Sunday, November 25, 2012

A much deserved mental health break.

You know I am always seeing these videos about amazing voices coming out of people that you would not expect to have such an ability. Usually I give them a pass, but once in awhile you see one that you just feel really needs to be shared.

This is just such a video.


  1. That song in my experience has always been sung by an amazing black man. I find it amusing that that same basso profundo voice comes out of that guy, but I always will attribute that song and the story that it tells to the proud black Americans.

  2. It was a #1 hit in both country and pop music sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford in the 50's.

  3. I thought he was lip-syncing at first to a Paul Robeson play-back.

    That's exactly how I sound (in MY opinion) in the shower. lol

    1. Anonymous9:51 PM

      Dear Boney B.B., that's what I thought too! Also love that the youtube image links to a version by Big Bill Broonzy.

      Looks like it is posted as 2009, seems much more current today with the attack on working people by the GOP.

      Wild (just don't try to make my shell into a banjo!) Tortoise

  4. Otto Katz3:54 AM

    That's Battell Chapel!, at Yale I got married in that church. Lovely place! And the singers aren't bad, either!

  5. Good voice; needs a whole of help with presentation!

  6. Loved it! And you're right-wouldn't have expected that voice from him. That last note-wow!

  7. Anonymous9:01 AM

    In reply to hrh: What no critical remarks regarding the young man's sense of style or taste in clothing?

  8. Anonymous9:13 AM

    FYI - Historically, the majority of coal miners in Kentucky were Anglos (Scots/Irish) not African American. As a matter of fact this song was written and first sung by an Anglo coal miner George Davis. Tennessee Ernie Ford made ths one polular in the 1950s. :-)

  9. Anonymous9:21 AM

    The first record - a 45 - that I bought for myself was Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons." I like this updated version - thanks!

  10. Anita Winecooler6:26 PM

    You Tube at it's highest and best use. I agree, I'd never think such a profoundly deep voice like that would come from someone who looks like that.

    OTOH, there's Todd who sounds amazingly like Paula Abdul - but the shock factor just ins't there.

    1. When I was in the Honor Ensemble in high school we had a very white, very chiseled, very blonde guy that had a basso like that. We featured him in a few numbers.

      It saddened me that he never continued his singing after high school. Last I heard he was working as a baggage handler at the local air port.

  11. If you want to experience something completely different but equally amazing, go to YouTube and search for Eric Whitacre's virtual choir. People from all over the world record their parts, then they are put together into a world-wide virtual choir. The last one had more than 3,000 submissions. Every one is used.

    There are three.

    Lux Arumque:


    Water Night:

    All three are amazing in their own way.


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