Monday, March 30, 2009

Beware the wolf at the door in ill fitting sheep's clothing.

Gov. Sarah Palin has appointed legislative aide Tim Grussendorf to the state Senate seat that opened when Juneau Democrat Kim Elton resigned. It's a controversial pick that Grussendorf's own party says it will try to block.

Palin had to pick a Democrat from Juneau for the seat under state law. But Grussendorf was a registered Republican until just weeks ago, then switched to being a Democrat to qualify for the appointment. Grussendorf now needs a majority vote of the nine Democrats in the state Senate to approve his appointment.

Juneau Democratic Party officials want state House Minority Leader Beth Kerttula to get the Senate seat instead and are rallying party leaders statewide.

"We're asking them to call their senators and encourage their senator to stand behind Beth Kerttula and vote this nomination down," Rich Listowski, a state Democratic Party central committee member from Juneau, said after Palin made the pick Sunday.

We knew that there must be something fishy about this Grussendorf guy, but it turns out that it was not fish we smelled but the rotten aroma of his ill-fitting disguise.

I am very happy that the Democrats seem perfectly aware that the Governor is sending them a double agent. The guy may as well be wearing his hair up and expensive designer glasses, because he is there to represent Sarah Palin not the people of Kim Elton's district.

And don't you just love his pathetic excuse for being registered as a Republican?

Tim Grussendorf said he never meant to be a registered Republican. He said that he changed his party registration from Democrat to undeclared in 2006, so he could vote in the closed Republican primary, which had contested races he wanted to participate in. Grussendorf said he then requested an absentee ballot to vote while out of town in the Republican primary, and somehow that resulted in his party registration being mistakenly changed to Republican.

Don't you just hate it when you wake up and oops your a Republican? But that is total bullshit and Grussendorf all but admits that it is.

"I'm a pretty conservative Democrat ... her thought process I believe was trying to find someone who can represent both districts. And I believe that I fit that bill.

"Both districts"? What does that mean? There is only one district. And that is the one that elected Kim Elton. They did not elect a Republican "playing a Democrat", they elected a true Democrat. And giving them anything less is a slap in the face to those voters.

The guys a fraud and the Democrats need to kick him to the curb and demand that the Governor sign off on Kerttula. She is the right choice, and the one that clearly scares the Governor stupid. I am sorry, stupider.

Which in my mind makes this a no brainer for the Dems.


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    sigh. This would actually be rather funny if it wasn't so pathetic, devious, and dishonest. Apparently your dear Queen thinks it is a game. Well, fine, game on. Vote him down, and if necessary, the next fake and the next one and...

  2. For pities sake! I guess this is what open and transparent means to GINO! I hope the Dems trample over both of them.

  3. I am laughing because I posted a comment on the ADN article last night that Grussendorf is a wolf in sheeps clothing and emailed it to some people. You know, great minds....

  4. Un.b.lievable.
    I truly CAN see the zepplin that is her career crashing and burning from my snowy deck tinged with ash.

  5. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I have emailed Grussendorf and told him to do the right thing and decline
    the appointment--if he was a true democrat he would support the Juneau dems recommendation by declining appointment. I told him that I though he was enabling the gino's political agenda and that does not serve the interests of the Juneau constituents.

  6. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Sarah is such a joke. This is the type of thing that used to fly when no one was watching. It doesn't even reflect bullies on a middle school playground. Maybe kids playing make believe in nursery school?

    How can she expect anyone to take her seriously?

  7. SoCalWolfGal8:23 AM

    Just when you think you have seen it all... "Oops your a Republican" lol. How much stupider? I am sure something will happen within the next 24 to 48 hours to let us know.

  8. crystalwolf aka caligrl9:14 AM

    Is this legal? Isn't there some kind of law that you would have to be reg. as a certain party for a certain time to prevent such a thing???
    GINO up to her tricks again. I urge all Alaskan's to protest this! Its a Outrage!

  9. WTF? Does Sarah think she can actuallu get away with this kind of stuff unquestioned...between this guy and WAR she has picked some real wackjobs. Keep calling her out.

  10. Greytdog1:46 PM

    Somehow I'm not surprised. Between Palin's belief that God has chosen her to lead the world, and Doogan's belief that the Constitution is merely an op-ed piece, I think Timmy "in search of an identity" Gruesomedork will be sitting pretty in the Legislature, and the strings attached to his body only slightly visible when the light catches them just right. . . (and never left)

  11. Anonymous3:31 PM

    ooooooo Gruesomedork ... wonderful name....and so descriptive.

  12. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:00 PM

    I tried to call Alaska Ethics dept. and got robo saying they were to busy and call back later...Heh!
    Wonder why they were so busy?

  13. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Ok call me stupid but... way back in November, it was on the table that the January Legislation session was going to make Senatorial seats by governor appointment - obsolete...

    Was there a hickup? hiccup? umm hiccough? Did they mess up again???

    Lynn in Australia


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