Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another GOP talking point bites the dust. High gas prices have NOTHING to do with domestic production.

Courtesy of SF Gate:

The Alaskan Explorer had sailed to a Washington refinery, but was forced to return to Alaska with 300,000 barrels because the onshore storage tanks were too full to accept the oil, Anil Mathur, CEO of the Alaska Tanker Co., which owns the ship, confirmed last week. 

"Not the normal course of business," said John Kotula, one of the few outsiders privy to the incident because of his position as manager of the state of Alaska's environmental office in Valdez. 

The tanker's inability to unload its oil underlines a startling reality: Crude oil supplies in the United States have been at historic highs for two years, while Americans are using less of its most important product - gasoline. The Gulf Coast is particularly glutted with crude, due in part to a pipeline bottleneck. But federal statistics show another recent development: West Coast refineries are decreasing their production as the domestic demand for gasoline shrinks. 

"If there is so much crude oil around, why is the price of gasoline so high? Why is the price of heating oil so high?" asked Dan Lawn, an environmental consultant who was in the same job as Kotula for decades before he retired in 2005. 

Government statistics show that gasoline isn't selling the way it used to, and on any given day, crude oil could be backed up in storage tanks from Valdez to San Francisco Bay to Long Beach. 

"Valdez inventories are pretty high. Our inventories are high. Nobody is taking much crude on the West Coast," said Kidd. 

So why aren't gasoline prices pushed down by the forces of supply and demand? 

"You've keyed into an interesting puzzle, a paradox," said Richard Newell, professor of energy and environmental economics at Duke University and until last year the head of the federal Energy Information Administration, which tracks statistics generated by the oil industry. 

Well why doesn't somebody ask the GOP's leading "expert" on energy in America, Sarah Palin?  Surely SHE could explain this conundrum to the American people.





  1. Nothing but crickets from GriftZilla!

    No surprise. She doesn't say anything unless she gets paid, or can attack POTUS.

    Where's Trig's Birth Certificate?

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM


    Didn't Todd Palin work for BP in Alaska?

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    This is what I picture happening if Palin BS was ever confronted with the undeniable facts:

    The facts.... they burn. What a world! What a World!

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Lying is the Palin family business. Fear is the Fox News brand. It can only be maintained with lies. It's incredible the things people will do for money.

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Prices are being manipulated by the oil companies who want a GOP administration. They want even fewer regulations, more drilling, more natural gas fracking to ruin water supplies everywhere, the indeeded Canadian sludge pipeline through our Midwest with no repsonsibility for the ensuing environmental catastrophes...none of which they will get from Obama and respinsible Democrats. That is the answer. I can hardly wait for this story to hit mainstream media...soon, I hope. Their one hit on Obama, and it won't hold water. Rove must be busy dreaming up the next lie.

  6. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Here's a question for the energy experts in Alaska who keeps repeating Drill Baby Drill.

    I read this "The Alaskan Explorer had sailed to a Washington refinery, but was forced to return to Alaska with 300,000 barrels because the onshore storage tanks were too full to accept the oil" and am wondering why the Alaskan ship was filled with Alaskan oil in the first place and departed for a refinery that was full?

    Doesn't somebody from Alaska call ahead and check to see if the refinery wants to buy the oil? I guess it must be President Obama's fault? He should of called ahead!

    It's like driving your SUV to a gas station to fill it up and finding out at the station that your SUV is full and then having to turn around to go home. A waste of gas going to the gas station and a waste of time!

    How much fuel, money, manpower hours and labor was used to make that useless trip?


    Maybe energy expert Sarah Palin needs to tell Alaska to stop drilling and while she's at it, tell Todd to stop "Drill Baby Drill" with his prostitutes! Those women are mothers, daughters and sisters of the Great State of Alaska!

    But hey, they aren't Sarah's daughters so why should she care?

    Right Sarah?

    1. Anonymous2:09 PM


      Nancy, aka BP, is doing her part to bamboozle the sheeple on that sorry excuse of a blog.

      TITLE: Energy independence, National Security, and Financial Prosperity

      Doesn't that sound like the words just rolled off Golden Child Bristol's tongue like butter? Holy carp it goes on to be less and less Bristol speak. They have by far the worst propaganda machine that has ever produced shlt on this planet.

  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    O/T Guess what's NOT sold out?

    Extraordinary Women April 27-28
    Birmingham, AL

    Palin Package ($250)
    includes Meet & Greet with Sarah Palin, Premium Reserved Seating, EW Gear (2012 Tour Shirt, Mug, Car Magnet) and a private Meet & Greet with EW Speakers & Artists.


    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      ANd they misseplled, too. If it has anything to do with $carah, isn't it Euw gear?

  8. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Betcha it was one of Sarah Palin's crony high school BFF whose job it was to call ahead to find out if the refinery was going to buy the Alaskan oil but was too busy running his or her own scams.

    Must be nice to have no job skills and be hired by your governor friend just because you liked cows as a kid.

    By the way, what kind of job did Sarah's BFF do? The one whose job qualifications was that she liked cows growing up?

  9. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Go park the Alaska Explorer in Lake Lucille at Palin's harbor until there's a need for that oil.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Yes! Love it.

  10. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Yeah, Todd worked for BP, but he helped them spill other fluids.

  11. Anonymous12:21 PM

    The president always gets the blame for gas prices, which always sees an increase during each administration.

    The important thing to remember about this administration is that it has no regard for actually helping the country specifically. I won't even bother with going into specifics.

    Economies ebb and flow and will continue doing so as business fluctuates.

    1. Oh, please, do tell us why "The important thing to remember about this administration is that it has no regard for actually helping the country specifically." And, please do be specific. No Faux talking points.

      This administration cares a lot more about the average Joe than the previous administration did!

    2. Ailsa1:23 PM

      "The important thing to remember about this administration is that it has no regard for actually helping the country specifically. I won't even bother with going into specifics."

      What does that mean? This administration is only concerned with helping the country generally?

      Go on, tell us a specific. One specific couldn't be that much bother, right?

    3. Dinty2:07 PM

      Sweetheart, you're out of your depth.

      You won't go into specifics because you don't have anything solid to back your assertion up, at least not anything we won't tear apart with credible, factual, verifiable rebuttal.

      Go ahead - specifics please, we'd love to hear how The President and his Administration have no regard for the country, specifically.

      You should stick to the Bristol posts.

    4. Anonymous2:37 PM

      You won't get into specifics because you can't.

    5. Anita Winecooler9:34 PM

      Specifics Smecifics! Fox Logic, at it's best. I want specifics, but I won't go into specifics, I read it somewhere...

  12. Sharon12:56 PM

    I remember reading an article a while ago that not enough refineries are active these days due to weather disasters. No one seems to realize that increasing oil production is half the equation, it has to be refined. Wall Street drove the price up with the war mongering krap about Iran...so crude went up and up. The public needs a good education about oil. They think our government owns this oil and refineries and we can control prices, like China and the Middle East. How do they think Saudi Arabia is so friggin rich? All those countries own the oil production companies....we don't. We only lease land to drill, and look what that does. The Gulf is screwed for decades to come, and what has changed...nothing. Natural gas and fracking is just a new nightmare waiting to happen.

    1. Anita Winecooler9:40 PM

      I agree. A few companies on the east coast are closing refineries because of the drop in demand. Now other companies are buying crude, others are shipping it overseas to be refined.

      And Fracking is going to be an epic disaster. My son did a paper, there are places already where the water faucets can be ignited. Keystone XL says they'll "protect wells" by encasing them in six feet of concrete, covered by stainless steel.
      Some geologists fear that the impact may cause fault lines that are dormant, to become active (causing flooding, well contamination, and tremors or earthquakes).

  13. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Gyphen wrote:
    "... Well why doesn't somebody ask the GOP's leading "expert" on energy in America, Sarah Palin? Surely SHE could explain this conundrum to the American people.



    - - - - -

    To wit I add:

    Bueller? Bueller?

    Just had to add that in. I couldn't resist. ;)


  14. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Check out the report that Governor Palin had done on this very issue in 2009.

    Seems like the draft was circulated under Travis Colberg's name.

    Sarah Palin Governor!

    Travis Colberg Attorney General!

  15. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Lots of wrong conclusions there so let's start: This has nothing whatsoever to do with an abundant supply. It onlly means that an over supply was delivered to one particular port. The US obviously has only about 1/2 it's needed supply in domestic oil. It would be nice if people who don't know anything about the subject wouldn't jump to stupid conclusions. It would be nice if it wasn't made into a political issue too.

    1. Anonymous2:04 PM

      "It would be nice if it wasn't made into a political issue too."

      Well, you just defeated Sarah Palin's purposed since she dragged McCain's ticket down.

    2. Anonymous8:01 PM

      @ doofus @ 3:04 - the two guys who ran the department of the environment of AK for DECADES?

      Fook off, doofus.

  16. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I wonder how the bitch will spin another bullshit lie on this one. Maybe she needs to pull out her chalkboard and explain it to the brainless again on a new infomercial.

    Matter of fact my eyebrows went up when I saw that chalkboard. We use whiteboards, power point pie charts, graphs and animated presentations now. If I was in that audience I would have stood up and asked what the fuck is this? What, you think we're back in the first grade? How tacky! Lemme the fuck outta here.

    I'm sure those people were paid to sit there and not question the stupidity.

    Bald bitch married to a palomino penis pimp!!!!


    1. Anonymous2:54 PM



    2. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Damn... Yes You're right..I meant Pinto penis. Can't seem to get my horses right.

  17. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Sarah can't address this,

    then she would have to admit she was wrong about Drill, Baby, Drill

    She'd rather die

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Breitbart did just that at age 43. His heart couldn't survive his lifestyle choices.

    2. Anonymous8:03 PM

      Of self-inflicted natural causes - if you're waiting for objections, you're not likely to get them here.

    3. Anonymous11:21 AM

      She'd rather die?

      No objections here.

  18. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Yeah. . .gosh ya know, Sarah, why don't you remind us how thirsty our markets are for fungible commodities and how we need government on our side to let the free market and job creators go at it and solve this nation's problems and whatnot?

  19. carollt2:19 PM

    Sarah Palin knows nothing about oil or gas. She just fools people who are dumber than her on Fox News.

  20. Anonymous3:19 PM


    Politician breaks silence on Giffords shooting and lambasts opponents with controversial choice of language.

    Deflections and Palin cya moments.

    Palin to Secret Service agent: 'Check this out - you're fired ... the buck stops with the president'
    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/on-the-record/2012/04/20/palin-secret-service-agent-check-out-youre-fired-buck-stops-president#ixzz1t0D8xFkq

  21. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Again, nothing but crickets from the right.

  22. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Ask yourselves how come Sarah Palin hasn't come forward to criticize the Alaskan government or talk bad about Parnell for letting that ship leave the Alaskan port to a refinery already full?

    That's because Sarah is afraid to blame the people who holds her future. Sarah can't talk bad about the Alaskans who created this mess because they are holding her unreleased emails that were redacted!

    These people also knows the secrets to why Palin quit and know all her criminal activities in Alaska.

    So you see, even though Sarah Palin is a FOX commentator with knowledge to this fiasco, she will never come out and report against the people who are obviously responsible for this Alaska screw up.

    Sarah is afraid to. She has much more to loose!

  23. Anonymous4:28 PM

    The difference between President Obama and then Governor Palin is that President Obama gives out awards to people who are deserving, not to his friends.

    Whereas Sarah Palin gave awards to people like Dr. Cathy Baldwin-johnson as a payback for the secrets she kept. Mayor Palin awarded contracts to build things like the hockey rink so she can have a house built for nothing in return. Gov Palin gave jobs to unqualified high school friends so that that paranoid Sarah could circle herself with friends that would eventually do her bidding or vote in her favor when it comes to ethic charges.

    To receive something from Todd or Sarah Palin means you are indebted to them. Just ask the Anchorage Police Dept and all the other Alaskan officials who received special favors from Todd's special business in Alaska. Todd holds the secret that could get a lot of people in trouble.

    Todd asked Shailey Tripp to record all the info of the people she serviced so he could use it a later time when it suits him or Sarah. Just ask Todd.


  24. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Does Sarah Palin owes Dr.CBJ for the secrets she has kept?

    "Questions have been raised about Palin's family practice doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. As I obtain more information and additional links I will be adding them here. Dr. Baldwin-Johnson is a central figure in this entire story, yet has been almost completely silent and out of the public eye. For example, she "declined to comment" for the Dallas Morning News published on September 8th, which contains MORE birth related information than Sarah Palin has ever offered before.

    Numerous claims have been made of websites being changed, having her name removed, etc. Certainly, the physician who allegedly delivered Trig Palin would be in a unique position to shed light on some of the controversies and inconsistencies surrounding his birth. As far as I can determine she's never been willing to comment publicly on the birth in any way, even after the rumors spread massively that Sarah Palin was NOT Trig's mother, between August 30 and September 1....

    .... her appointment to the Alaska Health Care Strategies Council by Sarah Palin in 2007. Another article discussing the Council....

    .... her appointment to the Alaska Health Care Strategies Council by Sarah Palin in 2007. Another article discussing the Council....

    .... Comment: It has been suggested that Sarah Palin's wild trek from Texas to Wasilla, to deliver at the Mat-Su Regional Center, was motivated by her desire to have at her birth her long-time physician and, perhaps friend, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. But Baldwin Johnson, as a family practice physician at an affiliated clinic with Providence should have had privileges at Providence, in Anchorage, which is six miles from the airport where Gov. Palin landed and has far better facilities for a higher risk delivery. (Which, to summarize yet again: 44 year old woman, in preterm labor with a known Down's baby.) No explanation has ever been offered for Gov. Palin's almost frantic desire to reach... not Alaska... not her familiar doctor... but Mat-Su Regional Hosptial specifically....

    Comment: (September 20, 2008) As far as I can determine, Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson has never made any public comment on the birth after very intial news reports in April of 2008. And, if one reads the published reports carefully, it will be noted that she never actually states that she was a) at the birth or b) that Sarah Palin is the mother. For example, on April 22, she states rather disingenuously that she did not think it was unreasonable for Sarah Palin to fly back to Alaska. Well, if Sarah Palin was not pregnant, it would be perfectly reasonable for her to fly back.


  25. Anonymous5:23 PM

    F@CK the GOP....they aren't saying boo now that gas prices are going down.

    Next they'll say that Obama is hindering oil company profits.

    F@CK those GOP losers.

  26. emrysa6:23 PM

    it just goes to show you how certain issues are used to HERD people... if you don't know the details, then you're easily herded.

  27. I believe one of the oil refining plants in California is shut down.

    The oil industry is always doing this when the price of gas goes up. Refineries are always shut down for "maintenance" or some other reason and that is the excuse they give for the high prices. When there is a glut of oil shutting down a refinery can justify the excuse of short supply.

    Enron did the same thing to California to drive up the price of electricity.

  28. I believe this is because a California oil refinery is shut down.

    This is always their justification for short supply. It's not that there isn't any oil, it's that there is no gas because some refinery is shut down. And they're always shut down when the price of gas goes up, in order to keep the supply short.

    Enron did the same thing to California with electricity; creating a false short supply to justify high prices.


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