Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marcus Bachmann tries to put down rumors that he is gay. Oh! That's just not okay!

"See I am not gay. I just tonsil fucked some random woman!"
 Oh my God!  Who IS that poor woman he is mouth raping?

And how does this clear and obvious assault jive with Michele Bachmann's assertions that she and her husband are "in love" and with her family values talking points?

I cannot remember when I have seen a more visually disturbing image.

Oh wait, yes I can.

Personally I think it is going to take a whole lot more than just one or two pictures of Marcus smooching an old lady with his eyes squeezed shut in order to block out the image, to convince MOST Americans that he is not a product of the same Reparative Therapies that his clinic is foisting on its clients.

Especially with so many pictures out there which seem to tell a different story.

Come on Marcus, are you just going to leave me hanging here?
(H/T to Andrew Sullivan for the first picture.)


  1. Hey, everybody knows it's physically impossible for a gay guy to kiss a woman... oh. Wait.

    Never mind.

  2. watching in wv9:02 AM

    OT: Can someone find the video showing Hannity asking the Iowa Fair crowd if they want Palin to be president and they shout, "NO" ?

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM


    Oh Lordy, the Bachmanns are funner than the palins!

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    So, I never like to judge anyone based on superficial value, but remember that story about how there's a prominent couple consisting of a powerful, conservative wife and her beard?

    Well, at the time, people ignorantly named a couple obvious celebs and Sarah and Todd.

    I am now beginning to think Michele and Marcus are THAT couple. Do her children resemble him? Ok scratch that. There are many ways to make a child. But still - it's interesting.

  5. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Wonder if she gets free healthcare coverage at 'The Clinic' for herpes?? LOL

    Looks like they swapped 'boogers' too!!!

  6. It's a new therapy called "sucking away the Gay."

  7. Anonymous9:19 AM

    He needs to do a family pic a la Ted Haggard style next-- was it Ted Haggard? You know, the gay bath house family portrait...

  8. Linda19619:21 AM


  9. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Funny that you think it's acceptable to make gay jokes.

    Or to imply that someone is gay.

    How's that progressivey thing working for ya?

  10. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Hahahahah! Fred Karger is the gay Republican candidate.

    The pouffing of the lips of his companion is a nice touch.

  11. Morning coffee all over computer screen! Those pictures are priceless - triple WOW! They alone could bring down the campaign.

  12. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Marcus has a whole lot of splaining to do!

  13. laprofesora9:37 AM

    Quick! Outta the bathroom! I have to barf!

  14. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Just how gullible do the Bachmanns think we are?

    I have nothing against Marcus if he is indeed gay and being married, but I do have an issue with him being a hypocrite if that is his situation.

    Michelle and Marcus Bachmann have made homosexuality a keystone issue in her political career so their potential hypocrisy is fair game.

    They are simply making themselves look increasingly foolish, and their pretense may well cause a backlash that will help gay rights more than hurt it. In that respect, more power to them. Our country needs to embrace tolerance and welcome all of our citizens as equal members of our society. We will be stronger, not weaker, for doing so.

  15. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Well,if not gay, very very effeminate.

  16. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Gryphen, I don't get the third photo. Who is the fellow he is standing by?

  17. Anonymous9:49 AM

    O/T, but if Piper was on the bus tour for Reagan's childhood home, was she at the Iowa state fair? A state fair is fun for a kid her age (more fun than a president's home, although my son was a good sport visiting Truman's home). Did she get a chance to enjoy the Iowa state fair with a family friend or family member away from the media mob crazy around her mom? If she stayed on the bus (or in a hotel room) during the state fair (willingly or unwillingly) - or didn't even arrive in time for the state fair - I have to say that I really feel sorry for that child for the missed opportunity.

  18. Virginia Voter9:49 AM

    OH. MY. GOD. Those are some of the most disturbing pictures I've seen in a long time. The last one is not, as it shows Mr. Michelle as he truly is, and he looks happy and relaxed.

    Behold Republicans, you're chosen fantasy First Family. Now I need to go throw up my lunch.

  19. Anonymous9:53 AM

    A happily married man does NOT kiss another woman on the lips! My hubby is a hugger, has kissed long-time friends and relatives on the cheek...but NEVER NEVER kissed any other woman on the lips.

    It is disrespectful to his wife (even if she is a beard) under ANY circumstances.
    IMO Marcus will be caught with a very very young male prostitute with in 6 months.

  20. Anonymous9:55 AM

    That is just so wrong, on so many levels. What a carnival this is going to be.

  21. Anonymous10:04 AM

    ewwww, ewwww, ewwww.

  22. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Yuke! (as to all three photos)

  23. PollyinAK10:22 AM

    so now the question is = do we want Marcus or Todd as the new first husband?!- lol

  24. Balzafiar10:23 AM

    Michelle Bachmann said:

    "If you're involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it's bondage," she declared. "Personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement. And that's why this is so dangerous."

    Well Michelle, wouldn't being required to be submissive to one's husband be considered personal bondage and personal enslavement, leading to personal despair, too?

    I refer to Marcus as Marcie because I think he is gay or at least bisexual but I really don't care about what his preferences are at all. I don't care if he can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

    What I do care about is if he is a closeted gay or bisexual (or a pedophile) and is being a hypocrite about it -- along with his submissive little beard, of course. We don't need someone like her as our President.

    For the record, another poster here referred to Marcus as being Michelle's beard. That's backwards unless she is a closeted lesbian. A beard is one spouse who helps to conceal the others' sexual proclivities.

  25. Dis Gusted10:24 AM

    O/T, but if Piper was on the bus tour for Reagan's childhood home, was she at the Iowa state fair?


    pretty sure she can be seen standing next to Palin. You may not recognize her newly blond streaked hair.

  26. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Anon at 9:48: The tshirt "Who's Fred" is a campaign tshirt for Fred Karger, the gay Republican candidate.

    Such irony...see my comment at 9:30.

  27. Anonymous10:27 AM

    He is so gay. That woman he is kissing should have slapped him. What an idiot. The Republicans think idiots like these should run our country. They are all sick.

  28. Regardless of the rumours of gayness, that kiss was totally inappropriate for anyone in public who is not his spouse. Bad enough that it's a PDA, but a PDA with a stranger is just beyond the pale.

    I agree; Marcus will be found in the company of a rent boy or "masseuse" within the next few months. ALl those public appearances and all that tasty man flesh will be too much for our Marcus.

  29. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Funny that you think it's acceptable to make gay jokes.

    Or to imply that someone is gay.

    How's that progressivey thing working for ya?

    9:24 AM

    It's not about being gay. It's about being a hypocritical, deceitful, hateful SOB.

  30. Anonymous10:31 AM

    @ 9:24

    You miss a very important two points:

    1.) It is only the hypocrisy of claiming to "heal" homosexuality--as if it were a disease--that Mr. Bachmann practices that makes us comfortable in mocking him

    2.) We accept homosexuals as fellow human beings without any desire on our part to alter them, change them or repress them.

    If living a lie makes Mr. and Mrs. Bachmann happy, so be it. But they should never try to sell us on that lie.

  31. Virginia Voter10:33 AM

    Douche at 9:24...if Marcus is gay, that is totally fine with the majority of people , especially progressives, it is not a crime. IT'S THE BLATANT HYPOCRISY WE MAKE FUN OF. Maybe you don't get the irony of an evagelical anti-gay politician who is a beard for her husband who just happens to run a Chrisitian counseling clinic which offers a pray the gay away treatment to cure homosexuals of the gay?

    Duh, I guess thinking that hard hurts your tiny brain.

  32. Grasshopper10:38 AM

    Is it my imagination or does Marquis look just like Chastity Bono, and we all her/his situation, not that there's anything wrong with that.
    Also too, will Palins zombie followers still refer to her as "Governor" when she's behind bars and or institutionalized?
    She's a dumbshit, loser, fucklump and they still call her Governor. Such Idiots.

  33. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I'll say it again: Closeted/Bi conservatives who attack the LGBT lifestyle ARE NOT hypocrites.

    They are simply attempting to preserve the sanctity of certain sex acts as "bad" and "disgusting" BECAUSE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY ENJOY ABOUT ENGAGING IN THEM.

    Don't make the mistake of falling for the "projected self-loathing" lie. You have to understand the underlying dementia that defines a conservative mindset. It is why they act like the rules don't apply to them: THEIR THRILL AND ENJOYMENT IN LIFE COMES SPECIFICALLY FROM BREAKING THE RULES.

    The more repressive and judgmental the moral climate is, the more they like it. In fact, it's VITAL to their enjoyment of life, which is why these issues are so, so very important to them and why they put so much effort into creating that kind of environment.

    Life would simply be no fun for them if they weren't living secret lives and testing the limits of their ability to make people believe their lies and wield power and judgement over the most sensitive, personal aspects of the lives of others while creating safe havens behind the bogus facades they construct to represent themselves to the outside world.

    And of course, seeing others suffer for engaging in the same kind of acts they enjoy only amplifies their enjoyment of them.

    It's a compulsive, addictive game for them. It's like sociopathy on steroids with a self-destructive sexual fetish on the side. Perhaps they're also addicted to the sensation of cognitive dissonance.

    And then, of course, you have many, many FAKE conservatives who are just playing the game for a paycheck or fame. But I'm talking about the real extremist cons here.


  34. Anonymous10:42 AM

    why is the woman so eager in that kiss? big Yuk to her too.

  35. Anonymous10:44 AM

    "Funny that you think it's acceptable to make gay jokes."

    People aren't making gay jokes. They're making jokes about someone whose career, and whose wife's career, involve denying what he is. I'm sorry if you can't tell the difference.

    Try asking a gay person which is more offensive--Bachmann jokes, or the right wing's relentless war on the rights and privileges of gay people.

  36. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Those who dwell on gayness the most are the Republicans who get caught being gay themselves. It's just a natural thing for them to do. Which leads to the question of why you are always on it? My hunch is that you're a gay assfukker just like Bachman's husband. Keep up the good work!

  37. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Are you sure that is a woman he is kissing? Look at the knuckles on "her" hand. It is either a man or a woman who does lots of physical labor.

  38. Anonymous10:49 AM

    anon @ 9:24
    obviously you haven't been around IM
    for long.
    Gryph doesn't give a rats patooie whether one is straight or gay.
    He's simply pointing out, more 'n likely, mr. bachman's hypocrisy

  39. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Palin on Hannity from Iowa says that the rethugs are knocked down so much from the 'lamestream media' that they can become bitter or better. She says she became better. Really?

    Call it as it is -- Bullpucky!! She's the Queen of how to play the 'victim' aka 'bitter'.

    Have to say her acknowledgment of her new granddaughter was lucky to get a soundbyte. She couldn't get the words out of her mouth fast enough to turn the subject back to bashing Obama.

    If she says 'commonsense solutions' one more time, I'll find her and stuff a corndog down her throat myself and I don't give a rat's a*s about Toad there!! He's easy too - Lorrena Bobbitt can take care of that whimp. She wouldn't know 'commonsense' it if it was stuffed where the sun don't shine and her tonsils were tickled.

    Her constant reference to 'solialist countries' like they are are tanking -- wow - confirms she reads and listens to nothing. Considering everytime she gets on a plane in AK to fly to the lower 48, she passes over Canada - a country with banking regulations whereby not one bank failed or closed down. Every Tom, Dick or Harry or Moms & Pops don't 'own' cornerstore banks in Canada. The banking inudstry is 'regulated' - you know those rules the U.S. banks used to have before they were dismantled. Stimulus was not an issue in Canada.

    Yet, in Canada, people operate businesses, small and large, some making massive profits - no different than the U.S. U.S. retail 'loves' opening up in Canada. Canadians are not brainwashed like many believe. They aren't the doormats many believe.

  40. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I think we're seeing the first of many instances that Marcus will sabotage Michele in the coming months. He doesn't really want her to be President. He wants to keep her in that 'submissive' position that he can control and direct and he's not happy about the way the 'handlers' are doing things. My gut says that we'll be seein' all sorts of shenanigans from ol' Marcus before this fiasco is over. Mark my words. He's gonna bring her down...

  41. I sure hope secret operatives in the media are following this guy around like a shadow. He will be giving up some reallllllly juicy stories in no time. Check out how he is holding that corn dog.........pinky extended and everything. Sure would like for someone to do a background check on this guy's childhood and try to dig up some of his old buddies. Wouldn't that be fun!!

  42. watching in wv -

    Fox News Insider has posted one 7-minute segment from Hannity's Aug. 13 program -- the Rand Paul interview. Palin isn't mentioned in this segment.

    Hannity's website has nothing from yesterday's program. It's still featuring the videos of Hannity's Palin interview from Aug. 12 which they had posted by the next morning. Fascinating.

  43. Enjay in E MT10:57 AM

    Like the viral pic of Michele blissfully ejoying her foot long

    Marcus and the young man will be another, they both look blissfully happy, for the camera, of course.

  44. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Hey 9:24 - you obviously don't get the joke. We here at IM love irony (look it up) and we are in no way degrading Marcass by implying he is gay, we are making fun of him for being anti-gay while so outlandishly displaying those stereotypical traits of gays. We are so fervent about it because he is insulting gays by saying that they are somehow in need of therapy to change who they are. But if you need it explained to you...

  45. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Funny that you think it's acceptable to make gay jokes.

    Or to imply that someone is gay.

    How's that progressivey thing working for ya?

    I agree. who gives a shit if he is gay or not.vWhat's the point? Let's move on.

  46. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Just as the old saying that people go onto psychology fields to actually find out what's wrong with THEMselves, Mr.(s) Bachmann went into "reparative" therapy to fix himself.

    Hey Marcus, it didn't work, ya big girl.

  47. Anonymous11:12 AM

    With the numerous messages constantly floating around about her husband being homosexual, and given her condemnation of homosexuality, with photographers hovering all around, WHY would she point food that strongly resembles a phallus at his mouth? Was this perhaps some subconscious wish on her part for him to fellate a corn dog, or was this another of her delusions (she's full of them) about what's cute or funny on the campaign trail in America. How idiotic of her!

    The picture of him kissing that woman is tacky and tasteless, no pun intended. (The woman is probably one if his or M's staff--"posing" with op type of thing. Giggle!)

    This guy is a creep, and that goes triple for his nutcase wife.

  48. Anonymous11:16 AM

    QUOTE from 9:24: {Funny that you think it's acceptable to make gay jokes.

    Or to imply that someone is gay.

    How's that progressivey thing working for ya?}

    What's wrong with implying someone might be gay? If he is, what's the big deal? (oh yeah, that's right, HE says God says it's WRONG) He would be a hypocrite then. Otherwise, so what? What's wrong with being gay? (oh yeah, that's right, he's MARRIED to a WOMAN and he runs a clinic to "pray away the gay")Otherwise, so what? (oh yeah, his wife decided to run for president) I say OPEN SEASON. Can he fake it for another year? I think not.

  49. Anon @ 9:09a

    Don't forget former gov of FL Charlie Christ and his beard.

    BTW, she owns a costume company. She not only IS a beard, she rents them!

  50. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I'm sorry, I'm afraid to even have to ask, but what is "a beard"?

  51. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Can anyone even begin to imagine the response from people if a female spouse of a presidential candidate grabbed a male supporter and kissed them like that!?

    Mr. Bachman seems to enjoy the attention his wife's run brings to him. There's a picture of the Bachmans standing on stage, confetti flowing, after she was announced as the winner of the poll. The way he is standing, arms outstretched wide, makes it look like he is the candidate.

    These two are as disgusting as Sarah and Todd. Ugh.

    To 9:24 : Like most conservatives, you fail to understand
    the progressive movement and progressives. It is not a
    movement of "anything goes". While progressives support
    equal rights for homosexuals, we dislike hypocrites
    immensely. There have been rumors for quite some time
    about Marcus Bachman's sexual orientation. His clinic is
    well known for it's "pray away the gay" junk therapy. That,
    my slow, small-minded writer, is where the hypocrisy
    comes into play. We have seen, time after time, that the
    people who go against equality for homosexuals the most
    stridently are usually the ones who turn out to be gay.
    Google that, dear. The results may surprise you.

    One other thing, @9:24, I am sure you are aware that Gryphen has a gay daughter. He has had to listen, for years, to judgmental hypocrites like the Bachmans condemn his daughter, refer to her as a Barbarian, refer to her as evil, degenerate, etc... (insert your own hateful name here; or, if you don't want to think, go to one of the Christian websites and find out what James Dobson is calling gays this week).
    So if Gryphen finds some humor in Marcus Bachman's situation, after hearing Marcus and his ilk condemn and
    say hateful, ignorant things about his daughter for so long, who the fuck are you to judge him?

    Push off, dumb ass.

  52. I still think he's gay and kissing women doesn't mean he isn't gay.

    He looks much more comfortable and happy with the dude in the last photo.

  53. Anonymous11:29 AM

    How ironic that all the right-wing anti-gay marriage proponents are caught up in the delusion of being fiercely against (only) gays marrying other gays. Never once did it occur to them, nor would they ever express negative sentiment against, gays clandestinely marrying straights, something that is far more common in our society (and universally).

    There are FAR more gays currently married to straights than there are gays married to other gays. Think of all the republican politicos that have already been exposed engaging in homosexuality with other adults and/or pedophilia with young boys, and then realize that they are merely the tip of an enormous iceberg, an iceberg that seems to be comprised of mostly republicans.

    When it comes to (emotionally) harming other people, clandestine gay marriages are the far more dangerous of the two. The jolt for spouses and children can be brutal, and sometimes cause long-term trauma. That is because the issue in such relationships is one of deception, something that goes far beyond gay and hetero or sexual identity issues.

    The republican position, as far as I can tell, has evolved substantially from the early days, when they were, without exception, against homosexuality 'on all fronts' and in all forms. Their prior bold stance was forcibly modified due to the huge, known, number of homosexuals within republican ranks. Now their position seems to be much more limited (and even more awkward), as they rail against gays choosing to mind their own business and remain in a committed relationship with another gay person.

    Apparently, the republican gays who are clandestinely involved in relationships with straights, and the mostly republican priests who are also clandestinely gay, are 'just fine' in the eyes of today's GOP.

    So, does the ferocity of the republican anti-gay marriage stance merely represent a strong urge to have on-hand an additional available (gay) supply??

    Because after all, if it were really perversion that they were opposing, their first stopping point for protest would surely be against all the (mostly republican) catholic priests who forcibly have sex with little boys, thereby damaging their innocent victims for a lifetime. And if gay marriage were really the issue, their second stopping point of protest would be within their own churches, where they would protest all church weddings that perform clandestine marriages between gays and straights, and urge that their pastors' preaching be conducted accordingly. Apparently, gay relationships and gay marriages are just fine with republicans – as long as you keep them within the church.

  54. How can anyone look at Marcus Bachmann and say homosexuality is a choice and not biology?
    The 'choice' may be praying away the desires and OPTING for a heterosexual lifestyle - but he appears to be walking, talking proof that homosexuality is biologic.
    How terribly sad that he feels that he has to hide from how his Creator made him.

  55. Michele Bachmann wants to reinstate Don't Ask Don't Tell in her house.

  56. 9:24 am Funny that you think it's acceptable to make gay jokes.

    You must have missed the whole point of the story about Marcus - pray away the gay treatment.

    We are not making gay jokes; we are just saying that lots of people think Marcus is gay but he is trying to keep that closet door shut and deny gay people their day.

    By the way, this is supposed to be troll-free Sunday. Amuse yourself elsewhere.

  57. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Relax, sarah, just because Rebecca drooled over Sadie´s Playboy spread doesn´t mean she has stopped loving you.

    You did the same.

    Everything will be okay.

  58. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Has anyone seen Michelle and Marcus kiss that way? WEIRD. I would like a reporter (Stewart/Colbert) to find that woman and interview her.

  59. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Check out this video of a woman arguing with Todd, at the fair, about Sarah quitting, and all the money they made from doing it, it ends with her calling them sellouts!

    This needs to be your next post

  60. Anonymous11:42 AM

    9:24 AM

    Stupid as as stupid does.

    Marcus Bachman is known for his clinic that "prays away thegay"and he and his wife are anti-gay and presume to claim to be "family values" oriented .That is thepoint of the comments.

  61. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Observing the way she has her hand holding the back of his head, Gryphen, it appears she is more than a willing participant so I'm not so sure you can say old Marcus is mouth raping her, or that it is a clear and obvious assault.

    I do agree, however, that it is a very disturbing image.

  62. Anonymous11:48 AM

    What's with The Bachmanns kissing Bush and this Broad just a tongue twister or is this over the top to try to prove a point.

  63. angela12:06 PM

    Remember when Michele Bachmann all but got a hotel room with George W. before the State of the Union address a few years ago. Who thinks the Bachmanns are a desperate lot?

  64. Anonymous12:12 PM

    The creep factor on ole Marcus is off the scale.Amazing.

  65. LisaB259512:15 PM

    I have no issues with calling Bachmann to accounts for his stupid clinic and therapies.

    I do have problems with deciding someone *must* be gay because s/he fits a stereotype. I see no high ground if we're all going to embrace stereotypes when we want to (Bachmann acts gay, so he must be!) and having a conniption when someone else does it (oh, he's wearing "gangsta" clothes. Hold your purses tighter, girls!)

    You can't have it both ways.

  66. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Marcus Bachmann is not gay. He's just, you know, merry...

  67. Anonymous12:19 PM


    Congrats on picking up the bachmanbots. now you've got them and palinbots snarking at you.

    As for Marcus, it's common knowledge in MN that the reference a few months back about the powerful conservative woman with a closeted husband was MB.

    Too bad Marcus didn't suck tongue with sara. Now THAT would be a great shot.

  68. Anonymous12:25 PM

    OOoooh. Sorry but that image is stuck in my brain. It'll take a while to sort it out in the compartments of.......what the heck? - that's an aged woman and he's suction cupping her.

  69. Nothing wrong with gay, except in this case.

  70. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I have never seen him kiss Michelle, but they do dance a lot.Just two sick people.

  71. Anonymous said...
    I'm sorry, I'm afraid to even have to ask, but what is "a beard"?
    11:21 AM
    Wearing a beard can make you look different. It can be a good disguise to keep people from seeing who you really are.

    Hence, the opposite sex spouse/partner is a disguise that keeps people from seeing who you really are (gay). In other words, a beard.

  72. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Better yet, they did another victory dance on stage last night. For the second time, he looked exactly like Cam on Modern Family getting his groove on!

  73. Anonymous12:37 PM

    It is always a safe bet that those bashing gays the loudest are closeted homosexuals. It sure fits this couple.

  74. Anonymous12:46 PM

    LisaB2595. I would embrace his obvious effeminate characteristics if this couple hadn't bashed gays to such an extent, calling them barbarians, and done everything in their power to deny gay the most basic civil rights. Another issue that is very troubling is taking money for 'praying away the gay' therapy.

    It's the hypocrisy, the meanness, and hate that is the problem, Lisa. By the way, do you think the Bachmanns' hateful rhetoric has caused problems for people who have effeminate characteristics but may not be gay? Absolutely. If so, I guess they should understand they reap what they sow.

  75. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I cannot begin to imagine what the children of the Bachmanns are going through in seeing this all come out nationally as to their Dad.

    Another family that should have stayed out of national politics - just like the Palins.

    They have ruined their lives all by themselves!

  76. Anonymous1:23 PM


  77. Beldar O Conehead1:29 PM

    C'mon, Gryphen, you think he's a closeted gay man??? I think you're totally wrong.

    Just look at that pretend, I mean passionate kiss he's smothering that lucky babe with. No sir, that kind of lust can't be faked. I havent seen such obviously raw testosterone-fueled heterosexual masculine sex drive since Rock Hudson laid a wet sloppy one on Doris D.... Oh. Nevermind.

  78. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Maybe Marcus was Marcia in a previous life...just sayin' given his resemblance to Chaz Bono.

  79. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Don't know which photo is more gross. The one with old Marcus molesting that older woman [then again it looks like she could be molesting dear Marcus which is NOT saying much for her.]
    Or the one with dear Marcus enjoying that giant weiner.
    Oh HOT DOG!!! so says dear Marcus' speech bubble.

    But then again, Michele's own weiner molesting photo was a 10 on the 0-10 gross scale. 10 being the worse.


  80. Anonymous2:43 PM

    10:52 so true! The real problem here is Americans travel very rarely and so are extremely uneducated and incurious about other countries. It creates a serious disconnect from reality that allows opportunistic fear-mongers like Fox News to spread ignorance and intolerance.

    C'mon parents! Send your kids into the world! It is in fact a great education and as the world becomes smaller an imperative for our country's well-being.

  81. Anonymous2:50 PM

    9:24: Hi Sarah! Wow, you are on game today. It must be a boring day in Iowa for you to be posting on IM.

    How's that sell-out thing workin' for you?

  82. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Wait - is that last picture an age progression of Chaz Bono?

  83. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Marcus's smile reminds me of Liberace's.

  84. That shot of "Dr" Marcia and the cute air-kissing youngster has got to be one of the gayest photos of all time.

    How long before someone wickedly creative comes up with a poster using that photo? We salivate at the possibilities!

  85. Gryphen, he is just gross!

  86. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I bet Marcus can't wait to redecorate the White House and to plan for the ladies to come over for tea.

  87. By the way, Nefer, thanks for the explanation of "crickets". You're a good source for us clueless ones.

  88. Anonymous5:50 PM

    You know who needs Reparative Therapy? These damn narrow minded, intellectually deficient, logic-challenged Dominionist idiots, that's who! Some expert psychologist/ psychiatrist needs to invent a therapeutic protocol to deal with people who believe the kind of BS these folks seem able to swallow.

    They are so lost in their own fog they need to be carefully and gently trained in reason, logic, science, and probably be treated for their fear of hellfire and need to control everyone whose beliefs are different from their own.

  89. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I dunno. What do you think? Next President? Took lessons from Marcus?

  90. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Gag. That last pic, the expression on his face, not good on a full stomach.

    M. from MD

  91. Anonymous7:12 PM

    SO Mr. Bachmann like to kiss strange women, does not like corn dogs ( see the pain on his face when he posses eating the corn dog? ) and hangs with young guys ( I guess that is the point of the last IMage) .... and why should anyone care?

    I hope that poor woman sues him for sexual assualt .... oh, wait that is WHOSE mother?

  92. Last picture reminds me of Mitchell's partner on Modern Family, although it's a straight actor playing a gay guy.

  93. Anonymous8:34 PM

    9:24 AM -

    I am not making fun of Marcus Bachmann. I am disgusted at the 'therapy' his clinic promotes which has not only been found by respected psychiatric organizations to be ineffective, but can actually be dangerous because it is bound to fail. People who experience his therapy but continue to feel the attraction to the same sex can develop serious emotional problems. The rate of suicide among gay teens is already higher than that of heterosexual teens (some studies say 2 to 3 times higher). We don't need anything to push that rate even higher or to give other teens implied permission to harass and bully their gay peers.

    I don't care what type of sexual life Marcus Bachmann leads or doesn't lead. What I object to is that he and his wife use discredited and dangerous therapy to bring pain and shame to the lives of gays, and promote the fallacy that being gay is a disgusting, evil thing to be annihilated. And, even worse, that she is pursuing the most powerful position in the country, where she and her husband can expose millions of people to their hate and lies. Any hypocrisy he is living only multiplies the evil they are perpetrating.

  94. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Sorry, Marcus, try as much as you want, but you're not convincing anyone (exept for Michelle) that you're straight.

    That poor woman (not Michelle, the one he's forceably swapping spit with for the camera). That's disgusting as hell, and even moreso because he knows someone's taking a photo of it.

    I guess Michelle is ok with that, since women should be submissive to men while they have the right to use any bulb they choose in their home.

    And I thought Palin was nuts!

  95. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Just looking at Marcus kissing that poor woman, made me feel like throwing up..God how awful..creepy is the word.

  96. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Michele kept Marcus hidden for years, but now it's impossible to keep him out of sight. Who would have thought that she had a gay husband? And where are all of their children? Are they campaigning with her? Americans love oversized families. Imagine 23 children lined up on the stage supporting mom's presidential candidacy? They'd put Romney's homogeneous spawn to shame. OK media. Starting digging up the dirt. I want to read profiles about the 23 children. And we need more dirt about her doting husband.

  97. Olivia8:42 AM

    Kissing your sister on the lips isn't going to change anyone's mind.


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