Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apparently not ALL of the Romney family wants to "take a swing" at President Obama.

Mitt grandson, Miles Romney, shakes hands with President Obama
(Photos courtesy of Buzzfeed.)

A few seconds after this exchange Mitt swooped in and scooped up little Miles,  jealously lavishing affection on him for the cameras.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail.
It was a tender moment turned odd, after a rather contentious debate. Miles seemed to have a genuine desire to get close to the President who, in his usual fashion, was more than happy to engage with the youngster.

However this seemed to cause an uncomfortable ripple to go through the Romney family, which only dissipated once Mittens had pulled the young man away.

Not exactly sure what the dynamic is here, but once again the Romney family has given us cause to be a little disturbed by their behavior.

Not nearly as disturbed as we were by Josh Romney's dead eyes during the last debate, but disturbed nonetheless.

P.S. This should come as little surprise to most of us, but according to the polls President Obama destroyed Mitt the Twit last night.


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Oh look! Obama is bowing to the youngster! Cue the crazies!

    No, you idiots...he's a tall man, being polite. He doesn't need to play mind games. That's what self-confidence gives you.

    Was it just my impression, or did Mitt's voice get more strained as the debate went on? Fear or anger...that guy is a powder keg who will make Nixon look sane.

    1. laprofesora9:12 AM

      He was a desperate, raving lunatic: "I love cars! I love teachers!" I half expected him to say, "I love Obama!"

  2. Anonymous6:42 AM

    In Delray Beach, FL: President Obama speaking:

    If you say you love American cars, but wrote an article 'Let Detroit go bankrupt' -- You might have Romnesia

    MSNBC Jansing & Co showed him in Fl. He is on 'FIRE'!!!

  3. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Dare I say -- that actually looked like a 'natural laugh/smile' out of Ann.

    That's gotta hurt.

    The black man got a 'natural laugh/smile' out of her!!!

    No nooky in the Romney room last night!!!

    1. Olivia7:17 AM

      I don't think there has been any nooky in that room for a looooong time!

  4. Anonymous6:51 AM

    There is a huge smile on Ann Romney's face in the pictures of the President shaking her grandson's hand but the smile has all but disappeared in the one where Mitt is kissing the boy. Hmmm...

    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Shortly after this scene with Mitt kissing his grandson, the grandson was squirming back around and reaching out wanting President Obama to take him back again. Smart child.

  5. Anonymous6:51 AM

    In only 20 years, little Miles' wide-eyed innocence will morph into Josh Romney's dead-eyed stare.

    1. fromthediagonal10:25 AM

      The son who makes me shudder is Tagg. There seems something, dare I say it, brutish about a man whose cold, narrow set eyes mirror nothing. When I heard that he has a 51% ownership in a company manufacturer of voting machines my brain stuttered. Of course, the pictures I have seen are few and I may be totally wrong. I certainly hope so.

    2. Anonymous11:50 AM


  6. jcinco6:54 AM

    He was sweating like a pig too. I notice tundratramp is yapping about the president being "desperate" in the debate last night, haha. Project much sarah? So you going to give ann coulter a dressing down for calling the president a retard? No, didn't think so, you coward...Go eat a sandwich you anorexic skank.

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      My impression of President Obama last night was that he was cool, calm and collected. When he spoke about specific hotspots he carefully articulated what he wanted to say. Thank God for that! I would not want a president to mouth off wildly when the eyes and ears of the world are fixed upon him. He came off as a mature person who was really concerned about the state of the world and the role of this country in that world. Mitt, who didn't even study up on the critical geography, not so much . . . .

  7. Anonymous6:55 AM

    To be fair, I think Mitt pulled his grandson away before Miles would repeat any derogatory things he had heard his family say about President Obama. I think we have all been in situations like that.

    Other than that, Obama easily won the debate. Romney looked like he was sweating nails through much of it.

    1. You could easily be right but I think in this case it was more Romney going LOOKITME!! I'm WARM and MADE OF FLESH, toooooo!!!

      Or it could have been a bit of both. When I was a child I heard my mother and her friends talk about a woman from church, "Carol". They all liked her but didn't approve of the micro mini skirts she wore to church. I had heard my mother's friends make so many comments about "Carol with the short skirts" by the time I met her at age 7 when she introduced herself to myself and my cousin instead of politely saying "nice to meet you", naturally I parroted "you're the one whose skirt is so short it makes the holy spirit blush!"

      My mother made a decent save, though- she told Carol everyone was jealous of her long shapely legs. Pretty sure Carol wasn't buying what mom was selling.

  8. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Ann Romney smiling at the interaction is the most genuine expression I can recall seeing her make. One pleasant moment in a whole long campaign of pure mean.

    1. jcinco8:20 AM

      She's probably relieved it's over and mitt performed poorly. soon she can get back to her pampered lifestyle and not worry about what "you people" have to say. She's used to shopping and traveling, being first lady would really cut into her "personal" time you know.

    2. Anonymous10:48 AM

      jcinco -

      I don't know. If Mittens believes he's supposed to win, and Queen Ann thinks he's supposed to win,

      what happens when PBO wins, again?

      Does Mittens attempt to run...again?

      If it's a "prophecy" for crying out loud, he can't very well "give up" on it w/o giving up on his religion, can he?

    3. Anita Winecooler8:19 PM

      Ann's on record (the view) saying if (when) Mitt loses the election, he's done with politics. Something tells me she can't wait to go back to therapeutic ballet horses, using that land craft elevator, and having tea sandwiches with visiting her blind trusts.

  9. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Mitt Romney -- who, we learned from the video you posted about Mormon practices, actually believes that he can shake God's hand through a magic curtain, as a recorded voice lulls listeners into a trance.

    Barack Obama -- knows that God is in the handshake of a four-year-old.

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Nicely said.

    2. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Wrong sky fairy, it's the tooth fairy that's in every handshake.

  10. There was another moment that I think I saw an infant reaching for President Obama while willard was holding him. Ann quickly grab the child from willard's arms. Can't have all that love going around.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      I saw that! Rewound and rewound and it looked like the boy was pushing away from Rmoney & reaching for Obama before someone grabbed him away! I was hoping to see clips of that floating around today.

    2. Anonymous8:57 AM

      What did you rewind? Can you post a link?

    3. Anonymous9:17 AM

      C-Span apparently was fascinated enough by little Miles Romney to make a clip of just the exchange. It's hard to tell if Miles was reaching for Pres. Obama but he was definitely seeking to get away from his grandpa.


    4. he was definitely seeking to get away from his grandpa.


      awww. Just like Sarah and her grandson, TRIG!


    5. Anonymous10:55 AM

      The kid did reach away from Mitt - but it didn't look like he was reaching for PBO.

      Was the guy all the way to the right the little boy's dad? That would explain it.

      Super cute kid. Awesome Aryan.

    6. Otto Katz11:16 AM

      In the Cspan video the little boys seemed fascinated to meet the President, and the little girl even seemed to give a little curtsy!

    7. From C-Span

      Miss Ann took the child from PBO and gave him to willard and despite anon 10:55 - he was definitely reaching for PBO.

      The other thing about that video, while PBO was interacting with the Romney family - Willard Romney was interacting with the Romney family and COMPLETELY ignored Michelle Obama. Romney doesn't have a sentiment of mixing with anyone other than his family and rich white folks. He would be President in exactly the same manner - get the help to talk to the lesser folk. He is revolting in every possible way and would insult every world leader if he got anywhere near the White House

  11. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Those are some really cute kids and I love the way they are genuinely smiling at the President.

    I hope they can overcome their Mormonism to become enlightened, progressive men.

    1. Sally in MI8:05 AM

      Don't bet on it. They enjoy their ill-gotten gains way too much to become like Christ, or even like 99% of us.

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM

      What was up with the blond in the sack dress?

      Is she taking style tips from Willow Palin?

      It "almost" looks like a maternity dress, but it doesn't hug the belly at all - it is just a large tube of fabric on a seemingly slender young woman. Odd. Tasteful doesn't mean oversized and ugly.

    3. Anonymous1:32 PM

      I've heard the undergarments Mormon women wear are not conducive to tight clothing.

  12. Anonymous7:12 AM

    OT When are we going to hear the outrage from Sarah Palin about Ann Couler's remark??

    Ann Coulter ‏@AnnCoulter

    I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.

    1. jcinco7:36 AM

      You'll hear crickets, bulimic barbie is scared shitless of man coulter.

  13. Anonymous7:16 AM

    haha -

    Look at Michelle's face in the last picture!!

    She does NOT like these cretans - and it shows!

    I love her!! :)

    1. Anonymous9:21 AM

      It looks like she is trying to figure out which one is Tagg!!What a team she and President Obama make.

    2. Anonymous10:59 AM

      @9:21- You know what - I kind of agree!

      She's probably looking out for:

      - cheat sheets
      - middle fingers
      - steely-dead eyes

      Oh yeah. FLMO is ready to rumble if need be!!!

      God, I love her!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Commander in Chief


  15. Olivia7:19 AM

    Clearly, those 2 boys are in line for some indoctrination very soon.

  16. Anonymous7:23 AM

    The icing on the cake would have been if the youngster started crying as Mitt picked him up. Did he get sad?


    1. jcinco7:38 AM

      the kid should have given mitsy a globe since he clearly doesn't know where Syria is located...

  17. Anonymous7:40 AM

    As Abe Lincoln said "No man stands as tall as when he stoops to help a child" So apropos...love that quote!


  18. cckids7:46 AM

    Very telling, the photos with both the boys, beaming at the President. Reminds me of my wingnut brother-in-law, who all but foams at the mouth when talking about the President. They were planning a visit to Washington, DC, to visit another sister. When we asked their 6-year-old son what he most wanted to do when he got there, he immediately, with a smile, said "Go to the White House & meet the President!"

    My BIL looked like he wanted to spit nails. But, to his credit, they did see the White House. Maybe there is hope for the future.

    1. Anonymous11:02 AM

      BOTH. BOYS!! are Beaming at the President!!

      It is a beautiful thing.

      Their grandfather, is not (a beautiful thing, that is...)

    2. Anonymous11:29 AM

      I recently had the experience of going to an extended family event and was shocked that my nephews, no all grown men at least in their mid-20's, told me how much they respected and admired the examples I set when they were growing up. I saw them merely a dozen or so times throughout that but I guess I am very different than their millionaire wingnut father. All I ever did was make eye contact and talk to them like I was actually interested.

  19. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I don't see a thing that's odd. I just love to see the look on kids' faces when they're close to Barack.

  20. Great picture of the President and little Miles...look how focused both of them are...the President was connecting with that kid and I "betcha" (Hi Baldy!) little Miles won't forget this for a long time! Even the other kids are patiently waiting their turn to talk to the President! I watched this last night and I saw the President talking to all the kids!

    Now Meh smooching on Miles...looks...NASTY and by Miles body language...he thought so too! LOL!!

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      Hi gina, and I'm not bald, neither is my daughter beefy. I'm really very pretty and all the men are hot for me. Now don't you wish that .....
      love, Sarah.

    2. Anonymous9:23 AM

      Dream on, skank!!

    3. Who said Beefy was bald?

      multiple kids...YES


      a tramp...YES

      I never said Beefy was hairless! Stop projecting Baldy! And Beefy...if Wallow comes to you and say she's going to give you a haircut...check her bank account first...BaldyPac might have made a deposit into Wallows blackmail account! You can thank me later sweetie! LOL!!!

    4. Anonymous11:05 AM


      This troll-thing is so freaking weird I honestly don't know if you should engage them!

      I don't think it's Krusty - but then, maybe it's ANOTHER of Krusty's personalities?

      They insult the Tundra Turd and Beefalo as they try and engage you.

      Coo-coo for Coke-aine Puffs!

  21. Anonymous8:03 AM

    About that blue and white checkered shirt that the little kid is wearing: Here is a Romney family photo:
    http://www.thenation.com/sites/default/files/user/107729/Romney%201.png where all of the boys are wearing that exact same shirt.

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Ann probably whipped up those shirts, while she was doing housework, cooking and cleaning.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      more likely there was a big sale at Big Lots - where Big Love shops

    3. Anita Winecooler8:33 PM

      She shops at Costco! She said it, and we all know Mormons don't lie, ever!

      I do have to comment on her dress- hey Ann, dear, I know it's an expensive dress and it matches the money in your blind trust, but it clashes with the yellow stripe down your hubby's back.

      Michele, on the other hand, radiates class and grace in her sleeveless silver grey and black dress.

  22. Anonymous8:11 AM

    The WORLD loves our President!


  23. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Better pictures: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2221696/Presidential-debate-2012-Ann-Romney-shows-shes-fully-Mitt-hilarious-scenes-debate.html

    Ann looks wasted!

  24. Anonymous9:07 AM

    But did anyone else catch the good part where the kid, while in the arms of either his father or his uncle, reached out his arms to Obama to be held? They whisked him away quickly that time too.

    And in other news, Obama's stock on Intrade has plummeted into the 50's while at HP he has now for the first time in months dropped below the 270 mark in solid states and leaning states.


    Also, watch Intrade closely now as it's a poll that can't be messed with by either side.

    1. Also, watch Intrade closely now as it's a poll that can't be messed with by either side.

      How do you figure that? Intrade allows short selling.

  25. A few seconds after this exchange Mitt swooped in and scooped up little Miles, jealously lavishing affection on him for the cameras.

    However this seemed to cause an uncomfortable ripple to go through the Romney family, which only dissipated once Mittens had pulled the young man away.

    I rewatched the relevant part of the video, approximately 10:34-36 EDT, and again in slow motion. Miles was being held by his father/uncle (they all look alike to me). When Miles was set down, he went to Obama and they began talking. It was Ann who then picked up Miles, not Mitt. She held him for a bit and then handed him off to Mitt. After being cuddled and checking out Mitt's flag pin, Miles stretched way over towards Obama, maybe wanting to be held, maybe just wanting to touch Obama's flag pin. Then one of Mitt's sons took hold of Miles and carried him right away from the scene. Très drôle.

  26. Otto Katz9:19 AM

    I saw last night Michele trying to greet Ann, and Ann kept turning her back to Michele, so Michele never did get to shake her hand at the end.

    1. I saw that too. Not cool Ann...not cool.

    2. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Ann looked focused on her grandkids, at whom she was smiling quite genuinely. At 1:33:57 on the C-SPAN video, you can see she turns to Michelle and they share a wide-smile comment.


    3. Anonymous11:56 AM

      What an a-hole....

    4. Anita Winecooler8:40 PM

      If I'm on a stage with my seventy nine family members and the First Lady (Any First Lady), I'd hand the kid over to (his mom?) and give the First Lady my full attention.

      Sorry, the smile just doesn't cut it.

  27. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Will Sarah be demanding an apology from Ann Coulter after she called President Obama a "retard"? I won't hold my breath.

  28. Anonymous9:31 AM

    If you vote for Mitt Romney you are either:
    a) STUPID
    b) RACIST
    It's as simple as that. There is no other possible explanation.

  29. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I liked the part where Ann had to keep Mitt from falling off the stage by holding onto him. The senile old fool was about to tumble into the crowd when he was shaking hands after the debate. NOT FIT TO BE PRESIDENT.

    1. Anonymous9:33 AM

      Can you imagine what that would have looked like? Meh being carried through the crowd like he's in a mosh pit...of old white folks! LOL!!

    2. Anonymous1:00 PM


    3. Anita Winecooler8:42 PM

      "mosh pit...of old white folks" SNORT!

      Too Funny!

  30. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Obama 58.5%
    Rmoney 41%

    that's a 17 point spread.

    EC map: I'm guessing the pols haven't yet caught up with the debate bounce.

  31. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Since Bishop Willard's Mormon religion was closed to blacks until recently, could the real reason the Bishop is running is to know a black person out of the White House? Hmmm .....

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM


  32. Anonymous9:47 AM

    IBD: Obama +4, CBS: Obama +2, YOUGOV: Obama +2, ABC News: Obama +1, Wash Times; Obama +3, UConn: Obama +3, Rand: Obama +2


    Total early voting in NC so far: D51.2%, R30.2%, I18.4%. 2008 Total early voting: D51.4%. R30.1%. I18.4%. 5pt RV/LV my ass


    Reuters:Obama still holds substantial advantage in the battleground states.Ipsos projects Obama will carry FL, OH and VA.


    Into the Home Stretch

    With the debates complete, and just two weeks left in the campaign, there’s enough state-level polling to know pretty clearly where the candidates currently stand. If the polls are right, Obama is solidly ahead in 18 states (and DC), totaling 237 electoral votes. Romney is ahead in 23 states, worth 191 electoral votes. Among the remaining battleground states, Romney leads in North Carolina (15 EV); Obama leads in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wisconsin (44 EV); and Florida, Virginia, and Colorado (51 EV) are essentially tied. Even if Romney takes all of these tossups, Obama would still win the election, 281-257.

    The reality in the states – regardless of how close the national polls may make the election seem – is that Obama is in the lead. At the Huffington Post, Simon Jackman notes “Obama’s Electoral College count lies almost entirely to the right of 270.” Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium recently put the election odds “at about nine to one for Obama.” The DeSart and Holbrook election forecast, which also looks at the current polls, places Obama’s re-election probability at over 85%. Romney would need to move opinion by another 1%-2% to win – but voter preferences have been very stable for the past two weeks. And if 1%-2% doesn’t seem like much, consider that Romney’s huge surge following the first debate was 2%, at most.

    From this perspective, it’s a bit odd to see commentary out there suggesting that Romney should be favored, or that quantitative, poll-based analyses showing Obama ahead are somehow flawed, or biased, or not to be believed. It’s especially amusing to see the target of this criticism be the New York Times’ Nate Silver, whose FiveThirtyEight blog has been, if anything, unusually generous to Romney’s chances all along. Right now, his model gives Romney as much as a 30% probability of winning, even if the election were held today. Nevertheless, The Daily Caller, Commentary Magazine, and especially the National Review Online have all run articles lately accusing Silver of being in the tank for the president. Of all the possible objections to Silver’s modeling approach, this certainly isn’t one that comes to my mind. I can only hope those guys don’t stumble across my little corner of the Internet.



    Obama Now Leads In All Forecasting Model Components



    Switching to Obama


    Results for #horsesandbayonets


  33. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Children can "read" adults............

  34. Anonymous9:49 AM


  35. Anonymous10:04 AM

    It's sad, isn't it, that it has to come to this, with the Romneys. Their behavior on the stage after the debate, I didn't see it all, but no one seemed to shake hands with the First Lady Michele, in the photo above she they were all ignoring her or something.

    While President was being the friendly one, who didn't let the previous moments of the debate control his mood, he was able to shift his feelings into an endearing fatherly-figure moment to his oppenent's grandson.

    That little guy, Miles, is as cute as a whistle, and the smile on his face is priceless, as he looks up to POTUS.

    Kids should rule the world. Is that why Jesus said unless a man's heart be as a little child, he might not see the Kingdom of Heaven?

  36. From the 9.31 entry of Andrew Sullivan's live blog of the debate:
    Watching this man shape-shift in front of your eyes is staggering. I'm fascinated by the purity of the cynicism. Seriously, I've never seen any human being up close like this - a mechanical, unstoppable machine of say anything, forget everything in the past, refuse to take any responsibility for anything he has said in the past, and just smile and golly-gee smile his way along. There's a a machine-like quality that chills me. I have no idea what he would do in office on anything. I believe nothing he says.

    Joe McGinniss, in his article, "Romney as Reflex Machine?" http://www.joemcginniss.net/romney-as-reflex-machine quotes Sullivan, discusses sociopathy and psychopathy (without quite attributing them to Romney), and winds up with:
    Do we want as president a well-intentioned but imperfect man who at the least possesses total sanity, or a personally greedy, ruthless, glaringly deceitful man who might be only a subtly constructed reflex machine who’s learned to mimic the human personality?

    1. Ted Powell10:05 AM

      Thanks for the link to Joe's blog Ted. Joe knows a psychopath when he see's it. Did you see the update on the MacDonald verdict?

      Joe is also allowing comments again and good ole Krusty has shown up in all her glory.

    2. Did you see the update on the MacDonald verdict?

      Yep. My news aggregator checks his site once a day. The judge seems to have been pretty thorough.

      Joe is also allowing comments again …

      I loved the one from annette: I think th[at] there is a firmware problem with Mitt. Rebooting that persona will not really help. …

    3. Ted Powell12:09 PM

      That comment gave me a giggle too! I think Meh has some kind of Malware virus running through him...he's very robotic and it's really creepy how he repeats himself speaking the EXACT same way every time!

      Is there such a thing as a Stepford Husband! Loved the movie Stepford Wives btw...never saw the updated one...liked the old one to much...plus never cared much for Nicole Kidman. LOL!

  37. That Stepford looking Romney daughter in law there looks like she'd be pretty happy to go inside a voting booth with President Obama.

    I wonder if this is the Romney grandson who was asking Ann about "pezident banoma"?

    I hope little Miles Romney is asking why grandpa can't be more like "pezident banoma" over and over. Darling little guy.

    1. Holy sheiss, I just realized that is matriarch Stepford, not one of the daughters in law!

      I didn't even recognize her because let's face it- when has she EVER ever ever smiled with genuine mirth and joy in her husband's presence??!

      Wow, I bet Ann is going to witness some of that temper she told us about.

  38. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Our hope for the future is in our youth and Obama has great instincts when it comes to children. What a cute kid and a great ending to the debate.

  39. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Kids know! I told my cranky retired neighbor that and he was livid. He asked me how I could trust him and I said because kids do. He was thoroughly disgusted with me but I don't care. Kids are good judges of character and he seems genuine. Kids know...

  40. Anonymous11:53 AM

    intrade down to 57.4 from 58.5 in less than an hour. That's at 1 p.m. Stayed tuned.

  41. Anonymous12:03 PM

    When I first saw the after greeting live I did see the little one talking to the President and then Mrs. Romney picking him up, when he leaned over to be held by Grandpa she's passed him over and then Mr. Romney held him for a few moment before what I thought was the child leaning towards Mr. President but there was another guy right at the President's shoulder and Romneys.

    After watching the tape from C-Span, I don't see anything funny. The child was standing and wondering around for a few moments after talking to the President when Mrs. Romney picked up up, then passed him to Grandpa and then it looked like he was reaching for an uncle or father standing next to Romney and Obama. His arm/shoulder was turned away from the President towards one of hte other men. Thats when another person took the child from Romney.

  42. Anonymous2:55 PM

    This is one of the silliest posts ever. It showed that little Miles was raised to respect Obama that he went to shake his hand. I know 3 year old kids of Republicans who say Obama is the devil and hate him. Clearly Mitt's son taught him to respect Obama. And Mitt does NOT "jealously" scoop him up to get him away from Obama...he picks him up and kisses him and probably tells him he is proud of him. You may despise his politics, but read the NYT and WaPo profiles of Romney's private charity and you would know he is a very decent man.

    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      I know 3 year old kids of Republicans who say Obama is the devil and hate him.

      That "3 year old kids of Republicans" wouldn't happened to be young master Tripp would it Krusty? LOL!!! You are so STUPID!

    2. Silly, the only charity that Mitt gives to, other than his church, is his own private charity.

  43. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Did you know Mittens used to "push (his)sons'faces into plates of butter"? According to his sons, anyway.

    "Mr. Romney apparently repeated the trick recently with one of his grandsons, pushing the shocked child's head into a platter of whipped cream."

    Wonder which grandchild it was...


    Title of the article: US election 2012: Mitt Romney 'pushed sons' faces into plates of butter'

    1. Anon 5:38pm. I'm getting a "page not found" on the link you provided. Maybe they had second thoughts and took it down.

  44. emrysa8:17 PM

    must admit that is a sweet pic of the grandkid looking at the prez...

  45. Anonymous8:56 PM

    those eyes are evil. I think Josh Romeny could star in the next exorcism movie and Sarah Palin could play his deranged mother.

  46. Anita Winecooler8:59 PM

    The photo of Josh reminds me of "American Psycho", but Christian Bale is much handsomer and was acting a part.

    On The Ed show, the interchange between Tagg and President Obama was confirmed to be an "apology"- what a graceful gesture on President Obama's part to seek and approach him first. I'd love to be a fly on the wall and hear the exact wording.

    "Gee President Obama, I'm sorry I got caught saying I felt like punching you"

    Yeah, the President has a way with kids, even kids of the entitled 1 percent.

  47. Anonymous9:15 PM

    After the first debate, each candidate had their wife come on stage. After the second, Obama was mobbed by the crowd and Mitt only had his family and the moderator around him. I think that this Palin like mob of the family was planned and intended to make Mitt look popular and to leave Obama just standing alone with his wife looking foolish. But that was ruined by the President's smooth move in just joining the crowd and charming the kids and thus the parents! Then when they took the kid away, Obama just smoothly moved to shaking hands in the crowd. So Mitt had to copy, and then we got that weird thing where Ann came over and tried to grab him back. To protect him? Is he too fragile to bend over, or did she not want him touching the rabble? Or maybe she just was demanding he come back and pay attention to her and the kids again? Don't know, but she didn't joing in shaking hands like Michele did. Then when the Obama's left the crowd cheered for them...not when the Romney's left. Just polite clapping.

    1. Anonymous11:10 PM

      Looks to me like she is trying to protect him from falling, you can see it here: http://www.c-span.org/Debates/Events/Presidential-Debate-on-Foreign-Policy/10737434295/

      Select C-Span's Post Debate Program from the video menu at the right, about :35 seconds in

      This would make a good post Gryphen!

  48. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Dayum.Josh Romney looks like one of the Nazis from Schindler's List.

    1. Anonymous9:27 AM

      A good comparison I had not thought of - the eyes of the Romney clan freak me out!


  49. Randall2:54 AM

    A friend of mine from CANADA was visiting me yesterday. A clip of the after-debate was on TV. My friend commented about Mitt's family (remember, my friend has no skin in this game whatsoever).

    "That guy's (Mitt's) kids look like creepy plastic..."

    ...creepy plastic.

    That's a new one on me, but you know, it kind of fits - except for the one little guy that was happy to shake the President's hand.

  50. Anonymous8:47 AM

    That is cute, but all kids seems to warm to our President. He has no preconceived notions just our US President he wants to know.


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