Saturday, February 25, 2012

Palin uses Twitter to claim she was mocking media for divorce rumors in 2007, that did not start until in 2009. WTF?

So here is the tweet that Palin sent out earlier today.

Really? Well color me confused because the e-mail she refers to was sent on September 26, 2007, but MY post about her marital troubles was not posted until August 1, 2009.

Up until that post NOBODY in the media had ever even heard of any marital problems between the Palins. Believe me I know, because that was why I suffered such an aggressive and sustained backlash after that post went viral.

So my question is, how could she have been mocking "divorce rumors" that first started in mid 2009, all the way back in 2007?

Methinks somebody did not think this tweet all the way through.

Or else she really IS a witch!


  1. Dis Gusted6:18 PM

    her stupidity is absolutely overwhelming.

  2. Anonymous6:18 PM


  3. Anonymous6:19 PM

    In 2007, nobody had even heard of the quitter yet. Nobody knew who she was and certainly nobody was discussing their marital problems.

    She just can't stop lying.

  4. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Interesting... I hope that things continue to come out about SP for the rest of this year and that what comes out will allow her to get what was due her years ago- criminal charges, jail, you name it!

    Speaking of SP, Shailey has a post up at her blog telling everyone that her book will be available on an early release setup till 3/4/12 then everyone else can get it at bookstores etc.

  5. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Sarah's thrilled with this interpretation, so she can be in a new media cycle and try and be 'above' it.

    Sarah, you'll be leaking divorce rumors just to get attention in another year.

  6. Oops!


    Hey Sarah, that iceberg, it's gettin' closer!

  7. Nope...not a "witch"...that's an insult to witches'! Baldy is a LIAR and STUPID! That tweet was for her crazy ass bot's who believe Baldy's farts rainbows out of her ass!

    Apparently the Toad came in 5th place at the idea if Baldy showed up to give him some PDA!

    Poor Toad...having to pretend that he cares about a crazy woman!

  8. Hi Sarah, Welcome Back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs Birth Certificate?

  9. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Palin is so fucking petty & stupid. Seriously, she didn't need to send that tweet. Not many people give a damn if she & Toad was contemplating a divorce. She once again, shot herself in the foot. Also, that tweet is meant for you Gryph & it proves, she reads this blog 24/7.

    She's sticking it to you Gryph. LOL! What a retard.

  10. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Shailey just announced her book is out NOW!!!!! Big surprise and I am thrilled.

    Perhaps we can find some explanation for the 2007 divorce discussion in Shailey's book.

  11. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Heh. But the date of the 2007 email is interesting. Assuming someone's original due date was April/May 2008, late September is about when someone, and probably the father, would have learned of the pregnancy. Also too, early 2007 is when Toad started his relationship with Shailey Tripp. Not saying those two things are connected: early on Shailey denied any connection to Trig and I believe her. Just sayin', not hard to imagine things hitting the fan in fall of '07 that would have led Palin to talk openly among her staffers about divorce.

  12. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Wasn't there info about how Sarah consulted with someone as to how to counter the Trig story, and they gave her options of sarcasm, etc.
    It's clear that many of her statements/replies are well thought out antics to try to discredit reports about her, and she plays a cat & mouse game. What she fails to realize is that everytime she replies, she draws more attention to the issue.

  13. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Sure, Sarah. Go ahead. Bring attention to the fact that some people misinterpreted your joke about a divorce. Like that's sooooo important. Hang onto that little crumb of yours. It's like crying blood libel again - screeching out your signature i'm-a-victim crapola.

    Oh my God, we're so used to it by now.

    You're nuts. That's not going to divert us from finding ample evidence in the emails that prove you're the lazy, unsavory, lying buffoon we all know you are. You need better fake outs, dearie.

  14. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I was interested in the second part of the divorce email: what was it about "conflict of interest" problems with BP and Todd?
    Perhaps I've forgotten what that was all about. Perhaps you could enlighten us.

    Her "joke," if it was one, was disguising a serious question, even if it was idle speculation, about how she could avoid legal problems concerning her husband's employment -- and her favoritism toward BP? Perceived favoritism? Payments from BP?
    She was such an energy expert, she didn't think through this conflict of interest before she became governor? Or got a legal ruling on it? Or kept Todd away from all governmental activities so he would not be privy to inside knowledge?
    Or ?????

  15. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Dumb, angry, white woman.

  16. Anonymous6:56 PM

    She thinks that no one is keeping track of silly little things like dates. Seriously.

  17. Anonymous6:58 PM

    There were divorce rumors when the fling wth Brad Hanson was done. Then Sarah miraculously became pregnant to save the Palin marriage.

  18. Anonymous7:00 PM

    What a fucking idiot! I keep saying that - never have used those words for anyone else in my life and I'm 70 years old!!! The fact anyone would give Sarah Palin credence for a friggin' thing is beyond me. I'm Alaskan - have been here since 1950 - watched Palin when when she ran for 'quitter' gov - she couldn't speak well - was horrid in the debate w/Halcro - and the fucking Republicans elected her!!!! Remember, Alaska is a red state! The woman is an embarrassment to Alaska! Be assured that we wish we'd never heard of the idiot!

  19. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Uh oh, now you've done gone and angered the witch contingent again ;-)

  20. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Hey, Gryphen, weren't the T R I P P
    License plates ordered in 2007? Apparently they were ordered by none other than TOAD.

  21. hedgewytch7:06 PM

    Nah, she just can't keep her shit straight. '07, '09, it's just all a big blur of wadded up stories in her confused Red Bull addled mind.

  22. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Nobody in the media had heard of the friggin' idiot in 2007 -- never mind a divorce.

    It was only when McCain inflicted her on the whole nation that the name was heard. You could hear the gasps from the media and people -- WHO???

    Never heard of the trailer trash from AK until 2008.

  23. lostinmn7:10 PM

    Great spot on the fact that in 2007 no one outside AK had even heard of her. I thought it was strange she'd planted a getcha email to mess with the media and had to wait five years for it to get played but I didn't connect the dot she wasn't even on the national radar until a year later. Let's see how the national press handles this one. Her lies are just so poorly thought out. Wonder which one of her girls came up with that excuse? Maybe she's sitting in her darkened room talking to her Belmont girls about it. I can imagine her sorrow that the falsies don't grab the kind of attention they used to. Ridden hard and put away wet one too many times Sara - go away and take your lies with you.

  24. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I think she's just mocking them. The email was obviously mocking something as TWO people responded jokingly. Why not imbibe with a little more mocking of the LSM?

    The tweet was written after huffpo wrote that article.

  25. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Why would Sarah be making jokes about rumors on marital problems in Sept.2007? She wasn't well known then; was media questionning about a Palin divorce back then?

    Sounds as if this Sept. 2007 email wasn't really written then. Maybe the 'redactors' in the Law Dept. and Sarah had fake ones made up to throw into the bunch released last Thursday. Now that sounds really paranoid!

  26. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I think she is referring to the past couple days. And the email does sound like a joke, with the "very funny" reply.

    Not a troll at all but this does not make sense

  27. Enlightened7:23 PM

    That woman is an idiot. And gives me a headache.

    With the email release... Is it just me, or are the vast majority of them from her yahoo account? Her non-secure, middle finger to transparency and accountability, yahoo account? In fact, I read one from Stapletongue in which she actually apologized for writing to the account, instead of the illegal/immoral/immature Yahoo account. WTF is wrong with his asshat?

    At what point was she hacked and subsequently ordered by the Court to knock off this ridiculous, immature Yahoo craziness? Anyone know?

    And yes, the disheveled one was indeed present at the end of the Irondog to great her 5th place "winner". She looked... tired.

  28. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Alaska's Worst Governor Ever can't keep track of her lies.

    She is ready for a fight, from the looks of this tweet.
    Game on Quitter!
    Get your stupid ass out of Alaska.

    Giggle... She thinks her problems come from the media... Lol

  29. I will disagree on this one; I don't doubt that there were divorce rumors even then. All it took was somebody observing the fighting (see: Levi Johnston), or hearing rumors about affairs (see: Brad Hansen), or hearing about how Todd spent his free time. (see: Shailey Tripp)

    Now let's see what she tweets about the pregnancy/Trig stuff found in the emails.

  30. Atheists for jesus7:27 PM

    Most adults know that drunk tweeting is a no no.

  31. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Anonymous said...
    "Nobody in the media had heard of the friggin' idiot in 2007 -- never mind a divorce."

    Yes, and almost no one had really heard of her in *our* media in the spring of 2008. Yet an Israeli filmmaker came over to do an elaborate feature on her and her "pregnancy."

  32. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Hi Sarah!

  33. Anonymous7:39 PM

    There is something wrong with a governor who is so obsessed with the media. Anyone in the public eye is going to be in the media. That's what being in the public eye is all about. There are only 50 governors in the United States, and I never heard of any of them taking such regular aim at the media over petty items-- with the exception of the crooked governor from Illinois, and he knew how to work the media pretty good.

    In the last thread, Gryphen described that Sarah was also obsessed with people leering at her daughters, so much so that she had no schedule, and no one knew where she was. She claimed that it was for security. She cried "Wolf!" so many times about people wanting to rape her daughters in Juneau High School, Bristol when she was alone or peek into Piper's bedroom window. Sarah saw stalkers where there were no stalkers. As governor, she also had a security detail which she chose to dismiss.

    Oh, and the divorce joke. It wasn't funny and it wouldn't have worked. If Sarah had been in cahoots with BP while Todd worked there, that would have occurred when they WERE married. Divorce would not have changed her past actions and connections.

  34. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Wow, she can't stop lying and twisting facts. Like anon @6:19 said the lower 48 had no clue of who she was. What a dimwit!

  35. Anonymous7:43 PM

    GinaM said...

    Nope...not a "witch"...that's an insult to witches'! Baldy is a LIAR and STUPID! That tweet was for her crazy ass bot's who believe Baldy's farts rainbows out of her ass!
    Thanks Gina, I was going to bring that to G's attention.
    Not Witches nor Bitches (not to insult Female sweet dogs)
    Liar and Stupid and Dumbass and Ho-bag for now :)
    I'm sure we will think up more that don't insult people or innocent animals :)

  36. honeybabe7:43 PM

    poor sp, she has so many pots at the boil she can't keep track.

  37. Anonymous7:52 PM


    From the Palin Files: Glenn Beck Sent Interview Questions In Advance

  38. N'yah7:55 PM

    My word, her stupidity is just "unflippinbelievable".

    She brought up Shailey on Faux Noiz thus inspiring a zillion people to google her and find out about Big Pimpin' Toad.

    She gets her old Wonder Blunder Team to inadvertantly hype up the HBO movie in such a way that garners the kind of attention HBO would have had to pay a fortune for.

    She keeps bringing up "trig truthers" and as with the Shailey issues, gets many more people to know about something that would have a limited audience if it weren't for her big botoxed pie hole!

    And now this- bringing up divorce when nobody else has! Oh Sarah, teh stoopids- you haz dem.

    (just a little interesting note: when I typed in "trig truthers", the iPhone autocorrect tried to change "TRUTHERS" into "TRUTH EARS". Interesting to me because I believe the truth IS in the ears!)

  39. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Giant fly swatter: WHAP

    That only took one!

  40. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Hey, doofus Twitter Palin penner: You forgot LAMESTREAM.

  41. Anonymous8:08 PM

    “I think she's just mocking them. The email was obviously mocking something as TWO people responded jokingly. Why not imbibe with a little more mocking of the LSM?

    The tweet was written after huffpo wrote that article.”

    @7:13 PM

    Why would Palin be mocking the “LSM” for a rumor that didn’t start until 2009? Hardly anybody, including the “LSM” knew who Palin was in 2007. Palin is the last one who should be talking about credibility.

    “I think she is referring to the past couple days. And the email does sound like a joke, with the "very funny" reply.

    Not a troll at all but this does not make sense”

    @7:19 PM

    Palin isn’t talking about the past couple of days. In the tweet Palin sent out, she specifically mentions her 2007 e-mail.

  42. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Ok after the Brad Hanson debacle I heard that the toad had a GF and Baldy went up to her house and slashed her tires. Sorry no links got in comments on mudflats (I think)
    But When Track was caught (slashin' tires) I figured the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
    All of us should Re-read all of the books and even comments and re check with these emails.
    She is a REAL head case and ALASKA.... You fell for it hook line and sinker!!!
    "Crude Awakening"~Amanada Coyne
    Must read!

  43. Gee...this email is very interesting....

    Original Message ..... From: To: "Heather" Cc: "K Perry Yahoo" Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 11:11 AM Subject: Re:lauden to philly

    If miles don't work then the $744 is an excellent price compared with what > Bristol found earlier. I will be purchasing that, tho, or LaudieDaa > doesn't get to come- as we owe you big time for Bristol's long showers and > appetite! :) seriously."

    Wonder why Beefalo needed "long showers" and what's with her "appetite"?

    Here's the link to the whole email...

  44. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I predicted yesterday that there would be gems here. The Palins are just sooooooo dumb. And she doesn't even know what years are (2007/2009). Does she have dementia? The inability to track time is a symptom.

  45. Ratfish8:21 PM

    And why was she using state rquipment to send out any personal information, jokes or not? That violates state ethics laws.

  46. Hi Sarah! Here's some good news and some bad news just for you. The Standard Scores of Intelligence say that IQs within the 70-84 range are called Borderline Intellectual Functioning. Well it doesn't say you're an absolute idiot which is what I expected so that's good news for you, what with that 83 IQ of yours.

    Now here's the bad news: it goes on to say that "both adults and children with mental retardation may also exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:

    Delays in oral language development. Check. (Such as word salads or making up words).

    Deficits in memory skills. Check. (You CRS, girl).

    Difficulty learning social rules. Check. (What you call "going rogue").

    Difficulty with problem solving skills. Check. (Too many to list).

    Delays in the development of adaptive behaviors such as self-help or self-care skills. Check. (Like your reported poor hygiene, over-medicating yourself, not seeking out help for your mental illnesses).

    Lack of social inhibitors. Check. (Like when Roger Ailes told you not to issue a statement about Tucson but you didn't listen and like when Todd told you "do not do anything" but you didn't listen.)

    You can check it out on Wiki under "Mental Retardation". Or you can just keeping reading IM 20 times a day and somebody will remind you everyday. Everyday.

  47. She just can't let it go - whenever she addresses a media report - she just makes things worse.

    She truly is double down dumb. How did she get elected to any position of political power? Then again - one could ask that question about many of the current GOP governors. It all leads back to the "dumbing down of America" - Santorum's policy of choice in his soon to fail bid for political power.

  48. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Keep it coming, Sarah! What will you try NEXT? ANGRY that Queen Esther thing isn't working out?

  49. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Sarah has a little trouble with space/time continuum theory.


  50. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Anonymous said...
    McKenna, VanMeter set Iron Dog record
    Todd nowhere in sight. hee hee

    5:40 PM

    Sarah's bad joo joo strikes again... add Todd Palin to the list of people Sarah brought down and now he has to return to Wasilla not just a looser, but has to order another refrigerator door.

  51. Anonymous8:37 PM

    They should change the movie title from Game Change to Game Over

  52. Anon 7:52

    From the Palin Files: Glenn Beck Sent Interview Questions In Advance


    Everybody thought it - nice to have proof.

  53. Chella8:41 PM

    We found a witch! May we burn her?

  54. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Hahaha! Her lies are catching up with her - even she can't keep them straight.

    This is getting good.

    Btw, only dictators are obsessed with the media.

  55. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Bristol n Willow Palin on tv, looks like they finally made it.

    I'm not a fan of the Palins but Bristol is actually pretty good.

  56. Anonymous8:50 PM

    She sounds like a little girl in 5th grade, one of those bully-types, passing notes across the aisle in math she drunk when she tweets? I have this mental image of her pacing her BR floor, drinking and fuming and tweeting. Then going to all the blogs searching for responses to validate herself. She is one sick pup.

  57. Anonymous said...
    Yes, and almost no one had really heard of her in *our* media in the spring of 2008. Yet an Israeli filmmaker came over to do an elaborate feature on her and her "pregnancy."

    7:32 PM

    I see you put the word "pregnancy" in quote marks.

    Elan Frank is a right winger. Jews for Jesus probably pointed him in Palin's direction. The interview was on her, not her "pregnancy" (to use your word).

    That cutesy Edith-Ann twirling around in her desk chair saying her "abs were tight" was a very small feature of the entire videographed interview.

    Proof that the GOP was interested in Palin? Fox bought that entire interview video and hid it in their archives -- only tiny segments of it have leaked out, including the scene above.

  58. Anonymous9:07 PM

    sarah,sarah,sarah . . .

    Refresh my memory again as to why you would file an ethics complaint against your own-self?

    Was that a moment of clarity or just another one of your foolish pranks? And who was it again who paid for that?

    I suppose welfare is alright for the wealthy, eh?

    You crooked, wreathed, wench.

  59. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Not to be insistent, but I think she's talking about that email, yes, but not about when she wrote it. It's about the outlets that published about it in the last couple days.

    I'm all about pursuing legitimate stuff, but I do think she's talking here about how the media in the last few days saw marital problems in what is clearly a joke.

    I'd dig deeper on the levi redacted email (that's odd), but this one here is not IMHO

  60. Here are two emails from Baldy about "Crazies4Palin" one email...Baldy's answer is redacted...but then in the other email...Baldy's answer is NOT redacted!



  61. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Went over to the P and Palin and her Dad actually took the time to call into Grizzly Fest 2012. I haven't listened yet, but at least Palin took some time to stroke the bots, as well she should have as they are asking for donations again in her behalf.

  62. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Crazy tweeting crazy. It's all unraveling now.

  63. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Ok, that Bristol Palin - Not Afraid of Alcohol avatar Gina has if fecking hIlarious.

  64. Anonymous9:54 PM


    You bad.

  65. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Just tweet her back with your first sentence, or a paraphrase thereof, so she can't identify you specifically. Or have another commenter reply to her tweet.

  66. Anonymous10:29 PM

    @9:13 - Thanks, Gina!

    "isn't this the same ramras that pulled the V word garbage when referring to me"?

    any thoughts on the "v" word?

    Sexualized, again? (Vagina?! I can't imagine)

    But this is the Jay BIRD-NOSE Ramras that GOVERNOR Palin said she was staying away from b/c one knows that you have to keep the "young" ones away from Jay, meaning her girls.

    If you didn't like her or you crossed her - Watch the Fuck out!

  67. SAlly in MI10:37 PM

    No, she's just a liar.
    The current lies are about iron Dog. Remember when she 'met the troops' in Indiana a week ago? She made some excuse for why she missed the start of the race, but said she'd be flying back to 'cheer Todd on.' But she didn't. She said yesterday she was driving to Anchorage for teh end of the race...she was nowhere near it until yesterday, if she even went for the finish. And her curse continues: Todd was 5th. Face it, big guy, you are getting older, and the young guys are faster. AND they don;t have a semi-
    celeb rity wife cursing them along the way!

  68. What's going on with ADN? Why are they STILL pandering to Palin? (Rhetorical question) The slant on their last two stories about the email release is so Palin friendly that it could have been written by RAM or Stapletongue.

    "Those records produced no bombshells, while painting a picture of an image-conscious, driven leader, struggling with the gossip about her family and marriage, involved in the day-to-day duties of running the state and keeping tabs on the signature issues of her administration."

    When the first story appeared, I was having great fun reading all the negative comments - went through several pages and couldn't find a single one that supported Palin. Now the comments are all disabled!
    What's the matter, ADN? Don't like it when your girl gets picked on? Or are you just embarrassed that you let her sit at your table?

    What a sorry excuse for a "news" paper! Who's your daddy, ADN? A sad day for journalism.

  69. Anonymous11:36 PM

    You are going to LOVE this! Sarah was just nominated for a new award....

    The award is for a Razzy for Worst Actress - Sarah Palin (As "Herself"), Sarah Palin: The Undefeated;_ylt=ApjOYGfEDcvnD4UYJECkQTlPXs8F;_ylu=X3oDMTRvNGpuMTZhBGNjb2RlA2dtcHRvcDEwMDBwb29sd2lraXVwcmVzdARtaXQDTmV3cyBmb3IgeW91BHBrZwM4ZWI0NzAyMi0yMjZmLTM0ZjgtODFmZS04ZWI5ZDhmZGEwYjAEcG9zAzEEc2VjA25ld3NfZm9yX3lvdQR2ZXIDNWU1MDhjYjAtNjAyMS0xMWUxLTllNmMtNzkzNGNmYjg3MmRi;_ylg=X3oDMTM1dGIwczVoBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDZjQ4OTFjMzQtN2M1MS0zMGVhLWE0N2MtZjBiNWZiNDhjYzdmBHBzdGNhdAN1c3xlZHVjYXRpb24EcHQDc3RvcnlwYWdlBHRlc3QD;_ylv=3

  70. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I was on the fence, but the more I read these e-mails and discover the real sarah palin, the more I come to realize that the "accidental" deaths surrounding her were no "accidents"; and she had a direct hand in them.

    No wonder people that live up there are scared to come forward with any real incriminating facts on her; I would be too.

  71. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Hey Sarah was this the time you threw your wedding ring into Dead Lake Lucille?

  72. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Ooooh weeeee, wait till Todd gets home and sees that divorce email.

    Juicy you got some explaining to do

  73. Anonymous12:21 AM

    the palins have several(?) houses in Arizona; why aren't they down there as 'snowbirds' instead of enduring an Alaska winter ?

  74. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Does she actually think adding "er" in the middle of the sentence makes it a "joke"? Wow se really is a stupid idiot with low IQ.

  75. Anonymous12:58 AM

    In the words of the Great Keith Olbermann.... "That woman is an IDIOT"

    Sarah lay off the meth it is eating what little brain you have away.....

  76. Sally in MI3:25 AM

    Oh, she's so clever, isn't she? Keep it up, Sarah. We're onto you and the hosue of cards is about to come tumbling down. And I heard SuperTodd finished 5th...thought he was going to win another Iron Man? By the way, since Trig was there to see him off, and you were down here, who was watching the pre-schooler all week, and did you care?

  77. I just can't take it anymore. This moron is .....well there are no words to describe her. Who the fuck cares about a stupid RUMOR EVER about ANYTHING she does, did, or might do? And then to go on and tweet about it???? Now if there were a rumor about her robbing a bank, or let's say, breaking into the gorilla cages at the zoo, or maybe that Piper is a little brat, or......... then maybe she could take the time to set things straight; but this? HEY SCARA, HONEY, GET A FUCKING LIFE. On second thought, nah, it is fun watching you squirm. You just can't help yourself, can you? "OOOOOO tawd, there is a rumor going round that I am constipated, I better send a tweet." You can't take the time to set things straight on the birth of Trig, but you have time for this. Like some one has said here before, Dance Bitch.

  78. LisaB25954:28 AM

    Sorry Gryph, the Atlantic has the right of it.

    My first thought when I read it was that it was a snarky joke about people complaining her husband works for BP for which people WERE picking on her.

    Remember, this is Sarah. All she talks about is how people are mean to her. It makes far more sense for her to be pissed off at the claims she's biased because of Todd's employer than to actually be discussing marital problems with Bailey. I mean, discussing marital problems would mean admitting they aren't perfect, and we know how likely that is to happen.

    Which is more likely: Sarah mad someone said something less than flattering about her or actually admitting her family is less than perfect in earnest?

  79. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Was she in the throes of the Brad Hanson
    affair in 2007? Did she just freudian slip again?

  80. Anonymous4:56 AM

    6:51pm - your interest is the same as mine. I was more intrigued by the comment about BP.
    Pat Padrnos

    Did anyone see Rachel Maddow - possibly night before last concerning comments Santorum made about how the Dutch euthanize elderly people? An amazing piece - and I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else. The Dutch are FURIOUS with him. Check it out.

  81. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Anon @9:11: I think Gryphen is pointing out that Palin is trying to blur the timeline in responding to the divorce rumors.
    I think she was joking in the 2007 email, but her response made it sound like the "lamestream" media was reporting those rumors way back in 2007 when she was virtually unknown outside of Alaska. They weren't and Gryphen didn't write his post about the break up of their marriage until 2009.
    It is notable that there were divorce rumors *in Alaska* in 2007, though. Just as there were rumors *in Alaska* that her daughter was pregnant *before* Palin announced her "pregnancy" with Trig.
    The emails reveal that Palin was aware of, and/or concerned about these rumors at the time.
    Palin's tweet is a good example of how she constantly muddies the waters.

  82. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Ramras's "v word."




  83. Palin is developmentally delayed and severely challenged as an adult. Duh! Any 4th grader has more intellectual savvy than the old moldy joke of a half-wit, half-term governor.

  84. telah7:30 AM

    @ 6:24, I would say "vagina," but I don't want to give vagina's a bad name.

  85. KaJo, you are just so funny. This comment totally made my day.

    "That cutesy Edith-Ann twirling around in her desk chair saying her "abs were tight" was a very small feature of the entire videographed interview."

    And that's the truth -- thpputh

  86. Can anyone ANYONE see the Clintons acting like this childish, insufferable bitch?

    Any mature person acting like her?


  87. "Anonymous said...
    Hey, Gryphen, weren't the T R I P P
    License plates ordered in 2007? Apparently they were ordered by none other than TOAD.
    7:02 PM"

    Wow, do you think toad's affair was a payback to palins affair?


    I don't think tripp name was chosen by accident. Neither is trig's name.

    The whole damn family is weird, dysfunctional, top rated grifters.

  88. Anonymous11:46 AM

    The Irondog just finished and
    You have to be IN the STATE a certain number of days to qualify for the socialist check.

  89. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Ramras's "v word."



    6:24 AM
    I think Vay Jay Jay
    Which prob a polite way of calling her a kunt!

  90. hedgewytch11:55 AM

    @6:24 - V for Victim!

  91. I'm a little late to this thread but HuffPo has some interesting comments on their Palin's Joke article. IM and Syrin's blog were mentioned several times in posts earlier this afternoon, and credited with informing the whole country about Palin. They also received kudos for withstanding bullying tactics from Palin's flunkies.

  92. Anita Winecooler2:30 PM

    Gina M @8:40

    Very interesting email you dug up!

    If miles don't work then the $744 is an excellent price compared with what > Bristol found earlier. I will be purchasing that, tho, or LaudieDaa > doesn't get to come- as we owe you big time for Bristol's long showers and > appetite! :) seriously."

    Wonder why Beefalo needed "long showers" and what's with her "appetite"?

    What struck me wasn't the email, but the smiley face after the word "Appetite" - from her own mother? No wonder she started eating for two!

    This idiot has no shame and an unbridled need for attention, at any cost (as long as other people pay- literally and figuratively. She's losing time er having blackouts, but planning a "joke" in 2007 to answer a truth that started 2009 is a bit of a stretch.

  93. Anonymous3:01 PM

    "Why not imbibe with a little more mocking of the LSM?"

    Given how incoherent she usually sounds, I'm sure Sarah DOES imbibe when she mocks the LSM.


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