Friday, January 27, 2012

Hey, remember hearing that Obama lost the youth vote? Neither do the youths.

Here are pictures, courtesy of the Obama Diary, of university students lining up yesterday to get tickets for the President's speech in Ann Arbor today.

Here is more from the Ann Arbor News:

Roughly 3,000 people Thursday morning received tickets to President Barack Obama's upcoming speech —many camping outside overnight to secure their place in line— and still hundreds of hopefuls were turned away. 

It's clear: Obama mania has seeped into the University of Michigan campus as the school prepares for his speech on college affordability Friday at 9:35 a.m. at the Al Glick Field House. 

Every day I am becoming more and more hopeful about this 2012 election.


  1. Sally in MI5:17 AM

    GoBlue!! This is my son's Alma mater, and there is a lot of support in AA for progressive thought. Meanwhile, our I ran a business and I can run Michigan' Czar Snyder has plans to RAISE taxes on gas to pay for roads. When Granholm tried that, she was eviscerated by the right. Should be fun to watch him lean center with Walker's recall imminent.

  2. Gryphen, in 1968, I was passionate about Robert F. Kennedy's campaign. I was emotional about the Vietnam War. Young men (boys) I knew who had graduated or were about to were being drafted. They could be drafted at 18, but the voting age was 21. Yes, 21. 1968 was not a good year for me and I am sure not for many, many others. These pictures of the students (and I am sure others ... staff people, etc.) at the University of Michigan yesterday made me cry ... tears of hope. I hope there are many of them who could not vote in 2008, but CAN and WILL vote this year! God Bless them - they are our future!

  3. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Love it! I'm find with the media and opposition in underestimating President Obama's support.

  4. Anonymous5:41 AM

    People who haven't graduated ,therefore do not have a "real job" with post grad responsibilities aren't exactly a good measure of anything. It's good to have ideals, but ut's BAAAAAD to use youth as a barometer when they're specific ideals may not be rooted in pragmatism. PRagmatism is a liberal's biggest problem.

  5. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Look what these kids are willing to tolerate in order to see their president! And the timing for Obama's visit is flawless, check out the details:

  6. angela5:54 AM

    Anon 5:41

    Maybe the idea that these students won't have jobs when they graduate compels them. Basically the GOP has done nothing in helping to get the job market going and wants all student aid dried up. Hell they don't even like public education. You know--'cause really only the rich kids should be educated and all others serve them.

    The GOP has done nothing positive for the youth voter except call them dirty in Occupy and drone on about how they are elite. So your treatise really carries no weight.

    A vote is a vote and young people voting in huge numbers is the thing. If that is frightening to you ,
    you must be a republican.

  7. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Thousands gather at U-M for Obama speech

    Six-year-old Jacob Goodman said he’s excited about his visit today to the University of Michigan to see President Barack Obama – a friend of his brother’s.

    “My brother knows the president because he went with my dad to…” he said, hesitating.

    “The White House,” his father, Southfield personal injury lawyer Barry Goodman said. A member of the president’s National Finance Committee, Goodman said he and another son attended a holiday party in December.

    “Yeah, the White House,” Jacob confirmed.

    That excitement is contagious in Ann Arbor this morning, as people stream down the sidewalks leading to the Glick Fieldhouse near the University of Michigan Stadium to hear President Barack Obama.|breaking|text|FRONTPAGE

  8. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Live upates: Obama in Ann Arbor: President speaks today on college affordability at University of Michigan

  9. Anonymous6:05 AM


  10. Anonymous said...
    People who haven't graduated ,therefore do not have a "real job" with post grad responsibilities aren't exactly a good measure of anything. It's good to have ideals, but ut's BAAAAAD to use youth as a barometer when they're specific ideals may not be rooted in pragmatism. PRagmatism is a liberal's biggest problem.

    5:41 AM

    Yeah, it's really pragmatic to disallow abortion but not give two shits about the baby once it's born. Pragmatism is a conservative's biggest problem.

    I can't BELIEVE you feels these young peoples' opinions don't count...

  11. Anonymous at 5:41, I want to take you on so bad, but I just don't have the energy to talk to a brick wall this morning; maybe you should back up and read my post. These students do have a REAL JOB ... to pursue their education, to pursue a career and hopefully with help to handle student loans or whatever it takes! If this is Sarah writing .. you are like a brick wall because education means nothing to you as evidenced by your whole family. So shut up, go away and let these 18-20 year olds or whatever age they are listen to someone with real answers for their future, and ours. You idiot!

  12. Anonymous6:15 AM

    And homonyms are 5:41's biggest problem

  13. ManxMamma6:17 AM

    That certainly made me smile.

  14. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Well, at least Fox News now has something to use to show all the students lining up for the next Palin book signing!

  15. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Yep, the vast majority of young people are going to want Barack Obama to have a second term. Even if you take away youth-specific concerns like education affordability, healthcare access, and job prospects - Barack Obama is simply going to be more appealing to them than the fusty old group of angry white men the GOP is offering up. It's so easy to try to dismiss them as young and foolish, but actually they are smart, they are our future, and they have good common sense.

    The GOP is relegating itself to utter obscurity when it comes to this kind of appeal. There may be a bunch of young people supporting Ron Paul, but that's about it. And they are not in the mainstream. There may be kids of Republicans who wish there were a more appealing, hip, option to go for, but there isn't one at the moment. The GOP needs to re-invent itself if it wants to have any hope down the road. Without getting over-confident, I suspect 2012 is out for them now.

    It's their own fault, and it's a reflection of how fractured and most importantly, out of touch, their party is. Probably folks like Meghan McCain will be at the forefront of trying to reshape their image (though I don't find her appealing in the slightest).

  16. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Damn, these photos make me happy! The media puts stuff out there that certainly isn't correct.

    I can hardly wait to vote for President Obama AGAIN in November. He is the 'only' sane one out there. That Newt is one sick puppy, isn't he?

  17. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Here's the mental masturbations of the Wicked One from Wasilla:

  18. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Rachel Maddow Takes On Georgia Court’s ‘Birther’ Case Against Obama: It’s Like ‘Dividing By Zero’

    “You don’t want to dignify this nonsense,” said Maddow, describing the cases as “dividing by zero.”

    President Obama did not, obviously, attend yesterday’s hearing in Atlanta, nor did his lawyer, who called the case “baseless” as well as a “sanctionable abuse of our legal process.” Georgia’s Secretary of State wrote back saying that if “you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”

    Maddow invited Georgia’s Democratic party chairman Mike Berlon to the show. “Do you think that Georgia Republicans realize,” Maddow asked him, “how — I’m sorry to use the phrase — but how backward and racist the birther trip seems?”

    “I think the mainstream Republicans really do understand that it’s way beyond the pale,” said Berlon. “I think most Republicans in Georgia would just like to get on to addressing the issues.”

  19. Virginia Voter6:31 AM

    5:41, thanks for playing, but please pick up a dictionary before attempting to use fancy book learnin' words in a sentence again . Grammatical fail, dude.

    Literacy and education are a liberals best friend, something Republicans NEVER speak about on the campaign trail, unless they are vilifying teachers, calling universities leftist, and anyone who reads beyond a fourth grade level an elitist.

    You are the same boring, stupid troll who comes here day after day with the same boring stupid generalizations. Go back to the see of pee where your drivel passes for intellect among the low hanging fruit who dwells there.

  20. Anonymous6:35 AM

    @5:41 AM Do you mean people who haven't graduated from High School like Track, Bristol, and Willow who
    are in THE HIGHER LEARNING INSTITUTION of GRIFTERS? Yes, they will not even seek work as long as they can GRIFT like their Mom. Isn't
    that what you are referring to,A VISITOR FROM UNITED STATES? Your Jealousy of Our PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA is quite obvious. And your new Idol Newton Leroy Gingrich is TOAST. He is a GRIFTER just like you and your FAMILY.

  21. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Melissa Harris-Perry: Image Of Brewer Arguing With Obama Reminds Me Civil Rights Era Photo

    ...Harris-Perry said she was reminded of the photo not because the meeting between Brewer and the President depicted racial tension (although that’s probably going to be people’s go-to assumption when you compare an image of a white woman shouting at a black man to a very famous, even iconic, image from the civil rights era) because Hazel later confessed to having been sort of “caught up in the frenzy” of the moment and “enjoyed the show” of being able to yell at Elizabeth.

    Have a look, via MSNBC:

  22. Anonymous6:46 AM

    They would never line up to see Sarah this way. That must eat her up seeing pictures like this. She is so jealous of President Obama.

  23. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Sarah Palin said...
    People who haven't graduated ,therefore do not have a "real job" with post grad responsibilities aren't exactly a good measure of anything. It's good to have ideals, but ut's BAAAAAD to use youth as a barometer when they're specific ideals may not be rooted in pragmatism. PRagmatism is a liberal's biggest problem.

    5:41 AM
    Did you just learn a new word Sarah? "Pragmatism." Good for you.

    Guess what. These kids are all going to vote for President Obama. He is a pragmatist and so are they. They know better than to waste a vote on Ron Paul even though some may want to. As usual your argument makes zero sense and your logic is horribly flawed. All the kids in these photos are smarter than you Sarah. They are smarter than Birstol. They are smarter than Willow. They are smarter than your entire family. Is that why you're always so angry? Because you're so stupid. Smart people make you mad.

  24. 5:41. These youth are real Americans interested and wanting to invest in the future of their country. It is weird you or anyone would discount them given they have the right to vote equal to others

  25. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Hey Sarah since you're here posting (5:41AM) I have a few questions for you:
    Where's Tri-G's birth certificate?
    Why did you name him after his condition?
    Where's your college degree?
    Where's your drug test showing you're clean?
    You can't show any of these things because they don't exist.

    Why did Bristol name her son after a known prostitute that her dad was pimping out?

    When is Willow's baby due?

  26. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Sheep much?

    We should feel sorry for you because of the new study about low intelligence people.

  27. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I can't wait until Novemeber when President Obama is re-elected in another landslide! It's going to happen Sarah and there's nothing you can do to stop it. How's it feel to be SO worthless and helpless?

  28. Nancy In New York7:08 AM

    "People who haven't graduated ,therefore do not have a "real job" with post grad responsibilities aren't exactly a good measure of anything. It's good to have ideals, but ut's BAAAAAD to use youth as a barometer when they're specific ideals may not be rooted in pragmatism. PRagmatism is a liberal's biggest problem."

    Oh, is pragmatism your big troll word of the day?
    So tell me, among the fertile (with bullshit) field of gop contenders who is the pragmatist? Is it Newt, the serial philanderer who got booted out of his SOTH job? Is it Mitt, I'll take the flip with the flop, no wait I mean i'll take the flop with the flip? Or is it Rick "Frothy with anticipation to take everyone who is a non Christian's rights away"?

    Guess what pragmatist troll? You don't know jack shit about these kids and the struggles, jobs, difficulties they have dealt with in life. And guess what? They VOTE. Deal with it.

    And they're going to be voting for a LONG time. They're not dropping like flies off of segways like the teabaggers are.

  29. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Yup, except the ones who get indoctrinated in hate...but adults and in this case, a police officer.

  30. Smirnonn7:12 AM

    It's nice to see the young so politically engaged. I have 2 kids in college and 2 in high school and they're much more involved in politics than I ever was, as are their friends. They're very concerned about their future - which is perhaps why they're so adept at seeing through the BS and lies from the right. The gop is losing it's base and will be irrelevant if it does not re-brand itself. The rich, angry, greedy, old white candidate is not viable with the young demographic.

    I do hope they enjoy the speech. I saw President Obama speak in Madison, WI in 2010 and it was truly inspiring.

    Obama/Biden 2012
    Clinton/Warren 2016

  31. lostinmn7:16 AM

    I would venture that a lot of kids want to listen to the POTUS not because they are idling along without a real job but rather they are like my son who is struggling with tuition and has recently taken a second job to help defray his going in over his head in college loans. He goes full time to school and works two jobs - how's that for idling for the asshole who says these kids are just lazy and don't know the real world.

    People like GWB who destroyed this economy are the reason why our older generation fantasy of kids at college is a bunch of crap. They go to school now, come out either in debt up to their ears with no job prospects or they come out of school having worked their asses off and missed out on much of the excitement and thrill of idling through four years at the frat house. Kids today have a whole different set of problems to get through school today. I'm proud of my kids for sticking it out in the face of a crap job market.

  32. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Anonymous @5:41.
    If that's you Sarah, you're just jealous because of the crowds waiting to hear our President and because none of your kids are students at any school and couldn't figure out the ballot to vote even if they are registered.

    I love these pictures. Can't wait to vote again for President Obama.

  33. Sally in MI7:22 AM

    Did you catch the swipe at Palin and Brewer? Someone in the UM crowd yelled "Denard for President!" Our President smiled, pointed at Denard Robinson and said, "Denard, they think you should run. He has to get his degree before he runs for President.". Take that, uneducated, racist GOP.

  34. Anonymous7:31 AM

    This is old news, but I have to say I never knew this until now:

    Sarah Palin, Baby-Killing Socialist

    Sarah Palin's in the news again today for endorsing three more "mama grizzlies." I've said my piece on this tactic already. But I'll be interested to see if anyone picks up on another interesting story, from McClatchy's Alaska Daily News. Alaska's low-income insurance program, Denali KidCare, funds abortions — 664 of them last year alone. KidCare is, itself, funded by the Alaskan government. So let's see: That's government-run medicine paying for the murders of unborn children. A natural target for Palin when she was governor, yes?

    No. She supported it. She supported expanding it. Well, first she opposed expanding it. Then she flip-flopped. She decided she supported expanding it because it would mean "more working families will have health coverage." And she did so in the full knowledge of an impending drop in state revenues, as record-high oil prices fell back to earth. That's sound, small-government principles at work.

    The KidCare abortion issue is so toxic to Palin's successor, Sean Parnell, that he recently vetoed another effort to expand it. But, as the muckraking Mudflats noted back in 2008, when Sarah was inexplicably pushing for her own addition to the program, "she has plans for 2012, after all..."

    She may. In fact, this is one of the first times I can recall seeing Sarah Palin actually acting like a politician — weighing benefits and costs in a complex ethical and political landscape, and making a practical rather than ideological decision. But Sarah Palin presents herself as the anti-politician — as precisely the sort of ideological purist for whom pragmatism and compromise are filthy words. So if she does run, she'll need to explain how she went from baby-killing socialist to life-affirming conservative over the course of four short years.

    Read more:

  35. Anonymous7:35 AM

    FACT SHEET: President Obama’s Blueprint for Keeping College Affordable and Within Reach for All Americans

  36. Anonymous7:42 AM

    And THIS is where the nasty bitch Brewer hails from:

    Arizona cop investigated over bullet-riddled picture of Obama

    The Secret Service is investigating an Arizona police officer over a picture he posted on Facebook that appeared to show President Barack Obama riddled with bullets.

    Peoria’s Sgt. Pat Shearer admitted to KNXV that he took the photo of several young men — possibly minors — posing with guns and an Obama “Hope” T-shirt that had been destroyed by gunfire. The photo went viral after Shearer posted it to his Facebook page.

    “Another trip to the ranch,” read the caption on the photo, according to Phoenix New Times. Comments on the photo included, “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta,” and, “They look like Gangsta’s huh?”

    Two of the young men are holding what appears to be assault rifles and another is sporting a pistol.

    “I don’t think that the shooting of that T-shirt is that big of a deal,” Shearer said. “It was more of a political statement.”

    “It’s not like they were going to go out and shoot the president,” he added.

    The officer has since removed the offending photo from his Facebook page.

    “We received information about a possible policy violation today involving one of our employees,” Peoria Police spokesman Jay Davies told KPHO. “We were contacted by the Secret Service.”

    Peoria police are investigating whether Shearer violated their social media policy, which says, “posting information regarding off-duty activity that may tend to bring an officer’s reputation into question is strongly discouraged.”

    Shearer has been with the department for 14 years and remains on duty.

    Watch this video from KPHO and KNXV,

  37. hedgewytch7:55 AM

    It is a rare thing for me to encounter anyone under the age of 25 who is a right wing nut job - oh they might be in a family of them - and parrot talking points when asked, especially if parental units are nearby. But they don't seem to have the conviction of the belief as do their elders.

    Most of the young people I meet are wondering what happened to their opportunities. Will they have to go off to fight someone's war? Will they be able to go to college - and pay for it? Will they be able to have a decent job? And of course, when is the next Xbox, World of Warcraft game coming out?

    They are NOT going to vote for a Newt and Romney reminds them of that Uncle of theirs they were told to be polite too, but really makes them uncomfortable to be in the same room with.

    The rabid right wingers are these kids' elder generation. And they are fading fast, sinking into their wheelchairs, slamming their canes around and screaming that their world is being stolen. The kids roll their eyes and say, Yeah Gramps, whatever, you need to take your meds.

  38. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Why I joined “Tea Party for Obama”

    When President Obama first got elected I was very angry. I had believed much of what I had heard about him being a Socialist, Muslim, not born in the U.S. and fraternizing with terrorists. I’ve always been a strong Christian and I really liked Sarah Palin and believed she would bring a fresh conservative perspective to Washington, something that is so desperately needed in our world. When the Tea Party started to break out, I was drawn to them immediately with their common sense conservatism, dislike of the President, and the desire to reduce government intrusion in our lives. I attended several meetings and rallies and was caught up in the rhetoric I heard there. Obama was going to take our guns, Obamacare was going to destroy America. I began to realize that the meetings weren’t so much about issues but a deep-seated dislike for Obama. That was the connecting factor, couched in pious political platitudes. So I began to think, what would it look like if the Tea Party actually began to respect and honor the office of the President?

    As the Republican nomination movement started to unfold, I looked at each candidate. Bachmann, Romney, Paul, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Santorum, each had their strengths but there was something missing. I was looking for another Reagan, someone who could inspire. It wasn’t until I attended an Occupy Wall Street event that something began to change in me. I began to think of the 99%, the idea of “We the People” and I realized we are ALL the people. The conservative candidates began to look like they were only preaching to a particular constituency and I began to realize that only one candidate was actually trying to do something for all of the “We the People”. And that candidate was already in the White House and his name was Barack Obama. He was the one with the strong family, the true Christian values, the one that could serve and protect, “We the People”. And he has a record of trying to work with all constituencies when Republicans and Democrats were only concerned with their own elections.

    I found the Tea Party for Obama and it all made sense. The Tea Party could stand for values and not have to hate Obama. They could support less government but not be afraid of helping their brothers and sisters through governmental enterprises and that is still compatible with the Gospel of Jesus. And the Tea Party can still change the world…with Obama.

    Michael Green

  39. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn8:05 AM

    This just in from the PollutedGenePool4Palin:

    "Just venting... Obama is here in Michigan today. By the look of the crowd, we have a lot of work to do. sigh..."


  40. DaisyDem @5:22 am

    Couldn't agree with you more about RFK. I was 14 in 1968, and absolutely DEVASTATED when he was shot immediately after the winning the CA winner-take-all primary.

    People back then really believed that wealthy people like RFK could change the system because he wouldn't be beholding to corporate/military powers. Still devastated every June 5th (the day RFK was shot; he died the following day).

    For a western perspective of Obama's road trip, check out this photo of Obama in Las Vegas from @TheCaucus (NYTimes):!/thecaucus/status/162659072674512896

  41. Anonymous10:47 AM

    This university is my husbands alma mater.

  42. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I asked my daughter, who is a grad student, to get me a ticket to this event. She said there was only one ticket allowed per person and the lines had started up at 10 pm the evening before (Wed. night), so, "no" she wasn't going to wait in line for me. I don't really blame her. Besides, we did get to see the President two years ago when she got her Master's Degree.

    I watched part of the speech on TV today but they didn't carry the whole thing. :<


  43. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I don't know why but this youth for O always goes with the song Be Free Now. It just fits for me. Yes, make me hopeful too. Thomas Jefferson's virtue and rational individual.

  44. Anonymous3:45 PM

    5:41 just loves to throw out her usual cliched responses.

    College students have not grown up in a vacuum. They have witnessed their parents struggles and successes. They often work their way through college, often have to pay their own rent and car insurance and medical bills. College students (especially at a quality institution like Michigan)read the news and can be surprisingly realistic and passionate about the "outside world."

    And what a disservice you do to these young people to dismiss their passion.

    As for me, 20 years out of my undergraduate studies, with a career, a husband and children, a mortgage, and the other usual responsibilities of adulthood, retain the same strongly progressive leanings I had when I first experienced the privilege of voting.

    My parents, half a century out of college, are the same.

    In short, screw you, 5:41.

  45. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Most college students appreciate intelligent discourse. I doubt that many will stick with the Republican candidates unless they are really life time committed Republicans.

    Obama is light years ahead of any of the Republicans in the brains and intelligent communication department.

  46. Anita Winecooler7:03 PM

    Not to pile on, but Anonymous 5:41 is about as smart as someone who puts an elevator in a mobile home, and I'm being pragmatic.

    Yes, I've seen with my own eyes how many young people are actively involved in OFA, and whenever I work the phones and a college student answers, it's rare that I get one who's for a Republican, and it's usually for Ron Paul, who dosen't stand a chance considering the level of stupid the other candidates demonstrate in their race to win the honor of losing to President Obama.
    My daughter voted for Candidate Obama for her first vote, and will vote for President Obama in this election. My son just turned 18 and can't wait to do the same, because at 18, he values what the President has done so far, and knows from the Bush years, the GOP doesn't have a viable candidate in this cycle.

    The high school and college kids they inteact with are socially conscious, politically saavy, and were raised as free thinkers.

    My daughter works two jobs and goes to college full time. My son has a part time job, and during his free time, stays occupied by doing lawn care, minor maintenence, running errands for elderly neighbors (regardless of political affilliation),either free or at cost. He does it because he cares, not one day a year or for a photo op. He's not the only one, there are so many good kids, but they don't make the news.

    I wouldn't underestimate the support Our President has with the young voters.

  47. Anonymous4:36 AM

    To the yahoo who said young people's opinions don't count:

    I graduated college two years ago. With honors. I am still unemployed and unable to get even an INTERVIEW. Without Obama Care, I wouldn't be able to stay on my parent's health insurance either.

    Then you have the GOP who has done NOTHING to create jobs and want this health care bill to essentially, not exist. That's why I'm voting for Obama...again, among many other reasons. How can you not?

  48. Hey, Griff, it's "yoots" not "youth"... or haven't you seen that movie?

  49. Oh, and to the troll at 5:41:

    My husband and I, ages 63 and 58, have both college and professional degrees and we have been progressives from the time we were 18. And we earn plenty of money and consider it our ethical and moral duty to help those who cannot help themselves. We pay a much higher tax percentage than the Republican presidential candidates, but we don't whine about it and would be willing to pay more, when the loopholes that allow corporations to pay 0% and the rich to pay less than 15% are closed. And we have never taken a nickel in state or federal tax dollars, unlike Scarah and her clan.

  50. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Hey Sarah is your speaking days over?

    How many people would line up in the freezing weather to hear Palin's "I hate Obama" speech?


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