Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gloria Allred might have October surprise for Mitt Romney? Well, well, well, isn't THAT interesting? Update!

Courtesy of Radar Online:

Is famed women's right attorney Gloria Allred about to pull an "October surprise" on Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney? 

That's the thinking, after Drudge Report founder and respected politico, Matt Drudge, tweeted Thursday: "Here she comes. Hearing Gloria Allred out there again, about to make a move. After all, it's her time of the campaign. Team O at the ready!!" 

Allred, an outspoken supporter of President Barack Obama refused to confirm, or deny, Drudge's prediction, telling "I have no comment at this time about Mr. Drudge's Tweet. I don't discuss meetings with potential clients."

Oooh, that's pretty interesting.

Now I have no idea of Allred has anything or not but  one would think that she would simply dismiss any supposition unless she had something up her sleeve.

Unless of course she simply wanted to fuck with these people.

Well all I know is that I would not put ANYTHING past Mitt the Twit and I will be paying pretty close attention to see how this story develops.

Update: Could this be the brewing scandal? After all, Allred has a history of representing the maids of politicians.


  1. Bristol's Real Chin5:04 PM

    I think it'll be like her Meg Whitman October surprise, something to do with undocumented help.

    1. Anonymous7:22 PM

      On one of Romney's tax forms, he seems to have paid all of $20,000. for household help. Sounds tacky.

  2. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I'm sorry, but Gloria Allred is such a shameless publicity hound. She's such a total turn off, constantly jumping on every porn-star-mistress-of-the-moment's 10 minute gravy train. Yuk!

    Speaking of porn-star-mistress-of-the-moment's 10 minute gravy train: Check out Sarah's whole look at that Power Up thing. There's a bunch of hilarious photos on this Palin Promotions site:

    More leather! More makeup! Bigger hair! Higher heels! Shorter skirts! Bwaahaaa! :) :)

    1. Oh heavens! Those photos!

      Baldy posing like a hooker!

      Baldy giving that poor guy a crotch shot!

      Baldy and her wonky eye whizzing every which but loose!

      Baldy's dirty dark wig not fitting properly on that big head of hers!

      Shit...I could go on!

      Now I can see why they turned out the lights on the Sex Dungeon she did these interviews in...she's a mess in the LIGHT!


    2. Anonymous6:12 PM

      Palin motivated me to be more informed. Life is a paradox:)

    3. Anonymous7:04 PM

      I bet her so-called "fitness" book will be filled with pictures of her like some of the silly ones in Runners World to get "her male worshippers" to buy her book. Hannity will probably be first in line.

    4. She(Palin)said, "Don's handsome!"

    5. Anonymous8:03 PM

      I think her outfit coordinates nicely with the one Ann Romney wore on Leno. I guess the GOP is waayyy into the bondage look.,r:4,s:0,i:88

    6. Anonymous8:23 PM

      Thanks to 5:19pm. You know how to post a link!

    7. Anonymous8:24 PM

      Nothing makes a woman look older than dressing like her daughter (or her daughter's slutty friend) and I can officially judge since someone this weekend thought my 22 year old son and I were the same age. Ok, I was wearing sunglasses... But in age appropriate casual attire and my own hair. Yeah, I'm just posting to boast. A lot of gym time and self control goes in to that. Now, off to wash gym clothes.

    8. Anonymous8:27 PM


      You have just posted an entire bunch of copy paste links together and we can't really tell them apart without a lot of work. If you post multiple links you should separate your copy paste for each link by a "return" on the keyboard or else we have to work really hard parsing your links.

    9. Anonymous8:39 PM


      What 8:03 posted is all one link. It is what is described: A pic of Ann Romney on the Leno show. I'd rather have a link and description like this than a tiny url that doesn't give a clue where it goes.

    10. Anonymous11:42 PM

      Tonight there was a show on TV (CNN I believe) regarding human sex trafficking, involving young girls forced into prostitution for one reason or another - and how they were murdered. It was heartbreaking.

      Then there's Sarah, looking like a Las Vegas hooker and not even a high-class one at that. What a TERRIBLE role model for young women in perilous living conditions who are probably thinking, "If I look like Sarah Palin, maybe I can become famous too?"

      If I had a daughter, I would protect her from ever watching this POS aka Sarah Palin and her uneducated and uncouth family on TV or in other media venues.

      The Honey Boo Boo clan is bad enough - the Palins are much worse. I teach my sons that these people are NOT normal, they are NOT healthy (physically and mentally)...and why that's ANOTHER reason why our family left Wasilla (and Alaska) so long ago when they were very young. They are Levi's age now - and I shudder at the thought of what could have happened if we had stayed.

    11. Anonymous1:39 AM

      Seems Chuckles Jr. is royally pissed that the masterpiece he penned with Chuckles Sr. is not being promoted in their beloved Alaska.

      This is from his FB page and has been posted at C4P.

      "Today, after church, I started working on book things again. I received a few messages from people here in Alaska that said they couldn't find our book in their local stores so I drove over to my local supermarket to look at their book section myself. Sure enough, no Our Sarah book. I asked to see the manager of the store and he told me that they had no control of what books went on their shelves. It was the job of an organization called, Newsgroup. I mentioned that the last three books about Sarah (which happened to be total hit books that were full of b.s.) were on the same shelves, he didn't have an answer. He did tell me that he was a big Sarah fan himself and that he'd look into it. We'll see.

      After that, I went to our Anchorage, Barnes and Noble. You'd think that they'd have our book front and center, seeing how we'd done signings at so many of their locations in the Lower 48. Nope. With the help of an assistant manager, we dug up three copies buried in the biography section. The same thing happened when I visited Sam's Club. One book, and it was buried. I pulled it out, put it out front, and someone picked it up and bought it within five minutes.

      This has been the most frustrating thing about this whole process. The people that have actually read the book seem to really love it, but getting it into people's hands has been very tough. I like the comment that Mark Levin made on his show a week or so about it: "Our Sarah: Made in Alaska, is available in all reputable bookstores. If your store doesn't have it, they're not reputable". Paraphrasing... but that's close..."

    12. Anonymous3:47 AM

      Yuk....While Ann is a beautiful late 60ish woman, this is way too much. Her legs are ok, but not OK enough to wear something that short. Nor is it becoming to a potential first lady. Michele is beautiful and in tremendous shape, but you never, never see her trying to show her kootchie.

    13. Anon 6:12, good for you. And you're already WAY ahead of the game- Sarah thinks "paradox" means the two places on the dead lake where they park their boat and floatplane.

  3. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I hope it's something tasty like messing around with the help ala Schwarzenpecker.

    Maybe she has a website featuring his unseen tax returns?

    Could be he's a Latino by birthright.

    She found out he was diagnosed with dementia (just look at the way he shuffles across the floor)

    His magic underwear is actually Speedos.

    His fratboy motto in college is "bring em young"

  4. Anonymous5:33 PM

    What the hell is drudge wearing on his head?

    1. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Penile aspiration via co-religionist Jack Abramoff.

    2. Anonymous8:40 PM

      hahaha That's a horrifying thing to think of!

    3. Drudge tried to remove it, but all he managed to do is to jerk it off. Yeah, pun intended. Drudge is about worthless.

      If Matt Drudge gives Mitt Romney another reach-around, people are going to start to talk. In fact, I already am.

      Drudge = JACK abram OFF

  5. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Anonymous5:19 PM

    Gloria really riles you righties up, doesn't she?


    1. Gloria Allred gets a rise out of the righties but no one even notices a minor bulge in their tightie whities.

      They can all leave quickly on a trip because they're packing very light. Yeah, I said it.

    2. ibwilliamsi11:52 AM

      Mwah! Love it!

  6. lostinmn6:00 PM

    Frankly as much as I loathe Mitt I hope Gloria stays the hell away from this election. She's so polarizing and lacking credibility she's likely to turn off people more than turn them off to Mitt. Unless she's got something more than some poor undocumented immigrant who mowed their lawn in 1997 I fear the backlash will be ugly -against her

    1. Anonymous2:05 AM

      GO GET HIM GLORIA!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. ibwilliamsi11:53 AM

      I'm hoping for brown babies.

    3. ibwilliamsi11:53 AM

      I'm hoping for brown babies.

  7. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Whatever it is, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. ;)

  8. Anonymous6:13 PM

    God, please let this be good. I am terrified by the latest polls. Mitt Romney is an utter sleaze, and people are actually going to vote for him. He's like a turd in the punchbowl of democracy. Somebody please give him some comeuppance!!!

  9. Anonymous6:18 PM

    They say that Dave Gregory is the world's tallest Joo. Well, Drudge is the most super closeted gay hat wearing joo.

    1. Anonymous5:34 AM

      Fuck off.

      We don't want you here.

  10. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Spellcheck Sunday!!

  11. Sally in MI6:20 PM

    I heard that a former domestic worker of Mitt's is not happy.

    1. Anonymous8:27 PM

      Is there some reason you posted what you "heard" with absolutely zero attribution? Are we supposed to be impressed?

  12. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Cowboy hat fucktard, please just curl up and evaporate, moron.

    1. Anonymous9:02 PM

      When did Fedora fucktard become Cowboy hat Fucktard?

    2. After fuckwad Drudge's brokeback mountain encounter. All hat, no cattle, 100% bullshit Republican shill who heads up the Cowchip Munchers.

    3. Anonymous10:43 PM

      rotlmfao Boney Boo Boo

    4. Anonymous 10:43 PM
      "rotlmfao Boney Boo Boo"

      My nick of the week is courtesy of Anita Winecooler. I'm not creative enough to think of that on my own. Thanks, Anita.

  13. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I like Gloria and her daughter, Lisa Bloom. I think the Oct Surprise is over. Drudge will hype anything.

  14. Anonymous6:34 PM

    If it is against Romney, bring it on.....and hurry up. I am getting nervous about this tight race.

  15. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Oh please, oh please, let this be a game-ender for Mitt. I'm tired of worrying about this election. Plus, I'm more than ready gloat and watch the meltdown of the right! "Just let them cry it out until they fall asleep"...Jon Stewart said something like that...I LOL'd at that one.

  16. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I saw this picture of Tagg Romney and was shocked that he had the same look as his brother Josh did on debate night. Does the "psycho stare" run in the family? Freaky!

    Here's the link.

    1. Anonymous8:05 PM

      wow, deep deep pockets. I'd like to say "incredible" but this scenario is becoming all too familiar.

  17. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Alred helped bring about Rep. Anthony Weiner's downfall and resignation.

    1. Anonymous8:10 PM

      That would mean she worked in cahoots with Breitbart and Drudge.

    2. Anonymous8:26 PM

      Anthony Weiner brought his OWN idiotic self down by being a goddamn stupid exhibitionist. If he had more self-control, he'd still be in Congress.

    3. Anonymous9:14 PM

      I totally agree with you. Weiner was stupid and for a really smart guy to do what he did he deserved to be caught.

    4. ibwilliamsi11:57 AM

      Neocons only want to listen to what Gloria Alred has to say if she's talking about a Democrat. If she's got something to say, it had better be more than "good". It had better be a nuke, or it will blow up in her face and take us with her.

  18. Anonymous6:51 PM

    One thing: Gloria Allred doesn't just fuck around. If she says she has something on Willard, she does.

    Here is my wild ass first amendment satire commentary on a public figure. There is no reason to think that anything like this has ever happened (family values Republicans and all that.) Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law (or the tapes surface.)

    One of the rMONEY sons knocked up at least on of the household help. The rMoneys paid for an abortion at Planned Parenthood, and then baptized the dead fetus after it was handled by Stericycle.

    1. Anonymous3:58 AM

      "One of the rMONEY sons knocked up at least on of the household help. The rMoneys paid for an abortion at Planned Parenthood, and then baptized the dead fetus after it was handled by Stericycle."

      And, you know this how? I dislike Romney tremendously, but posting something like this without facts is totally ridiculous. Sounds like the right.

    2. Settle down, 3:58. I'm pretty sure that was just a theory coated in sarcasm.

    3. Anonymous9:16 AM


      Go back to school.

      Learn to read.

      "Here is my wild ass first amendment satire"

      Maybe inspired by:
      Dinesh "fiancee" D'Souza, Arnold "maid with kid" Schwarzenegger, David "prostitute diapers" Vitter, Ted "meth and gay sex massages for money" Haggard, George "rent boy sex" Rekers; the list goes on and on.

  19. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I'm sorry but calling Drudge a respected person is way out there...he's anything but!

    There is already so much out there that isn't getting will be interesting to see what comes, if anything, of this.

    1. Drudge's name says it all. He's convinced he's the king of the pawns, but he's still a fucking pawn and a small person, nonetheless. I avoid his site the same way I avoid crotch shots from Baldy--- I know they're there all the time, but I just don't look. Works 100% of the time.

  20. Oh, please please please please be a Herman Cain-ian sized list of women he has wronged.

    Not that I WANT any women (in binders or anywhere else) to be victims, but I KNOW Mitt Romney has left a trail of poorly treated and downright abused women in his wake and I want them to have the freedom and empowerment that comes with speaking the hell UP.

    I just know there have been multitudes of shady deeds and mistreated people covered up by that endless "blind trust" money.

    Oh, the thought of someone being a whistleblower on something like this, or his tax returns- I hate to be crass but I'm so excited I may have to take Menschie to bed right this minute.

    OR! Or, it could be a recent conversation he had with Mormon high ups, swearing on the book of Fred or whatever, that he will usher "Amercia" into devout Mormonism if he is elected. You just KNOW that conversation has happened- wouldn't it be the bee's freaking knees if someone recorded it??!

    Don't let me down, Glori! Take one of those Jimmy Choo stilettos you wear and stab that smug arrogant robotic bastard right in the empty steel crevasse where his heart should be.

    1. Anonymous8:29 PM

      Do you not have faith that Obama can do it on his own? I know I do and I don't care about any crap that might be slung on Romney.

    2. Hey-- ANON 8:29
      As confident as I am that President Obama can hold his own, I am endlessly shocked at how people can continue to support (nay, even worship) Romney's privileged, self-righteous ass.
      They're all like, "Waaa, but 'Obie' is a closet Muslim!" (btw-- "obie??" oh, but I'm sure they're not racist because they once served a cup of coffee to a black man, right?)... "he's trying to bring down America!," (which he can apparently do in 8 years, but not 4)... "he's a Kenyan communist!" (and yet also somehow simultaneously a socialist, a nazi, and a fascist).
      So instead they're going to vote for the war-dodging businessman who has so much money he has to hide it in foreign bank accounts. Who funded his company with blood money. Who believes that people don't want to hire women specifically because the economy is bad (yeah, who wants to take a risk on a hardworking, highly qualified individual if there's a vagina attached? I mean, that's just crazy talk). Who gets so riled up over a simple debate that his face turns red and he's caught on camera glaring/scowling like a petulant child arsonist. Who *wears magic underwear* for God's sake!!!
      I could go on, but my fingers are weeping with the strain of trying to communicate the ignorance and stupidity of the republican voters.

    3. Anonymous2:13 AM

      Marz9:53 PM

      Although there is nothing wrong with being Kenyan or Muslim, President Obama is neither.

      He is an American Christian.

    4. I have more faith in Obama than I do in any living person on this EARTH.

      However, President Obama's efforts toward bettering this country have been constantly torpedoed by republicans. Who's to say they won't just STEAL the election- they've done it before and that was with an opponent they merely disliked; they have absolute boiling over hatred for our President. Oh, excuse me- I mean our President's skin color.

      The day after President Obama's inauguration, the high up and highly moneyed in the republican sector made a vow- an ACTUAL "vow" they called it- to fight Pres. Obama on everything. EVERYTHING. Doesn't matter if they even agreed with him- because it was HIS idea or opinion, they were going to try and torpedo it.

      So yes, I have FAITH in my president because God KNOWS he has earned it, having to fight the terrorists abroad AND the ones on our very own soil trying to bring him down because they can't STAND that "the black guy" won.

    5. Anonymous5:42 AM

      Marz ~

      Right on!

      Funny what PRESIDENT OBAMA didn't accomplish ~

      The complete destruction of America when all he needed to do was push us over the cliff!!

      If he HATED America,
      WHY didn't he take his opportunity to destroy it when he had the chance??

      It should be obvious this is one of the greatest Presidents our country has ever seen!!

      Obama 2012!!!

  21. My fear is that no matter what, the right will steal this election. Witness the successful practice they have already enjoyed. Mittster could be lifelong pedophile and every rightie would still be in denial (as seen with McCain/Palin).

    1. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Why do you care? My life has been the same under Clinton, Bush and
      Obama. Do most of us notice a change in administration? I don't give two craps who is president. Most of us don't really even notice, socially or financially.

    2. Anonymous8:22 PM

      You're a fucking idiot, 8:18.

    3. Anonymous8:33 PM

      Why am I an idiot? Can you give me one example of how your life has been different under any POTUS?

    4. Anonymous9:00 PM

      >>>Why am I an idiot? Can you give me one example of how your life has been different under any POTUS?<<<

      Because you are an idiot.

      Some of the 2000 soldiers that are DEAD due to Bush's Afghanistan mistake might have an opinion about why Dumbya sucked as President. You can't ask them, so ask a surviving vet or family member. Like the family of Pat Tillman.

      Same for all those that died after Nixon's secret plan to end the war in Vietnam was...more war.

    5. ANON 8:18

      As the wife of a navy submariner who works on the nuclear missiles, I can say that there have been a handful of ways that my life has changed under the current POTUS. For one, while everyone is bitching about a paring down of our military, the fact is that they're dismissing the fucking idiots who never did their job correctly in the first place. If it takes you ten years to make 3rd class petty officer, you're doing something very wrong (or just not doing anything). Cleaning house is something that needs to be done, even in the military, and when you're dealing with nuclear weaponry, you don't want a bunch of fucktards blazing the logs and neglecting their duties.
      More importantly than how our lives have changed is how they HAVEN'T changed. My husband and I had our first child two years ago. We bought our first house one year ago. We are not bankrupt, we are not destitute, we make a living. We're not foreclosed upon. Thanks to TriCare, both me and my son get as much medical care as we need (this was a particularly bad year for my health after several years of nary a sniffle-- I've been to the ER five times since January).
      I don't wake up fearful of another attack on American soil. Which was a real fear during GWB, not just because it happened once already in my life, but because I saw our standing on the world scene fall dramatically under GWB's presidency. The current POTUS has put us back on track in terms of respect from foreign countries.
      There's a much bigger picture to the presidency and America-- it doesn't end at your front door.

    6. Anonymous3:07 AM

      Not to be a hard ass, but if you have good health care, why would you be in the ER five times in 10 months? That is bad. ER's should not be used fo r primary care and if you had good primary care, you should be better managed than needing 5 er visits in 10 months.

    7. Anon 8:18, are you criminally stupid? Can you really not understand how peoples' lives have changed under the Obama presidency?

      How about this one- one of Pres. Obama's very first executive acts was to provide a 66% COBRA subsidy and extend the available COBRA term by 18 months. Don't you think all the millions who'd lost jobs because of BUSH spending us into recession noticed a difference in their lives once they were actually able to seek health care?

      Hey, because of our President's order to withdraw the troops from Iraq, tens of THOUSANDS of military spouses and children now have their loved ones home. Do you think the army wife who has been a single parent for most of this nonsensical "war" and now has her husband alive and at home "notices a difference"?

      You know, maybe you PERSONALLY have not noticed a lot of change in your OWN life. But are you truly THAT narrow minded, are you actually SO self involved you think nobody has noticed a difference? Do you think the 30 million Americans who will now have insurance are going to "notice" a difference?

      God, your limited scope of thought and microscopic worldview is not only alarming- it's downright sad.

    8. Anonymous5:45 AM


      Check out Aflac insurance.
      There are policies where you get paid to go to the doctor.

  22. is reporting that is has something to do with his help staff. Interesting. I hope it takes this unabashed liar out for good.

  23. Anonymous7:27 PM


  24. is reporting that a story is about to break involving the Romney's help staff. I hope this liar is finally taken out and it would be pure Karma if it was the "Help" that brings Romney down!

  25. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I just hope it isn't like Arnie and no innocent children were brought into the world.

    1. ibwilliamsi12:00 PM

      Funny, I'm hoping that it's exactly like Arnie. Mitt can afford to pay child support.

  26. I just can't wait to see the smug smirk wiped off that SOB Willard! And the Schadenfreude will be so much sweeter when it's a woman that brings him down!
    You go, girls!!!

  27. Anonymous8:23 PM

  28. Anonymous8:33 PM

    EXPLOSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Romney's Maid Is DISHING DIRT . . . And If What She's Saying IS TRUE . . . It May Be A WRAP For The Campaign!! just spoke with someone IN THE KNOW . . . and the word is that one of WILLARD'S ex-maids is snitching on him.

    And the streets say that she's about to disclose some . . . err . . . INTERACTION she had with that FRAUD Romney.

    Now for about 99% of the Republicans, they'd vote for him if he was a member of Al Quaida. But for the INDEPENDENT VOTERS . . . especially WOMEN voters, we doubt they're gonna feel good about putting THAT KIND OF MAN in the White House.

    Expect news to drop as early as TOMORROW. And when it does, don't forget that you heard it here first on

    1. Anonymous9:12 PM

      I hope the maid is safe and at an undisclosed location. She may need protection from the henchmen of the Republican Party.

    2. Anonymous9:43 PM

      I've been using the line: Mitt Romney could dismember a live screaming baby onstage, and Fox channel would report that it was taken completely out of context, and to ignore it.

      I have to admit to conceding that the line about him being a member of al-Qaeda, is even better than that!

  29. Anonymous8:52 PM

    WOW! This could really be something folks, hope it is big and not something that the repubs just snuff off.

  30. Anonymous9:15 PM

    O/T but Mitt Related.

    The biggest newspaper in the biggest Mormon city, and home-base to Mormonism has endorsed Obama!

    Salt Lake Tribune is put off by "too many Mitts".

  31. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Griff, I love ya, but you've got to know, the Romney's are infamous for not having 'help'. No maids, no cooks.

    1. Anonymous10:57 PM

      They "outsource" most of the help. So "no help" really is just plausible deniability. Like the landscaping.

      "Illegal immigrants toiled for governor
      Guatemalans say firm hired them

      SUCHITEPEQUEZ, Guatemala -- Outside his aqua-colored concrete house here, Rene Alvarez Rosales paused under an almond tree to answer questions about a subject with which he has surprising familiarity: Governor Mitt Romney's Belmont lawn.

      For about eight years, Rosales said, he worked on and off landscaping the grounds at Romney's home, occasionally getting a "buenos dias" from Romney or a drink of water from his wife, Ann."

      (Tagg's house too.)

      Youtube of Primary debate. "Mitt Romney- "I'm Running for Office! I Can't Have Illegals!"

    2. Kristy, you dumbshit. You're the only one who calls Gryphen "Griff"- and always in an attempt to pretend you're "one of us".

      Yeah, the Romneys had no help.

      And Bristol hasn't had any plastic surgery.

      And Craig just had "a wide stance", that's all!!!

  32. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Fingers crossed, but not expecting much. The republicans will just circle their wagons and proclaim it is all a "leftist agenda of lies" to smear their candidate's good character. (blech)

    Unless there is audio or video proof of anything, it's unfortunately not going to change much.

    Then again---YOU NEVER KNOW! (rubbing hands together in anticipation of a huge shoe dropped)

  33. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Republicans bracing for 'October surprise' as Gloria Allred 'prepares for Romney revelation'

    Republicans are bracing themselves for Gloria Allred to make a potentially damaging revelation about Mitt Romney, just weeks before the election.

    The pro-President Obama lawyer is rumoured to be preparing for her so-called 'October surprise' in which she will strike the Republican presidential hopeful's chances by unearthing some sort of secret or scandal.

    Ms Allred has refused to comment on the rumours, which first surfaced in a tweet by the Drudge Report's Matt Drudge on Thursday.

    'Here she comes. Hearing Gloria Allred out there again, about to make a move. After all, it's her time of the campaign. Team O at the ready!!' Mr Drudge wrote on Twitter.

    ...New York Conservative blog, The Red Side of Life, demanded Romney supporters 'stop her now,' adding 'we're doing too well to risk 'an Allred.'

    'Gloria Allred Prepares Anti-Mitt Strike You Can STOP Her Now! (action!) Don't underestimate Gloria Allred's ability to inflict damage,' the website reads.

    'The media will 'eat up' anything she feeds them and turn it into an endless scandal. Recall she took down Cain and RINO Whitman with NO EVIDENCE. We're doing too well to risk 'an Allred.' She can be stopped, but it will take action on our behalf.'

    Republicans Try To Stop Gloria Allred
    The Republican party is bracing itself - and preparing to fight back - against Gloria Allred's rumored "October Surprise" on Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, is exclusively reporting.

    "We're doing too well to risk 'an Allred,' she can be stopped, but it will take action on our behalf," a GOP watchdog group blogged, asking supporters to contact Romney's campaign headquarters and the Republican National Committee.

  34. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Here's something else I just stumbled on, though I don't think it has to do with Allred.

  35. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I read that the Romneys paid a total of about 20 grand for a year worth of maid service on 5 houses. Does that mean that Mittens and Kittens took care of the houses themselves?

    My hunch is that they had a bevy of housekeepers, all undocumented immigrants, who they paid under the table, with no withholding or reporting.

    1. Anonymous11:00 PM

      Do they have young mormons doing "mission work" in their houses? Wouldn't want to be near if Angry Ann ever found out there was polygamy being practiced by Willard!

  36. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Well if there is an October surprise that can hurt Mitt Romney, they're waiting too long to use it. I'm afraid most people have already made up their minds.

  37. I just noticed this. In the photo of Gloria Allred, she appears to be mocking that pose that Bristol and Mark did in a pre-DWTS publicity shot a couple of months ago. Why would Ms Allred be so cruel to taunt the young couple on the heels of the biggest disappointment of Bristol's professional dancing career?

    Add Ms Allred's name to Sarah's ever-growing list for revenge. Subtle move, Ms Allred, but obviously that of a hater. There's no way that Sarah can let this pass. She doesn't have jack-shit else to do these days but feud with any individual who will even acknowledge her throwing up her hands and flapping her gums.

    Looks like you're next on the list for the skin & bones, saggy-ass grifter to go after, Gloria. Good luck with that.

  38. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Oh please, please, please let this really be happening. Let it happen today.

  39. Anonymous5:38 AM

    my guess is it might be someone from this book Horror Stories: Mitt Romney's Shameful Record with Mormon Women by Geoffrey Dunn

    I don't know if it will make a difference - but this info needs to get out there in time to hopefully get those undecided women to realize they can NOT trust Romney - so even if it is just a retelling of story we all already know - getting it splashed in the headlines can be a good thing so everyone knows - people need to know the real Romney and what will happen to women in America if he gets in the white house

  40. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Of course now Trump is in on the action looking for publicity of his own...countering with a "bombshell" to drop on twitter Wednesday re the President. Can't stand that creepy Trump and can't figure out why anyone can.

  41. Anonymous10:02 AM

    let it drop on fekkin lame....god that guy is a douche

  42. ibwilliamsi12:03 PM

    I'm hoping for photographic and DNA proof.

  43. ibwilliamsi2:11 PM

    The story coming out at mediataekout is quite a stretch at this point to connect to Romney. It's a terrible story, but I certainly hope there's more to this hype than that.

  44. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Very interesting.

    Radar has been the Palin's house rag for years.

    Maybe something might change? Lol.

  45. Anonymous11:26 PM

    How may degrees of separation between Mike Fucklebee, a fatcat jesus freak felon and Judge Wapner? Fewer than Mike Fucklebee probably wants. Stay tuned.


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