Monday, October 11, 2010

Joe Miller" I will no longer talk to the local media about my background information!" Updates! Lots, and lots of updates!

In his press conference Miller complained bitterly about the intense scrutiny he and his family have been under.  And identified the "Alaska Dispatch" as the worst offenders.

Then Joe held up a picture that a ten year old boy drew for him claiming "this is the kind of support we have been receiving" and then stomped away from the podium ignoring calls from the Alaska media of "WTF?"

I will have video of the news conference up later including an exclusive interview with Lisa Murkowski about Joe's blackout of local Alaska media.

By the way close up, Miller's beard is even more pathetic than it appears in pictures.

P.S. When Miller mentioned that there was one "blog" that he was going to identify as "really crossing the line," I have to admit I had a momentary increase in my pulse as I was thinking "Oh boy, oh boy, Miller is going to complain about ME to the national media!"  But sadly he identified Alaska Dispatch instead.


Of course most people probably realize that Alaska Dispatch is NOT a blog, they are a news website.  But Miller's an idiot so what do you expect?

Update: It looks like the Tea Party Express might be keeping their powder dry concerning Teabagger Joe.

A national tea party group supporting Joe Miller in the Alaska Senate race has decided to hold off on running ads in the contest until nearer the election.

Hmm I wonder if now that all of this new information about Miller's background has come to the surface that the Teabaggers may have realized that they bought themselves yet another terribly flawed candidate?

We know the political rule of thimb don't we?  "If Sarah picks'em, we don't want'em!"

Update 2: Here is the Murkowski interview.

It looks like Miller just handed Murkowski a nice little gift.

Update 3: Here is the ADN report which includes the money quote:

"We've drawn a line in the sand. You can ask me about background, you can ask me about personal issues. I'm not going to answer," the Miller said.

I believe he followed that statement with the phrase, "Nanny, nanny boo boo."

Update 4: I actually arrived part way into the Anchorage Chamber debate which took place immediately before Miller's amazing press conference where he said he was going to take his ball and go home, becasue the local media is asking him too many hard questions, that hurt his feelings.

Anyhow one of the questions posed to the panel, which included all three candidates, was "Which Senator do you most admire?"

Murkowski kind of hemmed and hawed before saying that of course she admired Ted Stevens, and then named a few others who were Democrats that she also enjoyed working with.  McAdams identified Senator Inouye from Hawaii, a fellow Democrat from another very new state, and perhaps Senator Stevens very best friend.  However Joe the Teabagger, first said that since he disagreed with almost ALL of Congress it would be hard to think of one, but then volunteered that he greatly admired JIM "Freaking" DEMINT! 

In case you are wondering why that name sounds familiar, as if you have just heard it in the news recently, it may be because Demint made the following statement just last week:

DeMint said if someone is openly homosexual, they shouldn't be teaching in the classroom and he holds the same position on an unmarried woman who's sleeping with her boyfriend — she shouldn't be in the classroom.

So of the 100 Senators to choose from, Joe Miller picks the homophobe who wants school administrators to refuse to hire "the gays" and also wants them to ask female teachers if they are screwing their boyfriends so they know if they should fire them or not. THAT is the type of Senator that Joe Miller "admires."

But hey, don't you local journalists ask him any questions about it! Joe is WAY too cool for you guys!

He only talks to the national media don'tcha know. And by NATIONAL Media he of course means Fox News.


  1. But immediately after today's Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum, he was talking to Greta Van Susteren of Faux News. Does anyone really think he's interested in representing Alaska?

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    How is that a "press conference"?

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Can we haz meltdown now?

  4. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Hate to say this, but, have you ever considered it might be YOU. Perhaps you are kryptonite for these RWNJs. You in the vicinity and they lose even the facade of sanity.

    Please give it a test. Wander around Lake Lucille for a bit.

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Wow, just wow. These people - Miller, Palin, O'Donnell, etc - have such a sense of entitlement and righteousness. I hope the lot of them fail in their various attempts to make the rest of us miserable. As an aside, the beard comments crack me up - juvenile I know, but I'm a beard fan like Andrew Sullivan - and gay. My partner and I both sport them. Our favorite train wreck this week is Paladino - what a bonehead! But AK never fails to provide much to read about :) Love your work!

  6. mommom2:49 PM

    One question I have is if he was a part time judge surely she was part time as well.I understand you must have been holding a full time job to be able to draw unemployment after termination.Is that different in Alaska?

  7. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Isn't this ass running for the Senate? YES!! HE SHOULD BE UNDER A MICROSCOPE!!! What a dipshit!

  8. Anonymous2:57 PM

    How can you not talk to local media? This is probably a sign of things to come, with candidates hand picking audiences, taking interviews from a studio in their garage, and twittering their responses. I think media in general should revolt against this kind of thing. No cushy spots if you don't want the hard questions too.

    Papers used to have real budgets and real investigative reporters, and basically all candidates were afraid to thumb their noses at the press, because they'd be buried. Now, things seem to be different, I guess because the resources are not there and/or most journalists are corporately owned.

    More than ever I think that the most important thing we can ever do for this country is take back freedom of the press. Campaign finance reform of course is always at the top of the list, but the press has always been your firewall against facism and oligarchy. We need to start there, and start buying back these news outlets.

  9. teutonic132:57 PM

    I know you refrained from posting my last re BP- but can I say it now?

    Joe Miller is a dumbass K*nt.

    Thank you in advance Gryphers

  10. Anonymous2:58 PM

    What was the picture that the 10 yo boy drew? Was it THAT bad? That is kind if mean of him, isn't it?

  11. What a fool Joey has shown himself to be today.

    Huffing and puffing trying to blow the house down (or the wool) over our eyes.

    Is he sooo clueless to ignore the fact that this little deed will go absolutely viral? It will come out anyway-

    Any man this stupid should remove himself from the political gene pool.

    Having reproduced 8 times nullifies any other pool purging option-

  12. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Palin started a very dangerous and unacceptable trend when she decided she could pick and choose her media coverage. Sort of defeats the entire purpose of a 'free press,' which relates to the freedom of independent press to inform the citizenry NOT the freedom of people who wish to make decisions for all the citizenry to hide their true motivations. Now we have Sharon Angle, Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller--all abusing the intent of the first amendment. No coincidence that they all supposedly subscribe to the Teabagger philosophy, I'm sure.

  13. Anonymous3:07 PM

    So O'Donnell, Angel and others refuse to talk to the national media. And Sloppy Joe Miller refuses to talk to the local media. Have these Baggers ever paid attention to political campaigns? Do they have a freakin' clue.

    Earth to baggers! There's a reason why mime's don't run for public office. Because YOU HAVE TO TALK.

    What a bunch of losers.

  14. SME1313:07 PM

    This dumb fuck thinks people should vote for him even though he refuses to answer some rather simple questions? Damn, Palin really trained him well.

    What would make anyone think they shouldn't be scrutinized when they are running for a position of power as a damn law maker.

    I hope this stunt bites both him and Sarah in the butt.

  15. Is this the Sarah Palin Effect? It seems that candidates she has endorsed no longer have to respond to questions from constituents and the media. The list: Joe Miller, Sharron Angle,Jen Brewster, and Christine O'Donnell are all running away from the media.
    What a disgrace these people are! "Vote for me, but don't ask any questions. Sarah has vetted me. This is all you need to know."
    We, as citizens, have a right to know your solutions to our complex problems. The real reason that these folks are not answering is simply, they have no solutions, just "talking points". If this doesn't wake up our citizens, we are doomed. Sadly, many will be asleep.
    Congrats to the Alaska Dispatch. If it takes a law suit, so be it. It is about time that journalists started doing their job rather than relying on the Alaska bloggers to do the reporting.
    Journalists should be reporting the truth. However, in this day, it is difficult, considering the polarization of our nation. This is another thing, we can thank Sarah. She is the poster child for this activity.

  16. In his refusal (that staunch line in the sand in regards to NOT answering any questions from the press regarding his past- joe ( a little 'j" for a little coward) forwarded the question...

    "That I made mistakes in the past, does that disqualify me from being a senator?" Miller asked.

    I can answer that for you joe. Yes.

    In case that was a little too hazy of an answer for you joe- let me say it again... YES!

    You have disqualified yourself for numerous reasons, the foremost being, actions and statements UNBECOMING to the office of United States Senator.

    Obfuscation (Yeah you understand that word don't you- you little Ivy league rascal you) seems to have now become a weapon less effective for you now that the scent of blood is in the wind for the wolves you call the local press.

    So now it's stonewalling? Really joey? You are just going to stick your head in your rear and shut down the press are you?

    The death knell drums are pounding joe- and those big Alaskan wolves are pretty hungry.

    Maybe you can sell your property and houses when it comes time to payoff your campaign debt joey. But then again- there's always another way out- Chapter 7 (or 13 if you have the cajones that SP says BO doesn't have).

    Well joe, welcome to Sarah's floe.

  17. Chenagrrl3:23 PM

    Bear down. If Joe doesn't want to talk, I am sure there are off-the-record types in FBX who will.

    Blogsters, fill in his vacuum with real information about him.

    What a stupid move. One of the first rules for candidates in trouble is leave no vacuum. The second, of course, is tell the truth.

    Isn't this the same maneuver SP recommended to COD in Delaware. Speak through Fox. What an indictment for that supposed "news organ."

  18. Anon 2:57

    You are so right. Just think if the media was like this in 1972-75, Richard Nixon probably would not have had to resign.
    As you stated, the problem is corporately owned media. These media outlets supply us the news that they want us to hear.

  19. Anonymous3:24 PM

    "If Sarah picks'em, we don't want'em!" I want a bumper sticker!!!

  20. Anonymous3:26 PM

    This newest development in Joe's background is very damaging to his campaign and I hope it is not ignored by the press. Obviously his worse nightmare has been realized, but then again, not being honest and upfront has a way of getting back at you. By all means, this latest development has to be repeated continuously by the press so that everyone understands the seriousness of Miller's past and his lack of honest. Hopefully, his supporters will see his dishonesty and look at the other candidates as an alternative. I agree, anyone Palin supports is someone you want to pay paricular attention to. O'Donnell is another candidate Palin gave her support to who has a background that is very questionable, to say the least. This alone speaks volumes of Palin's herself and her decision making and her qualifications to serve in any office.

  21. Anonymous3:29 PM

    How can a candidate not talk to the local media? Honestly, these baggers are all a bunch of unqualified, lying cowards. I hope the voters see through this idiot.

  22. frebdg 2:37

    Is he interested in representing Alaska? No, he is too busy measuring the drapes and carpet for his new digs in D.C.
    His wife will probably be his Chief of Staff. You know his goal...a job for one Alaskan.

  23. hauksdottir3:50 PM

    Oooh, a turkey melt sandwich, and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet!

    I might be thankful anyway. ;)

  24. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Some one in the Republican party must have known this was coming or Lisa wouldn't have decided to stage a write-in campaign. Tony did a decent job as governor, but someone higher up must have looked at the writing on the wall and begged her to keep her hat in the ring. We can't have a good Democrat in office again, can we?!!

    This guy is such a D•^<# B•€! Why, if he cared so much about guns, babies and Jesus, didn't he just work on a campagne and write for someone who wasn't so shady with so much to hide?

    Tomorrow I will have breakfast at my favorite bakery and listen to my favorite chef, a fan of Shady Joe, tell me that it is none of our business why joe only served 3 of 5 years of his commitment to the Army. He will rant that no one needed to know about his history as a "judge"-- he can't talk about his private sector employees, why should someone in government have to disclose this information if the people want to know? I suddenly don't want my Danish and latte...

  25. I have to say though-

    in her reply to joe's self made dilemma-

    Lisa M's snarky little Cheshire cat grin- was a little over the top as well.

    Less evil trumps stupidly evil...

  26. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Next time, Gryph. You deserve credit for, if nothing else (and there is much else!), your awesome (or aah-sum, per SP) great running commentary. Mel

  27. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Lisa Murkowski looks rather nice with that delighted grin. Too bad she didn't do her research before the primary. She should have gotten the questions about Joe Miller's background right up on the front pages. Was she lazy? Was she stupid? Was she told her Senate seat was safe?

    WHY did Lisa M. fumble so badly?

  28. Anonymous4:21 PM

    If he won't talk to Alaskan media, I am hard pressed to understand how he can represent Alaskans.

  29. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Weird. There is a Meet and Greet Dessert Party for Joe Miller tonight at Evangelo's in Wasilla from 7:30 - 9:30. The public is welcome and there is no charge. The invite specifically says, "Come and get your questions answered."

    Yikes. I guess his campaign staff didn't hear his press statement where he said he won't be answering anymore questions.

    Are you planning on attending, Gryph?

  30. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Golly, I guess that means you are guilty Joe! It is normal to be scrutinized when seeking higher office. It is expected. You should be held to a high standard.

  31. Anonymous4:30 PM

    No, I'm not voting for Lisa. And HELL NO, I aint voting for Joe.

  32. Molly4:34 PM

    Gees, if he wants to represent the people of Alaska, then they have every right to ask him about his life. I'm MOST curious (and I'm not Alaskan)about his purported military record. If he's gonna claim he's severely disabled, I think the public has a right to know if it's a physical or a mental disability, and if so, what exactly was/is the problem.

    I think that's not asking too much.

  33. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Makes you really wonder whether All-show Joe is really a lawyer, if he is so thinned skin about questions being posed to him. Also too, this may tie into his short term employment stints. Someone can not take criticism it appears ... so he resorts to the bully boy 'charm'.

    Can't talk, then you walk!

  34. In Wasilla4:39 PM

    I'm conservative. Right wing. Very much so. But I can not vote for Joe. First it was the murky background activities. Then it was the apparent hypocrisy when it came to receiving free federal money. The straw that broke the camel's back was the staggering personal debt. I live debt free and expect those in leadership to do the same. And then this. The camel's back is already broken... You may as well set the corpse on fire and dance naked in the flames...
    I don't always agree with Lisa. But, at least I know what I'm getting. With Joe, you just don't know...

  35. Anonymous4:39 PM

    They will only appear on Fox. But their base only watches Fox. Anything else is lamestream and "them", the enemy. They don't need to answer to legitimate media or answer questions. Corporations and secret PACs will run ads for them. The "rules" of campaigning don't apply anymore. And the scary thing is that it just might work. Kimosabe.

  36. SME1314:43 PM

    I think the fact he may have resigned due to politicking in 2008 is of less concern (although it does concern me) than why he was released from the military as unfit to serve.

    UNFIT TO SERVE could mean almost anything. It could have been due to a physical disability but just as easily a psychological issue.

    YES Joe we DO want answers.

  37. nswfm4:44 PM

    From the ADN:
    Begin quote:

    "We are calling upon all responsible members of the media to focus on the issues, the legitimate issues, and not repeat basically the lies and innuendos, not repeat the clear violations of law, but to focus on the issues at hand. Now I'll admit, and I've said this before, I'm a man of flaws, there's no question about it. You know, I wasn't born with a silver spoon, I haven't been born wealthy," he said. End quote.

    Way to go, Joe!

    If you want to make it sound like you stole something that wasn't yours, that would be the way to do it.

  38. Anonymous4:50 PM

    These teabag candidates are complete frauds!! Who the F does this man think he is!? And that goes for the other extremist freaks Palin, ODonnell, Paladino and more.
    Has our country gone insane? The problem is that these morons are getting away with refusing to answer legitimate questiions. Sarah started it and that psychotic narcissist needs to be brought down!

    And what about the GOP/TP candidate that dresses up like a Nazi and thinks this its fine. Does anyone know if Palin supported him? He's in rural Ohio, an area I am personally familiar with. They have a large American Nazi party there. Where is Sarahs outrage since she's an Israel supporter. Oh right it's not the Jewish peoples right to have one little state of their own that she supports. No she supports them because of her end times wacko beliefs. Hypocrite.

  39. angela4:59 PM

    What's with Joke Miller?

    He takes government handouts, has so many children he can't afford them as he is drowning in debt, has no real ideas except to say anything that he himself has done is not constitutional, hires and fires his wife who then collect "unconstitutional" unemployment,won't say how he is "severely" disabled as a vet and why he didn't do a full tour, won't release files on his previous job performance and is seriously put out that anyone asks him about it.

    So---- is Sarah screaming in frustration at her boy or laughing hysterically while adjusting her bad wig?

  40. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Did anyone notice the mess that his wife was looking like? Eliot Sptizer's wife was more together when her husband admited to cavorting with high priced hookers! What is going to happen with thier family? Joe took out a loan from his campaign from himself to pay for his run. Do they have any real income?

    Gryphen, keep doing your job, but damG, pray for these people while you are at it!

    I suppose a Yale graduate can come up with something, but the mess he is in is just SAD. (Sadder still that he wanted to make laws for our state and the country!)

  41. sallyngarland,tx5:10 PM

    Palin's endorsement in Tx-Rick Perry-is refusing to debate or meet with editorial boards of the newspapers--and he is, and should be, getting hammered for it. All kinds of things are coming out about him since her endorsement.

  42. Anonymous5:25 PM

    If Joe Miller is "seriously" disabled as a vet, I'm guessing he collects some type of disability income? How will this disability effect his ability to be a senator. I'm disabled so I don't feel bad bringing this up. Does he realize or care that millions of younger Americans like myself are on social security disability? I paid in for 25 yrs. He talks about getting rid of ss like its nothing. And Medicare too.

    This guy is hiding something huge. I don't k ow what is, but he's another phony liar. If Alaska elects this guy it shows they learned nothing from Palin??? God how many secessionist candidates are there.

    I hope the Alaska media continues to ask questions Alaskans should demand answers

  43. Does Joe want to represent Alaska? In my opinion, NO!! Joe wants to be a Senator, a national figure, someone important. Any state will do. Alaska is probably seen as easily than most because there are so few of you.

  44. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Why didn't this come out before the primary?

    Bristol Palin has Man Hands.

  45. Linda Arizona5:37 PM

    It took Republicans and their TPer minions over 70 years to figure it out, but they've finally read Mussolini's playbook:

    Control the image and you can win the election.

  46. Anonymous5:44 PM

    @In Wasilla 4:39 PM - I'm a liberal, I am debt-free, good financial shape, pay my taxes, and take care of my own. Have time to volunteer and help others. I AGREE with you, that We should EXPECT any leader or representative we send to Congress have their ACT together!! Joe Miller, if we are to Hire you to Represent us, you need to give us your Background Information!

  47. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Wow - what an infantile ego.

    As if he's saying: "if you don't play by my rules, I will take my marbles and go home."

    Trouble is, he doesn't have many marbles to play with.

  48. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I always thought running for a political office was a form of public service. I guess today's Republican and Tea Party candidates think we are supposed to bow down and serve them. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

    Joe, get a grip. You are asking people for their vote so you can serve their needs and interests, not the other way around.

    You have to earn that vote. People need to know who you are and whether they can trust you.

    And, no, Joe, you cannot simply say "trust me." You have to earn that trust through full disclosure and time spend amongst the people you are courting, explaining yourself and answering questions.

    Sorry, Joe. You've lost a lot of trust. You've shown yourself to be an arrogant, self-righteous, scared little boy who refuses to behave like an adult and accept responsibility for your past.

    Hint - don't try to "accept responsibility" by saying you've made mistakes. You have to explain what those mistakes were, why you made them (put them into context) and tell us what you've learned (so we can believe you won't make the same or similar ones again).

    You are not a child. Do not act like one, Joe. And do not treat us like children.

    We are grown-ups with real concerns and tough questions and we expect you to be a grown up and talk to us and with us. Explain yourself, Joe.

  49. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Would like to know why his active service was only 3 of the 5 years as required after West Point. If only 3, did he get his education paid - why? Service incomplete. It's like Track - he appears to have only done a year.

    Makes you wonder whether he embellished his resume like O'Donnell. Did he go to West Point? May as well ask about Yale too. Appears to be a bagger thing to do.

    FYI - Scarah, Toad & Piper are in the DWTS audience

  50. PollyinAK6:07 PM

    There were actual groans in the audience when Miller said Senator DeMint. When the candidates gave their two minute speel at the end, there was robust applause for Murkowski and McAdams. No applause for Miller. Hmmmm... that was kind of interesting. :-)

  51. Anonymous6:09 PM

    RE: DeMInt's comment And what about the freakin' unmarried male who impregnated her?

  52. Enjay in E MT6:10 PM

    Palin bans all press from her venues
    Christine won't talk to national media (except Faux)
    Miller won't talk to local media Angle runs from the media .... And they expect ppl to vote for them?

    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

  53. Anonymous6:12 PM

    "Speak through Fox. What an indictment for that supposed "news organ."

    It's an organ all right - I vote for spleen.

  54. Anonymous6:13 PM

    "Some one in the Republican party must have known this was coming or Lisa wouldn't have decided to stage a write-in campaign."

    Karl, yoo hoo Karl, we see you.

  55. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn6:18 PM

    Gryph, you have some great posts, but I wish this was an open thread! However, I'm sure this will get a lot of play tomorrow:

    Palin Warns of ‘Armageddon, Third World War' in Exclusive Newsmax Broadcast

    An excerpt:

    "'We have to realize that, at the end of the day,' Palin warns in the interview, 'a nuclear weapon in that country's [Iran's] hands is not just Israel's problem or America's problem — it is the world's problem. It could lead to an Armageddon. It could lead to that World War III that could decimate so much of this planet.'

    "Palin’s reference to Armageddon, described in the Bible’s book of Revelation that refers to a final battle between good and evil over the state of Israel."

    She goes on with the usual Obama bashing, etc.

    Can you IMAGINE her negotiating with foreign leaders? With her paw on the trigger? Amazing that she's showing her cards now--she's finally revealing her Fundie/Rapture mission by playing the role of the ultimate "concern troll."

    She must be stopped. Now.

  56. Anonymous6:20 PM

    No offense Alaskans, but boy you sure can pick em.

  57. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Gryph, I asked my husband who is retired military (29 yrs) and did a desert storm tour too....what exactly did UNFIT TO SERVE mean? he said that is the new term for Sec 8.... mental disability.... that were it physical or something else there are other terms used.....

  58. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Palin started this crap when she began moaning about the lamestream media. It was a dog whistle to her fans not to trust anything they read or hear unless it's on Faux. All the Bagger candidates are following suit.


  59. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Hahahaha, Joe is pulling a Palin. Wah, wah, boo hoo, the media is out to get me!

  60. Anonymous6:32 PM

    (Susie here) I just heard on KTUU's news at 6:30 that John McCain is coming on Wednesday to campaign for Joe Miller and they are doing some type of veteran's event at the Denai'na Center. Does anyone know any more about this?

  61. I tweeted this to Joe.mmboucher8 mmboucher8
    @joewmiller I have a clue for u it is not the nation that is voting for u it is the locals, maybe u should rethink who u give press time to.

  62. emrysa6:43 PM

    wow gryphen, I sure hope alaskans don't let him get away with it.

  63. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Anon@5:25PM asked: "If Joe Miller is 'seriously' disabled as a vet, I'm guessing he collects some type of disability income? "

    My guess is that, yes, Joe Miller is drawing disability income. I base this assumption on my own experience of working for a military contractor a few years ago.

    This company's executives--I'd say at least 40%-60%--were retired/disabled officers (a ret. general was a founder, a ret. "disabled" Army captain was the CEO) and other former military, who made no secret of the fact that they we're double-dipping, i.e., drawing disability pensions (up to 100% disability in some cases), as well as standard military retirement benefits. Plus they drew substantial salaries from the company, starting around $150K and upward into the $250K range. The "disabled" captain/CEO, by the way, became a millionaire within a couple years of launching the company.

    Maybe poor Teabagger Joe is in the wrong business.

  64. GrainneKathleen6:53 PM

    ot, and extremely superficial, but what's with joe's orange eyebrows? methinks he needs a new make-up artist. maybe he has been going to that beehive place sarah frequents.

    the refusal of the teabagger candidates to speak to the media should be their downfall in my opinion. any american dumb enough to vote for someone not willing to disclose who they are and what they have done in the adult life should have their voting rights suspended till they go and learn the issues. the dumbing down of the electorate is HUGE problem in this country. i hope the generations to come are better than the boomers and some of the younger generations. i blame fox news and right wing media for most of it, as well as our failure to ensure every american a first class education.

  65. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Holy shit!!! This is getting better every day.

    Don't want to be catty but Mrs. Miller needs a complete makeover. Poor woman looks like she just came out of the woods. I would love to give her my hairdressers name.

    So joe 'fess up ! Your 15 minutes is almost over. Maybe Scarah can find a job for you !

  66. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Do these people think they are only going to represent Rightwinglandia? As a U.S. Senator, like it not, one must represent ALL one's constituents. How are Miller's constituents to know what this man's stances are on the issues if he refuses to talk to local media. If (Heaven forbid) he is elected is he going to go door to door to give an update on how he plans to vote each week? Seems like that might take a lot of time. No, wait, I get it, he'll take his cues from Stupid Palin and attempt to be the first office-holding politician to govern via Fakebook. No dissent, no questions, no problems!


  67. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Re my earlier post about retired/disabled execs at the company where I worked (my comment is still in approval mode), I should have noted that I'm talking pre-Tea Party days.

    Fast forward to 2010, and all but perhaps one or two execs and nearly the entire staff (excluding myself--and I made an unceremonious exit after a couple of years) would fit the Tea Party profile: evangelical Christian, "patriotic," anti-big-government hawks. The irony, of course, is that to man, and a few women, they all had been wholly dependent on big government for financial sustenance throughout their lives. Sort of like Joe Miller.

  68. aj weishar7:17 PM

    So Joe Miller wants to fire female unmarried teachers who sleep with their male partners, but male teachers get a free pass. Where is the feminist half term governor on this issue?

  69. Here's a link to the video of Miller saying he admires DeMint. The whole room kind of winced when he said it.

  70. Anonymous7:27 PM

    frsbdg--absolutely right! This transplant is just using what he thinks is a small, easily manipulated market to get himself a national platform. What a buffoon. He's crapping all over the local establishment and being an arrogant prick about it, to boot. I hope he gets creamed just to restore my faith in karma.

  71. dancingthroughlife7:31 PM

    The sad thing, Enjay (6:10), is there are people who will vote for those who so abuse the privilege to be stupid. Hopefully, the media will start buckling down on these TeaBaggers who refuse to talk to the media/answer "uncomfortable" questions. It's asinine that their constituents (or possible future constituents, at least) are letting them get away with it.

    And OT, I was online looking for Bristol's dance from tonight, and came across video of Shawn Johnson when she was on DWTS. Admittedly, I have never watched an episode of DWTS- even now, I only watch the short clips posted here and on other blogs. I was so impressed with Shawn Johnson's performances, and couldn't help but notice the differences between the two- it's not hard, as they both have/had Mark Ballas as a partner. Granted SJ had a background in performance, and is used to picking up routines (and walked away that season's winner!), but the difference in the general attitude of both and the effort put forth by the two young ladies couldn't be more different. This was also obvious in the difficulty of the steps each pair has showcased, and the pressure Mark put on Shawn that he has never done with Bristol. One week they showed SJ taking time off to attend award shows, and she was talking about how difficult it was to pick up dances in such a short amount of time- and this is someone who put an immense amount of effort into learning the routines. No wonder Mark's been draggin Bristol around the floor.

  72. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Yup, this is how it works: In 2006 when Sarah Palin ran for governor she arrived in town with a bunch of men in suits who were her aides. She gave a short sound-bite speech and then when she made her way to our local paper she met with our editorial board. She made another short sound bite BS speech about herself and then let the "aides" fill in the gaps. It was astonishingly embarrassing to watch her deflect questions. I saw the same thing happen when watching her in an online video as governor after she came back from the lost election. She deflected all questions to her commissioners. To an untrained eye this looked fairly straightforward — her commissioners did the day to day stuff. But when the camera panned to her she behaved entirely uninterested in the meeting — actually nearly spinning in her chair, mostly examining her nails. Very hyperactive looking — or just exasperated she was there.
    My point is: Palin and Miller are the dressing on the cake. Look closely at the people they surround themselves with ...

  73. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I can't wait to see the video of this "press conference." Way to tip everyone off that there is real substance to the rumors by refusing to answer any more questions. Is this guy nuts? Yes, I think the answer is yes.

    The next question is, are Alaskans nuts? How many people will actually vote for this guy now? We'll have to wait to see if the ADN defends him. The comments tomorrow on the article they run are sure to be informative.

  74. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Joe Miller has flunked his job interview with the voters. Does anyone know someone who refuses to share his background and answer questions by the employer and get the job. Throw this dip shit out the door!

  75. Aussie Blue Sky8:18 PM

    Oh, boy! Can you imagine what he's hiding?

  76. moose pucky8:30 PM

    Physics mom @ 7:48 says:

    "The next question is, are Alaskans nuts? How many people will actually vote for this guy now?"

    THERE lies the problem. Do you remember the Anchorage Mayor's race?
    Pics of Dan Sullivan groping cocktial witresses, taking $ for his deceased father's insurance policy - a policy that was not likely legal.
    Sullivan elected.

    I was sure Sullivan would be defeated by the voters. If they can elect Palin, they can elect Miller. Too many of them seem to vote however their church tells them to. I am hopeful, but not optimistic re this election.

  77. nswfm9:51 PM

    Anonymous said... RE: DeMInt's comment And what about the freakin' unmarried male who impregnated her?

    What about the freakin' MARRIED male who impregnated her?

    Alaska, don't let this complete moose's ass win. Learn from the $P fiasco, please!

  78. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Send in the clowns.

    This would make a good case for week end update w/ Seth Meyers,
    Anon 2:58,thanks for the giggles.
    Mr.G, mucho mahalo for relentlessly keeping it real


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