Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If you build it, they will stay silent.

So as a number of my more frequent visitors know there has been this persistent rumor that there is some construction happening over at the ole Palin place.

I have read about it in my comments section, received it in my e-mail, and even heard it repeated during a recent phone call. But none of it seemed to come from an eyewitness account.

So what is your local neighborhood blogger to do when he is consumed with curiosity and cannot get satisfaction?

You guessed it. ROAD TRIP!

So early this morning, at the first showing of Alaska's crack, I made sure to pack my Wasillian to English dictionary, my redneck repellent, and my faithful camera toting sidekick, and embarked on a drive through the thick pea soup fog that enveloped Anchorage and headed for the wilds of Wasilla.

Once there we walked as close as we could to "Castle Palin" and snapped these photos. (If you click on the photos you can see a much larger version. You can even see the men who were working on it while we were there.)

As you can plainly see, yes there is definitely construction going on right next to Casa de Palin. Which of course brings up the obvious question as to "why"?

We have heard repeatedly that Sarah Palin is done with Alaska. I had that information about property purchased in Montana. We know she met with Rupert Murdoch at Fox News headquarters amid rumors of a television show. And she has NOTHING keeping her in Alaska.

So why spend a portion of her newly made fortune to build, what looks to be, an entirely new house right next to her old one? (Let's face it, now that Todd is unemployed, you can bet your ass HE is not footing the bill!)

To be honest, I don't know. Oh I tried to find out. But my sources are just as mystified as I am.

And that is where we enter the territory known as "Rumorville".

The rumor that I have heard more than a few times, and let me stress that this is ONLY a rumor, is that this is to be Bristol's house. And that it is to house both her and her CHILDREN, as payment for her continued silence. I even heard that she was going to get a nanny and a new car, once again only a rumor.

Is this reliable? I dunno. But if anybody has a better theory feel free to share it. (Especially if you are currently living in Wasilla, hint hint.)

By the way as I was driving around trying to locate a good spot to take a picture I came upon Palin's private driveway, where I was greeted by this friendly little sign.

I am not sure exactly sure what danger awaited me at the other end of this little gravel road, but considering that Sarah would probably love to have my head mounted on her wall, I decided not to press my luck.

(By the way just to be clear for legal purposes, we NEVER stepped foot on private property and took all of our photos from areas open to the public)

Update: Here is the link from the Recorder's Office which shows that purchase of Lot 4, Block 1(The Palin house is built on Lot 3, Block 1) was recorded July 14, 2009. Which was ten days after she resigned.


  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Contractor buddies, again?

  2. SME1314:57 PM

    I can see why people think it is for Bristol, but I cannot imagine she would want to live that close to the woman who brings her constant embarrassment. Then again………

    The house could be for Todd, it makes it easier to fool the public if they both drive in to the same driveway each day.

    I am thinking though that neither of the above is really true.

    I think in the end we will learn that the new house is for none other than Palin’s over inflated ego and a couple of her various personalities.

    Sybil Palin can live in two houses in Wasilla and a few more in Montana and still need to find lodging for the other personalities.

  3. It's nice to see that SarahPAC funds and the Alaska Fund Trust will be put to use sheltering at least one unwed teenage mother and her children.

  4. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Go to her facebook. Now the queen is comparing herself to Margaret Thatcher!

  5. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Is that Todd and a few of his buddies working?

  6. I think it is a Sarah Museum, for all tourists to visit. Behind glass, her first basketball, her jogging shoes, VP campaign memorabilla, and a funny-looking, strap-on belly.

  7. Well GOOD FOR YOU....she will just have a @@@@ fit when she reads this blog. The nerve of you, taking pictures of her property. If I were Bristol I would ask for the $ to move far, far away.

  8. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Wow - the visual is pretty impressive!
    Do you have any information if things are still on track for
    the ginormous revelation of Babygate at the unmentionable media outlet?
    Are you able to offer any sneak peeks yet?
    I have been following Palingates, and worry that things are losing a bit of momentum.... would just love some reassurance.

  9. Aussie Blue Sky5:38 PM

    Ni-ice work, Gryphen. But I don't see Todd helping his "buddies" ....

  10. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I bet one house is for Todd, the other for Bristol, both are bribes for silence.

    Quittypants will be touring the country, promoting her book, giving audiences to her adoring fans, and ordering anything she wants from hotel room service.

  11. Most places I have lived, you need a building permit and that is public info.

    Do you need the same in Wasilla, or is it a builders dream and a zoning nightmare?

  12. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Maybe they've been picked for a segment of Extreme Makeovers. You know they're such a needy family with all of those legal expenses and babies popping out everywhere, also, too.

  13. Anonymous5:55 PM

    From someone who has been on the property, there is a huge pit supposedly for an airplane hanger with living quarters above. City hall has had multiple visits from Todd who keeps making amendments to the compound plans.

  14. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I am just guessing, but I have a feeling that Todd has been very supportive of Bristol. It may be that she wants to live near him and support her children. It is always easier for a single mother to have family help when raising her children, and having her own house might be enough for Bristol to feel independent of her mother. Todd and the girls can live in the "castle," where Track can stay when he is home. Since SP is rarely home, this could work out nicely for all of them.

  15. Anon 5:35 - you just aren't cutting it - you don't sound authentic at all.

  16. Awesome sleuthing Gryphen!

    I sure am curious :)

  17. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Awesome post gryph.

    I was expecting her to progress into a bigger house for Bristol or wtf? This could be a media studio. I know Reagan needed to accommodate equipment and workers.

  18. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Well done, Gryphen. There's nothing quite like boots on the ground to find out what is going on.

  19. Gryphen, be careful.

  20. CrabbyPatty6:33 PM

    Poor Piper .... another household to take care of. Or maybe it's a servant's quarters?

  21. Anonymous6:35 PM

    You are now entering at your own risk?

    What a wierd sign, but typical for these nutjobs.

    It should read - You are now entering the twilight zone.

  22. Anonymous6:40 PM

    No matter what they do, nothing will help the look of that ugly house. Good work gryphen.

  23. Anonymous6:41 PM

    They're going to have to hustle to get that thing closed in before winter.

  24. Anonymous6:43 PM

    As a Mat-su lake dweller, I wonder if there is a variance on file for the 75 foot lake setback.

  25. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I thought Wasilla rescinded its building code about the time Todd and his buddies built the main house with materials that fell off the trucks heading to the Sports Center. Do they now have a building code and department? If so, the plans are a matter of public record.

    Oh, sorry, I forgot it is the Palins. Nothing is a public record with them.

  26. Glad you took a buddy along, Gryphen! I love having something concrete to look at--thanks for checking things out in person.

  27. phoebes-in-santa fe6:51 PM

    I assume the property is zoned to allow two houses so close together. If so, as dianedp said above, there have to be public records.

  28. I wonder if the Palins have applied for their share of federal stimulus money for energy cost relief?

  29. Anonymous7:00 PM

    The two funds mentioned above at 4:57, are untouchable for this type of endeaver. Has Wasilla changed there position on building permits? Or is this a secret to add to the other secrets. Another thought. What in the hell are Levi's handlers thinking. The kid is fast becoming a joke. He is a joke.

  30. According to what's on record:

    The City of Wasilla does not require building permits. However, building permits are required by the Alaska State Fire Marshall for anyone who plans to construct, repair, remodel, add fire systems or change occupancy for any building other than residential housing that is three-plex or smaller or anyone who plans to install or change fuel tanks.
    This means that there is no requirement for a building permit for the Palins.

  31. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I live in NYC,building are very close to each other. Every block in Manhattan is used.
    I thought Alaska was the last frontier ?? Looking at those pictures those houses are on top of each other. Are you FULL UP THERE ? I'm just saying !
    Gyphen we can't wait for the iceburg and the indictments but for God's sakes please be careful. That broad is NUTS.
    I'm reading The Family.....WOW

  32. Anonymous7:32 PM

    ~~~~From someone who has been on the property, there is a huge pit supposedly for an airplane hanger with living quarters above. City hall has had multiple visits from Todd who keeps making amendments to the compound plans.

    ~~~~As a Mat-su lake dweller, I wonder if there is a variance on file for the 75 foot lake setback.

    Who is checking on the public records?
    Is there any sign of a helipad?

    We've been through similar building project in an area with building codes. People will still try to get around things.
    This compound could house many cult members and meetings. Is there a dining hall with cooking quarters?
    A place for staged productions and a movie theater? They are just getting started.

  33. Tantef7:34 PM

    Perhaps it is an office/annex for the perpetual lawyers and as such can be paid for out of the AFT. Just because it has a Jacuzzi and steam room over the airplane hanger doesn't mean it isn't an office...perhaps perpetual lawyer commutes by air. Or, it is an inlaw suite, where Papa Heath can be kept on a shorter leash.

  34. Don Vito Corleone7:44 PM

    cool . you don't need a bldg permit for an airplane hanger is alaska . we're movin there .

  35. Anonymous7:52 PM

    What makes sense to me is it is an airplane hangar with an apt above (for guests, for Bristol?). why else would it be so close to the main house? It's for Todd.

  36. honestyinGov7:57 PM

    Nice pics Gryphen,
    I was curious when we would see the actual building. If it's a Museum.... I assume there will be a special room dedicated to all the Artic Cat paraphenalia. On display, The Famous coat... as well as a copy of the contract that Sarah does not know what is written on it. There needs to be a Office where Bristol can sign ' Thank You letters ' as well.

    Andrew Sullivan ( the Daily Dish )has that post where people post pics " From my Window " view. Make sure you email him a copy of your pics....he'll love them. Not technically 'Your' window...but he might post them anyway as a joke.

  37. Beautiful wooded area, hmm- I, too, was struck by how close the buildings are--

    So please, for clarification, Gryphen or anyone else who knows- The dark red building (on the left) with white windows is the current Palin home (correct?) the new construction is obvious, but is the white building on the right part of the Palin compound or is it a neighbor's home? Truly, I imagined that homes would be farther apart up there-- (whether it was the Palin's home or anyone else's)

  38. Baroness Palin8:07 PM

    If you want an invite go join the right church or political organization. If Cee4Pee is on her list they will praise their visits. If it all stays secret that will be more interesting. The inner circle is more selective. It looks like a major shift in plans is in the works.

  39. Anonymous8:21 PM

    OMG, Tantef...annex for perpetual lawyers....I hope she is laughing all the way to the big house.
    And Gyphen this is the first time you said Bristol's CHILDREN. Thank you.

  40. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Buildings can appear closer than they are in photographs.
    It would be interesting to see something taken from across the lake.
    What is the white house? I thought they were near a motel?

    Tell me the buildings are really not that close. Lake Lucille is a dump, this will not help the image.

  41. Anonymous8:24 PM

    A Palin compound? I know people who have built a house next to a house and they don't call their property a compound... She just doesn't quite fit the image of someone with a "compound". Does she think she has become someone with clout and money or is she just someone with a big mouth and a "following"; you know - like groupies?????

  42. What millimeter lens was used for the these shots? A very long lens will tend to compress the distance between objects, like the construction and that next house, but even so, they look unnaturally close together.

    This is a curious development. I would go with the airplane-hangar theory myself. I am almost beyond caring what goes on in this family, yet these rumors keep pulling me back in. I still believe that Sarah is a dangerous person who needs to be watched. I feel sorry for her family.

  43. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Baroness Palin @8:07--You said, "The inner circle is more selective. It looks like a major shift in plans is in the works." Could you elaborate?

  44. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I think the new bldg is going to house the offices for RAM & Co., formerly of Ocean of Urine.

    Just a guess. ;)

  45. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Do Todd buddies know what OSHA is.
    It look to me that there a few OSHA violation.

    OSHA 7 Online Complaint Form


  46. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Lake properties up here tend to be very close together as lake front acreage is a bit more expensive than land not on a body of water. For example, I live in a subdivision where we are off major roads but not on a lake or stream and our per acreage cost is only about 15,000-18,000 per acre, dependent upon mountain views.

    Lake or stream front property in the Mat-Su goes anywhere from 25,000-50,000 per acre depending on views and water access.

    Hence, the Palins and their neighbors live close together because the land on their lake is somewhat expensive as opposed to where I live where land is cheap.

    Every lake within a reasonable distance from the city center has one house per acre or one house per two acres if those people are truly wealthy! We looked at property on Big Lake this summer (15 miles from Wasilla) and a 500 sq foot fixer upper cabin on 2 acres was 285,000! Really the price for for the land as anyone in their right mind would have torn down the cabin and built a much nicer structure.

    Just wanted to give people a perspective of what land costs on lakes up here as opposed to living "in the burbs" like I do where land is cheap.


  47. Anonymous8:56 PM

    "I made sure to pack my Wasillian to English dictionary, my redneck repellent"


  48. Aussie Blue Sky10:32 PM

    An aircraft hangar? With no landing strip? Really?

  49. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Finally, an outhouse to go with that ugly old barn.

  50. Wasilla Resident11:21 PM

    Lakefront property in Wasilla city limits is highly desirable. Hence, the long, skinny lots. That's why the houses are so close together.

    I think the new home is for Todd. The whole downstairs is a big shop/garage where he can hang out and tinker on his snowmachines... Levi says that's what he likes to do!

    Heck, if my husband built a new place, that's what he'd want.

    Bristol wouldn't be interested in a huge garage or airplane hanger.

  51. Check for a cement slab, there could be bodies. Perhaps the building is a chapel and Muthee is going to live there to keep the witches away. Good job Sam Spade.

  52. Anonymous11:48 PM

    I think it's a warehouse to house all the unsold books she had to purchase to put her book on the #1 ratings list for five or 6 days. However, the #1 rate seems to be dropping, droppppping, droppppping! It's #7 on Amazon; #9 on Barnes & Nobel. By the time it comes out and it gets it true rating, it will be below 100 in a week.

  53. Anonymous12:07 AM

    In a couple of years, those little boys will be school age. What's everyone's guess-- home schooling (like Bristol, via computer) or will they actually attend a local school? Does anyone know if Trig gets therapy? Someone has to be coming and going, getting groceries. Are there ever any Bristol sightings in town?

    By the way, Good Work Gryphen! Now, watch a few detective shows on TV so you can conduct a stakeout and report on comings and goings!

  54. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Sarah had a higher calling. Her "family" is the church. She doesn't need to attend another church. I think of it as a church compound.

    I can go with the airplane-hangar theory.

    Hangars can hide other projects and still house Todd's plane and Artic Cat. He will have a better place to drink his beer. Other kids can live in upstair apartments, too, also. I say the new buildings are for more than her blood relation family. I can also go with state of the art digital center to keep them centered for world wide communication. I think this has to do with her "higher calling." Have any new cable lines been put in the area? New cell towers? Anything along those lines? When Reagan put in the Western White House the once country roads were like Hollywood with all the media. They won't get all that, but they will be putting in some of their own "improvements." I doubt if they will need zoning, they have friends in the area to cut down on the paper work. I don't think Wasilla is a place that cares about cell tower density.

    No doubt there are OSHA violation that they will never get called on. Remember the lake is lifeless. It only matters that the scenery looks beautiful. In some ways it is like a mini Universal Movie studio in Wasilla to me, what is going has a facade. They will have gatherings or crank out some of their garbage. It can be set up so people can come and go and no one will be the wiser.

  55. Anonymous12:17 AM

    If I were to move to Wasilla I would prefer the suburbs to that lake. You couldn't pay me to live on something that only looks beautiful.
    Someone told me Sarah lives by a Travel Lodge or something. I hope it isn't true, that is a sight I don't want to think about. I can see rats in trash cans out back.
    It happens at the best of hotels. The poor people that have to endure rat infestation.

  56. The white house must be the house the Palins rented several months ago. At first, I thought it was for the person 'ah-hm' writing Palin's book (checking Palin's grammar and spelling). Then when I read about "splitsville," I thought, "Hm, maybe Todd's living there. He could drive down the driveway, look like he's going to 'Big Red,' then just hop on over to his little place." Then, I also thought, "Maybe Bristol is living there with her children. I'm sure living in "Big Red" with Palin is like living in a nut house.

  57. wow. just wow.12:34 AM

    Actually, it's an obsevatory so Sarah can keep an eye on Putin as he rears his head over Alaska air space.

    In point of fact, the air space is bewteen Sarah's ears.

  58. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Anon 6:12 PM remarked, "This could be a media studio. I know Reagan needed to accommodate equipment and workers." Reagan didn't have the space to do so, either while or after leaving the WH. His "Western White House" ranch had small living quarters, to his wife's dismay. And when they left the WH, his "kitchen cabinet" (meaning deep-pockets rich friends) bought them a three-bedroom house on St. Cloud Road in Bel Air. (The RRs insisted on changing the street address from 666 to 668.) In a not-uncharacteristic show of ingratitude, the missus chafed at the small size of the house, even though it was a gift. IN BEL AIR! I've never heard or read of them lodging guests there, let alone using their home as a "media studio." Thought I'd point out that even RR didn't own a "media studio," since $P tries to compare herself to him.

    Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

  59. Anonymous2:37 AM

    I am the anon 5:35, and I assure you I am authentic! I was trying to figure out how to "prove" this, and then I realized that I simply have to compose a grammatically correct response! Reading over my previous entry, I think it comes across as a complete non sequitur, which I suppose it is - maybe that is why it sounds so inauthentic. My explanation is I was in Palin overdose, it was late (for me), I was tired, and I just wanted a nugget of progress to focus on. I remember Gryphen's old post, which had gotten me so excited and I hoped that he could expound upon that a bit. Oh well! The funny thing is, I always read these posts with a critical eye, and now I know how it feels to be the object of skepticism!
    Anyway, how about it Gryphen, can you share a potential time frame when the story will come out?

  60. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Wow, is that gate redneck tacky or what??? When will she learn how the rich elite media types do their gates? She's got their teeth, now she needs their gate.

    Todd's apartment is progressing there, too, also. Nice to know, again, tat "just look at him" will finally have a bed.

    Her house is Casa Nouveau Riche tacky-- esp the inside with those horrid white walls and builder's grade (sports complex grade) everything.

    Palin is a caricature of the hillbilly grifter grafter who wants to move up, stamps on people to get there (what was that movie about the chorus girl in Vegas who pushed the other girl down the stairs?) and gets her money but still has no idea

    She's a Nouveau Riche wannabe. And the great irony about that is that the Republican party used to stand for anything BUT that. She wouldn't know service for her country if it hit her in her big, fat lying smile.

  61. Ripley3:21 AM

    Insofar as the proximity of one house to the other, recall that Palin did away with building codes. They can do whatever they wish.

    And Gryph, excellent work. Way to go to prove a rumor of a new structure. That's how to make the rumors stop and become fact. As to why it's being built, we may never know. But I suspect it's a hush house. That won't last forever.

    Impressive work, really.

  62. Anonymous3:44 AM

    OK, my thoughts after seeing the "private property" sign was of "The Wizard of OZ" where there are multiple signs on the lead in to Oz I think: "I'd Turn back now if I were you" !
    Also, when I think of compound i think of Waco. And that other religious compound of a few summers ago with incest and women and kids dressed like prairie folk......

  63. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Wonder what Levi thinks when he passes the driveway sign, "you are entering at your own risk"?

    Going over to visit his sons must make Levi a wee bit nervous... especially, if he already had Todd point a gun at him.

    Stay safe Levi... take protection.

  64. From the looks of things Sarah will have blown through her book advance (maybe $4 mil after taxes) in about a year. That's the thing about hush money....there's never enough to keep everyone silent...she should ask Ensign.

  65. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Gryphen - You should post those pics on Google Earth.

  66. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Virginavoter: don't forget the agent takes 10-15% off the top before she gets her portion of the advance.

  67. It looks more like an addition to the main house to me. Just look at the lot line as evident in the change of lawn areas. The set back appears to be well within the required 75' from the lake as stated in a previous post.

    How late into the winter season does construction continue for enclosing the structure up there in the north country?

  68. Our "spies" in Alaska tell us that this is officially an "aircraft hangar with a living unit".

  69. Say NO to Palin in Politics5:49 AM

    Gee, they need to finish painting the back of what looks to be a long shed?

    Other's familiar with construction may know better than I, but the wall closest to the red house seems like a strange set up. almost like it's got a basement with above ground area? look at the height compared to the red house windows.

    Also, if it is a hanger wouldn't the big door side be to the lake? how the heck to they move those planes around anyway.

    In her part four of the Gretta video, Scarah was lamenting the fact that it was winter and Toad hadn't gotten the skids on the airplane and that it would have to go to airport storage for the winter. She didn't seem to have much respect for it, called it a tin can. It's a rather interesting watch. Bree has it over at her blog.

  70. Aussie Blue Sky said...
    An aircraft hangar? With no landing strip? Really?


    In AK they have a lotta floatplanes and they are on a lake with the tahhhds plane already there. It is still funny though...A compound and a hanger.

    end days here we come!

  71. Say NO to Palin in Politics5:53 AM

    Also, too, how much area do they have on the other side of the house? another lot available?

  72. Tantef6:20 AM

    Another use for the "hanger"...Sarah can use gravity boots (red of course) to hang from the ceiling and deposit her bat guano crazy on the floor below.

  73. Anonymous6:37 AM

    After looking at the pictures, my guess is they are adding on an additional wing to the original house. That might include the airplane hangar and living space above it. If you have an adult child and 2 babies living in the house, I can see why you'd want more space. I have an airplane, and most pilots want their own hangar. There are communities built all over the country that you can keep your airplane at home. My guess is this is something Todd has always wanted.

  74. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Another thought...That book money isn't going to last very long. A couple million dollars isn't what it used to be.

  75. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Well, again, those sweet pensioners who sent their last $5 to SP, to help her fight the unjust debt that those pesky complainants were costing her, must be happy to know that their much-needed money might be going to building a brand new home, or building on Palin's property.

    They must know now that those "millions" of dollars debt it cost Alaska is no longer the Palins problem now, just the taxpayers. And, Sarah's $500,000 legal debts must be paid off by now. How could they not? She's got the moolah to build. She really should be ashamed. She was accepting donations left and right, to help pay for legal debts from people who were saving a little from their heating bills to the AFT or PAC. These Palins seem to be the worst shameful grifters I have ever seen. No different than the televangelists.

  76. I think that they're going to tear down the original house. With all the questions surrounding the legality of its construction, I think Palin believes the way to make those questions go away is to make the house go away.

  77. Anonymous7:06 AM

    My bet is on the airplane hangar. In my part of the country, you could build an aircraft hangar attached or near your home without much red tape. Putting some living accommodations over the hangar would not be a big problem.

    Always figured Sarah would start the construction of the Sarah Palin Almost Vice Presidential Library as soon as possible, but doubt she would want it that close to her home. Don't have to worry about having very many books in her library, just a signed copy of ghost written reflux and some old score charts from her basketball games.

    While I am thrilled she was able to cash in on a hefty book advance, this type of wealth causes mixed messaging on the image of Sarah as just a Wasilla WalMart wonder woman. Remember last fall, when they released the Palin annual income of around $225,000 and her assets in excess of $1,000,000, the average American realized the Palins were far wealthier than the average. Every speech, every book deal and every souce of income takes Sarah farther away from being just an average American. See appealed to the poor conservative voters because she was not a white rich male Republican. By 2012, the only difference will be her sex because she will be just another white rich female Republican.

  78. Anonymous7:07 AM

    The property was purchased right after she quit. Maybe she was a little overzealous with her plans for speaking opportunities.

  79. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I spent time driving on the road to the Reagan Ranch. Yes, the house was small. The Ranch has 688-acre.

    You think the ranch house is all there is? I didn't see inside the property at the time, but no one had a reason to lie about what they knew. I didn't ask details. Ranch hands lived up there. I don't think they lived in the house with Nancy. Media was brought in. I saw a phone once that was to be Rs connection to the world while he was there. The phone is just what they show you, it was not all there was.

    The media trucks on the road were the largest I've seen since. That was before Michael Jackson. It was never just a few trucks. The trucks were there when the Rs weren't at the ranch. They were not the little ones with a TV station logo. It was more like when they film a major movie. I would see the nice area around the house in pictures with the green grass and maybe a few shots of the scenery. The house area is not like the area around it. The road is narrow and winds. When there are 10 or so massive trucks you can't miss them. They were a nuisance.

    "Media studio" may be the wrong word. RR is old world and while the communication system was different from today, it was massive. The ranch was not without it's own system beyond the little phone in the little house. I remember when the Rs were in town the helicopters were constant. Someone told me Nancy would send out for lunch. I don't know how true. There were many complaints about their waste. I don't remember ever seeing any helicopters in the media going to the ranch. They made at least three trips a day, often more, when the Rs were in town. Helicopter traffic didn't suit the image and they don't show the communication system. You've seen movies being made. They cables are never in the shots, it doesn't mean they aren't there.

    "Media studio" is not uncommon around here. You don't have to be a politician or celebrity. I know people that have them in their condos. You might want to call it a communication center. I am not saying the Ps need what the Rs had. It is hard to believe they would be incommunicado with the digital age.

  80. Anonymous7:37 AM

    As I read the posts, my fingers were itching to respond to such lame posts. Here I go, scratching. For those clueless about aiplanes, just hush. I was laughing so hard about lack of runway (news flash, frozen water = flat hard surface) water = landing surface with ac with floats. sheez. Many other things, not gonna comment on, cause its not our business. SP is no longer a gov official. She has a right to live in privacy. For those of you that think that SP should put up some fancy shmancy gate etc. That just isnt our style. Why? the less fancy one does the job. It isnt uncommon for Alaskans to purchase the lot next door to afford the privacy and to do what we wish next door. HA! and whoever is the newest appraiser/assesor that valued those lake lots at 25 or 50k, can you go work for the borough and do the tax assesments!

  81. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Levi is talking to a ABC reporter, so I don't think you can call him a joke.

    He is only doing the best he can with the cards he has been dealt.

    I think he is the decent one in the pack.

  82. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Lake Lucille, pretty on outside, dead on the inside..
    like SP

  83. Hmmm, I wonder who's preparing their taxes this year?
    Good work, Detective Gryphen.

  84. SoCalWolfGal8:02 AM

    Gryphen you are a brave man indeed to go anywhere near Castle Palin. The "you are now entering at your own risk" is down right creepy; don't most people just say "private property, keep out"? Well, then the Palins aren't most people. I can't figure out why either Todd or Bristol would want to live that close to the nut job. It's not big enough or secluded enough to be a real compound. It's hush money being spent for sure, but she better hope those speaking invitations pick up. As someone else pointed out, a million dollars just doesn't go as far as it used to.

  85. Anonymous8:06 AM

    "frozen water = flat hard surface"

    Tell that to anyone who has been in a plane when it has slid off an icy runway. DOH.

  86. Anonymous8:09 AM

    It's a good thing that she is no longer in office. You guys would have strip mines and tarpits. She lives next to an almost dead lake. All because of poor city planning and not having building codes. All this to quill paperwork about her home that is in question. She would do anything hook or crook to get her way and to hell with the small people.

  87. phoebes-in-santa fe8:12 AM

    Is it true Lake Lucille is "dead"? Does that mean there are no fish or plant life? Is the lake man-made?

    And, OMG - NO zoning laws?

  88. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Is this Palin jumping the gun by building a studio for a 'talk show'. Everyone telling her she's so 'good' -- B_A_R_F!! -- and will do it from home with the guests on satellite/Skype instead of from a studio in New York or wherever. Murdoch is famous for using and abusing and tossing it out when finished with.

    Or with the possible split where Todd was moved out, is it his so that he can be close to the kids to play Mr. Mom? He's left the Slope job if I recall. By them both using the same driveway, it's their attempt of appearances that the marriage is still working -- NOT. That seems to have been a scam for ages as they appear together in pics etc.

    Sarah having to pay Todd alimony!!! Wouldn't that be a hoot!!

  89. Anonymous8:32 AM

    If I needed to pretend I was happily married I'd set up the old man in a hangar.
    I know a couple that lived together in a 1200 square foot house after a divorce.
    It happens in hard times. The riche do it their way.

  90. Hmmmm, looks like upinak has surfaced here to spread her bile (anon @ 7:37 AM).

    Re: the motel on Lake Lucille that's near the Palin house -- someone mentioned that Gryphen should send the pictures to Google Earth -- you can see on Google Earth that the hotel is to the west (a leftward direction in Gryphen's pictures) of the Palin House about 4-5 lots over.

    Gryphen, it would be interesting if you could get pictures of the Palin building project on a regular basis, like next week, then a week later, and so on...

  91. Anonymous8:33 AM

    If you put a hangar within 75 feet of a lake it requires a variance from the bouough. If it is within 75 feet it cannot have a septic system or a fuel source in the hangar. Therefore you cannot have a dwelling/hangar together. However Talis Colberg is now the mayor of the borough and he does what he is told.

  92. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Maybe its Mansour's new home.........
    HA HA


  93. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Gryphen this is one of your best blogs. The Palins are still on the celebrity list and not close to private citizens. If this is a higer calling for someone in politics it is not about Alaska alone. We are all part of what could be at the heart of this. Bristol is the Ambassador for abstinence-only no less. My girls pay attention when she is on. She may be able to do her work from the compound now. I can believe after what she has experinced that she is finished with sex. A pretty young girl like that deserves a nice church boy and to get back to work.

    I feel sorry for Levi if he is doing an interview that means he will get trashed by palinists. If he can or will get joint custody he could work out a way to have someone bring Trip to his place and not have to go to the compound each time. I would be miserable to have to go there, it is sad.

  94. Duncan8:57 AM

    Wow! My lot is 450' by 1200' and I can only have one home on the property.

  95. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I can't believe anyone would want to live that close to a motel. I guess when the Queen of England visits they can put her up there. As a kid we had to move from a beautiful house that was too close to a luxury hotel. We knew all the back roads and it was fun but parents didn't like the debris we would find. Why are the lots more valuable for being on a dead lake? I heard that people do stock it. I'm not saying the area isn't nice for back ground photos. I don't see what is the appeal to pay more for a lot to build there. I thought there was also a small airport near? The lots are small and it all looks out of place, polluting and cramped. I know people that share over 100 acres with different houses. The separate space works for a while and then the same old problems start back up. This should be called a prison compound.

    The structure is called a hangar it doesn't have to be used as an airplane hangar. Does it have the underground bunker? Please keep up the progress reports. I'm amazed pilots don't photograph the area.

  96. message to Levi, watch the Godfather II. DO NOT GO FISHING WITH ANY OF THEM.

  97. I am cracking up at that "gate" -- are you kidding me?! I live in L.A. where everyone and their brother has a gate. A REAL gate, that provides actual security. Even people who are not celebrities or uber-rich. And most manage to be very stylish. I can't believe Queen Sarah, she of the stolen $150,000 designer wardrobe, would have such a lame, ugly, redneck gate. Not to mention, anyone over 5 feet tall could just step right over that thing!

  98. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Where are they buying the building materials? CNN is asking the hair dresser questions, according to Bree Palin's beehive twit. Why don't they find out what the builders are doing? There must be traffic with supplies. Are they laying any new lines? Plumbing, electrical, gas?

  99. Anonymous10:29 AM

    And I'm going to tell all of you right now. After she spends all of her money and needs more scratch and goes on Dancing With The Unemployed I'm am so not voting foe her even if she is good.
    I'm just saying !!!
    Can't wait for an indictment....gates...gates...gates...gates of hell.


  100. The Happy Family10:46 AM

    It is fugly. Palin is a style maverick. She is rogue with that new house hanger combo. You have to admit she is hilarious. She does keep Tawd in tow with her expanding wants. The kids are voting and they love what they bargained for.

  101. I am not sure where the rumors about an airplane hangar are coming from, but it does not appear to me that is what they are building. If you look at the front you can see where the windows have been framed for later installation. And there is no opening big enough to accommodate an airplane.

    By the way the motel that is near the property is a Best Western and, when asked, the young lady at the front desk did not know anything about the construction, but she did say that the lake was very polluted and that if there ARE any fish in it they are not edible.

    If anybody has CREDIBLE information about Todd filing to build a hangar I would be very interested. Especially since it is fairly clear to me that is not what is being built.

  102. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Thanks gryphen. I hope CNN does half the job you are doing.

  103. Gryphen - you might want to seek out the CNN people who are in Wasilla at the moment. They have been trying to interview Jessica Beehive. It would be good to know what questions they were asking her. I believe that she replied with a "no comment".

  104. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I am sorry if off topic. I saw the show about your stste troopers. I just imagine Palin's phone ring and someone tips her that the troopers are on the way. As they bust through that gate I could see her and Meg stuffing the bags and running to the plane and making a run for the Russian coast. But the plane is to heavy so Palin throws Meg out the plane. Then it's still to heavy so she starts throwing out her books. When she lands in Russia she sees a large crowd and thinks that they are her adoring fans. Then they take her to the golag and she finally knows that it is all over.

  105. Gryphen,

    we know from one of the contractors who is working on this "compound" that the Palin's are officially building an aircraft hangar. Another source who has seen the compound from very close range (he was there on the ground) said they have dug a huge pit for a very large foundation and that there appears to be two other buildings also being built in rapid fire.....contractors crawling all over the property to get it done before major snowfall hits. That's all we know by now.

  106. Anonymous11:28 AM


    It would not be the first time a Palin said one thing and done something else.

    Seem to recall that the prior house owned by the Palins had a garage too close to the property line and required demoliton before it could be sold. Someone said the demo was not completed and the garage is still standing long after the sale. The neighbors in the white house can't be too happy having them now that close to them.

  107. Who made that sign? Jethro Bodine? stay classy y'all....

  108. Anonymous11:39 AM


    I admit that I do enjoy reading what you post since most of it is beyond real, but this tops it. You know very little about construction. I know your tag is to try to get folks to come out with more then you already have. WTH! Rowing around Lake Lucille in a rowboat! ha you are a hoot, you gotta be a bit nutty!

  109. Say NO to Palin in Politics11:43 AM

    Here's a lakeside close up of the house before new construction. It appears what I thought was a shed may be a garbage bin type area, it looks much smaller in this picture.
    Also, they do have a house on the other side that is not seen in Gryphens pics.


  110. onejrkitty11:47 AM

    Anonymous said...
    "frozen water = flat hard surface"

    "Tell that to anyone who has been in a plane when it has slid off an icy runway. DOH

    I am a flight instructor. ALL my experience is in Alaska.

    In Alaska, float planes use water as a "runway" and in the winter, ski's are put onto the aircraft. Lakes usually have snow on them very quickly so it is not like landing on slick ice.

    However, lake ices would be rough, providing more traction.

    If the surface is too slick, pilots wait till weather changes. Also, I have landed and taken off on many recently bladed runways and while they are slick and demand more forethought and careful handling, they are extremely useable. You just cannot abort the takeoff without risking sliding --- on landing, you plan for a long roll out.

    NOTHING wrong with having your own hangar, especially in Alaska.

  111. I forgot to add that it's apparently an airplane hangar with living quarters above, according to the information we have right now. However, we have to wait and see what it will really look like. But back to your question: The information that it's an airplane hangar which is being built there originates from the Palin's themselves. It's not a "rumour". Whether this information which was given out by the Palin's is true or not or whether they in reality they intend to built something completely different, we don't know yet.

  112. Anonymous12:32 PM

    I have a garage. One would think it is for a car. It is packed with books and antiques. I get offers all the time for someone to re-do it and move in. I'm just saying the best laid plans can change. It makes sense to me that Toad would have a hangar with living quarters for beer relaxation.

  113. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Ugh, there's an article in the WSJ about her new venture - Stand Up for our Nation. Someone stop this lunatic. Put up or shut up.

  114. Anonymous12:55 PM

    That lot is 75 feet wide? How far back is the house? Where is there room for 2 other buildings? What type of buildings? Patrick mentions that. I don't think it looks like a hangar from what we see this far.

  115. Jules2:29 PM

    Please. Hangers in Alaska are typically metal buildings. This new structure on Palin's lot is Todd's new home with a big garage downstairs.

  116. anon 12:55
    It is a 75'setback from the lake,not the width.

  117. Hi Anon 5:35 ~

    It just sounded like a troll trying to pressure Gryphen when the zeitgeist is pretty much to just let things unfold in their appropriate time.

    No bad "juju" intended ; )

  118. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Whatever it is sure it is really close to the neighbors house. There is a plane sitting there so it could be a hanger. Makes sense. Can't anyone get the locals to talk? Infiltrate the construction workers bar. Funny everyone that know stuff wants a payout. It appears to be attached to the house. I know that you can call something a garage & get away with anything.

  119. Anonymous3:58 PM

    John King and his crew from CNN is who is in Alaska. He made mention on his show on Sunday morning that they would be in AK this week for his show "State of the Union". Not someone from CNN that I would want to talk to. He didn't dig into stuff through the campaign, why would he now. His efforts are to sit in a cafe and tear Obama's stimulus, unemployment and healthcare apart. He's not one to research and factcheck. Let's them say whatever and then like Jon Stewart said "We'll have to leave it there, we're out of time"

  120. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Word in Wasilla is that all kinds of OSHA regulations are being ignored regarding the excavation and framing and other things. Rules don't apply for the Palin's it appears. Why would contractors risk losing their own businesses by disregarding srict OSHA rules? Sarah will protect them?

  121. We received more inside info regarding Palin's building project - this apparently what they are building at the moment (info came from a source close to the builders):

    1) bottom floor, airplane hangar. 40 foot opening, doors ordered.

    2) second floor, Todds man cave & Bristols apartment.

    3) 3rd floor, $arah land. "office"

  122. from Palingates:
    Patrick said...
    "We received more inside info regarding Palin's building project - this apparently what they are building at the moment (info came from a source close to the builders):

    1) bottom floor, airplane hangar. 40 foot opening, doors ordered.

    2) second floor, Todds man cave & Bristols apartment.

    3) 3rd floor, $arah land. "office"

  123. It looks kinda rogue/maverickity to me.
    Whatever it is, I'm sure it's up to no good.
    This should be on nailinpalin's (house) site too.
    On a semi-serious note though, there sure were a lot of hits here from Wasilla tonite.
    Todd, are you there?

  124. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Isn't OSHA federal?

    How is she going to get by with that one?

    Maybe she can do a how to book.

  125. Anonymous8:39 PM

    John King and his crew from CNN are wimps. They will ignore OSHA violations and the sneaky rogue buildings. Please alert a real journalist.

  126. Anonymous9:35 PM

    The violations are sickening especially since it is already a trash heap with a false front. They'll need a couple of hospital rooms for when the kids come down with cancer.

    What is their carbon footprint? Track probably needs jetskiis and snowmobiles, too, also. The desk clerk at the Best Western three doors away knows about the inedible fish and she still works there? It is too late to reverse the brain damage. Young children are effected the most when these things start to escalate.

    What is the Palin carbon footprint on Lake Lucille?

  127. While I dislike Sarah, I do feel sorry for all of her children, especially Bristol. What a sad lonely life she must lead. I noticed in the pics of Bristol at the state fair w/ two babies--no family to help...no friend along to help or just to enjoy the day with. Did Bristol shake off all her friends? Or was Mercede her only friend?? I know Mercede and Bristol must have been awful close friends for Mercede to be at the hospital for the birth and pics of Bristols little brother?? . (yes that was a little snarky of me). But it is sad that the Palin kids seem to have no friends.

  128. There are pics of Bristol at the state fair?
    The last I saw was July 4. Johnny Boy Chandler is a friend for life. She is a tragic weak figure but she can live off her parents. That is her choice, can't feel sorry for her now. The younger ones have my sympathy.

    It looks like Bristol has Todd to live with, who needs friends when you have that arrangement?

  129. Anonymous7:33 AM

    OSHA 7 Online Complaint Form


  130. Anonymous1:10 AM

    OSHA......no hard hats@! Who is the framing contractor? Or are those just some of Todd's buddies????? Also...go to www.palingates.blogspot.com....they have aerial photos of this huge house!

  131. All of that is new since the 4th of July when I swung by her house on the way to cover the teabaggers in Wasilla.

    The place was abandoned, Saaarrrah was hiding in Juneau.

  132. Anonymous8:54 PM

    That's a nice post GreatGrey. It is hard to believe they are moving along so fast.
    When were Grypen's photos taken of the castle frame? The aerial shots to day on Palingates? It looks like they've been busy.

  133. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Contractor's dream? Um, no. as a builder I can tell you that working for newly rich nutjobs can be a nightmare. They have to control every aspect of the project, they have no respect for professionals and are too stupid to realize their own ignorance, usually spend way more than they have, try to cut corners and/or lie or get you to violate the law or local codes to save a buck or get them some dream idea to fruition.

    Judging from what someone stated about Todd making repeat changes and judging by what we know about the Palins generally, is I hope they are getting paid well, up front and in cash and have a clear, concrete contract.

    They'll need it.

  134. Palin is so annoying. My wish is that people stop giving her the publicity she craves so she will just go away.

  135. If you spend time at Sarah's OFFICIAL site on Facebook, it's hilarious to see her 'fans' promise to donate 'what they can' (usually $10.00) .... these people are not well-off and they consider Sarah to be one-of-them ... I wonder if any of them have any idea that Sarah is building herself a Kennedy-style compound?


  136. Anonymous4:12 AM


  137. Anonymous6:08 AM

    O ye of little imagination... It's a missle silo, funded by Cheney and company. Since they don't have us by the balls, and our hearts and minds won't follow, they're going to nuke us into submission. Nukes coming from Wasilla will look an awful lot like nukes coming from Russia. Be afraid, be very afraid...

  138. Anonymous6:47 AM

    You ppl are insane

  139. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Maybe it's for St. Nick to stay in when he's not delivering presents.

  140. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I just don't get the big deal. So Sarah is building a new house. It's not that large compared to other politicians and celeberties. You people need to get a life of your own! This is just pathetic! Maybe you should be focusing more on what dictator Obama is doing!

  141. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I think that most of the bloggers are Democratic inspired neards, who are afraid of Palin's future in the Political arena. Who feel inspired to keep up the Negative crap to make themselves feel safe and true to their degenerate views!

  142. Anonymous8:49 AM


  143. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Why do you care how she spends money that she has earned? Are you just envious that she has it to spend?

  144. Anonymous9:24 AM


  145. Anonymous9:33 AM


  146. Anonymous9:38 AM

    WOW! Gryphen, you and your followers really need to get a life. This is border line stalking my friend. Much more important issues going on in life than to worry about what the Palin's are building.

  147. tomswaim9:42 AM

    As a TAlkeetna We love Sarah Palin, She and her family are great people... And if they would like to build and add on to there home that is none of your business, this is Alaska you can do that with out having to pay bribes, and county pay-off... Are state is ran the way a state should be run and that is for the people.... So stop hating and go after your local town hall and ask them why they need so much money from you when you work on your own land?

  148. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Anonymous saids: People need to mind their own business and clean there own back yards before sticking their noses in where they do not belong. So what she is building a house for her daughter, husband and grand kids - what parent doesn't help. The world would be a much better place if we all did that. Do not be so quick to judge after all we are not the ones they have to answer to. And by the way if you are scared of SP then she must be stepping on your toes - jealous or quilty of something.

  149. Anonymous5:58 PM

    It is amazing to me why people spend so much time trying to find something nasty to say about Sara Palin. Sara Palin cannot raise your taxes, dictate your mpg, tell you what kind of toilets or light bulbs you can buy, how much salt and fat you can eat and is not trying to regualte every aspect of your life. She has every right to have a job, an opinon and build any kind of home anywhere in the nation that she likes. If you are looking for scandle, try the white house. While the countrys' financial state is in shambles, the current occupant and his people continue to tell us the recession is over. Rome is on fire and the leader is fiddling. How about investigating someone who is actually doing harm to our wonderful nation.

  150. Anonymous4:54 PM

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