Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chris Matthews on Frank Bailey's book

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This is too good not to share.

They do not talk about too much that has not already been revealed but their absolute joy at seeing the absolute insanity that is Sarah Palin is really fun to watch.

This is why I have been saying that this information is going to forever end her political aspirations.  It is not just the big things that it reveals, it is the small tidbits of how she handled polls, wrote letters to the editor using other people's names, and built her very own enemies list, on which yours truly held quite a high ranking, that tell people she is completely unfit to hold a political office.

That is the kind information that is gold to opposition researchers and that is impossible for a potential candidate to overcome.  The Palin-bots can spin, and spin until silk flies out of their asses, but they will NEVER repair the damage to Sarah Palin that this manuscript, and the books soon to come will do to it.



  1. I agree. It was actually a joy to watch. .....and I could finally find her foibles to be funny. It wasn't funny until it started falling apart.

  2. She who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.

  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    These people are rolling on the floor laughing their asses off at her. Got that Sarah? You're a JOKE. You're not God's chosen one. You can't just decide that you "want to lead the country" and it will happen. You are an ignorant, mentally deranged punch line.

    Oh, sweet day.

  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Frank Bailey 200
    Palins 0
    Game over.

  5. Anonymous4:24 PM

    God, are we lucky she and McCain didn't end up in the White House! I wonder what he (McCain) is thinking about all this...it's been covered on the MSNBC all afternoon...so much for the attorney trying to stop people from talking about the manuscript. It doesn't seem to be working!

  6. Bottom line, I still want to see her loose all her ill gotten gains as well as her being able to take up residence where there are bars over all the windows and doors and be kept there for a very long, looong time...

  7. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Palin can run but she can't hide.
    Would somebody go over to the pee pool and see what all the pee-ers are saying?
    Gryphen, be sure to let us know when we can buy the book. Is Fox covering the Bailey manuscript? Palin's toast.

  8. And now she's lying again....


    I'm enjoying watching everything Palin fall apart. I'm especially enjoying it because she did it to herself. What an idiot.

  9. nswfm4:29 PM

    Maybe the leak was planned after all....I'll still buy the book and ask AKM for her autograph, but in a way, I'm glad people now have the emails, because they weren't getting out through the FOIA requests, like they should have been.

  10. Anonymous4:33 PM

    The great thing about Matthews enjoying the things in the book and making "fun" of the things revealed was that he had been such a admirer of her in the past- to the point that it would irritate the heck out of me that he was so deluded.

  11. FEDUP!!!4:34 PM

    I loved that interview. A bit disappointed that he kept on interrupting those two people in what they wanted to say, though.

    Definitely agree that Bailey should dump all the emails onto the Internet for everybody to see. Like that, they cannot be made to 'disappear'...

  12. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I loved the Chris Matthews show.I hope other msm follows through.Sarah is a big joke.She is evil.

  13. I have never heard Mathews laugh so heartily.
    And its the first time I've heard anyone outside the blogosphere finally call her delusional.

    She's definitely running now. The more she's laughed at the more entrenched and stupid she becomes.

    This is one of those put your feet up and have a cocktail moments. I've watched this three times . . . .

  14. Janet Carter4:44 PM

    I laughed my butt off at Chris's interviews tonight. I went over to sea4pee and they continue to insist that nobody is believing Frank's manuscript. Well, if just ONE thing he is stating is untrue, why isn't ms. twitty bitch filing a law suit? Because they are Palin's own e-mails that he is quoting. LOVE the hell out of this. Thanks Gryphen !

  15. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Quitter Sarah Palin doesn't sound presidential at all. She's an inept clown and no amount of PR can make her into a serious contender. All she's good for is bilking donations from deceived stooges, making up (and then believing) her own supportive press, and using family members to promote herself. Alaska's even in the process of un-doing the bad legislation she passed here while "doing" the governorship for a couple years.

    I wish we'd never heard of this wacko.

  16. laprofesora4:44 PM

    From the sound of the emails that have been referenced, nothing appears to qualify as confidential. So why all the hesitancy to release them?

    Even though we haven't heard anything criminal, it's a joy to hear her petty vindictiveness revealed for the world to see. There's NO spinning this, Scarah you skank.

  17. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Can haz presidnitz? Nope, so sorry Sarah, no has presidnitz.

  18. Anonymous4:51 PM

    OMG. Just imagining $arah watching this makes all the gnashing of my teeth and the pulling of my hair worth it.

    And McCain, you suck. I hope all of America sees you for the a$$ who tried to foist this idiot upon this country.

  19. Anonymous4:53 PM

    They're ALL melting down!


  20. SME1314:53 PM

    I recall reading an article about the polls involving Sarah and it was admitted that they polled 500 people from Wasilla in order to get that 80% favorable rating. Then within a day that article was GONE because it proved her 80% was all bullshit. I am glad this book will address that and other polls they fudged. Among many other things of course.

    Stress will often cause ones hair to fall out. I'm thinking Palin will be bald within a few days. LOL

  21. Anonymous4:56 PM

    They were having a marvelous time laughing at the ignorant antics of swwnbn!!

    The part I like best is how she argued with her support staff that Mittens name was "Milt" Romney.

    Oh, it feels so good to be laughing at this woman and not aghast at her hateful rhetoric.

    Thank you Frank Bailey and Jeanne!!

    Yes, your book will sell quite nicely. Every politician in D.C. will want to have a copy on their bedside table.

  22. Anonymous5:04 PM

    That seems to be the situation for sure - it seems like we not need a big bombshell to rid ourselves of the creepy possibility of this farce ever becoming president. It's the trickle of her true character that slowly oozes out from the corners of the facade she tries to put up in front of the public. She just can't hide who she truly is. Not that I wouldn't mind a bombshell, something to bring her down hard and fast. Maybe what I'm sensing is indeed a dam that's about to break. But broken dam or not, more than enough of the public can see her true colors now. Her chances of every getting anywhere close to office are now toast.


  23. Hey Gryph,

    With no expectation of you revealing something you shouldn't, can you say if you think the e-mail content provided in the MS would pose any sort of legal challenge? Copyright infringement, improper use, AK ethics violation?

    I'll understand if you say you can't. But will appreciate anything you can say.

  24. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Dear Mr. Editor,

    I just want to say that Sarah Palin is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and the smartest too. She should be President of the World, because everyone just adores her.

    Yours truly,
    Parah Salin

  25. Warrior895:10 PM

    Oh my. From Sarah's facebook. (THE RILL ONE Y'ALL!)

    On a side note, there’s always buzz about fake Sarah Palin Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please know that this is my only authentic Facebook account and SarahPalinUSA is my only authentic Twitter account. Pay no attention to the fake accounts and their fake messages.

    *snort* I bet Lou Sarah likes that comment!!!

  26. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Hey Sarah Louise,

    Thanks for the laughs!

    Your fan Tim from liberal CALIFORNIA

  27. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Looksl like commenters on other blogs are sharing the book for free.
    There's no honor among thieves.

  28. Anonymous5:22 PM

    The bots sure are all wee-weed up over this one :-D


  29. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Chris Matthews Compares Sarah Palin To Gaddafi: “She Just Doesn’t Know The World Around Her”

    Matthews, clearly enjoying the conversation, described the segment as the “candy” of the evening. Tucker agreed and said “I love the fact that this woman is so confident in her ignorance.” In the final moments, after all had a good laugh, Matthews allowed each an opportunity to provide a parting shot at the Mama Grizzly with their answer to his question of whether Palin would be running for President. Tucker adamantly said no, concluding “she’s damaged goods.” Corn waffled a bit, saying “I thought she wouldn’t but then – everytime I read about her, she seems so self-centered that I don’t know how she could pass up this opportunity.”


  30. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Hey Gryphen,congratulations on your place on Palins' list.You did real good on that.I'm happy that there are people like you to stand up to assholes like her that want to sell out our great country for personal gain.I suspect we have seen the political death of her finally and hopefully this time she will disappear.Anyway good job.

  31. Anonymous5:24 PM

    "She's damaged goods" - priceless!

  32. Anonymous5:25 PM

    The loons just keep on outdoing themselves!

    Beck To The Media: How Can You Possibly Deny What I’m Saying At This Point?

    Here’s what he had to say when he really got on a roll about the media:

    “It is difficult to deny at this point, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Is it a little hard to deny that radicals, Islamicists, Communists, Socialists will work together against Israel, against Capitalism, and they’ll try to work together to overturn stability? Who in the media is telling you this? Who? Name them! Where are they? How can they possibly deny it at this point? And why wouldn’t they tell you these things? Why?”

    It wasn’t just the media that was lying to people. It was all the leaders that are working towards a New World Order. Beck wanted to know what this new order actually was. He guessed that people wouldn’t spell it out because they know you, the American people, wouldn’t like it. He then listed all the possibilities that it could be (none of them were very good). And, in the end, he asked President Obama why he wouldn’t stand against these people.

    Today’s episode fits the same theme as the past few Glenn Beck shows: “they all said I was crazy but, look around. I’m right.” However, this one didn’t have much of the smugness that’s dominated his performance the past few evenings. No, today Beck was very, very angry.

  33. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Beck To The Media: How Can You Possibly Deny What I’m Saying At This Point?


  34. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Sarah Palin is toast. A piece of stale, burnt toast that fell through the grill in the bottom of the toaster and sits forgotten in the crumb tray. - Hedgewytch

  35. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Finally ... will Sarah Palin and her underachieving family pass through their 15 minutes of undeserved fame? And will we Americans ever recover from the embarrassment of it all?

  36. honeybabe5:34 PM

    can't wait for the experts on sarah's shenanigans go over the e-mails and match them up to the ones from the state of alaska that will be all redacted. so wonderful, keeps getting better.

  37. Mitch who lives in Kansas5:38 PM

    Fuck her and her whole fucking family. (As the senator said in Godfather part 2)
    But I do feel sorry for her kids btw.
    Again with the movie references! In Planes, Trains and Automobiles the car rental gal (at the airport scene. The same gal who was in Ferris Buller)said after Steve Martin ranted about his car said;
    "you're fucked"
    And so is she. Lets all go over to C4P and torment the inmates. See what they have to say about all of this.

  38. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Sounds like she is not claiming her "alias" facebook...

  39. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Sarah dear.. you are so fucked.

    Frank Bailey leaks are making you a total joke.

    Enjoy being laughed at you fucking maroon.

    Hope Todd finds a nice warm hooker during his race.

  40. Anonymous5:54 PM

    If a bombshell story like eyewitness accounts of a faked pregnancy brought her down, there would always be people who would say something like, She was only doing what was right for an unwanted baby, the liberals brought her down and she never got her chance to lead the country. But they can't defend her if her own petty and childish actions bring her down.

  41. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I can't wait to see what Jon Stewart does with this..Chris skewered her..this combined with the Facebook acct..lmao! She can't be taken seriously..she's past her sell by date...

  42. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I think C Matthews is the worst kind of journalist. I remember when he called GWB so presidential and talked about how he sent a tingle up his leg. Then when Palin came on the scene, he was AGAIN smitten and made a total fool of himself blathering about her.. In both cases, he backed off TOO LATE. He doesn't have critical thinking skills.He is an arrogant, blustering fool. dDsgusting.

    It makes me think how STUPID it is of us to even LISTEN to these talking heads. WHO of us didn't KNOW about GWB and SP before CM did. Yes.I thought so.

  43. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:59 PM

    "The Palin-bots can spin, and spin until silk flies out of their asses..." Priceless! Guess the manuscript is really on the loose now--even Cenk did a bit on it at 6pm on MSNBC. Now all I'm waiting for is the public Palin meltdown...

  44. Anonymous6:06 PM

    LOL!! This is getting good he he!

  45. Gryphen, I have not watched the tape, but I am not laughing at all at this tonight: I want McShame to hang his head in public, apologize to our Country for unleashing this hideoous trampy pitiful sick person on our political process and on our President! I want blood!

    And to Anonymous at 4:44: I too wish we had never heard of this person.

  46. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I googled pics of the 2011 iron dog race - ALL of the riders are wearing orange helmets. The people at the start line were noticing that they did not see sarah. Then a picture, published at ADN and peezoo show sarah doing her "air kiss" and todd in YELLOW helmet - yellow was 2010.
    I am confused - do you think she would pass off last year's photo as THIS year? nah....nobody could be that dumb, not even LouSarah, nooooo - say it ain't so!

  47. Anonymous6:18 PM


    And I don't usually like watching Matthews.

  48. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Remember how Sarah bristled (not Bristol) at going on David Letterman's show? She kept saying she wasn't going to give his show the 'ratings.'

    Now, it is true that whatever she Tweets or FB posts on, get's caught on video or Fox News on or speechify's on, get's mad Google and Youtube hits - but the idea that she believes she is such ratings gold because of her 'quality' as a leader or person of interest rather than morbid curiosity, is astounding.

    Sarah, we now know, you aren't as popular as you desire. You, your kids, mom, dad, Todd, sisters, brother, in-laws, nieces and nephews and your followers have so many other alter-ego's floating around out there to progress your numbers. I'll bet Trig and Tripp have even penned letters to the editor for you.


  49. Anonymous6:29 PM

    "Minn. poll: Trump bests Palin." Yea, she doesn't have an image problem. Who's going to want to put any $ into a campaign for Sarah? Just about.... no one.

  50. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I forgot to add, in "Minn. poll: Trump bests Palin", Palin got NO votes! That's a big, fat zero. According to my math, that's as low as it goes. I guess last week's polls showed a trend that hasn't let up. I believe "bottom of the barrel" was the term used to describe Sarah as candidate?

  51. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I guess everybody is going to go ahead and screw these three authors over until they each individually get a personalized C&D.

    Doesn't say much for professional respect does it?

    Nor does it say much for the total lack of respect for the bloggers who worked outside of the spot lights and big salaries who did the work that the "stars," people like Mathews, and sites, like HuffPo, and businesses, like ADN are showing when they are releasing, with such ease, other's work when they know they are taking money out of the handsof those who created the mss and did thework.

    That really sucks.

    They had to know that when the material was released by some source other than the author, agent or publisher that it was not legitimately released.

  52. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Since Palin is a Fox News commentator, doesn't that make the news station look stupid for hiring her? When their contract with her ends, or she is forced to resign, or she quits, there may be more tell-all "blind allegiance" books, coming from Fox insiders!

  53. Laughing at someone will kill their credibility faster than all the facts in the world. This is truly good news.

  54. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Sarah is a real-life demonstration of the dangers of having mentally unstable people anywhere near positions of power.

    We owe her a debt of gratitude for continually revealing new and surprising possibilities in her self-centered world of delusion, deception, anger and spite.

    Salutes to Sarah for teaching us valuable things; kudos to Gryphen for sharing the evidence for all to see.

  55. That was delightful!

  56. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I notice Chris didn't quote the authors' words; he quoted the emails. These are emails that should have been released by the state of Alaska TWO YEARS ago. Frank can't copyright those.

    I can understand Bailey wanting his revenge, or his money, or whatever. But if he honestly wants redemption, then release the 60,000 emails already. This isn't about Ken or Jeanne or Franks' precious words and analysis. It's about the emails.

    I'm glad he saved them. Now put them up there for all the world to see. We'll still buy your damned book.

  57. Anonymous7:41 PM

    If for some crazy reason she decides to run, and is in a debate with Mitt Romney, I can just see it now:

    "Good evening, Mrs. Palin. May I call you Sarah? Great. You can call me Mitt. M I T T. Mitt. Thanks."

  58. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I think Frank's book should be required reading in schools public and private. It has a moral to it, what will happen if you step on people close to you on the way to the top.


  59. Anonymous8:02 PM

    The article in Huffington Post today - regarding Palin and the 'book' - isn't getting many readers...her response numbers are normally much, much higher. Beck's article had six times the responses she did and his numbers were low.

    She is falling fast!

  60. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I wonder if a manuscript has been forwarded to President Obama and John McCain.

    I hope the McCain gets his ass kicked back there in D.C. with chiding from other Congressmen and women. His bringing her on the scene was ridiculous....think of all the time we've wasted talking about her these past few years.

    Plus, she has brought nothing but embarrassment to Alaska and Alaskans. People think we were idiots to elect her as 'quitter governor'.

  61. I'm not normally a fan of Chris Matthews, it drives me crazy that he constantly interrupts people, but his absolute joy at the hilarity of this story was contagious!

  62. The only reason SP is not like Gaddafi is she does not have a military or secret police to go after people. Remember she set up a system of sycophants and protection in Alaska. She will use whatever power is available to her for her agenda. I love this video because it shows they are starting to-get it. I however do not hold Bailey in high esteem, he harmed Alaska and many people through the incompetent and corrupt appointments he made to boards and agencies. If the emails were offered to help save the country from Palin and her ilk it would have meant something, but clearly this project is all about profit. It will take a lot of time for Alaska to recover. He knew what was going on when he was working under Palin and condoned much of it. I am glad the information is coming out and will read the book however. I also find it hypocritical to be upset that one book is leaked after being gleeful that someone else's book was leaked, but that‘s just me.

  63. Lynne8:59 PM

    Wow, that link to the Glenn Beck meltdown is jaw dropping. I knew the guy was whacko, but really he has lost it beyond all reason. I think it's the first time I've ever laughed out loud at his lunatic ravings.

  64. Anonymous9:08 PM

    In this moment this I am enjoying the ridicule.

    But how frustrating to think our MSM has been breathing life into this political fraud for over 2 years, unchallenged and unmerited.

    What lies will they promote next?

    I find the state of our MSM disturbing, at best.

    Sue in Minnesota

  65. Lynne9:15 PM

    The piece that is missing here for me is why the authors let all this stuff out of their hands to begin with and ended up with everything out of control. Who just turns loose of an entire manuscript with no protections in place? I admit I don't know what the usual procedure is for securing a publisher and so forth, but shouldn't there have been a little commonsense conservatism in there somewhere? (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself with that last comment.)

  66. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Parah Salin!!!!!

    i love you!!!!

  67. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I don't really know why people feel that the book won't be published now. I personally buy books months and years after they've been published. I have never in my life run out to buy a book on the first day it hits the stands, not even Harry Potter.

    I mean, however did J.K. Rowlings sell all those books when people were putting all the interesting parts on the internet within a day or two of their release?

    But I do think it's bad of all these sites to leak this stuff. It's not their property.

  68. Anonymous11:08 PM

    "Milt" Romney would totally understand that "only dead salmon go with the flow".

  69. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Sarah Palin should be thankful to whatever God she prays to for all the money she conned from her followers and just call it quits.

  70. AK knows11:56 PM

    Sarah Palin:
    Paranoid Personality Disorder

    It's not just a rumor, it's a fact.

  71. she's a fraud, folks12:07 AM

    It's been said before.

    Sarah Palin is the biggest hoax in US political history.

    The real question is this: what did McCain, the RNC and other Republicans know and when did they know it.

    They have shamed America.

  72. I wonder how many Cee of Pee comments are really from fake Sarah Palin & her family accounts.

    It is delightful to watch her house of cards come tumbling down - but I still want to see her in an orange jumpsuit if possible. And hopefully one of these days we will know how the heck that manuscript got leaked and why...however I don't think the leak will hurt sales - but most likely will help the chances that it gets a publisher.

    Her announcement to run would have to come very soon ... one guess is that someone leaked the manuscript now to make sure that never happened (just in case she won the nomination to be the Republican candidate or a third party candidate and split the GOP vote). It takes months and months for a book to get published and on the shelves - so even if they had found a publisher immediately, it would not have been out in time to stop her from the having the slim possibility of running. As amusing as that would have been - it would have been terribly destructive for our country. (But with her hubris she may still try and run - who knows.) So perhaps someone leaked it to either prevent that damage or to boost a more qualified GOP candiate or both.

    Here in NJ we have our hands full with our insane Govenor - it is just mind boggling to me how he ever got elected and sickening to see him becoming a "hero" to the GOP.

    Would love it if Stewart and Colbert had an annual "sanity rally" - we could all use it.

  73. Anonymous3:53 AM

    anon@5:58. It was Obama that sent a tingle up Matthews' leg not Bush.

    inside the beltway

  74. Anonymous3:56 AM

    The thing that maybe she doesn't understand is that now that people have seen her in action the book (stories) about her confirm what they are already thinking.

    Had she went back to Alaska, finished her term and actually boned up on things most Americans wouldn't have paid too much attention to her & would have been much harder (less time) to discredit her.

    I've said it all along - she would take herself down.

    Thankfully, she doesn't listen to sane rational people. Apparently, Glenn Beck doesn't know any sane rational normal people.

  75. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Talking about "unflattering pictures" $carah is looking kind of haggard in that photo. All the lies catching up to her?

  76. Lidia174:23 AM

    Sue in Minnesota: You're damn right that this is less about Sarah than about the -yes- LAMEstream media who have been covering up for her for years.

    The Canadians have been onto her; Carey of ADN came out and gave the Trig rumors credence, then… silence. WHY?? To what end? Did the people at CBS and the NYT and the WSJ really want Sarah to have a chance at becoming president?? I can only answer 'yes', because they still string along her "presidential hopes" and have been talking about her as though she is a candidate for the last two years!!

    It's beyond sickening!

    This is worse than the WMD coverup, not in terms of lives lost and treasure wasted of course, but in terms of how COMPLETELY EASY this hoax has been to debunk!! We don't need spies or experts on complicated weapons systems here; just LOOK AT THE DAMN PHOTOS AND VIDEO. SHE WAS NOT PREGNANT!! USE THE BRAINS GOD GAVE YOU!!



    (Sue, that last bit was not directed at you!)

  77. Anonymous6:52 AM

    What is the status of Mercede's blog? She hasn't posted since 1/18.

  78. Anonymous7:59 AM

    The book "The Authoritarians" available online (free) goes a long way toward explaining the Sarah Palin phenomenon and the people who fall for her obvious lies.


    I am almost finished reading it, after taking the pdf file to a printer so I could read real paper instead of a computer screen.

  79. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I don't care what anyone says. This continues to make McCain look bad.

    What a worthless pile of money that bastard is.

  80. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Sorry for being O/T...has everyone seen THIS??

    Gov. Walker falls for 'prank' phone call from Koch.


  81. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Interesting. But what's with all the shouting? Is that how all news is presented in the US? How can you stand it? It's like over-the-top sports commentary, hardly appropriate for erudite ruminations on the governance of nations. Or maybe my estimation of the calibre of political discourse is out of whack with reality.

  82. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Lady Rose @1:44 a.m.: Yeah, our crazy ass NJ governor. He got elected because people who WOULD HAVE voted for Corzine instead voted for Christie...I am so frustrated about that, but I have been trying to educate people that I run into every day...


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