Thursday, November 29, 2012

Darrell Issa tries to earn brownie points from internet users by kissing up to Reddit. Reddit bitchslaps him instead.

Seriously how smart can these so-called "Redditors" be?
Courtesy of CNN:

In an unusual step, a U.S. congressman is proposing a two-year ban on all new federal legislation regulating the Internet. 

Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican from California who has been an advocate for Internet freedoms, has posted online a draft of his legislation, the Internet American Moratorium Act of 2012. The bill would "create a two-year moratorium on any new laws, rules or regulations governing the Internet." 

Issa first posted the complete text of the bill Monday on Project Madison, the nickname for a crowdsourcing platform that allows citizens to amend individual passages of legislation by adding or striking language. On Tuesday, he posted a link to the bill on Reddit, the social news site, where users quickly voted it to the top. 

"Together, we can make Washington take a break from messing w/ the Internet," Issa said on Reddit, where he also invited users to suggest changes to the proposed bill. He said he will begin taking questions about it from Reddit users Wednesday morning.

I don't trust Darrell Issa as far as I can throw him, and someday I'd like to find out just how far that might be, and the overwhelmingly liberal users of Reddit were no less suspicious. Here are a few of the responses that he received:

Hey Darrell, why did you vote for CISPA

He's a wolf in sheep's clothing. He doesn't support SOPA, but was a co-sponsor of CISPA because it wasn't as widely publicized. He's been constantly lying to everybody regarding his stance on net neutrality for the past two years. 

His legislation's name is as Orwellian as the PATRIOT Act, come to think of it. Issa's shown himself to be a sleaze time and again...I'm certain he has an ulterior motive. 

Internet lawyer here. This bill, as currently drafted, is a bogus, apparently fraudulent attempt to impose a wholesale ban on all federal regulations regardless of their impact on the internet. Reddit, we are being pandered to by a Republican Party whose future existence is threatened by its tanking approval ratings among the "young."

There were a few who tried to come to Issa's aid and provide a more neutral response, but overall there was mostly open hostility and anger at the idea that he thought they were that easily manipulated.

Overall it was very gratifying to see that the Redditors, mostly comprised of the very young people who we are counting on to move this country forward, did not fall for what I believe was a fairly obvious attempt to gain their support in a transparently sneaky fashion.

Perhaps Issa might think twice before trying this kind of bullshit again.

P.S. For those few who have never heard of Reddit, let me cautiously provide a link. However be warned, hours of very productive time may be lost forever if you visit.


  1. Anonymous2:14 AM


    Wonder if they were telling car alarm salesman jokes?

    Maybe Issa had some got a light questions?

  2. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Issa is, among other things, a crook. I wouldn't trust him at all on any matter. But, then again, I wouldn't trust any Republican, especially those in Congress.

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Her voice shakes.

    You sense her very foundation has been shaken.

    This isn't an actor, a newscaster, or a spokesperson. She hasn't planned her words. She doesn't know what she's going to do next, only knows she has to act. She uses the word "bullshit," and then apologizes.

    The anger in her voice seems directed mainly at herself. She'd persuaded "every person [she] know[s]" not to believe in the reality of global warming. Now she has to change their minds.

    ...Offscreen: And you didn't believe in global warming?

    Moviegoer: I did not believe in global warming. I am going to be sixty on December twenty-one, and every time someone mentioned global warming to me, I told them, if they wanted to remain in my home, they needed to step out. Because I said it was bullshit. I didn't believe it. Excuse my language.

    And that is because, I listened -- this is the truth -- I believed Bill O'Reilly.

    Offscreen: And now you saw this movie...

  4. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Fox News November Ratings: The Smallest Year-Over-Year Growth In Cable News

  5. Anonymous4:06 AM

    More on this, Gryphen, and now it has a 'mysterious' element to it:

    Lesbian Beaten And Hospitalized Says Attack Not A Hate Crime.

    ...Owens said she doesn’t remember much of that night. However, she said she doesn’t think she was attacked because she is gay, despite what her mother Kristi Taylor told FOX10 News Monday.

    “No, it was just a bad night. I honestly don’t think that is what he thought, ‘Hey, you’re gay so I am going to do this to you,’” said Owens.

    Owens is dating the sister of Travis, Ally Hawkins. The two women share an apartment.

    Ally Hawkins said she doesn’t believe her brother attacked Owens because she is gay either.

    “No, this is not a hate crime. We both know why it happened. That will come out, but not at this time. It is very humiliating,” said Ally Hawkins.

    Owens said she doesn’t feel scared about being there.

    “No, they are a normal family,” said Owens. “I wish this wouldn’t have happened, but I don’t hate her brother or her family.”

    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      WTF - Stockholm syndrome or drugged, or brother has incestuous relationship with sister AND Owens?

      Either way, saying that this is a "normal" family who lets a dinner guest get beaten up while they stand by? Owens clearly needs to be institutionalized - she is NOT in her right mind.

  6. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Issa is the purest expression of SMARMY I can think of. He's sleazy, criminal, snakey, and flatly dishonest. Piece of shit, that man is.

    1. fromthediagonal8:49 AM

      Issa is all of the above, and is "all for me all the time". He probably is considering the notoriously short memory of his electorate and suggests this delay in order to raise it again in time for the next elections. He would cloak it as concern about the cyber safety of the citizenry, which plays well with the paranoid crowd. ARRRGH!

      Reagan coined the phrase "trust but verify", which is possibly the only thing about which I agree with that PINO (president in name only) who knew how to read lines written for him by others.

      We have verified that Issa does not deserve trust of any kind.

  7. cuppajava6:05 AM

    Hey, Gryph...

    I wandered on into Reddit for awhile and found this comment. It will be useful if anyone ever bothers to tell me something stupid about evolution:

    "Evolution - It's why you need a new flu shot every year, Dumbass."

  8. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Is that a painting by the laughable conservative painter McLaughlin, behind him? Or is it photoshopped in? I think it's the mythological painting of St. Ronnie Reagan playing poker with other white male saints.

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      a la Dogs Playing Poker?

  9. There's nothing iffy about Darrell Issa--- I have absolutely no doubt about Issa's bad character. He is a sleazebag liar and a crook from the git-go. Now he is seeking personal power via the patina of legitimacy in a public role because he is so wealthy after having sold his company.

    Everything else I could type here would only be redundant about my disdain for this man and the distrust I have for anything he says or represents.

    Fuck Darrell Issa. It's not his goddam Internet to regulate.


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