Saturday, January 29, 2011

Without Federal dollars Sarah Palin's Spudnut example of free market excellence would not even exist.

As I am sure almost all of you are aware Palin tripped herself up during her interview with Greta Van Susteren in an attempt to rebut President Obama's wonderful SOTU speech.

Then in an attempt to dig herself out of the hole that she found herself in Palin fired up the RAM and made her pound out a Facebook rebuttal to explain her rebuttal. (One has to wonder if the rebuttal of the criticism of the Facebook rebuttal will take the form of a Twitter rebuttal.  Then after that she will have to turn to jungle drums and smoke signals to get her rebuttals out.) It is long and stupid, but here is the part that was supposed to explain that her "mistake" was no such thing:

Now, in a recent interview I mentioned analogies that could relate to solutions to our economic challenges, including the difference between a communist government’s “Sputnik” and the private sector’s “Spudnut.” The analogies I mentioned obviously aren’t comparable in size, but highlight a clear difference in economic focus: big government command and control economies vs. America’s small businesses.

So there you go.  The issue has been rebutted for the final time and Palin  emerges victorious, right?

What, are you new here ?

From one of Digby's commenters:

Palin's quirky invocation of the "Spudnut Shop" here in Richland Washington as an example of American "can-doism" is far more ironic than you and most of your readers likely realize.

The fact is, the town of Richland was literally built by the federal government as a part of the Manhattan Project. All of the houses that surround the Spudnut shop were built by the Army. To this day, the only employer in Richland of any consequence is the Department of Energy and the contractors that work on DoE contracts at the Hanford site, just north of Richland. As a result, virtually all of the Spudnut shop's customers are paid by tax dollars. Those that aren't are retirees, drawing government pensions and social security.

Were it not for government spending, the Spudnut shop would be bankrupt in a week.

One of Andrew Sullivan's readers also has his two cents to add:

The Spudnut shop Palin speaks of is half a mile from my house in Richland, WA and it's really good (the secret is potato flour in the batter). She may not realize that the federal government buys most of those doughnuts: the annual budget for cleanup of the nearby Hanford Nuclear Reservation is more than $2 billion, employing about 11,000 workers, and spudnuts are the pastry of choice at meetings there.

Hang on I will get my daughter to type this last part.

Epic Fail. WTF?

Doesn't she have a way with words?


  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Sarah Palin in a TV interview said "WTF". No comment on the gratuitous crudeness by the "main stream media". Imagine if some other political figure had said "WTF". Oh, the uproar and wailing that would ensue.

    So why IS Palin teflon?

    The sputnik/spudnut blunder was planned to be a display of brilliant wit by Palin (written out carefully by her idiotic handlers). But Palin couldn't even deliver her lines without stumbling in the pit of her bottomless ignorance.

    That woman is an IDIOT.

    Spudnut probably even applied for federal dollars based on 9/11 impact, like some more famous Dunkin' Doughnut shops.

  2. Anonymous4:23 PM

    "Doesn't she have a way with words?"


    What she stuck her foot in her mouth again?

    Didn't understand why her example actually proved the WRONG thing?

    Who could have guessed?

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    This. is. hilarious.

    God this woman.

  4. The WGE can always be counted on for a good laugh. In this, she has no peer.

  5. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Sadly, now that Michelle Obama wants to control what we eat, Spudnut will probably go out of business.

  6. Virginia Voter4:33 PM

    Ugh, when will this imbecile finally get that she is a national laughingstock? Every time I think that she's hit rock bottom, Sarah reaches a new low in stupidity.

    The whole premise that this country , which already has an obesity epidemic , needs more doughnut shops instead of high tech innovation was already retarded, but now we find out this particular donut shop exists b/c of federal dollars?

    Gryphen, please tell me Todd's hookers will be going on the record soon, I can't take much more of this.

  7. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Bring up Governor Palin's Chief Executive efforts to progress, hand-out and bail-out the proven failure of the Mat-Maid dairy enterprises in it's many forms - hell, how much of the great West and Alaska had been "handed-out" by government to encourage population, commerce and the taming of wild lands and people.

    Even with the humiliating reporting of a $2.3 Million loss, Sarah marched in there with her Tea-Bagging Futures threatening to slaughter hundreds of cows if the goverment didn't provide a market for them. Franci Havemeister's father said that, provide a market for my milk or the blood of my bovines are on your hands. Franci, a Valley Realtor and Sarah's BFF from HS was appointed a plum six-figure job directing State Ag with her childhood love of cows as her qualification.

    She can shove her bullshit commonsense fiscal conservatism down our throats til the cows come home, but her record, as flimsy as it is, is racked with instances where she was fast and lose with public monies and responsibilities and put the fate of government services in the hands of Joe-The-Plumbers who couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag.

    Spudnut. What an idiot.

  8. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Spudnut's history should also be mentioned. They were once a global chain franchise, but have mostly dried up since the corporate owner's bailed out of the business, leaving the individual franchise owners to fend for themselves. So, not really a great example of a growing American business. Also, their employees are minimum wage and the shop itself is quite rundown in appearance. So yes, another epic fail for Palin on several levels. When will she learn to do her research and not rely on snarky wordplay? NEVER.

  9. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Poor $arah. Too bad $he doesn't spend as much time researching as $he does reacting.

    WTF? $he's an idiot.

  10. This is the PERFECT example of the ridiculousness of the "cut gov't expenses right now" approach. Waste, fraud, and abuse (where there is any) should be cut during times of prosperity. Government spending, besides providing essential services, is a way of stablilizing our economy. It is a tool. A tool we badly needed over the last 2 yrs and need still.

    SP understands nothing about monetary policy. But Obama and his staff do, thank goodness.

  11. that is soooo classic Palin LOL

  12. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Your daughter nailed it.

    Poor Sarah, too stupid and inept to research anything and too lazy to try.

    I cannot believe she has wasted, totally wasted the past two years by not learning anything of substance other than about plastic surgery (hmm, maybe she simply had the surgeons "do it" and didn't ask for explanations).

    Anyway, Sarah has supposedly paid thousands of dollars to consultants on a variety of subjects, but all that money has been wasted because she seem incapable of retaining any information - why? Because she lacks intellectual curiosity.

    Plus, she can be told anything or read anything but if she lacks the ability comprehend, all is wasted. She doesn't seem to be able to analyze, synthesize of simply understand basic concepts.

    I believe every person is alive for a reason. Every person has their own path to follow to learn the lessons they need.

    I fear Sarah is only here as a warning to the rest of us: something wick this way comes or perhaps this is what you become when you refuse to learn. Yikes!

  13. She's never one to let facts get in her way.

  14. deebee4:58 PM

    mmmm Doughnuts!
    I reaallly luv you sweetie. Do I vote now?
    Homer Simpson

  15. Anonymous5:00 PM

    If she keeps trying, maybe somewhere she will find someone who can get her facts straight for her. It is obvious she doesn't have a clue.

  16. Scaraaaaaa OH scaaarrrrraaaaaaa do you need someone to wipe your ass for you, too, when you get that wrong. Jesus Christ, take Frum's advice already, STFU. You most certainly have reached China by now in that hole you are digging. Nice research on the town of Richland, BTW. We have a Spudnuts here where I live, not part of the chain, but the best donuts, EVER. That bitch ruined DWTS for me and now she has her claws in my donuts. F OFF Sarah Paylin F OFF. Has anyone in history ever endured so much shame????? OH Besides, Bush?????

  17. Anonymous5:02 PM

    As usual, you miss the point. There's a big KFC in Muldoon, restaurants, a big Fred Meyer, a huge mall across the Glenn.

    Were these built with federal money?

  18. honeybabe5:04 PM

    she never learns, the mouth just keeps flappin'.

  19. nswfm5:05 PM

    Speaking of WTF, WTF happened to the blog Alaska WTF?

    I miss that snarky little blog. That little blog that could....

  20. Anonymous5:06 PM


  21. EX Cat5:14 PM

    Maybe the next palin to enter the world should be named spudnut, or lugnut, or whatever.

  22. EX Cat5:20 PM

    Oh yeah and another thing. WGE's health care plan. Well since laughter is the best medicine, at least sp is doing her part!

  23. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Anon @ 4:32 is an idiot.

  24. Troll@ 5:02:
    I'm guessing that IF the feds weren't there, there wouldn't be any need for a Fred Meyers. or a KFC.
    Once again you trolls can't defend the idiot Quitter except with more ignorant posts.

    And really. Were the heck do trolls get the idea that teaching our kids healthy eating is the same as wanting to rid the Nation of donuts?!

    What a bunch of ignorant fools you trolls are.

  25. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Oh, Anon @ 5:02

    You wouldn't get the point even if it was shoved up your ass. Honestly, how do people that stupid even survive?

  26. Gryphen, could we have an iceberg update?

    See, I changed my avatar to iceberg -- Iceberg roses, that is. But no iceberg yet! Was that all there was to it or is anything else likely to happen to our Teflon queen anytime soon, above and beyond her self-initiated downward spiral??

  27. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Her face was really wide when she gave her blood libel rebuttel. Now its thin again. Is it ass fat?
    Did Dirk get in trouble for taunting her with meth allegations?

  28. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Sadly, now that Michelle Obama wants to control what we eat, Spudnut will probably go out of business.

    Actually, Spudnuts are already in danger of going out of business, but not because of Michelle Obama promoting healthy eating. The Spudnut chain went internationally corporate, then failed and abandoned its franchisees.

    And if you think Michelle Obama's trying to "control what you eat" you are a fool.

  29. I've seen the dead vegetation around the Hanford plant as a result of the contamination.

    I am very glad the workers are eating healthy potato flour deep-fried doughnuts rather than the gluten-flour deep-fried doughnuts.

    Also, too, that federal workers are complying with the First Lady's suggestion to eat more healthy - it shows support for our Commander-in-Chief. You Retcha.

  30. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Anon 5:02. No, you miss the point. Yes, in fact the KFC on Muldoon, the Northway Mall, and my favorite, Jams Drive-thru, home of the macho-combo-burrito, are in fact n business due to federal dollars in the form of paychecks issued to the military and civilian employees of Ft Rich and Elmendorf AFB. As was the Alaska Railroad entirely a federally-funded project when built (and still heavily subsidized), resulting in the very existence of the city of Anchorage.

  31. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Sarah and Todd... just two slutnuts

  32. Anonymous5:45 PM

    For God's sake Sarah, stop taking advice from consultants and rely on your own intelligence, wit, and charm. You dont need any subject matter experts. They are just trying to scam you for your money. How do you know they are really helping you if no one ever says, "Now that sounds like the Sarah Palin I voted for! We love you Sarah! We just dont want you to be deceived.

  33. bws585:47 PM

    As usual, you miss the point. There's a big KFC in Muldoon, restaurants, a big Fred Meyer, a huge mall across the Glenn.

    Were these built with federal money?

    hey moron, they wouldn't exist with out the federal installation paying all the employees. I used to work at a restaurant next to an AFB, and trust me every time they have a level cut back, I felt it in my pocketbook

  34. Anonymous5:48 PM

    If the face book comment is what Sarah meant to say, then why didn't she say it?

    Even if every world of the CYA piece is unarguable, that's not what she said.

  35. Anonymous5:50 PM

    You miss the point!
    Without the thousands of government employees and retirees their would be no town,no businesses at all.
    Reading and comprehension are two different things.Its ok,though,because Sarah doesn't know that either.

  36. Doesn't Sarah have anyone to fact check what she refudiates?

    The only reason the population of Richland, WA even exists is because the government spent billions of dollars there making nuclear materials, and is now doing a long term environmental clean-up, spending billions more. Spudnut wouldn't even be in business without such government largesse.

    There were about 300 people in Richland, Washington until the mean ol' government moved a bunch of people in to work on your basic mom and pop plutonium enrichment facility. Spudnut essentially owes just about all of its business to big government.

    Gee Sarah, sorry to burst your refudiatin' bubble, but I guess government spending really can create a lot of jobs!

  37. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Thanks for the franchise mentions - I think that's the funniest part. Nice try playing it off as a mom-and-pop donut shop. BTW, I love your blog and I will never again say "I'm too busy" when my daughter asks if she can read to me.

  38. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Sarah Palin, what an idiot that person is. The problem is that she runs her mouth off and her followers only hear what she is saying and do not hear what is discovered afterwards. Bristol and Sarah are both a bunch of retarded fuck ups.

  39. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Sarah would never make the headlines if she actually got something right. I'd give her credit for intentionally getting everything wrong just so she could feed her ego with the publicity except we all know her displays of ignorance are congenital.

  40. So if said masseuse catered to the military for support. Does that mean toad was sucking at the government teet.

  41. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I wonder how much Track get's paid by SarahPAC for his Google reasearch for momma grizzly?

    Track, wake up, spit out your chew, Google me a great American example of American Exceptionalism in the firm of highly processed and empty calorie cents on the dollar junk food to trump this thing called Sputnik?

    We can't have Barack Hussein aspiring Americans to progress learnin and green technology!

  42. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Anon@4:22, that left me a little dumbstruck as well.
    Also too, I have to wonder if her antics aren't eroding her support among even the most rabid religious-right base. The crass language, the affairs, the slutty clothes, the wild applause for the daughter's simulated sex acts, oops I mean slutty dancing on nationwide television, all of the kids' wild ways. There is a reasonable argument to be made that American society -- certain sectors in particular --is depraved. This is part of what fuels the red-state resentments/anger. But surely even the 'bots can't be blind to the fact that the Wasilla hillbillies are a collective embodiment of that depravity.

  43. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Sarah and now RAM have still missed the point of the Sputnik moment and that was the investment i and emphasis on education, from elementary school up, on science, math, engineering etc., that enabled the country to excel in space and elsewhere.

    Much of the support for that push came with the help of federal money, for education, for educational institutions, for things like on campus nuclear reactors (yes I know of one on a university campus}, super computers of the day and student loans and grants.

    All of which Sarah and RAM oppose because they are the actions of a socialistic big government that gets involved in the nitty gritty of people's education and training.

    So Sarah's Ms Potato Head (spud nut) moment is still an epic fail.

  44. I miss Keith (he'd be on this!)

    I miss AlaskaWTF....WHERE IS DIRK??

  45. Anonymous6:42 PM

    If Sarah Palin wasn't borderline retarded, she'd
    have sense enough to be ashamed for some of this
    shit. She is stupid, which could be forgiven, but
    she is also malicious, and that can't be forgiven.
    She is a Down syndrome girl with a powerful
    grip on America's balls. She'll kill us all. She
    is destroying the country with division and hate.
    Sarah, if you love America, you'll go away. But
    you don't, so you won't. We know you too well.

  46. Anonymous6:48 PM

    According to her 4th quarter PAC expenditures, she spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for political consultants. You have to be incredibly stupid to spend that much in return for Spudnot, the Wonder Donut Shoppe! LMAO

  47. @5:02 PM,

    All the stores you named, on Muldoon? What military bases are near Muldoon? Who do you think lives and shops there? What about the troubles the new mall, built to take advantage of the military population nearby, on the Glenn Hwy near Bragaw, is having? Guess those federal dollars aren't helping them.

  48. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Has anybody actually seen Bristol lately? Still pregnant? Was Willow at the fundraiser in Texas last week wearing the Japanese-style dress? What was Bristol wearing? Did any of the commenters here attend this fundraiser and get to hear the 10-minute speech?
    Thanks Gryphen for keeping the pressure on the Palins. The sooner they exit the stage, the better.

  49. Anonymous6:54 PM

    When is she going to learn to keep her mouth shut?!!! It never fails that she just makes matters worse! Correction upon correction that is AGAIN proven not to be correct!

    Palin - keep it up - you continue to lose more and more supporters due to your blindness in thinking you compare to the intellect to our wonderful President Obama.

    As I've said before - you are not qualified to even shine his shoes!

  50. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Palin brings to mind a favorite line from the old SNL sketches, Point/Counter Point with Jane Curtain and Dan Akroyd..."Jane, you ignorant slut"

  51. Anonymous7:03 PM

    O/T, but Palin-related:

    Palin is the keynote speaker, and Cheney closes it out. Ick.

  52. Anonymous7:08 PM

    "Anonymous said...
    Has anybody actually seen Bristol lately?
    6:51 PM"

    There was some video of her the weekend of
    the shooting. She was shown moving into her
    new house. It was on Inside Edition. She was
    wearing a hoodie, of course.

  53. Anonymous7:10 PM

    "Anonymous said...
    O/T, but Palin-related:

    Palin is the keynote speaker, and Cheney closes it out. Ick.

    7:03 PM"

    Let me guess, they'll all circle jerk on the
    corpse of St. Ronnie...

  54. I can not help but believe that an old saying truly applies to SP and her pearls of wisdom(cough,cough).

    There is no fool
    like an old fool..


  55. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Nice try Sarah (aka RAM), that's 3 for 3 screwups you've tried to fix lately but instead managed to screw them up worse...."The crosshairs were meant to be surveyor's symbols", "Blood libel was Sarah's feeling of being falsely accused, nothing to do with Jews" and now this BS about trying to explain her idiocy!

    Palin has officially become a joke just like Michele Bachman. The media commentators don't even hold back anymore or pretend to give her respect. On a show yesterday the commentators where saying that the GOP has realized they've created a monster with Palin and they don't want her screwing up their chances of a viable 2012 candidate, so they need to tell her to sit down and STFU!

  56. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I'll admit it, I can't bear to watch the woman speak. So I just read comments here and there, my impression was that she said Spudnut when she surely meant Sputnik. Did I misunderstand? Does anyone have the quote, or can you tell me which part of the video to watch?

    I mean, c'mon, we know she didn't intentionally try to reference some donut shop in WA in a rebuttal to her beloved Obama, right? The FB garbage is RAM once again spinning wheels trying to make sense of a woman without a functioning brain cell in her head, right?

    Clearly it doesn't make all that much sense either way, I'm just curious.

    Also, really touching post about your daughter - I needed that today, this hasn't been an easy day with my kiddo.

  57. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I can't imagine the Reagan family didn't have some input as to the speakers celebrating President Reagan's 100th birthday. Nancy and his birth son, must be beside themselves in having our little idiot from Alaska as a 'keynote' speaker at the affair. It just makes me want to barf!!

    I just finished watching President Clinton speak at the Economic Conference gathering going on in Switzerland and have to pass on he was outstanding! He discussed some of the U.S. problems due to the questions asked of him by the audience (large!)

    In one response he actually brought up the name of Rush Limbaugh as to the untruths being spewed about the U.S. He didn't totally blame the Repubs though and stated that the Dems could have addressed/countered so many of the lies that were being said by the right during the last campaign. (health care - stats in the U.S. compared to countries in Europe, etc.)

    President Clinton is so smart - as is President Obama. Both are so outstanding on their feet when responding to questions. I'm so glad that both are speaking 'for us' on a national level!

  58. Chenagrrl7:52 PM

    I vaguely remember a Spudnut shop in Fairbanks. I think was west of Cushman toward the old library. It went out of business, but I think the old Peerless Cafe, or maybe it was the Noble Cafe, continued to sell spudnuts.

    Lots of the women in town made doughnuts with mashed potatoes, which I always thought were better.

  59. Gryphen, sometimes I am sad to only be a PetMom, but from your writings and other's contributions on the subject, I realize I've missed a certain something that children bring into one's life, but I've realized that I've also dodged a big "guilt bullet" that I probably was not built to handle.

    Thank you for sharing your story of loves married and loves lost. I too took a few marriages to finally find the happiness that I finally found with one that I did not marry! I am thankful that none of my relationships involved anyone but the two of us that were party to our union.

    Some are surprised by children, some never are. If you are presented with one of those surprises then you should do your best to make their lives as enriched as possible and it seems that you have.

    I for one am both happy and sad to have not had that challenge.

  60. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Sarah: "Quick, Becky, I need another catch phrase for Greta's show! I already came up with WTF. What rhymes with Sputnik? That's a Russian potato dish, right? Commie potatoes?"

  61. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Anon at 5:45pm:

    Intelligence, Wit, and Charm???

    Oh, you have given me a moment of trey levity in the midst of a heavy and concerning news day. Truly. THANK YOU.

    The "intelligence" of a concussed goldfish.
    The "wit" of a slimed rock.
    The "charm" of falling bare-assed on a cactus.

  62. Anonymous8:06 PM

    To 7:44

    The official Ronald Reagan 100th birthday celebration is being held at the Reagan Library with members of the Reagan family attending. The one at the Reagan Ranch (no longer owned by the Reagans) is where Palin will be speaking. She is not invited to the REAL 100th BIRTHDAY Celebration. Hopefully, Nancy and Ron will soon let everyone know.

  63. Dammit, my last post was supposed to be on the Daddy thread, not this one. Sorry.

  64. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Anonymous said...
    According to her 4th quarter PAC expenditures, she spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for political consultants. You have to be incredibly stupid to spend that much in return for Spudnot, the Wonder Donut Shoppe! LMAO

    6:48 PM


    Palin has to she spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for political consultants. Somebody has to tell her what to say. She is a complete idiot. It is the dumbasses giving SarahPac money that allows Sarah to pay someone to explain to her what is going on in the U S of A. If Sarah was unable to pay smart people to educate her dumb ass, she would be doing what Bristol is doing... going on DWTS and trying to find someone to pay her to speak about how she too got pregnant before marriage like her mother and Bristol did.

  65. Anonymous8:54 PM

    8:06 I am so glad to hear that Palin won't be at the true celebration of the 100th birthday! Boy, that word needs to get out there and I'll help spread it. As usual, she is a complete fraud and I cannot believe she is taking advantage of our past president when his loving wife, daughter and son are still alive. This podium that Palin has is due to the 'adopted' son, Michael. Nice guy, huh?

  66. Anonymous9:06 PM

    How many political figures have to issue retractions and corrections every time they open their mouth?

  67. kdusmdd9:07 PM

    Any word on Ms GotRocks speech tonight in Reno?

  68. Anonymous9:18 PM

    "Don't retreat, stand tall!" Palin told the crowd at the Safari Club event in Reno tonight.

    Hey scarah, if your rhetoric is so harmless, why did you CHANGE IT?

    Got guilt?

  69. Sarah came close to crossing paths with Kathy Griffin who had a show in Reno last night.

  70. Gasman9:56 PM

    Along with karma, inconvenient truths are a bitch.

    Palin, you are a fucking moron.

  71. Anonymous10:06 PM

    She's paying quite a bit of money for speech writers and consultants and this is the best they can do.

  72. Gasman10:06 PM

    Hey, @ 4:32 & 5:02,

    If the asshats fit...

    Which they apparently do.

  73. kdusmdd10:26 PM

    Palin was paid $200,000 for a 40 min. speech....OMG
    She said that the Dems. are against Hunters and Indians for their way of life because they hunt for their food. It was said that she takes that personally, because her husband and children have Indin blood.
    Don't retreat...Stand tall......bull crap !!!!!!

  74. kdusmdd10:29 PM

    BTW...Gryphen...I got my info from the Reno, NV newspaper. Googled it.

  75. OT -

    Gryphen - You know the copies of Shailey Tripp's police report that Frozen Vogler posted here a few days ago? He also attached them to a comment at the Alaska Ear and challenged the ADN to go to PD HQ's to look into it. However, he didn't make the point that the report contradicts APD's 'news release' about receiving a call.

    What's the chance the ADN will actually follow up? Will we hear more about this here or elsewhere? It's bugging me...a lot...that Palin and her APD goon aren't being held accountable about their diversionary tactic.

    Please delete this comment if I'm out of line bringing it up.

  76. hauksdottir12:29 AM

    Anonymous @4:43 PM

    "When will she learn to do her research and not rely on snarky wordplay? NEVER."

    Are we QUITE sure that it was supposed to be wordplay? You have to love words and playing with them to engage in deliberate punsmanship. Palin simply doesn't have the vocabulary, even if she had the requisite sense of twisted humor.

    Not knowing about Sputnik, she and her "advisors" probably thought of the doughnut. If she was even aware from context that it was something in space, she may well have thought about an orbiting potato (some of those asteroids are definitely potato-shaped).

    I think it was a matter of not understanding what was said, and her brain coming up with something close enough.

    And, if I was a member of JPL or the Hubble team, you can be damned sure that the next lumpy asteroid we photograph would be officially named Spudnut

  77. Anonymous3:49 AM

    I think her paying the "consultants" is nothing more than a money laundering system for her pals. She gets new ones who suck off her "popularity" for a while and then move on after their usefulness has waned. Nice gig if you can get it.
    We've seen the revolving door of people who seem to support her. Some stay a long time but others fade rapidly. My guess is they see the empress has no clothes and may try to help her out by pointing it out to her. She gets pissed off and axes them, there by shrinking her echo chamber to just a few yes men and women.
    We're all seeing the horrific results of her policy of only keeping those who agree with her in "power". Since she won't read history, she is doomed to repeat it. This is just one of the many reasons she is not fit to be in any positions of power.

  78. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Poor ole Sarah, she is soon going to be recycled into the trash bins of history. Only the crazy are taking up for her now as RAM tries to stick her name into every conversation piece or news headline that comes out.

    The Republicans are realizing that Sarah is screwing up their world daily and she will continue to be kicked to the curb.

    Sarah Palin is truly an idiot, and her daughter Bristol is following right along in her footsteps. Do the sex thing and then charge big bucks for the follow-up.

  79. Anonymous said...
    "Sadly, now that Michelle Obama wants to control what we eat, Spudnut will probably go out of business."
    4:32 PM
    No, Michelle Obama doesn't want to control what you eat. She does think it would be a good idea if you intelligently controlled what you choose to eat.

    Since people like you firmly believe that our horrendously costly health insurance industry run by profiteers should continue as is, wouldn't it be nice if it weren't further dragged down by all the illnesses caused by obesity?

    Your foot-stamping demand to be able to do whatever you want no matter the consequences is immature and ill-advised in a nation of 300 million people.

  80. $arah paylin plans to launch potato based donut into space. details at 11.

  81. Anonymous7:31 AM

    [Anonymous said...7:44 PM
    Nancy and his birth son, must be beside themselves in having our little idiot from Alaska as a 'keynote' speaker at the affair. It just makes me want to barf!!]


    [The one at the Reagan Ranch (no longer owned by the Reagans) is where Palin will be speaking. She is not invited to the REAL 100th BIRTHDAY Celebration. Hopefully, Nancy and Ron will soon let everyone know.
    8:06 PM]

    Nancy for all her airs and Sarah for all her prick teasing should really get along well since they have so much in common.

    google this for the many BJs of Nasty Nan (Nancy reagan blow jobs)

    And for the real low down on Saints Nancy (a mommy dearest and BJ queen) and (raunchy) Ronnie, their sex orgies and mob connections see;

    Then pass the word on to the repugs and Palin cultists.

  82. majii9:18 AM

    IMHO, Palin still missed the point of President Obama's Sputnik reference in his SOTU Address. He was referring to an awakening of Americans that spurred investments in science and technology that eventually led to us being able to reach the moon in 1969. This investment not only paid off in space technology, but it led to the introduction of many new consumer products. Tang was a result of these investments.

    Palin needs another team of researchers who have backgrounds in America and world history, economics, foreign policy, and other subjects that are related to government. All of these subjects are closely related and essential to any person who wants to become a successful politician at any level of government. After the disaster that was GWB, we don't need another example of a politician in which the blind leads the blind.

  83. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Richland, Washington: home of The Manhattan Project.

    The Army Corp of Engineers planned and designed the town; streets are named after Presidents.

    It used to be a "closed" city;a federally controlled "Atomic Energy Community" where access was restricted.

    The government used to own all of the land and the buildings in the town.

    Everything that was needed by the city was provided by the government up to and including planting trees in yards.

    Integral to WWII, Richland was an important part of the nuclear age
    (Hanford Nuclear).

    Yeah, a great example of capitalism.

    WTG Snownuts.

  84. Anonymous9:40 AM

    What's the chance the ADN will actually follow up? Will we hear more about this here or elsewhere? It's bugging me...a lot...that Palin and her APD goon aren't being held accountable about their diversionary tactic.

    Between Mayor Dan Sullivan and the excuse at the ADN link it is all explained.

    If it is officially denied and/or has a significant "yuck" factor then hands off.

    That's how you get a Palin for governor. Also nearly Vice President Palin. $ar&h sents out love and XXX to all the various as#lickers at the AD% and lamstream media that help keep her sh%t under cover.

    If the "facts" change they may revisit eh. The "facts" are not facts- and what competent journalist uses quotes in the way they are used here around the word facts in a statement such as this.

  85. JenniferinVA10:23 AM

    According to Palin, tax cuts for the"job creators" are necessary to keep our economy growing. Since she is a beneficiary of the tax cuts for the wealthy, I'm wondering how many jobs she has created since the Bush tax cuts were extended. Do you think it was 100 jobs? More? Less?

    And people paid by Sarahpac don't count - I want to know how many Sarah has created personally from all the money she got from the Bush tax cuts. Surely she considers herself one of those "job creators" she's always talking about when she argues in favor of tax cuts for the rich.

  86. Ah, yes. Richland--home of Richland High School where the team name is the "Bombers" and the logo is a capital "R" overlaid on a depiction of a mushroom cloud. I'm not sure where this lands on the scale of American exceptionalism. (The Japanese-American population of Washington state is substantial btw).

  87. Anonymous1:45 PM

    @ curiouser and anon @ 9:40

    I read Frozen Volger's comments on The Ear in ADN today. He/She must have edited to reflect the difference in the APD statement from the court records. However, all comments at The Ear column seem to be gone now.

  88. Anonymous1:49 PM

    oops! Comments at The Ear are still up....must have been a problem loading.

  89. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Love this. Ohmygod. Too much.


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