may have felt after seeing this image, the majority of the Twitter users saw it as an opportunity for mockery.
Oh yeah, Trump's trip is certainly starting out on a high note.

Usually I would say it can only get better from here, but this is Donald "I fuck up everything" Trump we're talking about. So who knows? 

Let the impeachment marches begin!

Courtesy of Mic: 

On July 2, there will be marches demanding Trump's impeachment in at least a 20 across the country. Organized by a group of activists based in Los Angeles, the nationwide demonstration will demand Democrats take immediate action — that is, if impeachment doesn't come first. 

"We want impeachment," Stephanie Tatro, one of the central organizers of the Impeachment March, said in an interview. "A handful of our reps haven't been shy about speaking out against Trump, and we support them, we want them to continue to take strong action toward impeachment." 

So far, the biggest march will be in Los Angeles where Tatro and her fellow organizers worked on the Tax March. They also worked with Indivisible, the grassroots protest group leading the disruptions at Republican town halls over the past three months.

But even without much promotion, there are already a number of sister marches in the works in cities like New Orleans, Phoenix, Cleveland and San Diego. It's a young project, and the organizers are seeking out larger left-leaning partners to help grow their small movement. They hope to see local groups across the country glom on and start their own marches. 

Oh yeah I think I can manage to free up some time for an impeachment march or two this summer.

Reminds me of those rallies demanding that Sarah Palin quit her job as governor.

It worked back then, and remember she was not being investigated for colluding with the Russians to steal an election.

Here is Donald Trump criticizing Hillary Clinton for accepting money from Saudi Arabia. Something that his daughter just did as well.

Oh yeah taking money from Saudi Arabia is a terrible idea while they are killing gays and mistreating women.

So why is Ivanka doing that very same thing?

Courtesy of Think Progress: 

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have pledged $100 million to the World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Fund, an initiative proposed by first daughter and senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump. The fund, which was first announced in April, has already raised serious legal and ethical questions about how a White House adviser can both shape foreign policy and actively solicit donations from foreign countries for the fund.

Okay perhaps I missed the memo but has Saudi Arabia STOPPED treating women like slaves and killing gay people?

Or is all of this only wrong when a Democrat does it?

Illinois to name Barack Obama's birthday as an honorary holiday.

Courtesy of WGN 9: 

The Legislature in Barack Obama’s home state has decided to honor the 44th president’s birthday. 

A plan to mark Obama’s August 4 birthday as an honorary holiday gained approval 87-0 in the Illinois House Friday. The state Senate endorsed the measure in March. It now moves to the Republican governor’s desk. 

The proposal would officially recognize Obama’s efforts to protect the rights of Americans and build “bridges across communities.”

There is of course the slim chance that the Republican governor will refuse to sign the bill, but considering Obama's popularity in Illinois I think that would be political suicide.

Gee I wonder if New York will name a state holiday after Donald Trump after he is forced out of office?

What's that you say?

Why no, I do not think it is likely that Hell will freeze over anytime soon.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Last night SNL's cold open was not to be missed. Update!

I swear this SNL cast may be one of the most talented in the history of the show.

My favorite by far is Kate McKinnon who seems to have no limit to her abilities.

Speaking of McKinnon, I think I kind of preferred her version of Hallelujah.

SNL is now going on their summer hiatus so we will not have their help in mocking the president and his cabinet, but I am sure that there are many others up to the challenge.

Update: Most watched season finally since 2011.

US intelligence knew that the Russians were planning to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House as early as May 2016.

I am going to destroy you.
So do you remember this article from Time Magazine that I posted yesterday morning?
Well as it turns out it had this little nugget contained within it, that I missed entirely:  

In May 2016, a Russian military intelligence officer bragged to a colleague that his organization, known as the GRU, was getting ready to pay Clinton back for what President Vladimir Putin believed was an influence operation she had run against him five years earlier as Secretary of State. The GRU, he said, was going to cause chaos in the upcoming U.S. election. 

What the officer didn’t know, senior intelligence officials tell TIME, was that U.S. spies were listening. They wrote up the conversation and sent it back to analysts at headquarters, who turned it from raw intelligence into an official report and circulated it. But if the officer’s boast seems like a red flag now, at the time U.S. officials didn’t know what to make of it. “We didn’t really understand the context of it until much later,” says the senior intelligence official. Investigators now realize that the officer’s boast was the first indication U.S. spies had from their sources that Russia wasn’t just hacking email accounts to collect intelligence but was also considering interfering in the vote. Like much of America, many in the U.S. government hadn’t imagined the kind of influence operation that Russia was preparing to unleash on the 2016 election. Fewer still realized it had been five years in the making.

Everything that happened during the 2016 primaries and general election was manipulated and rigged by the Russians, with the help of the US media of course.

In fact they are STILL trying to destroy Hillary.
Of course this has already been debunked, but the Russians are well aware that we have millions if uninformed morons living in the US.

Well it certainly appears that those who saw through the bullshit and voted for Hillary in the primaries and general were the ones putting "America First" and fighting to retain our independence from a foreign government trying to undermine our democracy.

I'm just saying.

Large group of Notre Dame students walk out as Vice President Mike Pence begins his commencement speech.

Good for them!

I would have done the very same thing if I were in their shoes.

Mike Pence should NEVER be allowed to speak at an institute of higher learning.

That is an insult to the students, to the university, and to the American education system in general.

Donald Trump tells advisers he wants to end key Obamacare subsidies because he doesn't gain anything by continuing them.

Courtesy of Politico: 

President Donald Trump has told advisers he wants to end payments of key Obamacare subsidies, a move that could send the health law's insurance markets into a tailspin, according to several sources familiar with the conversations.

Trump told aides in a Tuesday Oval Office meeting that he wants to end the payments to insurers because he doesn't gain anything by continuing them, according to a senior White House adviser. "Why the hell would we?" he asked about continuing the payments, according to the adviser. Trump added that if Congress wants the subsidies, lawmakers would find a way to pay for them, the adviser said.

He has a point.

After all what does a billionaire, with the kind of health care that only presidents and the very wealthy can receive, gain from supporting the paying of subsidies to help less fortunate people stay healthy?  

Kind of like why worry about global warming, when you live in buildings with best the climate control available?

Or why worry about causing a third world war when you yourself are protected by highly trained security 24/7?

After all Donald Trump did not become president to help people.

Donald Trump became president to feed his ego.

Lindsey Graham is glad they have appointed a special counsel to investigate that Russia thing, so that he can get back to investigating those pesky Clinton emails.

Courtesy of Think Progress:  

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News on Thursday that now that special counsel has been appointed to investigate alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, Congress should abandon their own investigations and go back to focusing on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails. 

“I don’t know what caused the appointment. I haven’t seen any evidence of a crime yet. The bottom line is I respect the decision, but this pretty much shuts Congress down,” Graham said. “Democrats, you got what you wanted. You got a special counsel. Now we’ll just move on. We’re not prosecutors.”

“There’s a new front opening here. I have reason to believe that there are emails between Clinton campaign officials, democratic operatives to the Department of Justice regarding the Clinton email investigation that happened on Obama’s watch. I have reason to believe those emails exist,” Graham said. “I’m on the Judiciary Committee. And I think it’s important that the Judiciary Committee be given any emails that were directed to the Department of Justice by Clinton campaign officials or operatives because we have jurisdiction over the Department of Justice.”

You know every time I start to think that maybe Lindsey Graham is not such a douchenozzle after all he does something like this to remind me that of course he is.

How many tax payer dollars have been wasted investigating Clinton emails so far now?

Somebody should alert Donald Trump to the fact that THIS is what an actual witch hunt looks like. 

Rachel Maddow now dominates cable news.

Courtesy of Variety:

For the first three nights of this week, Maddow’s 9 p.m. broadcast on MSNBC was the most-watched on cable-news in primetime – a position that had long been enjoyed by the 8 p.m. hour in the Fox News schedule, where O’Reilly had a roost for more than two decades,and where Tucker Carlson now holds court. 

Maddow’s recent gains are part of a viewership surge at the NBCUniversal-owned network that comes as a chaotic White House has driven viewers to MSNBC in ways the executives really haven’t seen since the days of Keith Olbermann. Last week, MSNBC’s primetime schedule was tops in the demographic most coveted by advertisers – people between 25 and 54 – for the first time since the week of December 29, 2008. MSNBC’s “Maddow,” “The Last Word” and “11th Hour” are all leading in that viewership category for the month to date, according to data from Nielsen.

“MSNBC’s ratings surge is entirely due to the ongoing crisis of fake news – the more that news designed to deceive plays a role in politics and our lives, the more people hunger for news they can trust and which is demonstrably true,” said Paul Levinson, a professor of media studies at Fordham University.

Well as a long time fan, I am quite happy to see Rachel finally getting the attention she deserves.

She has been my go to news source for many years now, and I am never disappointed. 

In a nutshell.

Yep, it is not the information that is disturbing to the Republicans, but rather who leaked it to the press.