Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wow! Did my friend Shannyn Moore get famous or what?

Sarah Palin's attacks against liberal bloggers, and Shannyn Moore in particular, are raising even more questions about why she has suddenly decided to leave office. As usual Palin seems to be trying to put out a campfire with gasoline and cannot understand why the flames keep spreading.

But one person who is NOT getting burned by the heat is my blogger buddy Shannyn Moore, who spent yet another day fielding questions from the media, only this time SHE was the focus of the story.

Here is what Shannyn told the ADN: "I haven't defamed the governor, I reported on speculation and rumor in Alaska. ... It's not my rumor; it's been out there for 10 months and the First Amendment protects me," Moore said. "Even if I didn't say it's 'rumors and speculation,' I'm still protected -- I would just lose credibility, which I'm not willing to do."

Here is what she told KTUU: "She has every right to defend herself about anything if she feels that she needs to," said Moore. "I just think it's weird she has to defend herself to me on reporting on what is actually happening on the ground. Maybe she wasn't aware that people have been talking about that for close to two months."

Here is another quote for KTVA: "I don't know if the rumors are true," Moore said. "I'm not saying they are, I'm just saying that there are rumors and that they've been around for a long time."

"There have been other people that have put rumors together and have put my name on it," Moore said. "I'm not responsible for what other people write."

Van Flein said he would need to meet with the Palins before pursuing an actual lawsuit, but Moore says she is ready.

"I hope (a lawsuit) does come, I hope it does," she said. "Because there is a line of attorneys out my email door that are asking to please be the one to depose Sarah Palin."

Shannyn is also dominating the front page of the Huffington Post right now.

Shannyn, who certainly does not pursue the limelight with the same rabid fervor of our recently resigned Governor, is handling all of this attention pretty well. I think she is still a little shocked that SHE was targeted after avoiding the more controversial Plain stories and sticking to the political side of Sarah's difficulties for lo these many months, but by the end of last evening she was smiling and feeling pretty good.

And just to help clarify this story. ALL Shannyn did was say that there was a rumor of a criminal investigation against Sarah Palin. If you have read this blog or Dennis Zaki's blog, or the comments at Mudflats, or any number of other blogs you have probably known about that for about two months. It is not news to those of us who follow the Palin story carefully.

And in ALL of that time Sarah Palin and her cronies never said a thing about the validity of the charges. But now that the media is searching for a reason to explain Sarah's bizarre behavior they suddenly feel all defensive and victimized.

But remember NOBODY said this was an FBI investigation. The rumor I heard was that it was an IRS investigation. Now that MAY turn out to be a false lead as well, but it is definitely a well known rumor. However if you read or listen to ALL of Shannyn's responses you will hear that she carefully avoided labeling who was investigating Palin, or what kind of and investigation it might be. However even if she had stated what I just stated above, she STILL would have been protected by the First Amendment.

Look let's cut to the chase. The only reason that Palin targeted Shannyn is because she received air time on Hardball with David Shuster on Friday and that pissed Palin off. But now her attack ensures that Shannyn will get even more television time (She will be on Countdown on Monday), and that she can tell her side of the story over and over again. Well done Governor!

And by the way can you just imagine the response from the conservative side if Barack Obama took the time to lash out at the dozens of bloggers who claimed he was not born in this country? Or called him a Socialist? Or said that he was purposefully destroying America?

But you know some people are able to handle the challenges of their office, and some people are overwhelmed and just have to quit. And aren't we glad that they finally did?

Update: Wonkette weighs in.

Update2: AKM writes her opinion about this blatant abuse of power over at Huffington Post.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    As someone with PR experience, I see this in several ways:
    1) Palin actually LIKES Shannyn Moore and she just gave her a gift of totally free PR so Moore can have her own bestselling book, a TV show, a syndicated radio show, or a run at political office.
    2) Or Palin is JEALOUS of Shannyn Moore, and Palin's usual paranoia combined with her lack of discipline allowed us to see this even from the lower 48, via her lawyer's ludicrous July 4th statement. But Palin still gives Moore totally free PR on July 4th, enough to launch a national profile/platform for Shannyn.
    3) The comedy value! Palin just wants bloggers to laugh! Will Palin now sue Wonkette?
    This is still a plus for Shannyn.

    Maybe Letterman will give a shout-out to Shannyn!

  2. Ripley in CT7:14 AM

    Perhaps in Palin's honor, they'll rename it "Quitter" instead of Twitter! LOL

    Go Shannyn, Go!!

    Here's another rumor. The tooth fairy isn't real. So sue me. It's just something I heard.

  3. if i were a lawyer, i'd do it for free, SHANNYN.

    but if it comes to raising dough (like DIVA), i am ready to donate liberally.

    thanks for your COURAGE!

  4. Anonymous7:36 AM

    She just tweeted again!

    Critics are spinning, so hang in there as they feed false info on the right decision made as I enter last yr in office to not run again....

  5. Letterman is going to have a field day when he gets back on the air. Perhaps it's the IRS and the US Attorney's Office for Alaska investigating Palin. Everybody always thinks FBI first when they think federal legal agencies. There's more to the DOJ than the FBI.

    All I know is that Sarah Palin's resignation speech is the worst attempt at damage control I've ever seen. And it's clearly damage control to those who have an open mind and don't belong to the cult of Sarah Palin. This letter of Van Flein's is damage control too.

    I smell shit getting ready to hit the fan...

  6. There are many screen shots of people saying that an indictment was coming down as a FACT and explaining how they knew it was a FACT. These comments were stated as fact. I have seen them. Others have seen them.
    S. Moore may look great to you all, but to the general public she looks like a woman that likes to spread false rumors. the average American likes the underdog, Palin, they don't like this type of thing. Lets see if she and MSNBC keep repeating it. I don't think so. And, how do you all feel about being taken for a untrue ride...Yea, the Iceberg is coming, wait, this is it. What a bunch of BS. People on here begging you to print the iceberg, leading them on. WOW, I would behiding this morning if I did that to my bloggers. S. Moore took you all for a bunch of dopes, she fooled you and sucked you right in. You all have been had.

  7. Where was Sarah last year when she was on the McCain ticket and we bloggers were questioning who built her Wasilla home and how she paid for it on her and her husband's salary at the time? And where was she when we were questioning how she was able to own 3 homes and an airplane on that salary too!

    I hope she sues Shannon, because if Sarah thinks the constant critiquing of her is going to wane if she does, SHE HAS ANOTHER THING COMING!

    Funny how the right wingers such as Sarah constantly tell us that our soldiers fight for our rights as Americans, but yet, when we use any of those rights, THE AMERICAN TALIBAN FREAKS OUT AND WANTS TO SUE!

    Sarah said in the campaign last year in front of a microphone with cameras around and a large audience THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA PALS AROUND WITH TERRORISTS! But yet, her husband was a member of the Alaskan Indepenedence Party who wants Alaska to secede from the nation (and who support the right to bear arms, which along with the rest of their platform could mean domestic terrorism to get their way!) I've never known an anti-American terrorist to want to stay part of our country! Nowhere have I ever read that al-Qaida loves America and wants to be a part of our great nation. Spit.

    AND WE STILL DON'T BELIEVE SARAH GAVE BIRTH TO TRIG AND THIS IS ONE MORE RUMOR SHE COULD HAVE PUT TO REST, BUT CHOSE NOT TO! She's allows the fires in her kitchen to burn wildly and then when the heat gets too much, she says, "That's it! I'm out of here! I'm suing everyone who did not support me or ignore all the times I was pouring gasoline on the fires!".

    Idiot. Dolt. Pathetic right winger.

  8. Anonymous7:45 AM

    There's another reason for the "lawsuit," (excuse me, threat of a lawsuit which has an ice cube's chance in H*ll). It solidifies Sarah's base, just in case some of the fans are wandering off in light of the resignation speech. Every time that Sarah plays the victim, they post another plea to "put something in the pot, please." Yes, the threat is because SM is getting national media attention now. It keeps Sarah's name in the press (how she does love the spotlight), holds the bases, raises money and makes her think that she's doing something proactive. You have to wonder who is giving her this terrible advice, or does she think it up all by herself.

  9. Bones AK7:47 AM

    Things just get more and more insane don't they?

  10. There was a rumor here in Maine for years about Sen. Susan Collins and how she had an affair with a married man whose wife had Alzheimer's. The rumor surfaced again last year during the campaign when she went on WJBQ to talk about John Edwards cheating on Elizabeth when Elizabeth had cancer. Behind the scenes I got some emails about the Collins rumor and did a post on it entitled, "Will Sen. Susan Collins ever admit or deny she had an affair with a married man whose wife had Alzheimers?". Within 12 hours or so of me posting this blog, the next morning I opened up two Google Alerts (one for "Susan Collins" and one for "Senator Susan Collins") to see the title of my post in each one. When I clicked on each of them, I was brought to a weird looking page. One was a pop up window telling me that the post didn't exist and the other one went to a weird blue page with a pornographic image on it. Well, guess what? Whoever clicked on those pages (me included) GOT A SEVERE TROJAN VIRUS IN THEIR COMPUTER! Yep, within a week my computer was completely inoperable and toast.

    SOMEONE DIDN'T WANT THIS POST TO GET OUT. Geee, I wonder who it was? Susan? *pointing microphone at her face for the answer*

    The best part? As an American I have a right to question politicians. Asking a question or talking about a rumor online is NOT ILLEGAL. Susan & Sarah know this, but yet, THEY WILL GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH TO MAKE SURE THE TRUTH NEVER GETS OUT! Soooooo....

    I am left with telling my Susan story and her affair with a Tennessee GOP operative every chance I get! See? I have a right to keep asking and wondering about her affair and pointing out how HYPOCRITICAL SHE WAS TO MAKE FUN OF AND GO AFTER JOHN EDWARDS FOR DOING THE SAME THING!

  11. Anonymous7:54 AM

    There's a rumor about Santa as well, that's unprintable.

  12. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Hahahaha I just blew coffee out my nose!
    This is really amazing. I have heard others say it, seen others type it, and never actually felt the need to say it, but you just can't make this stuff up.
    *wipes nose & holds up coffee*
    Cheers to ALL the bloggers who have asked question's the mainstream refused to ask till they HAD to.
    Thank You.

  13. Monday cannot get here soon enough so we can hear Shannyn. But oh, I can hardly wait for Monday evening to hear Keith Olbermann! Sorry Gryphen, you only come second to Keith.

  14. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Wait a minute, didn't Sarah say that she is millions of dollars in debt because of legal bills. OK, $300,000. Who's the lawyer? Van Flein? Then his interest is in getting paid-- or at least in getting cheap publicity. At the very least, he's hoping that some one in the media will interview him instead of Shannyn. Can't an Alaskan lawyer get a break?

  15. According to "anonymous" McCain staffers, there were six or seven problems in Sarah's past "of personal and professional concern" for which her explanations "never won full acceptance from the campaign." Six or seven? Wow. Babygate, old affair, housegate, AIP... What else?!

  16. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Sarah Palin: She's the gal who can't Tweet Straight.

  17. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Sarah tweeted to get juju's $$. And it worked. Poor juju.

  18. "America first. Just dont talk badly about me or we'll sue ya you betcha. And I'm still pretty! I can do more by not taking lame duck flights to nowhere. Shannyn is evil. We need more Trigs and less gov't. And I'm still pretty!"

    She just cant STFU. Stay down. Stay down...AT least for a day so van flea can cope with the huge headache you pay him for.

  19. lol@juju...MSNBC actually did repeat the rumours...this very morning. Juju...go back and pray..puke...rant, whatever it is you do over on the echo chamber.

    Your saviour is a false prophet and you are all just silly little people who cannot stand to lose. Here is another rumour for you. I hear tell that most of you over "there" are just coming undone because you cannot stand the thought of the dreaded black man being in the oval office. Sue me..go ahead.

    Some of the sickening stuff I have been reading this morning for the likes of you...all over the web makes my skin crawl. You disgust most right thinking people and you are a disgrace to the republican party.

    Oh...and have a great day.

  20. Anonymous8:24 AM


    I think you misunderstand. We don't care how you feel or what you think about Shannyn Moore.

    You are entitled to your opinion, and we are entitled to not give a hoot.

    You lost me when you deliberately misstated the truth. Now, that's defamation of an actionable sort. I hope Shannyn stops by with her cadre of free lawyers, and sues to get your home address so she can sue you for willful, knowing and with malice defaming her character.

    Good day.

  21. Sarah Palin's supporters, people like juju, are going to be eating some serious crow in the near future! You can bet on it.

  22. Poor Juju, you are the one who's been had. And you know it. Poor Redneck Parbie has bought the farm, screwed the pooch, jumped the shark this time. Anyone with even minimal brain function can appreciate what an unmitigated disaster this deranged woman has become. Pity her.

    And if these rumors have been publicly reported as fact, let's see if Palin successfully sues ANYONE. Where do we sign up for the betting pool?!?!

  23. I know for a fact JuJu is an idiot. Do I need proof? Do I have a right to my own opinion? Yep!

  24. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Aren't these the people who supposedly hate trial lawyers? Yet, the minute they get their panties in a bunch they want to sue everyone. The hypocrisy just never stops.

  25. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Why would Sarah wait two weeks to leave? Why not Monday? Is something coming up in the next two weeks that she can pardon, as long as she still has the power??? Why would anyone give up the power that office carries?

    I heard a clip of the resignation speech on the radio this morning, and her breathing is so loud and labored, her speech pattern so rushed and frantic that there really is something serious going on. Add to the mystery the way that the whole press conference seemed quickly thrown together-- someone got some surprising news.

  26. Anonymous8:50 AM

    @juju - Go back to peeing in the sea - and give some more money to your favorite grifter - I'm sure she's use it well!

    And give an extra thanks to those troops for fighting for our freedoms - including Sarah's favorite one - the First Amendment, in all it's parts!

  27. Gryphen: Does Alaska have an SLAPP Law?

    It protects against this type of misuse of the Law.

  28. You know, the problem with people like Sarah Palin is that that just hate sexy beautiful women like Shannyn Moore. They are jealous and they can't stand that she's successful.

    Oh wait - I have that backwards...

  29. JuJu:
    No one CARES what you think. No one listens to your PalinGarbage.
    YOU are the one who was "had" - you fell for her lying trip.

    Sarah Palin AKA Snowbilly Grifter - there, you happy? She is going to have to explain some things to people with badges.

    I could get out here and say she screws donkeys (although I'd be wrong because it is obviously turkeys she prefers). Go ahead, SUE ME.

    Protected free political speech. I can make any allegation against her I want.

    She's going to have a tough time proving the bloggers ruined her career. She's been doing such a terrific job proving how brilliant she is for the last 8 months.

    Can you believe it people? SP managed to totally take herself down in 8 months! Singlehandedly with that mouth, she wrecked her entire career. She's just pissed because people noticed and talked about how insane, dumb and crazy she is.

    If JuJu represents her flying monkeys, it isn't a group I'd want to be a part of.

    Betting pool...please????

  30. Anonymous9:05 AM

    O/T. I just thought of this. Do you think Willow and Bristol were absent on Friday so that they couldn't be that no one could prove Willow wasn't at the baseball game in NYC?

    My wv was "unplame."

  31. in support of Shannyn - i will quote the inimitable George W. Bush (who btw is actually looking smart when compared to Palin) -

    Bring 'em on (lawsuits)

    the saddest part is that the media is LOVING this soap opera.

  32. Hey there Gryph and Shanynn and Mudflats and ALL great AK bloggers- America owes you a HUGE thank you...Sara Pee has indeed Gone off the Deep end...whoa...and Shanynn did a great job on Friday on MSNBC...she spoke clearly and well...and boy Sara's nose was out of joint that ANother woman from AK should be given ANY air time....

    very classy of her to file a lawsuit ( or write a jibberish letter ) about Free Speech on Independence day....

    It must suck to see the END of her career from her porch !!!!

  33. Well..15 complaints all ruled in Palin's favor.
    Iceberg...melted in your face. Come on all beleived S. Moore had the truth going for went on and on day after day. Begging to see the iceberg. You have been had by S. Moore. Too bad you can't see it, but the rest of the world can. Because the LA Times report from the FBI is all over the major web sites and MSM.

  34. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Just feel sorry for juju. She must have a sad miserable life to pick nutty scarah as an idol!! Juju I have som info for you stop talking about the average American and what they do or don't like. Your queen makes that same mistake. I am an average American and I love Shannyn and think she is brave. On the other hand Scarah is a coward and a bully and a quitter!!! Her tweets and comments show that. She is sitting at home in her pjs writing her fans on line. What a coward! If she were brave and worthy of any type of office shed have the balls to talk to the press. She is a coward and a quitter and she is mentally unfit for any kind of office. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a mean manipulative liar. I do feel sorry for you though juju. Very sorry.

  35. Gryph- Liked hearing your voice last night. You have a great laugh. Next time you are on, though, please give us a bit more of your wonderful snark! The AK5 and all the other AK bloggers have been doing an outstanding job, and probably without re-reading Atlas Shrugged, Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, getting marching orders from The One, paychecks from ACORN and all those other neocon talking point.

    Seriously, you all need to write a book. Shanynn may have hit on the title "Suck It Up, Buttercup."

  36. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I also can't help but think there is a strangely satisfying metaphorical coincidence at play here. Didn't Sarah Palin make her "lame duck" resignation speech directly after she was given the "Sitting Duck Award" for the most mocked celebrity in the news?

    Straw breaking the camel's back, anyone?

    Shannon deserves the big time if she wants it! Now SHE's a woman whom I'd be thrilled to have represent my gender: intelligent, funny, masterful, articulate, and - as an added bonus - genuinely attractive.


  37. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Ah, juju. Do you not know the difference between the FBI and the IRS?

    Trust me, the LA Times does.

  38. Jackie9:57 AM

    Gryphen - Have you read Palin's Deceptions this morning? Audrey says she had 3 Wasilla contacts regarding the house who were willing to give names & all. It would be great if someone were to follow up on that!

  39. Hi Juju, nice of you to drop in here!

    Speaking of rumors, wasn't it Sarah Palin, when she was running for Mayor of Wasilla, that started a couple rumors about her opponent (and one-time friend) John Stein? One was that he and his wife weren't really married (because John's wife kept her last name) even though she bloody well knew they were! John produced his marriage certificate.

    Another was that she, Sarah Palin, would be the "first Christian Mayor" implying John was what, a Jew? A non-christian? Even though she bloody well knew that he was a Lutheran.

    That is who your goddess is, dear Juju.

    And isn't it nice that you can post here without getting your posts removed, whereas I can't post there without my words being deleted within minutes? :) Just sayin...

  40. Someone should do a banner with Shannyn's new title "Suck it up Buttercup" to fly high at the ceremonial Governor's Picnic.

    Sean, you do realize that you will be the scapegoat for all that's rotten in the Palin administration don't you? Prepare to be thrown under the bus.

  41. PS - Great job on the radio interview you three. Yes, Shannyn is amazing. Can't wait to hear Keith & Rachel tomorrow. Laughing all the way.

  42. Juju:
    Now Sarah in no longer just a LOSER but she is a Quitter, too, also.
    We no longer need your troll insights and you need to go back to Troll Headquarters (under that bridge) and stay there to comfort your rabid brethren of Sarah Worshippers. Maybe you ought get a beg-a-thon going to raise money so that Sarah can build her own little "Sarah Town" and take you lemmings with her. I will gladly donate the kool aid.

    And Shannyn this pajama clad blogger (sorry but I don't have a basement) support you and the First Ammendment 100 percent!

  43. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I don't know why SM is getting all of the attention when it was Zaki who started it in the first place.

    If nothing else, it delineates the difference between factual, objective and professional reporting, and whatever it this is called..... rumor mongering I suppose.

    I've never given Zaki much credibility, this just proves my point that he's nothing but a hack.

  44. Kat, the best part is knowing that Sarah will be watching Keith and Rachel tomorrow, also, too!

  45. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I posted this at Palinoscopy! Steel indicated that He and Palin have work to do in NJ does he know something we dont? Check The Chicago Tribunes internet site "Swamp" TomandLou

  46. There is one topic that Sarah Palin would never touch in court:


    I know it's becoming boring, but I say it again: Bristol Palin is the mother of Trig, and anybody else who makes that claim will have impunity - because it is TRUE.

    I am not "obsessed" with babygate, and I do think that Sarah Palin has more skeletons in the closet, but I still think that babygate is the only issue that can effectively bring Sarah Palin down in the sense that even a large part of her "base" will turn away and disown her - because that was one lie too much.

    Sarah Palin's allegation that she is the mother of Trig, who in an act of heroism on Sarah's part was not aborted, is the main reason of her popularity among the wingnuts, and she plays the "Trig card" at every given opportunity.

    Something smells very fishy here. My partner Kathleen had written in a blog already on 19th June:

    "Sarah took on David Letterman and to all intents and purposes, she won. He apologised. Twice. So what chance do two Alaskan citizens have against the might of Sarah Palin if she decides to use the substantial sums that have been raised through public donations to harass them? What frivolous complaints will her army of lawyers dream up in order to curtail her most persistent critics? Watch this space - Hideous Sarah is about to reveal her true face."

    Sarah Palin now tries to threaten and discredit the Alaskan bloggers. She apparently hopes that they will now become more careful with their allegations. We already know that the MSM has done a terrible job so far covering Sarah's scandal. But there is still hope, as reporters from the NY Times and the Washington Post are now on the ground in Alaska, as van Flein admitted to the ADN.

    Babygate is the scandal that has to be revealed. Sarah cannot threaten anybody in this respect. Everybody should be aware the babygate is the real deal.

  47. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Where's your iceberg, Gryphen? You've tempted us for weeks about it? Where is it?

    Have a look in the file marked "The Troof", maybe you filed it there.

  48. lisabeth10:50 AM

    I loved hearing all of you on the Radio. Now I would like to see a tv show with the 3 of you! I know you and AKM like to stay anonymous though.!Gryphen, you need to get on twitter like Shannyn & AKM are you on yet?

    OH to JuJU, you are an incredibly naive person. I would use harsher words but I'll wait for that. Why are you blaming Shannyn for all of this! If you look on her blog, she has not been talking about the rumors nearly as much as other blogs. She did not start any rumour. You have no class and either does Scarah. It is July 4th weekend, we have a right to free speech. If you think your idol is not guilty of anything, you need to get into psychotherapy and quick! Your idol Scarah QUIT her job and she will always be known for that. She is through in politics and I am very thankful to the bloggers for reporting the truth about Sarah Palin. If she can't handle the scrutiny now, then she should not be in politics. It is a dirty business, that is just the way it is. If Sarah is silly enough to try to take on the media, she is going to continue to be hammered. She seems to enjoy play the victim, otherwise she would just go away - off Facebook, twitter, everywhere. But she can't help herself.
    Her followers are so desperate to believe in her and not admit that Palin walked out on her job because she couldn't take it, that they are making up all kinds of things........

    Someday juju maybe you and your followers will wake up and be honest about yourselves and about Sarah. You are only setting her up for more heartbrake. Someone should tell her that if she does not like the media, to stay away from it!

  49. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Juju: If all 15 complaints were dismissed in Sarah's favor, why did she pay back travel expenses?? I don't remember the Legislature giving her a pass; they found that she did commit ethics violations. They just didn't do anything about it. What's so scary about the emails that Celtic Diva is asking for? That meme about all the complaints being dismissed is so yesterday; Sarah appointed the panel that did the ruling. About as honest as an Iranian election.

  50. lisabeth10:59 AM

    Patrick, I agree with you about babygate for all the reasons you stated. It shows a great deal about Sarah's character. If her supporters STILL make excuses for her after being finally shown the truth about that, well, there is something very wrong with this group of people in our country.

    I was just listening to a political show on tv where the commenters were saying "what does it say about the GOP that Sarah is the only person who causes excitement?" It is a valid point, something is seriously wrong with people who ignore so much that is wrong with Sarah simply because they think she is "like her", "an average Joe (juju,didn't abort her Downs baby," etc. The problem is that it is all a big lie.

    So the interesting thing to me is what will it take for her base to be honest with themselves and to see Sarah clearly as most of the world thankfully does? Will Babygate even do it? If not, wow, what what does that say about that group of people in our country (what 10% of the total population)?

    I am hopeful now that Sarah is leaving as Governor that people in Wasilla will feel free to talk about the truth around babygate. I bet even her own daughter will speak at some point and we know Levi will. My guess is we will all see the Palins soon relocate to the lower 48 (Texas??) in the near future. That is if she is not arrested:)

    Patience is a virtue.

  51. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Oh, to be a Palinista....where once believes a human being is God, or Jesus, come to save the world...

    I so don't see Jesus when I watch Palin's actions. Didn't Jesus multiply the fish to feed the hungry??? Whereas Palin ignorned the starving until she finally had to go visit them, bringing a plate of cookies and an evangelical preacher to tell them to "pray".

    Adivce that rang familiar, as John Sanford (her kindred spirit Republican Govenernor whom Fox news labeled as a Democrat, in yet another instance of their comittment to veracity over propaganda) told his starving constituents that they should "pray" instead of asking him to take the stimulus if their failure to pray, their spiritual bankruptcy, was the cause of their hunger.

    And yet, it 's clear now that if spiritual bankruptcy brought starvation, Palin and Sanford would be emaciated.

    Palin stands for nothing. She is the ultimate hypocrite. Jesus was no hyporcrite. Palinistas are defaming Jesus and Christianity when they worship Palin. It's sick and as far from true Christian behavior as you can get.

    Their focus on the way she looks -- appearances_- would make Jesus cry.

    By the way, Shannyn Moore is a gorgeous woman, who happens to be smart, witty, kind and generous to boot.

    Palin is jealous of Obama, and it's os obivous the way she stalks Obama constantly. She wants to compare herself to him constantly, as if they are equals. They are not equals.

    She never ran for POTUS, and she lost in the 2nd place position she was running in. I'm surprised that Sarah is having such a hard time with being a loser. She's had a lot of experience losing things -- beauty contests, sports caster jobs, Lt Governor, -- bascially every job she's ever had. I'd count the mayor job, too, since she may have won the election, but there was quickly a recall started against her and she was forced to high a competent person to do the actual work of being a city manager. How pathetic. Esp when you think of how small that town is.


    SUE ME.

  52. I am pretty sure that this lawyer letter thing trying to threaten media to not delve into a story, whether it is true or not, is going to give more attention to the issue than anything they could have done.

    You just can't make up this stuff. *shakes head*

    As for her supporters, well, what else do they have. *shrug* Some have based their reputations on Palin, others have given their undivided loyalty. Other than to continue to try and persuade others that Palin is not a nutcase, (hard one to be sure) what are they going to do?

    FBI is always the first government agency that anyone thinks of when "federal" is mentioned. It isn't. Having worked for the government for many years, I can say that most departments have their own investigators. Even Social Security can do it's own investigations.

    The quote that everyone is on about said "law enforcement official in Alaska" it didn't say FBI. The possibilities are endless and no one will know for sure until the facts themselves come out. If they are waiting on an indictment, then it will happen when it happens. Usually an indictment is waiting on some sort of Grand Jury, which can be national, state, local, etc.
    Since they are in themselves secretive, you often don't even know they have met until after the indictment is granted, sometimes till it is served, perhaps never if dismissed.

    Although of interest is that the person in question would have knowledge of that through their lawyer at some point.

  53. anon @ 11:06, Palin summons up jesus to support her political position and you summon up jesus to support your political position. But not only that, both you and Palin are summoning up jesus as if jesus would be on your side. I'm not sure which of you is the most hypocritical and dishonest in their portrayals of their christian faith.

    This is what I find so sickening and hypocritical about christians. They don't hesitate to resort to the big bullet to get their messages across. It's a motherhood issue with them all isn't it. Nobody is going to challenge motherhood and nobody is going to challenge baby jesus! And did you feel christian love while doing it?

    Did you pray for Palin's destruction in your church this morning dear? Did you pray that jesus would smite her down?

  54. OH, and anon, you can be quite confident that Sarah Palin is praying for the downfall and destruction of all us bloggers. LOL

    I'm so afwaid!

  55. Patrick, I agree with Babygate being one topic she would never touch in court. At least, she would never initiate court.

    A theory of that proportion takes on a life of it's own. No Palin person has to acknowledge it exists at this point. What will make a difference? Idk the legal answers but the appearance of fraud is glaring. Her constituents have no recourse to investigate when they believe they were tricked? Along the lines of false advertising.

    She branded herself as the hockey mom who would never take the life of an in utero fetus or trimester unborn. Her believers, believe or believed, the 'wild ride' story that put a trimester unborn in life or death danger. Her confession to her base in Indiana shows another side of the Sarah Palin brand. Don't her former believers deserve their money back?

    What about her constituents that believed the false claims her brand made? They have no recourse to find out if they were duped by a con? She will not take this to court but for now a legal process is the only way to verify facts in this situation. May that change soon with eye witnesses,more photos and documents.

    The problem needs to be resolved whatever people believe.

  56. JuJu, I am curious...I read here nearly every day, but I don't recall ever seeing you comment about Trig. Does that mean that you and your people on the “Dark Side” have accepted that Trig is Sarah’s first grandson and that Sarah faked her pregnancy? I know you C4Pers are not allowed to talk about Trig on the “Dark Side”, but please feel free to give us your opinion here. Something besides “Sarah said so”. I await your reply. In the meantime, here is my opinion:

  57. Didn't Palin said she wanted to spend more time with her family?
    Can't she spend one day (a holiday weekend at that) not glued to her blackberry/twitter/facebook/yaps with her lawyer/following blogs and the news??

    Why does she give a hoot about the "speculation" ?
    She can deal with that later..
    I don't get it

    Her fan base and protecting her "image" is more important than taking 24 solid hours to be with her family which she promised during her speech

    I can see lil' Piper now.. I thought we were going to eat popcorn and watch movies today, just you and me? You aren't a big ole Governor anymore.. mom??

    HOLD on PIPER!!! What's that Thomas? They are saying what? Well tell them This...
    Piper HOLD ON!!!! Where's the freakin' nanny??

    Yep I see Jesus all over that woman.. (that was a joke)

    I only have one child (15) and only work part time .. by choice to spend more time with him and my day is still 75% all about him
    Now she has 4 at home.. one a baby.. I am all for Workin' Moms juggling it all.. but hello
    Her priorities are very clear

  58. Anonymous12:18 PM

    @Sarah Q,

    I never said I was a Christian, but I did read the bible and am familiar with the stories of Jesus. My point is that Palin does not act like a Christian.

    That is pretty cut and dried, so I'm not sure where you come up with the idea that I'm saying Jesus is on my side. I don't have a political side, and perhaps you should stop jumping to conclusions before you make snide remarks to people.

    I have gone to church and have family who are clergy members. I know what they teach in church, and it is not to lie, to cheat, to steal, to starve, to be without compassion....hence, my statement that Palin does not act like a Christian.

    I don't care if you agree with me or not, but your comment about me using Jesus was way off base.

    I'm using the facts of Palin's history, her actions-- to determine that she does not measure up to the story of Jesus, therefore I find her hypocrisy alarming, and that of her supporters deeply troubling.

    Palinitis is a cult, not a political movement -- and you should know that by now.

    They don't care about the bible, her policies, her actions, or her real self. They are worshipping at the Cult of Palin and are capapble of great evil, as we saw with the Museum shooter, who was a great fan of Palin's, a far right extremists, and I'm sure, "a good Christian".

  59. Anonymous 11:42
    Palinbot...what a sad lemming you are.

  60. To all the iceberg seekers: Couldn't Sarah Palin just plain "loosing her marbles" be the iceberg? I mean come on, she just plain went nuts and quit her job.....that's a pretty big iceberg if you ask me.

  61. Anonymous12:55 PM

    from Shannyn Moore's twitter

    will have a press conference a 2pm Alaska time.
    38 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    Here's hoping Shannyn will work in the "suck it up, Buttercup" line.

  62. womanwithsardinecan12:57 PM

    Anon@9:47am, don't forget the ducks quacking behind her during her bizarre resignation speech. Quack!

  63. So perhaps it is not wise to acknowledge the troll that is JuJu?
    After all, this is an idiot who sux up to a lying skank who has just quit another job. This is a moron that gives money to a woman who claims her grandson as her own.
    This GINO is a sociopathic narcissist who managed in less than 8 months to destroy herself. Lies, lies, more lies and damned lies. She even lies when she doesn't have a reason. It's pathologic.

    If you choose voluntarily to follow this low life trash into whatever sewer she chooses to sink, it's your life.

    I believe the rest of us are sitting here just waiting to see your Freak Lady deposed in court if she tries to sue. What a joke she turned out to be. And what bad taste it proves that you all have. You who worship your witless wonder.

    I pity you JuJu. It doesn't matter because you lost the day you chose to walk in her footsteps. Find yourself another savior.

  64. Juju's constant presence on this blog is proof positive that C4P'ers are seeing their world crumble before their eyes...he/she cannot keep away. If there was truly nothing Sarah did wrong she would never reliquish her "title" as if she's self anointed the f-ing queen of the Arctic.

    Go raise so more money for your Queen...she and her husband will need it for bail bonds, and the additional $5K her lawyer charged her to write that press release.

  65. you bloggers HURT her feelings too many times also, made her cry......bottom line (as I see it), GiNO was FORCED out of office...

    come on she's been CHEATING on Alaska for months - every since she was picked for the VP job. So she very much could have gone on doing the same thing till the official end of her term...But I do wonder if some backhand deal w/ the Rebugs was made/offered in exchange for her becoming available as their POSTER CHILD for 2012...

    stay ain't seen nothing yet...her MADNESS will elevate to the Severe Risk lever, (red)...

  66. Oh the memories, not long ago the 'Soon-To-Be-EX-GiNO said:

    "At the same time, I am blessed to have a large and loving family, and the discharge of my duties should not prevent me from spending time with them."

    How did that work out fer you Sarah?

  67. On C4P, "Videmus Omnia" has just "outed" himself and writes now under his real name (Tim Lindell).

    He encourages the readers to "vet" him and admits that he received some speeding tickets in the past.

    However, that's not everything.

    I posted this message already twice on C4P, and both times it got deleted by them very quickly.

    I posted it a third time now, and it certainly will be deleted very quickly, too.

    I believe that it's important that the world knows a little bit more about Tim Lindell.


    Hi Tim,

    good to see some courage here!

    But wait a moment:

    Wasn't the reason for your anonymity the fact that at least until very, very recently you were an active duty soldier - and that your activity on this blog was a direct violation of military regulations?

    There was some PDF document floating around which seemed to contain very precise you will certainly remember, because one of the Alaskan bloggers back then took a stand and defended your anonymity when she received the PDF document and alerted you to it....yes, this blogger who herself was working for the US military for many years, who is handicapped and who has been smeared here at C4P over and over again...

    Well done, Tim! You are an outstanding officer, I salute you!

  68. Anonymous2:16 PM

    This is an awesome post! Palin is just a big ol' baby.

  69. Anonymous4:13 PM

    And will LIndell be in trouble now?

  70. palin lies, repeatedly5:06 PM

    Palin is a Coward and Quitter and will always carry those labels.

  71. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Now maybe Shannyn will be happy. Sounds like she was jealous of the gov's popularity. She is getting her 15 minutes and will fade into eternity now that Palin resigned. Bye bye.

  72. Anonymous7:24 PM

    @Anon, no. You are behind. Palin's popularity in AK is plummeting. The mainstream GOP isn't too fond of her either; did you watch the Sunday Talk shows? Rove and Huckabee sure don't like her. Did you see the 15 people who showed up to protest for her at Letterman's show?

    Actually, this Palin legal backfire will probably launch Shannyn's national career. So your "bye bye" is to Sarah Palin. Are you following her to the spaceship?

  73. Anonymous8:21 PM


  74. Hey...does anyone know why Andre Mitchell came to AK.?? Wonder why she didn't interview S. Moore who is suppose to be on top of every thing Palin does?? Guess maybe she came all the way up to Ak. to give a 3 min. report in front of Sarah's house. UNLESS...someone told her there was going to be a big indictment, FBI thingie...etc. Don't know who might have told her guys got any thoughts on it? But, I bet she is really pissed about coming all the way to AK. ...for nothing. Her fellow reporters on MSNBC may think she was played for a fool by someone..OH...happens to the best and A. Mitchell is one of the best. As long as I am wondering, I wonder if S. Moore will be on MSNBC in the near future>

  75. Now that Sarah quit (and I don't trust her that she will actually step down until we hear Parnell accept the office) now that she quit I wonder if the Anchorage Daily News et al (Alaska MSM) will take off the kid gloves and perform actual journalism with regard to the issues surrounding Ms Palin?

    On second thought, perhaps the MSM should exchange their kid gloves for white ones.

  76. Bill Maher: What do you think about Sarah Palin?

    Gore Vidal: I don't think about her at all...
    and I have no impression that she's thinking, either.

  77. Okay, JuJu, why did Sarah Palin quit in a haste? Huh? You seem to believe everyone is wrong about this, so now is your chance to set the record straight for us!

  78. Anonymous3:18 AM

    juju, why are you so concerned? What are you so worried about? Why do you stalk this blog? Maybe Andrea Mitchell has come to AK to profile your organization. Go play with your crazy friends in the Sea2Pee sandbox. I'm sure Andrea Mitchell would like some screenshots of your posts there.


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