Sunday, March 06, 2011

Somebody forgot to send Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro the memo instructing her to NEVER let Sarah Palin just babble on without interruption. Oopsy!

(Sorry about the advert embedded in the video, but WHO else would want to make a YouTube of a Palin interview?)

Palin starts off the crazy by saying that the Wisconsin Democrats who fled the state to avoid letting a union busting bill get approved should be fired. "They absolutely should be fired.  They should be recalled. They retreated.  It's not like they reloaded, they retreated!" Meaning I assume that if the Dems had taken up arms and shot Governor Walker, like Jared Loughner shot a politician HE disagreed with, the Grizzled Mama would have much more respect for them.

Then Palin goes into a full on stroking of the new Teabagger "Just full of common sense "politicians to encourage them to release their freedom jizz and shut down the government, even though Palin admits that nobody has yet informed her of what actually happens when the government shuts down. (But hey, since when did not knowing something EVER stop this idiot from talking?)

After cleaning the "political lubricant" off of her hands Palin is then asked about those naughty Teabaggers who have actually been doing their jobs by working WITH other Republicans and even (Gasp!) Democrats!

To them she says that they need to use their "common sense and still (sic) spines." and to not compromise because that just leads to government working efficiently and voters seeing problems solved and how does any of THAT help a rabid anti-government movement?

But what about Rand Paul's suggestion of saving taxpayer money by refusing to send it to overseas to support Israel?  "No, no,!  Me LOVE Israel!  Israel very important to usher in the second coming of Christ our nation's security. Let's move on to the next question before my tightly wound bun catches fire."

On a safer topic Palin is asked what she thinks about the President of the wetbacks coming into our country and "chastising us about the problems at the border."  Palin's response is that Mexican President Calderon needs to get back over that border and start creating more jobs so that his people will stop sneaking into OUR country and caring for our children, mowing our lawns, and cleaning our hotel rooms for one fourth of what we would pay an American to do it. After all Americans just HATE that!

When the issue of the two Americans shot in Germany is brought up, and whether or not that should be considered terrorism, Palin says of course it is because the guy was a Muslim.  As that expert on foreign affairs, Charlie Sheen,  would say, "Duh!"

As Palin explains it the equation is simple.

Muslim guy shooting two American soldiers in Germany = Terrorism.

Non-Muslim guy attempting to assassinate a Congresswoman, killing nine people (including a child), and wounding fourteen others = Totally NOT Terrorism. 

In part two Pirro hands Palin the softest of softball questions, and lets her go off on her "Drill here, drill now" rhetoric (Which she knows so well she no longer even has to write it on her palms.) and to call out the Obama administration on their so-called "anti-oil agenda."  After all "Gawd' gave us these resources, and it is blasphemy not to rip them out of the ground and burn them to allow carbon monoxide free so that we can finally warm this damn planet up.

Palin has more unsolicited advice by suggesting that we start a war with Libya, because you just cannot have too many wars going on in the Middle East at the same time.  (That's right folks, in Palin-land the way to get a handle on fiscal spending is to cut spending on Medicaid, social security, and teacher's salaries while starting as many wars as possible in foreign countries. Makes perfect sense if you are insane. )

Palin's response to the next question is one that is certain to give Pay-Per-View producers erect nipples all over this country when Snowdrift Snooki essentially challenges Kathy Griffin to come up to Alaska for a girl on girl tundra wrestling match. She even calls Griffin a "Fifty year old, has been comedian." (Kathy if you want to fly up to confront Palin you can absolutely count on me to pay for the air fair.)

As many of you probably remember Griffin did walk right up and knock on Sarah's door once before but nobody bothered to answer. Perhaps after this tough talk Klondike Kardashian will feel compelled to resist the urge to hide in her bedroom if it happens again.

Palin is definitely gearing up for something as she has done at least three back to back interviews (All with the same tightly bound bun pulling the wrinkles out of her face.), and each of them seemed to focus quite a bit on the domestic and foreign difficulties the country is facing, which certainly seems to suggest that Palin might actually be considering throwing her bumpit into the presidential ring in the very near future.

And if she did start campaigning we really could not be surprised, since she said she would only consider it if NOBODY else that shared her values entered the race.  Well since, as of right now, not one single person has officially entered the race on the GOP side, I guess that criterion has been met.


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Okay...let me see if I've got this right:

    Democrats in Wisconsin, with the support of 60-80% of the citizens, leaving the state to prevent the governor from destroying the unions and trying to sneak in legislation hidden inside the bill which would give all sorts of humongous gifts and benefits to his Koch overlords while simultaneously hurting the people of Wisconsin = BAD

    Republicans shutting down the federal government and putting the country in potential international financial chaos because the pretzel that the President has turned himself into trying to compromise with them isn't enough because they didn't get EVERYTHING they wanted = GOOD

    Or, to simplify:
    Democrats = BAD
    Republicans = GOOD

    1. Correct, It IS really this simple.
      Democrats = BAD
      Republicans = GOOD

      Obama = Marxist Muslim

    2. Correct,
      Democrats = BAD
      Republicans = GOOD

      Obama = Marxist Muslim Liar and crooked Socialiast

  2. laprofesora9:19 AM

    Does anybody really care about Scarah Paylin anymore? I mean, other than as the sideshow freak she has become. If you stand back from the blogs and get some perspective, and see her as the general population does, you begin to see how small and insignificant she is. She doesn't worry me at all, because she has no influence on anything that is happening in this country or the world. She is a dried up has-been who is too self-involved to know she's a dried up has-been.

  3. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Can't watch the video, internet connection can't accomodate it.

    Did she actually say "freedom jizz"?

  4. Anonymous9:33 AM

    All this talk about ¨reloading vs. retreating¨ just reminds everyone that sarah can´t even load her own rifle. Daddy has to do it for her.

    And all this bluster about ¨spines¨ is a hoot. The world sees sarah stop, drop, and roll every time a reporter so much as glances in her direction.

    Look out world! A crybaby pit bull is waiting for you around the corner. Be nice, pretend to be scared, or sheĺl tinkle all over herself again.

    (Oh, on Fox News Sunday, Michelle looked like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model compared to sarah.)

  5. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Oh my Gawd...she always surprises with her blatant stupidity in every she incapable of learning...anything at all?

  6. "Did she actually say Freedom jizz?"

    I may have paraphrased a little. LOL!

  7. Anonymous9:45 AM

    When I consider her demeanor, I get the sense she still thinks she's running for president. She still thinks she can keep the skeletons hidden in her closet forever. I hope she's mistaken, but I still have the gnawing feeling that someone important is still propping her up.

  8. scarlet/oregon9:51 AM

    Pirro & $arah acted like two old grinning Hens on speed cackling nonsense. Thought Pirro's face would crack from the ear to ear 'Joker' grin & Palin's bun would spin off from her screeching.

    What a couple of circus clowns!

  9. Anonymous9:54 AM

    How old is Sarah Palin? Isn't she almost a 50 year old that has also been a comedian?

  10. Anonymous10:04 AM

    2 $tupid fox whores.

  11. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Gee, I'm so glad the White House is listening to Robert Gates on Libya (Mar 2, 2011) instead of her:

    "Let's call a spade a spade," Gates said at a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing. "A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy the air defenses."

    He added that it couldn't be done by a single aircraft carrier off the coast.

    "It's a big operation in a big country," Gates said.

  12. laprofesora10:18 AM

    Okay, I took a big gulp of Maalox but I still could only make it to around the 6:30 mark on part 1. When they start talking about Calderon "chastising" America and Obama "kow-towing" to him, there was no reason to listen to this garbage any longer. These two idiots should be ashamed of displaying their obvious ignorance. Losers.

  13. Anonymous10:19 AM

    watching that hurts my head

  14. Jim In Texas10:22 AM


    Thank you for listening to this stuff - and reporting on it - so that I don't have to. My old ears are far too exhausted to endure more than 30-seconds at a time of that non-stop, nails-on-the-blackboard screeching.

  15. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I feel like my brain is being tasered when I hear her voice and listen to her words. Everything in my head is just a jangled, shaking mess. How can she talk for that long and not say anything that makes any sense. "That governor is doing all he can to allow his state to be solvent." To ALLOW his state...??? Who the fuck talks like that? I don't know how FOX can possibly justify having her on the air. It's beyond pathetic.

  16. Invitation to Girl on Girl Wrestling? Interesting! Where? The MugShot?

    Gryph, if you hear from that talented 50 year old comedian, please tell Kathy to contact me! I'm a fan of smart, funny women! I have a place for her to stay, if she makes it back up here to Wasilla..

  17. Gryphen - Do I recall correctly that you predicted Sarah would soon be back to her 'Drill, Baby, Drill' chant? If so, I hope you'll take some bows.

    Did anyone else notice that Sarah didn't answer the question posed to her about Kathy Griffin? Pirro asked about Griffin making a guest appearance on Fox's Glee and Palin used it as a platform to bully Griffin over a joke she told when commenting on Willow's ofensive gay slurs on facebook. Anyone with a brain realizes Kathy doesn't seriously intend to try to 'destroy Willow Palin'. She is, after all, a comedian.

    The most ridiculous part of the interview was Judge Pirro. What's up with posing serious questions to the narcissistic, ignorant nimcompoop that is Sarah Palin?

  18. Anonymous10:39 AM

    God tells us that we should use fossil fuel, simply because it is here on Earth ? I guess that means we should also burn all the trees for fuel because God gave us lots of trees. $P is downright scary.

  19. Sorry, I tried to watch it. I really did. But whenever I hear that voice I break out in a rash. What's her problem, every time I see her she is looking more and more like a mask.

  20. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Pretty funny that the quitter queen is telling others to get a spine when she didn't have the guts to finish out a single term as governor of Alaska.

    She clearly has no clue what what the consequences of the government coming to a screeching halt are, but let me assure the quitter queen that it does not increase efficiency or reduce costs.

    Come to think of it, she doesn't have any idea what the consequences of most of what she suggests would be, she still hasn't offered up a single coherent plan to fix anything, she still knows nothing about history, geography or what's going on in the rest of the world, and she's still a hypocrite.

    Fox has stooped so low, they have no credibility with thinking people. There is no news over there anymore, and they consider facts to be totally irrelevant, so all you have left is a bunch of egomaniacs spouting meaningless crap they can't back up.

  21. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Please run $arah Please Please

    The quicker $arah makes a move to run, the quicker the establishment candidates turn on her.

    I agree with LaProfesora, $arah is a dried up prune has been. I did not even watch the video.

    I refuse to watch anything Faux related!

  22. Geez Louise, would someone tell that idiot that her hairstyle was last considered stylish in about 1966 (think Captain Kirk's women on Star Trek)?

  23. Anonymous11:04 AM

    When she goes abroad (to India this month), she will be the ULTIMATE "Ugly American". I am horrified to have other nationalities think she's at ALL indicative of what a real American is like.

  24. Anonymous11:09 AM

    @10:39 God gave us marijuana too :-)

  25. Anonymous11:14 AM

    If you spent real time analyzing each and every statement that Sarah makes, you'd have a full time job as a fact checker with no other life. Everything that she says reminds us of Keith Olbermann saying, "That woman is an idiot!"

    Drill Baby Drill, we're supposed to be using oil as our source of energy because it is God given to us. That makes it special. Well, so is sun light and wind, and we are lagging behind other countries in solar and wind power. China is a major producer of solar panels. Germany is the number one producer of solar power in Europe, with Spain running close behind.

    One way to promote US manufacture of solar panels would be to give a tax credit for any building, residential or commercial, which gets some of its energy from solar panels instead of the old fashioned grid. Give the tax credit for using US produced equipment. Give a tax break to a company producing energy saving equipment in the U.S. Do I have to do all of the thinking here?

    Years ago, Bill Maher suggested that the US government could encourage Detroit to produce hybrid, electric or alternate powered vehicles by ordering their next fleet for the US Post Office with the condition that they don't run on gas. Detroit would leap at the order, and be in full production in a year with that kind of encouragement.

    If we analyze each thing that Sarah says, we'll be here all day. The best thing that Fox can do is let her run on and on.

  26. Bore of Babble-on.

    Read that on HuffPo.

    Totally describes her.


  27. Anonymous11:15 AM

    She did schedule an interview with bob and mark in april, if that's to be believed. Her familys gearing up as well

  28. Anonymous11:15 AM

    One less fan for Sarah...Kathy's mother!
    Remember on "My Life on the D-List", how Maggie (Kathy's mom) just "loved" the quitta', and Kathy bought her a T-shirt from Wasilla as a souvenir. Trust me, blood is thicker than water, and Maggie (who has many fans of her own) may have something to say about Palin now that she's gone after her daughter. Don't mess with Maggie!! That's all I'm saying.

  29. Anonymous11:16 AM

    When is someone going totaele this bitch down I can't find one story about her lying about her record as governor on the billo show the other night.

  30. Anonymous11:17 AM

    So, Palin said she supports implementing a 'no fly zone' in Libya.
    I want a reporter to ask her "What exactly is involved in the process of implementing a no fly zone?" (because I think she doesn't know)

    I am sure her answer would be added to the column that contains her answer to the questions 'What do you read?' and 'What does a vice-president do?'. :)

  31. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Yes the country doesn't care for sarah palin. Most of the country doesn't follow her personal drama as most people have their own lives to live. No one cares about gossip. Its all fun. News has really never been objective even mainstream. The only reason the last 2 presidents were elected was due to ignorance or shady dealings. We can't let it happen again. But we can't make ourselves look like. Uncaring morons

  32. Did somebody say wrestling?

  33. Henrietta11:41 AM

    She is morphing into Iola Lucille Boylan.

    Did she get her nose slimmed? She looks so
    different, and much harder. Not as smiley.
    Wore out.

  34. Anonymous11:46 AM

    When you paraphrase you don't use quotes.

    That's important, if you value your reputation.

    Otherwise people will always wonder if any of your quotes are correct.

  35. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Anonymous said...
    The world sees sarah stop, drop, and roll every time a reporter so much as glances in her direction.
    9:33 AM

    Great Analogy

  36. I couldn't even watch for a whole minute. And what's with the giant beehive? Sarah must have fired Bristle Fluffer Palin and rehired Jessica Beehive.

  37. I can't say how sad it makes me in 2011 to hear a woman judge close her interview with a comment like "Women love shoes."

  38. Anonymous12:09 PM

    "They absolutely should be fired. They should be recalled. They retreated. It's not like they reloaded, they retreated!"

    HA HA LOL ROLFLOL what a jerk Sarah "I QUIT" Palin is.

    Sarah's theme song should be "For The Love Of Money" by the O'Jays.

    According to Sarah the Retard it is not okay for politicians to fight for union workers while it was okay for Sarah Palin the politician to quit her governor's job before her term was over for the love of money!


    What a fucking idiot! Tells America she is going on a cross country book signing tour by bus while secretly flying by lear jet to her destinations. The only thing Sarah is concerned about is her image and money - screw the people of Alaska, screw her kids and screw her marriage.

  39. London Bridges12:12 PM

    I guess that means we should also burn all the trees for fuel because God gave us lots of trees. $P is downright scary.

    It's called "biomass." It's dirtier than coal and that is what a company is planning to do in Vermont!

  40. Anonymous12:15 PM

    No matter how hard they try, they just can't cure pure unadulterated hillbilly stupidity. Rilly!

    And we know $P hasn't even bothered to try. Bless her little pea betcha.

  41. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I could only watch up to the 3 minute mark. It would have been even less but I couldn't figure out how to stop the video using a new iPad. I almost wrecked my iPad from touching it to then hitting it to get that dam video to STOP! Finally just turned it off and what a relief that shrill voice finally went away.

  42. angela12:24 PM

    So this is how Sarah is going to get her face and extremely annoying voice on FAUX everyday even after her year long contract with FAUX is up. She will continue to be interviewed after that on a daily basis on the sleaze channel by Hannity, Pirro, Greta and Bill. I'd feel sorry for regular FAUX viewers if they were actually not so clueless and the interviewers if they weren't so heinous.

    Does Sarah ever get smarter? Do they just let her keep talking to prove what an idiot she is---or do they really think the more she talks the more enchanting she is?

    Woo, she just gets dumber.
    I am just at the point of being so bored by this idiot-- watching paint dry is preferable.

  43. Omg, I need a drink. I actually watched each video in entirety.

    I have a zillion things to say, yet am somewhat speechless at the same time.

    Sarah Palin is stupid and willfully ignorant.

    Probably the most frightening part of the interview were her views on Libya and the Middle East in general. Full, unwavering support of Israel, invade everyone else. bashing Obama b/c he is "hesitant" to get all into their business at the drop of a hat. These countries need to work out their issues for themselves without the US muddying the waters. It is not our job to police and insert our will on these countries!!

    I don't think for a minute that those shoes were Bristol's. Bristol is no fashion plate- in fact she dresses like an old, frumpy woman. Another lie Sarah.

    I am just so tired of her badmouthing our President. I do like how Judge got her to, in a way, answer how she would do things if SHE were POTUS without directly asking her. It seemss whenever the question is framed with "What would YOU do as Pres?" she clams up and never actually answers the question. But when she answers questions about whether Obama should do this or that, she actually answers the way she would handle it. And those answers are scary.

    She isn't acting like a woman who is going to be brought down in 2011. You sure there's more to come on this Gryph? The Todd affair went underground very quickly.

  44. Denise12:38 PM

    Sarah does realize that a run for President will require going on networks other than Fox News, right?

  45. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Sorry, Gryph, I don't even waste my time anymore in tuning into her videos - repeats from Fox.

    All you have to do is read the commentary and you get a clear picture of what an idiot she is and continues to be.

    If she does get far enough as to run for President of the United States, President Obama will make mince meat out of her! He is so kind, he'll do it with a smile on his face and the Republican party and Teabaggers will look like idiots!

  46. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Palin isn't getting the coverage she use to, if you notice. Huffington Post has her at the bottom of their wall today for calling President Obama 'inexperienced'! No mention at all (so far) as to her idiotic interview on Fox!

    She who left Wasilla in debt, quit as governor and is going down as Alaska's 'worst' one!

    God, I can hardly wait for Bailey's book to be published and disclose even further the unethical people she and Toad are! I'm sure the book McGinniss is publishing in September will be informative too!

  47. Anonymous12:57 PM

    11:46 Lou Sarah did u learn that on journalism school?

  48. Anonymous12:59 PM

    OMG, she's all over the fucking map! And the hair makes her look like Marge Simpson!

  49. Anonymous1:00 PM

    All that was was a series of set ups for Sarah to be hateful, it was a scripted snark attack.

    In other words it showed Sarah at her absolute worst.
    Factually challenged as usual, missing the point as usual, not having a clue what "diplomacy" or even good manners is, as usual, looking butt ignorant, as usual.

    Sarah you just showed any one who has a clue about the complexities of diplomacy, that you are clueless and potentially dangerous.

  50. Anonymous1:11 PM

    9:45 Palin never ran for President - McCain did. So many seem to put her in the category of having already run for president! She just thinks she is entitled...friggin amazing!

    I hope President Obama and Kathy Griffin clean her clock when the appropriate time comes.

  51. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Why are so many of Sarah's verbal pictures violence based?

    Sarah you need to listen to yourself. You come off as someone who is into physically intimidating and abusing others. So much of you speaking is violence based

    We know the Dud likes to physically intimidate others and you like to hurt others. Which of Christ's parables do you base that behavior on?

    Just asking 'cause I can't find that in my old St. James.

  52. Anonymous1:28 PM

    totally ot but if any of ya want to poke/prod at some paint chip eatin' paliban palinbots go over to Politicons > it's obviously not being moderated and it's kind'a fun watching 'em type their responses in caps before their pinheads implode

  53. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Keep going Sarah...right over the edge and onto the ash-heap of history with you, darling.

  54. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Anonymous Henrietta said...
    Did she get her nose slimmed? She looks so different, and much harder. 11:41 AM

    She and Bristol now have droopy looking noses and enlarged nostrils.
    Nothing says sexy like looking up somebody nose.

  55. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Kathy Griffin has a very quick wit - she's a comedian, after all. A "debate" between Griffin and Palin would be a laugh riot. Griffin (because she's funny) and Palin (because she's an idiot).

    And if I understand it correctly, Griffin is still working as a comedian. If anybody is a has-been, it's Palin.

  56. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Try as I might (and I'm a novice internet searcher), I cannot find any reference to the shooter in Germany saying anything as he shot the soldiers and others on the bus. What is their source for this info?

    How is invoking the name of god at that particular moment any different from what Tiller's murderer did by shooting him in his place of worship? It can be for no other reason than b/c it was Islam.

  57. FJ DANDY1:38 PM

    Hell, I'll chip in for Kathy's airfare...the only stipulation is that the meeting between the 'real funny lady, Kathy', and the accidental funny lady, be filmed for all the see.

  58. Anonymous1:38 PM

    God gave us brains too with the potential for critical thinking, although the requirements for that kind of careful thought, involves an OPEN MIND (and maybe an education).

    I'd pay to see Palin in the ring with Kathy Griffin. The physique that Griffin loves to flaunt (and I would too) is toned and muscular. It would be a hoot to see skinny, but flabby Palin even TRY to stay on her feet. Of course we have to consider that Palin would fight real dirty (Sarah Barracuda), so on that basis her sheer reptilian rage would be a challenge to Griffin.

  59. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Did she bring up the 'President is a Mau Mau rebel sympathizer' palmpoint yet?

    I can't watch this whole performance, it makes my head hurt.

    'Cut back on wasterful overseas spending.'

    Any ideas where that there might be looked for also too?

    As we prepare to progress our country into yet another foreign policy dilemma caused by our dependence on oil in general, and the wastage of and mass consumption of foreign produced oil in particular- "drill baby drill" shall soon ring out as the rallying cry of the deluded.

  60. Anonymous1:55 PM


  61. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Ok, thanks for the headache. I've said it before & I'll say it again - she is just an idiot.

    If "her" God came down & told her to shut up she wouldn't listen. After all she didn't take the hint when he closed the doors in 2008.

  62. Anonymous1:58 PM

    After O'Reilly's interview I bet Sarah demanded that Fox can only give her softball questions with slanted wording and input from the interviewer of how she's supposed to respond to questions. It's more like a gossip session than a rill correspondent adding a professional perspective.

    This judge is like a female Hannity, saying "ya and don't you think it's terrible that....? Sarah doesn't have to think, she just uses her psychobabble to make viewers think she knows what she's talking about.

    Also what right does she have saying these 14 Democrats aren't doing their jobs, that they took an oath to do, when she walked out halfway through her term as gov???
    She's such a hypocritical POS!

  63. WakeUpAmerica2:19 PM

    WTF kind of judge is THAT!!! It's a toss-up as to who is more of a dimwit. Did Palin just call Kathy Griffin a bully? Seriously? If Griffin is a bully, what does that make Palin?

  64. London Bridges2:35 PM

    What does Sarah want us to do? Retreat to 1804:

    The Burr–Hamilton duel was a duel between two prominent American politicians, the former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton and sitting Vice President Aaron Burr, on July 11, 1804.[1] At Weehawken in New Jersey, Burr shot and mortally wounded Hamilton. Hamilton was carried to the home of William Bayard on the Manhattan shore, where he died at 2:00 p.m. the next day.
    Don't get me wrong. Losing a Treasury Secretary may not be a bad idea. but over 200 years have passed for most of us, Sarah!

  65. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I loved the way they called each other "Judge" and "Governor" - I mean she's like a fake tv judge, right?

    I live in NYC and last year saw Jeannine Pirro in an ugly mint-green suit trying to hail a taxi. She was with her PR flak and was trying very hard to get attention from the lunch crowd on the street - so she was flailing her arms all over the place like an imbecile and laughing, and asking her handler how to hail a taxi. I mean, the lady was running for NY State office and doesn't know how to get a taxi??? She is a horror show and her husband was involved in the mob and extortion and all sorts of the same crap. So they are two birds of a feather.

  66. Anonymous3:27 PM

    oh, and Kathy Griffin is hardly a has-been comedian. She's got a top-rated show, unlike Scarah who wasn't hired back.

  67. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Don't watch Fox News. Did Palin have trouble with a "4 second delay" with Judge Piro, like she did with O'Reilly?

  68. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Second verse. Same as the first. Lou Sarah = boring.

  69. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Ah, Greta must be worried about her competition. Sarah Palin might have found an even easier interviewer.

  70. Anonymous5:40 PM

    The enlarged bumpit probably conceals improved electronics for audio prompting the puppet Palin.

  71. Anonymous6:08 PM

    So.... Those leopard lady shoes were really Bristol's? hmmmm.

  72. that still of sarah and gaddaffi (spelling?) somehow works. hey look great together! two aging has-been's with overworked hair. i sense a love match...

  73. Anonymous6:18 PM

    SP IS a 47-year-old adult bully, by all accounts, and soon to be political has-been.

  74. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Pirro's NYS pension?


  75. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Judge Pirro was a district attorney specializing in domestic abuse and crimes against the elderly .
    She had a good reputation and was known as a smart, but, tough cookie.
    Her husband Al fathered an illegitimate child during their marriage.
    Before his conviction and jail time for tax evasion .
    After his release , Pirro suspected him of having other affairs.
    She used Bernie Kerik ( now jailed ) to bug her husband's boat
    -while Kerik was being wiretapped by the FBI.
    Her personal life has been very ,very messy.
    Pirro, like every other FOX host must be contractually required to check any shred of integrity or dignity
    at the door in order to pander to Palin
    while she regurgitates her daily
    nonsensical word salad.
    I cannot believe that each and every one of them is happy to be acting like pathetic idiots
    on national television in order to prop up Palin.
    Some of them have to realize
    that they look as moronic and demented as Palin.
    Their professional reputations are being damaged terribly so that Palin can get air time .
    No other cable channel would put their hosts in this kind of untenable position to benefit such a misfit.
    Stuart Varney threw away his integrity recently
    by interrupting his show during the Egypt crisis with a Breaking News announcement.
    Had Mubarak resigned ? The demonstrations escalated ?
    No, Palin had tweeted some gibberish.
    It was like a Saturday Night Live skit.
    The whole FOX/ Palin dynamic is so bizarre from a business and career perspective.
    I used to watch FOX News , but, I can no longer stand being insulted by
    their 24 /7 obsession with the non newsworthy Palin.

  76. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Don't you just wish that the half-blow volcano to the left of Palin in this "news" cast would just explode and bury her in volcanic ash. Be gone you moron!

  77. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Up to this point, I have had enormous respect for Judge Pirro and the advice she gives from the bench on a regular basis.

    That said, what possessed her to interview a certified ditz like Palin? I can't listen to that screech of a voice or try to make sense of her word salad, so I avoid her videos. Since nothing but unmitigated stupidity comes from Palin, especially about her male counterpart in Wisconsin, what does anyone expect to gain from interviewing her?

    Aside from unadulterated ignorance, Palin loves the sound of her own voice so much that she will babble continuously if she's allowed to. She has been given a completely undeserved dignity by people who should know better.

  78. SusieQ8:57 PM

    Sarah seems to have come (more) unhinged. Drugged even--legal ones, but drugged up none the less.

    Judge Facelift almost seems to make fun of her in the beginning.

    It was an odd, odd interview. I feel like I need to either shower or go have a drink after watching that one.

  79. Anonymous9:55 PM

    STFU 11:31 a.m.,

    Barack Obama was not elected because of ignorance or shady dealings. And, $arah Palin being a mean, crazy, hateful, bigoted moron is not 'gossip."

  80. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Palin is one ugly broad - inside and out!

    1. Anonymous9:34 AM

      You re just jealous cause she's so hot!

  81. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Kathy G can be seen in the most recent episode of "The Defenders". She was her usual self. ;-)

  82. Anonymous11:28 PM

    I think Sarah's just trying out material to see if she's funny enough to be a comedienne.

    She's not.

  83. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Trying to hide her turkey neck with that scarf?

  84. Anonymous4:58 AM

    "It's not all of you guys but some of you still claim that Trig isn't my kid. I think that's an indication of screwed-up media.”

    From Newsnight's Interview with Sarah Palin

    SP: So again if I decide to run we know that we have to put up with a lot of the BS that comes from the media but ... It's not all of you guys but some of you still claim that Trig isn't my kid. I think that's an indication of screwed-up media.

    JL: You were saying, your favourite from the media? Which one is that?

    SP: Is that Trig is not my child, which is still out there in the media.

    JL: How offensive is that? How do you deal with that?

    SP: Would you be offended if someone said your child wasn't your child? It's offensive. OK, you know what, I'm really really trying to enjoy one of the best days of our lives.

  85. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I think Trig is Sarah's--and I also think she
    was hoping he'd be born & die on that flight
    from Texas. A dead retarded baby is worth
    more sympathy points than a live one, plus
    you don't have to raise the child. The way
    she neglected that poor boy before & during
    his birth, the way she dragged him out at
    the RNC, where his immune system was
    exposed to all those hand-shakers, and the
    way he was ignored on her reality show,
    what kind of mother is she???

    1. Anonymous9:30 AM

      You left wing zealets are all the can't stand good ,decent people with high morals.

    2. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Why don't you publish both sides, when you gang up on one person?

  86. Anonymous9:08 AM

    She has the mentality and personality of a 13 year old. She sounds like a child in middle school.

  87. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I know Sarah Palin thinks she looks tough and presidential in her remarks about Kathy Griffin. But in reality, she comes across like a middle school girl issuing threats in the school bathroom.

    (And wow - she really IS thin skinned!)


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