Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There has been another Meg Stapleton sighting! Well not actually a sighting just another denial written on Sarah's behalf.

Apparently somebody alleged that our Governor is giving Jon Gosselin (of Jon & Kate Plus eight "fame".)

I have no idea if this is at all accurate, but I certainly have no problem believing that she would inject herself into ANY popular scandalous story that she happened to come across while enjoying her favorite reading material, tabloid magazines.

So here is the accusation: reported the Alaska governor "called Jon out of the blue" because she felt sorry about the media coverage the reality star had been receiving following his affair with 23-year-old Deanna Hummel, which Us Weekly first reported.

"He was quite shocked," the unnamed friend is quoted saying. The site also claims Gosselin and Palin have been speaking three times a week. Palin is supposedly urging him to seek redemption in Jesus, and counseling him on the importance of keeping their family together -- telling him that if he leaves Kate, their eight children will suffer.

Sarah Palin giving marriage advise is as ridiculous as the idea of Bristol giving sex adv.........Oh yeah, I forgot.

Anyhow Meg Stapletongue was quick to earn her retainer from SarahPAC by issuing this statement:

"For many months now, false and misleading stories and entire fabrications about the Governor's record and the Palin family have made it into mainstream publications (Translation: "hurtful truths that I deserately don't want people to believe about my Alaskan cash machine and her family.)," she tells Us in a statement.

"There have been many falsehoods and distortions (Accurate information) regarding a range of topics, from the status of Alaska's natural gas pipeline (Doomed!) and the Governor's restructuring of the state's oil taxes to sick and disgusting personal insinuations about Trig's identity (Who's the mother?), alleged fake sex videos (Well I should probably look itn those. Where is that url? What? It's research!), doctored photos, and even contrived stories about conversations with members of the Gosselin family," she continues. "It is all so very unfortunate. We can do better. We can and should focus on real issues, not fabricated issues." (Hmmm aren't the gas pipeline and restructuring the state's oil taxes considered "real issues"? Or are "real issues" issues that you WANT to talk about? Like making up a fight with David Letterman to distract from Palin's role in inciting hate in this country?)

Well that is enough of Meg Stapletongue I can take for right now. I have to go take my hard drive in and have it injected with anti-venom.


  1. It's not going to work; she is trying to push the "reset" button after the embarrassing fiasco of Palin's 15 supporters actually showing their faces and unleashing their ugly Sarahpusses.

    Sorry Meg, once again Sarah is self-branded in the public realm as loonier than ever, and blaming everyone else isn't going to make it go away.

    And now Sarah's 15 people can't eat Mars bars, can't watch CBS, shop at GAP, stay at Best Western, eat at the Olive Garden...(you know they are going to be sneaking into the Olive Garden anyway.)

  2. My God, those people are as thick as bricks!
    SP does not do "real" issues. She does not have a platform of ideas. That is the whole damn problem!
    She is too shallow and not informed enough to hold political positions.
    She is an air head. She can only react because she has nothing to contribute.

  3. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Well the trend does seem to be that most Sarah Palin rumors end up TRUE!

    I don't why this wouldn't be another chance for Sarah to help other VICTIMS of the media (former Ms. CA).

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    The fact that Sarah publicly picked the fight with Letterman, even after an apology, and kept egging him on shows her desire to stick to important issues, LOL.

    Here are some more ways for Sarah Palin and family to keep their names and faces in the media, while sorta sticking to Alaska issues:
    Appear on Iron Chef in a Moose Stew Cook Off
    (Alaska's national meat, plugging home state)
    Appear on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
    (She does, she wants the money, no Alaska connection per se, but does have to defend herself against ethics violations)
    I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here (Listen, if the former Governor of Illinois's wife can appear and make money, Todd is a natural. Besides, he can hunt & fish, and he is quite the game player)
    Any of those fishing shows on cable (Fishpicker Todd snares a dangerous catch)
    Home Shopping Network (I have this bag filled with clothing, who's interested in a shiny red leather jacket?)
    CSI Anchorage (A panel of experts examine the photos from Palin's Deceptions, attempting to solve the question of Trig's "identity." Sorry, Sarah has refused to appear on this show).
    Bristol visits the Octomom and gives her advice on how to "parent her butt off"
    Too bad that Tattoo show, Miami Ink isn't on right now, or Levi could get another Tat.
    Soap Operas, Tabloid TV Entertainment Shows
    (Sarah is a natural)
    Come to think of it, what is she doing wasting her time in that boring governor job? She's a Show Biz Natural! (Ready for my closeup, CB)

  5. FEDUP!!!6:01 PM

    O/T but WTF...

    "New York Stock Exchange has Secret Sarah Palin shrine..."

  6. Anonymous6:19 PM

    The Palin re-branding has worked wonders for her image.

    Nothing like few little child rearing methods to bond celebrity mothers.
    Kate and Sarah have much in common, they should talk.

  7. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Reposting here because its a much better topic for this comment

    Saw these two posts on C4P could this be the iceberg? Gryphen any hints?

    "Thomson said...
    I've got it on pretty good authority that some evidence and photos will be coming out soon on Sarah Palin that could damage her career. Along the lines of Edwards and Ensign. Blackmail by her peers and everthing. Hope she can ride this one out."

    "Thomson said...
    I'm not a troll, and I'm not joking.

    Take it or leave it, I don't care. It will bear out soon.

    There are republicans who want to see her fail, because she is in their personal way. Her peers or competition if you want to call them that are actively trying to take her down because they know she can beat them in 2012.

    It is not funny"

  8. pacos_gal6:52 PM

    If there is something of that nature, I hope it's not the old Brad Hanson thing. That was brought up during the election and didn't find traction.

    Even if it did happen, after this long of time, SP and Todd can issue a joint statement saying they had some problems and worked it out, went to counseling through their church and that will be the end of it.

    It would have to be something much more recent to be relevant.

    I am not really huge on the whole who is sleeping with whom issue. We went through that with Clinton remember. I still think that was more Hillary's business than mine.

    So it would have to be something really huge to get any real traction. Like Edwards had a baby? with his mistress while running for President. That was big.

    What would you guys think if that were the iceberg? Just curious.

  9. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Thank you, Gryphen. I'm LMAO.

  10. penelope7:05 PM

    I do not personally care if SP was unfaithful (with pics to prove it). But, maybe her followers would care? oh, nevermind. they won't care if she takes an axe to puppies on video. IRS and FBI is what we need - to prove tax fraud and gift-taking (maybe an entire house). Nothing else will end her career IMO. CREW says they are gathering info, takes time - sure hope so.

  11. Fake sex videos? Is she talking about Nailin' Paylin?

  12. Anonymous7:17 PM



    "I have to go take my hard drive in and have it injected with anti-venom."

  13. Just a couple of random observations--I notice that Meg Stapleton talks about "alleged fake sex videos" which would mean, if I remember my English class lessons, that the videos are only allegedly fake! Freud must be chuckling over that slip of the tongue. Second thing is I had been wondering why Sarah is often seen holding Trigg facing outwards which doesn't seem very warm and nurturing. Ha! She doesn't want to get any baby drool or spit up on her lovely clothes. This is how I entertain myself while waiting for the iceberg!

  14. Lisabeth7:47 PM

    Maybe Trig is the product of the affair?
    Only I don't think so. She did not carry that baby.
    Maybe she had an affair with John McCain?
    So many possibilities and as long as one brings her down who cares which one it is.

  15. The only "mainstream publication" that I'm aware of that published something uncomplimentary to Sarah Palin was that Conde Nast Portfolio magazine article on the pipeline (essentially, what Mark Begich complained about, only in March).

    All the rest of the "mainstream publication" articles are pandering (but very informative) articles in Esquire, Christian Life, Salon, People, and now Us magazines...either sought out by the Palins or eagerly assented to.

    The truly critical assessments of the Palin family or her administration has been pretty much limited to the blogosphere: this group of Palin-specific blogs plus Huffington Post, Crooks & Liars, Wonkette, dailyKOS, NewsHounds: We Watch Fox So You Don't Have To, etc.

    Meghan Stapletongue -- Sarah Palin's "crack" administrative assistant/PAC spokeswoman -- let's see if, in her eagerness to denounce everybody, she falls into the tiger pit with a verbal screwup as bad as some of her organizational/scheduling screwups.

  16. I found this part particularly interesting:
    “sick and disgusting personal insinuations about Trig's identity”

    I thought all mention of Trig’s “identity” was forbidden! I believe this is the first remark I have seen from Palin (via Stapletongue) addressing anything about Trig’s “identity”. Interesting. It’s getting a little hard to ignore, right Sarah?

    And the only “doctored” photos were the ones that Sarah herself participated in fabricating, the ones taken on 4-13-08 with Andrea Gusty in the empty hallway after the legislature ended in which Sarah donned a fake pregnancy belly and posed looking VERY pregnant. And miraculously those photos mysteriously appeared on 8-31-08 (or thereabouts) to “prove” she was pregnant with Trig.

  17. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Could Trig be Sarah's & Karl Rove's love child? Rove was advising McCain. Could explain why Sarah got the V.P. pick. Also explains why Sarah hid her pregnancy and handles Trig like a sack of potatoes.

    While this is a joke, remember that truth is almost always stranger than fiction.

  18. Anonymous3:50 AM

    So long as the blind are leading the blind, there's bound to be an accident of some kind.

    Well that is my mantra while I await the arrival of the iceberg.

  19. Anonymous5:36 AM

    The only mainstream publication to cover her affair was NE, and they had no pictures. Remember, it was the pics and video that did Edwards in.

    Her base might forgive her, but the Republican party is really going to have to clean up its act at this point with all of their infidelities going on in the news, and their "family values" culture war bs being all they have to run on.

    Plus, as sexist as it is, many WOMEN won't vote for a woman who has had an affair. Those hockey moms who love Sarah??? Well, the fact that she had an affair with a married man will NOT go over well.

    Sure, they can play the "we got counseling" bit, but they never even had the appeal of the Edwards family -- so it could be the last straw for the Wasilla Hillbillies.

    her tabloid drama does not help her image.

  20. Anonymous6:09 AM

    HAHA, Iceberg lmao

    gryphen is playing you for the fools that you are and he must be enjoying it

  21. Regardless of whether Palin is speaking to Jon, to the Octo-Mom, or to the little smiley face she drew on her index finger, what's her spokesperson doing wasting time releasing statements to Us Magazine?

    Her potatoes are so, so small.

  22. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Pacos_Gal: NOT the Hansen thing. Hansen asked to have his divorce records sealed right when she was picked for VP candidate; request denied; we looked at them, nothing we could see; affair denied by all concerned; Palin is said to have tearfully denied it in discussion with her family. Not that that means it didn't happen, but, as someone said, "not much traction there."

    And don't forget: she was NOT pregnant.

    So what made it all worth a hoax? Think drugs, partying, Bristol, a male member of the Palin family, Dr CBJ's specialty, paternity of Trig. Think "what would be so bad that, if known, it would put Palin out of poliics immediately and forever?"

    Levi might treat Trig like a son, but I bet the whole family knows what Trig's paternity testing (whether it was part of the amnio testing or done informally later) revealed. That answer is what I think the hoax is all about.

    But it will be far better for Palins and Johnstons to get book deal money out of this than for the thing to detonate early. A good motive for everyone keeping it secret a little longer.

    The fact that the pathetic Ensign affair gets all that attention and this hoax of the century gets none tells us why we should be scared. Really scared. Somebody with deep pockets and great clout thinks Palin still has political viability, so let's don't kill her off just yet. (And DeepPockets could be right, in spite of all of us yammering away about it here.)

    Blood running cold, anyone?

  23. Anonymous4:58 PM

    @3:11, I appreciate what you're saying but I'm willing to bet that whoever
    "DeepPockets" is (oil?), they have lost faith in Palin and are moving on to "Plan B." They are moving on to someone who is actually "governing" and who quietly builds coalitions.

  24. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Anon@4:58: I sincerely and wholeheartedly hope you are right.

    But when I see her invited to the Alfalfa dinner (admittedly an old example) and no MSM interest in the hoax of the century, I fear you are wrong: that a competent politician is NOT what the Misters DeepPockets want. They want a charismatic whipper-up-of-crowds who they can direct to serve the DeepPockets' purposes (rather than any semblance of the common good).

    Let's hope I am wrong.

  25. Hey..get your check books out and send money to Diva for her next hunt through e-mails. With all the "hate" Palin people she should be able to raise that in 5 hours. Just a little suggestion to you all...even if you found that Sarah was using her government e-mails for personal use...who is going to care. NO ONE...BECAUSE EVERYONE DOES IT AT THEIR WORK PLACE...IT WILL MEAN NOTHING...NOTHING....don't forget to send your check.....suckers. See, you have already over played your hand..with the petty one is going to pay any attention to you.

  26. I think Willow is Brad Hansen's Love Child with SP.

    But I'd rather see solid evidence on tas evasion, housegate, and some of the other ethics issues.

    I'm already convinced (via that SP did not birth TriG. Which also convinced me that she is a liar, etc.

    DeepPockets might be TranSExxon, leading her on with a pipeline dream - Exxon and anyone else in the industry knows that there is a severe cutback in natural gas production right now because it is not economically viable. SP spouts Econ101 but has not done the work regarding infrastructure, production, and market.

  27. Anonymous8:36 PM

    My opinion on who the MistersDeepPockets are: Let's go back one or more levels from big oil, TransExxon, Heinz ketchup, that religious-right publishing company who participated with Harper-Collins in the Palin book deal, etc. All those entities are owned by some mighty wealthy people. Not wholly-owned by one person or group, but all kinds of criss-cross ownership and informal alliances, much like we all have in our more modest neighborhoods, schools, families, businesses, and lives. EXCEPT: these people are mega-wealthy and can use their wealth to make their will, their preferences, happen. Are they going to be overt and obvious and critisizable about it? Buy it outright? Of course not. But if you were in that position, wouldn't you nudge your pal who is also mega rich and has the same values, and decide "to do a little something for our cute little lady the wanna-be veep who could be pres -- and who can help us out a little down the road. (Because she owes us, and she knows it)." Lobbing $10M over to her as a book advance seems like peanuts to me when I think about it that way, from that perspective.

    My point is, if these people wanted Palin out of the picture, it makes perfect sense to me that they could arrange it. Ditto if they wanted her IN the picture. Which is the case at present: she is still in. In play. Not disgraced. Not exposed in the press.

    So all logic and clear thinking aside, I would say it is obvious that some combination(s) of Misters DeepPockets are keeping Palin viable. At present. It could change -- for better or worse.

    Blood running cold yet?

  28. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Interesting idea - trig being Karl Rove's child.
    They look similar - Sarah wouldn't think twice offering her daughter to King Karl for consideration of being VP. They do look similar.


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