Wednesday, May 19, 2010

People magazine is attempting to dig up dirt on Mercede and Sherry Johnston! Gee I wonder whose idea THAT was?

I received a tip yesterday that People magazine paid an acquaintance of Mercede's $10,000 for information about the Johnston's financial situation and any potential scandals related to the family.

In my opinion this is payback for Mercede's recent remarks about not seeing her nephew and Bristol's "accidental" teen pregnancy.  Sarah and her media consultants are going to use their numerous media connections and influence to try and smear Mercede and her mom to punish them for daring to speak the truth.

Let me give you a little background.

After Mercede did her blog post I received the following e-mail from Champ Clark representing People magazine.


I came across your blog posting bylined by Mercede Johnston. Is there anyway to verify that this is indeed written by Mercede? Could you let me know?

Thank you.

Champ Clark
Staff Writer

People Magazine
11766 Wilshire Blvd. 1800
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(I will leave out Mr. Clark's phone numbers for the time being because I don't want to be an asshole.)

I called Champ at the number he provided and told him point blank that it was my opinion that People magazine was a Sarah Palin enabler and I was not sure if I could trust that they would not skew the story.

I was assured by Mr. Clark that People magazine was non-partial and had also published stories that did not show Palin in a very good light. (I have yet to find one of those but if any of you see one let me know.) He also told me that he would print the post exactly as it appeared on the blog.  With that assurance I felt comfortable enough to move ahead.

Since Mr. Clark wanted to make sure that Sadie had actually been the author of the post I suggested that she friend him on Facebook and they could communicate that way.  After which I received THIS e-mail from Mr. Clark.

Thanks, (Gryphen)! I have friended her back and waiting to hear from her.

All best,


Champ Clark
Staff Writer
People Magazine
11766 Wilshire Blvd. 1800
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(Once again I am keeping his phone numbers private.)

So Chance and Mercede communicated on Facebook, which led to a phone conversation, and it looked like everything was a go.  I even received this last e-mail on April 28.
Hi (Gryphen),

We are going to post our item shortly on Is it fair to characterize your blog as “anti-Palin?” Please let me know soonest. Thanks much.


Champ Clark
Staff Writer
People Magazine
11766 Wilshire Blvd. 1800
Los Angeles, CA 90025

I responded back asking if instead of "anti-Palin" he could describe my blog as "critical of Palin" since it sounded a little less harsh. That was the last time I heard from Mr. Clark.

I kept looking for the article to appear on, but nothing ever appeared.  I e-mailed Mr. Clark a few times with no response and called him once or twice with the same result.

Then, as many of you know, Bristol started her media blitz.

The day after Bristol's uncomfortable appearance on the View, this article appeared on, followed by this one just yesterday.

So, not to go all "conspiracy theory" or anything, but it seems possible that this whole "Bristol 2.0" media blitz was orchestrated in order to quash Mercede's version of events, and not completely satisfied with that they are now siccing their media hounds on her, and throwing money at her "friends", in order to punish her for daring to tell the truth about them.

I don't know when, or even if, this People story is coming out.  But if it does I for one would be very interested in whose name is on the byline so that I know exactly who at People magazine the Palin's have in their back pocket.

You know I told both Mercede and Sherry that this would be a David vs Goliath situation, and that Goliath has a whole cable news network at their disposal.  They said they understood but felt that it was important for people to know the truth about their brother, and Tripp, and how the other side is twisting the truth.

All the Johnston's have on their side, is the truth, and me, and of course all of you. And I for one have a strong arm and plenty of stones for my slingshot.  Are you with me?


  1. Tyroanee8:04 AM

    Yes. No Questions about it %100.

  2. FEDUP!!!8:06 AM

    I for one am with you (and Sadie and Sherry and Levi).


  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Palin goes after Kernell and now Mercede Johnston. How can she be so relentless? With her fame, money, influence; she could be doing things to help people and turn the other cheek. Palin gets more evil. She is a phenomenon. I hope people in Wasilla get off the fence and do something right away for true justice and the real American way.

  4. Here's what I found on previous People articles for dates, articles, and bylines:

    Sandra Sobieraj Westfall Nov 17/Nov 14, 2009 fluff about "readers' questions"

    Sandra Sobieraj Westfall Oct 15/Oct 22, 2008 "wedding hope for Bristol"

    no byline, no interview date, Sept 4, 2008 "SP talks about family struggles"

    Sandra Sobieraj Westfall Aug 29, 2008 "John McCain & Sarah Palin on Shattering the Glass Ceiling:"


    Then, there's the "Trailblazer" author Lorenzo Benet -- according to his bio at Simon & Schuster, "Lorenzo Benet is an assistant editor at People magazine and the New York Times"

  5. We're there. Tell us who to write at People (IF it will do any good).

  6. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I'm soooo surprised he didn't ask you about dirt on Palin.

  7. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Mercede's comment that Bristol and Levi were trying to conceive a child runs contrary to Bristol's newest job as a motivational speaker for teen abstinence. Bristol cannot be seen as wanting to have a child, having a child and then lecturing that other teens should pause first.

    As far as Sarah being mean, petty and vindictive, remember how she (and her family) treated Trooper Wooten after his divorce from Sarah's sister. Sarah also had to make sure that he would get fired (which makes no sense, since that would affect his ability to support his children). A smart judge warned Sarah (and family) that the terrible things that they were saying about Wooten in front of his children amounted to child abuse, and he warned them to stop it.

  8. Anonymous8:31 AM

    It would be karma, if the person who received the $10,000, reports on the Palin misdeeds instead.

  9. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Be CAREFUL and CAUTIOUS Mercede, Levi and Sherry. SP has a trail of bodies in her wake.

    I agree Gryph, that People is the enabler. They printed the fabricated birth of Tripp story and are PRO-All Things Palin.

  10. FEDUP!!!8:34 AM

    TOTALLY O/T!!!

    I just came across an interesting article on

    There it says:
    "The Foundation also says the use of Terri Schiavo's name is proper because she is a public figure, and that Michael Schiavo has no right to challenge them."

    SOOOoooo.... $arah Grifter Payme and her wannabe Grifter-in-training offspring Bri$tol Payme are public figures... So, in essence, we can all open some foundations in their names and rake in big $$$, can't we?
    I will definitely check into this, and try to open my own gravy train! After all, whats good for a 19 year old dropout and a 46 year old 1/2term GINO, should be good for everyone, right?

  11. Anonymous8:34 AM

    As far as being an anti-Palin blog, that is not an accurate description, Gryphen. You should remind People Magazine that you write about other timely issues. Please send them copies of other posts that include the latest comedy sketch, political editorials and comments.

  12. Hey you know what we COULD do as sort of a preemptive strike would be to e-mail the editors at People magazine ( and ask them where the Mercede Johnston story is?

    If you want to you can send them a link to this post and just let them know that YOU are aware they were working on one and that you would like to read it. Unless of course the post is correct and they really ARE working for the Palin's now!

    I think if a couple dozen or more people did that they might find themselves between a rock and a Palin place.

  13. Anonymous8:41 AM

    The Johnstons need to stay strong & firm with the truth, & not be scared of underhanded tactics. Karma will eventually come around.

    If they have anything they are less than proud of, it would be best to openly say, yes I'm not perfect, this happened & I regret it.

    The hardest thing is when others make up lies, & I'm not sure what to do then.

  14. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Regarding a preemptive strike, I feel yes, everyone needs to be aggressive, so as not to be left in the dust. It's time to stand up & not allow others to smack us down.

  15. Anonymous8:46 AM

    I am with you 100% and will be emailing People magazine. Whatever happened to real journalism?


  16. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Is there a more specific e-mail address than just the editor at People?

  17. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Support the Johnstons in what? Regurgitating the "truth according to Sarah Palin"? Like hell.

    But if someone out there wants to start telling the truth - Absolutely.

  18. Grandma Grifter - You must be really worried if you have your minions willing to pay $10K to smear the Johnstons. I'd say that's confirmation that the truth about Trig & Tripp is NOT what you say it is.

    BTW, Grandma. Do you remember these lyrics: "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose"? You might want to think about them & how they could affect you.

  19. 10catsinMD8:52 AM

    Boooo on People magazine. I read/check it out in the grocery line. Never buy it. Are they a Murdoch pub?

    Go for it Gryphen. Really loved Mercedes article. And yes, if kids are in love and want to get married with parents blessing, they would not care if the girl got pregnant, and yes, they might try to get pregnant because they want kids.

  20. This doesn't surprise me, but it REALLY gets me angry. I'm with you, Mercede & Sherry & Levi. I just hope that they continue their fight, getting their info out because at some point this will bite the Palins in the butt. It may be a few more years before something happens. (I hope not, though...)

  21. If you want another e-mail address you could try this one:

    But remember that this is Mr. Clark's direct e-mail and it may never reach the publishers at People who will not know there is an outcry.

  22. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Trust me Gryph. you have me, and pretty much most of the GOP with you on this one. We want her and her bimbo sire down and out before the next real election cycle.

  23. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Dear People editors,
    Perhaps, Scarah Palin and her "tribe" maybe a money maker for you now.

    Just remember the quitter Govenor placed her hand on a bible and swore to uphold a oath of office.

    So just keep in mind, you too will be getting screwed in some form or another by "she that lies, quits and just wants money".

    Take care.
    Honest Alaskan

  24. Forever Anonymous9:00 AM

    The Johnstons have already told the truth as they know it to be....right?

    There was nothing there to damage the Palins, well except the bit about the expressed desire for B & L to get pregnant. That puts ABSTINENCE out of the question.

    Retaliation against Mercede were to be expected.

    Thank you Gryphen for offering a venue where Mercede can express her sentiments.

    Yet there seem to be more than what you have published to warrant paying for dirt on Mercede.

    Hold on to the computer scrubbing story. Keep reiterating how long since they visit with Tripp. That's the issue. that's the story. Don't let the palins change that.

  25. >they are now sicking their media hounds on her

    Make that 'siccing' ... you can look it up. :-)

  26. drip drip drip...there are cracks in the paylin veneer. And I hope your stones are hollowpoints!

  27. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Time for Levi to step up to the plate and tell what he knows.

    Time for the truth to take Sarah down for good.

  28. Anonymous9:21 AM

    No surprise about People magazine or dirt diggers. I can't get anymore nauseated with them all. They are enablers. I am a little confused with the Johnston story. I am more supportive of Levi, Mercede and Sherry but it would help to clear things up. I agree with 8:46 AM **But if someone out there wants to start telling the truth - Absolutely**

  29. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Everyone writing to People mag should point out that the REAL money is uncovering the dirt on Sarah Palin and the rest of her family. Now that is the story that would makethem the BIG BUCKS!

  30. Anonymous9:23 AM

    You need to realize these folks sell drama for money. People is just a four color glossy rag, not an ethical news source. They print what sells -period. No truth or reality is needed.

  31. Anonymous9:31 AM

    That horrible family is at its best picking on someone weaker than them.

    OK lets get this BS done. Its been 2 years and its time to take care of them already.

    Take them down now...

  32. totally 100% with you and in support of the Johnston family

  33. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Someone asked a question about paying for dirt on Mercedes. We don't know about anything, it was just the ides, that most everyone has something they would rather not be broadcast nationwide in People magazine.

    Palin wants to hurt others who don't support her 100%, so it stands to reason she would dig or make up something unsavory, if necessary. So the concept is, that we don't want Mercedes hurt. She doesn't deserve to be hurt anymore.

  34. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I hope the Johnston's have a little more's time to reload, no we don't hate the Paylin's. . . . we don't like her reverse-christian propoganda being used on this wonderful nation of ours. . . . .her propoganda is being used to create hate, fear, racism to target a few groups of people in our country. People
    Mag wants to say a mean things about the Johnston's. . . . .well, them are fightin" words...people. . . . . .

    They want a fight. . . .we're prepared to defend out own.....

    Let's get ready to rumble. . . . . .
    this is the final straw. . . .
    we're gonna take down this tyrant. . . . screaming out from her facebook page. . . . .
    WTF. . . .is wrong with these crazees. . . .

  35. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Love the David and Goliath story. They say David is best known for being the victorious underdog. I personally believe in the Judeo-christian God, and have been comforted by kindred truth-seekers everywhere. Some would say that bloggers are just looking to be discovered in their careers, while sensationalizing, gossipping on their targets. But my bet is still on Gryphen that his true motive is to help others see the SP phenomenon as a man-made twisted machination of ambitious ruthless men behind the scenes.

    "For the battle is the Lord's" was the cry of David.....when we stand for others who are being quashed, mischaracterized by evil men who dig up dirt, who lie, cheat, steal, don't have a convicted bone in their body, we just have to trust that God who says He's a god of justice, is going to pick up where we can't.

    And, as we've seen lately, more and more articles on SP and her contradictions are being revealed; who knows, some day she'll quit all this, settle down and be seen selling Piper's homemade jewelry on the Shopping Channel.

  36. mocha9:47 AM

    Gryphen, I don't think there is or was ever going to be a Mercede story in People. There is no way they were contacting you and Mercede to bring Mercede's story to a wider audience. Please don't be so naive. You and Mercede were used to get confirmation that the real Mercede wrote the blog post and everything subsequent is just going to be used to paint the Johnston's as the bad guys. People magazine is pro-Palin all the time. Never a negative Palin story. They shine up and re-promote the Palin story every chance they get. They make money off the Palins. They're goin to try and get the dirt to completely bury the Johnstons. The only positive thing out of this is knowing that Mercede scared the Palins and the magazine that makes a pantload of money off the Palins.

  37. Bristol's media blitz was related to the Candies Foundation yearly event and would have happened if Mercede had been silent. They did the same thing last year. There's just no way to tie the blitz to the blog.

    The People Mag inquiries make my head spin. Need coffee!

    Graduation congratulations, Mercede! You look beautiful and, oh, so happy.

  38. The only question you need to ask regarding negative coverage of Palin by People Mag is simple - Is she or her family still talking to them? Since we know the answer is yes, it is confirmed that they have never written anything remotely negative about any Palin anywhere at anytime. Nor will they as long as they want to use Palins as a draw to sell their rag. People has a much longer term self-interest in Palin than they do in any story by the Johnstons. Do the math - the Johnstons, and the truth, lose big time. Haven't you figured out yet why the MSM has never been interested in making any serious effort to take her down? Hooking Mercede up with a Palin-friendly media outlet was, I'll be kind here, naive.

  39. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Why bother to communicate in any way with people magazine about this.

    Look at the articles-the're Palin koolaid drinkers at people magazine.

    Look at those atricles and think is this fair and balanced? And time warner owns people magazine not rupert murdoch. But it still smeels like worship of the half governor- so whats the difference.

  40. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Since when has People been a credible news magazine? The last time I saw a copy, it was still a poorly researched gossip rag.

  41. Anonymous10:03 AM

    isn't Bristol living with Ben Barber? Maybe he's the one to collect $10K.

  42. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Can you imagine if People magazine published the real Sarah Palin story? They'd make a fortune, not only on the lead story, but for months afterward with the fallout.

    That's your story, People Magazine, not digging up dirt on a small-town kid who just wants to spend time with her nephew.

    This is a David and Goliath tale and Mercedes is wielding the slingshot. Everyone loves an underdog.

  43. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I'll email both Clark & directly to 'People'
    asking if they plan to run a piece on the Johnston's perspective & how they've been treated. They would
    also benefit $$-wise if 'People' interviewed them.

    Sharon TN

  44. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Maybe People magazine ought to think about their reputation a bit more. It seems they are interested in selling themselves & not the truth, just like Sarah Palin!

  45. GiveChampAChance10:16 AM

    This Champ guy is only a Staff Writer and the fact that his article didn't get published may not be his doing. Someone higher up probably put the nix on the story. I wouldn't necessarily blame the Champ but I do think it's good to send emails to the magazine- and I will.

    Why don't we send more emails to like-minded celebrities about things like this? Maybe some would become more vocal about these Palin subjects. Seems that people pay the most attention to them and more importantly- they get headlines. I can't believe that there is anyone out there with a brain that can't understand the danger of Palin and these teabag people, dominionists, etc.

  46. LisanTX10:21 AM

    I think Mercede needs to "de-friend" the People guy from FaceBook right away. As her "friend," he can look at all her pictures and read everything on her FaceBook page. He will use whatever he can find as ammo for a story and maybe publish it. Not good for Sadie. She is just a high school kid.

    She can correspond through regular email; then the People guy won't see her and her friends' pictures, comments, etc.

  47. Where does the National Enquirer stand on the Palins? Has all their coverage been positive? How about the guy at ET online or wherever who wrote, and vigorously stood by his story on the locusts descending on the swag suite? Perhaps he would be interested in getting the Johnston's story out. The fact that Levi is charged $2000 a month in child support, gets almost no visitation with his son is not widely known because the media including TV, the View and People have helped Bristol paint the picture that she is on her own and Levi has abandoned his child. You know, my mother always told me that the way to deal with a bully was to be a bully back. I believe she was right and it's true even with adult bulles.

  48. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Direct E-Mail:

    It's been a big couple of weeks for People magazine managing editor Larry Hackett...Mr. Hackett was elected president of the American Society of Magazine Editors..

  49. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I do not understand the reason to find dirt on Mercedes. She was not the quitter part time GINO. She is not out yapping hate speeches against our President. Remember, we elected President Obama, not Senator McCain, yet dingbat thinks because her red monkeys caused a rise for some impotent old white men, that she was the real challenger. On at least one occasion, she even said paylin/McCain while strutting her ignorant self around. The way I read your post, regarding Mercedes, she stood up for the hypocrit

  50. Anonymous10:51 AM

    10:00 AM, People Mag. has always been a gossip rag. Another reason to cater to the quitter. You are on the mark.

  51. Anonymous10:55 AM

    You should send the People rag links to the ruffles story as well as your other 'major' stories and tell them that is where they will make their big $ and they won't have to pay out $10,000+ to whomever for lies.

    Congratulations Mercede on graduation!!! Keep your chin up and watch your back....

  52. LisanTX11:07 AM

    Sadie--Consider enrolling in college. The more education you get, the more you can help your mother and brother. You can definitely get grants and help with tuition.

    I hope that you are going to college--you could even take some classes this summer. :)

    Education is the key, the way out.

  53. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Shame on People Magazine for paying high school age kids $10,000 for "dirt" on another kid. That is repulsive.

  54. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Frankly, if I were a kid in Wasilla or Anchorage, I'd be sure to have my camera phone ready at any party Bristol or Willow attended. Talk about getting big bucks: just one picture of Bristol and her boyfriend getting a little frisky.

  55. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Let's see whose side People Magazine is on. They feature the Palin family on their cover, and glorify unwed Bristol as a proud high school grad holding her diploma and her baby. They are looking for dirt on Mercede for $10,000.

    Listen, Wasilla! Imagine how much they should pay for the truth about Bristol, Sarah, and Trig Palin! Mercede just wants to visit with her nephew. Going after her is like going after all of Trooper Wooten's relatives because they don't like Trooper Wooten. It doesn't make sense. How about it, all it takes is for one good citizen to step forward and it is possible to put an end to the Palin Shameless Exploitation Tour.

  56. Anonymous11:23 AM

    When the photo of Bristol was printed in poeple mag. the graduation robe was black,Mercedes is white. You can see this was taken at the gym.Bristols was from somewhere else.
    Her Mother says: she had a gpa of 3.5 yet this young women is incapable of speaking with intelligence.
    Perhaps, this is why Mr. Clark was asking? He well knows Bristol can't speak let alone write with such clarity and understanding.

    I thought the palin's were of very low caste before, but this attack on the Johnstons is even lower the expected...Calling them Wasilly Hill Billys is way too good for this family.

    I wrote to the editor.

  57. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Wow! What a political genius Sarah is! Quitting her job and laying waste to a high school girl's reputation. Clearly, she should totally be president...

  58. Anonymous11:30 AM

    IM is not an anti-Palin blog, it is a protruth, justice and the American way blog. And Gryphen is our personal super hero.

  59. Anonymous11:31 AM

    So who is Ben Barber? Why do people suspect that Bristol is living with him? Is this at the alleged condo in Anchorage or back at the fortress in Wassilla?

    Does this guy have anything to do with poor little Bristol working so hard?

  60. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Congratulations on your graduation, Mercede!

    As suggested by an earlier poster, please remember to "de-friend" that People magazine guy. That was really good advice.

    I even worry if your privacy is comprised by just letting into your Facebook account considering the privacy breach issues I am reading about regarding Facebook.

    Don't put anything on your Facebook page, you wouldn't want seen everywhere, Mercede.

    Know that readers of this blog and others are sending you and your family positive energy. We don't have to send negative energy to Palin; she generates enough of her and it will all boomerang on her, rest assured.

    Take care. Enjoy your summer.

  61. Anonymous11:44 AM

    If someone could verify where Ben Barber is living and working that would be helpful. He is a likely candidate for the $10K, if that deal is true. Do Mercede or Levi have any "friends" that left town lately? If there is a $10K payoff, I hope that person is not still pretending to be a friend. How did the Johnstons learn about the other friends that betrayed them?

    Love the graduation excitement! You are such a lovely young woman and your mother is a beautiful. Congratulations! So many of us out here are looking forward to when that precious boy, Tripp, can count on and have more time with his family.

  62. This is exactly what is wrong with family! Use the might of the Right to destroy a young man and anyone that knows these people. There is an expression that "Every door knob gets a turn"! This woman and her poor children are going to feel some pain and I hope that the money can replace that feeling. (it is sad but, something fatal will happen)"God does not like ugly"

  63. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Gryphen, I'm with you and the Johnstons and will do anything- write letters, call, do whatever you suggest.

    I'm sick to death of Sarahs lying and manipulation of other people.

    I'm pretty sure that most rags- online and in print- would want to know about Bristol living in sin with Ben Barber. Don't you think??

    And you would think they would be interested in the baby ear story so send it.

    The only thing I don't get is Levi. Why isn't he asking for joint custody or is he?

    I'm sure his big secret is about Trig. Levi stated he was at the hospital at 6 am when Sarah "got Trig." He even had a hospital bracelet on. Did you ask Mercedes about this? I mean come on-suspicious!

    Last question- once on your blog you insinuated that you knew the reason Bristol was sent away during high school. You stated that Levi knew all about this too but..,, " you didn't think he wad ready to talk about it yet." can you explain now?

    Let's all take the bull by the horns and start writing various publications insisting they investigate babygate. And also they should investigate and report on the REALITY of Palin (the way she presents herself and her family) vs the MYTHICAL lies she tells everyone. It's time for a proper vetting!! Screw that B&)CH for trying to destroy young people like Mercedes and Kernell while getting her delinquents off.

    Someone needs to bring the queen witch a peg or two down. Why can't it be us?
    We need to do more than talk about it! And we need to give the media a reason to publish the truth about her highness.

    Sarah Palin is a BI$&H !!!!!

  64. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Gawker reports a staff exodus at People Magazine:

    "People editor Larry Hackett sent out the staff email below today to bid farewell to veteran staffers Maggie Murphy and Sara Williams. But that's not all; we hear that a slew of high-level People employees have left the mag recently, including senior editor Galina Espinoza, senior writer Lisa Ingrassia, and senior write Bob Meadows. Are you People people unhappy for any particular reason? Email us to vent. "

    Interesting timing...

  65. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I believe that Gryphen and anybody else who really has solid information re Trig's real parentage will hold onto it until Sarah announces she's running for Prez in 2012. That's when they want to cut loose with the biggest ammo. If they do it before then it's possible she can do damage control in time to still get the nomination.

    If the reason she lied about being Trig's mom sounds sympathetic and big-hearted to her fans then it will not be enough to deter them. Lying and deceiving can be seen as the right thing to do by some people, under certain circumstances and with certain motivations.

  66. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Someone should remind the Palins that when 'one finger is pointed out, four fingers are pointed back at yourself.’

    Mutiply those 'sins.'

  67. GermanGoodness12:11 PM

    Interesting statement from Anon at 10:02.

    I looked up Ben Barber and although he hasn't visited the page since Sept '09, his Myspace page has a very interesting statement under his About Me:

    like to ride snowmachines, play hockey, go fishing, BP.

    I also have a screen shot saved, in case it gets mysteriously changed.

  68. Anonymous at 10:00: People magazine is pretty much a tabloid-like mag, however, in times past, I have generally found the stories they published about movie stars/personalities to be true. They count, unfortunately, because a lot of people (ha ha) read People and their covers grab you at the supermarket check out lines. I was dismayed as we started realizing that they are so pro-Palin as to publish misleading stories and photos that are so clearly "set up."

  69. Anonymous12:26 PM

    You can't even get the main stream media to tell the truth about Palin, how do you expect to get People to do it.

  70. I'm behind you, Gryphen, but I think since Levi has a big stake in this, he should offer up some information to you on Palin. His mother and sister shouldn't be the ones on the front line.

    One suggestion: if we're going to send emails, let's send to the editor and CC Champ Clark. Then everybody knows who's doing what.

  71. Yes, whatever research can be done via datamining...I am in TX! As far as a friend of Mercede being paid 10K. I don't believe it... I would think that Mercede is a better judge of friends. Sounds implausible that a magazine would pay a teenager money....... There is most probably a P.I. or something that lurking around.

    I personally am so very pleased that People Magazine is reading this blog...where there's smoke, there's fire!

  72. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I think it is telling that after years of association between Palins and Johnstons $arah finds it necessary to offer up $10,000.00 to try and get some dirt on Mercede. Apparently Mercede has been a pretty good girl unlike some other teens from Wasilla.

  73. Anonymous1:45 PM

    So if Bristol is living with Levi's former hockey buddy, why is Candies ignoring this?

    How could she stand up & promote abstinence when someone is at home keeping the bed warm? How can she ask for thousands of dollars to speak about abstinence?


  74. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Gryphen, maybe you should send the People Mag contact the link to Syrin's blog. Looks like Syrin is receiving tips from those in the know in Wasilla about the number of pregnancies that Bristol has had. A story like that would really drive their sales.

  75. WakeUpAmerica1:48 PM

    Have you seen Syrin's comment on her article about Bristol? It's a stunner.

  76. I have been trying to find a fax number for People magazine and/or an actual address. I sometimes send faxes as opposed to emails because an actual piece of paper arrives at the office and someone has to handle it (unless they screen their faxes by computer-but still someone will see it). Cannot find a number. If anyone comes across one, post in a comment. I will check back and I will keep googling for one myself.

  77. Anonymous2:00 PM

    People magazine has NEVER written a negative article on Palin. That's the main reason I stopped subscribing. They are full of sh*t! I think Mercede should go straight to the Enquirer. They don't seem to be as enamored of the Palins. The Enquirer has a lot more credibility today because of the John Edwards story. They also have the bucks and the means to bring this crazy family down.

  78. Anonymous2:04 PM

    When VanFlein confirmed per adn, Bristol's speaking fee it was further proof the Palins use the press to promote their agenda. They are just users and tabloid trash.

  79. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Of all the rags at the grocery store check out counter, I must admit that I would buy People Magazine. That sheet stops TODAY!


  80. Enjay in E MT2:15 PM

    @ Anon 10:02

    Ben Barber? Would this be a platonic live-in relationship with a re-virginized teen mother?
    Per Bistol in the Anchorage condo and apt. with and without a roommate. How very interesting. Got to love small towns!

    Boggles the mind she can lie just about as good as her mother - and at such a young age, however need to practice more on remembering what was told to whom. Course, if publically known she is in a relationship with young man (or even woman since we don't want to be sexist) - might ruin those $30K speaking fees and Candies spokesperson for Abstinance.

    Do you suppose there is a "morals clause" in her contracts?

  81. honestyinGov2:21 PM

    Besides just being a Lieing vindictive family the Palins are all about the Money.... so connect the dots. There are probably 2 things gong on here. Try to MANUFACTURE some dirt or rumors about Mercede and thus help Bristol in the Custody case coming up. That's the personal vindictive Bitchy side.
    ALSO...this week... Bristol has become the focus of the money making scams. Here signing with Single Speakers and her first appearance this week. Here comes the old standard PR machine to portray Bristol as a ' victim '.. AGAIN. She has NO credentials as a Speaker... so play to the audiences sympathy as the victim. Her against the Johnstons. Poor Bristle..... Boo Hoo.
    People will write a PR piece saying nice things about Palins and bashing the Johnstons. Having recently read the New People story readers will show up at these church functions to help support ( $$$$$)Bristle in her new Job. Van Flea Bag gets Bristle her contract and immediately sends a memo to People right after that. " Sarah doesn't believe in Coincidences " It's the $$$$$$$$

  82. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Why is no one questioning Bristol's comment while on The View that she lives on her own WITH A ROOMMATE. ??

    NO ONE asked if this roomie was male or female, a live-in paid nanny or just a gf from high school.

    If the answer is a live-in paid nanny, Bristol has no business touting herself as an average teen mother. If the answer is the roomie is male, she has no business touting herself as celebate.

    In any scenario, the definition of Bristol's 'roommate' would lend credence to Mercede's claims that her brother does without while bristol rorts the system, taking what she doesn't need just to bully Levi.

    In any scenario, Bristol is not truthful when she tells the public she's doing it on her own, the hard way - not if she can ivein a condo and share expenses with a roomie or can afford live-in help.

    I think People Mag would find the better story by identifying and interviewing Bristol's roomie :)


  83. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Shame on People Magazine for paying high school age kids $10,000 for "dirt" on another kid. That is repulsive.


    Get real. Levi has been selling his dirt for almost 2 years and the tabloids have been making these offers since Sarah got the VP nod.

    Funny no one complained as long as the mud was getting flung at Palin.

  84. "I for one would be very interested in whose name is on the byline so that I know exactly who at People magazine the Palin's have in their back pocket."

    I'd start at the top with Editor Larry Hackett. I'm pretty sure she has the entire mag in her backpocket. I thought that was more or less common knowledge for almost 2 years now.

  85. Anonymous3:04 PM

    OK boots on the ground in Anchorage.....time to jump into action and get some pics of Bri$tol's 'room mate'.......get busy up there! Do not let this go!

  86. Anonymous3:08 PM


    You are obviously confused. Levi has never said a bad thing about Bristol or the Palins. OTOH, we've heard lots of shit spewed from SP's mouth re: Levi.

    I say Bring the ugly Bitch down.

  87. A David and Goliath story indeed! Hmmph! And we all know how the first one ended.

  88. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Personally, I wouldn't trust People as far as I could throw them about anything, especially via an e-mail contact. Why didn't "Champ" just call Mercede? Is their number unlisted? As far as your involvement, you could have contacted Mercede and asked her to contact HIM. Then the 2 of them could have worked out how to prove she was she -- and for that matter, that he was he! Facebook is a terrible idea, because now he has her info plus info on all her friends. Remember, it's not all that hard to fake an e-mail address. I think I would have called Newsweek or used one of their published addresses asking them to verify Champ's employment before responding at all. Or traced the Internet headers on the e-mail -- you get the idea.

    Sorry to sound like your mother, but I've been working in a technical capacity with the Internet for many years, and while everything and everybody may be above board in the matter, they also may not be.

  89. bounced back, but my email directly to Larry didn't (hasn't yet). I agree with the poster that said People should do a story on the real Sarah Palin - I bet that would sell more than the fawning pieces.

  90. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Remember the story told by the McCain camp about how Sarah demanded a story be stopped (with lies).She did not want to hear the "shout outs" or have to be asked a question about whether her dude was a member of the Independence Secessionist Party.

    It very much fits in with what we know about Palin. She operates by killing the truth any way she can.

  91. As I have been saying for more than a year now, Gryphen, the big story is and has always been that the MSM is in on the scam and continuing it. The only thing that is going to stop the madness is for one of them to decide that the witch is going down. Only then will they tell the truth, so they can cash in on the big finale. Time Warner, the owner of People Magazine, is totally corrupt. They forced Ted Turner out just so they could do anything for money without any troublesome ethics getting in the way. We cannot trust the Enquirer, either. Did you notice that after a few early, negative stories about the witch, that they suddenly got quiet? The only names at Fox that can be trusted in the least are Carl Cameron and Shepard Smith. The only ones at CNN are Jeffrey Toobin, Don Lemon, Rick Sanchez, Anderson Cooper, and David Gergen, and even some of these are questionable. Have you noticed that as far as CNN goes, most of the butts are in New York or Washington? The ones in LA, such as Joy Behar and Larry King, or in Atlanta, such as Don Lemon, are at least somewhat honest. At MSNBC they are all butts except Rachel, Keith, and Tweety.

  92. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Are you serious, anon? Levi has never, ever said a bad word about Bristol in public. Bristol, on the other hand, has been pretty free with the accusations of "dead beat dad."

    And Sarah? Forty-four-year-old, former Mayor and Governor and VPOTUS nominee, has said a lot of really nasty things about Levi--the teenage father of her grandchild--on numerous occasions.

  93. Anonymous @2:37 PM...Poor sarah...she has been "dished on".... Miss Mercede Johnston IS NOT a public drama whore unlike SP.....Miss Johnston should not have to bat away unscrupulous inquiries because her brother bedded the Gov's underage daughter while "her dishonor" was too busy saving the world for all those poor little rich people and the public be damned while she was at it ...not to mention the well being of her children.

  94. carrieoki4:01 PM

    honestyinGov, my thoughts exactly. With the custody case a little over 4 months away, I can imagine the vengeful Palins will stoop to any level to get damning truths or lies to put the Johnstons in a bad light.
    On a happier note, Congratulations Mercede re: your high school graduation. Good luck and best wishes for much happiness and success.

  95. Anonymous4:19 PM

    People is unlikely to publish an expose on Palin, that's is not their editorial style. They MIGHT print a story from Mercedes or Levi's point of view IF they thought it would sell. But truthfully, Palin is probably a bigger cover story for them--and that said, they would ABSOLUTELY IMO (and I'm in the media in NY) print Sarah's story in her words--and let her put whatever positive spin she wanted on whatever might come out about her. So in all likelihood, contacting People with dirt about SP is probably going to be fruitless.

    On the other hand, there are other publications that might jump on it. The British tabloids are famous for paying for true stories (and they require their contacts to sign an agreement/legal contract stating that what they say is true--so despite people saying that tabloid headlines are not true--they usually are). The publications most apt to buy a story like this about SP are:
    News of the World
    The Mirror or the Sunday Mirror
    The Sun
    The Express or the Sunday Express

    During the election this was more likely. Don't know if SP has any news value currently in the UK--if she does--or if the story is shocking enough--they these papers would pay big money for information, probably $15,000 to 30,000 for a story with only a few key points. (For example, lots of women who sleep with famous sports stars or British celebrities will sell their story which essentially is always soemthing like 'We made love 5 times in one night' and 'He insisted on wearing his socks in bed' or something.)

    In the US, it's harder to sell stories I believe, except perhaps to the NAtional Enquirer. And presumably they are on to this because they have printed things in the past about the Palins. Why they have NOT gone with the bigger stuff is curious. Perhaps they ARE working on something to make a big splash (a la the John Edwards story).

    Other media outlets that might do an expose like this include the NY Post--except they are owned by Murdoch. The NYTimes but then there would have to be lots of proof and non-anonymous sources that would be quoted--and it would probably have to be seen as relevant to something politically important--so for that maybe the taxes/cheating etc. is more likely to be covered by them, if so.

    US Weekly and those sorts of mags MIGHT do something, but they are really pretty fluffly and they'd be more apt to print Palin without makeup on, or reveal all the plastic surgery she's gotten, rather than some expose.

    The news mags...Newsweek, Time, perhaps Vanity Fair or the New Yorker (maaaayyyybeee)...but again, similar to the NYT, they would all need solid proof, quotable proof and a justification for why its newsworthy since it's personal family information.

    That said, it is probably still really really helpful to get the details of all the scandals to as many news sources as possible because if it's 'known' to the media insiders it might find it's way to being made public. I don't think all this stuff is known in NY media circles. At MSNBC, probably. But I met a TV producer at CNN a few months ago and asked her if she knew about the Palin baby thing--and she had NO idea. She was a producer for the financial news--but still, if it were known widely in the media--all this stuff--then she would have heard something probably. and she had no clue. It wouldn't be anything that she would air, but she has colleagues.

    So bottom line, it is a good idea to notify as many journalists as possible as to what SP has done...of course, the difficult part is not coming across as a crack pot. !

  96. kdusmdd4:21 PM

    Gryphen.....Isn't paying a person for information that they would not otherwise give...called "bribary"?.....I bet a rival of People's Magazine would pay attorney and court fees for the Johnston's to take this to court. Sue the bastards and make them tell who they're getting all their information. They'll find out who the ratfink is...........then they'll call Bristol/Levi to the witness stand.....and...and...and... Bingo !!!!!!!!

  97. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Oh, New York Magazine might do something...they are into making big newssplashes and exposes.

    This website may be of use, although you have to join.

    A masthead is the page in a magazine that lists all the editors. The Editorial staff are the ones responsible for content in the magazine (as opposed to art/photos or advertising).

    Typically the Editor in Chief is the head honcho. But other lower-level editors that might be good to contact as well include: Features Editor, News Editor, Deputy Editor or Articles Editor. (Again, it sort of depends on the publication, different editors tend to cover different beats/or areas that that publication reports on)

    Here is the New York Mag masthead:

  98. Anonymous4:42 PM

    No one is questioning Bristol's comment while on The View that she lives on her own WITH A ROOMMATE because media is corporate and that is not the meme the powers that be want. It took the Enquirer a long time to expose John Edwards. Alaska is the last frontier and it is not dogging criminals like the Palins. They have a free ride up there. The man Bristol lives with is Levi's best bud. Levi may not want to go there. His dad may be the one who can reach him or may be did.

  99. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Oh, also the News of the World and The Sun newspapers in the UK--the biggest selling tabloids--are owned by Murdoch. So perhaps unlikely they would do something on her...

  100. Anonymous5:06 PM

    There is a story at HuffPo about John Edwards. He has been under investigation by the FBI and IRS for inappropriate payments to his mistress. Now, Edwards is supposed to be seeking a plea deal because he is afraid of serving time.

    Attention to people who like reading financial records. SarahPAC and her Alaska Fund Trust are both subject to the same scrutiny that Edwards' campaign funds received. I'm just hoping that Sarah has paid unusually high fees to friends and family, outside the boundaries of what is lawful. Calling all accountants and investigative journalists!

  101. FEDUP!!!5:44 PM

    OK. I am on FB, and so I decided to check if I could find Mercede... or Levi.

    I found both. Levi is a bit more private than Mercede - Sadie has published quite a few pics that everybody can see. I don't know if *she* knows it.

    Also - for both - you can see who their 'friends' are... NOT A GOOD IDEA, MERCEDE AND LEVI!!! Go out and make your profile PRIVATE - so that only FRIENDS can see your pics/your friends!

    Gryphen, would you please tell them about this? I believe it is in their best interest!


  102. Helen6:28 PM

    Gryphen -

    A "Palin exposure" blog is a good descriptor with a positive ring to it, rather than "critical of Palin", or an "anti-Palin" blog.

  103. emrysa6:28 PM


    people mag's priorities: $ they're going to keep sarah around as long as they think she's helping to sell their magazine. they won't stop that gravy train by telling the truth about the palins. they've got to make it seem like the darling palins are being harmed, wronged... so f-ing stupid and manufactured.

  104. People magazine is a rag. When scanning for reading material I always pass them over. Of course Sarah Palin would be able to use them to promote her agenda or Bristol's agenda. The CIA ran a lot of the news media in the past and still do, this is certainly true of Time. They use Time to spread propaganda and manipulate people. Be careful Sherry and Mercede, of course I am on your side and fully in support of the truth. I know what can happen when someone with political power comes after you.

  105. ajweishar6:49 PM

    Did People publish any photos of the baby with the ruffled ear? Maybe Champ Clark could tell us whose baby that one is. People covers non stories and ignores the Palin shell game with the three babies.

  106. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I think it's a HUGE story that Princess Bristol lives with a man while telling teens they should be abstinent.

    It's also quite a story that Bristol and Levi ACTIVELY tried to have a baby starting in 2007!!

    And on Syrins blog-Bristol has had multiple pregnancies??

    Why don't magazines like People print the truth.
    the reason I won't buy People is that it's a piece of tabloid crap.

    How long will it be until van fleas writes/ threatens Syrin? If he doesn't, well we know the real truth is coming to Syrins blog from Wasilla.

    Bristol forget the poor poor me victim pity party.

    The Palins are complete fraud s and cancerous to real Americans
    I wonde

  107. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Mercede is a very striking young woman, whereas Sarah's eldest daughter is a bit homely and getting fat. I'd say jealousy is part of what is feeding this fire.

  108. Anonymous9:55 PM

    I think the idea of going to The British press is a great idea. The Palins' would stop at NOTHING to gain the power they want....and I mean NOTHING.

  109. 100% with you Gryphen. Sarah Palin Inc. makes my skin crawl.

  110. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Bristol couldn't command 30,000.00 speaker fees if it appeared that her baby daddy was involved/interested.

    I saw a "poor" girl on The Steve Wilkos Show this morning "preaching" abstinence. Why not allow her to EARN a living as a national spokesperson, instead of Bristol, who comes from a family with millions of dollars?

    The Bristol "thingy" doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense, because it's a scam..

  111. It is a HUGE story if Bristol is living in sin with Levi's hockey pal in Anchorage. We are guaranteed the MSM will not look into that story. Why is there not one soul in all Alaska that can find out what would be simple information in most other states? Is that man so important to have every trace of him scrubbed?

    The Johnstons latest revelations, they never saw any babygate blogs, and now Syrin's blog about credible confirmation.. this is getting too twisted. The pictures of Sarah that survived 2008 and the pictures of baby ears are blazed into my brain. When will it all make sense?

    People Magazine SUCKS! Don't trust them.

  112. We need answers10:40 AM

    You saw a "poor" girl on The Steve Wilkos Show this morning "preaching" abstinence?
    Dr. Drew said she is not abstinence only. Can you send Steve Wilkos Show to Dr. Drew? Was he lying, did Bristol lie to him or both?

  113. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Don't forget the green sweater photo which Audrey at palindeceptions dated to the fall of 2006 in which Bristol looked about four to five weeks pregnant. We've seen lots of photos of her before and after that in which she had simply gained weight (like those recent photos she did at the latest Candies event). This girl does NOT just gain a forward thrust in the tummy region unless she's preggers. Fall 2006 green photos show a much earlier pregnancy than either Trig or Tripp.

    So the hypocrisy of this creature preaching abstinence is just about as extreme as you can get.

    She should at the very least own up to all the other pregnancies (and abortion(s)?) and do the typical "good Christian/confessional" thing with a narrative flow that more accurately reflects her true life....i.e, "I've been pregnant lots of times, and I had at least one abortion (most likely the fate of green sweater baby), and I now regret this...but I've accepted Jesus as my Saviour and now I'm abstinent....yada yada yada etc." That would be worth $30,000 on the conservative Christian speaking circuit.

    Of course, she might want to get rid of the live in boyfriend she's screwing first - or at least stop screwing him in public places where locals have been observing her be decidely "non-abstinent."

    She needs to learn who she's working for her and what is expected of her if she's going to be a successful figurehead for that conservative young Christian women circuit.

    Otherwise, she's headed the way of Carrie Prejean, Palin's former BFF until all the sex videos of her came out. I'll bet Prejean's speaking fees went from $30,000 down to $3.00 after all her "past" came out.

    Bristol needs to open her freakin' eyes and learn a little about the world.

  114. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I'm anon at 2:24: correction - in the green sweater photo dated fall 2006, she appeared to be at least four to five months pregnant. (Months not weeks!)

  115. London Bridges4:27 PM

    I always believed the green sweater was 2007. Look at Piper to accurately date the picture.

  116. London Bridges4:36 PM

    Also, too, Bristol is saying "pause," which means use a condom, so don't misinterpret this to make her or Sarah a hero. Or maybe she is saying "paws."

  117. Anonymous5:01 PM

    It is time for everyone that has been screwed by Palin and proactly turn this around. I am tired of all talk no action. Stake out Bristol's condo for who she is living with. Ask for an accounting of the gymnasium and link it to the house and cabin. Get some long-lensed cameras for Christ's sake. If this bitch isnt stopped I may have to move to Canada, possibly her birthplace.

  118. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Hey Ben, in case you have not noticed, those Palin girls are pretty fertile. If Bristol says don't worry I won't get pregnant, just take a look at her mother's picture and decide long and hard is it worth it to get Bristol pregnant. Besides getting caught up with the Palin drama, ask yourself can you afford $2000 a month child support?

  119. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I've already contacted People and advised them of a 18 year subscription cancellation coming if they continue being "SarahPeople" magazine.

    Others need to do the same. Hit 'em in their purses.

  120. Does Rupert Murdoch either own People or have influence on it?

    Considering how the media likes to build up someone, then delights in tearing them down, I am surprised that they haven't started the tearing down part on Palin. She is so long overdue.

  121. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Oh, forgot to include the relevant Palin Payton Place photos:

  122. Anonymous7:17 AM

    I know that there has been valid speculation about the green sweater photo being taken in 2007, not 2006. At Palin's Peyton Place we see a nice comparision to the green sweater photo and Bristol's figure at that time and a photo taken of the family two months later at Palin's inauguration. Two months later (if indeed the green sweater photo came from fall of 2006) Bristol does look noticeably slimmer, not at all pregnant.

    So that ties in with my theory that baby number one was aborted. Pretty simple and logical. Bristol has had serial pregnancies, it's clear from the photos. Some were brought to term, some not. I think she may have the misfortune of being extremely fertile - some women get pregnant at the drop of a hat even IF they use protection. Of course, with no protection at all, it's even more likely to get preggers!

  123. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Palin Payton Place is a fascinating site. Thank you. Bristol may have been pregnant in 2006.
    Bristol baby bump 2006 or 2007?
    Also, other people have stated elsewhere that has soon as they heard the announcement from McCain who he chose to be his VP pick, they started doing research on her. Within a few hours, many stated that web sites were being removed, others were being changed. This is one of the photos that they have stated was changed around to different web sites and the date was changed. This is a blog site from one of the people who claimed this happened to them. Grandma Maggie's Unsolicited Advice So which one is it? If this was taken around Oct 2007, could Bristol be pregnant in it?


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