Monday, October 18, 2010

Here is audio of Teabagger Joe's Iron Curtain comment. Update!

Steve over at What Do I Know has a pretty clear audio recording of the question and Miller's response.

Even though I have embedded his video here I encourage all of you to click the link to Steve's blog and see what he wrote about this as well.

You know as much as I am enjoying the story about Miller's thugs using Gestapo tactics on Alaska Dispatch's Tony Hopfinger, I have to admit that I am a little frustrated that THIS story is not receiving wider circulation.

In my opinion it is just as relevant, if not more relevant, as an illustration of just what kind of guy Joe miller is, and what kinds of policies he would see as appropriate in dealing with this country's issues, as the story that he hired his own private army to deal with aggressive reporters.

I am hoping that once the brouhaha over Tony's "arrest" dies down that the media will pick up this story and run with it as well.

Update: ADN has linked to Steve's audio and is reporting this part of the town hall story as well.  That's more like it!


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I concur wholeheartedly Gryph.

    My assumption is that a lot of Amurrkans have no problem with the idea of a Berlin Wall solution. These would be the same knuckledraggers that can't remember that the Wall was pretty much a universal symbol of shame. Need to go back and watch the film footage of East Berliners attempting to escape (always loved the one of the woman getting clotheslined on the barbed wire).

    These teatards are such vile beings.

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    This story SHOULD not 'die down" as you have suggested. IT MUST go front page. AND a law suit MUST be filed. I am sick and tired of people like Joe Miller and Sarah Palin getting away with breaking the law. They are NOT above the law...well except maybe in their delusions.

  3. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Found it. Excellent review of a bizarre time in our history.

    The scene I was referring to was around 6:22. But the whole thing is chilling.

    The Wall 1962

  4. Molly9:01 AM

    Oh yes, I'm sure Americans would just LOVE it if we became as resourceful as East Germany in keeping our citizens under lock and key.

    As someone in a comment on another blog asked: If joemiller endorses an East-German style wall, which side would he have us on? Would he require a loyalty test?

  5. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I remember watching the wall being torn down by people's bare hands. The cheering and crying in the streets.

    People who believe as Mr. Miller does that "walls" create solutions to huge, complex social difficulties have absolutely no place in the public debate or in any type of public influence.

  6. Thanks Gryphen Off to add to my blog again with this and some of Steves comments.

    It is so amazing these fuckwits can spend millions of dollars on a campaign and several years in preparation only to destroy themselves in the last minutes.

    Does anyone else hear the sound of Joes the Penis' campaign hitting the floor? I damn sure do.

    Me thinks Joe is still the best candidate for Asshat of the week though.

    AFSs' First ever Ass Hat of the week

    Go Jenga

  7. Anonymous9:27 AM

    It's been on MSNBC all morning but it's ALL told from Millers side. They said the blogger started a physical fight with Miller.

    Miller is a scary fascist nutcase!!!!!

  8. Anonymous9:28 AM

    It's getting media attention Gryphen and it'll grow throughout the day. The Dispatch website has been very hard to access and crashed at one point due to overload. There was a piece on MSNBC this am. If Miller doesn't show up to the debate tonight he's gonna get a whole lot more negative attention this week.

    Hoping McAdams has a great night!

  9. Anonymous9:31 AM

    It will be too late when voters wise up on just how bad this is. Hitler was the last generation's problem; surely we cantal the same--- right?

  10. FJ Dandy9:32 AM

    I'm spreading the word by posting this on all the sites I usually read.

    Alaskans, do you get it? This guy is an idiot!

    Also, too, I'm listening to Tony Hopfinger on the Ed Schultz radio show. He said the guards chest bumped him (I can just picture this...those bullies with their weapons, intimidating him).

    Tony is giving a GREAT recounting of the illegal actions perpetrated against him. I hope this is the end of Miller.

    Gryph: Can Canadians donate to Scott's campaign?

  11. hopefully Olbermann or Maddow will cover it - should be a worst person for sure

  12. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Sharon Angle tells a group of Hispanic students that they look Asian and she will probably get elected.

    I hate to say this about America, my country that I THOUGHT believed in REAL freedom and liberty but look at these nutjobs that are going to be elected.

    Thanks Alaska for Sarah, the Queen of
    Mean and now you are going to elect Miller?
    Is everyone in Alaska or 2/3 really so stupid?

    So many truly stupid people. It's really scary. We are now 25th in education in the world and they want more home schooling, charter schools and to get rid of the Dept of Education. How wonderful to have a country full of uneducated kids like the Palin kids. Frightening! Does Piper go to school?? WTF is Track doing? What great role models for America.

  13. angela9:43 AM

    I'm totally with you on this one Gryphen.

    Do the idiots who support Joe understand that East Germany was trying to keep people in not out? As in it was a Soviet block nation who didn't want their nationals to have the freedom to come and go as they pleased because the country might completely empty out. They really weren't worried about regular people sneaking over the fence to join them.

    Damn this man is a menace. This has ALWAYS been the real story about last night. And this says absolutely everything about who Miller is.

  14. FJ Dandy9:52 AM

    Please spread the word.

    The man they cuffed, Tony Hopfinger, edits an Online Magazine and has published many articles in Newsweek.


    Don't let the baggers smear Tony.

  15. Anonymous10:15 AM

    It will be interesting to see if Joe Miller has the guts to come to tonights debate. If he doesn't, I would hope Alaskans see this nutjob for what he really is, and realize what he stands for. I now wonder if he was released early from the military because of his off the wall beliefs and what some of his past co-workers think of him. He is right up there with Michelle Baughman and Sarah Palin. His biggist problem is he was borm too late to be in the Confederate Army. He would have fit right in.

  16. Anonymous10:19 AM

    anonymous parenthetically stated "always loved the one of the woman getting clotheslined on the barbed wire."

    Surely you don't mean you enjoyed, "loved," seeing something as horrific as that??

  17. Anonymous10:23 AM

    BTW: Palin's new hero, Mrs. Thatcher, thought tearing down the wall was a bad thing. Scary reunifed Germany.

  18. Anonymous10:24 AM

    You're reaching only your own people with all this stuff Gryphen. And the people who are not taken in by the baggers are not getting the message out to those who are being fooled. I think your country is fukked because it's too late to turn it around. And you really so have it coming you know. You sat on your hands and you let them do it. Not unlike how the German people were fooled by the Nazi movement. And when it was all over nobody felt sorry for those people. Nobody.

  19. I have seen the Miller story early this morning on and also the
    Daily Kos also had it.

    It's out there......and is the GOP just a wee bit worried they can hold this tea party group together rather than it imploding before the election?

    We have to keep talking and getting info out there.

  20. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Not to worry ... the news about this jack boot incident at the behest of welfare queen Miller is all over the nation, even CNN has the news on their site and many more news providers have the story.

    It gets buried behind "politics" links on the front pages.

    Having closely listened to the video of him being handcuffed behind soda machine one can hear a man saying "I'm the police" when asked "who are you?"

    Fulton, the owner of the survivalist store Zone Drop in Spenard is trying to save his cannard by claiming he's a charity and doesn't sell guns

    . .but does market intellectual and spiritual constipation 24/7 at the behest of those hate the government we pimp for tax dollars ilk.

  21. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Mr. Obama, lame duck to be rolled over by President Palin, "BUILD UP THIS WALL!"

    Also, they can hire Todd and a couple of his buddies too, they'll knock it out in an afternoon. It'll blow over in the first wind, but it'll be a good use of State administrated federal tax dollars.

  22. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Get that dang'd fence built!

    Excessive and lethal force encouraged by the Minute Men, militia men, card carrying patriotic American members of the Tea Party and National Guard too.

  23. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Anon @ 9:06 - you say it true and beautifully.

    This all makes me very sad.

  24. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I sure hope Scott takes advantage of all of Joe's comments and uses them against him.

    Scott's new ad could be......

    Come to our Town Hall Meeting where you can ask questions and not get arrested.

  25. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Newsmax, the asskissing medium of Sarah Palin beyond Fox News, is an online news magazine.

    How is it said with pride when it is a conservative online mag as opposed to uttered with venom when it comes to Alaska Dispatch? Joe Miller's own State news resource?

    If AK Dispatch offers Sarah's books for free if people subscribe, would the bots give them grudging respect as a news org?

  26. I'm not an Alaskan, never set foot in Alaska, so this is a viewpoint from a complete outsider:

    Alaska is a huge plot of land with vast natural resources but not many people. Some folks choose to live in Alaska because it's remote and they are escaping problems elsewhere, so Alaska has become a hideout for undesirables.

    The wealthy manipulators have figured out ways to siphon money from Alaska by placing hand-picked politicians to do their bidding.

    Alaskan citizens are not able to squash this corruption (they are hiding, escaping, poverty-stricken, detached, whatever) so it grows unchecked.

    John McCain gave Alaskan corruption a big boost by selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate, thus giving her brand of "Alaskan ignorance for hire" a national platform, attracting others like her to the fake Tea Party.

    I don't know how it will all get resolved. I feel badly for Alaskans.

  27. A moment of clarification.

    It may have seemed by my post that I was not wholeheartedly in favor of getting the story of Tony Hopfinger's arrest out to as many news sources as possible. I am definitely in favor of that and have been doing my part to get the story the widest possible distribution.

    My only point was to say I hoped that the border fence story would also get out to the public as well, since I believe it is also a very damning piece of information.

    BTW I did not okay a comment by somebody which contained a link to a conservative blog that I refuse to send traffic to. However the question posed in that comment deserves an answer.

    Apparently as I was leaving the town hall the guy who called Miller a "welfare queen" was talking to a friend of mine. So the assumption is that I knew him and that it was a set up.

    I had never met the gentleman before and if there was a setup I was not in on it. I actually came alone, and expected Dennis Zaki to bring his video camera and join me, but he was detained with family business.

    I know my clarification will not keep certain people from being absolutely certain that I was the ringleader, but that's the facts Jack.

  28. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Never mind East Germany- Uncle Joe's fellow patriot, Newt Gingrich, recently wished we were more like Saudi Arabia: "If the Saudis don't allow Catholic pedophile priests, why should we allow a mosque in lower Manhattan?

  29. Anonymous11:53 AM


    No no. Extremely poor use of sarcasm on my part. Apologies.

    That shot always stuck with me. I mean, getting clotheslined - like by someone's arm - is bad enough. But by barbed wire? Ouch.

    But note that she just gets up and keeps on trucking.

    It was a symbol of fear and shame, and asshat's reference just proves what a complete tool he is.

    And, what is UP with all the Nazi stuff lately? White militia groups aren't too good at math are they? Really guys, you need to run the numbers. Hint: you're outnumbered. Big time.

  30. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Well, if you've ever wondered how Germany allowed the Nazis to take over, just examine what's going on with these Tea Party people right now. This round, they haven't been able to hide the crazy well enough to infiltrate our House and Senate (I don't think, anyway.) But they'll only get more polished - and their secrets easier to hide if they make real headway in undermining the power of the press to expose their rottenness.

  31. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Something there is that doesn't love a wall.
    -- Robert Frost

  32. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Anon @11:53, many thanks for the clarification! I just knew that wasn't how you felt!!

  33. Hey ya'll

    I just read:
    "" Hopfinger is scheduled to be a host at the next senatorial debate featuring Miller. Wonder how well that's gonna work now. ""

  34. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Even Rodney Dangerfield would be leary of that crowd

    "it was a rough crowd, a really rough crowd"

  35. Word on the net: The business license for Drop Zone expired December 2009.

    Can anyone confirm?

  36. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Couple of problems the Ass Hole Yale graduate (Man Yale is turning out some idiots latly.)doesn't know about the border fence.
    1) It doesn't work, obviously, the evidence of its failure is all over the country.
    2) Rich Republican donner ranchers won't allow the fence on their property, so the fence is not continuous from the Gulf to the Pacific.
    3) There are rivers that run along and cross the border, how are they to be "fenced?"
    3.1) And mountains
    4) The southern border of the US continues all along the Gulf Coast and, in this context, all the way up the East and West Coasts. Are we going to fence all of that?

    and the biggie is
    5) Who is going to do the work that the Hispanic immigrants do at sup poverty wages? Or are employers, say like Meg Whitman, willing to start paying unemployed Americans a living wage?

  37. Anonymous2:48 PM

    If Joe's event was not advertised as a "private" event then, especially since it was held on public property, (odds are they only rended the one room and access, not the whole building, like say the back hall) he cannot retroactively claim it as private.

    The thugs need to be charged with false arrest, assault and battery at least.

  38. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Ann. 9:06
    I remember watching the wall being torn down by people's bare hands. The cheering and crying in the streets.

    There is a potential great PR spot just waiting to be aired.

    There is probably still film and still of the German guards shooting people trying to cross.

  39. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Can't remember where I saw this today, Miller has been in a nose dive sense September in the polls by about -20 points.
    Lisa has gone up consistently since announcing and they are tied.
    McAdmas has been rising in the polls for about a month and is only 10 points down, not good but up 10 points and rising.

    Maybe, just maybe Miller will continue his downward movement and pass McAdams.

    Does Alaska have run offs if no body gets more than 50% in a three way race?

  40. Anonymous6:22 PM

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