Monday, October 11, 2010

Joe MIller to hold press conference in Anchorage today, because, as Ricky Ricardo would say, "He has some 'splaining' to do!"

From the Fairbanks Newsminer:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller has scheduled a news conference for 11 a.m. today at his Anchorage campaign headquarters to discuss issues arising from his previous employment as an attorney with the Fairbanks North Star Borough. His campaign has been beset by questions about the end of his employment and about whether he inappropriately used borough equipment for partisan political activity.

Several media outlets, including the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, have made multiple public records requests of the borough regarding Miller’s employment and his activities while working as a part-time attorney from 2002 to 2009. The borough has said it can only release a limited amount of material because Miller has declined to sign a broad release that would free the borough to disclose and discuss more material, including his personnel file.

Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto late Sunday declined to answer a general question about whether Miller had used borough equipment for partisan political activity. And he declined to answer a specific question about whether Miller used borough equipment in an attempt to unseat Randy Ruedrich as Republican Party chairman in 2008. Miller, a regional Republican Party chairman at the time, was a vocal leader in the effort to remove Ruedrich.

“The purpose of the press conference is to address his employment at the borough, including the records request,” DeSoto said. “You may anticipate that other issues will be covered as well.”

Well I certainly hope "other issues will be covered as well" because the voters of this state have a lot of questions.

Such as:

"Why did you only serve three years of active duty after leaving West Point when the requirement is five years of service?"

"You told Phil Munger that you were a seriously disabled veteran.  What is the nature of your disability and do you collect disability compensation from the military?"

"You have advocated cutting federal spending which includes having Alaska refuse federal dollars.  Since one third of our economy is based on those federal dollars how would you replace them?  And are you considering reinstituting state income taxes, which we currently do not pay, to cover that loss?"

"And finally how do you get your beard length to say halfway between pre-adolescent teenage boy and a real Alaskan man's facial hair?  Do you suffer from a hormonal imbalance perhaps?  Or is THAT the 'serious disability' that you told Phil about?"

So these are just a few of the question that I am hoping reporters will ask at this press conference. 

What do you think the chances are that they will get asked?

Yeah you are right, probably not very good.

Oh hell then I guess I am going! 

Save me a seat butt-boy!


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Can't wait for that next post - Go Gryph Go!

  2. Love the beard question! Exactly what I've been thinking since I saw my first picture of him. Grow a real one or shave it off!

  3. Wish I could be there, Gryph. Gotta work.

  4. Anonymous8:17 AM

    the dude is sounding desparte! His internals must be showing he's been bagged.

  5. Go Gryphen go! Maybe Joe's about to announce that he just remembered he has somewhere else he has to be and, oh so sorry, he has to withdraw from the election due to unforeseen circumstances.

  6. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Ask him if he helped Todd build the lake front house...

    The one that looks like the Sports Complex.

  7. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Hmmmmm So he went after Ruedrich too. Between that and trying to stop the Troopergate investigation, I'd say Sarah owed him plenty. No wonder she endorsed him. (besides he being her kind of CRAZY) I don't think Todd had anything to complain about with Miller not coming out supporting her for President. He did plenty before he got the wave of Sarah's magic endorsement wand.


  8. Anonymous8:45 AM

    In the big picture of Sarah Palin as a public figure in the position to bring attention to special needs children and pro life beliefs it is important to note that as she willingly accepts this celebrated position and earns an enormous income from it she also uses it to lie about our POTUS telling people whopping lies painting him as the exact opposite of her. Per Palin the POTUS is the formost abortion president ever in favor. According to Palin she is the angel of life and Obama is the devil of death.

    It is a black and white thinking of cognitive distortions exaggerting herself all godly and pure goodness while distorting Obama as evil incarnate.

    Palin's lie she maintains that Obama is establishing death panels to murder special needs children, ensure they can't get any healthcare and he'll also have the government murdering your parents she creates an illusion she is the public's savior, and courageous to take a stand manipulating false beliefs she will protect these people and save their children and parents from death. Yeah saint Sarah who has a servant's heart to take a stand so the government, Obama, will not murder those you love..your child and your parents!
    Hip hip hooray for saint Sarah who is so courageous, just a mere citizen with no title so pure and courageous to stop Obama and speak out so the government will not pass out money for free murder more babies.

    It gets better in Sarah's favor that Bristol got knocked up and did not abort i.e. lends credibility to their pro life stance but also is used to divert and spin those people wanted them to kill their babies. WTH???

    For the big picture it is important to be attentive not only to her lies but also on the topic the lies she puts out there about someone else so by contrast she is more grandiosely up there with god, saints...most moral and pure.
    Smoke (lies, webs of deception) and mirrors (projecting her evilness/lying) onto others.

    The public has yet to hear what she could do for special needs children, her understanding of what those needs are, resources, or utilizing her position for public education of DS, nor what is invoved in the care, training and education, therapies, nor medical conditions that accompany the condition...nada except how great she art and those fighting for health care reform are per Palin seeking to withold it, put people to death and against life and quality of life.

    Personalities who habitually lie about self will also lie about you, others, their offspring, those who helped make them. No one is spared. They will also lie they never told the lies they told and soemone else "makes stuff up".
    Palin fits these patterns.

  9. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Looking forward to your report when you get back, Gryph! Keep 'em honest!

  10. He's scheduled to be at a debate at 11:30 AM today:

    Wonder if he's going to cancel that appearance?

  11. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Now things are getting more interesting.

    Accusations of "whether he inappropriately used borough equipment for partisan political activity."

    Maybe he will get some questions about his involvement in the "Palin Putsch" attempted take over of the Alaska Republican Party.

    The overthrow of the Murkowskis, Hey wait a minute- That's you Joe and it's still going on!

    Joe Miller wrote an article published by the Catholic News Agency titled- "An Insider's View: Palin is the Real Deal"

    So Joe Claimed to be an insider in 2008.
    Joe Miller spends much of this article talking about this very topic- discussion and information about this attempted coup in the Alaskan Republican party. CAUTION- Just because it is in the article DOES NOT mean it is either accurate or complete.

    This article should be read just like the ever changing stories on how the miracle babies came to be and who they actually belong to- Joe has more information which needs to be verified for inaccuracies. Also the question should be asked- does there seem to be any attempt made to lead the reader to inaccurate conclusions?

    If the answer to that is yes- then the questions really begin.

    What events was Joe talking about in this article? When did they happen? When did Joe Miller start working with those trying to take over the Alaska Republican Party? Was it before his first failed run for office in 2004?

    My opinion is that this article is carefully crafted to deceive.

    Of course now there may be some things that Joe Miller, the Palin Posse, and as yet unnamed parties hope they don't have to 'splain.

    Another question: When did the Palins first meet Van Flien?

    Hope you get do do some asking Gryphen- it might cause some consternation!

  12. Anonymous9:19 AM

    As a West Point grauate Mr. Miller can choose to not complete the usual 5 years service, but that would require him to pay West Point back for the money they spent educating him. I have a friend who chose that route and boy was it expensive. he had about a year to come up with $50,000.00! That could explain some of Mr. Miller's financial aid debt.
    What I'm curious about is, why did he leave the service after 3 years? That's a somewhat unusual number of years for service.

  13. Anonymous9:27 AM

    He will say: "I am not a crook."

    Also, we know and and Palin were working together to dump Ruedrich. The question is whether or not any emails that might be released are between him and Palin.

    Get the beer and popcorn

  14. Skeptik9:43 AM

    His latest mailed ad says that he gonna stand up to Obama! Why doesn't he just airbrush a giganormous manhood bulging from his pants on his next ad? Please ask him how the heck he can stand up to the leader of the free world and not get Alaska severely penalized for his lack of statesmanship.

    I expect that there are no questions allowed at this oneway discussion. This guy is turning into his half mentor. Drink some orange Kool-Aid before you go.

  15. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I hope you do get to ask him about his half baked beard, it may shed light on his approach to politics, (shady),staffers ect.
    I may see you there, I am going to try..If I do make it, I willask about real estate in DC area.
    lets talk beers for a moment, Miller time vs McAdams, ones has authentic character, substance. The other is weak watered down piss water.
    I said it before,I'll say it again, Mr. Joe Miller, you are all bag, no sack!

  16. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn9:53 AM

    O/T but interesting-- check out the RepubliCorp™ Organizational Chart, an interactive page put together by This "spoof" is SO based in reality, it's frightening. Don't forget to check out the "Corp's" (on) crack "staff" at the bottom of the page--yes, all the usual suspects are there. Please pass this along!

  17. Anonymous10:00 AM

    You need to ask him if he can't afford a razor or shampoo. Geeez...he must take hair styling tips from a Palin. Gives new meaning to the word "greese-ball"

  18. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Hey Gryph - I just called his office to verify the meeting at 11am - and they are now saying it has been delayed until after the noon forum at the Denaina. Just fyi so you don't knock yourself out to get there by 11 (although, who knows, maybe they are going to have it as scheduled and just don't want anyone showing up - ?)

  19. Linda Arizona10:08 AM

    It might be too late for you to make a sign, if you want to, but Republicorp is getting a lot of attention and they have great ones.

    They say things like: "We run the ads. We pull the strings. We buy democracy, one race at a time," "We get yachts! You get squat!" "You get what you pay for." And, "Because the rich are just better, okay?"

    And, then there are videos...Republicorpaz

    I had the privilege of filming this event on Saturday at the Tucson Tea Party event. John McCain, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Jesse Kelly, etc., were there.

    Looking forward to more wackiness from Miller and your post on it.

  20. Enjay in E MT10:12 AM

    Wish I had the day off so I could curl up with a bowl of popcorn.
    This should be interesting!!

  21. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Go Gryphen!! Bulldog those questions to Miller!

  22. Anonymous10:19 AM

    have you seen the ET video of alaskan bachelors vying for bristols heart?

    theyre wearing plaid

  23. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Yeah Gryphen! Glad you are going to the press conference to get the first hand scoop! I spoke to you at the 9/11 Peck/Bailin gathering at the De'naina Covention Center.

    Glad we are all still chipping away at her. Her speech in Montgomery, Alabama shows she clearly is losing it....bigger lies, fidgety, defiant......She is crumbling inside.

    Thanks for all you do!

  24. Great post. Go Gryphen, go! Will be listening.

  25. I've been wondering about the beard. That's been out of style since Miami Vice days, unless it's an Alaska thing? Didn't think so. Maybe that's his disability though; severe skin rash exacerbated by the stress of trying to be a teabag to get elected when he's really wanting the lifetime benefits ex-senators receive. Notice none of the Republicans are talking about doing away with those to reduce the deficit?

  26. Anonymous12:10 PM

    If Joe bought his way out of his five years of service (if that is indeed possible), we should know why?

    Is he a quitter like Sarah? Was there a good reason or were things just too tough? Does he have an authority problem (i.e., doesn't like to follow orders?)

    If this was after West Point and Yale law school, you'd expect him to be serving as a JAG officer. How did he become disabled serving in a courtroom, if that is indeed what his "tour of duty" involved?

    You go Gryphen - go and get him nailed down as to the truth of who he was and is.

  27. Anonymous12:28 PM

    A West Point cadetship includes a fully funded four-year college education. Tuition, room, board, medical and dental care are provided by the U.S. Army. A cadet earns about $600 a month or nearly $7,200 a year.

    The student-faculty ratio at West Point is approximately 8 to 1. Classes are small, typically numbering 12 to 18 cadets.

    For that I'd expect to pay 30-50,000 per year in order to compensate the Army for ducking out of my 5 year stint after college.

    Maybe Joe Miller's debt is college related.

  28. Pat in MA12:30 PM reporting that the presser has been cancelled

  29. Anonymous12:51 PM


    He cancels.

    Like I said before, these teabaggers are such amateurs.

    What a joke.

  30. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Back in the day that half shaved look was done with the Miami Device!

    As in Miami Vice!

  31. Chenagrrl1:38 PM

    Stay on him. This is a con artist being cornered. Give him an inch and he will. He must answer these questions.

    Good going there Gryphen blogboy!

  32. "Update: Joe Miller has canceled the news conference. He may speak to reporters in Anchorage after a noon forum."

  33. Anonymous2:25 PM

    See You In November:

  34. justafarmer3:54 PM

    my youngest son is a career AF veteran (more than 20 years) who is 90% service-related disabled.
    I want to know exactly HOW Miller is a disabled veteran.

  35. aj weishar7:44 PM

    You answered the three year question in the next line, serious disability. That opens a whole new line of questions. Why was he given a disability discharge? Is he collecting full disability? He seems physically healthy. Was the disability due mental health problems? That is something voters need to know.


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