Friday, February 18, 2011

The leak of Frank Bailey's book. Update!

So yes, as many of you are already aware Sarah Palin's former Chief of Staff Frank Bailey, has written a manuscript with the help of our own Jeanne Devon of Mudflats fame.

Sadly it was sent to various publishers by Bailey's agent without a request for confidentiality, which then allowed it to find its way onto the internet.

Part of the e-mail sent along with the manuscript read as follows:

In BLIND ALLEGIANCE TO SARAH PALIN: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years, Bailey explores such key events as Palin’s gubernatorial victory, Troopergate, illegal coordination with the Republican Governor’s Association, never-before-revealed scandals such as a judicial appointment as payoff for a favorable child custody ruling for Palin’s sister, the vice presidential campaign and the bizarre vetting process, and Palin’s resignation. Drawing on thousands of emails from the personal accounts of Sarah and Todd Palin as well as key members of the staff, Bailey reconstructs how the Palins’ pathologies became apparent, and how he and other members of the team rationalized Sarah’s increasingly erratic behavior and their commitment to a cause that was changing shape before their eyes. Bailey’s stories and representative emails—which are not subject to FOIA requests and therefore will not be included in the email correspondence scheduled to be released by Alaskan officials this May—sketch a disturbing portrait of Sarah Palin and her inner circle. Given the recent news that Palin’s political action committee has hired Michael Glassner, a veteran of both Senator Bob Dole’s and Senator John McCain’s presidential campaigns, as chief of staff, the revelations and insights of Frank’s story are more necessary than ever, as the public will seek to learn as much as possible about the woman who seems to have her sights set on the national stage. Both a chilling expose of the inner workings of Palin’s circle and the story of one man’s slow drift from his most cherished beliefs and his ultimate redemption, BLIND ALLEGIANCE TO SARAH PALIN is sure to strike a chord with readers on both sides of the aisle.

Frank Bailey was the first outside volunteer for Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial primary campaign, and served as a staffer and member of her inner circle until his departure from politics in the fall of 2009. He now runs a small coffee-stand business, having turned down an appointment from new Governor Sean Parnell in order to spend more time with his family. Ken Morris, a former Wall Street executive, has written for the San Francisco Chronicle and Jim Cramer’s, and has appeared on Cramer’s former show Kudlow and Cramer as well as dozens of radio shows. Jeanne Devon is the editor and proprietor for The Mudflats, one of the most influential blogs in Alaska, and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, where she has an open invitation to post lead articles. She contributed a chapter to GOING ROUGE: An American Nightmare (Health Communications, 2009). She is a regular guest on Shannyn Moore’s popular Anchorage radio show, and has appeared on Rachel Maddow

I have known for some time that Bailey was writing this book, and I also knew that it contained some very damaging e-mails from Todd, Sarah, and various Palin insiders, as well as some behind the scenes information from Frank Bailey who seemed to know just about EVERYTHING that Palin herself was desperate to keep secret.

I did NOT know until earlier this week that Jeanne was involved, but I am not all that surprised because ALL of us are constantly being sworn to secrecy by somebody, and are often in the position of having to keep secrets even from our closest friends and family members.

I do have in my possession the manuscript which I received from a source just yesterday. I am only about nine chapters in, but I can tell you that it reinforces a LOT of the rumors that we heard about Sister Sarah these last few years. However I am sure you will respect the fact that it would be unethical for me to share with you anything from this yet unpublished manuscript on this blog.

Jeanne is my good friend and I am not going to do anything that may keep this book from being published and making both her and Frank Bailey a ton of money.  From what I have read thus far they certainly deserve it.

And by the way, even though I am pretty sure I will get a free autographed copy of this book, I am going to purchase at least one or two more, because THAT is what will make this a blockbuster. And I urge all of you to do the same.

I have already pre-ordered the books that are soon to come from Joe McGinniss and Geoffrey Dunn as well, because the story of Sarah Palin, Alaska politics, and how this travesty came to be, is MUCH too big to ever fit completely into only one book. 

By the time all is said and done I anticipate having a WHOLE bookshelf dedicated to the downfall of Sarah Palin.

Oh, and for those of you who wrote asking me if this book is one of the big pieces of damaging evidence coming out this year that will demolish Palin's chances of launching a successful Presidential primary campaign, my answer is you betcha!

However, and I know that you all hate this, it is NOT the only one.

Update:  While I am absolutely NOT going to cut and paste anything from this manuscript I did want all of you future owners of this book to know that it is CHOCK FULL of incredibly juicy scandalous information.  Multiple Palin lies are documented, as well as unethical behaviors, and even ILLEGAL behaviors. 

And I am only up to Chapter 14!

I had only heard a vague description of this manuscript's content, but now that I am reading it in black and white it is even better than I had imagined.  When this finally comes out Palin is doomed. Period!


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I get to be the first to comment! Oh goody....or maybe that should be: Oh giddy! That's how I am feeling right about now. I hope that's not wrong! lol....

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Oh happy day!!! What we (the sane and not fox brainwashed) people already knew about Sarah. That she is a raging narcissist who has one objective only: The promotion and elevation of herself undeservedly to the highest position in the country while stepping on and sliming over anyone who gets in her way. McCain should hang his head in shame for the rest of his life.

  3. Be sure to include a link to where we will be able to pre-order our copies of the book as soon as you have one!

    We'll be patient.

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Bailey describes making illegal campaign ad

    FEBRUARY 18, 2011 - 2:22 PM

    From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage:

    In the fall of 2006, Sarah Palin had just trounced former Gov. Frank Murkowski in the Republican primary and was fighting a three-way battle in the general election for governor.

    Palin’s campaign was rooted in her image as anti-establishment Republican funded by a grassroots campaign.

    Palin’s campaign was rooted in her image as anti-establishment Republican funded by a grassroots campaign.

    So when the D.C.-based Republican Governors Association began running ads attacking Democratic candidate Tony Knowles and praising Palin, opponents cried foul, accusing her of being a hypocrite for leaning on outside money.

    Critics wondered about one scene in the ad in particular: Palin striding from the Hotel Captain Cook. How did the RGA get that footage, they wondered, if the Association is forbidden from coordinating its campaign with Palin? The Alaska Democratic Party accused Palin of illegally coordinating with the RGA.

    In his book, Bailey now says the allegation was true.

    read more »

    Bailey becomes 'Todd's go-to guy'
    FEBRUARY 18, 2011 - 12:23 PM

    Bailey writes that he first heard the name Wooten in October of 2006, suggesting bias in favor of Wooten was the reason the troopers union didn’t endorse her in the governor’s race.

    He said Wooten than came up again just days after Palin was elected, when she and Todd met with the head of her trooper security detail. Palin told the department of public safety official that Wooten had tasered his stepson, drove drunk in a patrol car, illegally shot a moose, called her daughter, Bristol, an obscene name, and threatened to kill her father.

    “Clearly upset and having no interest in disguising her disgust, she went on to blast the DPS for allowing this “animal” to continue to wear a badge and carry a gun,” Bailey wrote.

    Bailey then writes that Todd Palin then contacted him in April 2007 to complain that Wooten was riding on a snowmachine while collecting worker’s compensation. Bailey told Todd he’d pass it on to the state’s director of risk management, and Todd sent Bailey a packet of information on Wooten.

    “Because I was pre-occupied and felt I already had all the important details, I did not then plow through Todd’s Wooten file—which included copies of multiple verbal and written attacks on the trooper by the Palin family. As a result, I had no inkling of the three-year family vendetta, a battle that made Hatfield and McCoy look like Romeon and Juliet,” Bailey wrote.

    read more »

    Bailey says he regrets role in Troopergate

    FEBRUARY 18, 2011 - 11:30 AM

    Bailey was a central figure in the “Troopergate” matter, in which the Legislature investigated whether Palin abused her power and pressed for the firing of state trooper Mike Wooten, her former brother-in-law. In August of 2008, after the Legislature had started its investigation, Palin held a press conference in which she said Bailey had acted out of bounds.

    At the press conference Palin released a recording of a phone call between Bailey and a trooper lieutenant outlining various complaints against Wooten -- from drunken driving to lying on an application -- saying the governor and her husband wondered why the trooper still had a job. The recording had apparently surfaced after the Department of Law began its own investigation of the matter at Palin’s request following the start of the Legislature’s inquiry.

    Here’s how Bailey describes the release of the recording in which he pressured the trooper lieutenant:

    "My family suffered alongside me, largely in silence while Sarah and Todd Palin resorted to doing what they did so often in the past, deny, deny, deny. “His comments were unauthorized as well as just wrong,” she said about me during a hastily-called press conference on August 13.

    read more »

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Sweet...thanks for including my favorite photo!

    Bring it!

  6. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Gryphen I chukle with glee everytime I see a new post about the demolition of Sarah Palin.

    Lets call it the "The Alaskan Demolition Derby". And may the books and piles of shit keep coming like a huge alvalanche.

    And bury her ALIVE!!!!!!!

    It makes my day thank you.

  7. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I went to Amazon and typed in the title.. nothing, so I could not pre-order. I will buy a copy if Frank and Jeanne decided to print it at Kinko's and hold it together with brass brads.


  8. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Book excerpts

    Bailey describes making illegal campaign ad

    Bailey becomes 'Todd's go-to guy'

    Bailey says he regrets role in Troopergate

  9. Anonymous2:59 PM

    c4p has already posted "move on kids, there's nothing to see her" he he!

  10. Enjay in E MT3:00 PM

    Oh my -- even the bits that found its way onto the internet....I am psych'd to read it.

    Going to have to clean off a shelf for the Palin books. Shelf for Bush, I & II, Reagan, Nixon.

    **Note to self - Order MORE popcorn **

  11. My hand is itching to click that preorder button! Bring it!

  12. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I think it was the gov job that helped to make her the way she is. That and the constant, unnecessary personal attacks. She was not like This pre governor. At all

  13. Kimosabe3:05 PM

    Elevation of a judge in exchange for a favorable child custody ruling? Sounds juicy ... and, illegal.

  14. California Dreamin'3:08 PM

    The timing of the leak is very interesting. I sure hope Bailey finds a publisher SOON! I will also be purchasing a copy or two.

    Hey Sarah...."na, na, na, nah! na, na, na, nah! Hey, hey, hey! Goooodbye!!"

  15. Anonymous3:14 PM

    More details about Glassner...

    Sarah Palin's New Right-Hand Man: Meet Michael Glassner

    The veteran Republican operative who could help guide Sarah Palin into the 2012 presidential race has a close friendship with Todd Palin to thank for his new role. He is now at the top of the former Alaska governor's political hierarchy.

    Friends and associates of Michael Glassner, whom Palin recently hired to be her chief of staff, say it was Todd who reached out to him in recent weeks and urged him to come aboard. His task: to bring some order to Palin's far-flung and highly-insular circle of advisers.

  16. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Wow, that book sounds amazing. I can't wait!! Maybe this is why swmnbn looks exhausted and defeated in recent photos. I'm confused about the status/publication of the book--will it be hurt by the leaking of the manuscript?

  17. Dinty3:14 PM

    Should we wake Captain Smith up?

  18. Virginia Voter3:18 PM

    I so wish this was already on iBooks, but I will purchase a hard copy to preserve for posterity.

    Anyway, I am enjoying a grape vodka martini in celebration of this news, not much of a champagne drinker , and I raise my glass to you Gryphen , Frank, and Jeanne . Cheers.

    To Todd and Sarah, NAH,NAH, NAH, NAH....NAH, NAH, NAH , NAH...HEY HEY HEY...GOODBYE.

    Oh yeah, F John McCain, and may he die a slow painful death ( by natural causes of course, when his time is up) for releasing this stain on our country.

  19. Anonymous3:18 PM

    oh give it a rest already.

    There is no "iceberg", just a bunch of mickey mouse "allegations", sore thumbs and technical minutiae to piddle over. You're just dragging this out like you always do, so at the end you can claim that "the system" or the "ol boys club" shut you down so the "truth" (heh heh) doesn't come out.

  20. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Can't wait for this book to come out, I bet it will really be a game changer. Good for Frank, hope all is well for him and family.

  21. YES! Spreading the news just as soon as I do the happy dance and finish this note. Please let us know when and where we can buy the book in advance! WOOT!

  22. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Love the graphic of Sarah and the looming icebergs. I'll definitely buy one of those books. Can't wait!!!!

  23. Anonymous3:22 PM

    By his own admission, he was one of her flying monkeys who tried to destroy someone's life. There are plenty more where he came from. Palin can still do plenty of damage while he shops his story around to the highest bidder. I can't really drum up a whole lot of sympathy if he doesn't become a millionaire off his redemption.

  24. By the way, I hope these two people have heavy security. You know she will scream You Lie Frank Bailey because that's what all tea drinkers do!

  25. Anonymous3:26 PM

    hope Frank knows where Trig came from.. and spills the info

  26. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I don't hate it - I love it! I respect your integrity, but you have to keep us going too. It's a thin line man - personally, I think you do it well!


  27. Olivia3:27 PM

    Oh my, no no no; there is no way that I am disappointed that this is only one chunk of the iceberg. Happy to see it all coming out. I hope there is an ebook version.

  28. Anonymous3:29 PM

    If this book is as juicy as it promises to be, it may end up having far flung ramifications. Down the toilet go the Republicans, Tea baggers, Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch and FOX. My goodness....

  29. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Good for you. Hahahaha - burn on Sarah - I love it. And I'll buy the book too, even if every last drop is leaked on the internet. More icebergs please :)I for one love the long, drawn out suspense of it all.....

  30. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Unless he has a chapter about trig's birth, the book isn't worth my money.

  31. Anon @ 3:18. Troll alert!!

    Way to go Gryphen, Jeanne, and Bailey. So glad he did this. I will buy a couple of copies and send around to family that puts her on a pedastal.

    Champagne is ready.

  32. FEDUP!!!3:35 PM

    I am glad that the truth is finally coming out, but I am also VERY concerned that the manuscript has been leaked before it is even printed. That potentially damages Bailys possibility to publish it, and it gives the Palins a heads-up to subpoena/sue the author because there are supposedly private emails included.

  33. TruthSeeker3:37 PM

    Oh Sarahhhhhhh. You better buy cases and cases of (adult) diapers, cause you are going to need them for yourself this year.

  34. Good for AKM to get some money for her writing. Can't wait to buy it and read it.

  35. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Ok so other people have published rxcerpts. I understand you not wanting to do so. But please tell us if he writes that Sarah was not pregnant with Tri-G. Come on. Please???

  36. I wish a few more of those there fine Christians in Wasilla would also too find religion and such.

    Bailey oughta set up a revival tent and do some real time-tested, common-sense healin'.

  37. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I'm buying 2 or 3 copies and sending them all to John McCain.

  38. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Frank Bailey and Shailey Tripp are heroes! (And you, too, Gryphen! And Jeanne! And Linda! And Audrey, et al...the list goes on...)

    It's truly scary that someone this unbalanced (SP) has been allowed to continue to advance for so long. My deepest thanks to everyone courageous enough to take on the task of bringing the truth to light.

  39. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Any experienced writer knows you never, ever, ever, send an entire ms to anyone. For many reason-like this huge leak. Usually a query, and maybe chapter 1, 5, an 10, something like that. And why would they write an entire book before getting a contract? (Thus the chapter 1, 5, and 10, written first, before the rest of the ms). This is a damn shame, chalk it up to inexperience. But it explains the sale of Devons shop...

  40. Anonymous3:54 PM

    3:01, you are fooling yourself. Sarah Palin has ALWAYS been like this. What do you think inspired "all the unnecessary personal attacks?" It sure as hell wasn't because she was so danged ethical and nice and whatnot.

    Remember the mayoral race, where she ran as the "Christian," implying, of course, that John Stein was NOT a Christian and so, somehow, bad for Wasilla? She was the same back-stabbing, lying, hateful little witch back then. She's become only more unhinged as she aged.

    Wake up!

  41. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I think it's sad the book was leaked. The man eventually decides to "do the right thing" and his reward is a leaked book. Interesting to find out who was behind same.

  42. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Tell us how to pre-order!!

  43. Anonymous4:06 PM

    You and others are sworn to secrecy. All so "they" can get a book out and make some money. While at the same time this woman is running around the country preaching hate and causing death and destruction. You and the others are no better than they are if you have allowed this to happen and only want to make a buck on it. I think we are being played and strung along. Sarah to me looks like a genius right now.

  44. Anonymous4:07 PM

    On April 28, 2009, Sarah wrote a simple, but frequently repeated message about her job as Governor, "I hate this damn job..."

    We knew you were in it for the money, honey.

  45. hauksdottir4:08 PM

    Damned! That agent has a MAJOR liability issue and so does the publishing house that deliberately destroyed all chances of proper publication.

    I hope they are identified, shunned, and sued... as a discredit to the industry.

    Manuscripts are automatically copyrighted by the author upon creation. It is even regarded as amateurish to put the circle-c on a document sent to a publisher. When an author sells the rights to a publisher, he also warrantees that he is the author, that he created the work, and that he has the rights to sell.

    Copyrights are the "bundle of rights" to make copies, distribute them, and to make derivations and distribute those. The agent and the editor who released this into the wild are guilty of usurping Bailey's copyright.

    What publisher is going to touch this now?

    If only snippets show up on the Internet, a publisher might still figure that there is value in first time publication rights, but if the entire book is available for free, Bailey and his co-authors are robbed. Pure and simple. Many of us prefer real books, but publishers look at the revenue stream from kindle, etc..

    There may be a small bright light. Professor Tolkien was robbed of his copyright by a publisher who reprinted LOTR in paperback without permission or payment. The resultant uproar led to an authorized publication of the Trilogy and his popularity. Even though we were teenagers, we wanted the real thing.

  46. My only hope is that any information brought out in this book doesn't hamper her efforts to run for president. I can't think of any other surefire way to keep a republican out of the office than having her as their chosen one.

  47. Anonymous 3:01 stop already. She was always like this. It is in black and white everywhere. All you have to do is look for it, or look at tape of her.

  48. Anonymous4:13 PM

  49. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Somewhere I read a comment that Sarah (SNOWDRIFT NOOKIE) miss sp on purpose,looked like she was gaining weight. I agree, along with the double chin that is approaching. Her age is showing and she is not wearing it well.

    I am so well pleased that at least one, Christian man ,that was fully infatuated with snowdrift nookie, is now willing to cleanse himself of all the dirt collected on his soul. I am sorry it took so
    long. I am equally sorry she has injured so many, but she will never make it to the White house.

  50. betsy s4:20 PM

    Way to go! Anonymous 3:47!!

  51. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Hate to be a spoil sport but lately there has been a lot of wholesale copy/paste jobs here in the comments section from articles elsewhere on the web. I think a few tantalizing excerpts and then a link to said article is more effective than copy/paste the whole thing. Also, would hate to see Gryph get into trouble with copyright issues.

  52. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Here's the link to the illegal commercial that Bailey refers to:

    Interesting that Parnell is in the ad as well. Was he complicit in this arrangement with the Republican Governors Association?

  53. cant run. wont run. may go to jail one day.

  54. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Will the msm be able to ignore this book?

  55. Anonymous4:33 PM

    anaon@ 3:01...really ? she's been a vindictive opportunistic lying bitch her entire life

  56. Anonymous4:34 PM

    " Anonymous said...
    I think it was the gov job that helped to make her the way she is. That and the constant, unnecessary personal attacks. She was not like This pre governor. At all

    what a bunch of bull....who goes through a mayoral election of a 5K population town making inuendoes about the sitting mayor religious views and marital status. She showed you all what she was even way back then.

  57. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Don't ya'all be silly. This book won't say a word about Trig, except maybe how SP would sometimes bring him into her office. You know AKM doesn't touch that story. As it should be. That story will have to come out somewhere else.

  58. Anonymous4:35 PM

    So this isn't the iceberg that you promised about 5 years ago, but it is an icecube? You phony cunt you.

  59. Anonymous4:35 PM

    There's dessert too? YEEEEhaaaaw.

  60. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Personality traits won't be the cause of Sarah's downfall, as people generally accept that politicians show the public the exact opposite of their personality. However, the Sarah we saw in SPA is essentially her non-professional personality. Obviously, her on the job side is going to be tougher, as her gender already works against her in her field.

    Honestly, I dont even think a scandal will cause her downfall, given who was just elected Gov of some states and even past presidents.

  61. Anonymous4:42 PM

    My prediction appears to be materializing....thank you Shailey Tripp for starting the avalanche. With this forthcoming tome from Jeanne and Frank I think you'll start to see more revelations from those who previously have been afraid to speak up. the gravy train is just about ended it's run SP. Time to call in your favors to Franklin Graham and get a new gig going.


  62. Anonymous4:44 PM

    3:18PM says "...just a bunch of mickey mouse "allegations..."

    boarding a transcontinental flight after an amniotic fluid leak is NOT mickey mouse, it endangers the life of the unborn

    and Palin BRAGS about it

  63. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Frank Bailey’s Memoir Leaked to Press (and a surprise)

  64. (from F. Bailey's manuscript...)


    Ex-Gov. Sarah Palin 2009

    Shout it from the mountain tops....

    She hated being the governor of Alaska.... she CANNOT be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.


  65. Anonymous4:47 PM

    ...Frank Bailey was one of the few true Palin “insiders.” He and a circle of half a dozen people were there in the Palin campaign from day one, until the end of her administration. He’s the kind of guy you’d pick to write an insider memoir, if you could choose. He was working on a book almost two years ago which was tentatively titled “Renegade – Sarah Palin’s Hatchetman.” That particular project fell through, and this one was born. One of the things that makes this project really interesting is that Frank retained tens of thousands of emails between Palin and her confidantes, which were sent to him over the years, beginning in 2005, and going through the end of his relationship with Palin in the summer of 2009.

    Frank has kept pretty quiet over the last couple years, and has not granted a single interview. This is part of the reason that people may not have heard of him until now. Frank moved up the ranks from campaign volunteer, to the Director of Boards and Commissions in the Palin administration. He was also the aide who placed the infamous taped “Troopergate” phone call to the Alaska State Troopers asking why Palin’s ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten hadn’t been fired. Like many, Frank became increasingly disillusioned over the years and is ready to tell his story about his years in the inner circle.

    It would have been nice to personally tell the news about the project to all of you, and friends ourselves, when we were ready. But as often happens in life, things tend to turn out in completely unexpected ways. The draft manuscript has apparently been leaked to the media without the knowledge or permission of any of the authors, or the literary agents. We on this end are shocked and horrified that this has happened, but the toothpaste is out of the tube as they say. So, now there’s a little intrigue added to this story, which we certainly would not have chosen, and the consequences of which are yet to be known.

  66. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I wonder if Sarah shops here:

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    Although, if you like shoes, this is the place to visit. There are some really spectacular ones and some really tacky ones, so everybody wins!

  67. Anonymous4:56 PM

    To everyone asking how to pre-order, there's no publisher yet.

  68. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I don't want it to spoil her chances at running for president. I want it to bury her so deep, I never have to see, hear or think about this toxic person ever ever again!

  69. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I can't wait to read this book and yes, I'm going to get more than one copy, that is if it makes it to press. I'm concerned the flying lawyer monkeys will find a way to squash the whole thing now. I might be a little dense but I couldn't figure out why SP would want to trademark her name. I thought that was totally looney. Now I get it, so no one could use her name in any publication without her permission, and same with pictures and everything else. No wonder she is putting all her eggs in the basket of social networking.

    This is beginning to scare me even more than ever. Frank Bailey was charmed by the snake charmer but thank God he snapped out of it.

    I wonder if her hairdresser will ever come forward and say she saw 666 underneath that hair somewhere.

  70. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Uncle Jesse, i had a very nice day today. Getting this news made it a great day.
    I am willing to purchase any anti-Palin books that are published.
    I love the fact that Sarah is out there in a shit storm. F-her & Todd & her miserable children.
    The pix of Piper pouting at her mom taken at the Wasilla Sports center back on 9/11 is indicative of how painful she is to be around.

    Thanks for all you do G-Man.


  71. Anonymous5:15 PM

    From the Alaska Dispatch article:

    It sounds like Mitt Romney as chairman of the RGA at that time could have broken election law.

  72. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:16 PM

    YESSS. I'm thrilled! The creaky S.S. Palin is drifting closer to its date with Davy Jones's Locker. Even if the "leak" results in the manuscript not being purchased by a traditional publisher, the tidbits released so far are enough to create a much-needed buzz, along with Shailey's info. Hope this finds its way to the MSM!

    How about a self-published e-book, or posting it in installments on a website as Thom Hartmann has done?

  73. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:17 PM


    BTW, this quote ALONE, with a pic of SP, would make great bumper sticker material!!

  74. Anonymous5:26 PM

    People, With regard to cutting and pasting articles/postings from other blogs: a few lines and a link are sufficient, and more importantly, appropriate.

  75. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Glad for the book but that is THE WORST title. Tell Jeanne to make it snappier.

  76. Anonymous5:31 PM

    4:42, give it a rest already. What people have seen of Palin is a quite a bit more than "personality traits." People get it: Palin is an unacceptable candidate. There's a stink about her that hasn't anything to do with her professional side being "tough."

  77. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I guess this starts to vindicate what Levi Johnston said about her after she returned home after the failed VP election. Probably all of the other things he said will be proven true also. Why then, did he later deny what he had originally said in the Vanity Fair article?

  78. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Just self publish the book. The ebook sales alone would be worth it.

  79. To Anon @ 4:35

    Sooooo classy! Must be Rebecca or Willow. Waving to both of you!!

    It's not about Gryphen, honey, it's about that Grifter you have hitched your wagon to. Shoo ... back to the sea of urine where you belong.

  80. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Oh,this has found it's way into the MSM I about fell out of my chair when local Seattle channel KING 5 (NBC) reported it on the evening news! YAY!

  81. Anonymous5:44 PM

    $arah, I HATE THIS DAMN JOB!, Paylin is

    so so so SCREWED.

  82. Anonymous5:45 PM

    This all makes sense now. What am I talking about you ask? I was wondering why Bristol Palin is now being seen where ever Sarah Palin goes, recently in New York and speaking on Reagan’s Birthday as examples. Bristol is now Sarah Palin’s aide and confidant. Sarah was always paranoid about her lack of knowledge since she was mayor and governor and protected her secrets by always hiring and surrounding herself with incompetent people / high school best friends to do jobs they were not qualified to do and by having her husband Todd sit quietly in the corner of meetings and sending him copies of Alaska government emails so that he can advise Sarah on what to do.

    Why is Bristol now Sarah’s new hand maiden? The reason is obvious as shown by this book coming out. Sarah can’t hire qualified people or people who do not pledge allegiance to Sarah because they soon discover that Sarah is ignorant on matters and she needs someone to protect her secrets and watch her back. That is why she had Todd as her chief of staff of SarahPac to keep an eye on the troops for her, but Todd was too busy chasing tail and everything fell apart. Well the people in her inner circle jumped ship and are writing books about Sarah, so how do you protect yourself, protect your secrets? You hire your daughter to be your aide and confidant.

    Right now Sarah is in desperation mode trying to make as much money as she can get before (1) these revealing books about her comes out, (2) before her emails as governor of Alaska are released and (3) before she has to confess she is not running for president. Once she announces she is not running , her dingy takes on more water and sinks faster.

    A sign of Sarah’s desperation mode is her recent trip to New York. Look at her eyes and face, she looked horrible because she spent many nights awake trying to cram for her one hour unscripted question period. People always said that Sarah is not taking advantage of the McCain / Palin loss to go back home and study. Sarah instead took to the streets frantically putting out two books written by someone else and hocking them at every Costco back room she could find. Sarah also tried to fool America by telling us she was on a cross country bus book signing tour, but secret photos revealed Sarah Palin getting off of lear jets to board the bus for her short trips to her money making book signing stops. Sarah was also busy making money putting out reality shows in Alaska that showed how incompetent Sarah actually is and that she was not an outdoorsman or hunter as she portrayed herself to be.

    Sarah, like John McCain, also knew that she was not prepared to talk to the media and put up all kinds of barriers and excuses to protect herself from answering questions she knew nothing about. Thank God for Sarah that FOX came along to her rescue to pitch her softball questions and not challenge or threaten her. So now it is shit or git off the pot time and Sarah’s 15 minutes are winding down. To me it looks like FOX is starting to distance themselves from Sarah Palin just like the people of Alaska who backed her and her family in the beginning has already done.

    Alaska has moved on to better things given up on the Queen of Grift who quit on the people of Alaska. Now America herself is fast discovering the true Sarah Palin, a fake, a con artist, a grifter and to all those people who have and kept secrets about the Palins, just realize you had the chance and still do have the chance to reveal the real Sarah Palin and the Palins to the world.

  83. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Maybe that's why the Wasilla Whiner was trying to rush her trademark through. Because she knew the people she stomped on and left disgruntled might just put pen to paper and start spilling the beans about the depth of her rottenness.

    I can't wait to read it!

  84. Yikes. I am going to seriously miss having Sarah Palin to kick around. The comic relief has been priceless.

  85. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Palin reality show receives $1.2 million in tax credits

  86. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Shows such as “Deadliest Catch” and “Ice Road Truckers” have also received credits in the past year, though no reality show spent or received as much as “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” according to a state list of approved tax credits.

  87. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Palin reality show receives $1.2 million in tax credits

    Read more:

  88. Anonymous6:23 PM

    The obsession with punishing Wooten

    Bailey writes that Todd Palin recruited him to go after trooper Wooten, saying ‘it’s time to get s—t, done, and it’s us, Frank. You and me.”

  89. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Very sad that there is not even a publishing deal and date set for this book. I hope they can expedite it and get out there ASAP.

    Waiting for the Dunne and McGinnis books has been torture, especially with the dates being pushed back again and again. I have the both on pre-order through Amazon and will buy this book also.

  90. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I've not read all the notes here as yet, but I wonder how Parnell will be reflected in this book. He seemed to me to have no backbone where she was concerned...if he was aware of the illegal stuff she did, he shares in that - as to governmental stuff.

    I can hardly wait to buy the book!!

  91. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I'm really thrilled with this news but I have to agree with a previous comment: that is really an unsophisticated title. Even though it cuts to it's point, it sounds amateurish. Maybe it is just a working title.

    Petty grievance, but.....sheesh.

  92. Anonymous6:37 PM

    anon @ sure is entertaining watching you p-bots trying to enunciate/communicate....the stupid must really hurt...

  93. Sarah Palin is an albatross around McCain's neck, and you know what? I've been saying it for a while: the people who were on the inside and then screwed over by her are starting to say things. I've heard little rumblings, but until now, People were still kinda holding back. No more.

  94. Anonymous6:40 PM

    yeah I think there's a good possibility that Joe M leaked the book. It's in his character

  95. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I always knew Frank had the goods, he was the quiet one - the forgotten one, to our advantage.

    When he tried to peddle a book describing himself as her 'hatchet man,' I knew he could bury her and Todd.

    The day is coming, publisher's bidding war hello, AKM's book will shake Sarah Palin's Alaska more-so than the 64 earthquake.

    I'm only sorry it took this long, after her making her millions off her phony resume and shooting a reality show.

  96. Anonymous6:49 PM

    The book was sent to political people in Alaska as well as news/media outlets. I wonder if it went to any of the national media outlets that Palin hates so much. Also, could it have made its way to any congressmen and women or President Obama? Wouldn't that be a hoot!

  97. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I would buy any book that Jeanne Devon writes! Hurrah!

  98. Anonymous7:10 PM

    3:52 - am so disappointed by your comment: "chalk it up to inexperience. But it explains the sale of Devons shop..."

    That is a totally stupid thing to say. Do you even know how long that shop was in business? Do you ever go there? I bet not.

    What a senseless, tasteless, stupid thing to say.

    If you ever bothered to read her blog, you would never attribute "inexperience" to her. She is fantastic, and when she decided to close her shop, people wrote in bemoaning its closing.

  99. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I saw the name Frank Bailey, something about a leaked book, The Republican Governors Association, and the _Palin Campaign in 2006 being fined by Alaska for campaign troubles.

    This was just seen on the Fox News network. The little words scrolling across the screen on Hannity show.

    Did this happen automatically or is Fox going to cover this?

  100. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I saw the name Frank Bailey, something about a leaked book, The Republican Governors Association, and the _Palin Campaign in 2006 being fined by Alaska for campaign troubles.

    This was just seen on the Fox News network. The little words scrolling across the screen on Hannity show.

    Did this happen automatically or is Fox going to cover this?

  101. This calls for a good beer label or a tee shirt from Troll. Yes i am laughing.

  102. Anonymous7:19 PM

    4:35 PM - just who are you trying to insult. Sounds like G-man. If so, your choice of slang is inappropriate. That C-word refers to a woman.

    If you were trying to insult SP, then you are using the word that McCain infamously called his on a campaign plane in front of reporters.

    Either way, not a word to use here.

  103. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Palin is just like any other person who gains political or celebrity power. The power does not change who they are it only amplifies it for all the world to see.

  104. Does anyone know who got the judicial appointment for the child custody case? Is this associated with Palin's sister My first assumption), Bristol or someone else. There are so many possibilities that I can't assume anything.

  105. Enjay in E MT7:36 PM

    Altho the "leak" may be an issue for some publishers - on the other hand -> look at the response in just a few hours!

    We're checking Barnes & Nobles, Amazon....we are looking to BUY!
    It will be a best selling pre-order!

  106. Palin just lost two other staffers. Think we may get a book from them too?

  107. Gryphen - Don't ever hold back letting us know there's more coming.
    You made my day and my tomorrow.

    Yay, truth!

  108. Anonymous7:43 PM

    This is now front page on

  109. TruthSeeker7:45 PM

    "On April 28, 2009, Sarah wrote a simple, but frequently repeated message about her job as Governor, 'I hate this damn job...'"

    Well then everybody, Sarah must definitely hate still being called Governor, since that title would have to remind her of the damn job that she hated.

    So Faux Spews, you can drop the "Governor" when you are addressing Sarah.

    But hey, you can start calling her madam - you know, in honour of the hooker shoes that she loves to wear.

  110. You know. I can't help but wonder if this leak was intended to help Palin to minimize damabe with spin, denial, misdirection and flat out lies.

    I suppose when it's known who leaked, we'll know why. But that's my guess.

    I hope the other books have better security so that the plethora of damaging evidence will be too much for her to negate.

  111. Anonymous7:59 PM

    So does he spill the truth on Babygate, or was he completely out of the loop?

  112. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I feel bad for the authors that this book has leaked before being sold.

    It seems two of websites posting the majority of the excerpts are the Anchorage Daily News and the Alaska Dispatch.

    Like celticdiva said at the ADN site in comments not an exact quote- if you folks had done your job properly there wouldn't be a need for you to republish the work of others unauthorized.

    The traditional news media will be getting the blame for the delays in the exposure of the true facts here.

    Every reporter knows that if the snakes won't answer your questions there might be a reason why.

    I hope I have the opportunity to buy this book soon in whatever format is for sale. I am waiting to find out how this book leaked.
    I'm not jumping to conclusions or making accusations.

  113. Anonymous8:01 PM

    She's back... Facebook - she does not support unions... Thinks she can make a difference in Wisconsin. If I lived in Wisconsin, I would tell her to keep her a** out of my state.

  114. Anonymous8:03 PM

    On ADN it says that Joe McGinness leaked the book.
    Why would he do that? Did he do it to help Bailey or is he being vindictive and competitive? Any thoughts?

  115. Please forgive me. I was waiting for Sarah to pull out her theodolite and triangulate a response to Shailey, although I suspected Tri-g wasn't her forte. And now we are moving on to calculus. This is going to be good.

  116. I can' t wait to read this book.

  117. Anonymoose8:44 PM

    Do you know the truth about Trig yet?!?!?

  118. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I am sure the book will be full of small crimes and misdemeanors, probably enough to bring $arah down a peg or two, but not out of the picture. Jeannie (Mudflats) has always denied babygate so I don't think it will be enough to topple Palin, but it will help.
    I don't believe any conspiracy theories, the World Trade Center was not imploded, Oswald acted alone, and Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare; yet, I believe Palin faked her pregnancy. Am I insane?

  119. I commented earlier about tee shirts. What i meant was get Ray Troll to make a shirt. He could do some thing with fish and a barracuda.

  120. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I would not re-post anything from the ADN or the Dispatch. Confidentiality Agreement or not, there are intellectual property laws and copyright laws that protect Frank, Jeanne and Ken's work. Grphen's blog could be held accountable for not blocking non-thinking commenters that are reposting excerpts from the book.

  121. Anonymous8:49 PM

    The leaker has been identified. His name is Joe McGinnis. Both the Anchorage Daily News AND the Alaska Dispatch are reporting this. Apparently, McGinnis felt threatened enough by a Frank Bailey Memoir that he tried to destroy it by leaking it.

  122. Anonymous8:50 PM

    "Mickey Mouse" from 3:18 here:

    It looks to me like someone was stupid enough to believe that SP would declare by now, and thought the primary campaigns would be in full swing. I guess they weren't smart enough to predict how still and cold the environment would be, since most camps are still in holding patterns.

    Someone miscalculated BADLY and is now batting wildly for anyone...ANYONE to bite.

  123. Anonymous8:52 PM

    People are guessing the Joe McGinniss leaked the book. Do you want to say anything about how you came to have a copy? Is this an attempt by one of the authors to get it noticed by a publisher?

  124. Anonymous9:00 PM

    The idea that Palin was able to siphon more money out of the state of AK, more money even than she grifted while governor, is beyond appalling. No wonder she planted her ignorant, similarly ethically-challenged high school pals everywhere.

    How can she claim to be a conservative, common sense or otherwise? How can people continue to belief her shtick?

  125. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Gryphen, have you been able to contact Joe M. and find out more about his part in this? I find it hard to believe he would purposefully hurt another author, especially one trying to get the truth out about Palin.

  126. Anonymous9:15 PM

    annon @ 8:01...who's back is the question, $carah certainly didn't articulate that FaceBook post. $carah's probably been put in lockdown by her handlers since the Bailey leak's made headlines. It'll be interesting to see how much her physical appearance continues to degrade whenever/where ever she surfaces next...

  127. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Hey "Mickey Mouse from 3:18 here"

    As you know, the cretins hang out at c4p. You fit in nicely there. Head on over there and do your thing. It doesn't work over here.

  128. Anonymous9:30 PM

    If anybody has the goods on the Palins it is Bailey. I plan on buying his book.

  129. Anonymous9:46 PM

    How many chapters are in the manuscript?

  130. There are 38 chapters Anonymous 9:46, but don't forget that this is only a manuscript and may not be what ultimately gets published.

  131. Anonymous9:51 PM

    How did Palin keep Meg Staplemouth quiet all this time? Did she pay her off? Meg was with her for quite awhile and I'm sure could disclose info that would agree w/this leaked publication. Meg has remained somewhat hidden in Anchorage, but recently 'came out' through a TV/auction show. She was one horrid little lady while spreading the words of sister Sarah.

    Meg, you shed the popularity you had prior to going w/Palin. I doubt you'll ever rebuild your reputation - at least in Alaska.
    Sarah Palin is, was and has been nothing but evil and you learned so much from her.

  132. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Remember all the happy little people people dancing and singing "Ding Dong the witch is dead" in The Wizard of Oz?

    It's finally happened. Granny might not be finished at this moment but, she's going down. The free ride this this incompetent woman has been given by our lazy media is over. Now we can just sit back and watch it unfold.

  133. honeybabe10:23 PM

    truly wonderful! i am so grateful and the rest of the u.s. can see the REAL palin. the truth always comes out.

  134. I wonder who the Palins will blame for this? Rebecca Mansour? President Obama? The moon?

    It will be anyone but their own hateful asses.

    And to the cretins at See4Pee: Frank Bailey saved the emails -- emails that your Queen can't share with you without implicating herself.

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

    I woke up this morning pissed about Palin's continued unhinged attacks on the President's wife over stupid shit (yes, boys and girls, Palin is pro-obesity and anti-breastfeeding! How delightful!) and ended the day with this joyful news that someone finally stood up and said this is what I know and I'm going to tell.

    Going to bed with a big ass smile on my face.

    Thank you Gryphen for sharing this news!

  135. Anonymous10:59 PM

    say it ain't so, Joe?

  136. Anonymous11:43 PM

    "Bailey has the goods on Palin" why can't he get his book published?

    Same reason the iceberg never hit, same reason no one followed up on Shailly Tripp, same reason no evidence ever surfaced on Trig and all of that stuff.

    There's nothing there.

  137. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Hey, publishers! Publish this book now! It'll be a sellout. I want my copy and I want it in book form complete with copies of nasty emails written by the Quitter Queen. And, then maybe I'll buy extra copies.

  138. Anonymous12:48 AM

    7:59pm, CelticDiva is right. Had the media done it's job, Bailey's stories would have been already reported on and Palin would never have been on the McCain ticket.

  139. I never paid one cent of my hard, earned money on any of Palin's books, but I have to tell ya' I'm hopin' I'm first in line when this one comes out! Can't wait until Palin fades away and we don't have to see her face or hear her screeching voice any longer whining and blaming everyone on television! When the woman trashes everyone she knows and throws them under the bus, what does she expect will happen from the survivors: she's getting her come uppins! Everyone who has been in her circle and left all know the truth about her and they finally found their voices to tell us what we have known, but had no proof! Hey, Sarah, there's a natural law, "what goes around comes around." Sarah's not smart enough and mature enough to lead the country. What makes her think she is? Very, very delusional woman.

  140. Anonymous1:10 AM

    OT, I thought this was satire. It's for reals.

  141. Anonymous1:36 AM

    All Joe M cares about are his own ratings. Joe is an author. Frank wrote the book for peace of mind. Joe wrote HIS book for selfish reasons and has no personal interest as he doesnt know her

  142. Anonymous1:42 AM

    funny opie comment...

    Don't cry for me Alaska,
    the truth is I never left you-
    except for money-
    and more attention.
    I kept my promise (1/2)
    please keep your distance.

  143. This book sounds like it will truly be awesome - and carry a lot of clout too since it has emails to back up the facts and this gentleman actually worked with her and believed in her - it is not easy to have one's eyes opened to the truth - can't wait to buy this book!

    I am a bit shocked that it was Joe McGuiniss (according to an article I read) that leaked the manuscript - if that turns out to be true I may cancel my preorder of his book - it just doesn't seem right to leak someone's manuscript like that especially since Joe has his own book coming out, just seems a bit well...I don't know I will wait till more facts come out

  144. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Maybe the authorities in Wasilla should perform a wellness check on the Palins. The demise of their evil empire could be too much too handle.

  145. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Warning to the Alaskan government, when you release Palin's email and try to hide the damaging ones to her, there will be a revolt when others from her former inner circle produces their copies revealing her wrong doings.

  146. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Todd may have stopped fucking Sarah.. but Frank is just starting his turn with her.

  147. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Bailey should contact Kindle and have it released right away by simply publishing the manuscript on an e-book immediately.

    The 'real' publishers editing process is minimal (punctuation) and takes a huge amount of time--6 months or more unless they rush it--and even then, seeral months. Even if they get a good advance rom a publisher, the profil they can make from self publishing--assuming they have publicity and a market (which they clearly do) will make them much more money. For example, advance on a book might be $1 per book--so they'd have to sell, say 100,000 to make 100,000 advance back.

    But if they sold the book for 15 where it's nearly 100% profilt--not 1 per book, but 15 per book--they would only have to sell 6700 to make 100,000..

    with 3 of them having worked on it, it's probably in a good state. They will make more money self publishing it--and they should capitalize on it right away--all the publicity. They may not get the same publicity after all the other books are out or after this is old news.....hurry quick, get this baby out, lots of people ready to buy and read it--and it's the FIRST one of out any substance...

  148. Anonymous3:27 AM

    What is it with seemingly intelligent people who get so mesmerized with Sarah that they actually break the law for her, act contrary to their long-held principles, and ruin their lives in the process? Is it like love where you just don't act rationally? Do you guys love her? What do you get out of the relationship? Sarah only rarely gives back love and even then, it's conditional love, even to her kids. Is there something wrong with your brain functions? I'm not being mean, I really do wonder if there's a physical trait that makes an otherwise sane person prone to this zombie-like idol worship.

    Frank Bailey, Meg Stapleton, Representative Stoltze, Senator Dyson, Governor Parnell....please explain what your weakness is that you would risk EVERYTHING to be a doormat for this woman?

  149. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:37 AM

    In all due respect to Mr. Bailey, Jeanne Devon and the other author: perhaps the book's title should be "I HATE THIS DAMN JOB." What a great cover line plastered right over SP's image.

    BTW, if this news (that I'm calling BookGate) was featured on HuffPo, it's gone now. However, they have at least three other Sarah stories up. Hmmmm.

  150. Anonymous3:46 AM

    I smell a rat. McGinnis's name is being used to try to discredit him and FB at the same time. Note the few trolls here dissing him. I look forward to what he has to say about this. He would not do this.

  151. Anonymous3:48 AM

    I smell a rat. McGinnis's name is being used to try to discredit him and FB at the same time. Note the few trolls here dissing him. I look forward to what he has to say about this. He would not do this.

  152. Anonymous3:51 AM

  153. TNbluedot4:07 AM

    Gryph - Knowing you moderate these comments, I am really curious why you're approving so many "cut and paste" bits from the adn excerpts. Seems disloyal to a friend and just plain wrong, IMHO.

  154. London Bridges4:08 AM

    This could also be an attempt to discredit Joe McGinnis so when his book comes out, Sarah h=can say don't trust him or believe anything he says.

    Could Bailey have sent it to Sarah to offer her a chance to rebut anything before he had it published?

  155. Anonymous4:09 AM

    While I'm greatly relieved that the SS Palin is about to be run aground, I can't help but feel rather . . . sad that someone was actually able to bury so much dirt for so long. How many people were complicit in all this unethical and illegal behavior? Talk about enabling. For most, it wasn't even for MONEY. It was because they believed that Sarah Palin was some Great Leader with Vision.

    It's a tragedy in a way. Actually, it might be a tragically technically too. Now doubt Sarah's excessive pride has brought her down.

  156. Hidto4:13 AM

    G, did Bailey retain those e-mails because he followed the Palin edict to use non-government e-mail accounts? That would just be so sweet if that little policy came back to bite her in the cellulite.

  157. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Let's rock and roll and get her done!!!!

    Thanks Gryphen.

  158. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Please please tell me you are writing a snarky post on this:

  159. Anonymous4:26 AM

    It reinforces rumors?



  160. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Could SP have known about this? Interesting that she tried to copywrite her name...before these books hit the shelves with Sarah Palin in their titles.

    Looking forward to buying some books...

  161. This is great! High school grad by correspondence course does mom's research on the economy for her touted Long Island policy appearance. How can anyone see SP as a serious national candidate or commentator? Would Bristol just Google some financial policy for her the night before the State of the Union? (Bet SarahPac paid her.)

    The Los Angeles Times reports:
    Palin was accompanied by her daughter, Bristol, whom she described as her "entourage." She said she had asked Bristol, in their hotel room Wednesday night, to Google information about the economy in preparation for the appearance in a country club ballroom. (I took from Huff Po.)

  162. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Remember everyone, and remind the trolls, Bailey has thousands of emails, written by their queen. Call her a liar if you want. but her own words will sink her.

    "I hate this damn job."

    Americans don't like quitters.

  163. Anonymous5:14 AM

    don't believe any conspiracy theories, the World Trade Center was not imploded, Oswald acted alone, and Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare; yet, I believe Palin faked her pregnancy. Am I insane?

    8:45 PM

    Not even WTC 7?
    Not hit by a plane.
    Small fire?
    But, glad you are on board with babygate!! :)

  164. Anonymous5:18 AM

    And to think...people actually shell out big bucks to hear that Palin woman speak. What's going on America??What's going on???

    Remember the true ladies of your great nation? Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacky Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama,now that were/are LADIES.

    Palin aint no lady that's for sure.

  165. The concern trolls are out in force since the news broke yesterday. You know the types, quick to blame Joe McGinniss, "concerned" about the leak and how it is horrible for poor Frank Bailey, all the while hoping to discredit both books. Don't fall for it, folks.

  166. Anonymous6:53 AM

    The answer to this question @3:27

    "Frank Bailey, Meg Stapleton, Representative Stoltze, Senator Dyson, Governor Parnell....please explain what your weakness is that you would risk EVERYTHING to be a doormat for this woman?"

    would make another good book.

  167. Anonymous6:57 AM

    As you would expect the "I hate this damn job" quote is being embraced by the Sarah worshipers over at C4P as something they themselves would say if, like her, they were being constantly distracted from the job by having to deal with countless frivolous lawsuits and unfair allegations. Once again, Sarah is the one who was wronged; always the 'victim'.

  168. McGinniss provided a copy of Bailey's book to the ADN? Does that mean he leaked it? And if he did, is there any reason why I should not think him to be a total asshole?

  169. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Please go over to this article on Huffpo and counteract all the C4P commenters. I can't fight this battle alone!

  170. Anonymous8:16 AM

    boarding a transcontinental flight after an amniotic fluid leak is plain nasty..and sick..I question any mother-2-be that had the welfare of her unborn child as a priority..

  171. Anonymous8:21 AM

    6:57, except for the fact that Bailey indicates she said she hated her job all the time...which I presume includes the time prior to the 2008 campaign.

  172. Anonymous8:31 AM

    LoveandKnishesfromBrookly @3:37,

    The story on Huffpo is at

    I remembered that someone posted the link on the LIA thread, so I went back and found it.

    You just know Huffpo buried it because it has only 18 comments, which is very low for a Palin post. Huffpo deals only with "soft" criticism of Palin. Anything that might hit deeper is ignored. I guess Huffpo wouldn't want to do anything to seriously hurt it's clicking revnue source.

  173. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Gryphen, you should write a post on why the Huffpo has buried this story. The link is here:

    However, no one knows because it isn't where it can be seen. If it had stayed on the front page or the politics page, there would have been many more than just 18 comments. Look at some of the other inane posts on those pages and tell me that this story isn't bigger. That's why I don't go to Huffpo anymore. Too much manipulation in favor of Palin. Only soft criticism is allowed.

  174. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn9:07 AM

    Thanks, two anon posters, above. I just got back and found your links. I agree that HuffPo seems to have a "crush" on our pal Palin, but I also wonder how much it has to do with AOL's recent purchase, and their heavily pro-Palin audience. This is progressive journalism, eh, Arianna? Thanks for finding these--must catch up on my reading!

  175. Code name Syrin, an acerbic blogger, was the source of many hours of discussion, analysis, and reaction, dating back two years. In typical fashion, she set Sarah and Todd into a mental flameout!!

    Well, well and I thought no one was listening to me!

  176. Anonymous12:21 PM

    please pass on to Jeanne and Frank that I will definitely be buying their book - along with Joe McGuiness' book - this woman is an afront to all intelligent Americans

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  178. The glee that I read on these comments ref what will likely be more pain for the Palin family sure dosen't jive with the motto posted at the top of this blog. Character? Most of you people wouldn't know character if it smacked you in the face!

  179. Baily, another misfit trying to make a buck trashing Palin. What is the dirt on him? Sounds like there might be quite a bit.

  180. Anonymous11:01 AM

    There is nothing "moral" about this site what-so-ever. You are clueless. much less the epitomy of hypricy.


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