Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 4th birthday Trig Paxson Van Palin!

Trig, the enigma, is introduced to the world.
Do ears and baby weight fluctuate this much?
Teagan Cole, Sarah's best friend Kristan's daughter, holding "Trig?"
Five months later all deformities are gone.
Best buds!
Time to make an appearance, and put those internet rumors to rest.
Wow, four years! Has it really been that long?

I guess time flies when you are trying to piece together a puzzle with ever evolving pieces to work with, don'tcha know?

I think I can safely say that I have come about as close to solving this mystery as anybody on the planet.

I do in fact know, with absolutely no doubt, that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig on April 18, 2008 at the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. (I even have a fair idea as to how the ruse was pulled off.)

I am also convinced that we have seen more than one baby standing in for Trig.

And as you know I don't believe that Bristol is the mother of the child that we now know to be Trig Paxson Van Palin.

Still there are more questions yet to be answered.  The biggest one being exactly WHY there was this fake pregnancy?  I have some theories, and I have discounted many more, but I have to admit that I am not certain of the motive. In fact part of me thinks the motive, much like the babies, evolved over time.

One of the questions I get asked all of the time is, "Do you think this scandal will EVER be revealed to the public?"

And my answer is always "yes," in fact in many ways it already has been revealed.  The only part that is really left is to PROVE it.

And THAT is proving to be a MUCH more difficult undertaking.  Though I still have a few irons in the fire which may accomplish that very goal. Hopefully.

However for today I simply hope that Trig has the BEST birthday ever (And no I DON'T believe today is his real birthday! But it IS the one they celebrate.), and that he is well cared for and loved.  Because regardless of why he is part of the Palin family, the fact remains that he is.  And he deserves our best wishes and hope for the future.

Because as we know being in close proximity to Sarah Palin can be poisonous to ANYONE, and little Trig may be particularly vulnerable.


  1. WakeUpAmerica10:43 AM

    There was a recent picture that of him that showed a deformed left ear. I thought I saw it here, but I'm not sure.

    1. That's become a big part of this pregnancy fraud. Makes a very strong case for more than one child being passed off as Trig.

    2. Anonymous6:20 PM

      It's all a fraud. Sarah is too dumb to know how soon it blows. Think stupid on steroids. Mamma Grizzly and all that. We are dealing with a retard here.

  2. ♫ Here come the come the trolls ♫

    Sung to the tune of "Here comes the judge"

    It might be awhile before she get's here...she's been hanging out at SPHASH pretty much all morning.

    I'm sure after lunch Krusty should be rolling in this direction! LOL!!

    Happy Birthday Trig...whichever one you are!

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      You mean Kristy the Kreepy Palin Stalker was not invited to the festivities in Alaska? I wouldn't expect an invitation because as Kristy says, I don't really know them, but surely they would invite their dear friend, Kristy, right? Bwahahaha! It's pretty much official that she does not know them and is merely an obsessed stalker...otherwise she'd be eating birthday cake instead of typing endless nonsense on blogs she claims to hate. Sad.

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Maybe I'm out of it. But what's SPhASH Gina?

    3. Anonymous2:19 PM

      SPHASH = Sarah Palin Has A Serpent's Heart. It's a palin blog, it's on the blog roll on this site.

  3. Happy Birthday to the only decent Palin in the bunch! He deserves much better, but hopefully whoever actually cares for this boy loves him enough for his bitch of an (adopted) mother.

  4. If that child Willow is holding is a 16 week old preemie DS infant-

    Then so am I.

  5. Anonymous10:53 AM

    What about "Fred" and his book?

  6. Anonymous11:02 AM

    By now, we all know that she is a lying ass Bitch, and that Toad is the family Pimp. The real victim here is Trig. Unfortunately, he is stuck with these politically dead shit heads.

  7. lostinmn11:04 AM

    OT but I've been seeing Julia Louise Dreyfus on the talk show rounds, then I saw a trailer for VEEP. Too funny. I can hardly wait for you to weigh in on it

  8. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I've not seen it mentioned but I still believe the 'halo' on the announcement pic card was not representing 'Van Palin'.

    It was meant for 'Vice-President' and the continued pregnancy scam needed for her 'mission' to be selected

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Yes exactly. I think the same. Sarah's sick way of "subliminal messaging"

  9. Anonymous11:04 AM

    When the great Palin money grab dwindles to a trickle, little Trig will still need expensive care unless (free) family and friends can fill the gap.

  10. Happy Birthday Trig!

    Sarah, Where's Trig's Birth Certificate?

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Maybe he will get a framed copy as a gift? Here's hoping! Happy Birthday, Trig!

  11. Anonymous11:07 AM

    With what we now know about Todd Palin, I can't stand to think of him holding any baby.

    1. Which reminds me, look at the expressions on the faces of Sarah Palin and Todd Palin in the picture at the top of this blog post.

      Sarah looks scared, unsure, hesitant -- and Todd looks smirky, calculating, foxy-sly. I can imagine who came up with the fake-pregnancy idea if I were to assume merely from their two facial expressions.

    2. Anonymous12:58 PM

      I agree.

  12. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I have no doubt that the McCain campaign staffers that swooped down on Alaska after the veep announcement, have PLENTY of proof that Trig was not birthed by Sarah Palin in April 2008.

    The evidence is valuable for controlling Sarah Palin. As long as she isn't a threat to the operation of the GOP, there's really no reason to disclose it.

    Fortunately, Sarah Palin always leaves a trail of discarded humanity in her wake. She's built a huge reservoir of potential leak-ers. And it will take only one. My bet is that CBJ will crumble eventually. Willow Palin has the info, but probably not the documentation.

  13. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Happy "Birth"day to whoever you are.

  14. Anonymous11:16 AM

    has anyone ever considered a sarah and Keith johnston hook up or a sheri & todd hook up

    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      The Sheri and Todd hook up fits very well into the puzzle.

    2. Why would they? (the answer is yes, but it's a dead end)

      Trig's crossed eyes and ear formation give us a clue that he IS a blood relative of Sarah Palin, however distant. I believe he's related to someone in that huge group photograph Gryphen posted last week.

    3. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Wasn't Todd serviced by hookers during that time? Do you think he needed someone that old on the side?

    4. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Be kinda hard for Sheri to have had Trig since she had NO UTERUS at the time.


    5. Anonymous1:32 PM

      I think he's Todd's kid with someone else. Sarah couldn't have that start breaking while she was governor. How embarrassing would that be! And she is much too proud. (bwahahaha, I know!) I think that's why she faked it. Paid off birth momma, unless she's still active as a "nanny". Todd's always shown more affection to trig than she has.

    6. Anonymous2:26 PM


      I don't think Sarah likes Trig because he is weak, even if it is not his fault.

      She was raised by Chuck Heath who reinforced in her time and time again that WINNING is the ONLY option.

      If you don't win, it's because you were too weak.

      And that, is abhorrent to Sarah Palin.

      (or he could be the son of one of Todds prostitutes? Or both?)

    7. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Where is the proof that Sherry had a hysterectomy? We have only the Johnstons' word that it was a hysterectomy that led to her addiction. That meme has been pushed a little too hard, IMO. I still think Sherry/Todd are strong candidates for Trig's bio parents. It explains why Triggy Bear was baby brother at first.

    8. Congratulations Anonymous 4:02, THAT was the dumbest comment of the day.

      Sherry has two surgically implanted devices that inject painkillers into her body, due to the pain caused by her HYSTERECTOMY.

      One of the reasons her husband abandoned her is because the complications from that surgery interfered with her health and her ability to perform her "wifely duties." THAT was certainly not made up by the Johnston's.

      And Sherry had virtually no contact with Todd and only saw him once in a while at hockey games. There are a lot of people in this world that you should not trust, but Sherry Johnston is certainly not one of them.

    9. Anonymous4:41 PM

      Well, that certainly hit a nerve! Gryphen, all due respect but there are other surgeries besides hysterectomy that could result in those complications. You are taking her at her word. I'm glad you trust Sherry, but plenty of us do not.

      By the way, sounds like this alleged hysterectomy was botched. Is she suing her doctor? She certainly has a case.

    10. The way RWNJ state governments have been removing women's rights of choice, availability of medical care, contraception, informed consent, or just truthful information from their doctors, I wouldn't be surprised if it's become impossible in Alaska to sue one's doctor -- that's the case now in a couple of other states.

    11. Anonymous9:00 PM

      Kajo, you are fucking idiot if you think any state prohibits a woman from suing a Dr. Over a botched hysterectomy.
      Posts like yours do not enhance the discussion.

    12. Dinty9:02 PM

      Gryphen, not all of us have inside info into the ladyparts of those involved.

      I know you feel that Mercedes and Sherry are valued sources, but a simple "No, Sherry had surgery that would have made that impossible" would have been more gallant.

      The fact of the matter is that a child born with downs indicates that it is likely the mother of the child was 40+ at the time of conception.

      Aside from Mama Heath and Sarah's sisters, there aren't alot of players that would make the scenario interesting, unless it was a plain power-grab, which would explain why the big-time journos aren't interested in it.

    13. Anonymous8:47 AM

      more DS babies are born to young women including teens for the simple fact that more young women allow themselves to get pregnant than older women.

  15. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Blast from the past.

    Mrs Palin, 47, had a one-night stand with Miami Heat basketball star Glen Rice less than a year before she eloped with her husband, the book claims.
    She is said to have met the 6ft 8ins player in 1987 when he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska and she worked as a sports reporter for KTUU television.
    It is also claimed that she had a six-month affair with Brad Hanson, who ran a snowmobile dealership with her husband Todd - a betrayal which led to Todd dissolving their business.

    Read more:

    1. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Once again, simple Sarah demonstrated her lack of integrity by fucking her interview subject.

  16. Chella11:20 AM

    It's so sad that Trig and Tripp are caught in the middle of the Palin's whirlwind of lies. I hope he has a happy birthday celebration!

  17. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Happy Birthday Trig, when you get older you should avoid reading stories like these:

    A friend said Mrs Palin spent the night with the basketball star but could not confirm whether they had sex, according to the National Enquirer.
    'I remember Sarah feeling pretty good that she'd been with a black basketball star,' a source told the magazine.
    The athlete is said to have confirmed the night of passion in Mr McGinniss's book.
    Mr Rice went on to have a huge career playing basketball in the NBA and was a three-timer All-Star.
    The book goes on to claim that while married Mrs Palin also had an affair with one of her husband's business partners.
    Todd is alleged to have ended all dealings with Brad Hanson after he found out about the secret six-month relationship in 1996.

    1. Anonymous7:43 PM

      I find it so fucking weird that the Pimp did that?
      He also had Baldy fire John Bitney for having a affair while he was married.
      Baldy is reported to have slit some tires on one of the toads mistresses.
      Toad tells Shay "you light up my life" shortly after Baldy was swore in as GINO.
      Baldy walks around stark naked in her house, and when she was a teen b/c wearing clothes was "unhealthy".
      There is a pic of a two year old Sarah naked on a MC with only shoes on...taken by creepy chuckles....
      Sarah struts around in thigh high Pro Domme hooker boots, many men remember her for that...
      A pic of Baldy and "the girls" wearing Lingerie taken by a professional photographer, the pimp takes a friend in to show off the pic, "look at this shit" he says...Baldy freaks out when a visiting guest wife is using... *GASP* baby oil, so that means of course she is having Sex!
      And...really I could go on.
      What a fucking sicko family of perverts.

  18. Anonymous11:22 AM

    When I see Levi holding him, and remembering the kiss on the head at the Republican convention, I have to believe this is his son. Also, why would Sadie be part of this occasion if Levi were not the Dad? I know you say that you are convinced that Bristol is not the mother, but my intuition says that she is. And, no, I have no facts. Maybe some day we will know, but I am not sure that we will.

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      I totally agree. The kiss gave it away.

    2. Anonymous2:54 PM

      I agree too. The tenderness and kissing that Levi has shown Trig is something I can't reconcile with Trig not being his. My niece (24) just had a baby (a boy) and her and her husband have a tight group of friends and family. With Levi in mind, I have observed the guys around her baby and I can tell you NONE of them have acted, in any way shape or form, the way Levi did with Trig. The younger guys are very uncomfortable handling her baby and prefer to keep a distance.


    3. Anonymous5:36 PM

      levi was likely high as a kite during the convention, was feeling all lovey and gave the kiss. That's always been my opinion. Feelin no pain!!

    4. Anonymous9:04 PM

      So spontaneously kissing a baby's head makes you the baby's father. Guess Gryphen better not post any more pics of Obama with babies.

    5. Anonymous9:31 PM

      @Anonymous 06:36 PM

      Odd comment. Do you have personal knowledge? Do share.

    6. Cracklin Charlie9:37 PM

      How would Levi have been able to get high as a kite at the RNC? There would have been lots and lots of people around at all times. And how would being high make him feel so close to his girlfriend's mother's special needs child, that he kissed him tenderly like a father would kiss his son. Doubtful that he was high.

      And he did call Trig "MY special little boy" in his book. Since when does a teen age redneck guy call other people's children "my special little boy"? Never, that's when.

      Fathers call their own children my special little boy...they call someone else's kid A special little boy. A redneck teenage guy would have said HER special little boy, if he had noticed the child at all.

    7. Anonymous2:27 AM

      Pills that's how. oxy pills. small oxypills. swallowed.
      Have you ever been around high people?
      can be very lovey.
      Maybe it was ecstacy (sp)? pill
      He could be Tri-G's dad but still be high. Think of a tough hockey redneck hunter. If he was high, he'd be all lovey. Blow up some RNC pics and check out his pinpoint pupils for oxy or big pupils for ex.

    8. Cracklin Charlie10:58 AM

      Sorry 3:27, I just don't see it.

      I do, however, see a bunch of anons on this thread trying to trash the Johnstons, for some reason.

    9. Anonymous12:37 PM

      3:27: no way its e. that is not a drug you do in front of other people, small groups or huge conventions, without being noticeably messed up. its very hard to hide on many levels.

  19. Anonymous11:28 AM

    1st pic looks like a doll. How many Tri-G's are there????

    1. At least two, mebbe three.

      How many times has Barstool been pregnant? Three, mebbe four. (Just threw that in for the helluvit!)

  20. Anonymous11:30 AM

    That's okay Gryphen, Sarah can't prove she gave birth to him either.

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM

      I think I love you, Anon. Can we get fake married? You can lose your ring hunting and I'll toss my ring in Lake Lucille, and we'll have fake babies together.

    2. Anonymous2:53 PM

      I think I love you, Anon. Can we get fake married? You can lose your ring hunting and I'll toss my ring in Lake Lucille, and we'll have fake babies together.

  21. Anonymous11:31 AM

    How can the Alaskan Children's Protective Service allow that innocent little baby to live among sex addicts and a pimp?

    1. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Sex addictS???? You just need to stop talking before you comment yourself into crazy.

    2. Anonymous12:32 PM

      The Legs Spread Compound of Wasilla is a Sex Addict's Domain. How many Horny young men are in and out(Pun Intended)each week? How many unknown Pregnancies have occurred there?
      How many emails have been sent to Todd's Clients and Prostitutes?

  22. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Poor kid doesn't know who his real parents are let alone his actual date of birth. Sad isn't it? What will happen when Tri-G grows up and starts asking questions that Sarah can't answer?

  23. Anonymous11:35 AM

    "has anyone ever considered a sarah and Keith johnston hook up or a sheri & todd hook up"

    no, because Sarah had a tubal ligation that hurt so bad she couldn't pull car pool duty for 6 weeks after Piper was born. Sheri had a hysterectomy years ago.

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Can you prove that?

    2. Anonymous1:26 PM

      Jan. 8, 2009 issue of People says she had hysterectomy 8 years prior.

    3. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Car pool mother shared that info.

    4. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Maybe Sarah lied to get out of carpool for some other reason?

      It leaves her schedule much flexible.

      Who knows what she was up to?

    5. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Good God your funny!! I thought Sarah never lied..I can think up a dozen better excuses than a Tubal to get out of car pool gotta make up something better than that trolly.

    6. Anonymous5:53 PM


      Would you fake a pregnancy too??

      You have NO idea what that crazy bitch thinks or why she does what she does.

      So, ya know,

      Fuck . You.

  24. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Before the troll arrives with her disinformation, here's the truth:
    -There is no Uncle Trig, he was named after his condition (Tri-G)
    -Multiple Trigs were used as stand-in props including a "real baby doll"
    -"Trig" was not "born" 04.18.08
    -sarah can't prove she gave birth to "Trig"
    -sarah had her tubes tied after having Piper
    -various methods were used to fake the pregnancy; pillows, pregnancy belly, scarves, large winter coats worn indoors
    Got anything to dispute these facts troll?

    1. Anonymous12:46 PM

      Didn't Sarah say he was born both in Wasilla and Anchorage? At different times. How could a mother, 'energy expert', 'National Security' adviser get so mixed up?

      The Wild Ride and was Trig born in Wasilla or Anchorage

    2. Anonymous2:05 PM

      If any of the trolls were serious, they would have LONG AGO proven the 'truth' of their side of the story. They haven't, because they can't. It's actually our version of the story that has the documentary proof.

  25. Anonymous11:43 AM

    The picture of Sarah(the beauty) andn Toad(the pimp)with the baby has always been to me, a baby doll.It is not, the same one Chucky(the creep) and the mouse are holding.

  26. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Couldn't have been placed with a more loving family! This I've witnesses and know. Happy Birthday little guy! And I personally only see one baby in those pictures. Given how many people saw him from the beginning, it wouldve been dangerous to switch em out. Plus, where would she get the babies?

    This bears repeating:

    Heather writes touching email in Oct. Sarah responds sympathetically. She begins bulking up in Dec, and finally announces. Sarah writes similar letter in late march (similar to heathers). Trigs mother probably goes into labor just before she leaves for Tx. Rest is history. I see no change in motive. I wonder what the process was that her kids went through mentally when they learned the woman they just spent a weekend with in mid Feb was "having a baby" was.

    1. AnonymousApr 18, 2012 12:44 PM

      Couldn't have been placed with a more loving family!

      Krusty...I thought this talking point was not to be used again?? Remember when Beefy told you to stop "going rogue"...LOL!!!

    2. Anonymous12:58 PM

      WTF is this pointless, word salad, babble all about? It makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL.

    3. Anonymous1:13 PM

      bears repeating vs. bares repeating

    4. You've just been treated to a Lou $arah original posting, I guess.

    5. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Oh Lordy Kristy! You really don't know when to STFU!

    6. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Sounds like someone is taking Sarah word salad classes. Nothing you said makes any sense at all, as per usual with you creepy little stalker bots.

  27. Have a wonderful and happy Birthday Trig!

    1. Anonymous2:59 PM

      ....whenever it is.

  28. Ironically, today is also Suri Cruise's birthday. It is a widely held belief that she was born a few months earlier. Elaborate cover-up was initiated so that Tom Cruise was the presumptive father - except it is also known that he is sterile from childhood mumps/measles.

    I followed that ruse and had to grudgingly admit that they pulled it off quite nicely. Of course, being a multi-millionaire like Cruise certainly helped.

    Same with Beyoncé. Easiest pregnancy ever. Massive cover-up of surrogate mother. A couple of years and everyone forgets. Except with Trig. Because the reasons to fake his birth are so wrong.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Not everybody forgot. People still talk about Suri & Beyonce.

      Of course, Beyonce was much more recent.

      Suri had the help of the Scientologists.

      Ask Greta about that.

    2. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Suri cruise is the spitting image of Tom.

    3. Anonymous1:31 PM

      interesting but I recall Kidman being pregnant with Tom's baby and having a miscarriage shortly after he filed for divorce.

    4. Anonymous1:33 PM

      I agree: WTF?

    5. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Kidman was pregnant. Was the baby Tom's?

    6. Anonymous2:51 PM

      No, Nicole Kidman was pregnant with someone else's baby, possibly Ewan MaGregor (thus the divorce). Nicole getting pregnant, that was too much. She wasn't discreet per the rules she had agreed to. Nicole and Tom had a "contract relationship" just like Katie Holmes does now with Tom Cruise. Suri's dad is likely Josh Hartnett. Suri's birth was months earlier and it was faked to be April 18.

    7. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Suri Cruise is the spitting image of Chris Klein, Katie's ex.

      And don't forget Kelly Preston is also a pregnancy faker!

    8. Anonymous4:27 PM

      Not Chris Klein. Has anyone noticed the resemblance between Suri and William Mapother ( Cruise's cousin who was on Lost)?

      Yeah, I guess it could be "family resemblance", but I think Mapother was the donor.

    9. I think you're absolutely right, anon@5.27p. I've thought the same thing all along. Suri looks just like the Cruise family and William Mapother was likely the donor. If he was the donor, there was not time faking.

  29. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I disagree. I think unless Sarah or todd talks about it, nothing will be revealed. This is definitely the kind of story that needs confirmation from the parents.

    And here's something to consider, unrelated. Pictures of Obama holding babies are sporatically posted here as propaganda. The thing to remember is, Todd is equally good with babies/children.

    1. Anonymous12:25 PM

      But Todd is a pimp, @12:47. President Obama is our Commander in Chief. Do you not see the difference?

    2. Anonymous12:35 PM

      And those babies LOVE President Obama; he is literally the Baby Whisperer. On the other hand, any babies that sarah tries to get near desperately scream, cry and try to get away from her. They look like they're trying to get away from the devil himself. Hmmm. Why is that? Babies know what's up. They can sense evil.

      PS- Todd's a dirty needle-dicked pimp so it's super creepy that he is even allowed near children.

    3. Anonymous12:55 PM

      My babysitter's good with kids too, so what? What the f*ck does Todd Palin have to do with President Obama? As usual, you make absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL.

    4. Anonymous12:58 PM

      There is no comparison between Obama and Todd. Obama is shoulders above Todd.

      The answers would be in the adoption papers and the insurance papers--and nobody will probably ever see those. But the answers are there and the questions remain--and always will. So, it is a story that may not be solved but will always be suspect. And that won't change.

    5. Anonymous1:02 PM

      This is definitely the kind of story that needs confirmation from the parents.

      That leaves Sarah out. Which parents?

      I know this person claims not to be the mother of Todd spawn. Coincidental this picture has strong similarity (hair looks dyed). There were many other girls, some may have shared Todd's ancestry.


    6. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Todd Palin's only job is PIMPIN' PIMPIN', he should have been in the movie 'NEXT FRIDAY'.
      Todd's bigger problem is SEX TRAFFICKING ACROSS STATE LINES. That is a Federal Offense
      and the Palins have no clout with Eric Holder. I am stocking up on my supply of POPCORN for the big show. Little Todd will soon become LITTLE BITCH TODD.

    7. Anonymous1:56 PM

      Todd is a sexual predator and pimp. What is his job now??

      Barack Obama was elected President by a large majority and is a wonderful father and husband. This is FACT. The BS you are spouting is propoganda.

    8. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Is there any reason Shailey Tripp couldn't bring a civil suit against Todd? I would be so happy to contribute to her legal fund so she could hire a top lawyer.

    9. Anonymous5:44 PM

      My husband, father, and son are also good with babies.
      But, that's rather unimportant, since none of them is the President of the United States and Commander of the Armed Forces.

      Todd Palin is a high school graduate, oil pipeline worker, and -- well, what else has he been up to? Not going to law school, or giving speeches, or writing books, or running for office. His latest activity was to endorse Newt Gingrich.
      The proper spelling, btw, is "sporadically."

    10. Anonymous6:42 PM

      He who pimpeth deserves a picture. Here's a
      pic of the fucking mezzano himself. After you finish laughing at Kojak, Just roll your pointer over his thumbnail.

  30. Anonymous11:56 AM

    This was pulled off because literally no one was told anything except Todd and CBJ, if she was the doctor. Sarahs closest staff didn't know anything was up. That's saying something. Frank still believed at the time of my interview with him (last spring) that Sarah is Trigs mother. And these people constantly saw Sarah and her family duringthat whole time.

    1. I firmly believe that very few people (3-4) were in on the hoax.


    2. Cracklin Charlie3:34 PM

      I agree Hammer.

      I think it's possible that CBJ didn't even know about it until she was pulled into it by Sarah's wild ride story. Sarah dropped CBJ's name into the story, and bingo, bongo...CBJ's in it.

      I also think Bailey got pulled in, when he was unknowingly called into the hospital to be a witness to the hoax. He must have been quite surprised when he realized that he'd been had. But Bailey and Johnson would still lie for Sarah.

      I can see Sarah and Todd as the kind of grifters who would deceptively implicate others into the coverup if they needed them. Once they told the first lie for Sarah, they couldn't back off without ruining their own reputation. Stuck like a rat in a trap.

  31. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I can dispute the Uncle trig comment. You have no basis to make that claim whatsoever. Stop pretending you know what you're talking about.

    1. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Go ahead and dispute it then. We're all waiting for proof of the mysterious "Uncle Trig".

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      If a kid is named after a favorite uncle, wouldn't that uncle be involved in their life?

    3. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Where's uncle trig?
      Where's trig's bc?
      Where's the adoption/health insurance papers?
      Where's DNA evidence?
      You got nothing as usual Troll.

    4. Anonymous2:17 PM

      You can dispute it! Big deal. PROVE IT ! Come on!! I dare you!! You can't prove it because is another big lie.

      Poor Kristy.

    5. Anonymous2:39 PM

      And the cousin (?) With DOWN SYNDROME,

      that is SO CLOSE! To Sarahs heart,

      That she met him,

      For the FIRST TIME

      On her reality show.


    6. Anonymous2:34 AM

      You can't disupute it. If he was named for uncle trygve, his name would be Trygve, wich is uncle Trygve's name!!
      They could shorten in to Tryg I guess.
      But Tri-G is another name for Down Syndrome.
      ChaNge it SaRAH, YOU FREAK!!!

  32. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Troll is synonymous with "open mind"

    1. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Is that what you think? No wonder you're so screwed up!

    2. Anonymous1:28 PM

      "Troll is synonymous with "open mind""
      (jaw drops, then...) BWAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAA!!!!!

  33. "The only part that is really left is to PROVE it."

    Many thanks for the update. I'm glad to be set straight even though it's disappointing. (For some reason I had the impression that the 'Wild Ride' author had uncovered proof of the hoax.) I believe proving the hoax has importance far beyond Sarah and the Palin family so I wish you luck with the 'irons in the fire'.

    And I wish Trig a very Happy Birthday!

  34. I just realized something, looking (for the 40th time I'm sure) at the VP sepia toned picture and the one where Teagan Cole is holding the baby -- vs. the pair of pictures with the Johnston kids -- that the foreheads of the babies pictured are different.

    The forehead of the baby pictured with the Johnstons is bigger/higher, and the facial features are smushed down into the lower half of the head.

    The forehead of the VP baby and the baby being held by Teagan is more in proportion to a baby that's matured quite a bit -- or is an entirely different baby.

    Can that be explained by the alleged dates, supposedly April 20, 2008 and May 5, 2008? I don't think so.

    If they ARE the same baby, the span of time between the first two pictures I listed and the second pair of pictures is a lot more than 15 days.

  35. Anonymous12:15 PM what a beyotch:

    During the negotiations for Bristol's upcoming Lifetime reality show, Life's a Tripp, says a source, :She was one of the most difficult people they have ever had to deal with!"

    Sarah, 48, held execs at bay for weeks over the terms of the contract, an insider reveals. "She told them that Bristol was worth much more than anyone on reality TV today, that she was the original Teen Mom," the source says. "She told them that whatever number they were thinking of, to triple it."

    And even when they agreed to a number, the source says, the negotiations were far from over. "Sarah made the network add a 'creative input' clause that gave her final say on what scenes or topics would be considered suitable to air," the insider explains.

    So now that Bristol, 21, is set for TV stardom, will Sarah turn back to politics? Says the source, "Sarah said no — there's much more money in television!"

    1. Anonymous12:27 PM

      So when does this show air? I have written to Lifetime to let them know that I am boycotting their network if they are airing it.

    2. Anonymous12:38 PM

      No wonder Life's a Tripp is dead on arrival. Sarah was involved. Her reverse Midas touch strikes yet again.

    3. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Gee, that really makes Bristol sound like a strong independent Alaskan Frontier woman, single mother out in the world on her own.

    4. Anonymous1:17 PM

      I can't wait until they release the stories about Gino Paoletti. Also, too, Shailie Tripp has Gino pictures and video she promised to give to another blogger. That will be an interesting addition to the 'trial marriage' saga. Pictures and video. Hope they have Gino playing with Tripp and Trig.

    5. Anonymous1:25 PM

      So when does this show air?

      IT IS MORE DEAD THEN THE LAKE OF TOXINS. Why they are all going wacko, it is the water, the air, ground seepage. No turning back now.

    6. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Anon 1:27

      When you write about boycotting you have to impress upon them you will be communicating with their sponsors to withdraw their ads and within the text include some of the major sponsors of the station that you will communicate with and engage in forms of social media to get others to do the same. Ly it on 'thick'!!

      To ust say 'you will boycott' - they don't give a damm as they see it as 1 person. It's their sponsors they care about as that means $$$ to them.

      why would any exec give in to demands for brisdull?

      sounds made up to me.

    8. Anonymous2:01 PM

      But it isn't dead on arrival. It will be on in the fall.

    9. Anonymous3:15 PM

      Bristol told everybody it would be on starting April 2nd.

      Hopefully the show will get some air time because the letters complaining to the network are already written. We don't want the slut.

  36. Anonymous12:15 PM

    When Sarah tells media that people are attacking Trig, or are accusing her of not being his mother, she doesn't deserve any sympathy. All she had to do was provide the birth certificate.

    She is the one who brought this baby front and center. She is the one who invited others into his life, by facebooking about him, discussing him on every show, her book, her speeches. She initiated her fans and followers into the world of Trig. So, when Sean Hannity keeps harping on his show how her kids and her child with down syndrome has been attacked (whatever that means), she doesn't stop this nonsense. She embraces it because it makes her look like a victim.

    I too hope the truth about her hoax opens up right in her face. She can't provide a birth certificate and put a stop to rumor, because she CAN'T. So instead of distancing herself from the spotlight, she digs herself in even more by passing remarks about how insulted she is because of Trig-truther bloggers. All she has to do is stop talking about the Trig-truthers and leave it alone, and close that chapter of her life, and let Trig live a private peaceful life.

    She has two easy choices: If she is Trig's true biological mother, provide a birth certificate.

    If she is not Trig's true biological mother and she wants to avoid disclosing some family scandal, she should stop the victimization and whining about suspicious Trig-truther bloggers by not dignifying it anymore. She should stop pretending that she gave birth to him. She should, for his sake, just let it go.

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      All fine and well, except you're calling for logical and rational behavior from someone who is mentally ill.

  37. What makes you think motive behind Trig changed? Sarah showed concern that she wasn't displaying enough attention toward special needs community in late 2007. Things seem to pan out from that point in time.

  38. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Wow, Bristol's blog page has a big article stating she is not shaking up.....

    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      I smelled a publicity stunt. They sure let it ride for a long time (media control world). Now she can go back to religion and abstinence squawks. For a moment she was Snooki and making the old men all hot and bothered.

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      everytime i see the term "wow" i know that a palin troll strikes again.
      and then that reference to Bristol's blog to get us to go over there and create hits.

      pathetic i say, pathetic

    3. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Not shaking up? What do you mean?

  39. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I still am shocked to the core about the revelations by Levi in Vanity Fair that she calls Trig “the retarded baby.” I had an aunt with Down and there was no way EVER I heard my grandparents, aunts, uncles would ever refer to my aunt in such a callous way.

    1. Anonymous5:05 AM

      Sarah is not just cruel to TriG...when Piper was an infant in a carrier, she slid the carrier across the floor and said, "someone else can take care of the fuck'n baby!".

  40. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Todd always looks like he just spit out his dip of snuff.

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Todd like Bristol has problems with swallowing. That is why Bristol has multiple kids.

  41. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Who is Paxson? How did Paxson get into the mix. I smell a rat.

    /Snark off

    The Dominionists are playing their game. They want the "seven mountains" very badly. They are ignorant, stupid, and fanatical. That makes them dangerous.

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Maybe Trig came FROM Paxson (Alaska) and now is "OF PALIN".

      The Thank You note shows:

      Trig Paxson (very tiny letters)

    2. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Van Palin = Van Halen

      They even stole the bands logo.

    3. Anonymous6:56 PM

      "Paxson" = "Pa's son"...this is Chuck's baby. Who with? Now that's a good question.

      Sounds stupid? Yes, but the Palin's are not terribly clever with their names (Tri-G - Trig).

    4. I believe that the 'Paxson' is a tribute to Lowell 'Bud' Paxson.

      McCain Disputed On 1999 Meeting
      By James V. Grimaldi and Jeffrey H. Birnbaum
      Washington Post Staff Writers
      Saturday, February 23, 2008

      I believe Bud Paxson was instrumental in $arah being named as McCain's VP.

      Here's a link to a later article with more information about the relationship between John McCain, Bud Paxon, and $arah Palin:

      McCain-Palin: 'Phonies Squared'
      By Robert Parry
      September 5, 2008

      An excerpt:

      For her part, Palin pitches herself as an enemy of “earmarks” and pork-barrel projects, such as Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere.” But, in reality, she hired well-connected Washington lobbyists to secure earmarked funding for her town of Wasilla and pushed for federally financed Alaskan projects, including the controversial bridge.

  42. Anonymous12:55 PM

    The disinformation trolls are here. The loving family and blah, blah, blah, blah... they really are pathetic.

  43. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I don't buy all of these (troll) "close family" comments that pop up here. A mother in a close family wouldn't hide a pregnancy--and wait until birth to disclose Down Syndrome. Any caring mother wouldn't shock her children like that.

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      If Barack announced to the world that Michelle was pregnant and due in three months time, how do you think the Right would react?

      Sit on that for a minute.

    2. Anonymous6:07 PM

      "If Barack announced to the world that Michelle was pregnant and due in three months time, how do you think the Right would react?"

      Sarah Palin would be mad that Barack didn't knock Sarah up.

    3. Anonymous4:46 AM

      I don't think that a loving mother would agree to be a vice presidential candidate with a newborn with or without the DS complication.

  44. Gryph~

    You wrote: "One of the questions I get asked all of the time is, "Do you think this scandal will EVER be revealed to the public?"

    And my answer is always "yes," in fact in many ways it already has been revealed. The only part that is really left is to PROVE it."

    I'm confused. I don't believe $arah gave birth to this baby, either. If not Bri$tol, then who? Not even a hint for us? I have many different theories, too, but you know so much more than I do, mine are probably way off base!!
    Can't you tell us a little, tiny, teensy piece more?
    If not, I'll keep reading regardless.
    Thanks for all you HAVE done in trying to make us understand this mystery.

    Mary B

    1. Anonymous2:14 PM

      I'll give you my theory May B
      I think Brisket DID have a baby, just not Trig, but the baby referred to in the past as Rufffles ( with the ear issue and obvious signs of FAS --fetal Alcohol Syndrom) There is ONLY one way for a baby to turn out as FAS and that is for the bio mother to drink heavily during the pregnancy. The features with FAS become MORE pronounced as the baby gets older.
      I think Sarah had ALREADY started the fake pregnancy to cover for the premie (ruffles) BUT upon finding out about the FAS diagnosis--which often is NOT made right at birth...that would not do. There would be NO excuse for an FAS baby, no "gift from God" just an alcoholic mother. I do not know where Trig originated from( maybe Franklin Graham????) nor what happened to Li Ruffles.
      This is just my theory, but there couldn't be too many reasons to use a substitute.

      Little Rabbit

    2. betsy s3:38 PM

      I think you've got it.

    3. I agree with all that, Little Rabbit, but it's not too far-fetched to ALSO believe that Toddry is Trig's bio-dad.

      ... can't help but think "how trash is that" when the it's the baby-momma in question.

  45. Anonymous1:19 PM

    So sorry, but Levi looks more like a loving parent than do either of the Palins.

    Also, Sadie looks so proud & happy in that pic. Hmmmmm...

  46. Anonymous1:24 PM

    methinks Trig is Todd's child with some prostitute he banged! and sarah took the baby and faked the pregnancy to safe the embarrassment.

    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      That's why Todd lives in the house built by the hockey rink contractors while Sarah lives in the new house next door.

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Yup that's what I think too. In the photo of trig and toad above, trig looks so happy and, as much as it pains to me admit this (because toad is a perv) toad looks like he loves trig in that photo.

    3. I don't think the Palins are capable of feeling embarrassment. They're too rednecked.

  47. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Gryphen, why are you convinced Bristol is not the mom??
    Is it solely because of what Sadie and Sherri saw or is there more? Can you please let us know?

  48. Anonymous2:41 PM

    That first picture with toad and Sarah always looked like one of those "reborn" dolls. He doesn't look real at all.

  49. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Happy birthday Trig. He's getting handsomer and handsomer. May you be as happy every day of your life, as you are in the photo with Todd.

  50. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Trig Paxson Van Palin.

    TRIG - Everybody knows Sarah has a warped since of humor naming Bristol's baby after his special needs Tri-G.

    Van - Sarah had a thing for Van Halen.

    Palin - Had to take that last name as part of the conspiracy.

    Now where did Paxson come from? My thoughts are that Sarah still has a thing for Brad Hanson and took the "son" part of Hanson to commemorate her time with Brad.

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Lowell Bud Paxson forced John McCain to select Sarah Palin by threat of exposing McCain's affair with Lobbyist VICKI ISEMAN. That is where Sarah Palin got the name Paxson. The Trig Plan was a DOMINIONIST scheme to elect a PUPPET(SARAH PALIN) who would follow their orders. But even they did not know how BATSHIT CRAZY that Sarah Palin would be.

    2. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Bud Paxon

  51. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Bristol said, “there’s no way on earth my mom and dad would allow a guy to spend the night here with me.”

    except they did.... repeatedly. Levi LIVED with Bristol at the Palin home for MONTHS from February 2008 until January 2009.

    1. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Problem is that nobody told the guys they can't.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      So how did Bristol have her multiple pregnancies.

      How did Track get the pastor's daughter pregnant?

      How did Willow get her multiple pregnancy scares?

    3. Anonymous6:38 PM

      “there’s no way on earth my mom and dad would allow a guy to spend the night here with me.”

      The part Bristol left out was that they didn't spend the night with her.

      They only boned her for about 10 minutes then crept out Bristol's window.

    4. Anita Winecooler9:22 PM

      Sarah did her "Voodoo" fairy "no boys" dust sprinkling on the first step on "Sarah Palin Sees Alaska For The First Time"- problem is, when it's rutting time, the guys jump three steps at a time.

      It's all in the math.

    5. Anonymous9:34 PM

      So mom and dad let Levi move into their house, to live with Bristol when she was a teenager.

      But now that Bristol is a "strong", "independent" adult living in her own house, mom and dad won't "allow" a man to move in with her.

      They only care now because of their own reputation.

  52. Anonymous3:45 PM


  53. Anonymous3:49 PM

    The Trig hoax was plotted by the Dominionists, with Lowell "Bud" Paxson blackmailing McCain (in Feb 2008) to make him go along with it.

    Bristol has had her share of babies, but the Trig(s) with DS are not among them. It is just too convenient to think she delivered Sarah and the Right Wing the perfect prop at just the right time.

    The Trig plot is the result of right wing/religious politics. Palin was used by Fundie-GOPers, although she appears to have been more than willing to play the new Queen Esther .

    In Palin's mind, she was on a Mission from God to hasten the apocalypse and save Israel (for the time being). It's a long and whacked out story, but she apparently believes it, and if, for some reason, she were to stop believing in her "Mission," her "handlers" have some potent weapons they can use against her.

  54. emrysa6:09 PM

    tri-G's "public" daddy is a PIMP.

    the entire family is living a lie, and the elder ones are forcing the younger ones to follow in the living-a-lie footsteps. sorry for the little kids, for they are doomed. poor tri-G will read about his "birth" one day and it is ALL. A. LIE. these people are fucking cruel.

  55. emrysa6:27 PM

    with all due respect, I think some of you are giving the whack-job from wasilla way too much credit.

    she REACTS, she doesn't PLAN. the easiest explanation is most likely the correct one.

    she was covering for her daughter's pregnancy, and WOW she hit the goddam jackpot - her daughter had a ds kid. look, the quitter obviously has somewhat of a lucky streak... look at her history. when it came about that preemie tri-G was going to actually live, she started to see a big benefit for taking (stealing?) him - this would help her to become the right-wing fundie choice for vp.

    yes gryphen, I know you don't thing tri-G is bristols, but I still disagree.

    her covering for bristol was originally just to cover her ass in alaska, but the bonus of the ds kid was that it would help her nationally - just at the right time.

  56. Anonymous8:21 PM

    the pictures with levi and trip/sadie and trip are from the SAME DAY.........those are not the same baby.
    the hairline on the baby with levi is not as far back as the hairline on the baby with sadie.

    twins were def with down's and the other with ruffles and who knows what else if anything. the little one with the ruffly ears has never looked like the robust baby/boy that we see in trig.

    twins. and maybe they both did survive and they were both used?

    1. Anonymous9:15 PM

      I have mulled over your theory more than a few times. I couldn't rule it out.

  57. Anita Winecooler9:26 PM

    Happy Birthday, Trig! Oh, any of em, all of em that have been put in front of me these past four years or so.

    Gryphen, you forgot the "Your Heavenly Father" announcement She wrote, I always get a lump in my throat when I read it - oh wait - that's vomit.

    1. Anonymous2:42 AM

      Love it Amy!!!!

    2. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Hi Anita, love your comments! The other day I saw one where you mentioned you are 53 (like me) and from Philly (like me), we should hang!

    3. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Your very clever Anita. Love it.

  58. Anonymous4:00 AM

    MY theory is that Bristol DID give birth in early 2008 -- but that it was TRIPP, not Trig and that no baby was born to the Palin family in late 2008, and that Bristol was, in fact, not pregnant during the RNC. Maybe one of the babies is Tripp and one is Trig. Further theory: Trig's origin. Early on, around the time that Levi was speaking to the media and it looked like he MIGHT spill the beans, there was a message posted somewhere that was addressed to Levi that basically admitted Babygate was true, and part of it said something like: Levi knows he can't say anything because of his naughty family -- basically implying that Babygate covered up something Johnston-related...Maybe...with what we know...Trig is Keith Johnston's baby with one of Tawd's hookers????

    OR...Maybe to make things more complicated: Maybe there were three babies -- Tripp, Trig and Ruffles. Maybe Ruffles is an FAS baby from one of the hookers and Sarah realized that she couldn't present THAT baby to the world as her own so THEN she got Trig?

  59. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I agree with your theory that Tripp was born earlier. I think it was December 2007 because that was the birth date on the custody court case until it was changed to 2008. TriG may be a twin, but probably not.

    What were the Myspace comments by Bristol about being an egg donor?

  60. Gryphen--her name is not Teagan "Cole"


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