Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More about Nick Broomfield's documentary "Sarah Palin-You Betcha!" Including when it will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Courtesy of tiff.net:

Sarah Palin is a galvanizing political force in America’s deepening cultural rift. While her missteps are lambasted by critics and satirists, her base of support only grows. After her defeat as a Vice Presidential candidate and her resignation as Alaska’s governor, she retains a red-hot following stoked by her bestselling book Going Rogue: An American Life and the TV series Sarah Palin’s Alaska . She assiduously avoids tak­ing questions from reporters, preferring to communicate with her fans via Facebook and Twitter. Filmmaker Nick Broomfield has never been fazed by uncooperative subjects, con­ducting his pursuits like a vigilante armed with a boom pole, frequently backed by his collaborator Joan Churchill behind the cam­era. His past documentary targets include Margaret Thatcher, Courtney Love and Heidi Fleiss. When headline makers block his access, he brings them down to a human scale by exploring their milieu. 

For Sarah Palin – You Betcha!, that means travelling to Alaska. Broomfield makes several trips to interview Palin’s parents, neighbours and former colleagues. They trace her values to her upbringing in the Pentecostal faith. One memorable archival clip shows a church ceremony in which she is being exorcised of witches. An Alaskan pastor characterizes her faith as “apoca­lyptic Christian” and elaborates, “She has no hesitancy to use violence against evil...Until you understand that, I don’t think you understand Sarah Palin.” Can she rise to a higher office? Several former allies describe Palin throwing them “under the bus” when they got in the way of her ambition. John McCain’s senior strategist tells Broomfield that she’s “deeply dishonest,” describing her aspiration to be President as “spine-chilling.” 

Broomfield brings a wry humour to his quest, but also draws out the serious impli­cations of Palin’s political future. Is this worthy of your concern? You betcha.

Showtimes are listed as:

Sunday September 11 AMC 7 7:00pm 
Monday September 12 AMC 6 2:30pm 
Sunday September 18 AMC 6 10:45am

I am still looking forward to any reviews that might be provided by any of you IM visitors who might be in the area during these showtimes in September.

I will gladly give you a byline, or respect your anonymity if that is what you prefer.

According to Nick I should have a DVD of the film arriving sometime in the near future, and I will likely provide my own review as well. However will not be able to gauge audience reaction by watching a DVD at home.

P.S. Remember Nick is still asking for donations to Kickstarter to help distribute the film, and it looks like he is almost halfway there with only 11 more days to go.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Fantastic! And is Fred's book still coming out September 1?

  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Using phone so can't link, but NYT poli blog reports on SP pushback at Rove, saying she won't publicly announce until end of/late September. Hmm, that would be after all the books, movie, etc.

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    "Deeply dishonest" - this is going to be good!

  4. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Palin Slams Pundits Who 'Predicted With Glee' Her Demise

    Sarah Palin: Speculation On Potential 2012 Campaign 'Wrong & Misleading'

    Sarah Palin's political action committee is pushing back against recent reports on any plans she may have in the works to run for president in the next election cycle.

    "Three years ago DC pundits predicted with glee the demise of Sarah Palin's political career," reads a note posted on the SarahPAC website on Tuesday. "This past weekend their tune changed, citing false information that she has made a decision and set a date regarding a future campaign. Any professional pundit claiming to have 'inside information' regarding Governor Palin's personal decision is not only wrong but their comments are specifically intended to mislead the American public."

    The message continues, "These are the same tired establishment political games that fuel the 24 hour news cycle and that all Americans will hopefully reject in 2012, and this is more of the 'politics-as-usual' that Sarah Palin has fought against throughout her career."

    During an appearance on Fox News over the weekend, Karl Rove predicted that Palin is set to jump into the GOP primary mix. He said the former Alaska governor looks more like a "candidate" than a "celebrity."

    During an appearance on Fox Business last week Palin said she's "still considering" making a run for the White House in 2012.

    "I do anticipate a larger field," she explained. "There will be some comings and goings. You know, legally and politically speaking, there are still some months left before the field has to be set."

    Speaking to network host Lou Dobbs Palin also addressed controversial remarks recently made by Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

    During a stop in Iowa Perry said, "If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don't know what y'all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas." He suggested that the act of printing more money would be "almost treasonous" in his eyes.

    "What Governor Perry is voicing concern about is something that I wrote about on Facebook pages about 10 months ago, this quantitative easing or monetizing our debt, essentially printing money out of thin air, which eventually will devalue our dollar and, I think, lead to inflation, in order to make it look like our debt isn't as bad as it really is," said Palin in weighing in on the Texas governor's comments. She added that Perry "just used some more candid terms" than some others would use in speaking out on the matter.



  5. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Fresh Palin Tea Leaves Seem to Predict a Late September Decision

    The biggest – perhaps the only – question remaining about the size and shape of the Republican presidential field is whether Sarah Palin intends to join. The answer is not expected to come by Labor Day, but rather in the final weeks of September.

    A fresh batch of Palin tea leaves came Tuesday morning in a message from her political action committee, which rejected a recent suggestion by Karl Rove that she would likely enter the race by Labor Day.

    “Any professional pundit claiming to have inside information regarding Governor Palin’s personal decision is not only wrong,” the message said, “but their comments are specifically intended to mislead the American public.”

    While the statement did not mention Mr. Rove, the Republican strategist, by name, it left no doubt that he was the subject of Ms. Palin’s ire. She was referring to a weekend Fox News interview, where Mr. Rove said that her schedule “looks like that of a candidate, not a celebrity.”

    “These are the same tired establishment political games that fuel the 24-hour news cycle and that all Americans will hopefully reject in 2012,” the message from SarahPAC said. “And this is more of the politics-as-usual that Sarah Palin has fought against throughout her career.”

    The speculation about Ms. Palin intensified last week after she released a video of her recent visit to Iowa, which promoted a Sept. 3 speech she is giving in the state.

    But Ms. Palin has not decided whether she will declare her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, say people who have spoken to her in recent days. And even if she did decide to run, they say, she is unlikely to make that announcement at the Tea Party rally she is addressing.

    The best window into her thinking, perhaps, can be found in her own words on Aug. 12 when she talked expansively to reporters at the Iowa State Fair.

    When asked whether the end of September was still the best timetable for her decision, she said: “Yes, definitely.”

    “To be fair to those supporters and potential supporters, who are waiting on figuring out what the set field will be,” she said, “I want to be fair to them and make sure that they don’t feel like they are just hanging on to something that’s not going to happen.”


  6. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Tea Party To Palin: Shut Up Over Sen. Hatch


  7. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Could a Palin presidential bid rewrite the campaign rulebook?


  8. Olivia7:46 AM

    I have no doubt that “She has no hesitancy to use violence against evil...". The problem is that what some people view as normal or good, she might consider evil. I don't even agree with my mother's opinion of what evil is and I sure as hell am not going to agree with mentally ill Quitler's version of what evil is.

  9. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Hey Gryph. I'm not one of those nitpickers who constantly criticizes/corrects people's spelling in blogs or anything, but I think the first sentence in this post should read: "Sarah Palin is a galvanizing political FARCE in America’s deepening cultural rift."

  10. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Gryphen, Perhaps you could check with the Wild Berry Theater on International and Seward Hwy, see if they'd allow a showing. If memory serves, the theater seats about 100. I'd pay to see that!

  11. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I'm planning to be at the Monday showtime but tickets don't go on sale for a couple of weeks. I will definitely provide a first-hand account of people's reactions.

  12. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Gryph, I will extend your offer to a friend who will be at TIFF. He's a writer-producer-director. He might have time to send an anonymous 1-paragraph type of review, if that would be of any help. I'll see if he can go to YOU BETCHA.

  13. Anonymous7:59 AM

    O/T- intranacine war between Palin & Rove. Yawn. If she declares in late Sept. it's way too late, in so many ways.

  14. Anonymous7:59 AM

    we all knew she had a big head but that cut out Nick is sitting with is spooky.

  15. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Her support is growing? Who said so and prove it while you are at it. Of course all of those with books and movies coming out want this to be so, it will make a bigger splash for their media contribution to the Palin mythology. Just because someone with an agenda to keep Palin in the spot light says she's more popular is not a good reason to believe it.

  16. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Steve King's not feeling it with Sarah Palin


  17. Anonymous8:11 AM

    The sentence that should leap out at anyone is her pastor saying, "She has no hesitancy to use violence against evil...Until you understand that, I don’t think you understand Sarah Palin."

    Just...Wow. Sorta makes one rethink all that nonsense about water in gas tanks and fires.

  18. Anonymous8:23 AM

    She is so dumb she can't make a decision about 2012. Who in their right mind would want a dithering indecisive know-nothing to be president? She's nothing but a celebrity oddity and I can't wait until she declares she isn't running. Her fans will turn on her in a second and it won't be pretty.

  19. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Where is Trig? Why hasn't he been seen with Sarah in YEARS? Is it possibly because he HATES her and attacks and screams at her when he sees her? Poor Granny LuLu, her own "son" can't stand her and probably doesn't even know who she is.

  20. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Will Palin be in by Labor Day? 'I doubt it'


  21. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Sarah "Crosshairs" Palin LOVES violence. Remember Gabby Giffords. Remember the mysterious fires. Remember the mysterious plane crash.
    WE won't forget Sarah.

  22. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Anything happening at the Sea of Pee since Palin's denial of a 2012 run? Just read Huff Post story about this, and it's very puzzling. Don't want to dip into the urine pool lest I drown. Anybody been there lately?

  23. Anonymous9:13 AM

    hahhahaha I was just on Bristol's public facebook, and she's totally writing comments on the pictures and addressing people's questions.

  24. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I was going to comment on how sane and collected he looked on that pic, then I realized it was a cutout.

  25. Anonymous9:32 AM

    To show the size, importance and power of TIFF, there are according to this link 336 films showing at TIFF - I've also read elsewhere 365 (I counted 367 as I posted on previous blog - OOPS!), it has just been announced of some attending TIFF. Nick will be in great company!!

    George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Ryan Gosling, Catherine Deneuve, Glenn Close, Jane Fonda, Michelle Williams, Michelle Yeoh, Jon Hamm, Geoffrey Rush, Jane Fonda, Christopher Plummer, Freida Pinto, Gerard Butler, Juliette Binoche, Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Woody Harrelson. (Another site also includes Salma Hayek, Clive Owen, Ewan McGregor, Keira Knightley, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Abbie Cornish, Jason Statham, James Gandolfini, Tilda Swinton, Ethan Hawke, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas)

    Neil Young, bands U2 and Pearl Jam, Sex Pistol John Lydon, Hugh Dillon of the Headstones (and Hard Core Logo) and 1970s hitmaker Paul Williams (U2 documentary opens the Festival)

    Filmmakers, including Francis Ford Coppola, Guy Maddin, David Cronenberg, Sarah Polley, Bruce McDonald, Werner Herzog, Béla Tarr, Cameron Crowe, Gus Van Sant, Julia Leigh, Ingrid Veninger, Léa Pool, Morgan Spurlock, Lou Ye, Wim Wenders, Chantal Akerman, Nanni Moretti, Alexander Payne, Agnieszka Holland and Lynne Ramsay (Other site: Bobcat Goldthwait, Davis Guggenheim, William Friedkin, Sarah Polley, David Cronenberg, Jason Reitman)


    From another site, they also listed Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed, whose first year in office is the focus of the film, "The Island President", Jonathan Demme, Salman Rushdie and Deepa Mehta, Albert Maysles, who chronicles Paul McCartney's October 2001 concert in memorial of 9-11 in "The Love We Make" (maybe McCartney - who knows!!)


  26. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn9:46 AM

    Violence in what respect, Sarah? Against those individuals who you/your backers feel aren't practicing the absolutely perfect, bestest and most "Amurican" religion--by your/their definition? Using the Holy Jeebus Rapture Nuke against countries and world leaders that you/your backers have a playground grudge against?

  27. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Oh, you are going to love this!

    "Mama Grizzlies are not contemplative, they're reactive. They lash out at things they don't like. They are the queens of snap judgments based on minimal information and even less thought."


  28. Anonymous9:50 AM

    "deeply dishonest" summarizes what I initially learned about Palin beginning with her bridge to no where tale and the nonexistent gas pipeline.

    Palin perceives accurate facts in the face if her habitual lies "evil".

  29. AJ Billings10:04 AM

    Oh Noze!!!.

    The ground shook just now on the East coast of Elitist commie 'Murica.

    It's the wrath of Dog, comin' to punish them there atheists and them demoRats that don't like our Hero the Divine $palin that we wurship, and the 7 mountains and such like of Dominuuunizm..

    Cue the Pbots and fanatic religious zealots claiming divine warning in

  30. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Reading the comments, I have to call bullshit on the the statement at 7:16. It includes a quote that is supposedly from Sarah which said in part "this quantitative easing or monetizing our debt". There is absolutely NO way she strung those words together. I would think whomever she has writing her facebook rants would at least make some attempt to capture Sarah's stupidity. 99% of the people reading her FB page would have no idea what that says..including Sarah herself.

  31. Anonymous10:21 AM

    "Her base is growing"

    sorry Nick, and Gryphen, but that is an outright fabrication.
    Nick using it to try to boost the film?

  32. Anonymous10:24 AM

    SEE or PEE supporters, are predicting their queen to announce a run on Nov 22, 2011. Reasons,
    She is waiting for other GOP candidates like Jebb Bush, Chris Christie to jump in.
    Her Brains and her supporters think she will suck momentum from all the already declared candidates.

    Also She is Sitting on the line with Fox until the last minute, so she can suck more cash out of the network, then dump them for a run.

    Sarah 101 strategy to win the GOP nomination. Bring it on Sarah, throw your muscle in the ring, with Trig 's b/certificate, and tell us about everything about Twad's loose pants. I can't wait.

  33. Anonymous10:56 AM

    SarahPAC lashes out at Rove and denies any announcement Sept 3.
    Then what is the point of anyone going to Iowa ?
    Palin sneeringly calls Rove a " professional pundit ."
    And she's a professional media call girl.
    PPP polling out of Iowa polled on the Republican candidates
    and then included Palin on the second poll.
    Palin is not a factor-
    except as a loser.
    She doesn't affect the top tier-runs fifth at 10 % behind Ron Paul .
    Mark Levin predicted she would announce the day her DVD came out on October 4
    because it would give her
    maximum exposure.
    You can't make this stuff up.
    I can see her announcing at Wal-Mart.
    Buy my DVD today at Wal-Mart and BTW-I'm running for president !

  34. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Can't imagine Sarah running for president since she can't run a household. Her family (kids) does not believe in education, family looks for handouts, a bunch of grifters looking to make the quick easy buck, they are disrespectful and the list goes on.

    Looks like Track does not want to follow his mother's grifting footsteps.

    Don't know what Willow is going to do if she graduates high school since Sarah and Bristol just about milked Sarah's idiot followers dry. I doubt Sarah's followers will fall for another Palin 18 year old memoir scam? I guess Willow could follow the Palin-Heath family tradition and trap a husband?

    Piper, don't expect much from her since she is attached to Sarah's hip, a little Sarah Mini Me. Unlike mom, hope Piper keeps herself clean and groomed. Sad that Sarah has all that money and walks around with greasy hair and exposed fungus nasty looking toes while dressing like a junior high girl refusing to grow up.

  35. I think I can actually laugh at this now. I do not think there is any possible way that this type of person could ever be elected. I am almost over the fear that our exceptional country has enough people with as little class and intelligence as Sarah Palin has that could possibly vote for her. It would be the same as having the Beverly Hillbillies in the White House and that was an over the top depiction of people who knew nothing but were nice. Now we have people who know nothing and are filled with hate and ideas that involve treason.
    I still feel sad for her children who will always have the past three years hanging over them. Everyone will always remember the trashiest things about each one of them mainly because they were taught nothing about honor, morals or goodness. At least keep your mistakes in context of what they really are instead of splashing it all over the news over and over again. It's just beyond sad.

  36. While I am so, so very anxious to see this film, I really have to ask:



    Hello?? Hollywood?

    Why the FUCK is Sarah "Grandmother of Two; Bored Wasilla Housewife" Palin being bankrolled by ANYONE, yet this anti-Palin filmmaker is requesting donations along the lines of the "Unattended"?

    Like, where's the MONEY DEMS??

    Rahm Emmanuel? Um, your brother Ari is now head of the new William Morris Endeavor Agency...WHERE IS THE MONEY????

    Barbra Streisand? UGH. Couldn't go anywhere w/o seeing that nose when Clinton was running...where is she now that the BLACK president needs some help?





    (Sorry. I've always had a thing against Babs...but I do have a point, don't I?)

    (Also, too...I'm not sure what to think of the outcome of the movie. If I remember correctly, Kurt & Courtney amounted to Broomfield basically accusing Courtney of murdering Kurt. Sensational? You Betcha! Anything happen afterward? No.)

  37. And she's a professional media call girl.

    Oh, SNAP!!!!

  38. Anonymous2:08 PM

    "deeply dishonest??" That is putting it mildly. Let's call it what it is. She's a pathological liar.

    I gave some money. I hope all of us get a chance to see this film.

    Everytime I think of Sarah's hopes and dreams for the Defeated movie, I just crack up!! She is so nuts that she probably still thinks Americans would love her if the media wasn't in the way.

    I heard her Facebook post this week said she isn't making a big announcement on Sept 3rd and she doesn't know why the media spread that rumor. Is this true??

  39. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Can't imagine Sarah running for president since she can't run a household. Her family (kids) does not believe in education, family looks for handouts, a bunch of grifters looking to make the quick easy buck, they are disrespectful and the list goes on.

    Looks like Track does not want to follow his mother's grifting footsteps.

    Don't know what Willow is going to do if she graduates high school since Sarah and Bristol just about milked Sarah's idiot followers dry. I doubt Sarah's followers will fall for another Palin 18 year old memoir scam? I guess Willow could follow the Palin-Heath family tradition and trap a husband?

    Piper, don't expect much from her since she is attached to Sarah's hip, a little Sarah Mini Me. Unlike mom, hope Piper keeps herself clean and groomed. Sad that Sarah has all that money and walks around with greasy hair and exposed fungus nasty looking toes while dressing like a junior high girl refusing to grow up.

    11:04 AM

    As rich as the Palins are, none of them have careers or is continuing their education. They are either unemployed or have get rich gtifting jobs that does not require schooling or skills. All that money and they still are trashy people.

  40. Anonymous2:38 PM



    Really, Bristol? As in "ahahahaha my mom thinks im pregnant" and "ahahahaha im a slut"?

    You are the only shit for brains on EARTH who is even dumber and more vapid than your mother.

    By the way...it's been nearly a hundred days since you or your mother has clapped eyes on Trig. I hope the guilt of what you allowed her to do to that child eats away at you. I hear Trig open-handed smacked your mother when she tried to get a photo with him in May. And you just gave him to her. Knowing how bad she would treat him.

    The only saving grace for me is that I know my contempt for you is out measured only by your contempt for yourself. Twenty years old, "engaged" twice, pregnant four times, a mother thrice over and a miscarriage. How ARE you going to unveil your youngest? You can't keep him hidden in that LA condo forever. Sooner or later Tripp is going to say "my brother" to the wrong person.

    Break away, Bristol. Take ALL of your kids and excise your mother from your life, like the cancer she is.

  41. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Anon at 2:38pm,

    I hope that we will here more from you. Feel free to chat with Bristol and Sarah here anytime.

    It is really very sad to hear that Trig openhanded Sarah. Toddlers mimic what they know. My heart breaks at the thought that little Trig "knows" this.

  42. Anonymous6:34 PM

    You would be sad at the things Trig "knows". He is friendly with most anyone who is kind and genuine...but he doesn't have the parental attachment to anyone. He pines for Todd, who genuinely loves him. But Sarah uses Trig as a pawn. Todd offered to care for him instead of Sarah paying someone $7500 a month. (and I fully expect Gryphen to post about who "someone" is one of these days as it will NOT stay hidden much longer) And Sarah is CHEAP ASS CHEAP so I thought she would jump at the chance. But once she knew Todd actually WANTED Trig...she said no just because she knew it would hurt him.

    When Trig smacked Sarah, she went "you little shit", practically hissing. I used to think she was just "different". After seeing her in action the last two years...I think she's a lunatic.

    I don't know how she will deal with the Trig issue if she runs. She has a birth certificate with February instead of April, and it does not have the "right" names. There was never a formal adoption or even custody agreement. Trig's birth parents COULD just take him and Sarah would have jack shit for recourse.

    WHY this doesn't happen is a mystery to me, even having seen some of this cluster-eff up close. Todd is a totally God complex dickhead...but he is so gentle and tender with Trig...Track seems to HATE Sarah but it's Todd who he directs all his anger at...Willow is all but murdering someone to scream "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!" and it's like Todd and Sarah are trying like hell to end up with another knocked up teenager. I just do not get these people.

    Another thing...during Sarah's epic fail of a photo shoot with Trig...she tried to make him wear sunglasses so people couldn't see how bad his eyes are. He chucked the glasses! I love that kid.

  43. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Here's another tidbit worth sharing..

    Bristol talks about Sadie 24/7. Like...Constantly. It's the worst case of projection I have ever seen. She is so jealous of Sadie, she has taught Tripp to go "ewwww" and wrinkle his nose if Bristol shows him a photo of Sadie.

    And Bristol really should mind her self a bit more. Sadie could take that tramp DOWN. The fact she doesn't? Proves to me who really cares most for Tripp. Bristol views him as a pawn and a tool, just like her mother with Trig.

    Bristol and Sarah BOTH load IM on their phones a million times a day. Practically the only times they talk (besides fighting) are too henpeck Gryphen to friggin DEATH.

  44. GBIllinois7:07 PM

    @2:38, 6:34, 6:42

    Wow! Just Wow!

    Thanks for the insights.

    Your love for Trig shines through every word you write. Please share your thoughts any time. You are not alone in your concerns for Trig.

  45. Anonymous7:19 PM


    Thanks for sharing more. Your behind the scenes reporting paints such a sad and tragic picture of wasted lives.

    Can Trig's eye condition be corrected with appropriate medical intervention? I hope that it is not too late. But, someone has to love him enough to do the best for him.

    I have assumed the caregivers are being paid by SarahPAC and are likely the 2 Wasilla women who are long time Heath/Palin family friends. Maybe they love him too.

  46. Anonymous7:54 PM

    OMG 6 :42, I know who you are!!! I can not believe you are posting here. Gurl, you must of borrowed Gryphen's brass balls!

    Lauden told me about Trig's "boxing match"--heard he really packed a wallup, ha!

  47. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Anon at 2:38 (and beyond), thank you for sharing some of what you know - which rings true.

    Also, dont be fooled by any responses that "I know you" or "know who you are" or any of that...in case it is someone just trying to freak you out.

    Please take care of yourself & stay safe...but TELL US MORE.

  48. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Anon... re -Trig
    Birth certificate - Date in February -what date?
    Names - not Sarah and Todd - whose names?
    Where was he born?

  49. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Oh....per the comments below...what have we here, Sarah and Bristol....a disgruntled babysitter or family member talking? No wonder you check the blogs all day and night long.

    To anonymous...if you have some proof, get this information to a national publication for lots of $$$. Trig born in February? That has been the general feeling on the blogs for a long time. Please tell what you know for the sake of the country. So few can blow the top off of this greatest hoax in American political history. Be the one.

    Bristol...is that where you have your DWTS baby hidden....a LA condo?

    Todd...get some balls and tell the truth...it is worth lots of cash to you and you can free yourself of this nightmare life. Is it really worth it to stay in this situation? Do you want to go down with her?

  50. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Sarah is not announcing her decision until late Sept until she sees what comes out in Broomfield's documentary, Joe's and Levi's books.
    If she thinks she can do enough damage control, she will run; if not, she won't and will blame everybody else.

  51. Anonymous3:46 AM

    I don't understand why Fox doesn't let her go right now.

  52. Can we please not get too het up over something an anonymous commenter alleges?

    If they want us to know something, they need to provide bona fides and evidence. Otherwise it's just gossip.

  53. Anonymous4:05 AM

    I know this post is now old, but thought I'd say. I'm not sure Nick showed himself very well. I mean when he interrupted her Q&A, he sounded and looked like a drunken vagabond who was about to scream obscenities. That's not polit nor respectable. I'm sure the docu will be informative, but how accurate will it be? Only like 3 people who are currently friends with Sarah agreed to be interviewed.

  54. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Wow, people have creative imaginations don't they?

  55. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Oh I feel safe, don't worry a bit about that. Sarah and Bristol know who I am and they know I am not intimidated by them. Both realize while I might not have all the family secrets, I know enough for them to steer free of pissing me off.

    Trig's eyes CAN be operated on but as I understand it the reason for not doing so at this time is that it's SO bad now, Sarah knows Trig's former ophthalmic specialist would tear her UP for letting it get this way. See, during the time right after the campaign and during Sarah's book tour he had been fitted with glasses and the doc hammered home to Sarah how Trig HAD to wear them for all waking hours during this critical formative time. But Sarah is lazy. Trig fussed over the glasses so instead of patiently teaching him to accept them, Sarah just...didn't. She was told prior to book tour that Trig needed to be seen as often as possible and not be cranky or having fits. I believe the only time Sarah made Trig wear the glasses was when a blogger or reporter called her out publicly. The next day, Sarah is all about Trig's glasses. But as soon as press got photos of him wearing them, it was back to the status quo.

    The reason Trig doesn't see the same eye specialist is because Sarah knows there is no excuse for the condition she has let this child fall into. She told the doctor that Trig was going to be under the care of "the best specialists" in the L48 but in reality she only said that to explain away why Trig wasn't following the prescribed schedule of therapy or office visits.

    I'm not sure of the exact date. I know he was already born on Valentine's day 2008, though. I have not actually seen the birth certificate, only heard discussion by family members as to why they can never show it. Sarah is desperate to get a good fake but scared presenting a fake would be her undoing. She has begged CBJ for help with this, but CBJ has definitely had enough with "helping" Sarah and has refused.
    As for the names on the birth certificate...it's a convoluted mess as to why I can't just come out and say it...but keep in mind the ONLY people I would protect are those who are innocent here...or at least WERE innocent when all of this happened. I will say this...Sadie has likely done some serious thinking lately and I would not be surprised in the least if her "Levi and Bristol are definitely not parents to any baby besides Tripp" party line has changed.
    Trig was NOT born at MSRMC...period.

    If only it were that easy! I don't have any "proof" which a news org would risk its rep on. I will say this...in the LL house there are photos showing Trig when he was a newborn. An actual newborn, not a chuck & sally ten pound rentababy.

    Re "tell us more"...here is a funny. Sarah and Bristol both have showed IM to people in attempt to get them to see how horrible Gryphen is. But ALL they have done is win new readers for here!

  56. Anonymous6:10 AM

    ANON238, since you are sharing further, is it possible that you can explain the fragile infant seen in LL kitchen photos-on Levi's birthday? The abnormal right ear deformity was quite significant yet the photos of Trig just a few months later show a normal right ear.

  57. Anonymous6:18 AM

    OMG, all that money spent on plastic surgery, homes, wigs, child care - and she can't have the Trig's basic medical needs met. Shame on her.

    If she were to run, she would have to present Trig at some time. If he is hostile to her and if his eye condition is so apparent, she will face huge criticism. Is the delay in her announcement perhaps related to this concern and maybe she has something scheduled for Trig's eyes?

  58. Anonymous6:20 AM

    4:05 AM: Only like 3 people who are currently friends with Sarah agreed to be interviewed.


    Does Sarah have more than 3 friends these days?

  59. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Anon... Two more questions...
    Who is Ruffles - the baby at the baby shower and the one pictured with Sadie and Sarah and Levi and Sadie? (the baby with the 'ruffled' ears)

    Did she use multiple babies for different events?

    Thank you.

  60. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Thanks 2:28 for your numerous posts. Sarah Palin needs a special needs child like she needs a third tit. Most people can see parenting skills are not a part of her qualities.

  61. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I don't think Sarah Palin is going to run, at this point.

    Her tangling with Karl Rove is a HUGE mistake on her part, too. He probably knows she won't run, he and she both know the GOP has the goods on her if they felt like exposing her through third party sources, but they also both know the GOP created her.

    What a story.

    Poor Trig. Hitting Sarah just shows good sense on his part. All children can be like that, but I bet he is a strong little guy at this point and perhaps a bit hard to handle.

    That Bristol may have a third child confirms what we have said for some time: she had Trig, Tripp, and then a baby after DWTS. I wonder who Trig's father is, then. Don't know about the most recent child, but I don't really care.

    Bristol Palin, you need to live your life in truth. This whole terrible nightmare of lying for your mother's sake (because that is why you have been asked to do it, and why you continue to have to do it) is too high a price for any daughter to have to pay. Your mother will be fine. She needs to come clean and do something else for a living. You need to go to college.

    You hear that, Sarah? Party's over. You have probably been realizing that for some time now. Politics are no longer an option for you.

  62. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I can't comment on whether or not multiple babies were used. I have suspicions...and I have asked some questions which have NOT been answered to my satisfaction. Sarah and Bristol immediately accuse Gryphen of photo-shopping the ear deformity into the photos any time they are questioned about it. Sarah blew a microchip when she found out Frank included a "ruffled ear" photo in his book. She was livid. She knows he put it there to remind her what he knows. Which is everything...his "story" of the day Trig was born? Go back and read carefully--what he says is "there's no way that girl gave birth TODAY" in regard to Bristol. Which of course is completely true since Trig was born in February. Frank included that photo as an insurance policy...he wanted to be free to tell his story and make a living without fear of Sarah's famous revenge tactics. And it worked.

    My thought is...it only makes her so angry because there is a huge "there" there.

    Right now locals are scared to mention any "extra baby/ies" theory. It seems so far fetched. But there is a reason Bristol starts calling Gryphen a "pervert" who is "obsessed with Trig" whenever anyone dares to bring up the ear issue. There is a reason Sarah becomes apoplectic when the deformed ear/two babies theory is mentioned. Last year there was an occasion where Todd slept in the car because Sarah was raging against Gryphen so bad. Even when he tried getting away from her in the garage she kept storming in, wanting Todd to join her in her plan to "eviscerate" Gryphen. (Sarah, how's that revenge-y evisceratin' thing workin' out for ya?)

    So while I can't definitively say there was more than one baby...obviously there is something they want to keep hidden, even from family. The night Todd slept in the car, the whole issue that started Sarah's tantrum was her sister asking about the ear issue. She just made a very cautious inquiry and Sarah flew into a rage and didn't speak to her for nearly a month.

  63. Anonymous12:35 PM

    What you say is completely logical but may also be completely wrong. Sarah has been sure the game was up SO many times...as far back as Audrey. Sarah did her book deal so fast, "writing" it in 15 weeks because she felt sure people were going to start paying attention to people like Audrey and Gryphen. When Audrey promised the "nail in the coffin" photo, Sarah was so sure the party was over she gave her people the "well, we've had a great run" speech.
    As more and more evidence of a faked birth came out and aside from the core group of initial people, nobody WAS paying attention, she got confident. Twice I've seen her get as upset and frantic as she did over Audrey posting the nail in coffin photo--when Gryphen did the "two babies" post, she was so freaked she called Todd home from somewhere (forget where, but they are not really close so if she "needed" him, you know she was in a bad way) and got her gyno to prescribe a few xanex pills for what she was sure would be "the end of it all". She planned to dope up, stay in bed, and let the media firestorm pass. She even wrote a statement for media, outlining why she made the "sacrifice" to claim Trig as her own biological child. But then...nothing! Nobody was more surprised than Sarah when the MSM didn't come after her, guns blazing, demanding an explanation for the ear issues.
    After that she was super cocky and obnoxious and even remarked that Gryphen could post a video of Trig being delivered by "a blonde woman in Kansas" (don't ask me, she is insane) and STILL people would not question her about her pregnancy.
    Then came a two-pronged incident...Rebecca Mansour's tweet messages being leaked, and Brad Sharlott's paper being published in close proximity. Sarah was scared shitless about those tweets so I know there had to be some which were held back by DC.
    Sharlott's paper was so thorough and well done, once AGAIN Sarah thought her time was up. After a couple weeks passed and nothing really came of it, she was giddy. She feels sure that if her former staffer hadn't challenged Brad to "duel", it would have gotten even less media traction.

    Sarah said horrid things about Brad, snidely implying the reason he and his wife adopted children was because "you can't breed woman and gargoyle". She is such a bitch, you would not believe some of the stuff she says.

    She is deathly afraid of Laura Novak...I think she knows Laura is everything she pretends to be/wants to project (smart, good mother, well spoken) but the fear stems from her feeling like Laura might be the one to take her down.

    Thanks to all who asked questions. It has been kinda freeing and deeply satisfying to share all this, knowing full well that Sarah reads here and knows who I am. She can't oust the member of her circle who shares all the gossip with me because this person has SO much on Sarah--and I know it drives her insane.

    Don't worry, Sarah! I won't tell any of your shameful secrets, such as how you get your cellulite cream shipped to your sister's because you worry *GASP* the lame stream media will know about your butt dimples!!! Oh shit, did I say that aloud? My bad! Yikes, next I might have to mention that ketamine ointment. Oh damn these loose lips. Ah well. At least I only have loose lips. You have loose...everything. From your skin to your morals.

    Like I said...freeing! I may not have the proof to bring the old bitch down, but it's certainly fun to make her squirm a bit.

  64. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Anon238, Thanks for your sharing what you know about Ruffles. I had 2 theories - one is that Trig had a twin and that twin was Ruffles and the second is that the baby was borrowed because Trig was too big for the shower and the magazine cover photo shoot.

    Then along came the Bailey book with the photo of Sarah and Ruffles. That told me that the likelihood that the baby was borrowed was slim to none.

    Laura Novak's expert 'Doc' has studied the photos and observed that Ruffles also likely has Down Syndrome. And in the photo in Bailey's book that baby looks an awful lot like Trig. So, my theory is that the 2 babies are twins.

    Regardless, there were 2 babies. So where is Ruffles today?

  65. Anonymous1:05 PM

    What you say explains how they could put Bristol on DWTS with an obvious pregnancy and it was completely ignored. They had gotten away with such bizarre lies and tales for so long that they must feel untouchable. And the money just rolls in.

    I just don't understand how the hell she gets away with this. It's a twilight zone. I really hope that one of the upcoming books blows her out of the water.

    Ketamine, holy sh*t!!!!!!

  66. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Anon: Thank you for sharing. What you say rings true, and I really feel for these little kids (Trig, Tripp . . .)

    In your opinion, what WOULD bring the hoax out into the open? Who has proof?

  67. Anonymous1:46 PM

    anon 12:25
    What is the Ketamine oint used for?
    (flying ointment?) JK :)
    No really what is she using it for? all I can find is complex regional pain syndrome? From shakin' too many hands?

  68. Ahhh...but anon at 1:46,
    it was to treat the pain of her
    Lipodisolve injections.

  69. Anon (Insider): reactions seem split between thinking that the latest baby pictured with Bristol (as of only today on Flikr) is
    a. Her baby girl and (if so)
    b. Either could be a peer to Trig,
    possibly even the baby pictured with the ruffled ears, OR
    c. a pregnancy beginning in DWTS,
    but kept hidden

    Can you tell us if any of the above are true?...do you know?


  70. Anonymous3:29 PM

    @SunnyVee 2:38 PM
    Oh...I see!

  71. anon, who built her house by the lake? thanks!

  72. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I am not sure what exactly to think of these "new" photos. (I am the one who has been posting about my experiences and observations concerning Sarah and Bristol)

    Firstly, I would be skeptical of any photos like this which just happen to pop up like this. Sarah bitched for months about her parents releasing photos of her during the campaign--not for privacy reasons...but because media agencies pay "licensing fees" to use them and Sarah was just incensed that her parents would dare cash in...after all, SHE is the one who deserves all the gold!

    Anyway from that point on Sarah and Bristol both have been very militant concerning the release of photos. They make sure to get every dime they can out of photo licensing. I just really can't see Sarah allowing a huge cache of photos like this.
    Also...anything put out by the Palins is meant to deceive the public. If they put out a photo of Bristol with a baby girl--it's because they want people to SEE Bristol with a baby girl. Possibly to distract the public from wondering about a baby BOY whose presence cannot be explained?

    For the person who guessed SPac is footing the bill for Trig's care--yes you are absolutely correct. The way they have things being paid through the PAC is insane. There are made up companies and LLCs, obviously inflated payments--like $10,000 paid for a product or service which only costs $2,500. The difference goes back into Palin pockets...to be spent on cosmetic surgeries, luxury goods, you name it. Trig's care comes from PAC funds and Sarah is such an idiot she ignores all the people who tell her she can use that money for anything she wants as long as she isn't running for office.

    The ketamine gel is one of Sarah's dirty little secrets. She says it's for "shin splints" but I know that's bull because Sarah is actually in awful shape. She pretends to be a runner, saying "sweat is my sanity"..but if you think back over all the times she has "run" on camera...it's only enough actual running to get a camera shot. She talks like a serious athlete but that is SO not true.
    Her "tight abs" line is just...beyond. Any woman who's had four kids knows there are some things that are just never "tight" again.
    She orders the ketamine gel from a pharmacy in, I think it's Pennsylvania. Her doctor faxes a prescription and she has it shipped to her. At her sister's house, where all her "embarrassing" mail goes.

  73. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Sarah PAC pays:

    Carol Ryan, Wasilla, $5000/month for clerical work.

    Marilyn Lane, Wasilla, $2500/month for clerical work.

    Tiffany Lane, Anchorage, $2500/month for clerical work.

    The PAC also pays these women miscellaneous sums for postage and supplies (or diapers and food).

    Tiffany is Marilyn's daughter. Marilyn and Carol are long time Sally Heath and Sarah Palin friends.

    Just saying. How much clerical help can that woman need in Wasilla? Do they help her with all her tweets and Facebook correspondence?

  74. Anon at 4:15...
    It's so unfortunate that these new pics came out today. (at least too bad that they focused on this tiny baby girl.

    I have posted some dumb or silly things...just "thinking out loud," mainly because I just assumed that it was YOU who had posted them :)

    Thanks so much for your reply & take care.

  75. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Anon, thank you again. Is any of this background detail going to make its way into any of the upcoming books? How can we get the breakout needed to shut her down once and for all?

  76. GBIllinois5:19 PM

    @Anonymous "insider"

    Can you say anything about why the Johnstons are playing along with Sarah? Is it more than Sherry's drug bust?

  77. Anonymous5:28 PM

    @Anonymous 4:40

    Trolls arent cheap!!

  78. Montana6:39 PM

    Run, Sarah run. Sarah Palin was so successful as a governor, she graduated early “Bitter Quitter”, she real is a “Dan Quayle” in heels. She clearly loves “dishing it out” but real can’t take it because she loves playing the victim card, poor thing. She fail as a VP candidate (her lie that her daughter was engaged was such a farce, selling celibacy), her stand-up comic fiasco on the Jay Leno Show, please, her TV show canceled after declining rating, I guess her perpetual run for the White House is the only thing she can look forward. Didn’t Fake News make that other movie “undeveloped” or “under achiever” or something like that, right? Didn’t it break all box office records, oh yeah it did not, that Alaska dullard can‘t even finish the bus tour to nowhere. But since she is a coward she will only throw small minded rocks, poor thing. Since we already had an idiot “W” in the White House that caused our current economic debacle, America knows not to trust the GOP fools who flaunt the idiocy.

  79. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Catching up late, but...wow, just wow. There are some relatively innocent reasons why a baby (Ruffles) could have been "borrowed," and theories for what happened to him given the strong likelihood that he is not the Trig we see today. Then there is the possibility that makes a person shudder: that Ruffles, who looks severely hypotonic in every photo that is clearly him, did not survive, maybe even as a consequence of delayed medical care since Palin regarded him as expendable. If Palin wigged out when the two-baby theory surfaced, that inclines one to think the real story is truly dark. (We saw a child with a distinguishing deformity and then he vanished. Where is this child?!)

  80. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Anon, did RAM get fired after the tweet leaks? I think she made that one appearance at the undefeated to catch Sarah's eye and beg for her job back. Looked to me like the Palin entourage ignored her completely.

    How much does RAM know?

  81. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I have no idea what photos you all are discussing. I didn't see a link. Is there any possibility that it's Bristol with her new niece who is a few weeks old now?

    Interesting tiny detail. The anonymous tattletale (not meaning to be rude, just trying to be clear in my speech), uses "LL" as a descriptor and then in a question right after, the question uses "LL" also. I'm going to guess that means Lake Lucille? I don't know. I haven't seen that used before.

    But two people are applying the same little-used acronym for the house.
    Huh. Just saying'...

  82. Ferry Fey7:21 PM

    So, Sarah.

    Every day means more dots being connected. Every day brings you closer to the day your elaborate house of cards falls down.

    Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it? Wondering who might be the first one around you to crack under the pressure? Wondering who is playing along with you because the gravy train is good, but who may realize that the stupid and crazy and nasty is getting to be too big a secret to hide?

  83. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Anon: Many of us believe that she is putting off any announcement - running or not running until after the books and documentary are released in Sept. Do you know anything about her reasoning?

  84. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Using LL as an acronym .... when our anon poster with all the information used that I immediately recognized what it stood for and used it in my question. Nothing big to read into it, just shorthand.

  85. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Don't know what Willow is going to do if she graduates high school since Sarah and Bristol just about milked Sarah's idiot followers dry.


    First, you have to GO to HS to graduate from HS. What's that? Bristol did it? Not really - her degree is as real as her mother's non-existent college degree.

  86. Anonymous8:09 PM

    12:35 pm

    everything you write rings true.

    I NOTICED that when reporters asked her about her DS baby after she QUIT - she appeared quite flustered and THEN a huge smile spread across her face.

    IOW - she thought everyone KNEW already and was flabbergasted that the ugly hoax had not been revealed to the general public YET.

    She saw dollar signs and ran with open fists to grab all she could.

  87. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Firstly, I would be skeptical of any photos like this which just happen to pop up like this. Sarah bitched for months about her parents releasing photos of her during the campaign--not for privacy reasons...but because media agencies pay "licensing fees" to use them and Sarah was just incensed that her parents would dare cash in...after all, SHE is the one who deserves all the gold!


    Lightbulb! Sarah SOLD Track's wedding pictures for cash without his permission - paybacks a bitch.

  88. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Who files the PDF for Trig since Sarah and Todd's names aren't on the birth certificate?

    In the emails that were released there was an email to Sarah asking about Trig's BC and Todd responded that he would call... Was Trig covered under Sarah's gov. ins. while she was gov?

  89. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I have no idea what photos you all are discussing. I didn't see a link. Is there any possibility that it's Bristol with her new niece who is a few weeks old now?

    ONLY if the 'new niece' was born sometime in 2009 or 2010. The DWTS baby would be about 6 months old now.

  90. GBIllinois8:37 PM

    Forget the new picture. It's been ID'd as a the baby as a friend of Bristol. Several commenters on other threads named the mother. Also too, remeMber what "insider" said about Sarah only allowing pictures posted like that if she wanted them seen. It's a diversion imo.

  91. Anonymous5:06 AM

    I wouldn't put anything past these people; creating diversion, division, etc, but why would they post a picture only to so quickly retract it? Seems like someone just screwed up. I couldn't decide about that photo anyway. Bristol looked younger and yet her chin was fairly pointed, more like her more recent look. It was taken at a strange angle, from above a tiny bit.

    There is probably something more to this. People were throwing out names and dates; did we ever confirm if those were accurate? Or are there other pictures of the other babies being mentioned so we can compare?

    Btw, those baby clothes looked like they were designer clothes, whatever everyone thought of them. The shoes were a give away. One can get discounted designer clothes to be sure, but immediately I thought, Bristol bought that little girl that outfit - whatever her connection to her. She was kind of showing them off in that photo. She'd be so immersed in the LA thing of overdoing by this point, you know? With all her extra cash, she may buy a lot of people presents nowadays.

  92. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Here's what the internet has to say about Ketamine users (I found this here: http://www.clearhavencenter.com/substance-abuse-treatment-resources/signs-of-Ketamine-abuse.php

    Two psychological difficulties which seem to come up for those who use Ketamine regularly are paranoia and egocentrism. There are many reports of regular users starting to see patterns and coincidences (synchronicities) in the world around them which seem to indicate that they are somehow more important or integral to the world than others. This same sense of the world focusing on the user can also feed into a sense of paranoia. A main characteristic of Ketamine is a stupor similar to extreme drunkenness. This is commonly known as "being in the K-hole."

    Does this possibly explain almost ALL of her bizarre-o behavior?

  93. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Certainly interested in reading the rill dill.

    Rings true. And if she can make a profit off of it, I hope she or he does. Because everyone else in this very sh*tty family does.

  94. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if the anon poster spilling the palin secrets is Track's new wife. I have a feeling that young lady would not put up with any shit from them - she mentioned how much track hates his mother but takes his anger out on his father and she would be my best guess as far as having inside info - and palin not being able to do a damn thing to her. Track would destroy her if she went after his wife. What a trash family..and i totally believe bristol had a 3rd live birth.

  95. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this topic, but I wanted to clarify a thing or three.

    I am not "Media Insider". Should it come to enough people repeating that accusation, I'm sure Gryphen has the tools to confirm that I post from Alaska and Media Insider posted from...where? Cal-i-for-nee?! I don't know. But I DO know Gryphen can likely see all manner of information regarding our locations, and if I was posting from anywhere other than right here in the valley, Gryphen would point it out because that alone would invalidate much of what I said.

    For the people who dismissed me at once, and claimed I was making things up--it's hard to believe you are anything other than Sarah's minions, trying once more to suppress the truth. Surely even you recognize...out of ALL the people Sarah has interacted with, a handful of them are going to wind up here.

    A note of clarity regarding the ketamine gel--I should definitely state for the record-- Sarah is not a ketamine "addict". She really does use it for pain, I believe...not for running related injuries as she claims, but for the joint aches and pains that accompany being constantly malnourished and stressed.
    But I'm definitely not saying she isn't addicted to anything! She self medicates and used to give Meg fits because if the label says "take one"...Sarah is definitely going to take two.

    I am posting one last comment (for now) in just a few minutes.

  96. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I am preparing to travel to Washington state for three weeks, so I'm afraid my cathartic purging will have to take a hiatus since I'll be very busy. But...I can PROMISE that Sarah and Bristol both are fit to be tied right now due to all the upcoming books, movies, books....;)
    And here is a closing couple of tidbits--
    I want to make sure any photos posted on twitter or face book (where she's supposed to post the "new picture" of she and Trig) are scrutinized very, very carefully! She's been told by her handlers she MUST provide a "mother and child" photo or public outing because even the hardcore glue sniffers are starting to notice they haven't seen Trig since people still thought "it's the bomb" was cool.

    Second tidbit--Bristol is just spastically frantic over hearing Sadie might have access to some of her less inhibited phone camera photos and videos. When it first came out, Sarah called her and said "if these pictures exist, you HAVE to tell me so we can get ahead of it". Bristol denied, denied, denied...said she was "hurt" and "disappointed" her mom would think she'd DO such a thing!

    Well Sarah is as stupid as they come but she knows her little angel Bristol. Less than an hour after that phone call where Bristol swore on TRIPP'S VERY LIFE that she had never taken "those kind" of pictures, Sarah called her back and said "you lied to me, I've just seen four of your homemade PORN videos!"

    And Bristol the genius says "But...I ONLY MADE THREE!!!"

    The oldest bluff in the book, but there you go.

    Sarah, I hear you're just "rill" mad at me for venting some of the frustration and chaos you've forced so many to endure...maybe this will teach you to be a little nicer...especially to those in your "inner circle". Have you noticed lately that it's shrinking? Once the media finally catches on to the fact you have no birth certificate, no college degree...and medical records which you will never show...that little circle may shrink even more.

    Time for me to go, but I did want to say thanks to the people who complimented my writing and recognized my off-the-cuff honesty for what it was. Normally I do not talk so much, but I think I'm one of MANY who is just sick to death of everyone (including myself...I'm deeply ashamed I have just kept quiet and should I ever get my hands on black and white proof concerning Trig's birth...I swear I will not keep it to myself) covering this crazy bitch's insanity.

    Thanks again everyone who said nice things. For the ones who weren't so nice...well screw you, luckily I'm about as scared of you as I am of that emaciated quitter! I only WISH I had to "make up" stories about this psychotic egomaniac and her impossibly ill mannered brood, narcissistic pseudo spouse, and epically bullying "friends". Believe me, I wish I was among the lucky, those who had never heard the name Sarah Palin. My personal interactions with her are limited to various rude annoyances...but she has wrung the life out of someone I care about.

  97. Thanks, Anon 6:37.

    Have a good trip, but please come back!

  98. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Anon: Thanks for commenting again. I, for one, appreciate your courage in speaking out, and hope you are soon joined by others who can expose her for what she is.

    Safe travels. (I am in Washington state, and wish we could have coffee. You sound like someone I could easily be friends with.)

  99. patience8:09 PM


  100. Sharon_too_also8:10 PM

    Dear anon 2:38 - now 6:47,

    Thanks for coming back to put the icing on the cake of the day!

    You have made for some terrific reading and prompted some interesting discussions both here and at Laura Novacks. You've got my empathy - I can't imagine living with the knowledge you have and not being able to scream it to the world . . . and be believed. We 'Palin haters' are extremely frustrated because it's taking so long to bring her down - and here you are living in close proximity to the nightmare and can't do anything about it.

    Hope you enjoy your break in WA and please come back again when you can - you made my day.

  101. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Thank you kindly anon, I truly wish you safe travels and enjoyment at your destination.

    You have given me hope that others may come forward. She will slink away in shame if the reality that is her sordid life comes to light.

    I hope there are other brave souls like you who will finally speak truth.

  102. Anonymous8:49 PM

    To the anon writer: Thanks for all of your comments. Most of us here are anon one way or another, but you write with clarity and insight. You seem to know things. And, I compliment you for your contributions. Please send some updates from WA. There must be an internet cafe someplace. We love hearing from you.

    Let's be serious for a minute, because it took a long time for you to come forward and write your posts. You must realize what a danger Sarah Palin is the our country. Even if she doesn't run for office, every time she shows up in that bus, she spoils it for announced candidates who are playing by the rules. Her nasty name calling of President Obama is immature and hurtful. Unfortunately, she has a way of stirring up that same hatred in the people who still follow her. She brings out the worst in the worst kind of people.

    You know that she is capable of inciting hatred. A writer moved next door to her, and in return, he and his family received death threats. That's dangerous. One of her followers could do something unfortunate.

    I know, you don't want to hear "do it for your country." But please think about all of the personal hurt and harm that Sarah has done to you, and multiply that by 300 million people. And, please, keep writing.

  103. Heidi39:21 PM

    To our insider friend "Anonymous"...

    I hope you get a chance to read this, as Gryph's "Broomfield" post is a few days old.

    Many of us have noticed your exceptional writing ability. You're a fine example of applying your education, and we applaud you.

    "Media Insider" has come out of her 'hidey-hole' as she called it, and made certain to report that she is in New Jersey, and has no connection whatsoever to your comments.

    Please know how much I and undoubtedly thousands of us appreciate your candor, and most of all, your courage. And as much as your revelations are helping you finally shake the bonds of silence and deceit, they are also helping countless of us who have waited for this moment for three long years. Thank you very, very much, and may other brave 'insiders' follow in your footsteps.

    Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip to Washington state.

  104. Anonymous2:01 AM

    To the anon poster from the valley, thanks for the updates. For many of us, the past three years of Sarah have been painful. Our pain in no way can be measured by those who have had to live the "Sarah lie." Her family, the inner circle, and co-workers have taken the brunt of pain. Have a safe trip to WA and I hope to hear more from you at a later date.

  105. Anonymous6:54 AM

    The anonymous poster is Elizabeth Hanson, Britta's mom. Take a look at her writing style from an email she wrote to Sarah Palin. It is THE "same".

    From: Elizabeth Hanson


    To: Governor Sarah Palin

    Sent: Apr 16, 2008 6:42 PM

    Subject: WHS Grad Blast request

    Hi Sarah,

    The committee for Grad Blast is seeking donations for this year. If you and Todd could
    help out it would be greatly appreciated. (Even tho we don't have graduates this year -
    they are looking for any help they can get.) I REALLY appreciated Todd's help with clean
    up last year in the wee hours!! I had peace of mind knowing both Britta and Track were in
    a safe place and they seemed to have a good time. How relative that concept of "safe"
    seems now! Hoping this finds you feeling well as you power through these last days before
    you get a "break"!

    Britta is excited to look forward to working for you and is counting the days and weeks until she can come home.

    Hang in there,


    Elizabeth Hanson, NCSP

  106. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Now tell me...even if you are sure it's Britta's mom, I can bet if it is...we won't ever hear from her again. God, you MUST be a Palinbot...why else would you purposely call out a credible, valid source when they obviously wish to remain anonymous????

    I am so disgusted with you right now. You suck.

    Mrs. Hanson...if you *are* Mrs. Hanson, please forgive this obviously misguided person.

  107. I'm unconvinced that a pastor's wife would say "screw you" so casually. Nor, as a school psychologist, could I imagine that she would she "dish" so eagerly about Bristol and Mercede, with a certain degree of snark.

    In AK, anything is possible, but… I'm just not buying it from a woman who was concerned about teens having a "safe space" (Crivella email to Sarah about donating to some school deal).

  108. Anonymous3:45 PM

    The anon poster mentioned "Meg". Is that Meg Stapleton? Could anon be a friend of Meg?

  109. Anonymous9:14 AM

    This reminds me of one of those lonely intersections where somebody died and everybody puts plastic flowers and trinkets. We hardly knew ye, Anon2:38. You were more fun than Mayor Blomberg and Irene. Come back soon and 'splode and 'splain some more. Spilling that stuff is good for your soul and the best thing you can do for your wrung-out loved one, not to mention what you're doing for the good of this country. Vaya Con Dios.

  110. dominicastar1:18 AM

    OMG, I need to read comments more often; today is 28th August; I've only just discovered Anonymous explosive comments; Gryp you need to have this as a post! OMG....

  111. Nan C5:44 AM

    Not to panic, I'm not so sure the anon poster is who a recent commenter claims.

    The Hanson email is full of quotation marks around single words, expresses lots of gratitude -when she said "REALLY appreciated Todd's help" - while the anon poster has only expressed scorn for Todd as well as for well, the whole family.

    Basically, any speculation is counter-productive, at best. All that one post may have done is to create ill will between Track & Britta's family, when it was questionable "proof" in the first place.

  112. WOW.....Just....holy shite, you brave Anon. Insider!!! Gryph, hope you take all of AI's written info and post it front and center! So MUCH info spilling in from these blogs...niggling little puzzle pieces all fitting in to one big picture now. And it is all so sickening and SAD. I'd be happy to post a link to it on my blog, even if I have to put up with the minion's "Sarah Palin is prettier then YOU" comments that will undoubtedly ensue!!!!! LAUGH!
    I still just DON'T get the media's reluctance to delve into this further! There may not be any hard evidence at hand....but where is the INVESTIGATIVE journalism?!?! The "lamestream Media"....Paylun's BEST friend.

  113. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Runnin L8, I think it's right of Gryph to have allowed these comments through, but I don't think there's much to gain by posting them "front & center". Anon obviously wanted to be ANON or she would of put her name. I think everyone who reads here can take the bits left by anon and plug them into already existing research and theories. If anon feels her identity is protected, maybe she will come back after her trip or even during some down time on her trip. But if she's on the front page and everyone is trying to figure out who she is, I think she prob will not post again. I have a recurring fantasy anon somehow locates something very incriminating while on her trip and when she comes back it will be the iceberg parade we've been waiting for!

  114. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Wow. All I can say is, pardon my French...holy shit. I'm going to split this up in two comments for length.

    I can't believe all the speculation over who I am! My honest motivation was just to piss off Sarah and Bristol as I had just reached a breaking point with their lies and manipulations. Getting a little info out to the masses was just an added bonus.

    I feel compelled to comment right now for a few reasons. The most obvious is that I do not want others blamed for my words and choices--which were mine alone. I am not Gryphen and was a little shocked people thought I might be. If Gryphen was going to relay that type of apparently "bombshell" information...why wouldn't he put it on his main blog where he'd get tons of traffic? He certainly would not put it in comments on an old post.

    As to the speculation about Elizabeth Hansen-- I just don't feel right letting it go on. She's a delightful woman, the polar opposite of Sarah...and her daughter Britta is the polar opposite of Bristol. Both Hansens are bright, articulate, compassionate, and generous. They couldn't be more different from the Palins. I am definitely NOT Elizabeth Hansen.

    For all interested in ultimately seeing the fall of Empire Palin, I simply beg of you to concentrate on the information I've provided and not my identity. Uncovering my identity will serve one purpose and one only; I would no longer feel safe posting here and I might even face pushback at home in the valley. Sadie is correct in surmising the majority of locals dislike Palin. But the ones who are still on her side...there is just no explaining how ruthless and vindictive they can be. The person who I care about, the one who has vented so much Palin related frustration to me has said Sarah's hardcore, never say die base reminds them (I'm not using male/female pronouns in attempt to protect their identity) of that old bumper sticker which reads "Dear Lord, Protect Me From Your FOLLOWERS!"

    That is why, for the first time, I have taken steps to hide my location. When I'm at home and it shows up as Wasilla, I don't worry because I know only Gryphen can see our IP addresses and the specifics about us. But now that I'm traveling out of state, I am in a small town visiting family and it seems foolhardy to broadcast that location when so many people (undoubtedly some who are Palin supporters and would love to see me mis-step in such a way that reveals my identity and thus the identity of the person within Sarah's inner circle) are trying to figure out who I am.

    I really AM pressed for time--I will be visiting seven cities and nine different family/friends in less than three weeks. But I am using travel time to make notes about the (many!) instances over the last two years which have made me think "this woman will NEVER get away with acting like this!" (If only I had been right...)

    Provided I still feel my safety is uncompromised, when I return home I will post as much as I can with as much detail as I can. On that note, let me close with the following--first, I'd be remiss in not mentioning the theory that I and "anon 4:32/nurse Shitfire" are the same person. I implore everyone not to read too much into minor style similarities. I believe I know who 4:32 is and I can't say strongly enough--she has a lot to lose if it was discovered she posted that information. I think she definitely IS scared of Sarah, where I myself am scared of her followers but would happily tell Sarah herself to kiss my pasty white ass.

  115. Anonymous5:09 PM

    She and I (assuming I know who she is, and I really think I do) are both multi-degreed and I really think the only similarities are the basic correct usage of punctuation and grammar. Even if there were multiple overriding similarities, I still encourage everyone not to waste time on that line of inquiry. My initial motivation was to piss Sarah off when I posted...but I think her motivations were unselfish from the beginning. For me...I admit it gave me a moment of unfettered joy to think of her quaking in her ugly shoes when she realized her ketamine secret was out. BUT--after seeing the reactions of some people, my motivation shifted and I now want to aid in taking out the threat of a Palinized country.

    To that end, let me tell you what I know about Trig. 
    When I say he was born by Valentine's day 2008, I mean he was here by then but I'm not sure at what point prior to that he arrived. I have seen a photo--I saw it in late 2009 but was told it was from the previous year's February...and it showed a tiny, tiny baby in a baby outfit which said "mommy's lil valentine". I wish I had been able to see the ears close up but he was wearing a little hat so I don't recall his ears being visible. The photo I saw was a framed photo on a white wooden shelf and the person I know took a photo of THAT photo with a cell phone. Much of what I have seen is via photos taken by this person. I will just say if this person ever wants to make a mint, they could sell just a handful! One of them is Sarah smoking a cigarette and she doesn't look like it's her first puff around the block. 

    I also have been told by this person that prior to making her pregnancy announcement, Sarah was terrified someone would see Trig. She was going to wait until a certain point in time to "announce" but someone in the family threatened to leak the information. I have seen an email Sarah wrote (not in the email archives, oddly enough) to five people and it said, in regard to the pregnancy "I really think 2 months is the least amount of time we could get away with". She felt if she announced it and was "pregnant", it had to be at least two months between the announcement and the birth. Obviously something happened to shorten that time. 

    Finally, thank you Sadie for confirming what I'm certain was an immensely painful experience to recount. I'm sure you know there are many instances I did not include, things Bristol has said which are so vile I didn't have the heart to even type them. I am so sorry your family has been victimized by these cruel thugs. Sadie, I know there are things you have had to keep close to the vest. In time we will all be able to shout it from the rooftops, honey. 

    I'm signing off for the rest of my trip. I will close by saying I've heard Sarah is so pissed she's practically incoherent. Look for her to be way way UP (from the sheer angst over being found out) or way way DOWN (from bring tranquilized like a horse about to undergo surgery) at her 9/3 event. Bristol is "dealing" with these revelations by posting here non stop, apparently. What a dolt. 

    Have a great week, Bristol and Sarah. I shall have great fun considering what to share upon my return!

  116. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Thank you anon238, as we have come to call you. I promise to never again try to learn your identity. I am grateful that you posted earlier, and again now. I have some questions that you may or may not feel like answering:

    --Who wrote the CBJ medical letter?
    --Is Dar related to any of this?
    --Any DNA tests?
    --Does SP laugh re the Wild Ride?
    --Names: Tripp and Shailey Tripp?
    --Was Sherry Johnston set up?
    --Do you know of anything that could PROVE SP's non-pregnancy?

    Just to confirm -- this is SO important because of who supported and enabled Palin. Who picked her without vetting. Who is covering up the BabyHoax to this day. Who is paying off (via political contributions and well-funded "think tanks" that employ people and spew bogus "scientific" opinions) the TeaBag people, and who is making it so difficult for Pres Obama to govern in a time made so very difficult in large part by these same unseen puppet-masters who benefit from Palin and her ilk "energizing the base." The Murdochs, Kochs, and their pals. Sorry to rant. I just wanted to say again that this is not about Sarah Palin or Trig or her family: it's about a political hoax intended to sway an election.

    Again, anon238, thank you for your courage to bring forward info that might finally lance this incredible festering pustule upon our political arena.

  117. Anonymous6:51 PM


    I would also like to thank you for returning and I apologize to you for participating in the quest to figure out who you might be.

    That you are serious about your mission is enough for me.

    Thank you.

  118. Anonymous7:22 PM

    To the anonymous writer: Thanks! Thanks so much for your smart writing and reopening important issues. You may have started this to piss off Sarah. I'm glad that you see that there is something bigger involved. As long as Sarah retains power, even without being in office, she is a threat, even to people like you. Not directly, but because her fans are capable of doing almost any crazy thing. Sarah is also a threat to the country, even if she does not run. She inspires hate, and stirs it up with regularity against people trying to keep our economy and our country on track.

    Someone asked you a number a questions. I really only have one. Is there any way to prove that Sarah did not give birth to Trig in the way she described? Everything else follows when people realize that she lied about that. Then, the false image that she created for herself will start to fade, and hopefully, a more realistic picture will emerge, the one of a greedy, selfish woman who has hurt others in her quest for fame, fortune and power. Piss her off? Let's do America a big favor and finish her off. At the same time, it will the justice that makes up for the hurt that she caused to the person you care for. Sarah has hurt far more people than that person, and she stands to do great damage to the country. And perish the thought, if she got anywhere where near the White House, she would be a threat to the world.

    Thanks for writing.

  119. Sharon_too_also7:28 PM


    This is better than a non-fiction thriller!

    And to top it all off you have a wicked sense of humor too . . "tranquilized like a horse about to undergo surgery". Good grief - the number of times I've seen it speculated that she was drugged to the eyeballs, no one ever put it quite like that :-)

    So glad you plan to continue the expose - the blog commenters will certainly be keeping an extra eye on the bitch now.

  120. Anonymous7:53 PM


    Thanks for sharing.

  121. Rationalist8:16 PM

    Anon at 2:38 -

    Well, I surely appreciate your candor. I really hope you are the straw that breaks this overburdened camel of a ruse's back. It's been going on far too long.

    The way Palin treats her family is reason enough to bring her behavior to light. But the effect she's had on the country I love makes it urgent to discredit her.

    So thanks. I'm truly grateful.

  122. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Thanks, Anon238. Anyone on here intent on determining your identity is likely not "one of us", but someone who is pretty threatened and trying to out you.

    So easy to make it look like an innocent guessing game, when they are really after identifying clues or info in a serious way.

    We are perfectly fine not knowing who you are, believe me.

    It is enough to just turn over the info you share, and see if others will visit and corroborate. It's the content that matters.

    Thank you again, truly.

  123. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Thank you, ANON238. You are my hero.

  124. MariaT5:17 AM

    Anon238, thank you. Enjoy your family visit and I look forward to your return and further revelations.

    I wonder... any chance that the person who has certain interesting photos is able to take a pic of Trig's birth certificate? Now, that would really be something!

  125. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I also want to thank "Anon238", from a slightly different perspective.

    Personally, I find Sarah Palin disturbing on so many levels of honesty, rationality and emotion that it is simply difficult to articulate.

    Your posts are sane, intelligent and amusing... and in them I find a kind of inner peace knowing that she does not speak for all Alaskans or Wasillians even though logically I knew that... your posts have begun to restore my peace of mind that there will be a kind of balance to her power.

    I thank for for that, and that you speak, in part, because another person whom you know has been hurt by Palin, is a kindness in itself.

    I agree with Anon @ 7:22 pm, that in revealing the real Sarah Palin behind facade, we come closer to understanding the people who engineered a Palin golden idol persona to use to their advantage. For a time she mesmerized many unwary and suggestible people.

    Thank you again.

  126. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Amen, 5:39.

  127. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Thanks, anon238 and happy trails.

    I, too, played the "guess who" game for a while on Laura's blog but eventually posted a comment asking people to stop speculating so that you could remain anonymous until you deem otherwise. My apologies.

  128. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Just as a simple courtesy, please post a link to the photograph of Bristol with an infant that is mentioned multiple times here.
    Just so the rest of us can follow the flow.
    As a courtesy. Thanks.

  129. Anonymous1:31 PM


    I wanted to join in on saying THANK YOU!

    I admire your courage to speak out. You are doing a great service for our country.

    Have a great vacation!

  130. Anonymous5:19 AM

    The photo was among a group of 145 that were posted by a fairy tale troll who took them down shortly after. They were intended to show the happy, happy Palins but ended up stirring up more speculation. It sounded like the baby was actually a friend of Bristol's.
    I believe someone on Palingates had saved them and one of the commenters had it as an attachment, if you want to go there and look for it (from some time around Tuesday, the 23rd.)

  131. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Hello all, me again! I have a minute before an early dinner with some family, so I wanted to add a point to the information about Trig as well as share something I heard today which was divinely hilarious. I have been horrified at the length of my comments--in the spoken word I am normally quite concise and clipped. I can only attribute this repeated word-vomit to a metaphorical burst dam; there is just so much to say.

    I've not yet had time to read all the latest comments but I am sure at least some people assumed Trig was HOME by Valentine's day. In the photo with the mommy's valentine shirt, he has little round band aid type circles on both cheeks, like they are used to keep tubes in place but were moved for the photo or perhaps some other reason. You can see in the photo that Trig is laying in something with clear plastic on its sides, such as a hospital crib. I know when Trig was very small he went somewhere between the NICU and home, something called "SDU". There was an email which stated that Trig didn't do so great in "SDU" and had to go back to the NICU for at least 48 hours. I wish I could recall the date of this email, sorry. Don't despair, however; upon my return I'm sitting down with the person who has showed me all the photos and emails and shared so much information and they are helping me fill in blanks of dates and places. We thought it might be fun to get on the phone in the next day or two and discuss some details and emails we thought would give you the most "mileage", info-wise...and try and have at least a small (but detailed!) missive to share on 9-3...no special reason for that date, naturally...;)

    I will post to this thread because honestly I'm not sure where else I'd do it.

    As to the funny story recounted to me this morning--my source tells me the small circle still with Sarah is becoming more and more frustrated. She's obsessing over how she can get in front of what I have already revealed here and what I will be revealing in the future. She is frantically trying to get associates from several years ago to suddenly go on the record stating they saw her bare pregnant belly. She came right out and said "we can't have another person say they saw it through a layer of clothes!"
    So not surprisingly...nobody wants to be Sarah's eyewitness account savior. She's trying to act nonchalant in asking people to do it, basically saying the "liberals" are "picking on Trig" and if they would just do her this one tiny favor, it would really help "Trig". She is so gross!

    Two of her handlers have coined a new term (new to me at least) for this frenetic history revision she's obsessed with--SARAHNOIA. Brilliant, right? It is no small irony that even her closest "advisors" are making fun of her behind her back, given how she talks about people.

    Sarah has paid one of those info databanks to try and get dirt on Gryphen...she is so desperate to get people to stop reading/respecting Gryphen. Of course as you all can probably guess, all she's done is waste her money! (She has also tried in vain to figure out the identity of a certain blogger...and she's wasted her money there as well)

  132. Anonymous4:15 PM

    As I have been going through the times this person has really vented to me about Sarah and as I've written down more and more, my abject disgust for her has grown by leaps and bounds. I knew of course Sarah and Bristol both have immense jealousy toward Sadie but what I had not realized is that Sarah was being vicious toward Sadie even several years ago when Sarah was still the governor and Sadie was a teenager. She obviously hates anyone who has youth and beauty. She also told people Sadie "snuck" those photos from Levi's birthday so she could "sell" pictures of the governor's new baby. Her gall in making up lies is unbelievable. First off, Sarah herself POSED in one of those photos...and next, Sadie had posted them to my-space! Not exactly what one would do of selling the photos was a consideration.

    I think that right there sums up Sarah's general MO fairly well---wealthy head of state in her forties picks on and bullies a teenager from a broken home. Class all the way.

    Today I'll close with this-- Sarah is freaking out now that she thinks people are actually contacting the school and trying to verify her college degree. So keep digging. I think there's strong indications you'll find exactly what you'd find if you went looking for a birth certificate with Trig's name and 4-18-08 on it; absolutely nothing..,or at best, forged documents.

    I shall see you all on the third! You too, Sarah and Bristol! Oh, by the way Bristol...I heard about the newest development on your "reality show". What a shame. I'm sure they won't REALLY fire you even though you're bombing with test audiences. Surely they'll take into consideration that you've been professional, courteous, genuine-- oh, that's right. You've made them wait endlessly while you post your transparent pablum on Gryphen's blog...you leave the crew to deal with YOUR child and your "Godson" (oh, I'm sure they'll buy that) when you can't blackmail or pay Willow to watch your DWTS baby)...what else? Oh, how could I forget?! You "have less personality on camera than a deaf-mute dustbunny". Ouch.

  133. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Hello Anonon "Me Again", I like that better than Anon238. You just make my day. I would love to buy you a cup of coffee and a piece of pie and just say thank you.

    Gryphen, can you put up a post on Sept 3 titled "Hello, it's Me Again" and we will just wait for our friend in the comments. This thread is just buried too deep. Please. Coffee and pie for you also too.

  134. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Again, thank you so much for your courage (and your friend's!) in helping to expose this farce.

    FYI, I just looked it up, and "SDU" is a Step-Down Unit. I found a ton of references to the term, but here is one:

    Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Step Down Unit (PICU/SDU) The PICU/SDU is on the sixth floor in the north section. It is the place where the most acutely sick children are admitted until stabilization. The SDU will be the area where less sick, but requiring continuous care and close followup, will be admitted.

  135. JayKen Knotstirred8:29 PM

    Hi Sarah, Welcome back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs birth certificate?

  136. JayKen Knotstirred8:38 PM

    Hi Sarah, Welcome back!

    Quick question, Where's your college degree?

    (Thanks Anon 4:13/4:15)

  137. Cracklin' Charlie8:44 PM

    Anon Me Again,

    Thanks for all the great information. I just have a quick question. About the photo of baby in "Mommy's Valentine" shirt...is this a photo that was shown to you by your inside connection? Because according to the official story, Trig had not been born by Valentine's Day, and I don't recall seeing this particular photo. Thanks again!

  138. Heidi310:05 PM

    Thank you for the incredible messages "Anon 2:38 Me Again"! Finally, some pieces are fitting together and solidifying certain theories everyone has worked on for three long years. As you've said, it's a great catharsis for yourself, too.

    Question: Can you tell from the photos you've seen if the tiny baby you call Trig has malformed ears? The "Anonymous 4:32 Shitfire" commenter of 6-2-11 (whom you think you might know), said the baby was extremely premature and had an ear deformity. She referred to the baby as Trig #1, which Gryphen and everyone has named Ruffles. I'm assuming this is the case, but wonder if you can shed more light on it as you go through your recollection process.

    The speculation about your identity was a quick flurry, and from what I see on all the blogs, no one is 'going there' anymore, period. We're all just very grateful for your information, and admire the immense courage you exhibit by divulging it.

    See you on the Red Letter date of 9-3 (or before!), and hope you're enjoying a great trip.

  139. Anonymous10:07 PM

    It's good to see you again, too, dear writer. Thanks for continuing to comment. I join the others in hoping that Gryphen will move some of these comments front and center so that the writer's purpose can be more easily accomplished, to piss Sarah off. Sarah has two big appearances coming up (Sept.3 Iowa, Sept.4 NH) and that means media attention. She won't want to be asked any embarrassing questions, and these comments beg all kinds of questions.

    Who took the pictures of Trig in his Valentine shirt? Is there any way that they can be shown publicly and shoot a big hole in Sarah's story? Are the photos dated? Does that baby have a ruffled ear? I know, too many questions.

    Your comments are great reading, and you have an interested audience. If a real purpose is to knock Sarah off once and for all, disable her, cut her power and her influence, then the dated photo of Trig might just be the so-called nail in the coffin that we've all been waiting for. Knowing where he was born and the names on the birth certificate might help. A concrete piece of proof, and Sarah won't be going anywhere on September 3. It will sap her power and influence, which has been keeping other people from talking. If she loses her following, that also removes the threat to your safety.

    Thanks and keep writing!
    Gryphen, make a timely post out of this material and share it with more people! Thanks, again.

  140. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Thank you insider anon poster for another enlightening post. Since I do not live in Wasilla, I would gladly try to help protect your identity. Gryphen, can tell who I am and I offer my assistance in any way.

  141. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Hey, Me Again, I am one of those liberals picking on Trig, hoping to stir up some serious Sarahnoia!

    It was too bad that Weebly got wobbly on you when you tried to post at Laura's. You can click on the "contact" at the top of her page and shoot her a message. She can send you her email.

    One thing that interferes with revealing the truth and solving the hoax is the group of photos taken the weekend of 5/3 and 5/4/08 because, if they are accurate, they look like a 6# baby that could have been born on 4/18. That supports the hoax. Are you aware of any existing evidence that would put those photos in their proper perspective? Is it apparent that the V. Day photo baby looks like the same baby in the 5/3 photos? Are there any other photos prior to 4/18 that can document a birth prior to 4/18? We know photos exist that show clearly that Sarah wasn't pregnant; what we need are photos of a clearly pre-4/18 Trig. Any photos of an ID band around his ankle? (The ID band itself would have the DOB on it.)

    Thoughts? And thanks for your courage.

  142. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Woohoo!! This is shaping up to be an excellent weekend.
    Thank you anon!! Thank you!!
    And Sarah:
    Why did you name Tri-G after his extra chromosome??

  143. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Thank you, Anon, for continuing to post here. Your information, combined with AKM's latest revelations, paint a sad picture that is so very, very different from the public image. Thank you for helping to shed light on the truth that Sarah Palin is unfit for office and should not be in any position of power or authority. I know you said you were initially motivated to vent and get under Palin's skin, but you are doing a public service, so thanks again!

  144. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Hi Anon
    Thank you for your comments.
    Most importantly--can you tell us who SPs 'handlers' are? Who in the GOP or Fox world is pushing her to be a major political figure? Who is she a pawn for?

  145. Anonymous2:11 PM

    How about a guest post from Anon? And are there one or 2 of them? Sounds like 2.

  146. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Anon again, I enjoy your posts but I'm confused. You gave the impression before that you were speaking from firsthand knowledge of Sarah Palin. This time, it sounds like you're getting your info secondhand.

    Which is it?

  147. telah9:45 PM

    anon 7:37 "which is it?"

    It sounds to me like anon again has been an outlet for the insider whose life has been made a living hell for a long time, AND that they have recently discussed what anon again has posted and further discussed recollections and potential documentation of various incidents. In other words, I think the other point of view you are hearing is the "voice" of the insider after very recent, in-depth conversations that will be revealed in more detail beginning on 9/3. (Two days and counting!)

    Not confused at all. More like: "Empowered."

  148. Anonymous4:55 AM

    I still want an explanation as to exactly where anon-again's info comes from, 9:45. This person, by alluding to Sarah's knowledge of but inability to stop her (or him) from sharing knowledge in the first series of posts, definitely implied that she (or he) was posting from first-hand exposure to the Palins.

    The new series of posts implies that this person is a conduit for someone else. That sheds a new (dimmer) light on them.

    If anon-again is not posting from his or her own experience than that makes these posts much less credible (if any "anonymous" posts supposedly delivering inside info can be said to be credible, since anyone can make anything up if they don't have to be held to account for it).

    Therefore I wish anon-again would clarify his or her position so that the posts can be evaluated on the basis of the person's actual position re Palin. I don't think that's an unreasonable to thing to ask in light of the bombshells this person seems to delight in delivering.

  149. telah5:40 AM

    This is what Anon Again said about the level of interaction he or she has had with Sarah Palin: "Believe me, I wish I was among the lucky, those who had never heard the name Sarah Palin. My personal interactions with her are limited to various rude annoyances...but she has wrung the life out of someone I care about."

    This poster's perspective has always been that of someone who is close to someone on the inner circle. Go back and read all that Anon again has written. He or she doesn't owe you an explanation. It appears that Anon again is trying to protect the person who "she has wrung the life out of" from the very real possibility of bot attacks or malicious comments by the Palins themselves. Think "child molester," "targeting my daughter Piper," "hurting poor Trig (if she even remembers who he is) because he or she is a liberal and think he should have been an abortion." Or worse, siccing the APD or personally appointed authorities after him or her.

    You can pretend that you are simply seeking clarity and that you feel justified in asking for it from this poster, but I have no doubt that you are just trying to muddy the waters because the information being shared is exactly right.

    Have fun watching this thread this weekend!

  150. Jeanabella6:24 AM

    To Anonymous 4:55
    You want an explanation?
    Who are you that you should get an explanation but don't take the time to read the comments?
    You sound like a Palin. Your demanding attitude will get you nowhere. Lazy comes to mind.
    If you read the comments you wouldn't have come to the conclusion you stated.
    If I had to guess who you are it would be a Palin.

  151. telah8:32 AM

    I believe it is the same person (Bristol) who is posting the "With all due respect" posts on the Geoffrey Dunn/Frank Bailey thread from yesterday. All happy and intact family and "you all are haters" and "No sane person believes an Anonymous commenter."
    Don't stop believin', baby.

    Good luck with that.

  152. Anonymous9:22 AM

    "I still want an explanation as to exactly where anon-again's info comes from." @4:55

    I beg your pardon? YOU want an explanation ? Who are YOU ? My bet is a Palin troll or a Palin. Our anon"me again" does not owe YOU any explanations. Her posts are perfectly clear. Read them...

    "Me again", I hope you are enjoying your trip. I can't wait for your return. Please take precautions to be safe. I am worried for your safety, but am so very thankful that you are working to bring Saranoia down.

    Hugs and prayers,
    Sherry in Calif.

  153. @telah, I think any "happy family" troll is almost always the prolific "Brooklyn" (one of her many screen names).

    The way to tell is that "Brooklyn" sounds like she graduated from high school (has decent spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. that I don't think Bristol is capable of.)

  154. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I think that the Anonymous Writer has struck a nerve when people write here, demanding an explanation, wanting to know where the information is coming from.

    Let's see how that demand for the truth works. Joe McGinniss moved next door to Sarah Palin, and she accused him of spying on Piper in her bedroom (even though photos proved that such a sight line from his house to hers was impossible). That didn't stop Sarah from making a rude accusation, based on no substance.

    Sarah has told some other tall tales, accusing boys in Juneau High School of issuing threats of rape against her daughters, while those threats were never reported to the police or the school authorities. Did anyone demand to see Sarah's proof then?

    The proof that we would like to see is proof of Trig's birth. Anon wrote that he was born sometime before Valentines Day, 2008. The writer claimed to have seen photos of Trig in the hospital around that time. Prove the writer wrong. Sarah must have the same proof that every parent has in their box of memories: the matching plastic hospital bracelets that identify parents and child with date of birth and other information. My kids are much older than Sarah's and I still have those ID bracelets.

  155. Anonymous8:32 PM

    The anonymous poster is obviously Sadie. hello! she is not on a trip; she out promoting her PlayBoy magazine issue. If Gryphen does not publish this comment, I will know I am right.

  156. telah8:50 AM

    8:32, Nice Try. Thanks for playing. Anon Again said both he/she and another blogger who has shared info with this blog, Anon 432, are college educated, even multi-degreed. Mercede has not yet attended college. So no. Also, too, it appears that Sadie has been out of range of Sarah's soup cans for more than a year, so it is doubtful she would have information this recent from someone who still has the stomach for being in proximity to the Palins.

    But I'm sure you are looking forward to hearing more from Anon Again when we hear--oh, when is that again? I believe he/she said it was coming up some time in the next--Oh, yeah. TOMORROW.

    Why'ntcha ask her yourself?

  157. Anon again,
    I thought you would like to see this message from the new thread on Nick Broomfield's film. (And you, also, too, Bristol):

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Here are two screen grabs I made from that E! interview with Bristol Palin at her home in AZ:

    Pregnant Bristol? Screen Grab #1

    Pregnant Bristol? Screen Grab #2

    She certainly appears to be, ahem, very prominent around the midsection...

    8:05 AM

  158. ThanksABunchJohn12:49 PM

    Anon 828, from someone who has felt as though I had gone through the looking glass ever since I knew in my heart of hearts what an outrageous hoax this witch was getting away with: Thank You. Palin needs to be stopped, she is responsible for the Tea Party, without her Death Panel lie it never would have taken off. If not for Palin, we might have a public option in the works right now. If not for Palin, Scott Walker wouldn't have been elected. So, from Wisconsin, thank you. Thank you.... Did I say thank you?

  159. ThanksABunchJohn4:31 PM

    Sorry, my response was to Anon238, typing used to be one of my strong suits.

    Can't WAIT for new posts tomorrow! Thank God I've got an android now!

  160. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Hello friends, foes, and Palins. It's "me again", again.

    I just wanted to let everyone know I will be posting late in the day tomorrow as the wifi on my laptop is very spotty right now and I'm loathe to type a long post on my phone, lest it be compromised by an incoming call or pressing the wrong button. I've made some notes and am trying to strike a good balance between funny/embarrassing (to Sarah) things and serious, detailed information. When I check into my hotel tomorrow evening, I will post from there.

    I have been having a good laugh hearing about Sarah's antics this week. Between her severe apprehension over what I will choose to reveal here and the absolutely humiliating catastrophe this weekend event will surely be, Sarah has apparently not been pleasant to be around this week.
    She is livid that she was portrayed as such a brat over the whole "well if SHE'S going then I'M not" chaos. Also, too! Todd sent an email this week to Sarah's "people", cautioning them she is manic beyond belief and will cause everyone to "think she's crazy" if not carefully controlled this weekend. Todd? Moose has already left the barn on that one, man.

    Before I sign off, I have to address a couple of the naysaying geniuses who have commented recently.

  161. ThanksABunchJohn5:16 PM

    Hi "me again" - waving from Wisconsin!

    I love that Palin overplayed her power/status with dual COD engagement - there is no way in hell she can back out now. Your coming back to IM will not play well with her demeanor, or her physical appearance, and can you imagine her vocabulary skills?? She's going to be a mess, and given that 60% of Tea Baggers DON'T want her to run, I doubt the turnout. Thanks for putting the fear of God into her big "announcement" that she's going to run, or going to continue to be a prick tease.

    I hope your insider decides to release the photos he/she has, and finally puts an end to my (and the country's) nightmare.

    Hope you are having a great vacation, warm wishes from Wisconsin! Laurie

  162. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Hi "Anon it's me again"...just a suggestion: type your post in a Word doc so you don't have to be online, and then when you do get internet access, just copy and paste.

  163. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I think I have read all of Anon238 Me Again's posts now. I just get all giggly just thinking that there is finally someone who will disclose Palin's secret life. I almost regret these disclosures because that means she will be gone and forgotten by election time 2012 and I was SO hoping for her to run against Obama. Clear sailing that would be for the Democrats. Fun times coming anyway. Bring it on Anon238.

  164. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I do not know if this will end up being posted. I have had several posts not go through and I don't know if it's a technological hiccup or if Gryphen had reasons for not allowing them. 

    I have a long (very long) comment which I will try to split up in a way that makes it easiest to follow. 

    Concerning Trig/the pregnancy--Sarah claims she had Todd check on "earlier flights" when she went into labor. This is absolutely false and Todd was furious with her for embellishing the narrative with this detail. He said it would be so easy to disprove because travel records would show the originally scheduled flights were the same ones they took home. 

    On that same note, Todd was incredibly angry with Sarah during the first quarter of 2008 for the lackluster commitment to the pregnancy ruse. There are MANY emails (which were curiously absent from the FOIA email releases) which flew back and forth between the five involved parties (plus Sarah) and the crux of most was "what are we going to do when people notice the here today/gone tomorrow belly?" 
    Sarah purchased the belly prosthesis online and intended to wear it daily until Trig was "born". But once it arrived, she found the foam form made her sweat, and the sweat mixed with the foam created a horrible odor. She started slacking, only wearing it when she knew she would be photographed...but even that did not last long. Several times she wore a sweatshirt or sweater under her outfit, and then wore a coat over THAT...thinking the bulk would be enough "pregnant". An email from late March has Todd complaining--he asked a member of Sarah's staff to try and convince her to take the endeavor more seriously; he said she's supposed to look pregnant, not "like a hobo wearing everything he owns". 

  165. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Concerning the "wild ride"...it was never supposed to be part of the narrative. The original plan was for them to do the roll out at MSRMC and then after the fact explain that Sarah had been feeling tired and achy so they decided to come home and luckily they got home just in time for "labor" to start. 

    Enter Chuck Heath. He may know more now but at the time he was in the dark. He was badgering Sarah about why she had skipped the rest of the event in Texas...he kept saying she shouldn't have blown such an opportunity and why go all that way to not even stay for the big formal event, so on and so on. Keep in mind Chuck and Sally had both been very concerned about all the travel Sarah had been doing in "late pregnancy" as well as how little she had been eating. So when he was (in his typical fashion) not letting it go, Sarah impatiently told him she couldn't have stayed for the dinner because her water had broken. She said it just to shut him up; had she known he would sing to a reporter...there would have never been any "water breaking". 

    I have mentioned how Sarah is scared of Laura Novak and Brad Sharlott. Rebecca Mansour assured Sarah (when Brad & Laura first began collaborating) that she would start a "whisper campaign" against them both. She posted comments everywhere, denigrating Brad's "dinky" Kentucky school and saying Laura was "just a bored housewife". Because the journalistic integrity of Brad and Laura stands on its own, the smear campaign backfired and only served to direct more attention to Brad's paper and Laura's reporting. 

  166. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Rebecca is watching this thread like a hawk, by the way. She did not believe the Trig rumors before she actually met Sarah, but now has accepted the fact that only one thing would keep Sarah from proving people like Gryphen wrong by simply showing a birth certificate.  

    Sarah has prepared a "martyr" statement from way back when--during the time she thought she would be found out right after the election. I assume she has given a version of this statement to Rebecca and others who know she wasn't pregnant. 

    Rebecca wants to respond to MANY blogs, comments, and twitter posts about Sarah and her many shortcomings, but Sarah's lawyer muzzled her right away. 

    Concerning Sarah's appearance last night--she did not speak because she was not able to. Literally...she wasn't able to. There was doubt she would be able to appear even just to sit there. Todd was instructed to not leave her sight for a moment, not to even use the restroom or take a phone call. She was baked last night--she took pills for "anxiety" and she drank alcohol on the trip there. It took a small army to get Sarah in the shape you saw her in today. She was seriously mad that her handlers/Todd didn't "let" her speak last night...it's just not in her nature to shun a spotlight filled with adoration, but she was SO unstable last night, it would have been beyond disastrous for her to speak.

  167. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Today required Ritalin, copious amounts of coffee, and skilled staff to clean up what they could and cover the rest. That woman was so "groomed" it was insane. And just for the record...things with her have been SO bad, her people are viewing today as a HUGE win. 

    The most immediate task to handle after the will she/won't she issue is Trig's absence and the increasing questions about why he hasn't been seen with his "mother" in so long. They are considering disclosing that Trig's immunity is compromised, precluding him from being out of the house except for doctor's appointments. They know it will pull sympathy for her AND lead people (even her most vocal supporters) to think "well, maybe she shouldn't run after all if she has a sick child at home..."

    Bristol is absolutely PISSED that I told the story about her teaching Tripp to say "ewwww" at Sadie's photo, and doubly so after Sadie publicly confirmed with Gryphen she had heard about Bristol doing that. Bristol is actually saying that Sadie's playboy shoot negatively impacts HER...and because people "associate" Sadie with the Palins, that people will not watch her show because they are offended by the playboy nudity. Whatever helps you sleep at night (and until noon) B. I think I'm going to "pull a Palin" and invent a new word...hypocridiot. Just for you, Bristol. I hear your "Godson" is growing like a weed and eating solid food now. Ah, they grow up so fast when you deny them publicly and keep them hidden in plain sight. 

    I have quite a lot more to say, but feel this is enough for one day. I am going to send my notes to Gryphen when I get home and allow him to choose what, if anything, he thinks is worth sharing.

  168. Anonymous8:07 PM

    So Todd and her staff are just pimping her out to the bots? These drugs (including caffeine) in her malnourished condition could kill her.

    These are dangerous people. All for money and power. Scary, very very scary.

    Gryphen, can you release the posts from our bff anon238 that didn't appear or does she need to resubmit. I don't want to miss a single detail. Thanks so much anon.

  169. Anonymous8:10 PM

    So Anonit'smeagain....Wonderful stuff! I've been waiting all day for your posts! So...who is Trig's biological mother? he looks enough like the palin clan that it must be a close relative...

  170. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Hi, "Me Again," In fact, what would you like to be called? Dear Friend? Mysterious Writer? Anonymous Forever? Thanks for writing. You confirm what we always believed. The problem is the proof. We'd need a receipt for the belly, or the name of the company, something tangible.

    For that matter, no one would consider a birth certificate reliable anymore. There has been too much time to fabricate one. Can you tell us where to look for the original birth certificate, for example, or some other hints in that direction? Bristol and Levi? Dates?

    If Sarah is in such bad shape, how do they really expert her to run, let alone for any sustained period of time? She couldn't cope with two months in 2008. Her job as governor became too much for her. I also think that she needs the money to pay for Trig's care. That will be closely regulated as part of campaign funds, not the same thing as that easy going PAC she uses right now.

    By the way, how is Trig and who takes care of him? Does he get therapy, is he learning and thriving? I think you're right. He'll develop a compromised immune system and be unable to travel. I guess he was on one book tour too many in his underwear.

    Thanks for the posts, and keep writing. You must be having some effect on Sarah, or does she need all of those drugs on a regular basis just to get through a day? Thanks again.

  171. Anonymous8:13 PM

    To Anon "It's me again",

    Thank you. I (and many of us here) have been waiting with bated breath for your post tonight. You did not disappoint.

    Knowing her as you do, how can we bring Sarah to justice for all she has done?

    Quick questions about Bristol: It is apparent she was pregnant when she did the interview for E! in early Feb. 2011 (as shown in the screen captures yesterday in IM comments). When did she deliver? And how does she plan on introducing this "godson" to the public?

    As always, I enjoy your writing style and the info you provide. I hope you continue to be a contributor to IM.

    Hope you are finding time to relax with all this drama going on.

    Thanks again!

  172. ThanksABunchJohn8:14 PM

    Awesome! The Wild Ride explanation, especially in light of "relieving" her security detail, and the stumbling way she reacted in the interview asking her about her water breaking, and then had to scramble, totally jibes. I'm in.

  173. Anonymous8:16 PM

    RE Anon238 posts. We all (on this blog) have long been convinced of Sarah's charade, but to actually read that someone has the 'goods' is absolutely mind blowing - not just about Sarah, Todd, Sarah's staff, her lawyer and RAM but Bristol and her godson. There hasn't been enough time, I suppose, for that part to sink in. However, when you view the DWTS pictures of Bristol it is obvious she was pregnant. Nobody gets thick around the middle like that from just eating Big Macs.

  174. ThanksABunchJohn8:20 PM

    Rebecca Mansour!!! Like a hawk, huh? First question: how do you sleep at night? Second question: WHY????????? do you hate this country so much?

    (I'm not going to say anything about penguins, in respect for penguins, and even evil villains, everywhere)

  175. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Thank you again, Anon238, for sharing your insights and giving us so much info to digest! Your explanation of this weekend rings so true to what we've all seen with our own eyes.

    You are taking a risk, but I believe you will be regarded as a hero by many, my friend.

  176. Anonymous8:27 PM

    This is going to seem so insensitive, but the question begs to be asked. Caring for a Downs child is impossibly difficult and time consuming so WHY would anyone voluntarily take on that responsibility? I cannot get my head around this farce. I don't doubt it is true - just can't imagine anyone being this crazy. Trig and Ruffles had to be born of a very close relative for Sarah to do this. But who? Is the general consensus that the babies are Bristol's?

  177. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Also, Anon238, If I can give you any help with anything, please let me know through my blogs linked at my profile. I set the PalinCheck one up to be a 'watchdog' for the dangers of Sarah and her family, but have yet to do much with it. I freely admit that others such as Gryphen have done far more far better than I ever could.

    But as one of Sadie's supporters, her word that you are legit settles any doubts I had about that, and so I would love any chance to be of assistance to you. I don't know what help I could be that Gryphen isn't already doing, but at the least know that someone out there is cheering you on and wishes your efforts all the success in the world.


  178. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Thanks so much for writing to us, Anon238! It's going to be a long 3 weeks waiting for your next post.

    You cleared up a nagging question I had. I recalled our friend Anon432 (aka Shitfire) saying the "wild ride" was planned in advance. I always thought it was such a sloppy plan it must have been improvised.

    I found 4:32's original comment, and what s/he actually said was "Trig was not hurriedly released from hospital care, necessitating what is often called "the wild ride". I believe (this is just my perception, not a "fact") Sarah Palin planned the Wild Ride well in advance...". So basically, you've either corroborated many her/his statements or cleared up any misconceptions.

    Thanks again! I'm looking forward to hearing from you again, but it's time for you to finally start enjoying your trip!

  179. Anonymous8:56 PM


  180. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Insider anon,I have read that Piper is being raised by someone else. I would assume it is Aunt Molly, but do you know anything about Piper.

  181. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I'm trying hard not to take pleasure in Sarah's current condition, but this comment made me smirk: ...things with her have been SO bad, her people are viewing today as a HUGE win.

    Wasn't the same remark made by McCain's people after the VP debate?

  182. Evidently Anon is someone who travels with the Palin entourage...

    Jason, you dog!


  183. Anonymous9:32 PM

    About some of the comments not getting through. There are times when I have written too much, and the mechanism which regulates the posts here just bounces the comment, saying it was too long. There wasn't even a chance to copy it, and break it up into two pieces.

    I will say that the anon writer has a knack of putting just the right amount into a post. Someone suggested writing the document into a form like microsoft word and then pasting the paragraphs.
    Your information seems to confirm what we have seen, for example, that Todd never changed the tickets. They were always booked to return as scheduled, never changed.

    Just wondering how Sarah is able to function under the heavy medication. No wonder she looks so gaunt. When is there going to be an intervention? Doesn't anyone care that much about her, or is she everyone's meal ticket? Love her, hate her, can't live without her.

  184. MadCityKaren9:36 PM

    I'm curious about lawyers muzzling RAM from responding to blogs, etc ... can we believe that maybe RAM now realizes that the "Emporess has no clothes" and more likely to spill what she knows?

  185. Anonymous9:37 PM

    8:27, I don't believe anyone is "voluntarily" taking care of Trig. They're being paid big bucks from SarahPAC. I believe Anon that Todd did volunteer, and would not put it past Sarah to deny him out of spite.

  186. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Thank you so much for posting again!
    What you describe about the handling of Sarah this weekend sounds like what they did to Anna Nicole.

  187. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Thank you for the info that the return trip tickets on the Wild Ride were not changed. I've been wondering about that but no way for us bloggers to check.

    Do you think the Gusty photo was taken on April 13, as stated? Or at some later time?

    If it was later, it opens a whole new can of worms -- good worms in terms of revealing the hoax.

    Thank you anon238! --Amy1

  188. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Hi everyone. Here are excerpts from Joe McGinniss' blog Sept.4 about Sarah Palin: . . . . . I know she pays scant attention to bloggers, and no attention whatsoever to chronic commenters on blogs that attack her.I wish it were otherwise, but the hard truth is that anti-Palin bloggers and commenters–like pro-Palin bloggers and commenters–talk only to each other..... There is a whole big country out there that not only doesn’t care what Palin-centric blogs have to say, but that doesn’t even know they exist...... And trashing her in blog comments cannot change that..... Not a single comment that anyone makes on anyone’s blog, nor any blog post itself, will make the slightest difference to what happens to our country between now and the presidential election of 2012..... Blogging is a cop-out: cheap and easy.
    If we want to save our country from the likes of Sarah Palin, we’ll have to take– peacefully– to the streets.. . . We’ll have to get off our asses and away from our keyboards and our cheap and easy snide remarks and actually do something.. . . Blog comments are dust in the wind..... Nobody cares what you think.....

  189. Anonymous4:36 AM

    snip from post from bff ANON 6:38 p.m. "There are MANY emails (which were curiously absent from the FOIA email releases) which flew back and forth between the five involved parties (plus Sarah) >>>

    It seems there must be more than five. But I question why they would communicate this way - by curiously absent email.

  190. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Wow, thanks Anon,

    I am a person that found SP's speech deeply disturbing.. because whoever wrote the speech did a masterful job.

    She has/had the power to deeply destabilizing to the country.

    Can't thank you enough for what you do so well.

    V interesing that Chuck, the dad, would hound SP to have stayed at the reception in Texas.. says a lot about his brand of parenting.

    Stay safe :)

  191. Anonymous5:01 AM

    "people will not watch her show because they are offended by the playboy nudity"

    More likely, they won't won't watch her show because they'd rather look at Mercede.

    So any comments before noon (11 AK time) shouldn't be attributed to Bristol. OK.

  192. Anonymous5:10 AM

    9:04 said "I'm trying hard not to take pleasure in Sarah's current condition, but this comment made me smirk: ...things with her have been SO bad, her people are viewing today as a HUGE win.

    Wasn't the same remark made by McCain's people after the VP debate?"

    Yes, I thought the same thing! One of these times, things will blow up in their faces. She can't keep "pulling it off". Although I don't think she has many public appearances left.

    I also thought of what I read in several books/articles, regarding Sarah's love of the "rope lines" after rallies. Of course, shaking hands and receiving mindless adoration from suckers is far preferable to doing something that requires effort, like giving a speech or - horrors! - an interview! She came alive again today on that sad, sad rope line in Iowa.

  193. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Hi everyone, just a quick note. Yes, it's possible for me to be quick!

    I dislike sleeping away from home and so I woke up very early in my hotel. How nice to open my computer and see these many lovely messages of thanks and encouragement. You all are really making me feel like I have served a purpose here...and considering my initial posts were purely to aggravate Sarah and Bristol, that is really something.

    Trig's care--he loves and is happy with his care providers, that much I know. I don't know for sure what kind of therapy he is getting, but I know they do have some type of person/people come to the home and work with Trig. Paid for by the PAC, of course. Trig was not even eating real food or starting potty training (at age 3) when his care was transferred. He has blossomed in those regards, at least. Go Trig!

    And because I didn't feel I made it clear before...when I said they were considering disclosing Trig had compromised immunity and that would explain his long absence--just so we are crystal clear, Trig's immunity is not compromised anymore now than it was when she was waving him around germy crowds during the swine flu outbreak. The way I phrased it--"disclose"...I just wanted to make sure you knew this was not true and if Sarah comes out with any story about Trig's "health" as a reason for not running...it's just an excuse to appease her live-action ATM, conservatives 4 Palin.

    Regarding "proof"--I agree a receipt for the belly would be wonderful but I doubt one will ever see the light of day. She bought it online, so the receipt in the box would be the only one itemized and I'm sure that is long since burned or at least in a landfill. I can't say this strongly enough: THE PROOF IS IN THE EMAILS. I am not sure who exactly decided what was redacted or left out altogether in the recent email archive. But those missing emails...those are the holy grail. I only know what was in some of them (a subject I would love to get into when I have more time) and I can only imagine what's in the rest.

    There is one thing I meant to mention last night and forgot to do so--this is more a cautionary tale than spilling Sarah's secrets. When the morning came when Palingates announced its two investigative bloggers were being asked to leave, Sarah celebrated. With champagne and everything. When other bloggers have accused Gryphen of grandstanding, she is THRILLED. She is ecstatic over any hint of division within the anti-Palin camps. She still refers to the Palingates/Politicalgates split as "chopping the head off the snake".

    I bring this up only because I know there is a lot of animosity between certain parties right now and I just want to remind everyone...we are strongest together.

    Last notes for now--there is a writer named Floyd Orr and Sarah lives in perpetual fear that people will start paying attention to this guy. She says he's a "bigheaded blowhard" but she is TERRIFIED people will realize his book about her contains a lot of truth.

    Final for today...Sarah and Bristol both are wildly angry over my posting here. Be on the lookout for some pretty manic "Palin Happy Family" posts by the dozen.

    Ok, so maybe I can't be "quick". Sue me. Have a great holiday weekend.

  194. Anonymous5:51 AM

    So thrilled you keep returning with tidbits.

    My question has to do with the mechanics of your situation. If S and B know who you are, they must know your "inside person". Why aren't they able to isolate that person to keep them from sharing with you? Or worse, what keeps them from dropping your name to their more rabid minions?

    Stay safe and enjoy your trip! Summer finally arrived in Washington and we're definitely enjoying our long weekend!

  195. Anonymous5:57 AM


    Add me to the chorus of people who are grateful for your courage in speaking the truth. Unrelated to that, I love how you present the information in such a cogent and interesting manner. I wish it were your book coming out this month! Anyway, are you able to provide a copy of any of the (un)redacted emails concerning the fake pregnancy? Though I am convinced by the photos alone, I think one piece of written material from someone in the inner circle might be enough for the MSM to run with....

  196. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Thanks Anon - you can be as long-winded as you want (you can't be long-winded enough, IMO)! Bring it on!

    You ARE making a difference. Enjoy the rest of your trip and come back SOON!

  197. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Dear Anon238 -- just wanted to add my thanks as well. I'm so glad to hear Trig is being well cared for and that he loves his caregivers.

    Please be safe.


  198. Anonymous6:24 AM

    I'm not buying what anon has to say.
    Reason number 1 is he/she says Sarah and Bristol know what she/he is posting here. There is no way this person would be let in on anything ever again after the first time. So this person would not be privy to anything that happened this weekend.

    Sorry, she/he just outed themselves

  199. Anonymous6:27 AM

    I'm waiting for Gryphen to comment.

  200. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Anon, I'm not agreeing with this poster on Laura Novak's blog, but wonder what you think of his/her comment:

    "Anon238 claims "the wild ride was never supposed to be part of the narrative." But the Gov's office issued a press release on 4/18 emphasizing that Palin's labor began in Texas. And the RGA's 4/18 press release said "Yesterday, Governor
    Palin was at an RGA Governors Energy Forum in Texas where her labor began."

    Did Chuck write the press releases too?

    Anon238 showed up at the same time that 1) Mudflats promised to release new source material about Palin and 2) McGinnis was beginning his war with palin-blogs and their commenters. I think it is **possible** that either someone is trying to deflect attention from the Mudflats leaks OR a supporter of McGinnis wants to show how gullible some of the trig-truthers are.

    Anyone who posts anonymous information and then gets angry if other commenters try to verify the information is suspicious."

    I'm not aware of you becoming "angry" at any point, btw.


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