Monday, April 02, 2012

Perhaps Stephen King's next novel?

This arrived in my e-mail yesterday.

It's the perfect description of Romney in my opinion, and as a long time Stephen King fan I just had to use it.


  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Mitt's hands look just like Sarahs

  2. Anonymous5:10 AM

    And all of them losing to Barack Obama.

  3. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Two disturbing picture posts (almost) in a row. I may have to remove this blog from my daily reading.

    1. Anonymous5:55 AM

      This one is funny. The other one was difficult to view. I keep it scrolled off the screen when the grandchildren are in the room. We longtime readers know Gryphen can be "edgy".

    2. Anonymous6:56 AM

      Good riddance if you can't take a joke.

    3. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Well, do you not visit museums? There are plenty of disturbing images around - historical and contemporary. Most of us are mature enough to realize that these images are satirical and not just put up for shock value. They not be the most polite and flattering images, but neither Santorum nor Romney are gentle public people. Their policies are much more disturbing than any image of them.

    4. Anita Winecooler6:38 PM

      Good Bye!

  4. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Sarah Palin 'Today' Show Appearance: Matt Lauer Asks If She's Reading Newspapers To Prepare (VIDEO)

    Finally! Someone asks her a hard

  5. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Mad Men Takes A Swipe At Mitt Romney’s Father, Calls Him A ‘Clown’

  6. Anonymous8:53 AM

    The more we get to know about Mitt Romney, the easier it is to see why no one likes him...even those in the Republican elite.

    The fact that so many will vote for this jerk, in spite of the knowledge that he has no true beliefs, but will bend to the slightest breeze in order to sneak into office, is tragic.

  7. Funny, I just finished King's 11/22/63. Whew. Must read for those who did not live through those days or those who think those days were idyllic. Perfect characterization of what it was like in the 1960s in America. The ugliness towards John Kennedy in the south, Jim Crow, fear of the USSR, American imperialism, and domestic terrorism by the KKK. Offset by the hope of a generation of young people of which I was one. That's why I am so concerned about the climate in America right now. I want to shout to everyone: "Please do not let this happen again!" We really have to send a strong message to all the racists, misogynists and oppressors of the poor: Never again!

  8. Paul - Minnesota10:24 AM

    Ha, I told you per Mitt's holding babies pictures in another post/comment ...

    Ahem, those Mr. Mittens held babies do see Mitt for what he is. A shape shifting clown (and a robot). I'd cry and want to squirm away if I were a baby.

    He's so inept at holding babies. The nanny must have done held Mitt's children and grandchildren.

    Mitt looks as though he's going to launch babies into space or drop them. Shudder.

  9. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Did Ann make a sexual funny about Mittens?

    Ann Romney: 'We Better Unzip Him And Let The Real Mitt Romney Out'

    Ann Romney, asked in an interview Monday if she has to defend her husband against charges that he is too "stiff," responded, "we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out because he is not!"

  10. Anonymous10:55 AM

    oh good god, Mitt isn't the only one that's gaffe prone. mrs. mitt just put her foot in her mouth...

    Ann Romney’s remarks came during an interview with Baltimore radio station WBAL, during which the host asked her, “And one of the things, Ann Romney, that folks talk about with your husband, Mitt Romney, and I’ve seen him in casual conversation-He comes off very smooth and okay. But sometimes he comes off stiff. Do you have to fight back some criticism, like ‘My husband isn’t stiff, OK?’”

    Laughing, Ann Romney responded, “Well, you know, I guess we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out because he is not!”

  11. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Mormon Question Sparks Tense Moment During Mitt Romney Town Hall

    A tense moment transpired during a town hall hosted by Mitt Romney today in Wisconsin when an audience member began reading verses from the Book of Mormon and questioned Romney on his stance on interracial relationships.

    When a man’s hand shot up in the air to ask a question, Romney seemed to take note that he was holding papers, typically a sign that the questioner has a long-winded question they’ve chosen to write out, and as the man began to speak remarked, “I know where this is going. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

    “Your Mormon faith might not be a concern in the election but I think it might be as well as I found these verses in the Mormon book,” said 28-year-old Bret Hatch, as the microphone turned on.

    As Hatch trialed off, Romney interjected: “Why don’t you give me a question?”

    “Ok, well, in the Mormon book it says there were a blackness came upon all the children of Canaan that they were despised,” Hatch continued.

    “I’m sorry we’re just not going to have a discussion about religion in my view, but if you have a question, I’ll be happy to answer your question,” Romney said.

    “I guess my question is do you believe it’s a sin for a white man to marry and procreate with a black?” asked Hatch.

    “No,” Romney responded sternly, before turning to face the other side of the room.

    “Next question,” said Romney.


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