Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sarah Palin rattles her tin cup asking for more spare change from a room now virtually empty of supporters. Update!

Why isn't anybody giving me any money? I am still VERY important! Aren't I?
Even though she is now a laughingstock whose catastrophic addition to the McCain tickets is being used by EVERYBODY as a cautionary tale to warn Mitt Romney from making a similarly disastrous choice, Palin seems to be actively fighting the realization that she is finished as a political player in this upcoming election.

As you can see for yourself in this rather sad plea for money that arrived in the e-mail accounts of her few surviving supporters.

The media elites are predicting that the Tea Party isn’t going to be a difference maker in this Election. 

Many of them are also saying that I’m not going to have much of an impact. 

As usual, they don’t know what they are talking about.

Yes of course, THEY are the delusional ones!

Palin goes on to predict that Obama will be defeated, even though she has STILL adamantly refuses to acknowledges that Mitt Romney is his opponent. She essentially seems to be saying that the President will be defeated by HER efforts, and those of the Teabaggers, and acts as if Romney does not even exist. (As evidenced by the fact that his name does not appear ANYWHERE in the e-mail.)

Here is perhaps my favorite line from the ghostwritten plea for recognition.

 I don’t want my children and grandchildren working the rest of their lives just to pay off Obama’s debts. And, I’m willing to bet you don’t either.

So she doesn't want the money her children (and grandchildren) earn by pimping themselves out to reality shows and grifting from her supporters to go to pay off OBAMA'S debts?  Oh, that's rich!

Listen lady, can  I tell you something?

You are done, over, kaput. Nobody cares who or what you want anymore.

Look the only reason that I even continue to write about you is because you are the most famous symptom of a cancer within the Republican party which remains a very real and viable threat to our American political future. However you are a tiny tumor that has now been excised and no longer presents any threat of metastasizing into a larger, more dangerous problem for our country.

So I guess if you can still squeeze some pocket change from the few paint chip eaters who are still so simple minded that they cannot tell they are being used by you, then who am I to suggest that you suddenly develop the moral fiber not to do so?

However for your sake, and the sake of those youngsters who you claim to want to protect from the "Barackness Monster," perhaps you ought to stop pretending to be a politician, with campaigns yet to come, and simply spend some of your millions getting the therapy that you so obviously need and the multiple plastic surgeries that your ego will demand, and then settle down to raise your family.

Just a suggestion.

Update: Well thanks to an Anonymous commenter we finally have a visual representation of what Snowdrift Snooki has been selling all of these years.

Well you have to admit it IS an industrial size Crock of Shit.


  1. When she's on the streets of Anchorage, pushing a Wal-Mart kart full of 'consumables', dressed in 30 layers of filthy clothes begging for quarters, THEN watch how many of her 'supporters' show up to add quarters to her bucket..... Z E R O!!!!


    1. Baldy is at that Women's Conference in's a picture from some bot's FB...

      One word....FILTHY! She looks like she needs a bath...a shower...and then ANOTHER bath!

      And apparently Beefy/Nancy is on duty today to drum up dollars for BaldyPac...because Beefy's post is of Baldy's Ccrap speech...

      Oh..the funniest part of the post...Beefy/Nancy posted a picture of Baldy's we all know Baldy got the nastiest looking hooves this side of the Atlantic...well she doesn't disappoint in this shot! Check out the ashy wrinkled ankles and the toes going OVER the shoe....EWWWWWW! LOL!!!

    2. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Sorry, but I can't see from that Women's Conference picture whether she is dirty or not. The pic of her is too small and not very clear. *sigh*

    3. Anonymous7:39 PM

      she managed to stick her tongue out

      and seriously, does she ever buy shoes that fit. these are obviously brand new and still she slides down with a half-inch to spare at the ankle. gah.

    4. Anita Winecooler8:44 PM

      Holy Hooha!!! Gina, those zimbio photos scream for "Dose Change". She's got her hooker shoes on with her reptillian skin scaling off, her and another cook are looking up at something shiny, Beefy's in the audience with that "Can I have a vowel, Vanna?" look on her face,

      The last two are a hoohapallooza! First she's licking her lips, then she's got her lips covering her dentures while looking at notes.

      She's Whack! Most Def!

    5. Anonymous8:48 PM

      why are they posting shit from February??

      CPAC was feb.

  2. Not What You Want to Hear8:23 AM

    Can you believe she still has her defense fund website up, too? I wish someone at Fox would have the cajones to ask her why she believes other people should be paying for her bills, especially now that she's rich. (Actually, she had enough money while she was governor, too. If memory serves, her financial disclosures in the 2008 revealed she was worth well over a million bucks.)

    I'm actually surprised SarahPAC is still raising as much money as it is. It's not as much as it used to be, but still a hefty sum. I mean, I know her supporters are crazy, but this far gone? Really?? Wow.

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      It puzzles me who would donate to the SarahPac Palin Family Summer Vacation Slush Fund?

    2. When George Zimmerman can raise $200,000+ towards his defense - that SarahPAC can still get money is not so surprising - some real kooks out there still seem to have money to burn.

    3. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Yes, THAT far gone.

    4. Anonymous9:44 AM

      I think even the SarahPac donations will plummet after the last report on it's expenditures. They are finally beginning to see that she is NOT using the funds to support any candidates in this important election year. I think until now they could justify in their lil' demented minds that it would be used for a presidential run in 2012 and it did not materialize. But then she isn't using the monies to promote any of her teabagger friends either, just supporting her and Tawd's flambouyant lifestyles while asking her donators to go outwith basics.
      The last SarahPac report showed a good share of her few contributors were retiree's, and at some point they are going to figure out that they have no reason to suffer just so Tawd can hire more hookers. And it also showed another very telling sign, when they all had their drive to donate $20.12 to supprot her in 2012, there was only ONE person listed with that level of donation though many at ConPeers stated that they HAD given......either even the most loyal have stopped giving or there are more "paid posters" at C4P than we realized.

      Little Rabbit

    5. Anonymous10:20 AM

      TS - I was just going to post something similar. It would make a great tweet.

      George Zimmerman brought in $200,000 for his defense fund in a couple of days while SarahPAC brought in only $388,000 in 1st qtr. 2012.

      And her great budgeting skills show she spent more than she brought in.

      The Sarahpac gravy train is coming to an end Granny P. Maybe you should hurry up and right that book about Trig. I'm sure you'd make a ton off the book. There would be tons of interviews and magazine articles.

  3. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Sarah, you're a decrepit old whore...just disappear already.

    1. Anonymous8:48 AM

      "Sarah, you're a decrepit old whore...just disappear already."
      -AnonymousApr 28, 2012 09:26 AM

      That's not called for Todd!

      Be nice to your wife!

  4. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Support for what? Her boobs, her neck, her butt? Time to get a "rill" job, scarah.

  5. Anonymous8:39 AM

    The pickings are getting a little slim, huh Bitch. Why don't you raffle off some of Todd's wash cloths on ebay.

    1. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Dems wash cloths are Todd's prize possessions.
      That would really piss him off.

  6. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I'm not trying to be mean. If that is a recent picture of Sarah Palin then she is not aging well at all.

    You can see it in her face, neck, hands and now her arms. Her arms starting to look like the rest of her features. That of a 70 year old.

    If that is an older picture, then she must look worst now.

    Most women who were pretty when they were young ages gracefully when they get old, but not Sarah.

    Sarah is starting to look like her mother Sally.

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      That picture looks like it's from her appearance at the state fair in Iowa around caucus time last year.

    2. Ailsa2:38 PM

      If she had a good bit of work done at what is a relatively young age, then she will age more quickly - the little secret about which many plastic surgeons keep quiet.

      She also appears to have platysmal banding, which you can see clearly here

      This was pointed out by a plastic surgeon 3 years ago: Says Dr. Pearlman: “She has platysmal banding [horizontal lines in the skin on the neck], something that happens with age..."

      I think this resulting collapse in her jowls is why her jaw look more "square."

  7. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Looks like the quitter made some "changes" to her letter that you linked to. Because you posted it here. She's so think skinned, my gosh! AND she is completely oblivious to the FACT that she didn't give ANY money to these so called "candidates" as seen in the last filing. Spending OPM on videos about herself isn't helping the country she claims to love and her fans are on to that fact. The only thing she is interested in helping is her ever-fading image as a rogue fighter for the common man/woman/farmer. She just never had what it took to do the heavy lifting to actually lead. She was always in it for the quick fix, then short cut to the top and then realized that she actually HAD to work in order to stay there, so she quit. Bottom line Paylins: Winners never quit. Quitters NEVER win. Ever.

  8. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Look the only reason that I even continue to write about you is because you are the most famous symptom of a cancer within the Republican party which remains a very real and viable threat to our American political future.


    I think you'd anger her more if you just ignored her.

    1. Anita Winecooler8:52 PM

      Nah, she's got him on Google Alert, she keeps changing things according to the comments. If he ignored her, she'd be even more angry because any attention, especially bad attention, is good in her world.

      Hi Sarah!

      Say "Hi" to Trig on your next visitation day!

  9. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Looking at that picture I would say that the arthritis in Sarah's hands has gotten worst.

    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      I wouldn't even wish arthritis on Sarah.

      But her man-hands are exacerbated with her anorexia.

    2. Anonymous10:16 AM

      As well as the arthritis in her face. This Bitch is just down right ugly. She has the looks that only a Pedophile would love, right Chucky boy.

  10. Olivia8:53 AM

    Oh, I am pretty sure if she tried, she could have an amazing effect on this election, similar to her effect on the last one. I wonder, if she just keeps it up, how many people she will drive over to the President's side. She lost the election for McCain; if she jumps on the bandwagon for "Milt", we can expect a landslide for Obama. You go Sarah!!! Show us what you can do.

    1. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Sarah's influence is already being felt in this election. Whenever they mention a vice presidential choice for Romney, they mention choosing someone with experience instead of going for the "game changer" with looks, personality and nothing else.

  11. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I told you before Sarah! How come you don't listen to your IM blogger critics.

    Your fucking hairline is rapidly disappearing! You need to stop showing that big ass forehead of yours and get some fucking bang extensions.

    And while you're at it, do something about those crow's feet near your eyes!

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      She looks horrible again in yet another photo!!! Plus, where are her boobs? God, but she is a friggin' mess. Get over yourself Sarah, you are no longer relevant to the Republican party. You are an embarrassment to them as you are to Alaska residents.

      Go bury your head in the sand someplace or take a long, long hike in the Alaskan mountains!

  12. This might seem petty but who is writing this stuff for her?

    "The media elites are predicting that the Tea Party isn’t going to be a difference maker in this Election."

    "difference maker"? is that like a "decider"?

    1. Anonymous10:08 AM

      She'll draw small crowds at candidate events, get the press to report on her presence - but pull in stadium turn-outs and cash to her guys? Not enough couch coins to spread around anymore, they've exhausted their hard earned dollars three years ago.

    2. Anonymous12:29 PM

      "difference maker." That's a weird turn of phrase.

    3. Anita Winecooler8:57 PM

      She's like a community organizer, except she's disheveled and there's no "community" there.

  13. Anonymous9:05 AM

    "Sarah Palin rattles her tin cup asking for more spare change from a room now virtually empty of supporters."

    Sorry Gryphen, hate to disagree with you, but the sounds you hear is not coming Sarah Palin's tin cup rattling.

    It is coming from the marbles rattling in her tin head!

  14. Hi Sarah, Welcome Back!

    Quick question, Where's Trig's Birth Certficate?

    1. Tawd probably wadded it up in a washcloth, wrapped in a plastic baggie, shoved it in his pocket, then dumped the lot in the Dead, Toxic, Lake Lucille.

  15. Anonymous9:11 AM

    So sad.....

    Sarah went on stage as delusional as usual trying to beg for more money for SarahPac that she took her prop Trig up on stage with her telling the people how President Obama won't let Trig work in the Palin family commercial fishing business... Then Sarah was interrupted by the people listening to her speech.

    They were trying to tell Sarah that the child she was holding wasn't DS Trig.

    Sarah was holding Nancy French's chocolate colored skin baby by mistake.

    Boy was Sarah embarrassed.

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Dumb Bitch.

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      I don't believe SP has custody of TriG anymore.

  16. Anonymous9:14 AM

    $arah Palin is a sore-loser-grifter, who to needs to sit down, STFU! Even top republican strategists, including Karl Rove, have been predicting Mitt Romney is going to lose. A few weeks ago, Joe Scarborough said:

    "Nobody thinks Romney's going to win. Let's just be honest. Can we just say this for everybody at home?.... I've yet to meet anybody in the Republican establishment that worked for George W. Bush, that works in the Republican Congress, that worked for Ronald Reagan that thinks Mitt Romney is going to win the general election."

    That’s why none of the top names like Jeb Bush want to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, because they think he’s going to lose. Jeb Bush, and the others have their eye on 2016, and they don’t want to be on a losing team in 2012. That’s why Jeb Bush is keeping his distance from Mitt Romney. When Jeb Bush endorsed Mitt Romney, he didn’t even want to be seen with him. Instead, he released an unenthusiastic statement.

    Even Intrade is betting Mitt Romney is going to lose. Mitt Romney is the shittiest republican nominee in decades!

    Fuck $arah Palin!

    Obama/Biden 2012!

  17. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Mommy Dearest is still pushing Bristol into the celebrity scene with the new Unreality Show. Does she expect Bristol to be the Family's bread winner now?

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Sarah's promotion of Bristol always struck me as payoff and "keep your mouth shut" money, as opposed to grooming Bristol to be a breadwinner. The Palin family looks for the easy route to money, the route that doesn't require much thinking or working. Bristol does not have any special talent or abilities to warrant DWTS, giving speeches and/or TV reality show. In fact, the first two attempts (Massey Brothers and Life is a Tripp) seemed to have failed.

  18. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Sarah's speaking at the Extraordinary Women's conference in Birmingham, AL today. Somewhere I hear she's doing a meet and greet after the speech with picture-taking with her wonderfulness. Wonder if she'll be charging? She is going to squeeze every last cent out of her supporters.

    When will they say No, enough is enough. In fact, some of the attendees with tickets (at approx. $90) for the conference were trying to sell their tickets because of last minute change of plans. One lady had a family emergency, an accident in the family and was trying to unload her tickets on-line. Wonder if Sarah would be compassionate enough to refund her out of her own paycheque?

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Fools are allowed to give their money to whomever they want. The parasites are willing to take free money from anyone.

    2. Anonymous10:29 AM

      I think it was $250 for the meet and greet with Queen Esther and most of the lower tiered tickets were sold out, but not Sarah's special package.

      They don't like me...They really don't like me :(

      Poor grifter.

    3. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Isn't tonight the date for her Exceptional Women speech? Wonder what the turn-out will be for that. Last I heard, the special VIP Sarah package was not sold out. The conference itself was a sell-out, but the Sarah package was not. Am waiting to hear details of the results. The speech will take place in the south. If she can't get a full sell-out crowd there, she's truly in trouble.

  19. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I completely agree with you about her, Gryphen, but I do think if people like you were to stop writing about her, she might possibly rise again... We live in a screwed up world. (Plus in doing so you keep HER on notice, which tempers her actions and ambitions somewhat, I have to believe.)

    So keep doing what you're doing, if you have the stomach and energy for it. She'll do most of it for you, of course.

    Forever grateful.

  20. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Really, how much does it cost for her to sit at her desk at home and type in a small letter of endorsement on her facebook? She could read the newspapers, watch the pundits, decide who she supports and just type in the name of her favorite. Why does she need all those PAC donations in the thousands to make a difference?

    With all the community needs and poverty, it's sickening how these PACS use so much money in counselling fees, and "postage" and overhead costs just to have Sarah endorse one candidate on her facebook. None of it makes sense.

    1. Palin sux12:06 PM

      I'm on my phone so I won't re type it,

      But your second sentence is the MOST humorously deluded comment I have seen yet!

      It's not to insult you; I am genuinely shocked that anyone who has read about Palin would even bother to suggest that she $ truly $ contribute in any way.

      Her talking points, facebook rants, tweets, letters, and scripts are all written for her.

      She has absolutely ZERO desire to participate in ACTUAL politics and policy. That is why you have NEVER heard anything remotely cogent from this rube about policy. She knows absolutely...nothing.

      And, she simply doesn't care,

      And will NEVER change.

  21. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Where are the Belmont twins in that photo?

    1. Anonymous9:39 AM

      Where are the Belmont twins in that photo?

      On the hotel floor along with her panties. The Secret Service will return them when they pay Todd for Sarah's services.

    2. Palin sux12:07 PM

      After the uproar, Brisdull used them as floaties for Tripp.

    3. Anita Winecooler9:01 PM

      They got spooked and ran off into the wilderness

  22. Anonymous9:34 AM

    "Sarah Palin rattles her tin cup asking for more spare change from a room now virtually empty of supporters."

    Dang it Bristol! Calm down! Don't get upset over this! Your mother will return your tin cup shortly so that you can go begging for your money too.

    Remember you are a commercial fishing family!

    There's plenty of fish out there for the two of you to grift from.

    1. Palin sux12:09 PM

      Brisdull uses her very own old beer can, thank you very much!

      She has Some dignity!


  23. Anonymous9:37 AM


    That shit is aging you rapidly.

    1. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Meth will mess you up, Sarah and Todd's sister...someone on meth came to me yesterday asking for referrals after his van was hit broadside and he had let his insurance lapse a couple of days before. The cop said did you realize you were driving with a suspended license for non payment of child support? He said if he'd had the money, he would have paid the insurance and the child support. You'd have had the money if you hadn't spent it on meth and I'm not messing up MY reputation by referring anyone to YOU.

  24. Anonymous9:38 AM

    She endorsed some Teabagger and immediately after that hit the air, her devoted fans report there is a new plea for $$ for SarahPAC. Will be interesting to see if she donated any money to the guy. Bet not. She doesn't have much left.

    Who will pay for Trig's nannies once the money dries up?

    How will they continue to keep all those in AK with stuff to share quiet.

  25. Anonymous9:42 AM

    So she's asking for other people's money so she can use it to stop President Obama from paying off debts that he never incurred. She's asking for OPM so she can pay a whole lot of people to manage her SarahPAC so she can write a statement on her facebook, admonishing everyone not to vote for President Obama.

    If she just wrote on her facebook "vote for the other guy", without other people's money, wouldn't that be more fiscally conservative?

  26. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Well if they send Miss Belmont Boobs money that is all the less they have for themselves to live on.

    When they wake up they will be broke.

    1. Palin sux12:20 PM

      The thing is, I believe the majority of fools who donated bought into her entire charade, despite the fact it was perfectly obvious she had no business accepting that position.

      Anyway, these fools really believed that Sarah gave a shit...about anything.

      Because she TOLD them she did. But, alas, her actions spoke loudly and differently.

      So they donated to this little spitfire, this patriotic, up by her fishing boot straps hometown mom, mayor and governor,

      Because they believed that she would DO something, something BIG, something GREAT.

      And they waited, and waited.

      She sent letters and emails SPECIFICALLY ASKING FOR MORE MONEY so that she, Sarah, could effect REAL CHANGE on their behalf!

      President would be AMAZING! But if GOD told her NO, then so be it.

      There are still so many ways to stand up for change as Sarah kept saying time and time and time again.

      And they waited.

      And Sarah has delivered,

      Absolutely. Nothing.

      They have noticed.

  27. Boscoe10:00 AM

    One has to assume that anyone still stupid enough to donate to SarahPAC simply has never looked at the annual statements to see where their money is going.

    Almost NOTHING spent supporting the campaigns of "Constitutional Conservatives", but LOTS of money spent promoting $arah's bizarre form of D-list celebrity.

    Just to get this straight in my mind; these are people who agonize over being Taxed Enough Already, yet with beaming pride throw cash at The Palin so she can paint up a bus and go on vacation (i.e. photo-ops at national monuments to use in future image marketing) and buy absurdly ugly/expensive poker chip jewelry on their dime.

    Seriously, what has she done for the "conservative movement" that required any PAC money? All she ever does is show up on FOX, and Fox PAYS her to do THAT!

    Seriously 'Bots, what has $$arah actually DONE FOR YOU? Your money freed her to spend every waking moment fighting tirelessly for your ideals! Does showing up for 8 minutes two or three times a week on Fox sound like "every waking moment" or "tirelessly"? Are your standards *really* that low?

    I'd demand a refund.

    1. Palin sux12:37 PM


      I replied one too early!

      Great comment!

  28. Sally in MI10:02 AM

    I don't want my grandchildren paying for any more of the GOP's wars, either. Somehow the party of the personized egg thinks war is a fine way to spend most of our budget. I will never, ever understand that. Reagan sent this country into a canyon, and I'm not sure we will ever find the collective sanity to say "ENOUGH!!"

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      "Party of the Personalized Egg". Love it!!!

      Is it PPE now instead of GOP??? LOL.

      They really are a bunch of angry nutsos. And putting on the pretense that they really care about children and babies!? As If.

  29. Celebrity rehab in 3 ... 2... 1. And, remember, the biggest "FU!" we can give to Sarah and her sad, grifter family is a (insert drum roll) Democratic LANDSLIDE!!!

    Go, Mr. President!! My President. We've got your back.

  30. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Sarah, you must not be wearing enough toon t-shirts, Belmont bras, the wonder-woman flag bracelet and Christ/Israel/American Flag bling.

    Ramp it up babe, and stick your tongue out a lot more also too. That seems to do something for ya.

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Yep, there it is again

  31. Anonymous10:05 AM

    It is too late for her to raise her family, they raised themselves - badly. Everyone knows Trig is not her son. Seeing Piper on that begging for donations "vacation" by bus, I predict she will be the Bitch from Hell when she gets into her teen years. Hprrible role models, and she was a prissy, spoiled brat early on. The best is yet to come from this low life grifting family. I wonder why they consider themselves "special" when not one of them is well educated or talented? I hope the Scret Service agent who is shopping a tell all is the one that Toad introduced to his "girls" at the massage parlor.

    1. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Do you have a link to the story about the SS agent that is shopping a tell-all? That's some interesting news.


  32. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Here's a pic that fits nicely with Sarah's current grifting campaign.

  33. KatieAnnieOakley10:10 AM

    27 comments in the past two hours on this post?


    All those socialistic, atheistic commie feminazi liberals must be choosing to wash their hair or scoop cat litter rather than post a comment on a $arah Palin story here on IM!!

    Seriously - I've had more fun watching paint dry.

    Interest in Palin has almost faded away to nothingness.

    Ding-dong - the bitch be GONE!

    - KAO

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

      We were all at the march against the GOP's war on women.

  34. Anonymous10:22 AM

    The IRS should come a-knocking at the Palin's door, looking into this Pac and her legal fees fund. Al Capone thought HE was above the law, too, but was brought down by tax evasion then syphilis got him.

  35. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Obama's debts? Have we paid off Bush's yet?

    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      "Paying off Obama's debts"???????????????

      The Constitution provides that CONGRESS is the one that decides how much money can be spent – on anything. All the president can do under the Constitution is to propose a budget to Congress, but Congress has all the power in the world to change and alter that budget any way it wishes. Once Congress gets through making all its changes and deletions, all the president has the power to do under the Constitution is to either pass the budget or veto it.

      Here, Sarah, is a list of all of Congress's powers under the Constitution. These powers belong to Congress, and NOT to President Obama. When there are screw-ups in these departments, it is Congress's fault, not President Obama's fault – because THOSE ARE NOT HIS POWERS.

      Among the powers specifically given Congress in Article I Section 8, are the following:

      To lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

      TO BORROW MONEY ON THE CREDIT OF THE UNITED STATES (got that, Sarah? President Obama is NOT responsible for the debt – Congress is!! Please memorize this portion, before you open your mouth about the debt again);

      To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes;

      To establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States;

      To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures;

      To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States;

      To establish post offices and post roads;

      To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries;

      To constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court;

      To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations;

      To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;

      TO RAISE AND SUPPORT ARMIES, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years; (Please remember this section before you blame the president for issues involving the military: those issues are CONGRESS'S responsibility)

      To provide and maintain a navy; (ditto)

      To make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces; (ditto)

      To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions;

      To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, reserving to the states respectively, the appointment of the officers, and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

      To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten miles (16 km) square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings.

      Meanwhile, shame, shame, shame, on you, Sarah Palin.

  36. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Gryphen, at least have the decency to give credit where credit s due: The Screechy Wretch(tm) isn't just a laughingstock, she's an INTERNATIONAL laughingstock. Why are you trying to spare her feelings? She has a still spine and thick skin, also, too. She can handle the truth!!


  37. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Just looked in at C4P and those people are beyond delusional. They are still thinking that Palin is going to ride into Tampa and be nominated at the convention. She has written space in a strip mall down the street from the convention. She gets more pathetic as time goes on. Why would she set up a booth unless she is planning to grift some more of her and Bristol's books. I guess they will also have that pervert book with her dad on the cover. I mean really it would seem that someone in the RNC would tell her to STFU and go away already.

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      I think the RNC DID tell her to STFU and go away. She was not invited to speak, nor do I think she was invited to attend.

      So, just like her Bus Tour to Nowhere, she will park her fat ass as close as she can get to the action - in a strip mall shop to peddle what she peddles.

      Can you imagine what her presence at the convention would do? Remind everybody there what an old fool McCain was to select her as his running mate.

    2. Anonymous1:04 PM

      Sarah Palin and her supporters are beyond delusional if they think the GOP is going to hand her the nomination in Tampa. Even Meh won't go for that.

      In just 4 years Sarah Palin went from being the star at the RNC convention to renting a space at a nearby strip mall. This is just too sad/funny.

      She'll probably be selling copies of Going Rogue, America by Heart, The Undefeated, Not Afraid to Live, and most recent attempt to con supporters...Our Sarah.

      "Will that be credit or debit?"

    3. Anonymous4:05 PM

      "Will that be credit or debit?"

      Or piece of ass?

  38. Tawd....get over here with that spackle10:38 AM

    How will Sarah and Bristol maintain their plastic surgery if the PAC money continues to dry up?

    Ever seen the movie "Death Becomes Her" with Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn? They take a potion to become younger looking and immortal, but there is a warning that they must take care of their bodies. They try to kill each other and end up having Bruce Willis use cement, spackle and tons of make-up to put them back together. I picture Tawd as the Bruce Willis character running around after Bristol and Sarah with a spackling knife and spray paint trying to keep them looking yound and normal. I hope Tawd bones up on his spackling skills. Maybe his friends who helped built the house can help hold Bristol and Sarah together.

  39. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Oh my God, this is what she looks like coming out in public. Contrast that with the First LADY Michelle Obama. Hell, even contrast her with that other knucklehead, Michele Bachmann. At least Bachmann is presentable in her appearance, and shows evidence that she baths.

  40. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Have you noticed when she posts to FB that SP is lucky to get 300 comments when she used to get thousands of comments? I love it!

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      I've noticed that, too, lately.

    2. Anonymous4:05 PM

      From past experience, 250 of the comments that Sarah received were probably written by Sarah using different names.

  41. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Passing the tin cup/the hat?!? LMAO...oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Many of her supporters are coming out of their stupor and they aren't willing to hand-over their hard earned cash to the grifter.

  42. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Palin is a 'crock of shit'! She has brought all the dislike and angry commentary upon herself and family throughout the years due to being a proven liar and fraud.

    Toad has disappeared - has anyone noticed? "Boys Will be Boys" having some kind of effect on him by any chance? The 'pimping asshole' married to the 'money grubbing whore'! They are a perfect team that should be in jail!!!

    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      I sincerely hope Todd is being investigated for his prostitution ring. He wasn't servicing low end users, but rather high level people. I'd sure like to know where the profits from his business went. Most likely not to the IRS. Are Sarah and Todd so "estranged" that she did not know about the money he was making on the side?

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Ha! Tawd has disappeared? Maybe Sarah kicked him to the dog house for palling around with hookers.

    3. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Maybe Sarah kicked him to the dog house for palling around with hookers.

      Sarah kicked him to the curb because Todd didn't give Sarah her cut of Shailey Tripp's prostitution money.

  43. Anonymous11:28 AM

    The most galling thing is that she writes the funds will help "take back the Senate". SarahPac's first quarter financial statements show that she spent no money towards the success of other Tea Party candidates, but on herself alone. And these folks think that the federal government is wasteful....

  44. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Someone writing a comment here mentioned Sarah's promotion of Bristol for a TV Reality Show. This should be the final word about the latest attempt to market Bristol's "Trial Marriage" not-so-real reality show:

    These so-called “trial marriages” hurt men, women, and children. So, all of you girls who’ve said yes to sex in the wrong context know this: you don’t have to say yes to living with someone in the wrong context too.

    The person who wrote the above is none other than Bristol:

    Here is Bristol's conclusion: I guess it’s unanimous. Because now we have the Bible, the New York Times, and even Beyonce suggesting the best way to secure relationship success is to… “put a ring on it.” Good luck with that Trial Marriage aka Shaking Up TV Reality Show, Bristol. Troll that!

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Well, that means the she will have no reality show, as no one has picked up "Life's a Tripp". Lifetime was trying really hard to do the Trial Marriage show because they had so much footage of Gino living with Bristol, coming, going, basically living in her house. That's why Lifetime decided to promote "Trial Marriage", because Gino was around ALL of the time during taping. I guess if Bristol is saying no then there will be no reality show for her. Too bad for Bristol; I guess Sarah stepped in and reminded Bristol that she is "christian" now and can't have her shacking up shown on a reality show. Well, that is Bristol's current reality and if she wants to try to make it seem otherwise, I guess it's going to cost her a show, and the accompanying paycheck. Not that it matters to Bristol, because she has a "real job" at the derm's office... ;-)

  45. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I wonder what she has done to make her face look so manly? I wonder if she is taking some kind of hormone? I know that she has ass fat in her face. Isnt she a fan of ketamine? I wonder if the IRS is waiting to pounce on their books..I wonder....

    1. Anonymous2:35 PM

      I wonder what she has done to make her face look so manly?

      Sarah probably used some of Bristol's ass fat.

  46. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Which of Sarah's props will show up at the strip mall in Tampa? Bristol and Tripp for sure; probably Piper. Probably not Trig - too much to handle. Todd? ummmm, maybe not. He has some business to take care of in Anchorage.

    1. Anonymous2:34 PM

      Todd does not leave the Anchorage area. Todd was given asylum and protection by the Anchorage Police Dept. If he leaves their jurisdiction he is liable to be picked up for several federal crimes and violations.

      I think Todd is more worried about former his prostitutes finding him and kicking his ass if he doesn't have the APD protection.

    2. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Todd doesn't leave Anchorage b/c he has police protection there? What if the FBI or IRS is investigating Todd. Does he just hole up in the city jail until they go away? The APD destroyed evidence that linked Todd to prostitution. That's a crime, isn't it?

      Is the APD giving him a security detail to protect him from citizens who may have an ax to grind with Todd? Is Todd the Bully in danger?

      I hope so.

  47. Anonymous1:33 PM

    old bristol
    by Walter Brasch
    AR Senior Correspondent
    Bloomsburg, Pa.,451W/322.html

    At least one viewer told the Washington Post he not only had used fake emails to vote hundreds of times, he also told others how to do it.

  48. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Sarah, all you are now for the republicans is a "Cautionary Tale."


    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      "Cautionary Tale." huh?
      Do you mean "Cautionary Ass?"

    2. Dinty5:19 PM

      Cautionary Fail

  49. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Glad to see what we a.ll know was true - an admission by one of the bots. Bristol danced like a heffalump. I wonder what poor Mark Ballas really thought about Bristol and her Family.

    1. Anonymous2:29 PM

      "I wonder what poor Mark Ballas really thought about Bristol"

      Mark couldn't even pop a woody when he was grinding on Brisket on the DWTS's ballroom floor. So what do you think?

  50. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Just out of curiosity, since Sarah has no chance of being elected to any office in Alaska until everyone who voted for her as governor is long dead, why did she not set up residency in Arizona (brown people) or say Kentucky (Black people) or Texas (Black and brown people), or Maine (pretty much all white and an empty Senate seat)?
    Presumably she has no ambitions to run for election on her own record, and since she is not sucking up to Romney to get a plumb appointment to the Azores or some other remote island, then what are her ambitions? What does she think she is reloading for?

  51. Anonymous2:08 PM

    i agree with all the comments about sarah looking emaciated like a meth user BUT i see why they showed her in "game change" having a melt down and her whining that she is too fat. she is fat.
    fat in her legs and arms and flabby, flat backend.

    she can drink all the red bull she wants and starve herself but she can't get rid of those thunder thighs and you know she hates them! seriously, what is up with that a** and those thighs?

    sarah, you better start running and running and not for president either. you better try to run off some of that fat because you are only getting older.
    time is marching right across your face and the rest of you looks like something time left behind.

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Sarah might do many drugs to assist with weight loss, but Meth could not be one of them. People who say that Sarah does Meth has obviously not seen the damage that Meth does; tooth loss, open sores, and overall lack of functionality. There are many drugs that one can do that lead to weight loss, but if Sarah Palin was doing Meth it would be apparent because she'd finally disappear. Methheads don't leave their homes very often and certainly are not functional speaking individuals. They live and die by the pipe, while picking their sores and pulling out their teeth.

    2. Anonymous4:33 PM

      This is ridiculous. I hope you're joking because the least of my problem with Sarah Palin is the size of her thighs. Thunder thighs they are not. They may not be toned but that's a different issue. My upper arms are probably bigger around than her legs. She's a toothpick. I'll give her that.

    3. Anonymous5:33 AM

      Meth was prevalent and she most likely did smoke at a time, along with other drugs. Sarah does maintain her dental work. Lindsay Lohans teeth improved within weeks after the public noticed. Not all meth addicts are at the end stages. There are some that do manage, for awhile, to function. It is also common for addicts to go from one drug to another. She may be using other forms of speed, also downers. That is how many of them keep going. Things like Adderall and Red Bull are in her diet. She possibly is under medical care of some type or there are other ways to get medication or drugs. She is not a well person. One way or another drugs have damaged her and she does not show the signs of being drug free. It may be too late, some damage is forever.

  52. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Lol Sarah Palin went from VP candidate to Game Changer to Hail Mary Pass to the current example of how Romney should not pick a vp candidate.

    What a fucking looser.

    1. Anonymous3:15 PM

      I think the word is "loser". Spellcheck can be your best friend :-)

    2. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Hay your write. My misteak.

    3. Anonymous3:59 PM

      "loser" would of been the correct word.

      However "looser" is an actual word so spell-check wouldn't of corrected it. Sorry!

    4. Anonymous6:04 PM

      Sorry, pet peeve alert. It's wouldn't *have,* not wouldn't *of.* Also, would've, not would *of.* I see this on here constantly and it detracts from the message and makes your writing look less polished.

      (first time I've ever corrected anyone on here, I swear)

    5. Anonymous3:29 AM

      Seeing as we're picking on spelling errors, my pet peeve is using "of" instead of "have". Should be "loser" would HAVE been the correct word...... spell-check wouldn't HAVE corrected it. There, got that out of my system!

  53. During my upcoming trip to the US, the place I'll be telling people who ask me where I'm from is Australia. I really don't want to mention I'm from Alaska (thru 5 decades) as I DO NOT want to have to talk about the Creature From Lake Lucille as It's name invariably gets queried when someone finds out I'm from Alaska.

    Even my cat's vet down here in South Oz asked about The Creature From Lake Lucille when I told him I was from Alaska (I don't have an Aussie accent so folks always ask where I'm from, wasn't a problem pre-fall of 2008), I glared a bit and said, "fraud, fake, liar, criminal." He changed the subject right quick.

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Sorry Dave that you are ashamed of your AK heritage. Alaska is so much more than Palin! I'm not sure where you are from in AK, but really, you should be proud to have lived here. All places have their negative connotations. I for one don't judge all Aussies based on their poor treatment of the Aborigines or the fact that environmentally Australia ranks at the top of the worst offenders in the world.

      Places are geographic locations, land mountains and ocean, that happen to harbor both good and bad people. Remember the preciousness of our Alaskan outdoors and don't be ashamed because of one stupid woman with one very stupid agenda. Australia is a fantastic place as well, physically, regardless of the politics involved in running your country. There has been as much crazy in Oz as there is in AK.

  54. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Is this why Willow was home schooled?


    AnonymousApr 28, 2012 03:08 PM
    I believe Willow was removed from public view for this very reason. All the Palin kids (excluding Trig) are hoodlums. That's what we called this kind of behavior back in my day.

    They act like entitled rich kids - causing trouble but never having to pay for it. Mommy and Daddy will get them off the hook every time.

    AnonymousApr 28, 2012 03:13 PM
    Bristol and Track were hard partyers back in Juneau in 2007, Sarah's first year as gov. Remember the MV Pacifica - the party boat where under aged kids drank alcohol, did drugs of all sorts, and had sex. Regulars were Track and Bristol. Bristol was "dating" Dylan Kolvig at the time, and his father owned the boat. It mysteriously burned and sank. The incident was covered up. I always thought Dylan was the father of Bristol's first baby.

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:17 PM

      Interesting that Trig and Kolvig end in the same letters.

  55. Randall4:00 PM

    Yeah, Gryf...

    You remember those blow-up clowns with the weighted base that keep bouncing back up after you punch them in the nose?

    Continuing to write about Sarah is kind of like "punching the clown"

    ...pointless, really, but still quite a bit of fun.

    1. Anonymous5:16 PM

      "Continuing to write about Sarah is kind of like "punching the clown"

      I always thought the Palins were like the Whack A Moles at the pizza parlors.

      They keep popping their heads up and everybody keeps pounding the shit out of the Palins until they go back into their septic tanks.... then it starts all over.

    2. Anonymous5:38 AM

      "Continuing to write about Sarah is kind of like "punching the clown"

      Those things deflate and end up in landfills. They never last. Some fun for a time.

  56. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Sarah Palin is starting to look like a shar-pei dog.

    No offense to shar-pei dogs.

  57. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Is this why Willow was home schooled?

    I think somebody owes Willow an apology (Sarah) for taking Willow out of school because she was embarrassing you and your grifting career. It wasn't just her, am I right Willow?

    Sarah, it was not only Willow that ruined you, you have to consider Todd's pimping career, Bristol's revealing how she was a sexual promiscuous teenage tramp, Track's juvenile deviant acts that endangered the children of Alaska along with your shortcomings such as your Couric interview and your speeches, the Wasilla hockey rink debacle, quitting your governorship to make money from the legislation you recently passed, along with the Wasilla Hill Billies ransacking clothes stores up and down the coasts, all those babies from Sally-Sarah-Track and Bristol being conceived before marriage and everything else your delinquents got away with. That's not even a tenth of what you retards have done.

    So don't just blame Willow.

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Sarah took Willow out of school for nothing. Sarah's career went belly up any way.

      Willow missed out in learning other skills like how to socialize with teachers and other students. Instead Willow ran around Los Angeles showing her camel toe while underage Bristol frequented bars riding mechanical bulls and getting all wet and slipping off. Then Willow went cross country in the lower 48 with her boyfriend picking up snowmobiles for Todd instead of going to school. How come Willow's boyfriend, booty call, fiance or whatever he is wasn't in school?

      Does anybody really think Willow stayed home and studied for her GED? Didn't she have a pregnancy scare and announced she was engaged before getting her GED?

      If you think Willow stayed home to study, I have an over priced hockey rink to sell you.

  58. Anonymous5:08 PM

    If Romney picks Sarah Palin to be his running mate, will Todd supply us with prostitutes to guard his wife?

    Todd did set a precedent last time by giving Shailey Tripp to some of our co-workers.

    We expect nothing less.

  59. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Where's Todd?

    Sarah: “Heck, all they had to do was ask me or ask Todd himself, “Hey Todd, you been hanging out with hookers in Anchorage?

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Todd: Yup

  60. Anonymous7:03 PM

    How about the Alaska Dairy industry put a picture of Pimp Daddy Todd on their milk cartons warning the citizens of Alaska about the man who walks around town with used condoms wrapped in face cloths in his pockets? They can even take it further and put that same warning on the school children's lunch milk cartons.

    Consider it a Public Service Announcement

  61. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Scary sary does look like a mild meth addict. The difference in some meth addicts is that she has money to clean up and the down and out addicts are stuck. The palins are such a miserable bunch and it is showing. It is very true that Alaska is a beautiful state, full of history and the last great frontier. Alaska will silence the palins and put them in their place. Jail.

    1. Anonymous10:10 PM

      Meth is not a drug you do mildly. It consumes you. If anything Sarah is a pill popper. She can still function publicly but still takes its toll physically.

    2. $he has the ragged-out look of a coke head, not the hollowed-out look of a tweaker.

      Plus, coke can be used discretely ~ no lingering give-away odor.

      ... just her $tyle.

    3. Anonymous5:45 AM

      I know meth addicts that can go on for years.
      One that dated a friend is in her mid 40's. Was in a local documentary years back. Is still going strong, but using meth and heroin to keep what she calls a balance. She also uses the emergency room at the hospital to get drugs. The staff knows but have to treat her for medical condition (brought on by drug use). It is a crazy cycle. She can clean up and not look so bad. She is known as a grifter and a whore. Also does a gambling routine, can't stop. Has been banded from casino but still goes. Wears wigs and any thing to change her look.

    4. Anonymous6:20 AM

      I will add that the meth head I know does not look hollowed-out. She does not do botox, can't afford it and no injections. Wears make up. She is short and not fat but roundish. Does not look like the typical meth user. I would have never guessed she uses meth. She does have some mouth issues, but not as bad as Sarah Palin.

  62. Anonymous7:47 PM

    The measure of your worth as a human being, is what you do with your life while you are here, and what legacy you leave behind when you depart. The Bitch is a piece of shit while she is here, and her legacy will be how she destroyed the lives of her kids and grandchildren, when she is gone. The name Palin, will be vilified as much as the name Hitler is around the world. You will be in good company Bitch.

  63. Anita Winecooler9:07 PM

    I've always wondered what door would open to her after she realizes no body is buying what she's selling anymore? She's reliving the glory days of the campaign, where throngs of rabid baggers waited for hours to applaud her speeches, get their books signed, and pay for a photograph with her.

    Now she's scraping the bottom of the barrel, even the GOP ignores her, every vicarious grift through Bristol has been an epic fail, I doubt Willow's in any condition to be used for money, so now she's left to begging for dollars?

    1. Soon, $he'll be playing in pool halls and bowling alleys.

      Heh heh.

  64. Anonymous6:13 AM

    If this was a one time thing, no big deal. It happens all the time with Sarah.

    You would think even the Pbots would be concerned. She needs help, not enablers. The history channel had a good program on the Third Reich (1933-1945) last night. I know there have been many of these. This was interesting because it was made with home movies by German citizens and others.

    Didn't Adoph use meth? I thought he was the original meth user. This series showed the deliria of the people following him. Some great crowd shots and beautiful attractive women who looked crazed and mad in their adulation of him. Also the boys and girls camps and how it revolved on reproducing their race. One teen wrote her mother that of the 48 girls at camp, 35 were pregnant, and she was one. The very upset mother went to the camp and the daughter told her she would report her mother to the leader and the leader would violate the mother for interfering with the progress of the nation. It bought out how sex was used and women were speacial because they were mothers. Of course, children were removed and taken into training camps. It went into more depth and of course one would be reminded of you know who.

  65. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Now, that is truly what a money grubbing SLUT looks like. Hey RAM and Bristol, do you agree?


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