Sunday, January 03, 2010

Truth and Consequences in the Blogosphere.

This may be perhaps my most carefully written post to date.

Some of what I write will seem nonsensical to many of you, while to others it will be filled with meaning.

As you have undoubtedly noticed this blog and I have received a great deal of attention. Some of it good, some if it bad, and some of it downright alarming.

Because of that I am well aware that my words are being read by those who share my point of view, those who do not, and those who are looking for information to use against others.

In the past I wrote whatever I damned well wanted with no thought to the consequences. But things have changed.

I have always tried to stay out of the center of controversy and instead report the facts, and sometimes the innuendo, from the sidelines. However as I am sure you are all aware I have increasing found myself to be the subject of the story as well as the reporter of the story. That was never my intention.

Sarah Palin is a national figure so those who come into conflict with her cannot expect to remain unknown either. I guess I first came to realize that over five months ago.

It needs to be reiterated that I am not out to take on Sarah Palin. I am out to get to the truth about certain things. If our ex-Governor is the person who is standing in the way of that purpose then it seems inevitable that we will clash. But those who say I hate Sarah Palin are dead wrong. I don't.

Nor do I want to see anything happen to her family.

In fact I have long felt that once certain facts come to light that the Palin family will finally be able to start to heal. But if I wanted to hurt the family, I have plenty in my arsenal to do just that. Lot's of skeletons in those closets aren't there Todd?

And speaking of Todd I firmly believe that my Splitsville story was the biggest gift he has received in quite a long time. Let's face it, Sarah was NEVER going to let the bloggers get the satisfaction of being proven right by suddenly leaving Todd. Which means Todd was in the catbird seat when it came to making any kind of deal for the sake of appearances. He could have demanded millions and Sarah would have paid. Of course I have no way of knowing if anything like that took place (wink, wink) but these things are pretty standard when it comes to celebrity couples. (Do you think Katie Holmes actually even likes Tom Cruise?)

Which brings me to the rest of the family.

Willow (my favorite) is the one, in my opinion, that Sarah really needs to worry about. If anybody is capable of jumping ship and spilling her guts it is Willow. And do you know what? I hope she does, it would be cathartic for her.

The one I worry about the most is Piper. She is constantly with Sarah and, not to be mean, but that kind of life simply cannot be good for this little girl. Even if you are a Palin supporter you have to admit that living on the road and missing all of that school, while being treated like a publicity tool, cannot help but to have a deleterious effect on this child.

Trig Palin, the key to Sarah's immense popularity with the evangelicals, and the one who triggered all of this scrutiny. Still so many questions left unanswered about this child. Just to bring you all up to speed I have very recently heard two completely opposite stories about Trig's birth, one which reinforces Sarah's version (With supposedly eyewitness accounts even) and one that tells a very strange and complicated story indeed. ONE of these versions fits quite well with my other evidence while the other........well the other is still worth investigating don't you think?

And now we come to Bristol. I am aware that Bristol and her mother have had a very rocky relationship in the past, and I am also quite confident that the recent custody filings are not entirely Bristol's idea. How much of it is driven by her anger at Levi (He didn't cheat on you by the way*) and how much is driven by her mother is very hard to ascertain at this point. But if I had to guess I would say about 70% is Sarah and the remaining 30% is this young mother.

By the way, I have known many mothers in her position who would have loved to have had the father of their baby trying to stay in the child's life. Sometimes you don't know what you've got til its gone. Just saying.

Well regardless of whose idea it was to file for custody there is little doubt as to who is footing the bill. Thomas Van Flein is may not be Marvin Mitchelson, but he is not exactly cheap. And the cost would be much too much for Bristol to pay all on her own.

What? She is working two jobs you say? Really where? Oh wait, she does have a job. (When you get to the page just click the PDF icon on the left.) Now isn't THAT interesting?

When I was eighteen my mother helped get me a job working as a busboy at La Mex, I would much rather have been the only employee at a Public Relations company like BSMP, LLC.

I just have two questions: Who are the public relations for? And how does a public relations firm manage with only one employee? (Now does anybody have any questions as to why Levi was so desperate to make some quick money? There is no telling how much money can be funneled into this company, and with Bristol as the sole employee she can write her own checks.)

Wait I have two more questions: Doesn't this kind of remind you of Sarah Palin's Pie Spy, LLC that supposedly provides services for the elderly and those with disabilities? And has THAT company ever provided those services? And did you all notice that Van Flein is the agent for both of these "businesses"? Not to mention a number of others.

Look I am not trying to trash Bristol, I have never met her and have no real opinion. However I am not exactly comforted to see her allowing her mother to set her up with this LLC, build her a house, and then use her as a puppet to get back at Levi. I think Bristol could put a stop to this if she wanted to. All Levi seems to want is to share custody, and that is what the courts usually prefer, so this whole thing could be handled quietly and with little blog or press involvement. If this continues forward it is going to be a huge story, most likely followed by a huge scandal.

And now for the most interesting part of this little drama, the child at the center of it all.

Just like Trig I have also heard some very strange and conflicting stories about this little guy. Only THESE come from people who I have no doubt would know for certain. So once again somebody is lying, only in this case whichever one is lying, and why they are lying, will prove to be a scandal that somebody in the MSM would surely love to cover.

Because there is a chance that what I write will end up in some court filing somewhere I will not be sharing too much about what I am hearing with you today. You can be confident that I am not slacking off, far from it. But hopefully you realize, now more than ever, why I can't just type it all out and hope for the best. If I do not have all of my facts straight I am going to cause more harm then good. And give certain people the time necessary to cover their tracks before the MSM get wind of it.

If you need a babygate fix today, I suggest you head over to Bree's. She has a very interesting post, with lots of information, for you to enjoy. Sadly I cannot comment on its accuracy, but you know I DID suggest you go over there didn't I?

And as for those who are afraid that sister Sarah is going to get away with her schemes, I think it would be alright to tell you, "No fucking way!" There is such a shit storm headed her way it will amaze even those of you who believe you are jaded to "all things Palin". Believe you me, the good stuff is yet to come.

*Levi is not the source of this information.


  1. WakeUpAmerica1:26 PM

    I love your blog, Gryphen, but you have told us all this before. How about some substance instead of stringing us along? I would rather you said nothing instead of this periodic, "I know something you don't know, but I can't tell you." Just sayin'

  2. Enjay in E MT1:28 PM

    Well said Gryph -

    As with many who have followed the former 1/2 Term Gov of AK - I wish her now to just leave the political arena. Go quietly into a library and read, learn about our political process and how the beltway works. You can't make a diff if you are creating problems rather than solutions.

    Yes we know DC is dysfunctional. But HOW are you going to fix it SP? By Dictatorship? This is a democracy - we debate and we compromise, altho the Repubs have dug in their heels like the 5 yr old in the toy store screaming NO.

    Former Gov; Turn off your Twitter & Facebook, raise your children, enjoy time with them, spend some time in self-meditation, and chill out.

    Contrary to the TeaBaggers & Fundies prayers for President Obama, I don't wish you and yours "ill will" Just pray you go back to your former life.

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Great Work.I love you guys

  4. Absolute lunacy.

    If there were any truth to any of this baby conspiracies, some methed-out nurse or OB tech would have blabbed by now, some records clerk would have sold a copy of the birth records.

    Mat-Su Regional has 400 employees, don't you think one of them has access to information and a need for cash?

    All we see is 'what-if' science fiction but not one shred of evidence. Reminds one of the 'NASA faked the moon landing' stories.


  5. Hard to cover my disappointment with your post today, as I would like to see this story come to its conclusion. You were more forthright in the small comment that you left last night.

    My only hope is that if we keep up this level of pressure and oversight, she will remain silent and not cause any distractions with critical national policy matters.

  6. Seems like the Palins have turned into the Madoffs of Alaska. They are using these businesses as a front to funnel the money that they have bilked from the people.
    She won't run for POTUS but will continue to solicit funds for SarahPac. How is that they are being allowed to solicit funds for the Trust Fund? Seems illegal to me.
    Her head must be ready to explode since she can't say anything about Levi. How little Christian Values this woman has to keep the father away from his child.
    Oh and Sarah, no more silly rantings about OUR President through your Tweets and Facebook.
    Go on Face the Nation or Meet the Press or Shut the Fuck Up!

  7. The one I worry about is Trig. Poor little guy is being treated like a "thing", not a living child with special needs. I wish someone in official Alaska (like CPS) would take an interest in this child.

  8. emrysa1:46 PM

    gryphen change your headline. truth

  9. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Hey, JohnDoe. How much of your money has gone to Sarah's plastic surgery and her new house and her new monster SUV?

  10. Well, I can't believe I am going to say this, but to a point, I agree with John Doe here. I think Sarah could have gotten away with faking one pregnancy, but not two. This anon poster claiming that Tripp is a borrowed baby is ridiculous.

    This whole Pie Spy/ BMSP LLC nonsense will be Sarah's undoing. A little advice Bristol....take your kid(s) and RUN, as far as you can, as fast as you can, before you and your momma are wearing orange jumpsuits in adjoining prison cells.

  11. John DOE said: "Mat-Su Regional has 400 employees, don't you think one of them has access to information and a need for cash?"

    Well ... I don't know how many employees there are there; you could be right. But some of those are cleaners, cafeteria workers, maintenance, laundry, kitchen etc ... A very few people actually have access to records.

    HOWEVER: That is irrelevant. Sarah arrived at the hospital in the middle of the night. How many people actually 'saw her' then? Ad if they did what did they see? Sarah wearing her 'baby prop'?

    Then she goes into a room, and 'labours' in private.. how many people had to see her then? Her doctor and maybe a couple of nurses.

    Then she 'delivers' ... how many people are there then? Her doctor and maybe a couple of nurses.

    Then the 'baby' is checked out. By who? Her doctor and maybe a couple of nurses.

    Then some paperwork is done. By who? Her doctor and Sarah/Todd.

    See, once the 'baby is out' who is to know where it came from? Her doctor and maybe a couple of nurses.

    If the paperwork is FALSE (and in my view, this is the ONLY way this story could have been devised) then it doesn't matter HOW MANY people look at it!

    All they would have needed was the 'baby' there already, Sarah walking in 'pregnant' and coming out NOT PREGNANT.

    When Van Flein said there had to have been LOTS OF PEOPLE there, I laughed, he is so naive!

    My daughter just had a baby in Oct. Who was there? Her doctor and a couple of nurses. (and her husband)

    If that baby was already born, 'somewhere', the only trick was to get him into Sarah's room, unseen, in the middle of the night.

    LISTEN there is a REASON Sarah didn't 'deliver' her at-risk baby in a fully equipped hospital; the WILD RIDE took place for a reason, it ended where it ended for a reason.

    The Wild Ride AND Dr Baldwin-Johnson are the KEY to this whole thing.

    Dr B-J, with a lawyer sitting next to her refused to 'comment' when asked. WHY is that? Because her azzz is on the line if this whole story is true.

  12. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Gryphen--I am (a) a lawyer in a firm with a health care practice and (b) a cynic by nature. Those who don't appreciate the impediments to facts (whatever they may be) coming to light simply don't understand the HIPAA laws or the inability of most healthcare workers to even access patient information. Charts are rarely used any longer and electronic information is protected. There was a veritable s--tstorm when Farrah Fawcett's information was disclosed and that happened when it was easier to access. So anyone who believes that if there were anything to disclose it would have been disclosed simply doesn't understand the reality.

  13. emrysa1:59 PM

    "Mat-Su Regional has 400 employees, don't you think one of them has access to information and a need for cash?"

    you are assuming that there is information at mat-su regional. I would say it's likely that there isn't any. home birth(s) would be my guess, and I'd bet the farm that I am right about that one.

  14. Nice sleuthing Gryph! Betcha neither Bristol nor Sarah really knows what to do with an llc, both must be being administered by someone paid (and someone competent enough to at least get the paperwork done).

    But you can never escape the fact that 1) you have to pay taxes on income earned; 2) income earned is mostly figured by subtracting what you shelled out in order make the money you earned (expenses) from the money you took in (income). Minus a few other deductions such as kids and house mortgage and maybe some others.

    But what does Bristol have as deductions? One child? Does she own a home? If so, how, when did she get it? How did she pay for it? Capital gains taxes? Property taxes? If she declares income from B .... whateveritis llc, she probably can't get an Earned Income Credit.

    Worse still, if SarahPAC or AFT is what's funding the BristolLLC, then when there's no more money in that kitty, Bristol is on the dole like everyone else laid off from failed companies. It may sound good now, but whenever you decide to hitch your wagon to some sort of star, you'd better have a parachute ready 'cause chances are that star is gonna fall, hard and fast, and take you with it.

    Sarah Palin's stardom has reached its zenith already. She is not going up from here, she is only going to sink further and further.

  15. Anonymous2:10 PM

    John Doe
    I think one who did is no longer with us... but you know that con't you.

  16. Anonymous2:10 PM

    If Sarah is a "client" of Bristol's, is Bristol legally protected in some way from divulging information about her "client"?

  17. Anonymous2:16 PM

    So Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin has incorporated herself. Ummmm...

  18. To JohnDoeat30below;

    We all know that Gryphen doesn't want to put anything out there without concrete facts to back him up.
    If you think this is so ridiculous, why then do you visit this blog?

    Patience is a virtue.

    To Gryphen;

    I know the birthdates are messed up. Trigg is probably much older than they claim. Palingates has a great post up about it today. And if anything, Trigg needs his hearing aides, glasses and tutoring so that he can function as best as possible when he gets older. I hope that $arah isn't that selfish, I hope that she does provide the best care for Trigg. If not, why doesn't someone call Social Services for that baby? It is horrible that he already is "Special Needs" but that with proper tutoring with his glasses and aides, he'll at least be able to function better and have some type of social life when he grows up. I wish that someone could check this out.

    And I am glad to hear the little bit you did put forth today. It seems as though it won't be much longer.
    Good luck and be careful. There are too many fanatical Palin nutjobs out there. Watch your back.
    We love you, Gryphen! Keep on keeping on!

  19. kilob2:16 PM

    I'd love to see the financials for BSMP. LLC. Whose money is funding it's operations and where the money is going?!

  20. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Gryphen, keep speaking out. I understand what you are going through with your information. I have been reading all day long on other blogs and some people do not give you the benefit of the doubt. Some often say that you are not forthcoming but I believe that you can't be until you have your ducks in a row. For instance, some people are challenging you to give information that you know is not accurate information and when you don't they are saying then STFU.

    Please continue to do what you do and do not let anyone force your hand until you have all the information that you need.

  21. "But hopefully you realize, now more than ever, why I can't just type it all out and hope for the best."

    Well... not really. As was said above, I don't see anything new in this post other than the hint about skeletons in Todd's closet.

    I have read the stuff at Bree's site. All it makes me do is think that your sources are not being truthful with you.

  22. Thanks Gryphen. Now, please keep a sharp eye out for your own safety. grammy

  23. Aussie Blue Sky2:21 PM

    Bristol Palin's initials are BSMP. She needed her own "PR" company in the good old days when she was dragging her baby across the country and discussing her sex life - you know, when shoving the baby at the media was a good and positive thing.

  24. Interesting stuff on Bristol but I'm part of the group who believes some of the conspiracy stuff is just that. And, as WUA stated above, either spill or quit with the faux newsish "it's coming right up" rubbish.

    Or is JohnDoe to be proven correct? I'd rather you kick him in the arse with substance, G. Are you up for that?

  25. emrysa2:25 PM

    here's what I think gryphen.

    all this time, you have been being cryptic so as not to hurt or expose your sources.

    I have suspected for a while that your sources are lying to you. either intentionally, or because they have been lied to.

    so has being cryptic really helped things? is sarah in jail today? maybe her own jail, but not the jail I'd like to see her in.

    I really don't understand why you just don't spill what you've been told and label it as RUMOR. apparently your sources aren't going to tell you the truth anyway. if you haven't been told yet, you're most likely not going to get told.

    now whyinthehell does bristol need to form an llc? were they thinking this was a way to get paid by sarahpac, the aft, and piespy, and not have people know it was bristol? LETS KEEP IT QUIET THAT BRISTOL IS ON MOMMY'S PAYROLL

    what would make them think that bristol has to form her own corporation? are you serious that it is a pr corp? she is not trained in that, whothehell would hire her, other than mommy?

    count me in as one of the jaded. I am disgusted that with each passing day, everyone lets them get away with their shit. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE AFT FILINGS? WHY HAS NO ONE CALLED HER ON THIS? as of today we've only seen 1 filing for sarahpac - why the hell is no one calling her on this?

    here is the bottom line - there is one baby, maybe 2, and 1 young kid that are being forced to live lies. they are living lies because no ADULT wants to step up to the f-ing plate. so the longer the bs goes on, the more f-ed up those kids are going to be. is it worth it to continue to keep quiet?

  26. emrysa2:30 PM

    let me also add that this speaks VOLUMES about van flein.

    he knows bristol has no training in pr - but he is creating her company? what does that say about him? plenty.

  27. Anonymous2:33 PM

    How, well, odd is the word, I guess. No mention of the eldest Palin child, Track. This post covered all the other children of Sarah and Todd. Leaving out Track is, well, odd.

  28. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn2:39 PM

    Gryph, no fear, I'm sticking with you. When the time for truth comes, it will come. As freakin' angry as she makes me, I want nothing more than for SP to crawl back under the rock she came from and begin to repair the damage to her family (which is SUPPOSED to mean the most, according to her, right?) Simply said, we do NOT want or need her anywhere near the WH. If she wants to be the star of her own non-political reality show, great. No position of global power (except in the gossip pages) please! And I'd love to know more about this homegrown "PR firm." Hmmm . . .

    The truth will out eventually, and the karmic wheel will keep turning.

  29. Anonymous2:40 PM

    All Ms. Common Sense Palin has to do is publish the birth certificates for these two beautiful children and all of this gossip would go away. I can't imagine exposing my children to something like this when there is such a simple solution.

  30. the problem child2:47 PM

    Well, if John Doe says it's all nonsense, I guess we'll just have to go with the certainty that Mrs. Palin tried to generate a fundy abortion. And failed at that like she fails at everything else. Or that she is criminally stupid. Or both.

    Thanks for clearing that up for us John Doe!

  31. Anonymous2:53 PM

    One thing quite obvious is that Sarah Palin lies and is a fraud and that includes her family as well. I wish Levi the best of luck in dealing with this really corrupt family.

  32. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Gryphen- something you said struck a nerve, there baaaaaack.

  33. Anonymous2:54 PM

    There was a nurse who died mysteriously in a fire.

    One death could silence others.

  34. Anonymous2:55 PM

    a methed-out nurse? i see you just love our health care system just the way it is.

  35. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Hold on there.

    The parents' livelihoods and earning capacities have been put in issue by Bristol Palin by filing that suit.

    Putting aside what I think is a conflict in Van Flein representing members of the same family whose interests could be at odds in the custody suit, if Van Flein is the agent for the "business" that employs Miss Palin, then on that basis alone he is a likely witness in some phase of the custody case.

    In my opinion, neither Van Flein nor any member of his firm has any business representing Miss Palin if Van Flein's a possible witness.

  36. Forever Anonymous3:07 PM

    Kisses Gryphen. I'm going over to Bree. Mua'

  37. emrysa3:09 PM

    tell us about the shit storm, gryphen.

  38. Gryphen, you don't have to publish this one. I'm just wondering why Tripp's "Place of Birth" is listed as "Wasilla". I thought the hospital was in Palmer.

  39. ginny3:20 PM

    Gryph, have you already seen these? Seems to be from our good friend "Anon" of the "one baby only" theory.

  40. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Bristol named this company after her initials, Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin BSMP, I wonder where the "cash flow" will come from? Mommy Dearest?

  41. dead fish go with the flow. G-man be swimming with the ever changing tides of this highly entertaining, yet worthy cause of making sure $'arah paylin never seeks or attains any office at all. As someone over at Breee said, she will NEVER run for office due to IRS and campaign trail scrutiny. Now its time to make just fade away. Like Dan Quayle, or Gary Hart. Or the greenhorn who didnt last on the crab boat. Buh, bye.

  42. Gryphne,
    Gosh I think Willow will be the only one of the girls to "go her own way" and I mean that in a good way. I think she projects a confident and stronger personality than Bristol.
    As for little Piper, I bet she misses seeing her friends in school and making plans to do stuff :) Any of us that have raised girls know just how important that social life is from a very young age.
    As for Bristol, I fear that in the end she will have regrets. She has no life, isolated in the compound. One never hears of her being seen out with a group of friends. That pic of her from the state fair pushing a double stroller all alone was just so sad. No friend along with their own young child, no girlfriend around to help with the kids and maybe enjoy the day together and gossip a little.
    In my opinion Sarah will bring down her own house of cards, but I do worry about little Trig. I feel personally that he is not getting the care and therapies he needs and deserves to build an independent life in the future and it seems like Piper(who you can tell truly loves him) will need to make so many sacrifices of her own to continue to be his "caretaker".
    I just bet that Piper would like to be at a sleep over with little friends some weekend, giggling and laughing (and not sleeping very much) like other girls her age.

  43. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Palins are all scam artists, every single one of them!

  44. "LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn"...

    I love the handle. As an old Brooklyn/Queens boy I miss the knish here in Strawberryville, FL.

  45. Anonymous3:40 PM


    What the fuck....have you been threatened. Sarah is one sick puppy & I think that's what this blogs is all about. Yes, her family is suffering because she is a narcissistic wacko & abusive to her family & this country. IT HAS TO STOP! Hopefully this blog is meant to stop the insanity. Please try to uphold your integrity or if it is making you feel threatened move on. No more drama. All of the Palin Children are abused. They are all hidden away & not living normal lives because the Queen won't let them have normal lives...she's nut they know she nuts & they don't want to hurt her, but she most defnitely needs help.

  46. Grandma Nancy, my granddaughter was also born at Mat-Su Regional. Her birthplace is also listed as Wasilla. Don't know why there is a discrepency in the address. The hospital is out in the field (literally) between the two towns.

  47. I can wait, Gryphen. The important thing is to get the truth out with enough evidence to back it up. Sounds as if you're beginning to question the veracity of your main source and that you now have new sources? Is that correct? I had hoped Sarah quitting or her book would loosen some tongues, but neither seems to have helped.

    But Todd's skeletons? Can't you whisper in someone's ear, so that they can post anonymously about this "rumor" they heard?

  48. Some clarification.

    No I have not been threatened.

    Are people lying to me? All of the damn time. However I do not report stories that are not from reliable sources.

    Am I caving? Hell no! I am simply making sure not to write anything that might help Sarah.

    This post was for three different audiences. Watch the negative comments and you will see that the message was received.

  49. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I agree that there are a bunch of people with information who may be intentionally misleading Gryphen; who knows where their loyalties lie? But I think Gryphen knows this too, and he is wise to hold back unless there is a way to absolutely, 100%, verify the truth. By that point, the MSM will be all over it. I personally feel that's what these blogs are for, to keep the pressure on. On the Palins and others up in AK, and on the MSM. This stuff about the fake businesses, yes, maybe that will be their undoing. Certainly babygate in itself will not be enough. I am one who is deeply interested in the real story, that being said.

  50. Basheert3:59 PM

    Hi Gryph: It would be really nice if Jesse Cornish aka JOhnDoe@30inches could be booted from here. We all have a good idea of who he is and what he wants and in all honesty, he adds nothing.

    So, little Bristol has a corporation (NOT uncommon for an individual). Any thoughts on what B.S.M.P. stands for (Bristol/Sarah/Menard/Palin?) That might be worth checking in to?

    And why would Bristol need a corporation? Normally they are formed by an individual who receives income (NOT donations) outside of their employment (she has a JOB????). There are costs involved and being a corporation requires a sh*tload of paperwork to justify. It's not a walk in the park. But why?

    Please tell jesse for me that his spew smells really bad and he needs to go pee at the C4Urine place.

    Thanks..Hugs and smooches.

  51. So believable!

    A High School drop-out, single mom, has her OWN PR firm, does Political consulting !!

    Wow Alaska really IS the land of opportunity, isn't it??

    Is ANYONE buying this nonsense?

    SO ... is THAT is where the SarahPAC money is going .... to pay for 'advice' such as: ENDORSE what's-his-name in New Jersey know the guy who lost???? I wonder how much $$$$ Sarah put into this 'consultation' with Bristol, the Teen Political Adviser??

    Can Sarah 'pay' any amount of the SarahPac $$$$ to this LLC ???

    Sweet deal!

  52. Anonymous4:01 PM

    It seems to me that if Willow had verifiable facts then she would not be allowed to party with alcohol. Too easy for stuff to spill. Also there have been no overt bribes from Sarah and Todd with respect to Willow. I think the family regards Willow as impotent.

  53. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Bristol's LLC is most likely set up to process the cash she earns from public appearances and interviews, etc. Remember that People magazine profile of her graduation? Rumor had it that they paid her $300,000 for that story. How about the short-lived Candies (porn company) "abstinence" campaign? I bet they paid her a bundle. She doesn't want to report all of that cash in one tax year on her personal income taxes, so she set up the LLC to accept the cash.

    Please also note that she used Tripp as a prop in both instances mentioned...parading him in front of the national media for her own personal and financial gain.

  54. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Archivist1000 is spot on about Dr. CBJ. She holds the key and she has dropped off the radar. Now , about all these corporations and $$$$$ flying around. Remember when sarah was in Giddings , Tx. last summer for 5 days and all in ONE day her pipeline pals dumped 40k in s-pac and then she tweeted about the awarding of 198 mil. in contracts ?? Can you say qiud pro quo ?? Dammit , I wish the IRS would jump on some of this shit !!

  55. Thanks, Snowlady, for clearing that up for me. My parents lived in a small town of Negaunee in Michigan, next to Marquette, Michigan, and my birthplace was always Marquette since that was the address of the hospital. It jumped out at me as I was reading through.

  56. Well, SarahPAC's 2nd half 2009 info filed with the FEC should be available any time now. We'll see how much money Sarah funneled to BSMP LLC that way in the last 1/4 of 2009.

  57. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Just because someone has not come forward with more facts doesn't mean there aren't people out there that know more of the Palin Family drama. Some people don't know there are blogs on the subject, some people don't care, it doesn't effect them personally(lots of people like that in Alaska) they live in their own little world. Sooner or later someone will come forward and it will open another crack in the Palin story. Sorry, but we have to be patient.

  58. Bristol would still be paying tax on her earnings. An LLC is used to limit the liability of a person and her assets-- it's not a tax entity itself. Its income is reported on Bristol's own return, on a Schedule C. As the sole owner, she should also pay her own self-employment tax.

  59. Snowlady's (4:17) reasoning seems sound. The only legit reason I can see. OTHERWISE, someone needs to be all over this LLC. Not many 19-year-olds (is that BP's age?) who have need of an LLC.

    Also, Basheert, it's been speculated that BSMP stands for Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin. Maybe you were joking, though. I always enjoy your posts, btw.

  60. Bristol's just discovered faux MySpace page lists this under her profile:

    Bristol Sheeran marie Palin
    19 / Female
    Alaska, US

    Seems the name for the LLC is her initials.

    The Candees and People Magazine gigs were in May. Not sure if she can retroactively fund a corporation set up in Sept with individual earnings made before the initial incorporation date.

  61. Something's been bothering me since reading this idea at palingates recently.... How possible is it that John McCain would be able to quash any investigations of the Palins' many misdeeds (the house/sports complex, etc., etc., etc.)? To save his reputation, I mean, for having been STUPID enough to foist her on this country.

    It's obvious to me that there was next to zero pushback from his campaign people on Going Rogue for this reason. He even had the nerve to say he read it and found it "fair".

    Anyway, does he have the kind of power that I'm worried he does?

  62. Anonymous4:45 PM

    We've got your back Gryphen.

  63. BP has her own PR LLC and she had one of the kids on People mag, and on re-greta van non-substance, and she is claiming LEVI is gonna make this a media circus?

    The crab apple dont fall far from the fish picker.

  64. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Doesn't Bristol ever go out anywhere or is she holed up in the turret with the babies? I would think there would be Wasilla Bristol sightings all the time.

  65. To those wondering why hospital records were never leaked, if Trig wasn't born there, there would be no records to prenatal appt records to amnio records to this why Sarah would not release her medical records during the campaign???!!!

  66. Archivist,

    When you replied to JohnDoe, you said that only the doctor and a couple of nurses would have seen Sarah. I say it was ONLY the doctor. Why would she need any nurses if she wasn't pregnant, definitely not in labour and didn't give birth to anything on that night?

  67. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I have an LLC; they're not that much work. Just hand the figures to my tax accountant along with my personal taxes. Only principals are my husband and I. My business income goes into the LLC; I deduct all my expenses and then I take the remainder as income. Huge savings in Social Security tax, which those of us who are self-employed pay double.

  68. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I'm thinking that this custody case was a really, really stupid move on Sarah's part. Because Levi doesn't strike me as being particularly vindictive; he just wants to see his baby. There's no reason for him not to see the baby, except for the fact that Sarah, and possibly Bristol, don't want to see him hanging around. So instead of acting like mature adults they file for sole custody and now their financial statuses can be examined. If there is any financial misconduct, and these are Palins we're talking about, the IRS can get involved. And they are not going to be impressed with Sarah's wonderfulness at all.

    And they could have said, "Three weekends a month and other times as mutually convenient." What a bunch of idiots.

    I am SO looking forward to this year. I'm going to lay in an extra supply of popcorn.


  69. It does seem strange, no sightings of Bristol. Seems like she'd be seen at least out buying Pampers, or taking Tripp for well-baby visits.

    Or, do the docs in AK still make house calls?

    Does she have real diapers, as in cloth diapers from a diaper service? Is such a thing still available even?

    Another one we never see....Track. Where is he now? Was he home for the holidays?

    Wierd-azz family!

  70. Anonymous5:35 PM

    As we all debate the various lies and theories of the Quitter Queen, has everybody stopped to consider this: She won. The joke’s on us, America. If tomorrow morning she held a press conference to say Nope, Trig’s not my biological son; Yep, Todd and I are divorcing, and Katie Couric was right -I’ve never read a newspaper in my life, you know what? She’s got her millions. She’s got her new house and Escalade. Never has to work another day in her life. She can sit at home and eat Bon-Bons and thumb her nose at everybody. That’s what is amazing to me.

  71. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Bristol was probably hoping the LLC would not come out in the divorce proceedings. If she shows income greater than Levi, he may not have to pay as much child support as he would have if she was a college student holding down two low-paying jobs.

    The judge would have asked Bristol for her tax return and for Levi's tax return. The income in the LLC would not show up on her personal tax return until year ending 2010. The PR company may be a way to rake in a % of Sarah's income for Bristol's babysitting duties. A few years from now, it would be far better to show a PR ownership on your resume than a babysitter role.

  72. Like Archivist said, "Can Sarah 'pay' any amount of the SarahPac $$$$ to this LLC ??? Sweet deal!"

    Can we say all at once, "MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME" ?

    How many of 'em do the Palins need? They already got Pie Spy.

    Man, those Palinbots are going to look even stupider than they already do when the IRS and the FBI get involved.

  73. 1. Mat-Su Regional has its roots in the old Valley Hospital which has corporate base in Palmer. The new Mat-Su is located in the unincorporated portion of Wasilla.

    2. For over a year, every tabloid and Dem activist has been prowling all over the Valley with a checkbook, digging for dirt. If there was anything to this baby stuff, someone would have blabbed by now. Someone would have sold out.

  74. Anonymous5:57 PM

    anon @ 5:39
    "Bristol was probably hoping the LLC would not come out in the divorce proceedings. If she shows income greater than Levi, he may not have to pay as much child support as he would have if she was a college student holding down two low-paying jobs."

    Are you saying that Bristol was married to Levi? I heard it speculated about in these blogs, but is there any evidence they were ever married?

  75. Anonymous5:58 PM

    morecowbell @ 4:31 is correct in that forming a LLC is NOT a big deal...all it costs you is the state filing fee (usually around $100, although it looked like maybe it was $250 in AK) and the annual registration fees as long as you want to keep it going. As a single member LLC all income would be reported on the person's 1040 on Schedule C. The only reason to do this is to protect personal assets from any potential liability of the LLC. It does entail good bookkeeping and the non-mingling of company and personal business. Failure to do so could result in opening up personal assets to business liabilities. Forming a single member LLC, or a disregarded entity (because the LLC is disregarded for income tax purposes if there is only one person in it) is NOT ANYTHING like forming a corporation or a multi-person LLC (partnership). My guess is they did this because it makes them feel important or because Van Phlegm saw the chance to make a quick thousand bucks. Anybody who wants to can form an LLC on their state's secretary of state website in about 15 minutes. I am a former CPA and have done this for many people.

  76. Anonymous6:04 PM

    @5:47 - it is illogical to say that because something has not happened yet that it will never happen. You should look up the logical fallacy "Proof by Assertion" and stop repeating it.

  77. Anonymous6:04 PM

    anon 5:35 "She can sit at home and eat Bon-Bons..."

    That's hell itself if you are NPD.

  78. Anonymous6:06 PM

    @5:35 - Palin did not win. Are you serious? She's a total loser who has ruined her life with lies and plastic surgery. Would you want the life she has? I wouldn't--not for a million dollars! And I wouldn't want to look like her, either. (Thank you, my dear parents, for having a better gene pool than the Sandpoint Heaths et al).

  79. harold6:07 PM

    JohnDoe - FYI - Romney's "people" are NOT "Dem activists."
    We know who is digging for dirt, don't we?

  80. Anonymous6:08 PM

    gosh, some people are defensive. And that "if there were anything to find out, it would be out" refrain has really gotten old.

  81. MacAndCheeseWiz6:09 PM

    I'm in agreement with Archivist's post. The wild ride is irrefutable proof enough for me to know something's amiss, no matter which version I read, it's the one fact, straight from Sarah's mouth, that shows some kind of deception in regard to the pregnancy.

    I've never heard of a single, unwed, teenage mother living in her mom's compound, suddenly feel the need to incorporate? What job(s) is/are she qualified for?

    I totally understand Gryphen's reasons for this post, (very shrewd), it's his blog, and I commend him for trying to maintain his integrity.

  82. Gryphen many of us realize why you are being careful right now and as a previous poster stated we've got your back. The custody hearing will be over soon and in my opinion Sarahs little created fantasy world will come crashing down.
    I wonder though how much a daughter charges to sell her soul to her own mother.

  83. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:15 PM

    anniebgood: it was RNC behind McCain....and grifter keeps paying him off, she paid him and Lisa M. (they were both getting ready to snark about her) then they shut up!
    $ makes the world go round, round & round and round....!
    Speaking of $ its obviously this is being set up for Bristol to funnel her share of hush money 13K a year from the grifter fund. I guess she is Hoping both ethics charges will magically disappear???
    $ makes the world go round, and round and round...!
    And then she can funnel $ to pie spy and BSMP, wonder if Toad set up one yet? What was the date of Pie spy?
    Oh well, Gryphen you made my day with this:
    There is such a shit storm headed her way it will amaze even those of you who believe you are jaded to "all things Palin". Believe you me, the good stuff is yet to come. I can't wait!!!
    A shitstorm!!!! Cool!

  84. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Theory: The reformation/re-programming/brainwashing of Bristol is complete. She will now honor thy father and they mother.
    She has likely not been seen due to her being at indoctrination facilities.
    Willow - RUN!

  85. Well Gryph~ i'm sticking with you.Living in the lower 48...this Family has me absolutely hooked!!
    Your a good man Gryph, but i do tend to wory about you...Please be careful...Keep up the good fight...

  86. "There is such a shit storm headed her way it will amaze even those of you who believe you are jaded to "all things Palin".

    G-man, As the Beatles once crooned, "Don't let me down".!!!!!!

  87. Did you notice that in the event Bristol is unable to perform her duties, her ability to transfer to someone else is restricted. Total control - Obey Bristol Obey.

  88. Anonymous6:28 PM

    I still am wondering when CBJ knew about the leaking amniotic fluid - while Sarah was in Texas?

    That's the key to the whole Wild Ride. If someone gets the answer to that one question the story will unravel itself.

  89. Wow! Tonight I went once again on my rant about this subject to my partner. This has been going on for well over a year. I am lucky he hasn't ripped out my tongue.

    But, tonight I mentioned the fact about the lack of birth certificates for both babies. He, with some legal training, countered that births are a matter of public record. When I responded with the strangeness of Alaska records being private for 100 years, he shook his head.

    Perhaps the biggest problem in the MSM is that the privacy provided by the state of Alaska is not common knowledge.

  90. Anonymous6:31 PM

    What will trigger the s-storm? Does Sarah have to make some new mistake or all the factors in place and the scenario just has to play out? Do the littlest Palins have a chance at some eventual normal life?

    While waiting for the "good stuff" "yet to come", I ponder such questions.

  91. igettit26:34 PM

    The baby absolutely had to "pop out" at a hospital in the middle of a field between two smallish cities. Couldn't stop in TX or Seattle or Anchorage with better equipped facilites. Had to "pop out at a place with no neonatal unit. It had to be Mat-Su.

    Well, people can't sell out information for something that didn't happen.

    There are, so far as I know, no accounts of any witnesses other than family members affirming that SP was even at Mat-Su on the night of the alleged birth.

    Is there any news story, anywhere, that quotes a non family member as having seen SP entering, in or leaving the hospital at that time?

  92. Anon@5:35pm I think I can safely say for many of us who visit here each day, I am more concerned about Sarah Palin being in any politically elected office again, not her bank account. Yes, it pisses me off that people are stupid enough to buy her books and pay her big bucks to speak at some function, but that is not what is most concerning to me. I just don't want her anywhere near the WH or anywhere she can influence any political outcome. Period.

    Gyrphen, as I have stated before, patience is not normally one of my virtues, but I am convinced that when the real story of Sarah Palin and all her lies are finally brought to light, it is going to be much worse that we thought. You just continue to take care of yourself and only release facts as you are as sure of them as is humanly possible. I am willing to wait this one out.

  93. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Gryphen please come forward with what you know soon. Right now Senator A (Ben Stevens) is still walking among us and Bill Allen admitted to bribing him. Would love to see the effort you put in to Palin go to putting this man behind bars. This state is full of corrupt politicians that would keep your site going for years.

  94. Anonymous6:38 PM

    In regards to keeping things secret, I've just finished an old biography of Ted Kennedy by Joe McGinniss. After the evening when Chappaquiddick happened, the other people at the party in question, who traveled with Mary Jo K. to the party, like 10 of them, never talked about that night to their dying day. Not a word out of loyalty. So I have doubts that it's guaranteed that someone would talk.

  95. Anonymous6:40 PM

    To clarify my "Sarah won" comments... No I wouldn't want to be her either, but I think in HER world she'd be just fine living with the lies. And I really feel sorry for her kids (the younger ones who have little control over what's going on). I mean, she was officially found guilty of ethics violations and nothing happened to her. If she's really a superficial fake (which I believe she is) then she's accomplished quite a lot, I'd say.

  96. Those of you who think this LLC in Bristol's name is to shelter her fees from Income Tax are MISSING THE POINT here!

    AN NAIC 541820 is for several things, one of which is Public Relations BUT >>>>> IT IS ALSO FOR POLITICAL CONSULTING!!!

    SarahPAC controls a LOT of money, from donations .... and Sarah DECIDES how it is spent.

    IF Sarah decides to pay BSMP LLC $500,000 to 'consult' ... she CAN do that.

    It's a FRONTto absord the PAC funds... avoiding tax on Bristol's earnings is small potatoes compared to being able to essentially PAY HERSELF out the the PAC to 'consult' and 'endorse' candidates!

    Bristol doesn't have to do a thing, all she has to do is accept the 'fees' for the 'Political consultations' ... get it?

    And Sarah can 'pay' for 'Political consultations' out of the PAC ... most of those donations by Sarah's schumcks are going to stay in the Palin family; some of it will pay for travel to speak and she might give $2000.000 here and there to 'candidates of her choice' ... but ... she can blow the whole wad on 'Political consultions' with her High School drop-out daughter who probably can't name all the States and has never read the Constitution.

  97. Anon@5:35, Sister Sarah made a million or two in return for winning dubious accolades (Douchebag of the Year, Liar of the Year, etc.), being ridiculed not only on a national level but on an international level, suffering the humiliation of having her cottage cheese thighs and un-made up face plastered all over the rag magazines--and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    I'm not sure there's enough money in the world to make that a fair trade off for me...

  98. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Mac&cheese, Bristol needs to be able to demonstrate an independent source of income for the court. In the absence of a real job the smartest thing to do is invent one. I'll be looking for Bristol's "income" to come out of SarahPAC via a third party ...

  99. justafarmer7:07 PM

    anon @5:39 PM:
    Bristol will actually have to report income on her 2009 return if she is already funneling money through the LLC since September 2009 (or even before).
    There's no one-year trial period with the IRS.

  100. HollyP7:08 PM

    Anon 5:57, child support is separate of alimony. If they weren't legally married, there will still be child support. In my state, both parties submit financial records and the court determines the amount of child support due to the custodial parent.

    Wishing you the best, Gryphen.

  101. Anonymous7:10 PM

    My two cents: I acknowledge the need to not spread unsubstantiated rumors that will only make "baby truthers" look like nutcakes. Having said that, the way catharsis will actually happen for all the unfortunate people wrapped up in this mess is when someone in the know tells the story, with some backup evidence, so that it can no longer be ignored or denied. Then, there will be a certain amount of trying to spin and rewrite history and recast the story in another light, but the nightmare (for those caught in this mess) will be over. Until someone actually tells what they know, in as straightforward a way as possible, with some corroboration, the damage to everyone concerned will simply continue and escalate. I predict that the children will be the most damaged by the delay. Those in the know would be doing a service to those who are most vulnerable by stating the truth as soon as possible, unequivocally, so that the abuse can stop and the healing can begin.

  102. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Are all the s-storm factors already in play or does Sarah have to make more mistakes?

  103. sauerkraut7:51 PM

    What would happen if someone were to park across from the Palin house(s) with a large painted RUSSIA on a sign??

    Would Palin be able to see Russia from her house??

  104. "It's a FRONTto absord the PAC funds... avoiding tax on Bristol's earnings is small potatoes compared to being able to essentially PAY HERSELF out the the PAC to 'consult' and 'endorse' candidates!"

    It could easily be a front for Sarah to siphon money. But please don't repeat the already-disproven theory that Bristol could get away with not reporting income. The LLC is not a taxable entity. The income in the LLC is passed right through to, and must be reported by, Bristol.

  105. Cowbell: I wasn't saying that at all .. the tax due on Bristol's income from Candies and People is nothing compared to Sarah's ability to 'hire' BSMP LLC and pay WHATEVER out of the PAC funds!

    Sarah controls that PAC, she can spend the $$$ however she likes, as long at it's politically related.

    Doesn't matter if Bristol can't name 5 US Senators, or 10 States and their capitals ... her company 'engages' in Political Consultation, and Sarah can PAY HER out of the PAC funds...

    This isn't about avoiding taxes, it's about the PAC $$$

  106. Charlie Ak8:12 PM

    John... But someone did sell out..
    And this baby stuff is real. How sad (stupid of you)? That u threw out hard worked money on a fraud. This is one huge con job to sarahs supporters and I used to be one of them! Stop seeing what u want to see. If u don't work for the palin trash, you're a dumb ole stobburn fool.

  107. sjk from the belly of the plane: Just so ya know, I thoroughly enjoy your posts. You are great!

  108. Charlie AK:

    It is so nice to read the words "John... But someone did sell out.."

    After all the craziness of the past few days it was a breath of fresh air to read what you wrote.

    Thank you ... I know it cannot be easy to do so there. Be careful!

  109. Anonymous9:04 PM

    @6:40 - What has she accomplished? Liar of the Year? Yeah, that's major. She's gone from being the GOP VP nominee in 2008 to quitting her job and being an international laughingstock.

  110. JohnDoe back with the tired old arguments: 400 people employed at Mat-su, for sure with those "Dem operatives" up there some person would have forked over some stolen records for the cash. As if janitors have access to info, or as if the big tabloids that pay for stories would have paid for just any old person to make a statement with nothing to back it up.

    I worked at a very similar hospital. On the night shift, which is when Mrs. Todd Palin allegedly both was admitted AND delivered, there would often be only on OB nurse on duty, if things were slow ie only one or two OB patients. The rules required a second nurse be "available", but this in practice often meant that the charge nurse for the entire hospital, who was an experienced nurse with experience in OB and the E.D., the two departments most in need of extra hands from time to time, would be the "second pair of hands". And in an uncomplicated delivery, which was what most of our deliveries were, the doctor and one nurse were plenty. High risk births were screened out and had to go to the nearby city with the full neonatal ICU. The only time we ever had a MAJOR problem was when one doc decided to disregard policy and allow one of his patients to deliver twins. The twins both had significant respiratory problems and had to be flown out to the NICU hospital, and now that doctor no longer practices medicine...

    But my point is that very few people would have had access to records, and for there to BE records, well, Sarah would have had to have given birth. The records in that case would likely be under electronic lock and key. And violating the privacy portion of the law, especially by SELLING records to a tabloid, is the kind of thing that can earn one a hefty fine and prison sentence, courtesy the Department of Justice.

    No janitors, HVAC techs, cafeteria workers etc would have access to the records. And even the pool of health care workers with access would be small. And the risk huge to someone who tried to get something out that anyone would actually pay big bucks for. And again, if Sarah didn't give birth there on April 18, 2008, like I say she didn't, then what would they find to sell, anyway?

    So nice try, John Doe, but as usual, what you have to say just does not cut it. Now, sure there may be people out there gossiping, and actually they ARE, which is why Gryphen and others know some of what they know. Gossip it NOT illegal. And eventually the truth will come out. Time is not on Sarah's side.

  111. BSMP, LLC. does not yet possess a business license in the Dept. of Commerce records.

  112. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Wonder if Van Flein's firm obtained conflict waivers from Bristol, waiving any potential conflicts with Mommy. Wonder if he is also representing Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, also, too, and, if so, whether he obtained conflict waivers.

    If it turns out that Sarah did lie, I wonder how it will affect Van Flein's career? I wouldn't think corporate clients would be eager to flock to a controversial lawyer who helped perpetuate a fraud (assuming that is the case).

    Wonder what will happen to Dr. Cathy's career? Will she still be invited to speak at conferences or will she go back to treating sore throats and scraped knees (in between delivering known hi-risk infants, of course).

    As the day turns in Wasilla, meth capital of Alaska.

  113. Don't corporations have to file & pay taxes?

  114. I wonder if she quit to make money since she knows she wont be able to make anything in prison.

  115. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Anon: it is very unfair the way wealth is bestowed on people in America. Not just from the idiots who bought, but I bet, did not read, her book. Celebrity of any kind is worth tons of money in America in 2010.

    I knew people at AOL in the 90s were NOTHING SPECIAL, just regular half-assed workers in the right place at the right time and then left millionaires. Through no effort of their own over and above the regular job that millions of others do every day.

    I feel that Capitalism makes people angry underneath, all of us fighting for a piece of the pie that gets smaller for the masses.

    This is why Canada has more guns and way less violence. The safetly net there reduces anger.

  116. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Gryphyn: I am with you. You don't want to be misled and you don't want to tip her off to what you might know.

    I want this done right, so take the time you need! I don't want wrong rumors out that make it look like we are wrong.

  117. Anonymous5:22 AM

    It really is amazing that she won't just publish both birth certificates and end this whole thing.

    Does she crave attention so much that she will let this go on, this speculation about her family? Don't some family members wish this was over?

  118. Archivist, yes, I think the LLC was set up mostly for Bristol's future ability to take in money from the PAC for "PR" and then write herself whatever salary check she wants, but yes, in the end, she will have to legally account for all the ins and outs of money to the IRS and there is where I see the potential problem.

    It may be easy to set one up, but it's not that easy keep up with all the legal paperwork. Someone said earlier that they just give the numbers to an accountant, but that supposes Bristol understands and can keep track of what would be considered 'normal and reasonable expenses' for her business. I don't think she has a clue what BSMP LLC does, I don't think she's created a business plan, I don't think she's made herself any business cards and I don't think she will spend any money advertising to try to get clients, I doubt we'll see a website for BSMP .... so .... yeah, what kind of business is that?

    I was looking again at the SarahPAC disclosures on the FEC website recently. Surely the latest reporting for the last half of 2009 is due by the end of the month, I'd guess. The paperwork seems to have been filed very well (there's one guy who earned his PAC $$$) but we will be able to see what gets funneled to Bristol's LLC, even if not directly.

    But once again, when you donate to a cause, you expect at least 50% of what you give to get to the cause you thought it was going for. Most (about 95%) of the SarahPAC outlays for the first half of 2009 were for travel for Sarah et al, and salaries or payments for services rendered, mostly to a small group of people. When the full year stats are reported, people are not going to be so keen to give any more, I think.

  119. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Personally, I wish that Bristol's LLC had not been revealed until after SarahPAC had filed its paperwork. They now have the opportunity to hide the problem before the PAC's filings.

  120. crystalwolf aka caligrl10:02 AM

    MarvinM: I'm not so sure the bots care what she spends it on! The pac is supposed to be for campaign related stuff, but if she pays out to Bristol I'm sure they wouldn't care what the queen does! Most of them are too stupid to bother to check and see anyway. So she has all this pac $ and she can't spend it for speaking engagements now, and couldn't use it for the book-o-lies tour all she can do is throw some $ now and then to mcCain & Lisa for them the STFU about her and not snark...but if Bristol has a political consulting & PR biz...WooHoo, she can pay Bristol money (not her money either, from her book!) and keep Bristol quiet too. You know the Saying, "follow the money" is very true.
    Reading the book "The Family" and all of them are very much into networking...they will help you get a job if you are one "of them"
    Lots of them have very good "important jobs" that involve traveling etc. b/c they Network. That's why this whole Palin thing is so recent emails posted by Alaska dispatch, she is recommending a guy "TED" get on the "team" b/c she wants him there. Nothing about qualifications,just find him a job somewhere...So right there it shows she wasn't looking for people qualified for SOA jobs, the qualifications were whether or not they would do her bidding!

  121. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Bristol is getting out, to the tanning salon and for exercise.

    I can't see Bristol as having any friends left, even her cousins might be just a tad jealous of her having it easy financially.

    Perhaps whoever is her current boyfriend, but by now she has learned her lesson. Keep mum use birth control.

    Friends? I doubt it, as $arah knows only friends she really has are the ones she pays big salaries to out of donations from her fans.

    Sarahs fans think they are her friends. They are her milking cows, just awaiting for another milking. Cash cows.

  122. Gryphen: when I started reading this post, my heart jumped into my throat. I thought you might be leaving us and leaving the cause. I do not wish Sarah Palin harm either; I just want her to go to her compound, take care of her children, stop milking vulnerable and ignorant people of their money, stop trying to influence political policy and harming our President or this administration, and stay the H#!$# away from Washington, D.C. You know that I have been asking for over a year for her to be taken down. This is OT, but let me tell you what has happened recently to really reinforce this feeling for me. I live in the 5th Congressional District of Alabama. Rep. Parker Griffith - a man with his own shady past - got elected as a Democrat from this district. He is supposed to represent me and other Democrats in this district. Well, wrong. On most of the major issues (health care, stimulus package, etc.) he has voted a resounding NO. Suddenly a couple of weeks ago, he announced he was leaving the Democratic Pary and becoming a Republican. Do you know how I found this out? By reading a Sarah Palin twitter on Bree Palin's blog. She "welcomed him to the Republican Party," sayhing that finally an Alabamian had done the "right thing." The nervie of that idiot. However, fallout for Mr. Griffith was immediate and is still happening. The Democratic Party wants him stripped of any committee memberships, etc. The Republican Party on the local level at least, doesn't really want him. Ha. Ha. And today, when Congress convened for the first time post-holiday, almost all of his entire staff resigned. And they did so with classy but scathing remarks about his principles and integrity. Karma. So maybe he will hitch his little star to the Palin wagon and they can ride off into the sunset leaving nothing but dust. When, Gryphen, can this happen?

  123. Anonymous4:09 PM

    10:40 AM

    Who is Bristol's current boyfriend? I only hear about the same one. It may be a lie rumor. Who do you know is current? Bristol can't only hang with the churchwoman family for long. She will hit the parties in Anchorage before long. Is she partying with Track's friends?


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