Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tim Pawlenty says, "Fuck it." Quits job as co-chair and abandons Mitt Romney's failing campaign.

"Fuck this, I'm gone!"
Courtesy of Yahoo News:

Tim Pawlenty quit as co-chair of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign on Thursday to become one of Wall Street's top lobbyists in Washington. Pawlenty, a former governor of Minnesota, will lead the Financial Services Roundtable. 

The move came with Romney's campaign struggling to find its stride with just seven weeks left before Election Day. Polls show the former Massachusetts governor running neck and neck with President Barack Obama in a contest both sides predict will be very close. But Romney's campaign has been grappling with a video showing him seemingly writing off Obama supporters as having a "victim" mindset and being reliant on government handouts. And Republicans outside the campaign have been grumbling that the campaign needs a shot in the arm. 

"It is an honor to call Mitt and Ann my friends," Pawlenty said in a written statement released by the Romney campaign. "As the campaign moves into the home stretch, he has my full support and continued faith in his vision and his policies."

I have been listening to a few pundits trying to suggest that this is no big deal, and that it happens all of the time to campaigns, but that is just bullshit.

It happens to campaigns that are doomed!

If Tim Pawlenty thought that Romney had a Mormon snowball's chance in Christian hell of winning this election, he would hang on for dear life to Mitt the Twit's coattails in the hopes of scoring one of those sweet Cabinet positions. Perhaps Secretary of the Beige Interior, or something fitting like that.

Look, clearly Pawlenty is one of the smarter rats jumping this sinking ship, hoping that he can swim far enough away to not get caught in the vortex it creates as it slips beneath the icy waves of the "Sea of Crushed Political Aspirations," but I seriously doubt he will be the LAST rat to flee.

"Swim faster T-Paw it's going down fast!"


  1. T-Paw's not built exactly like Michael Phelps with an Olympic swimmer's physique, you know...

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Timmy "Mr Excitement" Pawlenty's dreams are going up in smoke along with those of Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and all of the good American of our fine Republican't Party. The horror. The horror.

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I'm sure Mitt wants to quit too but his wife won't let him.

    1. fromthediagonal3:52 PM

      anon 3:15,you may have a point.
      Ann(toinette) wants the White House badly. That is very obvious.

    2. Anonymous4:15 PM

      I call her Little Offended Annie.

      But I did see someone on HuffPo call Mitt

      Romney Boo Boo

    3. Anonymous4:19 PM

      I believe Ann is the,one whose dream this is, and she is the one who is pushing him to make this fool out of himself.

    4. Anonymous4:45 PM

      Honey Boo Boo & Money Boo Boo

    5. Anonymous3:43 AM

      Little Offended Annie.
      Can I steal that?
      VERY good!

  4. Anonymous3:19 PM

    To paraphrase Shep Smith - That from Tim Pawlenty... politics is weird... and creepy.

  5. Anonymous3:23 PM

    did he jump or was he pushed? Either way, he saved whatever Republican creds he has.
    Sarah: don't wait by your telephone to hear the call from Boston askng you to step in and give campaign advice. Better to watch your mooseburgers defreeze.

  6. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Sarah Palin is looking for a job, maybe she should send Mitt Romney her resume and apply to be the co-chair of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign?

    Loser Runner Up Miss Alaska

    Bedded an out of state black basketball player in her sister's college dorm room while her boyfriend Todd patiently waited for her at home to return.

    Mayor of a one moose town who had to hire a town manager

    Grandmother to a homophobic bastard grandchild

    Mother to a breaking and entering gang leader high school drop out.

    Mother to a 16 year old high school mother whose sole purpose in life is to find a trial husband, dance and get on a reality show.

    Wife to Pimp Daddy Todd who lost in a manly reality show to a couple of hot females.

    Mother to a child belonging to Curt Menard Jr who cut school bus brake lines but went on to be a non combat Combat Vet.

    As governor of a state, had the state dissolve the family car wash business.

    Helped John McCain loose his presidential race.

    Quit her job as governor for the good of Alaska before her term was up and immediately became a millionaire for the good of Sarah.

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Maybe FOX News will hire Sarah Palin?

  7. Blue Girl Liz3:33 PM

    What, no 'I'm going home to spend more time with my family'..because this ship is sinking....either that or he's been caught in a sex scandal we haven't heard about yet...
    No,Pawlenty has seen the proverbial 'writing on the wall.' He's bailing - as are many Republican politicians who are up for re-election. Hey, scum bag, piss ants..don't let Fox News' bath-house doors hit you in the ass...

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Cue the Titanic theme music. Mitt and TPaw sharing a door to float on and T Paw tells me to scram. Glub Glub Glub

  9. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Pawlenty had to quit now! He had to suck that tit before it runs dry! He has inside information!

    When Willard rMONEY and Lyin Paul Ryan win there will be no more Wall Street lobbyists in Washington D.C.

    That influence peddling and crony capitalism will be drowned in the bathtub!

    Pawlenty quitting actually proves he thinks Romney Ryan will win! Otherwise, why quit before his term is up? ( Waves to Sarah Palin- Hi Half Term!)

  10. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Taking a top lobbying position for Wall Street just double bold underscores what Pawlenty and Repubs are all about.

  11. Anonymous3:45 PM

    With his politically astute "Fuck it, I quit" attitude, Pawlenty would've been a great losing VP candidate, much like that other legendary "Fuck it, I quit" loser, Sarah Palin.

    For at least another four years, Sarah's legacy as the worst ever fucking political candidate for national office is still safe. She set the bar so low, she just might hold that title forever. Just sayin'.

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Finally a title she's deserving of.

  12. Anonymous3:46 PM

    How about Bristol Palin applying for Pawlenty's job?

    Bristol Palin:

    Reality Star

    All Star Ballroom Dancer

    Motivational Abstinence Speaker

    16 hours a year office manager with some high school experience

    Author: Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #184,960 in Books

    Highly recommend / Comments from Amazon -
    “It seems like this book was just an excuse to make a quick buck. ”

    "Really ?!?! Like she is the only person to have a child out of wedlock, when she is a teenager, has limited education....the book is just plain old silly"

    "I picked up a copy of this book at a local used book store. I can't believe half of what she writes, crazy stuff like didn't know that alcohol would make her drunk. Just like her Mom she seems to be very self absorbed and unconcerned, the whole thing seems to be, to hell with truth and facts when what she has to say is all we need to know. I'm shocked that she doesn't seem to care about the impact on Tripp when he gets old enough to read the stuff she says about his Dad. It seems that making $$$ is more important than the well being of her child."

    "How can anyone hold her up as a role model?

    Just like her mother she is making money on her fame - just like some reality show."

    "Despite being a high school graduate, Bristol (and consequently, her ghostwriter Nancy French) writes like a high school drop out. Short, choppy sentences do not make for a happy reader. She seems to totally fixate on Levi and their relationships. It grew tiresome fast."

    "I would be appalled if my daughter sat down and wrote a book about getting drunk, getting pregnant and saying she knowingly quite taking birth control pills. This is pure trash and just goes to show Bristol will stoop to any lengths to make a buck. And all this whining about the McCains? Get real and grow up! The falin Palins will do anything to make a buck and will ALWAYS follow a money trail...shame on Sarah for endorsing this book!"

  13. Captain Beldar J. Conehead, USS Ice Bucket3:48 PM

    "Quits job as co-chair and abandons Mitt Romney's failing campaign. "

    Yep, more predictable librul propaganda from Gryphen.... Quelle surprise....

    Did it EVER occur to you that my main man, T-Paw, left that campaign job out of confidence that the election is in the bag? The TEA bag, that is!!!!

    U! S! A! U! S! A! We're number one!!!

    You people havent a clue as to how a WINNING campaign operates. Why, right this very minute, Mittens' campaign officials are wandering the halls of power in DC with very precise tape measures and thick books of paint sample chips to ensure that GOP furniture, draperies, potted plants and gun racks will fit in the various offices and suitable wall colors will be coordinated with the official dressage horse assigned to each office once Mittens is crown... - oops - I mean, inaugurated in January.

    In fact, the team is so confident of victory that some Mittens' functionaries are already reporting to their future jobs in the Defense Department, the State Department... and... what was the third one.... help me out here... Department of Heating and Air Conditioning, maybe?

    Anyway, it doesn't matter. The point is, that what looks like epic failure to you and your little librul bolshevik blog buddies looks like a 50 state unanimous landslide to Team Mittens!!! YAY!!!!

    I predict that T-Paw's courageous retreat will be rewarded by the Mittens Administration with his appointment to a very prestigious and important sounding job requiring no actual work but commanding a very impressive salary. That job may be on a Coast Guard ice cutter in the Arctic Circle, but still...

    And that is why I'm endorsing Mittens "Mittens" Rmoney for president in 2012. (But really, I'm supporting President Obama for re-election.... Don't tell anyone, ok?)

  14. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Tim Pawlenty should start a TimPac, make a movie called Tim Pawlenty's Minnesota and then have his pac pay for his family's vacations, cars, houses and have someone write a book for him and then hire a nanny to wash-feed-clothed and watch his kids. Oh, and hire a prostitute to take care of his wife.

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      TPaw is moving out of Minnesota, he is the most hated man in the state. Even with "Minnesota Nice" in play, people are very vocal about their dislike about him.

      TPaw = Rat

      Rmoney Boo Boo = Titanic

    2. lostinmn4:53 PM

      Tpaw will be sent from MN with a suitcase made from the 35W bridge. He's already got one catastrophic collapse on his resume. Mitt would be number two and very few people want that crap on their resume.

  15. Anonymous3:54 PM

    LOL, Secretary of the Beige Interior!

  16. Anonymous3:57 PM

    President Obama: "Sorry Timmy, I already have a co-chair for my presidential campaign. How about trying Roundtable Pizza? I heard they are hiring and they make great food! Maybe Sarah Palin is looking for a co-chair for her 2012, 2016, 2020 & 2020 presidential run?"

  17. Anonymous4:09 PM

    If Tim Pawlenty can't find a job, there's always hair school in Arizona or a noncombat combat job or pimp job or single struggling mother!

    See Sarah Palin, she has contacts and can give him the number.

    1. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Maybe Todd Palin wants to start a prostitution ring in Minnesota and give Tim Pawlenty a franchise?

    2. Anonymous4:50 PM

      I bet that if Tim immigrated to Alaska illegally, he could carry Sarah's purse for a cheaper salary than Toad and save Sarah some coin. I know she looks at that situation every day and threatens him. That's how she finally got his sorry ass a job jumping out of helio-copters and shit. He's such a stud now, mom pants and all.

  18. Anonymous4:10 PM

    We get the "google" news headlines which I ignore but the top photo is ALWAYS Mitt Romney. You would think that the "google" news is his private press service! Ugh! I always move on quickly to our own bookmarks and then to IM so that I can breathe again.

    Interesting that Pawlenty is going to be a lobbyist. Hmmm.

  19. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Bristol Palin says that Pawlenty needs to stay away from DWTS, that's her scam.

  20. Anonymous4:48 PM

    "It is an honor to call Mitt and Ann my friends,"

    Quitting with 7 weeks left until election, who needs friends like Timmy?

  21. What's equally interesting is that Paul Ryan has been shoved into nothing more than a deep background position. His only campaign ads recently have been for his own seat in Congress. For a VP candidate who was supposed to shake the ticket up, he's been way too quiet--well, except for his comment about Romney's 47% blunder, that it was "inarticulate." Wonder how much of a beating he took for that comment?

  22. Anonymous4:51 PM

    "Many just accept that lame duck status, and they hit that road. They draw a paycheck. They kind of milk it. And I'm not going to put Alaskans through that... I QUIT!"
    -Tim Pawlenty Sept 2012

    1. Anonymous5:00 AM

      golf clap x 10

  23. Anonymous5:03 PM

    If you are not the captain of the ship why would you want to stay on the bridge and go down with the Titanic when there is a perfectly good lifeboat just sitting there not being used?

    Do you blame Tim Pawlenty for jumping ship?

  24. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I'm waiting for Paul Ryan to quit and then maybe Mitt will pick me to be his co-president?

    1. Anonymous5:06 AM

      oh noessss.... Want Lyin Ryan to stay fist clenching to Rmoney's coattails regardless of how dizzy he gets, because two victories are on the horizon when he loses both the VP and his congressional seat :-)

  25. Anonymous5:16 PM

    "But I like being out of my comfort zone. I like challenging myself and this is the perfect place to do that." -Bristol Palin,,20630633,00.html

    Bristol likes a challenge? How about college? Oh I forgot, college won't pay Bristol for showing up.

  26. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Bristol Palin's ghost writer blogger just got busy with another ghost writing gig. Looks like Bristol is pretending to write for Access Hollywood. Everybody knows that Sarah and Bristol with their limited education and knowledge of the English language pays someone else to write for them. This is another way for Bristol to try to build up her DWTS fan club since mommy's fan club is fading away.

    LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- CaptionAs she gets ready to do battle in the ballroom, Bristol Palin will join as a guest celebrity blogger for the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars: All Stars.”

    Each week, Bristol will share an exclusive inside look at the highs and lows from her “Dancing” journey, as well as her take on the behind-the-scenes action and what the cameras didn’t capture from the ABC reality series’ upcoming season.

    “I am so excited to be a part of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ again. When I was on the show the first time, I kept thinking, ‘This is a once in a lifetime adventure.’ Well, I’m happy to say that I was wrong!” Bristol shared.

    “I’ll be keeping you up to date about my dances, and — yes — whether I’ll be able to do the two step as well as the rest of them,” she added.

    Bristol will team up with her former partner — two-time champ Mark Ballas — who is returning for his 11th season.

    1. Anonymous7:54 PM

      Hahahaha old video of her with BarstoolsRealChin

    2. hauksdottir12:27 AM

      So, all she intends to write about is HERSELF: her day, her costume, her footwork. :roll eyes:

      Perhaps she finds herself totally fascinating, but most people read insiders' columns for the unique and intimate perspective given BY the insider TO the surroundings, whether travel or events or meetings with interesting people. Given her ghost-written autobiography, available in the bargain bin, and the multiple reality shows, is there anybody left in America who is curious about how she sees herself or which foot she intends to put forward?

  27. O/T and crazy to boot...but WTF did I just see on Sean InSannity? Baldy looked like the burnt face lady from New Jersey...wearing a wig from the Marlo Thomas of "That Girl" collection! She looked like a clown! Did she do that to her face to compete with Meh "no, I always looked like this" Rmoney? Even the patients at the Asylum were stunned by her "new look"!

    She looked like a snake with her beady black eyes and her missing top lip! She did her usual babbling about nothing with a side order of President bashing.

    Funniest part...when she was babbling...the music started playing...which was a cue for her to finish whatever the fuck she was saying...then Sean said to her..."Looks like Vegas in the background Governor"..."thanks for coming on" and Baldy...after a LONNNG pause says...."Thanks Sean, I appreciate this opportunity"...LMAO!

    What's up Baldy...trying to be nicer now that your ass is about to get the boot! Too late fool! LOL!!

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Where was she?? Las Vegas?? And that slicked down wig! Does she have a bunker or something now in Vegas? That was too weird. And of course, the usual the president this and the president that, but I don't think she could even bring herself to say his name..She makes me want to puke.

    2. She's in Vegas for the Tanned Tranny Man Hooker Convention! The Toad is her pimp and old man Adelson must be the client!

      Pimpin ain't easy! Right...Toad! LOL!!!

    3. Blue Girl Liz6:38 PM

      My God, that white jacket reminded me of a straight jacket which is what somebody should put that lunatic in!

  28. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Gryph, love your blog, but commas can be your friend.

  29. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Saturday Night Live aired a special edition of Weekend Update tonight, opening with a spoof of the cable morning show Fox & Friends.

    The segment started with the hosts wryly dismissing the impact of Mitt Romney‘s “47 percent” video, before cutting to Jason Sudeikis as Romney explaining his comment in full. Romney said that within that 47 percent, he’s not actually talking about senior citizens or veterans or southern white people. “When I say ‘these people,’ I mean ‘black people.’”

    The Fox hosts laughed off the comments, with one saying that if he were black, he would consider Romney “king of the honkeys.” They played another tape of Romney enjoying a “hamburger sandwich” at “the McDonalds,” and grabbing someone else’s drink to wash away the awful burger taste out of his mouth.

    The segment ended with a list of all the factual inaccuracies made on the show thus far. A long, seemingly unending list.

    Watch the video below, courtesy of NBC:

  30. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Hmmm - behind the scenes access - wonder if her DWTS contract allows that? Seems to me it's a bit unfair to the other contestants, too.

    Unfair - oh yeah its a Palin thing.

    1. Anonymous6:51 PM

      The Glee project had their contestants blog. It seems to be fashionable now. Remember Ms. Palin is living life privately lol. That is why she as Nancy blig, now DWTS blog and had her contract for her reality show. Up is down in Palin World.

  31. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Gryph - you have to get a screen grab of Sarah tonight. It was the absolutely the worst she has ever looked - a new BLACK wig. Bad... Really bad.

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Sarah Palin And Hannity Bash Obama Over Foreign Policy: ‘Protecting… The Murderers Of Americans’

      Hannity bashed the administration for continuing to apologize for the controversial anti-Islam film. Palin said the Obama team was doing another “apology tour” while U.S. embassies in the Middle East are “under siege.” She argued that if the president is going to keep waving the white flag of surrender and “capitulate,” he might as well just bring the troops home. She added that the Obama administration is undermining the mission of the U.S. troops to “protect freedom.”

      Hannity suggested that the administration is “protecting… the murderers of Americans” and wondered if the White House is also protecting al-Qaeda with its comments. Palin said that Obama is “weakening America” with his foreign policy, calling for a return to the days of Ronald Reagan. Hannity asked if the Obama administration was engaging in “premeditative lying” in order to protect their foreign policy reputation in the wake of questions about the planning of the Libyan attacks.

      Palin said that Obama is “masterful” at dodging questions, and referred to him as more of a politician than a leader.

      Hannity highlighted past controversial remarks made by Mohammed Morsi, the Egyptian president, and said that the United States should not be giving any more money to that country. Palin added that when the government is in transition, “we were told that they were harmless” and they would be allies of the United States, but that ultimately did not come to pass.

      Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

    2. Anonymous7:37 PM

      I think she said "capiture-ate."

      Word for the day, Sarah. It's "capitulate."
      Can you tell us its origins and uses?

      If not, please return to "vibrant."

  32. I didn't recognize her!

    Words fail me.

    I'm sticking with my (arbitrary) date of October 15 for Sarah Palin's total physical and mental collapse. Anyone want the over/under?

  33. Video of the Tan Tranny Man on Insannity...

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Two things...

      WTF happened to Sarah's chin? Looks weird like a door knob or something.

      What about that piece of skin sticking out of her left side of her face right below her ear when she speaks? It moves! Is that part of her facelift flap?

    2. Anonymous6:22 PM

      "What about that piece of skin sticking out of her left side of her face right below her ear when she speaks? Is that part of her facelift flap?"

      Oops I meant Palin's right side.

    3. Anonymous6:23 PM

      I think Sarah Palin is a Latina?


      While you're at it, let's see Tri-G's paper too.

    4. Anonymous6:28 PM

      "How's that apology tour workin' for ya Mr. President?"

      Sarah how did that Paul Revere tour work out for you? A park ranger explained the Paul Revere ride to you and within a few minutes you fucked it up! You are retarded just like Bristol!

    5. Anonymous6:49 PM

      This was uploaded by

      Who is that? Sarah Palin?

    6. Anonymous8:16 PM

      Holy shit! I thought her head was going spin right the fuck off!!!
      Or like Linda Blair! Crank must be good in Vegas 'eh baldy?

    7. Anonymous5:22 AM

      $omeone's auditioning to be a Rommette, I see.

      So in lockstep with their candidate, all the GOP whiteys now will have that blah look. Can't wait to see what personal grooming they display after RMoney addresses the Asian community as well as the Scandinavian communities. OMG, one big epic fail!

  34. Anonymous6:36 PM

    One of the more amusing parts of the leaked Romney video was a moment where the troubled GOP presidential nominee claimed that David Letterman hates him because he's been on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" more often than he's been on Letterman's show. As it turns out, Dave couldn't care less.

  35. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Ann Romney Responds To GOP Critics Of Campaign: ‘Stop It. This Is Hard.’

    Ann Romney issued a response today to the Republicans and conservatives criticizing her husband’s campaign for all sorts of misstepps, in audio obtained by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC tonight.

    This is what Romney said on an Iowa radio station in response to a question about “fellow Republicans” criticizing the campaign.

    “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring. This is hard. And, you know, it’s an important thing that we’re doing right now and it’s an important election and it is time for all Americans to realize how significant this election is and how lucky we are to have someone with Mitt’s qualifications and experience and knowhow to be able to have the opportunity to run this country.”

    MSNBC contributor Krystal Ball reacted by saying that Romney has run a campaign that has been “a complete disaster.”

    Watch below, courtesy of MSNBC:

    1. Well, the "run the country" phrase really sums Romney up nicely. Yes?

      No "lead" or "serve." No sir. Romney wants to run the country. Run the US like his private company. Run it right into the ground.

    2. Anonymous7:24 PM

      hard? trying being the first black prez in a country full of racists with billions of dollars wanting to destroy you..
      then get the F out ...

    3. Anonymous7:28 PM

      Can't handle the heat?


    4. Anonymous8:09 PM

      Can't handle the heat?

      Get into reality shows like those fucking Palins!

    5. Anita Winecooler8:18 PM

      Thanks for addressing this, she's totally lost it, finally, and isn't helping Thurston get any brownie points.

      Here's another point of view

      Considering Mitt said his campaign would "use Ann sparingly", he's been gulping air faster than Sarah's "I Quit" speech. Cool Hand Potus has given him enough rope, while FLOTUS is hitting the talk shows while hitting home runs on her husband's record, their life in the white house, and their vision for America.

      Ann the Entitled finally takes to the airwaves and whines about how hard it is???

      What happened to "I want to talk about LOVE"? "I love you WOMEN!!"???

      This is the best Lovey can do "STOP IT!"


    6. Anonymous8:20 PM


      Boo Fucking Hoo...

    7. Anonymous5:39 AM

      You mean after all these years running for President, it still becomes hard for them? I don't believe any recent candidate has had that much time to practice. It comes to mind that someone must have promised them a smooth ride with doors easily opened and they just have to waltz right thru, you know like an entitlement. God forbid that commoners speak to them and speak about them. Such a pair of wussies.

  36. Anita Winecooler8:23 PM

    I love how T Paw, the first one to pull out, takes the role of Judas and gives the kiss of death to Mitten and his wife, Ann.

    Can Rick "Google me" Santorum be far behind? (pun intended).

    1. Anonymous8:36 PM

      "Truly I say to you that this very night, before a rooster crows, you will deny Me three times."

    2. comeonpeople3:54 AM


      agggh excelllent
      still laughing!!!!

  37. Anonymous8:42 PM


    Congratulations to Mitt Romney on his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. President Obama has declared that this election is about “two fundamentally different visions” for America. Goodness, he’s got that right. Our country cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama’s fundamentally flawed vision. We must now look to this new team, the Romney/Ryan ticket, to provide an alternate vision of an America that is fiscally responsible, strong, and prosperous – an America that understands and is proud of her exceptional place in the world and will respect those who fight to secure that exceptionalism, which includes keeping our promises to our veterans.

    -Sarah Palin
    Facebook Aug 11, 2012

  38. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Sarah Palin! Aren't you glad you were bullshitting about running for POTUS and collected everybody's best donations before finally admitting you weren't running and ran off to the bank to make your deposits?

    You think Romney has it rough, if you would of ran for POTUS you would of looked like the Wasilla Hill Billies Trailer Park Grifting Retarded Locusts that you are.

    You really need to thank Uncle Gryph and his loyal Immoral Minority readers for helping convince you not to throw your fake Belmont titties into the race!



    1. Anonymous9:38 PM

      Sarah Palin was underhanded and conniving to con everybody into thinking she was running to be the POTUS but as far as running a scam you have to admit Sarah Palin was pretty smart and took a lot of people for their hard earned money ... at the cost of her and her family's dignity and self esteem.

      That was a hell of a pyramid scheme with only one payout which went to Sarah Palin.

      Now its her daddy's and brother's turn to milk Sarah's sheeps dry with their book tour.

    2. Anonymous9:48 PM

      One thing for sure, America never ever has to worry about Sarah Palin running for president ever again. Sarah is finished!

      Now Wasilla that's a different story. Wasilla has to worry if Bristol ever plans on running her scam to become mayor. It worked for Sarah's scam, who knows it may work for Bristol depending on how many Alaska Independence Party members are left in Wasilla and how many johns Todd can blackmail with his prostitution black book info Shailey Tripp collected for Todd about the men of Wasilla.


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