Friday, August 05, 2011

From the "Why didn't somebody think of this before?" file. Chicago Palin-bot just rents the damn theater and shows "The Undefeated" himself!

Courtesy of Time Out Chicago:

It was, for a Democrat-dominated city, a sight as rare as lush trees in the remote Alaskan tundra: a room packed with self-avowed Palinistas. The conservative baby cubs came to a rented theater at the Gene Siskel Film Center on July 23 to suckle at the teat of their “Mama Grizzly” during the first (and, so far, only) Chicago screening of The Undefeated, writer-director Stephen K. Bannon’s unabashed love letter to the onetime vice presidential nominee.

“I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t know if there’s any thought in Illinois. Wasn’t Quinn the running mate of the guy we just convicted?” William Kelly sounded off. The conservative commentator and erstwhile Illinois comptroller candidate ponied up the cash for the theater rental. “If I have to rent out every theater in town so people will see this film, I’ll do it,” said Kelly, only half joking.

See? This movie CAN TOO fill up theater seats!

All you have to do is find ONE guy with deep pockets to rent the theater and show it for free. Isn't that how Star Wars got to be such a blockbuster?  Or wait, maybe that was Deep Throat?

Well I am sure that the people who enjoy this movie are just your regular, every day Americans. (Just like the ones that enjoyed Deep Throat.)

 Nearby, a gentleman in his sixties, wearing a “Palin 2012” T-shirt and carrying a tote bag emblazoned with Palin’s face, discussed his lack of surprise at being surrounded by so many like-minded people. 

“You think this area should be so Democratic and so Obama, and it is to a certain extent,” said the man, a member of Organize4Palin who goes by the nickname Super Yoni. “But there are more of us out there than you know.”

The Illinois branch of Organize4Palin numbers about 100 members, one of the group’s coordinators, Whitney Zahnd, told me. The 28-year-old health-care researcher made the drive from Springfield in her Organize4Palin tee emblazoned with a bear and the slogan “Get your grrr on.”

Okay well maybe "regular, everyday Americans" was kind of a stretch.

But it is not like they are a bunch of shut ins with no social skills or ability to conduct themselves properly in public. Right?

In short time, the chatter grew to a Mama Grizzly roar. A theater employee gently announced to the crowd, “You’re going to have to take your conversation outside.”

Oh.  Well I certainly hope that during their little field trip away from the facility they were not confronted with anything that would disturb their fantasies about Sarah Palin's popularity or demonstrate to them just how far out on the fringe their faith in the Mama Grizzly was to those living in the REAL world.

On the sidewalk, the Palinistas were disheartened, though not stunned, at what they saw. Across the street, the Chicago Theatre’s marquee announced that night’s sold-out show: Bill Maher, the lefty political comedian who famously called their political idol a “dumb twat.”

Now THAT is why it is always so much safer for Palin-bots to just to stay in their mother's basement, where the Cheetos are plentiful, they can troll liberal blogs uninterrupted for hours, and the television is always tuned to QVC.


  1. Nancy In New York2:36 PM

    Isn't this best described as a circle jerk?

    Or perhaps a circle of jerks is more apt.

    Oh what the hell, either/or.

  2. JayKen Knotstirred2:41 PM

    Hi Sarah, Welcome back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs birth certificate?

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Did they know Gene was a J E W?

  4. GBIllinois2:53 PM

    Pat Quinn the Governor of Illinois had a lower approval rating than President Obama now has when he began his campaign for re-election. His numbers were around 40% and it looked like the Republicans could nominate anyone with half a brain and beat him. Instead they nominated a Tea Party backed fruitcake. The rest, as they say, is history.

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM

    That was pretty funny Jess.

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Nancy in New York - good one!

  7. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Sheetless in Chicago...

  8. JayKen Inmyboots3:09 PM

    Ladies and gentleman. . .

    we have our first KILLER WHALE!!

    And we all thought Sarah's autographed panties and a free DVD wasn't a great marketing idea. Silly us.

  9. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Wow!! 100 members! Just read that Botox can cause brain damage, but I think $carah had a "condition" already.

  10. Anonymous3:09 PM

    A Palin supporter who goes by the name "Super Yoni"???? Lol.... Does he even know how funny that is?

  11. Running on stupid, yea baby, that's the bots. Oh $arah by the way, shut the hell up and get off my damn lawn.

  12. Anonymous3:17 PM

    @3:09 Yeah, I was cracking up about "Super Yoni's" name, too, also. Perhap that's what he thinks Paylin is?

    Once again, these guys never google or check a dictionary!

  13. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I'm angry at my alma mater The School of the Art Institute, which runs the Siskel Center, for showing this tripe. To think, that a theater named after Roger Ebert's partner should have to be sullied with Sarah Palin's promotional material...yuck. I'll be sending them a terse letter...I just hope they jacked up the charge on this assface and used the proceeds to fund a scholarship for gay kids.

    Oh, and PS: I just looked it up, and the Gene Siskel Center has a maximum capacity of 200 seats. 200 SEATS!!! And if people were driving alllll the way in from Springfield, which is, like, five hours away, and the movie was free and on a Saturday...well, that's not impressive. It'd be easy for the conservatives in the suburbs to flock to this showing if they cared -- they'd just have to ride that government-subsidized Metra train downtown. (We all know how GOPers love to suckle at the public money teat with denigrating it).

    Also, too, one of the theaters only has a capacity of 67. Someone should check to see which theater it was...

    100 members for the whole state of Illinois for Organizing for P. when the state has 31 congressman is not even in the ballpark of impressive.

    As for Mr. Kelly: Why is that all the a-hole conservatives conveniently forget that the butthead felon governor before the most recent butthead felon -- Blago -- was a Republican whose corruption led to the death of several young children that we know of. There may be more. Lots of truck drivers bribed their way to undeserved licenses thanks to George Ryan. The Republicans ran the state for 40+ years, ergo, one has to say that the endemic corruption in statewide Illinois politics started with Republicans.

  14. Isn't "yoni" the sanskrit terms for uh....lady parts?

    And this guy is referred to as "Super Yoni"? Yeah, that just about sounds right. A super vagina. That's Palin, alright. Able to hold contractions and stop labour over transcontinental US flights!! Super, indeed.

    Who are these people? And why the hell are they in my city???

  15. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I could give a s**t about Paylin and tribe...

    I am more concerned about the spin that the major news networks are putting on the economy....this is very similar to the message that news media started spreading when GW Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court in 2000. Shortly after the psuedo election, the news media start running stories about an economic crisis that had not existed the week before. Within two months, the maufactured economic crises was be comming a reality.

    Now one day after the debit ceiling was raised, the news media is preaching disaster. (The nature of the message indicates that it has been manufactored by the same group that last week claimed the debt ceiling was irrelevant.) As if to say, the debt ceiling has nothing to do with the USA's credit rating And, yes, the markets took a dive because someone manipulated the market to back-up their story...

    God help us all because it is obvious that these people will stop at nothing.

  16. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Get your grrr on? How about "Get Your Quit On?"

  17. Anonymous4:00 PM

    How's that national bus tour going Sarah?

    We didn't shove you or your surly kids family vacation down our collective throats with your three-ring-circus publicity seeking bus tour, you dragged them into that rediculous failure and didn't teach them how to be gracious to the agents that feed your needs. . .if the press didn't chase you around you'd feel like the loser Wasilla housewife you truly are.

  18. Anonymous4:01 PM

    "I was cracking up about "Super Yoni's" name, too, also."

    Christ. LMAO, has the mainstream press picked up on that name yet?

    "Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia."

    IF only Super Yoni had leased the theater in June, their could have been a duel celebration of menstruals, that would have been off the on the fcking floor laughing hilarious.

    "In Shaktism the yoni is celebrated and worshipped during the Ambubachi Mela, an annual fertility festival held in June, in Assam, India, which celebrates the Earth's menstruation. During Ambubachi, the annual menstruation course of the Goddess Kamakhya is worshipped in the Kamakhya Temple."

  19. Hey, Grphyen. I'm as anti-Palin as they come, but I do watch (and order from) QVC occasionally. But, the difference is that I don't actually believe that the hosts are my friends. I've never called in and gushed over them. I'm fully aware that they are only interested in their commission.

  20. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Palin can go on QVC and sell her fake glass frames to thousands!!

  21. Anonymous4:34 PM

    "Super Yoni"? So does this mean that this guy is a big ole VAGINA? I think that Super Yoni is punking us. Never cease to amaze!!

  22. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Well, over at C4P the Sarah oogling the Whitehouse banner has been replaced with a laughing SarahPAC "give me the money click paypal" banner. She has no money to run for president, no one but her followers want her to be president, and I'm glad she's a joke with the general population. The bots are realizing that their Statue of Liberty pic was signed by the autopen, and they didn't like the tone of the letter asking for more Sarah slush fund. So, some of them are getting a clue, but they are now pinning their hopes on her Sept. 3 rally. If she hasn't announced by then, more will drop off. Sarah only has fire in her belly for their money, which is not enough for a presidential run. The Cult of Sarah is delusional, but they are slowly waking up.

  23. OT. Bristol-snark, not Sarah-snark.

    Don't watch reality TV, but check out how J-Woww of Jersey Shore looks like Bristol.

    I predict that the faces that J-Woww and Bristol now sport will be as dated in a decade as psychedelic VW vans are now.

  24. Beldar Second Tity Conehead4:40 PM

    The snarky reference to the recent conviction of former Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich for corruption would be more biting if the former Republican governor George Ryan weren't currently doing a long stretch in the federal hoosegow on, let me see... yes... corruption charges.

    It's in the water.

    Speaking of suckling at the Gristly Mama's wrinkled and distended old teat, I'm confused about the venue of the screening. I thought for sure I heard it was going to be shown at The Admiral Theater on Lawrence Avenue....

  25. Anonymous4:41 PM

    To the sixty-something year old gentleman, "Super Yoni"'s credit, he did say Democratic and not the oft-used DemocRAT.
    Oh the irony of dueling theaters: Bill Maher or Sarah Palin.

  26. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Is Todd now a free man? Is he a batchelor again and on the market?

  27. AJ Billings4:45 PM

    O/T but, on this thread over at C4P,
    they have gone off the deep end, trying to remake the blog into what Coulter calls "Gravitas" as though $Palin the Queen had ever heard of that word before some policy wonk threw it out on a talk show.

    In ONE article Coulter says this about her deity
    "there are people who live in degrees of IGNORANCE of the WONDER that represents our favorite governor"

    Huh? $palin represents wonder, like maybe wonder bread, soft and squishy? Yeah, she's wonderful alright, just read Bailey's book to see how she treats people.

    And a few paragraphs down she says this

    "finally, whatever you do … remember … we are NOT a fan site"

    WTF? Let me get this straight then, you C4P'ers. I have to know in my heart, and accept Sarah Palin as my personal WONDER (Savior), but I can't be her fan??!!!

    WTF indeed!

  28. Anonymous5:00 PM

    The hostile and puerile C4P crowd FINALLY wakes up to the fact that their behavior and posts have hurt the "Palin brand." Too late. Bwahahaha. Her numbers are hopeless.

  29. Anonymous5:12 PM

    OT, but I just went to C4P for the first time. They cite Megyn Kelly (Fox News) as wanting Palin to be the GOP nominee. They even include that what she actually says is that if Palin were the GOP nom and Hillary Clinton were the Dem nom, it would be a much more interesting race. Well, duh! The spin by the bots is a-ma-zing.

  30. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Generally speaking, the super yoni dude shows the "Target audience" the tea party speaks to. Facts never get in their way as long as Sarah's vajayjay remains the object of worship by viagra overdosed morons. So a millionaire who benefits from the Bush tax moratoriam on the rich rents a movie theater in Obama's home town to prove what?

    That money can't buy you love.

    Time to send this movie to the death panel and have the plug pulled. It flatlined the day it debutted.

  31. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Breaking news: Standard & Poors just called the U.S. not the great credit risk it used to be.

    That may cause many billions of dollars more to be added to the deficit the Teabaggers SAID they wanted to see go down (as interest on the national debt will increase).

    THE TEABAGGER RECESSION OF 2011 continues.

    You can count on Fox channel to twist this into an OBAMA caused dilemma, in just seconds from now!

  32. O/T, but Sully says, "I'm reading a very scarce advance manuscript of The Rogue by Joe McGinniss. All I can say is: pre-order it."

  33. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Wow. Sarah, Todd, Bristol, et. al., are going by way of Paris, Heidi & Spence (or “Speidi”)

    Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag—the whoriest of the famewhores, the most promotional of the promosexuals, the couple that took Paris Hilton’s famous-for-nothing vocation and turned it into a winking, nonstop enterprise—are careful to say that they have no regrets. Living a fake life for the sake of cameras worked for them for years.

    Until it didn’t. They’re broke and living at Spencer’s parents’ beach house in Santa Barbara because of the free rent; Heidi’s body and face are forever changed from plastic surgeries she now wishes she had not gotten; their relationships with friends and family are severely damaged; and they have found themselves largely unemployable, both on camera and off.

    (The more you read, the more you can just insert Sarah and Bristol and see their futures.)

  34. JayKen Knotstirred6:29 PM

    Anon 5:41pm

    Beavis: "He said, Debutted."

    Butthead: "Hunh! Huh! Hunh!

    Still here Sarah!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs birth certificate?

  35. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Breaking News: Standard & Poors has just downgraded the US to AA for the first time in history. Blames Congress's dysfunction and failure to end Bush tax rates. Expect worldwide markets to react VERY negatively on Monday.

  36. PalinsHoax6:51 PM

    Anonymous @ 3:09pm said...

    "Sheetless in Chicago..."

    Oh, that is great wit. Thank you !!

  37. "Undefeated" filmmaker Bannon was on Bill Maher tonight meekly defending the tea party do9ctrine against heavyweights like Joan Walsh and Dr. Tyson. Another epic fail. was said about the film. Not one.

  38. Anonymous7:24 PM


    Think any of your AK contacts would like to come out of their hidey holes yet? I know you are trying to get the word out, but before the down grade would have been good. Before the Tea Baggers got into office would have been even better.

    The Guardian World News US stripped of AAA credit rating by S&P as agency blames political weakness

    This isn't funny any more.

    TPM Muckraker Wisconsin Expanding DMV Services For Voter-ID, After Complaints About Closures

    FiveThirtyEight Debt Deal Could Be a Job-Killer For Incumbents
    Ok, maybe it will be funny if they get thrown out on their asses.

    The Atlantic Politics Channel Picture of the Day: Wisconsin Tea Party Bus vs. the Spell Check
    Finish this lying, grifting fraud off, please.

    Sincerest thanks,

  39. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I hate you G -

    and so does Rocky.



  40. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Reminds me of a story ...

    When TV cut into movie profits back in the 50s, a meeting was held at one studio to figure out what to do about it.

    Writer Herman Mankiewicz came up with the best suggestion:

    "Why not just show the movies in the streets and drive people back into the theaters ?"

  41. Gasman8:14 PM

    I hope William Kelly follows through with his boast that he would "rent out every theater in town so people will see this film." He'll go broke and he STILL won't fill the theaters. Does he think that he can spend Palin into the White House? Just how stupid is this guy?

    Hey, if they really want to get people to fill the seats they should show it on college campuses and serve free beer. They'd pack every showing. Of course, they might be surprised that it would become an instant fave with the college crowd and inspire all sorts of new drinking games and weird audience participation rituals like "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Every "you betcha" means you chug your beer. Each wink from Palin could trigger a barrage of Twinkies. It could be enormously popular.

    Will it propel Palin into the White House?

    No fucking way.

  42. Anonymous9:00 PM

    LOL SeaOfPeee is seriously cracking up

    How To Tell If You're Serious Enough For The New (and improved lol) Sea Of Pee.

    Let's not follow Jesus Sarah's example and be less snarky than she is. ROFLMAO!

    TOO LATE! And hey there Sea of Pee'ers...your infected with moles. That goes for you also, too Team Sarah and all your secret little tree house clubs.

    Maybe you should think about going underground. It works for the KKK! Super dorks and super yonis! Your T&A goddess has fried herself, is a phony and sold you snake oil & you can't face the fact that all you are doing is giving her $$ to support this hair-brained reality-show celebritician. Now you get to watch a show about her fucking Salon - The Wig Hive. What's next? The Bumpit From Wasilla gets it's very own TV show and then we later discover it was a deal made between Gov. Jan Brewer & Sarah & Bristol's personal attorney Van Fleece? FREAKING HILARIOUS!

  43. Anonymous9:18 PM

    "Super Yoni" outsmarted the teahadists and Palinbots with his fetishy nickname. He actually MEANT it to mean Super Giant Vagina! He just didn't count on elitists knowing exactly what that means. Like other Palin fetish worshipers who imagine she has big perky tits, this one is a macrophile


  44. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Don't ever think that this infatuation with the QUITTER is about anything more than hormones and lust. Posting just part of a c4p comment (too long for humans to try to get through without gagging):

    Starts "Dear Sarah,
    ... As we came around the
    partition, my daughter before me, I watched you talking to all the
    people as you shook their hands and signed books. Being a tall fellow, I
    was able to watch your interaction with the whole group, and with each
    individual or family, and I was astonished. I know that makes of me some
    sort of rube or bumpkin to some people, but honestly, I’ve met people
    of some fame before, and none had this odd affect on me. I know there
    were pictures taken – I saw them – and I looked every bit as foolish as I
    felt. My daughter showed off her t-shirt, one insulting to communism,
    which you said that you liked. I’m a midddle-aged guy, you’re a day
    younger than my own bride, and I was transfixed like some pathetic
    schoolboy who had just bumped fortuitously into Miss America.

    This is a Must Read

    http://theconservativetreehous... "

    Yep, a great reason to vote for her for President.
    (Check the link for more Quitter Love, she is actually compared to the beautiful Secretariat. Yes the HORSE! HAHAHA)

  45. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign11:41 PM

    Gryph - I haven't posted here in many moons, but must say that I'm wondering why you are letting the JayKen Knotstirred comment, which has been the same boring comment for who knows how long, through to detract from the flow of post comments. This is SPAM with a capital S.

    The poster's spam is usually at the top of the comment section, and when I come across one, I stop reading comments. I don't do spam. Thanks!

  46. Anonymous2:50 AM

    What's amazing to me is the extent to which Sarah Palin's followers treat her as a helpless charity case completely dependent on their largesse. Other politicians actually have to pay to market their movies. Other politicians actually pay the people that organize on their behalf. Other politicians actually pay for their own family vacations, their children's trampolines, their children's travel, their campaign wardrobes, and their family's campaign wardrobes.

    This woman is not only not poor, she is extremely wealthy. So why are they treating her like some sort of destitute urchin??? More importantly, why does she sit back and allow them to???

  47. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Anon at 4:37: "So, some of them are getting a clue, but they are now pinning their hopes on her Sept. 3 rally. If she hasn't announced by then, more will drop off."

    I don't see how she's announcing by then. One of her minions running around in Iowa posted a letter on c4p sternly admonishing everyone not to come to the tractor field rally if they were expecting her to announce. That they would be disappointed if they were and miss out on a "deeply meaningful" event.

    Ok, first off, if she was going to announce before then, no way would they try to head people off from coming to the event. The idea is to have a lot of people at your events as a presidential candidate.

    And if she was going to announce at the event, no way would they try to dampen expectations.

    I don't think she's running.

  48. Anonymous3:01 AM

    The post on C4P was supposed to be satirical. I know, I don't get it either. "The Onion" they are not.

  49. I was there. Couple things. They did't give away tickets. The tea kid charged $10. Also, there were a lot of fans there but I'd estimate at least a quarter looked and behaved more like liberal curiosity seekers like me. You can't hear this Q&A clip very well, it's just a phone video, but notice the applause when Bannon mentions a fan gathering last year -- just a smattering


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