Monday, October 29, 2012

Now this is how you protest AGAINST anti-gay protesters.

Two women kissing in front of anti-gay protests in France.

Here is the original tweet.


  1. Leland2:45 AM


    Brings to mind the two female sailors from earlier this year!

    Unless we call these idiots to task, though, it will take longer.

  2. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Oh my...

    I apologize for sounding sexist, but that is hot !

  3. Anonymous4:32 AM

    I love the open-mouthed gasps on some of the women in the background!

    A comment on style, however, is that those French church ladies are much chicer than our church ladies!

    Cute picture.

  4. Anonymous4:44 AM

    The funny thing is that that kind of protest is pretty uncommon in France, most people just don't give a fuck about gays, the same people don't vote against gay rights either.

  5. Anonymous6:34 AM

    It would be a kick if a gay couple kissed in front of Princess Ann and Mittens! I'm sure Ann would have the same 'shocked' look as do some of the French women in the above photo. Just look at them - cracks me up! And, I'm a white straight gal that just turned 70 and have gay friends that I love dearly!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  6. Anonymous6:35 AM

    4:44 If your statement is correct, why all the shocked looks on the faces in the photo? Some in France assuredly are anti gay!!!

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Those people live in their own world, just look at them, they're freaking old and probably from some crazy religious background.

  7. This straight girl says these two are hot.
    ...and, yes, the shock on some of the other faces is pitiful and sad, IMO.

  8. Anonymous3:01 PM

    They look like Bristol and Willow.


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