Thursday, October 01, 2009

Little Green Footballs has more about Sarah's ghostwriter and her racist past collaborator.

You are going to want to have a few antacids ready before reading the information about these pathetic individuals. It is truly that disturbing.

Palin has revealed a great deal about herself when she picked Lynn Vincent.

You know they must be bad news when a once upon a time Right Wing blog like LGF and the Immoral Minority are in agreement.

Update: Gawker has more.

Update2: I almost forgot. Here is Rachel Maddow's take on Palin's ghostwriter and her "friends" from last night's show.


  1. I turned Rachel off early last - pressing matters - great stuff - thanks for posting it.

  2. It seems to me that churches are becoming the "stronghold" of racism and bigotry in our society. People hiding behide their steeples to rampage about ALL minorities. Why are so many so-called christians so bigotted, if Jesus came back and walked up to the doors of their churches he would be arrested or worse.

  3. deb in WI7:18 AM

    Interesting that they mention a R.S. McCain. I really haven't been following the blog wars, but is that the same other McCain that is giving the bloggers so much grief/threats?

  4. This woman is truly crazy7:37 AM

    Gryphen, have you seen this news from the NY Post?
    Now Palin wants to be a "beauty" pitchperson and sell lipstick! She thinks the "pitbull with lipstick" '08 phrase will sell product! LOLOLOLOL

    Her brand is a total joke: from a racist co-writer to floundering trying to find some other way to take money from the dumb GOP base ..oh, yeah, lipstick! (She thinks women will buy from her! Juju, get your lipstick money ready!)

  5. Old Greasy Gopher Guts8:48 AM

    "deb in WI said:
    Interesting that they mention a R.S. McCain. I really haven't been following the blog wars, but is that the same other McCain that is giving the bloggers so much grief/threats?"

    It's the same guy. Click the title of Gryphen's post and go over to LGF. He has two pink sticky posts about the guy right under the one about Michelle Malkin.

  6. deb in WI, that's the one, all right. RSM threatened Audrey over at Palin's Deception, and Mr. and Mrs. Audrey have retained a lawyer and are maintaining a low profile.

  7. At least some media are taking notice of this! Everyone should note who she is palling around with . . .

  8. I do think the women will buy lipstick from her, that is the sad thing....

    Does anyone else have trouble getting into Little Green Footballs? I can't seem to get in to read entire articles and when I tried to register I couldn't. Maybe it is my iphone. I will try on this laptop.

    The other McCain is a horrible human being. Supposedly he is religious and a father, but I can't imagine the lessons of hate and bigotry he is teaching his children. I bet they are home schooled too. I know he hates African Americans and Jews and that means he probably hates Hispanic people and Asians as well. I can't stand ignorant bigots and he is definitely that. He is also angry and seems to be off balance emotionally. Anyone who would accuse men that he has never met and doesn't know of being perverts or pedophiles is a very sick person.Over 55% of Americans live by themselves now. There are many single men and women who are not gay and even if they are gay, that does not mean they are a pedophile. To immediately jump to that conclusion says A LOT about the accuser.

  9. Anonymous11:36 AM

    A lipstick saleswoman!!! Priceless! Next, she may decide to come out with a cologne or perfume - "Arctic Diva" for when you want to drive everyone in the room nutty without uttering a word!

  10. mommom11:44 AM

    I guess they fit right in with the rest of the Republican nutjobs.

    Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) says of Senator Grassley’s amendment, “The way I see the amendment, it’s a solution without a problem

  11. Anonymous12:23 PM

    deb in WI, If you would like to know a little bit more about the loving McCain Family, I can tell you that his wife once posted a Home Page describing them as Seventh Day Adventists. They are a home schooling family with five kids. Mrs. McCain proudly wrote that they love babies, are pro-life, advocate abstinence and Christian courtship.

    The convervative blogger husband no longer works at The Washington Times due to his belligerant nature and racist views, which he openly voiced to anyone nearby. The McCains are part of a religious community, and as good Christians, I cannot think of anything more hypocritical than the nasty, vicious way that the conservative blogger attacked our dear blog-master Grypen, along with Audrey (another website). McCain's writings are filled with hatred not love of his fellow man. Even though he was a writer and editor at the Wasington Times, he resorts to foul language as a crude way to express himself.

    He and Ms. Vincent (Sarah's Ghostwriter) have collaborated together on a book. Ms. Vincent writes for a Christian magazine. It is a sad commentary on the state of religion in our country today when those faiths which are supposed to teach "love thy fellow man" and The Golden Rule of "Do unto to others...." do not practice what they preach.

  12. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Yesterday the New York Post reported that Sarah couldn't get a speaking engagement. Today, they are asking for something for her to endorse. I thought that book deal was supposed to be worth millions, millions, millions, enough to make anyone quit their very high profile job as governor. What happened to all of those invitations, deals, offers?? This is it, lipstick? Do you think Arctic Cat needs a spokes-model? I think that it finally time to open all of those envelopes and boxes. Maybe one will be a surprise offer.

  13. crystalwolf aka caligrl12:52 PM

    RSM is white supremist and a pig. Did you get a look at him in Rachels vid? In one pic (the pic on his blog)he looks like hitler. In another his teeth are almost green and look rotten. Maybe to match his personality, vile, gross...Seventh day Adventist....He reflects very badly on that church, and just b/c he's a father doesn't me he's a good Father.
    Queen Grifter knows how to pick 'em. Course she sicced RSM on Gryphen through Lynn V. And also DR perv... I don't believe for a min about any anon tip. Came straight from the flea/quitter

  14. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Gryphen, I will promise you this: No person who sells lipstick will ever be elected President of the USA.

    So I HOPE Palin does start trying to sell lipstick. Maybe through a Christian company? Something like: "Which Shade Would Jesus Choose?"

  15. Deb in WI3:10 PM

    Hmm. Well, that just shows that he and Palin are connected now and probably were before given his behavior towards these blogs. I can’t believe he’s the one threatening the bloggers along with Palin. Really, why would he need to?

    Educated and dignified people, if they truly believed in what they are saying, should react to adversaries in only one of two ways:

    One, challenge them to a dignified debate or discussion with facts to back them up. OR
    Two, they would ignore them if they didn’t think a debate is necessary.

    To threaten your adversary to try to shut them up just means that you have something to hide or fear, or it shows that you have a lack of self-confidence in yourself or your own statements.

    They choose to threaten and smear their adversaries. So what does that tell you?


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