Monday, November 19, 2012

And yet people are STILL fooled into thinking they are watching an actual cable news station.

I almost let myself believe that after the Rove election debacle, that Fox might consider trying to soften their image, and, I don't know, report actual facts. But NOPE they are still going gang busters after the Benghazi "story," talking up the "war on Christmas," and pushing various Obama conspiracy theories.


  1. Randall2:24 AM

    I happened to be watching Fox News election night when Rove pitched his little hissy fit and the next day watched quite a bit of Fox News.

    Their bubble was definitely burst. Reality smacked them right in the face - hard - and I wondered if they'd straiten up and fly right.

    But nope! Right away they began to reconstruct their little bubble of lies. Crawled right back into the bullshit.

    Fox News really IS a cult.

    Kinda like those churches that tithe 10% year after year and predict The End of The World on a certain date. That day comes and goes...
    So 'the church' moves the date out a little further...
    And the people still keep giving 10% to that worthless belief system and begin preparing for that next, new date of The End of The World.

    It's just amazing to those of us outside the bubble.

    And it would be sad, too -- if those people weren't so dangerous.

  2. Oh God...Scarah has a new video, its not a sex tape.

    1. Nice try, but that is an old video and old segment on MSNBC covering it.

  3. A. J. Billings4:08 AM

    For Dog's sake, NOT again! Not the war on CHristmas??!!!

    When are these ignorant religious hypocrites ever going to realize that they can have Christmas and Easter.
    The secular, atheist, agnostic public really doesn't care if they say merry Christmas, or happy fucking holidays

    WE DON'T CARE, and it's not a fucking war!

    1. Leland6:59 AM

      It's a war to THEM! They keep insisting that they should have the right to have all their tacky displays on government property because this is a "Christian Country"! They simply refuse to understand the FACTS of the Constitution and the provable HISTORY and the WRITTEN WORD!

      It is their belief that THEIR "written word" overpowers the law in a secular country - or ANY country for that matter. They refuse to even listen to what was said by their favorite: "Render unto Caesar...."

      And until they are slammed a lot harder than they have been so far, they will continue to claim it and proclaim it.

      I just cut them short and forcibly tell them they are WRONG.

      Never does any good, but I don't have to listen to their insanity for a while. Plus I get the happy chance to see the stupid looks on their faces!

      Fanatics. ALWAYS dangerous.

  4. Anonymous5:31 AM

    I would really love to serve the see o' pea faux news crowd up a huge portion of shut the F up with a big fat Allen West concession today.
    Seeing as how he has fallen even FURTHER behind in the recount....Murphy picked up even more votes! Ha!

  5. Can bet yer bippy these two FOX fans won't be discussed on FOX network: Ex-Gay Tyler Deaton, youth minister in Kansas who has "overcome" his "struggle with being gay," is suspected of ordering the murder of his wife. According to members of the group, Deaton was having frequent sex with some of its male saying it was part of a “religious experience.

    Bonus round: militant Anti-gay uber right wing Christian attorney, Lisa Biron, arrested by PD & FBI for luring children with online ads, took one to Canada to film child porn and child porn production charges...arrested, held w/o bail.


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