Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sarah Palin finally emerges from seclusion and welcomes Stryker Brigade, and her son, home from Iraq.

(You know something about this picture of Sarah is off, but I cannot tell what is bothering me about it.)

Former Gov. Sarah Palin attended Thursday afternoon's welcome home ceremony for the 1st Stryker Brigade from Fort Wainwright at the Carlson Center.

The public appearance is Palin's first in the United States since resigning her office in July. Palin's oldest son, Track, is a member of the brigade that recently returned from a yearlong deployment in Iraq.

"To Sarah Palin, who for the last year was the senior mom of the brigade and along with her husband Todd, is a distinguished member of the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team," Col. Burt Thompson, the brigade's commander, said.

"Ma'am, thanks for being here today and allowing your son to serve in our brigade. Thank you both for what you have done for your extended Army family and thanks for your unwavering support."

Current Gov. Sean Parnell, who took over for Palin, was among the officials who spoke at the Thursday afternoon public event.

"It is my honor to welcome the pride of Interior Alaska," Parnell said. "All Alaskans welcome your homecoming. The world is a far better and safer place today because of the sacrifices you made."

(I see Sarah and Todd, but no Bristol, Willow, or Piper. Did they not want to welcome their brother back from the war? Isn't that kind of odd?)

So Sarah finally makes an appearance in Alaska!

I guess with her son arriving back in Anchorage she really had no choice.

I wonder if this is a one time aberration or if Sarah is finally healed up enough to risk up close scrutiny? Could this possibly be the first of many upcoming Alaska public appearances by Sarah Palin 2.0?

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  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    When I saw that picture I thought it looked as if she had taken a really heavy dose of valium, or something. Anyway, like a really mellow drunk.

  2. Her face looks weird, what's up with that?

  3. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Its gotta be her hair (I mean wig) it's fuller and thicher in the bangs making her face look shorter. That's my guess anyway.

  4. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Or maybee it's the way she isn't looking at her son, she's leaning intently into the camera.

    I dunno, I can't exactly put my finger on it either, but the picture does have a weird vibe.

  5. The botox is showing. She can smile but the rest of her face doesn't move.

  6. The botox is showing. She can smile, but much of her face is frozen.

  7. ICstraightsSEAK7:43 PM

    OH YEAH!!! She has the FACE-LIFT look: She was still puffy from healing during Hong Kong tour...GROSS! YOU STILL LOOK LIKE HELL SARAH!!! HAHA! Try a face transplant next time...

  8. You mentioned that something just didn't look right about Sarah, and I agree. She had a different "presence" about her. She didn't have that big fake cheesy smile on her face; she just smiled more subltly. I wonder what's up...

  9. CC from far away (since there is now another CC)7:57 PM

    There is something off, indeed, though I can't put my finger on it either. Her smile does look a little strange ... maybe it is too much botox.

    I am confused, wasn't her son back already? Maybe this is just a formal ceremony for the returning brigade?

  10. Have you seen the new article on The Daily Beast about another book on Sarah Palin that came out last fall, and that the author of that one has collaborated on her new book? Have a look, it's very odd and interesting...

  11. I think it may be a double. Remember the movie "Dave." Tina Fey looks more like Sarah Palin than this woman, and more animated as well. Sarah would have jumped up and made a big thing of waving when they were acknowledging her.

    VERY strange........

  12. Anonymous8:07 PM

    The pic is not clear. Her face looks wide. Kinda like a baked potato, ready to blow up.

  13. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Actually the smile is a little crooked, not the typical beauty-queen gleam she usually gives. The wig is different, too, with the bangs coming from the side and shorter. Whatever they did to her face, she lost something.

  14. Anonymous8:08 PM

    She looks TERRIBLE that's what's wrong with her. The hair looks awful, she looks unkept, she has crazy eyes line Bachmann and a weird loopy smile on her face. Her face looks frozen. Why do people think she's "hot?" I don't get it. And yes it is strange that no other kids were there. They are a very dysfunctional family.

  15. In a side-by-side comparison with older headshots, it's her smile that's different. Her old smile showed at least her full set of upper teeth, often with the lower ones showing as well. These teeth are whiter, and for whatever reason (tension, Botox, jawline firming) it's a much tighter smile. As much as it pains me to say it, she does look prettier, less pageant-y.
    Her right glasses lens is also reflecting back the overhead lighting which gives her an uneven look about the eyeballs.

  16. Anonymous8:16 PM

    old wig, new teeth?

  17. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Part of what looks off about the photo could be the lens that was used. However, her mouth does look different. The corners of her mouth are usually up when she smiles, here they are not. It also looks like she has an overbite. Whatever you think of her, she has (had) a great smile. Not so much here. It is a still shot so yeah, it's frozen. It also appears that they are waiting for the guy with the iPhone to take a photo, not posing for whoever took this photo.

  18. Anonymous8:23 PM

    She was taught to do the "model smile" where her teeth show but the
    eyes don't crinkle up. Look at Tracks's eyes compared to hers, she looks
    like a deer in the headlights. Or she's pumped so full of Juvaderm/Botox
    she can't move. Plastic face for plastic bimbo. Classic.


  19. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Only thing I see in the photo is that her hair looks lighter.

    That was a pretty sad bouquet that was given to her at her the ceremony. She didn't smile big for the little girls' picture and she seemed to completely ignore the folks sitting around her- especially the guy sitting right next to you. Don't you just naturally look around and smile at all the people who are applauding you? Then again, the applause was kind of subdued.

  20. Anonymous8:23 PM

    There's no Trig either. Bristol is "home" taking care of the boys. Still don't know about Willow and Piper.

    As for "what's different?" I am comparing her with that disjointed frantic person we saw in the Hong Kong airport speaking in phrases, not sentences, the same mannerisms of the woman who gave her "quitting speech" last summer. This woman seems more calm- who mentioned medication?

  21. Anonymous8:26 PM

    What I see is that her right eye, in this photo looks blue (reflection off her glasses?). Also, her hair is at a light n poofy stage; as some have already remarked, her affect seems to be toned down and 'mellowed out'.

    Thought I saw that jaw thrust expression when she received the bouquet; odd, as I have read that in the past as some kind of vindictiveness or self-vindication.

    Not that we're obsessed or anything...:)

  22. Anonymous8:30 PM

    THAT soldier is not her son. Enlarge the pix. I can't see all the letter but his name ends with an S.PS she looks frozen and tight also,too.


  23. mlaiuppa8:38 PM

    New hair style.

    And yes, it is interesting that Bristol, Willow and now Piper are noticeably absent. She's also missing her Trig Prop. Perhaps he's getting a little big to fling around or he's just not cute anymore?

  24. Anonymous8:40 PM

    She had Botox. Also, a little work -- next time there's a close-up, check the crows-feet! It takes a surprisingly long time to get back to normal after plastic surgery, and shine is pretty normal from recently stretched skin.

    Why yes, I did once live in SoCal!

  25. Tantef8:41 PM

    She has a more prominant chin, less under chin, and a less broad verdict: lower face lift and botox combined with chin implant makes her smile show mostly her front teeth. Either that or she has been sucking her thumb for a couple of months.

  26. Anonymous8:43 PM

    I don't think that's Track. Doesn't look like the other pictures.

  27. Hmm, she had something done. Her face looks shorter and there is something different in the jaw line. She may have had a chin implant removed. She looks quite different now from the China photos.

  28. Why isn't Bristol, Willow, or Piper there to see their brother? Are the Palin's THAT dysfunctional?

  29. You low lifes couldn't even be gracious enough to lay off a mother welcoming her son back from war

  30. She looks like she has aged a lot. You would think she was definitely over 50 now. Is it the weight loss combined with botox or face lift? I don't know, but she looks a lot older and more plastic. I thought this about the Hong Kong pics as well.

    The wig look does not help. She sure looks like she is wearing a wig - if she is not, her hairstylist needs to do something so her hair doesn't look so artificial.

    It's got that look of "granny's got her wig on", which I know from relatives who are now passed on who used to wear wigs for "special occasions". These were really rather cheap wigs always had that weird high poofy part and bangs that would hide the hairline. Looked like what she has on except the relatives had the the short hair version and she has the long.

    Something is not right, I agree with everyone else on that!

  31. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Are we to assume that that is Track, to her right?

    I am hoping to hear what his future plans are. College? Employment? Re-deployment?

    Also, I'm trying to figure out who he looks more like--Sarah or Todd.

  32. Wow . her nack has definitely had work, but whats up with her face?? Is that just botox or a bad semi/partial face lift. My goodness her and Todd don't even look at each other. Just got home from a dinner out with my hubsand of 30 yrs and everytime he looks at me I still melt :) Very cold body language between husband and wife there.

  33. Anonymous9:11 PM

    It's not Track.

  34. Not a Palin fan, but I'm glad Track and his fellow soldiers made it home safely. My husband returned from 15 months in Afghanistan a little over a year ago, I know how heart-wrenching it is to have a loved one deployed.

    Personally, I don't care if she had plastic surgery or not. All that matters to me is that her political career is over. We talk about her middle school behavior, let's not participate in that ourselves.

  35. I don't think that's Track in the photo; it's probably a fellow soldier of his who wanted a picture taken with her.

  36. That is not "Palin" on the soldier's right pocket lapel (his right). It looks like "Philips" or "Phelps" or something similar.

  37. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Here's a good closeup to open and put side by side.

    Is her nose shorter now?
    And her smile is different. Reserved? Frozen?
    Definitely not her usual relaxed, natural looking smile.
    I also don't think she would be caught dead wearing a wig. She has the money to get hair extensions.

  38. What on earth does it matter to any of you if Palin had as much botox as Pelosi-why is it such a matter of so much importance in your sad lives?

  39. Care for a piece of bundt cake?

  40. It's thhat you can't see her eyes; they're just a mass of gray. Like Anon@8:26 said, probably reflection off her glasses. She looks like a zombie. Creepy, actually.

    And not far from the truth, either! :)

  41. I think she looks like an android.

    Pictures from the Going Rogue cover shoot. I think she spotted the arrival of her Crunchwrap Supreme in that second pic.

  42. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I have dozens of photos that "don't really look like me" so I've always been amazed how photogenic she really is. Can't stand the woman but she certainly looks good for her age. Her "looks" are a big part of what got her nominated in the first place.................that's how we ended up with a Crazy Religious Zealot in the V.P. nominee spot! AKbatwoman

  43. She looks like an aged Barbie.

  44. Anonymous11:51 PM

    looks to me like she's had facial fat injections to lift her face up.
    not that big a deal, really.

  45. Anonymous11:58 PM

    .as a Talkeetna Mandingo, the wisdom of observation is imparative, what i see here is a "nip-tuck!" daughter 21 yrs east high grad. barked back at this post i spoke out..she went on a rant.."yeah this is what people do when they get monnied up! i just wanted her to see the pic. we are a dissapointed in this family..TODD!!

  46. Trudy1:11 AM

    Michael, that is a mother that has lied and lied and lied. Did you see Track there? It may have been only ceremonial while he is on R&R at another location. If he was injured they may not want others to know. He might have PTSD or other mental problems. I am happy for all that did make it back. His siblings would have wanted to be there, if they are like people I know. That is the part this puts a money wrench in it for me.

  47. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Sarah couldn't attend some gathering - don't ask me which one - and Meg issued a statement saying the reason she couldn't was that her son was coming home that weekend. Did he come home then or did he come home now and that little story was - eyes opened wide in shock and surprise - a lie?

  48. Anonymous1:40 AM

    President Obama has just been given the Nobel Peace Prize. Hah! Can you picture the right-wingers gnashing their teeth on THAT one!

  49. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Se has more bangs, her hair is lightened, and she probably has had a partial facelift or botox because her skin looks tighter. However, the overall look does make her look older. So much for "her." Glad the Stryker Brigade made it back and of course she would be there for the welcoming ceremony, since her son is with them. I think her daughters are embarassed to be with her, and stayed home. They are getting tired of the limelight, they will see their brother later anyway. Track will be caught up on all the latest family developments, which should be interesting. What will be his next "career" move?

  50. Anonymous2:31 AM

    It is an odd shot of her. It's the smile, as it's been said before. This smile is somewhat flat, non-emotional. All other previous smiles turn upward. Perhaps her Vicodin just kicked in. Her face looks a wee bit plumper, too.

    I've never thought she was an unattractive woman on the outside... it's the inside that makes her ugly, imho. But yes, it is a weird photo.

    -ske in atx

  51. Anonymous2:31 AM

    It reminds me of those creepy investment commercials that are shot live then photoshopped to animated.

  52. I tried to post this last night and it didn't work- I know it's off-topic a bit, but Palin-related. Anybody besides me watch Bones? During this week's episode, murder in suburbia, the suspect is being questioned about motive and admits he knows his daughter was having sex. "What am I supposed to do, preach abstinence? That didn't work in Alaska and it doesn't work on Verbena Drive!"

    Sounds like somebody on the Bones writing team follows the Alaska blogs! How likely is it that Alaska got mentioned in the context of sexual abstinence as a coincidence? And I don't watch Desperate Housewives, but I've read enough Palin info to realize that there was a fake pregnancy storyline going on, on Wisteria Lane- which sounds a lot like Verbena Drive to me! So... anybody think that Sarah's gonna realize that she and hers have become a joke, a tagline? And will she threaten to sue Fox for this? Of course Fox News is separate from Fox Entertainment- but even so!

  53. Anonymous3:57 AM

    "She's also missing her Trig Prop. Perhaps he's getting a little big to fling around or he's just not cute anymore?"

    He always looked like he'd had a double dose of benadryl or melatonin when they had him out in public earlier, but he's a lot older now and I have never seen a pic of him walking. Sarah would have a pretty tough time holding a heavy, uncooperative 18-month old face out into the lights and cameras. She doesn't look like the kind of person who would do well with an infant meltdown, especially if it means she might mess up her hair or nails.

    My guess is Trig's Mommy was missing from her brother's welcome home because she was taking care of both her little boys. BTW, is her nice new house finished yet? Has the nanny been hired? We need to keep Bristol happy!

  54. Anonymous4:16 AM

    I know Sarah had to ask herself: Would Jesus get botox or a facelift? Yeah, you betcha. Oh, would Jesus involve himself in world politics? I wonder how his father would feel about that? Lol

  55. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Somebody had a midface lift and a neck lift, and all of the puffiness is not yet gone. her smile looks different, she looks dazed and confused and medicated.

    Glad her son is home safely; not so sure she cares- since she sent him off to Michigan to school when he got in trouble with the law (there again). She is, by all accounts, a horrific mother. Levi living with them, etc. Just sad.

    I thought she looked better now (her jowls are gone, her chin area and nasal folds aren't so harsh and deep and that turkey neck thing is gone) but my husband says she looks even more plasticky and fake now- so it's a toss up.

    Something has definitely changed around her mouth and chin and I'm not so sure that is an improvement. She did have a great smile before-- now, she's got a beaver bite thing happening.

  56. Anonymous4:34 AM

    You must read this - it could be the memoir of all "Time".

  57. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Her brows are higher too. It used to be that you could only see the tails of them over her glasses- now the inner brow is way higher.

    her upper eyelid used to be crepey and skeletal (as if she had had an upper eye job years ago) -- now it looks like she had fat grafting done to her eye area.

    Her lips are larger, too...and the tattoo liner looks like it may be gone.

    Overall, she looks weird. Maybe the swelling hasn't gone away yet.

  58. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Could be just the photo, but she looks like she has put weight on in her face. I am one who believes Sarah was pregnant with Trig, but feel that there is a story about Trig's birth which has not been told. Her face was fuller in those pictures when Sarah appeared to be pregnant. Could be she has put on weight, pregnant or a result of the drugs she is taking.

    Ever since the Hong Kong pictures, I have noticed the eyes. Her eyes are dull and lifeless. My only hope is that she has started the 12 step program to cure her of her dependency on politics.

  59. I see nothing different other than lighter hair, shorter bangs. Her face does look odd but this picture also looks a bit stretched to me. I'm no fan (at all!) but I'm pretty skeptical about this plastic surgery talk. Let's stick to outing her as a psychotic liar and fraud.

  60. I thought Megamouth Stapletongue said that Track was coming home a few weekends ago. That's why Sarah was supposedly not able to participate in some event. I will have to look it up but I do recall Track supposedly being home weeks ago.

    Also, what about our President getting the Nobel Peace Prize?! It is just so amazing how people of other countries can recognize our President's thoughtful heart and good intentions and some people in our own country can't. I wonder how the MSM will spin this.

  61. kerryann5:08 AM

    Not really caring about her looks, if you want surgery - get surgery. These days, it seems everyone's getting something done.

    What's bothering me is that this event seemed all about Sarah. "senior mom of the brigade"? what's up with that? Was Track the only soldier with a parent? I realize this is only part of the speach that day, but I hope that the other soldier's families got some kind of recognition. This should have been a day to welcome back the entire brigade, not just Track.

    Welcome back to all the 1st Stryker Brigade and thank you for all that you do for the USA!!!

  62. anon at 3:57
    Of course T1 is with his brother and his real mom. But in the long run the story will come out. But I do feel very sorry for Bristol, she made a deal with the devil(her mother) and no matter how much $$$ her parents throw at her, I feel she has a very lonely life. By all initial reports, she and Mercede were very close(she was at the hospital for T1's birth--pic proof of that) But now Bristol is isolated, probably no true friends to confide in, being controlled by her parents and no chance of being happy. What a sad life for a young woman.
    As for Botox Barbie, I think she can make her own medical decisions, but I don't think the work she had done was actually an improvement.

  63. Anonymous5:49 AM

    She didn't bring the other kids because she couldn't charge someone else for their travel expenses. She hasn't been dragging them around much since quitting. It's just too expensive. When was the last time she was even seen with Trig? What a hands on Mom.... NOT!

  64. CrabbyPatty6:07 AM

    Looks like Palin got a "Jennifer Grey" done. Remember how cute Jennifer Grey was in Dirty Dancing? Then she got a nose job and lost her distinct look.

    Palin did have a beautiful smile, and now she's overly botoxed and looks very artifical. That picture of her in HK had the distinctive "shiny plastic" look of chemical peels.

  65. emrysa6:29 AM

    sarah looks different because the picture is f-ed up. her face looks "squished" and so does the guy's standing next to her. too much width, not enough height to the photo.

  66. Sarah's face looks like it had TOO much plastic surgery. It looks too tight, rounder than before and way too shiny.
    Why couldn't she welcome her Son home without the Drama? It's not like she is anybody (Gov.) anymore.

  67. Gryphen: "(You know something about this picture of Sarah is off, but I cannot tell what is bothering me about it.)"

    Anon@7:29PM: "...maybe it's the way she isn't looking at her son, she's leaning intently into the camera."

    There's a trick celebrities use to avoid being photographed showing a sagging chin wattle or a double chin -- they extend their neck toward the camera in a "swan neck" look.

    That's one "off" thing.

    I agree, she's wearing a wig, lightened and brightened from her normal hair color. No way only 3 months after reports of hair loss would her hairdresser risk color processing Palin's natural hair...

    The odd thing about Palin's fixed grin in this picture is that it's exactly the same Bucky-Beaver grin she had in the April 13, 2008 Gusty fake-massive-belly picture.

  68. I think Sarah looks fine - I never had any problem with her looks. I am so happy that Track has returned safely. And I am thrilled that our President won the Nobel Peace Prize.
    See? I am just a happy person today, grateful that the American people put the right person in the White House and grateful that pretty Sarah is at a ceremony to welcome her son home. Each in the place where they belong.

  69. Anonymous8:47 AM

    "Welcome home" ceremonies take place a few weeks after a unit redeploys. All of the soldiers don't return from the deployment at once, it happens over a matter of weeks.

    Track was back in Alaska by the 2nd of October, check the courtview database.

  70. Anonymous8:49 AM

    ella t 7:45 am - We have the same happy thoughts today, especially since Sarah is where she belongs (out of office and almost out of time!) So proud of our President and our troops!

  71. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Palin is starting to look like the picture of Dorian Gray. She is a shell of the woman that came on the national stage last August. Her evil doings is starting to eat her up from the inside out.

  72. Anonymous8:58 AM

    It's the teeth. I noticed in in her book poctures. Huge caps on the front teeth -makes her look like bucky beaver. Doit.

  73. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Meghan Stapleton as reported in the Washington Times.

    Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton, Washington Times, Sept. 18, 2009:
    "The Palins are expecting the return of eldest son Track this weekend from a yearlong deployment with an Army combat brigade in Iraq." Mrs. Palin also has her first major paid speaking engagement in Hong Kong."

  74. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Well said, Ella!

  75. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I saw the John Keatley photos last night before they were scrubbed. Her eyes were a mess and she definitley looked drugged. Isn't how funny how much regarding Palin gets removed from the internet? Wish I had saved them.

  76. Anonymous9:51 AM

    If anyone is truly interested in if Palin has had any facial work done, send a good before and after picture to "Miss J's" forum. The folks there are Plastic surgery experts and can spot ANYTHING. Just saying.....
    Oh and glad the son made it home safely :)

  77. Anonymous9:53 AM

    What distinguished her as "the senior Mom of the Brigade"?

  78. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Could the difference be that she has different glasses...The ones she has on here are round...not her other ones...just guessing

  79. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Why is Sarah so intent on removing those photos? She is afraid of the comparisons? YUP!

  80. Anonymous11:23 AM

    She looks like a lady I once knew after she was put on Thorazine.
    Not saying that is it. It does slow them down and movement and talk is different. They will stare.

    She does have a different vibration to her. I had an aunt that would wear wigs that looked funny to me. I loved her anyway. I don't care that much about all that except it does tell about a person's well being. People in the public eye have work done, it is crazy only if they hide it or get too much. I have friends who do it and it looks strange. Others are taken back by it and they do talk. You can't help but wonder what is going on.

    The wierdest part is that the family is hiding or missing. Families that don't get along will all make it to greet their relative in the service or a significant ceremony. They don't hide because it is about the soldier, not their own hang ups.

    Why did everyone write about Track returning home a few weeks ago? Did he visit and leave to come back with his brigade? They are saying she is welcoming him home. Has he been here for weeks and this is just a ceremony? Why won't the news report what the circumstance is?

    The soldier in the picture is not her son. I haven't seen a picture of Track at this welcome home. Is there only someone saying he was there? Who saw him?

    There is something very wrong with this whole deal. I can't believe his sisters stayed away. If he is in a hospital, I hope he is better soon and that his sisters were with him as Sarah was honored for motherhood.

    Remember how fake and set up the Jessica Lynch story was? The military does awful things to make war and the neo-cons look patriotic and better than reality.

    The missing family is what matters here. We all know Sarah has gone over the edge and not coming back, not as she was before.

    Why is the family missing from these pictures?

  81. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Her face seems fuller and her smile/teeth look "bucked".

  82. Anonymous11:48 AM

    She looks older. Palin may not age well. Usually a woman can be at the peak of her beauty at her age. And it is her looks which got her where she is. It is all she has going for her.

    I think Madame Taussands better get her waxen and animated figure back into the museum.

  83. didnt she blow off an event for Track's return last weekend or the weekend before?

    BTW, thanks Track for your service. I will not diminish that in any way..

  84. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Pretty sure I know exactly what's "off" about that photo: the troops are home but she's positioned as if it were about HER (note the way she sticks herself out in order to take more prominence in the photo over the others) ... Typical Sarah Palin. The whole thing is about nothing more than her own serial narcisissm.

  85. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Her son cut the brake lines on kids school busses?

    I am not happy he is home. That is a inhumane serial killer act

  86. Anonymous12:30 PM

    She's a lovely woman (physically) and I'm glad her son & so many other children are home safely.

    I am laughing over a statement on Politico today, about how SP isn't stumping for the GOP candidate for VA governor. Apparently SP might offend the "smart women" of Northern VA. Ha!

  87. Anonymous1:19 PM

    before u kiss the troop;s ass remember we beat the nazis AND japanese in 4 years!
    theses government employees cant beat cavemen in 9 years?

  88. Here is the google cache with the pictures which were pulled of Sarah Palin's photoshoot!

    Somebody posted the link on Cee4Pee! ;-)

    I think that pictures look very artificial, dull and lifeless.

  89. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Glad Track is home safe, but wish Sarah had taken a ride on the rocket to the moon.

  90. Anonymous3:09 PM

    >>> Her son cut the brake lines on kids school busses? <<<

    If you talk to those who have served they will tell you they are trained to kill. It is one thing to train well balanced people to be killers in war. Why do they train the ones with drug and violent histories to kill? Some of the gang members will tell you that is why they go in the service, to get the training. It isn't to serve our country.

    I think she is worried people will find out how Track truly feels about her act. He's no Dem or Rep. More about them is bound to come out now that he is back in town. Where can they send him to vacation?

  91. Anonymous6:57 PM

    The guys all look super fine. I wish it had been their night. Her son must have been in a nightmare of embarrassment.
    You can't blame the girls for not putting up a united front again. Only Todd was there. It was not like when the family united
    in Fairbanks for her final swan song celebration.

    If she would just do one thing. Change that F00kin' hair!!!!! She could take 20 years off her look if she had the right stylist.
    She would look better if she just shaved her head.

    The men that didn't make it back and those that are maimed need to be remembered. A ceremony like this is both somber and joyful.
    Keep all from harmsway.

  92. Gryphen --

    She looks weird because that's an ACTUAL tan rather than a tanning bed orange tan.


  93. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Every moms' child, even the awful Scarah Falin's child, needs to come home from the bogus Iraq war.


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