Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SarahPAC 4th of July video. Oh you are definitely going to need an antacid after this! Updated!

Is Sarah really using the Bush-like flight suit photo op which failed so miserably for King George to make herself seem MORE Presidential than Barack Obama?

Can any human being really be THAT clueless?

Sorry I forgot who I was talking about. My bad.

Okay folks, let her rip. This deserves nothing but truckloads of snark in the comments section.

Update: The original I embedded was removed, but here is a new embed. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Who produced this comedy?

    By the way. Congrats to the United States Senator from the Great State of Minnesota, Al Franken. Don't forget to sue Normy for your back pay.

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I don't get the point of the video at all. Is it just me? Nice shots of Obama.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Besides the gratuitous shots of her in the outfits and the *numerous* images of missiles, isn't the whole thing a bit schlocky and weird? Especially for an officially sanctioned political video? Half the video is some sort of attempt at criticizing President Obama for the AF1 photo mishap? That's the biggest criticism they could come up with?

  4. WTF???!!! What in the name of all that is holy is this supposed to be? I can't utilize sound (at work) but lol...are we to believe she is some kind of great military commander? Poor Sarah...delusional I tell you...absolutely crazy.

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Here's the point: missiles/phallic symbols. Palin makes MISSILES take notice, the way Rich Lowry sat up a little straighter.

    Then, it is Sarah Palin pageant walking with the troops, wearing military costumes. Didn't make past the minute mark. (Sorry)

    It is so unprofessional. Is this REALLY the best SarahPAC donations can buy?

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    This is hilarious. Fear mongering by SarahPac. Those people are simpletons. Nice pictures of Obama though.

  7. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Wow, I was going to listen to that lying voice after preparing myself and was totally surprised and relieved I didn't have to stop the video abruptly.

    What is the purpose of this video against a sitting president who has been in office for less than 7 months??? We need her?? This must be her announcement for running for the presidency. New strategy...pictures of a pretty face without the lying mouth?!

    FINALLY, the VF article said, "the vice presidency would be in the hands of a woman who lacked the knowledge, the preparation, the aptitude, and the temperament for the job."

    We need her to go back to Wasilla and do what she's good at doing...nothing. What a joke.

  8. Anonymous12:12 PM

    More fear tactics from the refarts. Iran and N. Corea are going to hit Alaska on the 4th of July and only falin can save us.

  9. Thomas12:12 PM

    WTF! was that even about?

    There are all a bunch of walking talking pieces of toast!!!

  10. WTF was that? I don't have any snark..just scratching my head at what the heck that was.

    Lots of Obama, though. What an awesome guy (and sooo dreamy handsome!)

    And yeah I second the congrats to Al Franken!

  11. Anonymous12:14 PM

    DId anyone but me notice the racist element? Why do "we need her"? To save the white woman Sarah (aka as Fay Wray) from the scary black president (aka as King Kong). Why oh why was King Kong in this video? Why do we need Scarah again?

    Elle in MI

  12. Let it rip, is right, Gryphen! I'm MAD! Is this one of VidOmnia's cute little submissions to Evil Meg Stapleton?

    Hmmm....North Korea, Iran, Alaska jet fighter flying past Mt. McKinley, Palin at the AK missile site, pictures of missile warheads, troop helicopters being loaded onto a transport plane, Sarah and her Buddies in Uniform, an aircraft carrier (not a state of AK one, I presume) -- it looks to me like General Sarah is about to declare war.

    Is the implication -- after we see Palin wearing the orange flight suit walking down that hallway -- that she's flying the jet we see next, taking off from the aircraft carrier?

    It's really a very hawkish video -- or I should say, montage of still pix.

    And personally, I think Palin looks as dopey as George Dukakis in the first picture of her in those goggles and that helmet.

    As for the back-and-forth President Obama/jet flight WITHOUT HIM ON THE PLANE over NYC, and particularly the picture of KING KONG -- I think this should be sent to Wonkette, HuffPo and CNN with a really REALLY condemnatory message that SarahPAC is as racist and divisive as that jerk that sent out the watermelon/White House postcard, and the idiot cartoonist who drew the nasty cops-dead chimpanzee-stimulus bill political "cartoon".

    It's ugly. And if it's intended as a tit-for-tat for the "iconic picture" Photoshopping, I can see this escalating with a response from Wonkette and/or SomethingAwful.com. SarahPAC isn't the only partisan bunch that can do photo montages and present them "en video".


    OT, but a bit related: You go over to Wonkette today, and the stories from today and yesterday are even wackier than they were the day the "icon" stories were posted there.

  13. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Okay, could she be any more blatant with the phallic symbols?

    Great footage of tall, handsome, smiling Obama. What was so scary about him that supported the "We need her" line? Oh, I get it now; phallic symbols, pretty girl, scary black man.

    Pardon me while I go get sick...

  14. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Me neither! I was thinking she was trying to promote herself with Obama!

  15. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Michael Dudadkis in a tank > Sarah Palin in a flight suit (in her office).

  16. Holy Mother of God. Oh, I forgot that's SP. What on earth is wrong with these people. I'm speechless.

  17. Is this her unofficial announcement that she's going to announce that she's going to announce that she's not going to run for Gov in 2010 and is getting ready to announce that she's getting ready to "progress" the USA, also, too? I'm so sick of this clueless creature. Blech! Go away!

  18. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Gryphen can you put Sarah in one of the rockets and shoot her to North Korea?

    ps: don't forget to put Meg on board too!

  19. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Anonymous..thanks! I thought it was just me that really didnt get it. I thought PO looked pretty good myself, although I had to laugh at the BIG TIME. How totally adolescent (although it's so outdated no cool teenager would be caught dead using that expression).

  20. akmuffin12:45 PM

    I love this comment given by someone on RawStory "You can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end, it's still just a swine with a dirty mouth"

  21. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Alaska has a true psycho has a governor. My condolences to Alaskans.

  22. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I'm going to need more than an antacid.

    An Air Force One photo shoot debacle that Obama knew nothing about versus Sarah photo ops where she is busy protecting America.

    Now if only she could only find the US on a map, let alone North Korea or Iran.

    Was it just me, or was the "gorilla" image a thinly veiled racist jab at Obama?

  23. What the fuck? (this deserves the real word, not the intitals, sorry for the profanity) A King Kong reference??? Is NY under attack from a 40 ft gorilla, and only Sarah can save us? Very end of times.

    Is this supposed to be a huge reminder of the bullet we all dodged in November by OVERWHELMINGLY voting for Obama in the largest electoral landslide in decades? Because that's what it says to me...SarahPAC is full of retards, bigots, and hatemongers.

  24. Anonymous1:02 PM

    It's more fear tactics from the refart, it's all she has to go on.

  25. Anonymous1:02 PM

    It had more phallic symbols than a porno

  26. TXChick4Obama1:05 PM

    Well wasnt that waste of 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

  27. Anonymous1:18 PM

    GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Anonymous1:18 PM

    It's really batshit crazy - and I definitely think it means she intends to run for POTUS. I can't imagine how any half-way politically astute person could have viewed that mess and approved it.

  29. I actually thought that Obama looked very presidential in this video.

    And yes the ONLY reason to put King Kong into this little 2010 campaign commercial is as a racist statement against Obama.

    This is a HORRIBLE little video that will only further demonstrate that Sarah's supporters are crazed, fear mongering, racists.

    Gee they kind of stole my thunder today. That is supposed to be my job.

  30. SoCalWolfGal1:21 PM

    Okay, now the bitch has done it! I am sorry the gorilla just does finally once and for all portray Sarah Palin and SaraPAC for what they are - out and out racists!! This is way, way beyond the pale. Now, where will all the moral outrage from the Right wing nut be? You got it - no where! Can she get any more out of touch with reality?

  31. Anonymous1:24 PM

    This "Big Gaping Cow Hole" is going to save the USA by refering President Obama to King Kong? What racist trash she is...

  32. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Can some of our talented photoshoppers make up 2-3 pics? Dukakis in the tank holding Sarah with goggles wearing Trig's pj's and another with the original Sarah & Trig "Madonna & Child" iconic picture using the Duke as the Sarah and Sarah in Trig's place, as well as reversing the images. My apoligies to Mike, but Sarah has to be stopped asap.

  33. Lisabeth1:29 PM

    I have to start this with "What the Fuck" as well. This is filth. This is disgusting racist filth.

    We need to send this to organizations that fight against racism in this country. I am sorry I don't know? Is that ACLU as well? I am going to send this to CNN though, and to MSNBC. It really is outrageous.

    "We Need Her?" "Big Time"

    Would anyone trust Scarah, the most over reactive diva Prima Donna Narcissistic Nut care over No Drama Obama during an emergency? What would she have done during the Iran problem, yell at the Mullahs and start a nuclear war.

    Maybe Sarah and her crazy fringe religious group want a nuclear - they predict the end times anyhow and they are very excited about the end times you know......

    Please everoyone, who should we send this video too? Suggestions?

    PS I am very sorry for all of you in Alaska. This woman is certifiably nuts. I cannot even believe she is openly criticizing a new president like this after 7 months in office. If she thinks her silly little trip makes experienced in foreign policy, she was wrong. Not only that, why is she running for president this early and not doing the job she was elected to do? Why don't you recall her already?

    This is not funny or entertaining. Sarah is an extremely distrubed person and she needs psychiatric help. She is delusional about her abilities and skills.......

    And the King Kong part is completely racist. Despite what she might say, this is very unprofessional, hateful and inappropriate.....

  34. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I don't get it. Did they press any of her credentials? Anything to elevate her qualifications over Obama? A few photo ops and saying she "Loves her country" "Loves Alaska" and "Support our Troops" isn't enough, it shouldn't be, for anybody.

    I want her to put policy down on paper and show me that she has plans that are appropriate and superior to the current administration.

    She tells us she 'told us so' about where we are today, told us what, exactly? What would she have done differently in over 100 days of a McCain / Palin Administration? Oh, I forgot, they'd be half a year into their plan to level the deficit by the end of their first term. . .LOL.

  35. We need her for what? I would say "comic relief" if she and her acolytes weren't so dead serious that Miss Five-Colleges-For-A-Bachelor's Degree is just awesomely fitted for the position of (gulp) Commander in Chief and the most powerful person in the world.

    Racist much, this video? Phallic imagery much?

  36. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Q: What's the difference between David Duke and Sara Palin? A: Lipstick, and Sara stinks like the shit house door on a tuna boat...

  37. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Can someone tell me what was all that about? It did not make sense.

  38. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I just sent this to Rick Sanchez,Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, at CNN via twitter. Via email, it is going to David Letterman, New York Times, Vanity Fair, John McCain (with a thank you note), the ACLU, NAACP, the Democratic National Committee and the RNC (with a note asking them if this represents our parties views on black people) and Michael Steele with the same note. Who else?

    I am sending your blog URL so prepare for a lot of traffic.

    On this day, African Americans are mourning the loss of Michaeol Jackson and talking about the barriers he crossed as a black musician. And Governor Racist Sarah Palin is using KING KONG images to represent our kind smart and elected President Obama. Is this what the Republican party represents?? Is this how they are going to reach people of different colors and backgrounds? Sending out crazy Christian tweets and showing President Obama as King Kong? I have been a registed Republican for 20 years and tomorrow I am going to go change my voting status to Independent. I voted for President Obama because he is smart, surrounds himself with good people, and has an excellent temperament unlike Diva Palin drama queen. I might have voted for McCain, but not once Sarah was on the ticket.

    Sarah Palin has made a very big mistakes this week. She needs psychiatric care and to be recalled from her position.
    I hope everyone joins with me. Send the link of this video with the comments here to every peson you can think of to make them aware of the hard work Sarah is doing in Alaska as governor and how she views herself (delusional)

  39. Just_a_Mote1:59 PM

    For me, one thing more frightning than this video is that there are people out there who adore her and will think it is great. This women MUST be kept away from power.

  40. FEDUP!!!2:08 PM

    I NEED HER? For what? As an emetic (vomit-inducing agent)? Yes. I guess I agree with that one then. But otherwise, I need her like an extra hole in my head!
    RACIST BITCH! Suppressed sexaulity in her phallic symbols of those missiles, and vaguely playing on the "9/11" theme - "be afraid, be very afraid!"

    Time to get in the big guys here. Alaskans are not willing/able to stand/rise up against her, so we in the lower 48 need to do it.
    Go send this to the NAACP ( http://naacp.org/about/contact/form/ ) and also to the ACLU ( http://www.aclu.org/contact/index.html ) and to the so-called MSM and other bloggers. Let's get his viral, let's see if we can stop her and get the rest of the nation outraged at this.

  41. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Q: What's the difference between Kim Jong-il and Sara Failing? A: Nothing, except Sara stinks like the shit house door on a tuna boat...

  42. pacos_gal2:15 PM

    Good grief. Is that the best they have?

    One can only assume that they are looking for some sort of response, like a tit for tat, but really, it is just dumb and makes her look like...you know..dumb.

    Probably would go well with the Vanity Fair article today, which by the way is getting coverage all over the place and according to Michael Tomasky is being talked about continuously in Washington today.

    Might as well add this bit of duh to the growing chorus of Sarah doesn't represent the RNC that you are hearing everywhere. I can't believe they would deliberately shoot their candidate in the foot like this. What on earth were they thinking! (of course I love it that they are!)

  43. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Well, I guess we now know why she went to Kosovo. Her PAC can't even afford to produce a professional video so they got the SOA to pay for their photo ops that make her look all "Commander in Chiefy". (perhaps their are legal violations on more than one level)

    The video is pathetic and yes, racist. My take on all the missile shots is her whining (what else does she do?) about the "FEDS" not giving her millions for Fort Greeley.

  44. Really? A fucking GORILLA terrorizing New York? Excuse me, I have to go scrub my brain now.

  45. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Sarah is a bona fide risk to our nation's security. She should be placed on the no-fly list and not permitted within 200 miles of any nukes.

  46. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Are these photos from her recent trip? That brings up questions already, but beyond that - HOLY CRAP, what a terrible terrible video.

  47. Obama is one handsome dude!!
    Okay. I watched the video, but due to hearing loss and no captioning, I haven't a clue what it as saying.
    Your commenters are right. It makes you think of big dicks and Sary Sarah. I guess that seems to go together well. Scary Sarah is a big dick.

  48. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Well that was the weirdest thing I've seen in a long time.

  49. WTF? (for me, that's huge even to use those initials!)

    It doesn't even make sense. I don't know that King Kong was the key thing in that one shot - there was also a plane very near a recognizably New York City landmark.

    For now, I'm going to reserve judgment on the gorilla, due to the presence of the plane there (also too).

    But really - WTF? And are we supposed to be seeing this on July 4th? on tv? HAHAHAhAHaaaaaaa.

    Popcorn, anyone?

  50. SoCalWolfGal3:15 PM

    Well, one Kevin Hall is about of sick of the Little Shop of Horrors as anyone I have heard from lately. Check this out: Sarah Palin Has Finally Wasted Enough of My Time;

    It was posted on June 13th but has some very good points on Sarah and her total batshit way of thinking. He is on Huff Post.

  51. crystalwolf aka caligrl3:33 PM

    WTF??? I have no words. Everytime I see Kim jun whatever his name is...he reminds me of Gino, dictator.
    Many phallic symbols. Making a huge deal about Air force one flying over NYC and PO gets a monogrammed jacket?
    PO did look very Presidential.
    She is batshit crazy!

  52. Tee hee, what is the funniest part: the vaginal/phallic/penetration imagery? The dress-up? The frowny face stare at airplane controls that proves she's serious? What I love about this video, and all of the anti-Barack commercials from the elections, is that the man cannot take a bad picture. You can say whatever you want about Obama, but he always looks handsome and presidential!

  53. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I think they included the King Kong image just to get all you left wing psychopatic cry babies to go off in a usual pavlovian rage. Mission Accomplished!

    Get off my internet you losers!

  54. You all know what the video is, don't you?

    Another distraction, "Hey, look over there!" while the Todd Purdum article in Vanity Fair gets less of our attention.

    Perhaps we ought to just shut down discussion on the video and continue to talk about what we can do to help Todd Purdum write Part 2.

    And, of course, eagerly await Andrew Sullivan's follow-up comments to the ones he made today...and Geoffrey Dunn's book (which probably just had 2 more chapters added).

  55. Anonymous3:48 PM

    This is what her trip out of the country was for? Not to visit the troops but a photo opportunity to put this trash together. Who paid for this trip?

  56. From a Canadian POV, this kind of ad is very effective on Americans. Hey, it was used by Obama and now it's going to be used by Palin.

    Quit crying about it you dopes and change things so this kind of pap doesn't continue to work. You only get back what you deserve.

    WE commie pinkos in other countries are always so un-Amrican aren't we!

  57. Anonymous4:06 PM

    somebody go to sleep back there? hey, wake up. if i wanted to read my post tomorrow i would have posted tomorrow.

  58. FEDUP!!!4:34 PM

    OK. Those of you who twitter: TWIT THIS ALL OVER THE REALM!
    Yes, this is probably a fake pass to get our attention away from the fact that she violated 'just a few' military directions etc while campagning abroad, and it is a fake pass to get us off the trail that she said Emmonak and the other bush villages are at 50% substinence, and it is a fake pass to get our attention off her newest PR guy who, at $103K+/year, is 'too busy' to talk to the press.
    But still, TWIT THIS STORY ALL OVER and then CONTACT the ACLU and the NAACP and the MSM.

  59. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I understood the Baby Burke photoshop, it was relevant, it had context. great work Dr. Chill.

    Now, this video shows how cool President Obama is, Satah likes him so much, she'd do anything for a photo op with the equipment of this large, powerfull president!.......yeah, subliminal porn "need her".

  60. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I don't know how to save videaos, so I am appealing to all of you Net-savvy people out there:

    SOMEone - ANYone: Please make sure you save a copy of this video, so it does not 'disappear' like so many other videos and photos of her have disappeared!

  61. Anonymous5:00 PM

    WTF? ? ? ? ? ? ? says it all.

    When did see return to Alaska from her photo op tour of Kosovo? She did Germany, too? Where are those shots.

  62. Anonymous5:14 PM

    That video is absolutely hilarious! Sarah Palin is quite delusional.

    With that being said, as a female military veteran I am highly offended by the depiction of this dingbat as some sort of military symbol. She's an embarrassment and an imposter. And a wannabe. She should be ashamed of herself for the disrespectful way she has portrayed our president and commander-in-chief. And also for the way she denigrated John Kerry, a decorated war veteran.

    Send her back to that hole in Wasilla she crawled out of. With a big can of whoop ass.

  63. the problem child8:10 PM

    Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but I really don't think this is a sarahpac production. It mentions sarah pac but it doesn't appear on the sarahpac website or facebook. It appears to have been posted by a dumbshit PUMA/ cpc'er by the name of LindaVW.

    Please, prove me wrong, but I don't think this is GINO's doing....

  64. the problem child8:15 PM

    Anyone else notice the video seys "sarahpac.org" not "sarahpac.com" (the official pac site)?

  65. Anonymous8:42 PM

    The Gov is trying, like Giuliani, to wrap herself in 9-11. Thus, the Boeing jet Air Force One (the official plane of B. Hussein Obama) over NY City and presumably terrorizing NYers all over again. BUT, the terrosizing plane is being chased by an Air Force jet, much like the Alaska Air National Guard might fly.

    If you didn't get those obscure references, then surely you understand the bi=planes of the Alaska National Guard defending NY against a terrifying threat.

    Don't forget, candidate Palin's VPing credentials on foreign affairs included her experience as "commander-in-chief" of the National Guard. And, she can see Russia from her house.

    [boy is Blogger having fits with this post]

  66. WE NEED HER to STFU!

    There is no reason for the use of King Kong...NONE

    NEED her @$$ for what?
    To pose for more FAKE @$$ picture - trying to act as if she knows 1/8 about what she's suppose to be doing?

    Whatever they paid to have this BULL$#!t produced, they overpaid....

    I'm not so computer sasvy, but hope someone(s)get this to DailyKos...also too

  67. the problem child... YES I noticed & I'm sure 1st thing tomorrow she will twitter, that it's not an official release, and issue an Apology to Prez-O.

    After all she will follow her own advice to others...right?

  68. Anonymous 8:15PM, interesting about the Giuliani/9-11 thingy...seeing that they recently met in NYC...Maybe they plan a 911 rehash run for the WH in 2012.

    She can't defend herself, damn if she can defend the rest of us...I don't think her meds aren't at the right dosage...

  69. Anonymous9:14 PM

    oooooo a whole vid clipof Sarah Palin in her element. Is she trying to be the new Michael Jackson? Well she can't sing and she can't dance but she's sure got the 'hanging around with young men and boys' part down!

    Lynn in Australia

  70. our real independence day will occur when she is back in Wasillah, back to trying to be hockey mom she keeps making reference to....

    Someone needs to make a Sarah Palin for Dummies [comedy) series...to explain all the crazy'ness attached to her...I know it will take many parts to explain all he crap...don't worry, she frunished new material DAILY...

  71. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I am from Alaska and know the Palins very well and I love to see her out there. She is by herself destroying the Republican party. Go Sarah Go.

  72. Anonymous10:45 PM

    FED UP.............YES, US ALASKANS NEED LOWER 48'ERS HELP!!!! Our legislators do nothing to stop this whack job!!!!!!!! Help us!!!!

  73. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Another media product from "Racists for Palin."

  74. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Until the pac issues a statement claiming to have produced this video, at least put "alleged" in the post.

  75. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I don't think this was released by SarahPac. Not that I would put it past them, but seems to have been created by someone else. Looks like it has been removed now also!

  76. Oh, NOOOOOO. When I click is says video removed by user. Whhaaaaa!

  77. Ratfish9:26 AM

    Regardless who released it, it was obviously done by someone in cooperation with Palin- how else would they access all the shots taken by her PR people.

    Another Stapleton misstep?

  78. Guess they were shamed into taking this down.

  79. Hey, the video's gone, now. Did someone finally get the point that this was just stupid?

  80. pacos_gal10:02 AM

    It is gone now, did anyone save it?

  81. Sorry to double-post, but after doing a search on youtube, it's actually been changed:

  82. Anonymous10:33 AM

    sarahpac.org and .com are the same site.

    I don't think it's a random video. I think they staged it that way, so if it didn't draw millions of supporters, they could disclaim it.
    The proof will be when someone takes credit for it.

  83. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Andrew Sullivan is say the video is NOT from caPharaS

  84. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Hey anon 3:432 palinbot, you know, the one who is a moron and wrote on here.

    What is a "psychopatic cry babies"

    Learn English and learn to spell, otherwise you sound like the complete moron you are, as are most Palinbots.

    "Get off YOUR internet?" Have you talked to your psychiatrist lately? You should.

    What an idiot. The Palinbots demonstrate all that is wrong with America's education programs.

  85. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Creepy videos. The first version made me spittin' mad with it's war mongering and King Kong implications. I went to SarahPAC.com site to see the video there. Neither the video nor any references to it were at the site.

    I'm convinced the slideshow has nothing to do with the PAC and that it's the amateurish product of a crazed, racist fan. The PAC denies producing it. The 'SarahPac.org' text on the final screen was removed from the new version. All of the Sarah pics from her recent military maneuvers are on the SOA website and were available for easy grabbing by anyone.

  86. Anonymous4:54 PM

    OK. So... Did ANYONE save the original version?

  87. Anonymous4:55 PM

    That the PAC denies having anything to do with the original version makes sense - especially after it backfired as being racist!

  88. Anonymous10:01 PM

    ANONYMOUS 4:54

    Yes! At least screenshots...here's a site that has them and the possibility of capturing the original they are working on it...


  89. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Truly an amateurish piece of work.


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