Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here is the full Barbara Walters interview with Sarah Palin.

Palin does not hesitate to pimp her personal mythology during this interview.  She makes sure while describing what she reads that she includes a book about running marathons, C.S. Lewis books for Christian credibility, NewsMax as a nod to her Right Wing supporters, and the Wall Street Journal and a couple of newspapers just to show that Katie Couric bitch that she was wrong. She also refers to herself as "Sarah Palin, the hockey mom from Wasilla" in an attempt to redirect potential supporters away from the reality that she is now a multi-millionaire, with a television studio in her home, and the power to unleash thousands of flying monkeys to attack anybody who dares criticize or stand up to her, back to the more simple identity that worked so well for her during the 2008 campaign.

I found it very humorous that one part of the interview Palin makes light of the idea that she is "polarizing" and then only a handful of minutes later starts referring to the Republicans who suggest that she may have cost the GOP the Senate as "impotent," "limp," and "weak," and that they are "hiding behind somebody's skirts."

Yeah nothing polarizing about that! (I kind of thought it was interesting that immediately after Palin refers to her detractors as impotent and hiding behind somebody's skirts, that Walters asks that Todd join them on the set.  Is THAT a little shot there Barbara?)

Another thing that I found very telling is that Palin felt the need to respond, not only rumors of her and Todd's marital troubles, but to the babygate rumor, as well as the rumors about why Track really went into the military.  It is obvious that Sister Sarah STILL reads the blogs, and that she is STILL worried that information will be revealed which will change those rumors into undeniable facts. (Stay tuned Sarah, I am working on that!)

How is it that the guy that has barely said three words on camera in the last two years now can't stop talking when asked JUST for three words?


  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Tahd looks like he has HIV and Screech can't even pronounce jail properly

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Todd had his lines prepared for him in advance and he worked hard at rattling them off reasonably well. What a puppet! But he sure does look ill.

    Sarah's fear of exposure has begun to override even her sense of self-preservation. She's no longer building her base or even retaining it, she's just desparately seeking the comfort of past glory before she's relegated to the shadows of religious ministry TV shows (or jail).

  3. Anonymous7:00 AM

    I don't know, Babs had a skeptical look when Mrs. Palin mentioned rumors that Track went to Eye-raq to avoid "jell." Maybe it's because she was trying to interpret her words, or maybe she was thinking, hmmm, I think I smell a fish, and I should follow up on that rumor.

    I noticed some really fast breathing around the Katie Couric part. That does NOT seem normal.

    Also, the impotent and limp comments are COMPLETELY inappropriate in a sit-down interview. She is SO tacky!!

  4. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Look how much she tries to use her femininity when she calls the boys silly. This is obviously her chance to say the good ol' boys are against poor little Sarah. She smiles the entire time she is putting them down, as if saying it pleasantly doesn't count as a dagger. And I don't think every detractor is anonymous, or male.

  5. Anonymous7:12 AM

    "impotent", "limp", "weak"...
    Sounds like Sarah is also reading Todd's Viagra prescription in addition to Narnia & Newsmax.

  6. Anonymous7:13 AM

    "Mean Crazy Bitch" would have been accurate.

  7. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Did it really take two years to think up a couple of books that Sarah could remember (without notes on her hand)? Sarah and Franklin are all set to fly off to Haiti, and Sarah forgot to mention any or all of the books written by Billy Graham. Go over to Amazon and enter Graham's name in the book search, and his books fill a page.

  8. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Again the references to male sexual dysfunction. From "limp, impotent, weak" republican men to all of the other men who supposedly want to molest or spy on her children you have to wonder, what on earth went on in the Heath household. I find it sad yet hilarious that the tough-talking republican men who do not hesitate to say the most offensive things imaginable to and about President Obama cannot find the c-c-c-courage to stand up to her. I thought the one, single thing that you could never get away with mocking in a man is his "functionality". When does the backlash begin? I'm waiting...

  9. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Sooo....if SP is the president, everyone will have to go through Todd to speak with her....How's that gonna work? In this country we elect the candidate.....NOT THE SPOUSE. Will Todd sit in on all of the meetings and be cc'd on all important issues?

  10. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Nonverbal communication:

    Shaking the head when saying something positive is a negative signal and indicates the person does not believe what they are saying.

    Check out Sarah talking about Todd at about 6:20.
    She's shaking her head "no" when she talks about her "everything". Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

  11. Anonymous7:21 AM

    He does look bad. He's gaunt & has developed a chicken neck & his voice seems weak & higher than usual. I wonder if it's stress, the dreaded HIV virus or being married to a crazy lunatic that is causing this.

  12. ManxMamma7:22 AM

    Thanks for the recap Gryphen. I simply cannot bring myself to view another tape of this woman. I'm suffering from Palin fatigue and yet a day doesn't go by that she insinuates herself into the media. When will the MSM take her (considerably large) head off?

  13. JenniferinVA7:28 AM

    I wonder at the reaction if a man called Palin "frigid, uptight and castrating." Can you imagine the reaction? I can only imagine the charges of sexism and misogny! How does she get away with using the words "impotent" and "limp" without being called out in a major way?

  14. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Limp, impotent & weak...whoa Hockey Mom you are probably talking to a bunch of old geezers who really are...limp, impotent & weak & they are not going to like being called so by you. I thought she was getting very pissed so she delivered her final blow with a vicious smile & a poor little me. It was just a tad inappropriate but what the hell, go for the cheap shot.

    Also the reason she mentioned she reads CS Lewis books is because guess who is publishing them in the got it Harper Collins. Always ready to make an extra buck .

  15. Anonymous7:37 AM

    actually, I do agree that the Republican men are hiding behind the skirts of the conservative women .

    the only way she will be allowed to be the Republican nominee in '12 is if it's a sure loss for the GOP ... just like '08.

    - kellygrrrl

  16. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Jennifer, exactly right.

    I am waiting for the MSM to publicly ponder why she feels the need to go there, all the time.

    And the double standard you mention is glaring.

  17. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Why did Scott Davis - Todd Iron Dog team partnership fall apart?

    Is Todd too ill to ride it this year?

    Obvious from the flabby arms.. Sarah does not do push ups.

    Barbara.. you could have asked why Todd was an AIP member for all those years. Nah, you just wanted to suck up to Sarah in hopes of more "interviews"

  18. Molly7:44 AM

    SP is

    Track went to I-Rack to avoid "gel"? So are you saying that's not true, then? Or are you just amazed that people would actually say that out loud.... Are you saying you gave birth to Trig on April 18th, 2008? Or are you saying that you can't believe people would actually SAY that, when it should just be a "private matter"?

    Are you saying, Sarah Palin, that you are not responsible for the content of your own interview answers (w/Katie Couric)?

  19. west virginia7:45 AM

    she looked extremely nervous and was breathing heavy the entire time.

  20. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I've got three words for Sarah: "Vapid little whore." We'll just see how afraid the "boys" are at the polls, and how very sexist of you to discount the women in the political theater and public realm who despise you as well. Loser.

  21. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Such a wide range of political thought in her reading list! Wouldn't want to try to learn from the other side's positions.

  22. Anonymous7:53 AM

    "How is it that the guy that has barely said three words on camera in the last two years now can't stop talking when asked JUST for three words?"

    Obviously he can't count to 3

  23. Anonymous7:55 AM

    As Anonymous 7:20 noted, she shakes her head negatively when talking about Todd being her everything, her rock, and she is lucky to have him.

    But when she is talking about possibly running for president, she is definitely nodding up and down. I think "that woman is an idiot" is going to run.

  24. Anonymous8:01 AM

    " JenniferinVA said...
    I wonder at the reaction if a man called Palin "frigid, uptight and castrating."
    7:28 AM"

    She'd go apeshit with indignation, because the
    truth hurts.

  25. i loved joy behar's comment that todd and sarah looked like a ventriloquist act with him sitting on the chair like that, parroting what the griz would want him to say.
    sarah brought her cutesy, giggl persona with her for this interview. as snl had katie couric say, why is it that when cornered you become increasingly adorable? i don't find it adorable, though. shouldn't have watched it with breakfast. she is trying to show us the softer, more delicate side to the women who constantle screeches, "don't retreat, reload." it ain't workin'.
    barbara made some funny faces at her, and i noticed too that she called todd in after sarah did her usual emasculation of the press and the good ol' boys. he looks like hell on wheels. for his sake, i hope it's not serious or drug related. i would take drugs if i had to live that close to sarah though. but who says todd has to?
    hi sarah! call me!

  26. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Todd looks very sick, but I don't think it is
    cancer--if it was, Sayruh would be bragging & using
    it as a sympathy ploy.

  27. Randall8:07 AM

    Sarah has being presidential confused with being a bitch.

  28. who's skirt was Peggy Noonan hiding behind? nincompoop!

  29. Anonymous8:19 AM

    1. Todd can´t count.

    2. Todd is under a lot of stress.

    3. Todd is scared.

    4. Todd will be wearing lipstick, sarah glasses, and a bumpit wig in prison.

    5. sarah is unconvincing and beginning to trust Babawa Wawa.

    6. Babawa Wawa is setting sarah up for the big on-air meltdown, the public take down, that only another woman could do to a woman. Babawa wants to make political history with sarah.

    7. I am LMAO!

  30. Anonymous8:20 AM

    All this does is reinforce her grudges and highlight her thin skin. She just cannot help but react to past grievances. That will be her downfall. The "gates" will be the frosting on the cake. Paylin will be the cause of the sinking of the SS Paylin, all on her own little self. Tic Toc Sarah!

  31. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Early in the interview, when Barbara Walters ask what her critics are afraid of and Palin changes the question to the fact that she is polarizing, so she can whip out the answer she already had written on her hand during interview practice...

    Also, she can't understand why "one episode would turn an issue into what it's become in the last few years"...which is such an inartful phrase, but more importantly is exactly what she and the right wing republicans have done to President Obama...this hypocritical woman is too much for me to take...she is so clearly uncomfortable in her own skin and her husband is afraid to be sitting next to her...and she was in the grocery check-out aisle??? Really???

    Tawd, one, two, three...look at your hand...don't count your thumb or your pinkie...that's three!!!

  32. Anonymous8:25 AM

    " It is obvious that Sister Sarah STILL reads the blogs, and that she is STILL worried that information will be revealed which will change those rumors into undeniable facts."

    I always see people from Wasilla on your visitor
    counter. Hi, Sayruh! Please stay in the public
    eye--you are always good for a laugh!

    I have a blog, and during the election I was
    bashing Ms. Palin a lot & one of my visitors
    was someone with the John McCain campaign
    website address. I always wondered if it was
    a staffer, or a candidate.

  33. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I hate to say it, but Todd looked a lot like Track in that interview? I know there's lots of discussion that Track has a different father than Bristol, Willow and Piper...but at this point I don't think so anymore.

    Palin makes me want to scream and I can hardly wait till she fades into oblivion.

  34. emrysa8:35 AM

    sometimes it can be so funny to watch palin's "act." the entire interview she's got her cutesy schtick going on. and when the viewer knows it's fake, it sticks out like a sore thumb - one that is not impotent and limp. man I can't believe she said that AGAIN. serious f-ing mental issues going on there.

    blaming the media for the "misperceptions" about her is also hilarious. and baba wawa lets her get away with it. there are no misperceptions. people have based their opinions of sarah on what comes out of her mouth and on her facebook screeds. no one needs the media to see that sarah is an insane, spiteful, vindictive dreg of society.

    watch the interview and imagine it's not sarah palin. what impression do you get? that it's a teenager who is being interviewed. her speech, her demeanor, and her body language make her come off as a teenager. no surprise, but just noted. not presidential by a long shot.

    and wow todd really shows he's a genius with that "3 words" thing. really? is the vocabulary so freaking limited that he can't think of 3 descriptive words?

  35. namecalling POTUS potential8:39 AM

    Where is the headline that Sarah Palin is calling her Republican males comrades "impotent, limp and weak" ??? THAT IS NEWS. Since when is name calling polarizing in Sarah's book?

    Palin is an expert on "impotent, limp, weak" Republican men who may not live up to he-man hunter Chuck in her view of the world. One of the positives about her reality show is seeing Track. They couldn't conceal his loser vibe for even half a second.

    Walters stinks to be part of this. She will not redeem herself for this horrible career move.

    Palin's handlers were right. She really needs damage control, pimping in Haiti will move her base, send money suckers.

    Todd, you need to get out on top of your story. Rumors or not, you are causing people to dig and others to come out with what they know.

  36. Anonymous8:42 AM

    She is a very, very odd woman. After this amount of time in the spotlight, you would think she would not sound so heavily scripted to the point where she keeps repeating the same soundbites over and over and over and over.

    And the whole male sexual dysfunction thing...can you imagine the conservative response if a female liberal politician talked like that?

  37. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Can you imagine Laura Bush perched on a chair by GW with something like a Mickey Mouse hat? Commenting on rumors about his drunken photos, military records, their marriage or what not?

    How can these two idiots look anymore NOT Presidential? Who on their team helped to stage this scene for them? I hope they don't fire them. This should go down with classic bloopers.

  38. namecalling POTUS potential8:59 AM

    I should add JenniferinVA's comment "frigid, uptight and castrating."

    Laura perched in her hat while GW talks about "frigid, uptight and castrating" Republicans. No one in the media would notice? There would be no headlines? Walters would have gone along with that? The state of journalism has bottomed out. This gives us the lowest point and it is our new standard. Thank you ABC and all.

  39. Anonymous9:02 AM

    So the Christian lady uses words like "impotent", "limp", "weak"...

    I betcha Sarah got some interesting toys in her night stand.

  40. Anonymous9:12 AM

    That Palin gal is absolutely adorable- where can I send some money?

  41. Really I don't care why a over pampered boy from Wasilla got sent to the Military. Have any of her kids actually gone to a mainsteam school and finished? Burchell is an alternate school for kids getting in trouble or who are so over pampered they don't need to be held responsible for their actions. I want to know WHY Track is already OUT of the military? Drugs..most likely, its a HUGE problem in Wasilla, as is Vandalism, teen pregnancy....oh wait...that sounds like the Palin kids!

  42. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I am convinced that much of what we see with these two clowns does come from some type of drug abuse. There is something wrong with Sarah's mouth. Perhaps part of the reason she has the weird pronunciations is due to dry mouth and conditions of drug use. She may not want to chew gum or suck on a Jolly Rancher during a Barbara Walters interview. There are older video when she did not speak so weird. Aging does not cause one to talk like she does. She also goes into the rapid fire talk at times.

    Drugs, legal or not, can either enhance or kill off libido. This couple is a mess whatever it is they have gone through to keep their show on the road. Todd does look like a not so old but rapid aging speed freak. He may have contacted something. He is visibly deteriorating and it is not only from stress or practicing for Iron Dog. BW could have asked them if he still doesn't sleep. Sarah use to brag about that. Todd does not go to sleep, if he does it is for an hour or two. That may be what Levi referenced about the lounger. Typical addict behavior. A few brewskies and a short crash wherever.

    I will be shocked if we learn they both do not have a serious drug problem. There are far too many indicators. Ask an old speed freak that has survived for an opinion.

  43. Anonymous9:28 AM

    "Palin holds no political office, and in fact, quit her job as governor when her incompetence became well-known and she became the target of investigations for malfeasance. The question is; what does Sarah Palin do? She weighs in on every subject as if her opinion carries any weight outside of her moronic Facebook followers. It doesn’t matter that every time Palin opens her filthy mouth, she gives her detractors reason to belittle and demean her.

    It is also curious that the main stream media gives Palin coverage when she is a big nothing in American government. Does the media give Palin attention because they think she has any prescient insight Americans can learn from, or do they publish her remarks so intelligent people can deride her? In a non-scientific poll, 70% of men said they like Palin because they want to have sexual intercourse with her. The remaining 30% said that regardless of her attraction, they wouldn’t have sexual intercourse with her because she is too stupid. Outside of the ignorant Christians and gun fanatics who worship her, Palin’s reputation is little more than a joke.

    Palin is a clown and a curiosity for most Americans, and few think she is qualified to lead the country. Her reality show on The Learning Channel is one big advertisement for guns and Sarah Palin. Does the network believe that Palin beating fish and shooting majestic animals is a teachable moment? Palin’s show is a mutual benefit for the network and her, but it sends a message to Americans that she is little more than an idiotic killer. Even Karl Rove has commented that Palin or her show do not represent leadership necessary to be president. Karl Rove is not a politician either, but he at least has experience in government; although why he continues to wield power is a mystery; unless one follows the money."

  44. Anonymous9:29 AM

    "They're weak, impotent and limp, and they hide behind women's skirts and they won't even put their (flaccid) names behind these accusations".

    "OK, what about Todd?"

  45. Anonymous9:46 AM

    The insignificant (nobody pays any attention to her, except for Walters) little old granny from podunk Wasilla, will, however, run for President if her country needs her- she reads the Wall Street Journal!

  46. Anonymous9:49 AM

    "I hate to say it, but Todd looked a lot like Track in that interview?"

    They both have that druggie look. There are better photo comparisons that point out their features.

  47. banditbasheert9:51 AM

    OMG I figured it out - Todd reminds me of Norman Bates!!!! Even his posture, his lack of facial expressions.

    Does he have his mother stuffed in the fruit cellar????

  48. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I watched with the sound off. Weird indeed. Some of Walters' looks were priceless. Palin's exaggerated expressions are very telling. Looks as if she has practiced the cutesy smile (what in the hell is wrong with her upper lip?!)and eye batting many, many times in front of a mirror. Poor Pathetic Palin. That ice cold heart just shines right through those plastic smiles.


  49. Anonymous10:03 AM

    How is such a well read, civics minded athlete like little Sarah Palin not get more than mediocre grades, be a forgettable student and not get an academic or athletic scholarship?

    Could it be being a legend in her own mind didn't translate to real life?

    There is nothing wrong with being average, mediocre or being an underachiever - it's that she and her family tries so hard to make her interesting to fit the fantastical narrative that's been spun over the last two years.

    She's an overachieving underachiever.

    Keep desperately trying Sarah, RAM and your seriously deluded bots have your back and keep pushing this tripe as gospel.

  50. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Sarah arrives in Haiti sporting the big boob look again. I guess she didn't throw them away after the horse race.

  51. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Heavy, Heavy breathing. She acts very differently with Barbara than she does with Sean Hannity. This is a softer voice...maybe she is shared shitless.

    Interesting that she always mentions three things...that their marriage is not on the rocks, that Trig is her son, and that Track went into the military instead of jail for vandalizing 44 school buses. Too much projection, Sarah...we SEE right through it. Tells me the they are lying on all threee issues.

  52. It's extremely painful to watch Sarah interviewed and spouting nonsense without challenge.

    The 'BOYS' are 'impotent, limp, and weak'. How could Sarah govern at any level of government when she doesn't respect anyone?

    Who is Dean KARZO? And why doesn't she say the the title of the book? Was she talking about, 'Ultramarathon Man: Confession of An All-Night Runner' by Dean Karnazes. Is that it?

    Not that it matters. My beef with Sarah isn't that she doesn't read and isn't informed. Heck, she gets daily briefings on international and national affairs. The problem is that she's dumb and is incapable of comprehension.

    Why does Barbara Walters think it's such a big dill that Sarah said she could beat Pres. Obama? Was there any other other possible answer coming from a hopeful candidate?

  53. Anonymous10:15 AM

    So here's what really happened when Sarah kept missing the Caribou. The first rifle was just fine but Sarah flinched so bad that she kept missing. Even after they gave her a rest to shoot from. Then they filmed her shooting a different rifle and they showed the caribou being hit. What really happened is that the guide took the rifle and shot the caribou for Sarah. A little mouse that was there watching the whole scene saw it and asked me to tell you people.

    Something wrong with the other rifle? Blahhhhhh, get serious! The only thing that went wrong was the shooter.

  54. Anonymous10:19 AM

    6:56am, you nailed it!

    Sarah's fear of exposure has begun to override even her sense of self-preservation. She's no longer building her base or even retaining it, she's just desparately seeking the comfort of past glory...

  55. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Off topic, but if you want the best laugh of the day, you have to read this story over at the Alaska Outdoor Forums. It's about Mrs. Todd Palin's caribou hunt.

    It's called "Lester"

    I literally had tears coming out of my eyes from laughing so hard.


  56. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Man, you can tell she had to stop herself when the topic of Couric came up. What a bitter, bitter woman. She can't even hide it. Sorry Sarah, but you endured not a single challenging interview in the very limited opportunity that the country had to get to know you in 2008, and the very few that you did do revealed a grossly pathetic, even insulting candidate. Now you think we should adore you for no reason and accuse us of having false perceptions if we don't? For someone who allegedly believes in the raw values of hard work and so on, don't you know that you have to prove yourself first? When running for a national office, don't expect that you can just give a few soft speeches, wink at the audience, and then expect everyone to cheer. While you wish it were all just some kind of popularity contest, the rest of us do not. Do you think you're going to get your way on the world stage just because you think you made a great outfit selection, even though you can't demonstrate that you know anything about the topics at hand? You're as self-obsessed as they come, but the rest of us don't see the universe as the "World of Sarah Palin."

    The "limp" etc comments just come across as downright petty. She truly has the maturity level of a 4 year old.

    As for Todd... no authenticity whatsoever. Fake as they come. The wooden post that holds up my mailbox has more personality than he does.

  57. Anonymous10:38 AM

    E-mail Todd to procure this interview? Iḿ sure! Biblical fail!

    More like, ¨Hey, Todd, parade your panty-ass out here and humiliate your sad self in front of the world.¨

    Well, we sure know who wears the pants in that family.

    Hey, Todd! Act like a man.

    Get a job!

  58. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Anonymous 7:53 "How is it that the guy that has barely said three words on camera in the last two years now can't stop talking when asked JUST for three words?"

    A clear sign they're faking it. Same psychology that's used in a high school essay exam that you're not prepared for where you hope to sound good just by rattling on as much as possible.

  59. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I hate watching TV b/c every other ad is about Viagra. Republicans vote for Viagra and shortchange women. All the Republican Sarah talk about limp and weak and impotent just proves how disgusting, hypocritical and sexist they all are. The Republican enablers that tolerate the pharmacy crap and talk like Sarah are just as much the problem. When are people going to organize and stop putting up with this? Put children first, before Viagra. It's time for the pitch forks.

    Don't forget how Bristol is used for breeder causes. They are messing with our, all children. All they want is to cover up their lies, crimes and perversions and feed old men Viagra or steroids or something to build up the unreal and unnatural. They do not care about girls, children or women at all, except for their service. Warren Jeffs loves the ladies, too, don't persecute him for his religion. If Wikileaks does nothing else but expose the Vatican, it has done a good job. I am sick of children getting such raw deals. And now we will have to watch the Palins and Graham exploiting Haitian children so they can collect more wealth and finally show Palin as charitable. GAG.

    For the Palin idiots, Bristol in Haiti will prove that the Bristol brand they are selling is "true." STOP THE MADNESS.

  60. Anonymous11:06 AM

    You know, I really think the GOP is scared of her to let her continue to scold them like that. Wow!! Well, hopefully once the floodgates start to open, it will be one big snowball effect and no one will want to be associated with anything about her anymore.

  61. Sarah has a ventriloquist act going on for her.
    Her ghostwriters are her voice, and $arah is the dummy.

  62. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Just how long after the kid has graduated, enlisted and served in the army can a mom STILL call herself a "hockey mom?"

  63. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Flipping through stations and happened upon CNN as they reported Palin & family in Haiti with Graham and will be delivering holiday gifts to children at a cholera clinic. WTF??

    You might think that delivery of medicine is the highest priority & a better idea in that the kids may not survive to play with any holiday gifts.

    Fucking stupid bitch.

    Raises the question too - when did these morons have shots to go to Haiti? Or did they?

    This should be an issue that Levi should march his ass into a competent lawyer's office (not the idiot Rex) and into Court with, as Bristol or anyone of them coming back could carry a number of infections to pass on to Tripp as I doubt Levi was aware Bristol was planning on attending. That Tripp is living at the compound now as advised in one of the DWTS interviews that Bristol had moved back home - Tripp is exposed. As to the rest in the family, not Levi's responsibility but Tripp is. Anyone of them could contact diseases as I doubt they prepped for it.

  64. Anonymous11:45 AM

    you would think she would not sound so heavily scripted to the point where she keeps repeating the same soundbites over and over and over and over.


    hmm, like every other politician out there. They all sound like robots. There is not one genuine sounding leader who's attained national prominence today

    Also, too, Todd is Track's biological son and he did not join the army to avoid jail.

  65. Anonymous11:46 AM

    She makes me feel slimy just watching her! And, the Toad thinks she is qualified for President when he had to run the State of Alaska government for her before she quit as governor.

    Yea, right Toad! You are as 'off in the head' as the woman you supposedly live with.

  66. Anonymous 9:02 -
    "I betcha Sarah got some interesting toys in her night stand."

    My bet is that she's frigid. The sexy act is a cover.

    It doesn't seem like anything about her is real. When asked to debunk the marriage problem rumor, she uses distancing to avoid giving an answer. How could the rumor possibly be true when there are other rumors about her family? How can it be true when she can poke Todd and tell a funny story? Holy Cheesus!

  67. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Bri$tol in Haiti:

    What do you think Gryphen? OMG!!

  68. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I wonder if she would include 'the man she ran with' in that limp dick category? I know I would!

    Palin needs to be jumped on by the spineless Republican men currently in Congress. She obviously has no respect for them. Slice her to ribbons guys!

  69. Facebook Lurker12:09 PM

    11:50....HOLY SHIT, THAT BELLY HAS GROWN...I guess it's too hot for pregnancy hiding jackets down there in Haiti.

    Shame on all of them for putting Bristol and her baby at risk. Hell, my sister refused to travel to China for work when she was pregnant, and there was no cholera outbreak. I'm twittering Greta!

  70. Anonymous12:11 PM

    After seeing Bristol with that round belly and a scarf in 84 degree weather in Haiti, who has a doubt of her condition?

  71. Anonymous12:19 PM

    anon @11:50 can't get picture.
    In fact my computer went crazy for a second or two

  72. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Also, too, Todd is Track's biological son and he did not join the army to avoid jail.
    11:45 AM

    Thank you for clearing that up. I knew they were whack-a-doodle, I just didn't know how bad it was. Dont-cha-no it is jell. They are avoiding jell or jello. No limp for those two.

  73. Anonymous12:29 PM

    from anon @ 11:50 AM

    Grab that pic before it goes away!

  74. Anonymous12:31 PM


  75. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Bristol must get awfully tired constantly trying to conceal that pregnancy gut.

    This is Media Insider, and instead of hogging bandwidth here, I DID get muh own blog: (Golly gee!)

    Media Insider Gossip

    Thanks for your forebearance, Gryphen! Haven't meant to be a comment hog, but I think that's what ended up happening. My apologies!

  76. America by Phart12:34 PM

    Any minute Brian Lamb will have Sarah Palin on Book TV to discuss her vast reading habits of books during the last 46 years. I am so anxious to call in when she does About In Depth.

    She is bound to be a hit on any number of the Book TV programs This will be her chance of a lifetime to once and for all one up that Katie Couric wannabe journalist. JUST DO IT, SARAH. Prove you journalism and literary skills in a way that is solid and without question.

  77. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I don't know any girl Bristol's age who insists on wearing scarves down her front. Particularly indoors, over just a top. My daughter is her age.

    They like to wear them with a light jacket or blazer-type layers in mild weather, and obviously in colder weather.

    This is almost a classic pregnancy top she is wearing, also.

  78. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Palin & Graham are not allowing media coverage. Like that's a surprise except for the fact that Greta is with them.

    Needless to say - we'll hear it as FAUX exclusive.

    Note the comment on this pic - bang on:

    "Looks like a stranded tour group, not a clinic. Note rock star w/fancy shades in middle of pic"

  79. Too funny12:45 PM

    Why are the Wasilla thugs all so skinny yet Bristol looks like the baby bump is still with her? If I get Cholera all I want for Christmas is a gift from that motley crew. Are they giving away scarves to the Haitians? Why is Bristol with scarf? Is it cold in Haiti?

  80. Anonymous12:57 PM

    " Anonymous said...
    from anon @ 11:50 AM

    Grab that pic before it goes away!

    12:29 PM"

    Whoa! have they no shame?

  81. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I have to say the "Media Insider Gossip" website is interesting. Is this the same "Media Insider" that posts here? How will this all be received? Patience is certainly virtue... but will it pay off?

  82. Anonymous1:03 PM

    They are having a good time, do you think they were ever allowed near any Haitians? Big boobs for THE BIG BOOB. Greta had the sense to let Sarah wear the boobs and Bristol wear the warm weather scarf.

  83. Anonymous Anonymous 12:11 -
    "After seeing Bristol with that round belly and a scarf in 84 degree weather in Haiti, who has a doubt of her condition?"

    (Raising hand) Me!

    Yes, she looks like she may be pregnant but that picture doesn't show a definitive pregnant belly. It could be fat. And, yes, some women and teens wear scarves when it's hot.

    For friends of the Palins: Please tell Sarah that she will NOT be able to say that Bristol hid her pregnancy under scarves and layers just like Sarah did. Bristol has looked pregnant for months. Sarah NEVER did and we have photos to prove it.

  84. I forgot to add links to these photos.

  85. Anonymous1:09 PM

    "This should be an issue that Levi should march his ass into a competent lawyer's office (not the idiot Rex) and into Court with, as Bristol or anyone of them coming back could carry a number of infections to pass on to Tripp as I doubt Levi was aware Bristol was planning on attending. That Tripp is living at the compound now as advised in one of the DWTS interviews that Bristol had moved back home - Tripp is exposed. As to the rest in the family, not Levi's responsibility but Tripp is. Anyone of them could contact diseases as I doubt they prepped for it.

    11:42 AM"

    Levi doesn't care anything about Tripp. He, like
    Bristol, is far too busy slurping after the milky teat
    of celebrity.

  86. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Anon 11:50 link to a pic of Bristol - not only is she wearing a scarf copying her mother's old trick - look at the downward pleats at the bottom of the scarf on the white top covering the stomach - allowing for movement and expansion!! This is not a style a young person wears who normally wears tight fittings T's and sweats.

    You can see that the scarf does not fall straight down from the bust but in fact pushes further out due to stomach expansion.

  87. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Once again Sarah, the issue is that Tri-G is not your BIOLOGICAL son. He did not exit your vajayjay or your cut abdomen. He did not gestate in her uterus. You may or may not have legally adopted him, but you do possess him.I know you are both severely mentally ill as well as learning disabled, but please start saying the truth:MOST PEOPLE WITH A BRAIN KNOW YOU DID NOT GIVE BIRTH TO TRI-G.

  88. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Ok, this is catty, I admit it. But after all those photos where she was covered up, now she's going low neck and sleeveless? Sarah, dear, your arms are not and never will be toned and we know what your neck and chest look like sans makeup. Ain't foolin' nobody.

    However, reluctant kudos for ratcheting your voice down a bit. You still don't say anything, but at least this interview didn't hurt my ears.

    And Todd? Lose the *$^$%#* hat.

  89. Anonymous1:29 PM

    10:03, what Sarah is is an overreaching underachiever.

  90. Anonymous1:31 PM

    The pic posted by Anon at 11:50 taken by Greta:

    Another way of noticing the stomach expansion is to look at the arm positions of Sarah and Bristol.

    Notice Sarah - Shoulder to elbow straight down. Definite bend in elbow. Elbow to wrist - stomach appears to be about mid arm between elbow/wrist.

    Bristol - Shoulder to elbow - elbow forward. No definite bend in elbow. Elbow to wrist - stomach appears to be about 2/3 along arm between elbow/wrist. If shoulder to elbow had been straight down - stomach would have been at wrist.

    I'd say scarf is covering the bust growth. White top appears tight to side of scarf. Think back of picture at RNC Convention - large bust and dress was extremely tight.

    As I type this, the temperature in Port-au-Prince, Haiti is 81 with humidex of 100 with minimal wind 11m/h

  91. What is the temp in Haiti?1:36 PM

    When someone becomes a major celebrity and takes America by storm like everybodies Sweetheart (Palinbots claim) their fashion sense and style becomes an instant fad. Are teens and young women rushing out to buy scarves now?

    That would be a true indication that the Palinbots claims are authentic and not just more BS.

    How many times have we seen this 20 year old celebrity (with a mother who only wore scarves when she said she was pregnant) wearing a scarf? It is more and more a frequent occurance with Bristol. Did she ever wear scarves before? It certainly brings up some questions. This scarf outfit in Haiti is about the strangest yet. No one else from Wasilla or elsewhere are following her lead and wearing such an odd fashion statement. If nothing else this is the nuttiest Bristol happening yet. Who wears a scarf with a tee and casual pants (Wasilla group uniform)? Now if Bristol is so popular with the masses it will be a trend and the fashion houses will not lag to bring it on. Nothing about a scarf like that in Haiti on a warm day makes sense unless you consider the psychological and other reasons a 20 year old Bristol would dress that way. To me this is a far worse wardtrobe malfunction than any thing before. It is crazy beyond discription or words. She will now have to do an Angelina Jolie photo. This is next.

  92. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Anon@11:45am said mm, like every other politician out there. They al sound like robots. There is not one genuine sounding leader who's attained nationa prominence today Also, too, Todd is Track's biological son and he did not join the army to avoid jail.

    What self-serving malarkey. Any number of politicians are able to string together multiple complex thoughts and sentences. Failed attempt to set the bar so low so that even Sarah may pass.

  93. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Another pic taken by Greta. Pic of the children made to sit in lines/rows, adults standing at back who may be parents while these white morons sitting on a bench stare at them.

    Note the photographer who will be taking pics of kids for Franklin to pimp on his site and in literatue and of course they will show up in Palin's crap boasting of her visit.

    Guess she left the plate of cookies elsewhere.

  94. Anonymous1:53 PM

    11:45 a.m.,

    "Also, too, Todd is Track's biological son and he did not join the army to avoid jail."

    Wow. I didn't know that TODD was TRACK'S biological SON. That puts a new twist on things! I don't care either way. Because there are still plenty of other things I don't like about that fucked up family!

    "Also, too." Is that you $arah?

  95. I captured Greta's photo, lightened it in Photoshop and also did a crop of Bristol by herself.

    Wow - just wow - that scarf is hiding nothing.

    I don't have a place to post them on line but G if you will use my email and contact me I will send copies to you.

  96. Anonymous2:01 PM

    What did Barbara Walters take to get her through this interview without laughing out loud?

    The "I'm a just such a sweet little darling" act works for toddlers. Sarah trying it in this interview is a sign that she's in a panic and falling back to what worked with her Daddy.

    Sex instead of brains has worked for Sarah for a long time. And it's just about reached the limit. After that, Sarah's going to have to make a hard choice, face the press or bolt. I think she'll bolt.

  97. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Here's another pic of Bristol arriving and she's wearing the brown vest again. Must have been too hot to keep it on...

  98. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Media Insider, I always thought you probably knew what you were talking about, though as we all realize, gossip is gossip and may not always be reliable. I never thought you were a troll at all. I have appreciated your willingness to come on here and share what you have heard.

    I agree that other blogs and their "regulars" can be rather capricious in their desire for transparency and ultimately, control. It's not very hospitable, actually. Whenever you drive commenters away it is a bad thing, I believe. We might miss the opportunity to learn something.

    I don't need to know anyone's identity for this to be a constructive endeavor. I don't need to see a consistent screen name to feel good about carrying on our efforts. This isn't a social club, though we all share a similar outlook on this topic and we all feel good about trying to unravel Sarah Palin's political career - ASAP. The rest is irrelevant. I think some really derive a great deal of self-esteem from these threads, and it means a lot that they are a "known" quantity, with varying degrees of status depending on the dynamic. There is also camaraderie, which is nice, but again not a requirement, for me.

    As Gryphen says, we must keep our critical faculties going at all times, and this also means we mustn't discount anything written here. Obvious troll abuse is easy to identify and respond to or ignore as one sees fit. The rest of it we can just take with a grain of salt and see what happens next...

    You never know, right? Sarah herself may surprise us with a visit. Wouldn't that be something?!

    Sarah, we know you or one of your posse read this blog. How's about one of you identifying yourselves so we can have a good conversation?

    Good luck, Media Insider~

  99. Anonymous2:20 PM

    My guess is that Todd is worried. With all the money the witch of the north is making, he had better check the water in the gas tank of his airplane as she would never want to share $$$$$ with an ex-husband. Todd has make his nest and he has to sleep in it...fleas and all.

  100. Anonymous2:35 PM

    toad DOES look ill and unhappy. I almost fill surry for him; not...

    Too much Meth or has he moved on to cocaine since he turned into an flash-by-day millionaire?

    YES: Track DID join the Army to avoid jail time...
    YES: Trig in NOT Scarah's by her womb...
    YES: You DO have marital problems; and SICK ones too...
    AND FINALLY: Bristle is perpetually pregnant and a slut like her Mum...

    did ANYONE else pick up on S&T's body language? They HATE each other...
    THEY ARE BOTH assholes & liars to the max...
    Barbara: You are slummin'...

  101. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Here are the kids
    They look fine and healthy.

    Sarah will allow other media tomorrow when she and Bristol are ready for their close up.

  102. Forever Anonymous3:02 PM

    So the men are weak, limp and impotent. The classic frigid woman never takes responsibility for her own dysfunction.

  103. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Rosie cheeked Bristol with Cissie Graham Lynch.
    I had no idea that Sarah Palin had been building shelters all this time. She was spot on after the earth quake hit and too modest to let us know?

    Greta looks like she caught what Todd has. The QUITTER is wearing "skinny" something and showing off her botoxed lips and the Holywood shades.

    Another view of the Palins and Bristol with scarf series.

  104. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I see Greta VB made the trip with the Palins to Haiti.


  105. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Link of pics on foxnewsinsider including Bristol:

    Is a closer and more angled picture to show a better sideview of the bench picutre posted earlier.

    Someone should do a screen grab.

  106. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Bristol on the far left side of the picture wearing a scarf and vest. (She looks suspect here as well.)

  107. Anonymous3:21 PM

    So she taunts men who criticize her by implying they can't get it up? No wonder she's the queen of the teacrackers.

  108. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Sarah Palin... the next Tammy Faye??

  109. Anonymous3:25 PM

    So scary, but possible, Anonymous @9:24AM. It sure looks like "crack mouth," as in Bobby Brown, Amy Winehouse, etc.

  110. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I love the "we care about black people" shots these Samaritan's Purse tourists are having taken.

    The Palins could give a you-know-what about black people, especially the ones in their own country.

    Lovely Haitians are another matter.

    (I have known and loved Haitian people and African Americans, don't get me wrong on this.)

  111. CS Lewis? Read "The Magic Christian." It has been well documented for ages that CS Lewis was a child pornographer.

    Maybe that is the relationship between Todd Palin and Joe W. Miller: Child Pornography.

  112. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Bristol fixing Palin's hair - guess her bumpit slipped!!! Or extensions moved!! Or hairpiece coming apart!!!

  113. emrysa3:59 PM

    What is the temp in Haiti? sez:

    "This scarf outfit in Haiti is about the strangest yet... To me this is a far worse wardtrobe malfunction than any thing before. It is crazy beyond discription or words."

    yes it most certainly is. can you imagine what all the non-haitian people there were thinking when they saw her? they seriously had to be wondering wtf was going on. out of all the things bristol could wear, she chose that? she had the vest on in the pic that looks like her exiting the helicopter. then in greta's pic, no vest - but a scarf? a white short sleeved t-shirt with a scarf? I mean really, wtf? you can bet it didn't get past greta, but she will keep her mouth shut for more palin face time.

    I've thought for months that they paid levi off (why hasn't anyone heard from levi? he doesn't have a job - hows he paying the child support?). I think they agreed to drop the child support and pay him a nice sum to say that this kid is his. I guess we'll find out in a few months.

    then there's also the possibility that only crossed my mind today - that maybe they will put the kid up for adoption and be done with him. given that bristol has spanxed herself within an inch of her life, maybe she doesn't care about the kid and if he comes out all deformed and fucked up from being choked for months.

  114. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Palin visits Haiti under tight guard (Who pays for security?)
    Palin, who traveled in part by helicopter, provided access on her tour solely to the U.S. cable network Fox News. (Are there any media or photographers in Haiti that could use some work? Perhaps a photo opportunity that could also bring some big attention to the plight of Haitians and big money to their economy. Graham and Fox only want donations and attention as they see fit.)
    Though Port-au-Prince was calm for most of the day, Palin avoided the capital, heading north to visit a Samaritan's Purse project in the small town of Bercy.
    "It would be good if she came, because we could tell her that we need medicine and jobs," said Roseline Frederique, a 21-year-old resident of the capital's Cite Soleil slum who is being treated for cholera symptoms

    Bercy hotel deals
    Luxury hotels (including 5 star hotels and 4 star hotels) and cheap Bercy hotels (with best discount rates and up-to-date hotel deals) are both available in separate lists.

    11/06/2010 Cholera in Cabaret / Bercy *** Hope for Haiti

    The people of Bercy

    Building a Restroom Bercy Haiti Style, picture story.

    Weather, Nearest weatherstation Jacmel, Haiti
    High: 26 C ..........78.8 F

  115. emrysa4:04 PM

    also too - someone asked earlier what the hell is wrong with sarah's upper lip in this video. I watched the original interview on the big screen tv, and I couldn't stop laughing at sarah's upper lip (between the nose and the lip) because it was so SHINY - shiny skin is the botox give-a-away. it was so obvious that sarah had her some botox before that interview. you know, like rill every-day americans do.

  116. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I would LOVE to see the unedited interview tapes with Katie C. during the 2008 campaign. Surely someone has them tucked away.

    Mrs. Todd Palin claimed they were edited to make her look bad, but I would like to see for myself.

  117. Anonymous4:21 PM

    It would be interesting to compare Bristol's seven month scarf picture to her mother's seven month scarf picture.

  118. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Screech is going to be handing out shoeboxes of toys to those kids in Haiti, operation christmas child.

  119. Could Bristol not be wearing a bra?
    I am sure that coming from a cold climate into such a hot sunny one she might be having trouble breathing. The scarf would give the girls the freedom to stay cool!!!! (Bristol is soooooo modest yah know)

  120. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I had no idea that Sarah Palin had been building shelters all this time. She was spot on after the earth quake hit and too modest to let us know?"

    The SP stands for Samaritan Purse, not Sowa Palin.

  121. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I watched just the part with Todd and kept the sound off because I cannot tolerate listening to her screeching. It's very obvious from the way they are sitting that they're very uncomfortable, either with each other or with the situation.

    Their bodies are tilted away from each other and he's holding his right arm so that it has little contact with her. Her left arm is resting on her leg but is pulled as far away as possible from him. He even leans away from her for most of the interview and, when she jabs him in the side with her elbow, he tilts even further away.

    In that situation, when a spouse sits on the arm of a chair, the natural instinct (and most comfortable position) would be to put your right arm along the back of the chair behind the spouse sitting down. By holding his arm across his body, he is clearly protecting his own 'space'.

    Not exactly a warm fuzzy moment!

  122. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Heh mediainsider-your own place now.

    Will be watching.

  123. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I also believe a "sound-guy" helped Scary Paydough to not sound "SO screechy"...and has had voice lessons as well...

    Her and Toad DO hate each other by their body language...

  124. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Thinking about a trip to Haiti?

    To 'help' or make some commercials?
    Here is what the Centers for Disease Control has to say about it.
    Guidance for Relief Workers and Others Traveling to Haiti for Earthquake Response. This information is current as of today, December 11, 2010 at 20:53 EST

    "This notice is to advise relief workers and other personnel traveling to Haiti to assist with the humanitarian response following the January 12th earthquake near Port-au-Prince. Conditions in the area remain hazardous, including extensive damage to buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

    Other details as to recommended vaccinations, various disease and other health risks present, and preventative measures that some people might take may be viewed there.

    Let's look at what the CDC has to say about visiting Haiti and Malaria.

    "Insect-borne Diseases

    Malaria occurs in all parts of Haiti. Ways to prevent malaria include the following:

    * Taking a prescription antimalarial drug
    * Using insect repellent and wearing long pants and sleeves to prevent mosquito bites (Remember those pictures posted today? )
    * Sleeping in air-conditioned or well-screened rooms or using bed nets

    No antimalarial drug is 100% protective, so it is important to use all three ways to prevent malaria."

    There is more information on antimalarial drugs at a link there.

    Of the five choices, three are not to be used by pregnant women, and the remaining two must be taken prior to the trip. From the CDC site- some info on the choices for pregnant women:


    * For trips of short duration, some people would rather not take medication for 4 weeks after travel
    * Not a good choice for last-minute travelers because drug needs to be started 1-2 weeks prior to travel.


    * Can be used in second and third trimester of pregnancy and in first trimester if there is no other option (i.e., postpone travel)

    * Cannot be used in patients with certain psychiatric conditions

    * Not a good choice for last-minute travelers because drug needs to be started at least 2 weeks prior to travel
    * For trips of short duration, some people would rather not take medication for 4 weeks after travel"

    The summary by the CDC on Malaria is:
    "Malaria is always a serious disease and may be a deadly illness. If you become ill with a fever or flu-like illness either while in Haiti or after you return home (for up to 1 year), you should seek immediate medical attention and should tell the doctor that you have recently been in Haiti."

    Still planning to go to Haiti?
    There is Dengue Fever too.

    "Dengue is a common infection in Haiti. Dengue is a disease caused by a virus transmitted to people by the bite of an infected mosquito. Some important information to know about dengue as you travel to Haiti:

    * No vaccine or medications are available to prevent dengue.
    * The best way to reduce your risk of dengue is to protect yourself from mosquito bites (see Insects below for more information).
    * The mosquitoes that spread dengue usually bite at dusk and dawn but may bite at any time during the day. (Remember those short sleeve pictures today?)
    There are no specific medicines to treat dengue, so treatment is supportive with fever-reducing medicines and fluids.

    Would you think this is a good place to take your family? There is important work to be done- but by these people??

  125. quills7:21 PM

    notice after toad rambles on after the very specific question, baba wawa cuts him to the quick with, "that's more than three words, but thank you." exit stage left. i'm in alignment with previous commenter who said that bw was giving sp all the rope with which to hang herself, at some future date... stay tuned ye immorals!

  126. Anonymous7:34 PM

    "Would you think this is a good place to take your family? There is important work to be done- but by these people??"

    They will only be there for 2 days. Just time enough to pose. The only work they are doing is to fill their own portfolio with more myths on how brave and humanitarian they are. Some one else is doing most of that, taking pictures and writing the lies. Next it may be the UK and helping the elderly. What a pity if they carry the malaria.

    Little Miss trend setter, hard at work in her Carolina Herrera scarf ensemble. I hadn't noticed Todd's beer expansion before. How old is he? He needs to get to work on a few things.

  127. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I think I posted this on the wrong thread before,but anyway-7:34 the pic of Bristle fixing Ms Quitty's hair is very interesting.Maybe someone can enlarge it?

  128. Why oh why were Sarah's eyes so dilated? What was she on?? Neither Barbara's nor Todd's eyes were similarly dilated . . .

  129. Anonymous10:03 PM

    OK, I watched it and you guys are right on. Todd looks really ill and Sarah behaved like a teenager prom queen being interviewed before the homecoming game. She is so far gone and is truly deluded if she believes this interview is in anyway pre-presidential. The bizarre recap of past stories regarding their marriage was over the top weird. And the creepy allusion to the Trig story was equally nutty. She really thinks she might get some traction on that one. Sorry Sarah, I do believe you gave birth to Trig and I and others are totally convinced you were hoping for a fundy abortion the entire time you carried him. You show no qualities of a caring loving mother. You seem only concerned about money and fame.

  130. Anonymous8:26 AM

    "Sorry Sarah, I do believe you gave birth to Trig and I and others are totally convinced you were hoping for a fundy abortion the entire time you carried him."

    This is what I think. I also think Bristol had a baby
    before Tripp.


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