Monday, November 19, 2012

Update from Andrew Halcro concerning Matanuska Maid investigation.

After waiting all day it looks like Andrew finally delivered the goods.

Here is a taste:  

Several of my long time confidential sources stated last week that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is knee deep in trying to unwind some of the financial activity surrounding the use of federal government grants awarded to the Matanuska Creamery. 

"Something is going on with an FBI investigation regarding the federal grant funds. The FBI has been contacting folks about checks they were given with cash back," read an email I received from one long time dairy source. 

"It appears the FBI Investigation is focused on one of the major shareholders," a follow up email read from yet another agriculture insider. 

In a phone interview with, Anchorage FBI Special Agent Eric Gonzalez refused to admit or deny that the Bureau was investigating the Mataunuska Creamery. Saying it was agency's policy not to publicly comment, Gonzalez offered nothing by way of confirmation. 

But given the number of unconnected individuals who have been reportedly approached by the FBI concerning possible kickbacks from Creamery disbursements, law enforcement's attention appears leveled at the way the fledgling Creamery put their initial grants to use.

There is much more at the link, including Andrew's long history of reporting on the scandal.

Go ahead and visit Halcro to see what he has, and then, if you so desire, you can come back here to discuss your impressions.

Personally I think he is really on to something.

Update: Here is picture of the Matanuska Creamery that Dennis Zaki took recently.

Oh if only those walls could talk!


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I also hope they review the situation with the Mat Maid land and the historic building which (finally) so conveniently burned down a while back. There are people profiting from the 'grant' of that property.

    1. Anonymous10:14 AM

      The Valley Historians must have all the records and stats on all the fires and arson in their region. How does it compare to arson in other places with similar population?

      With all the unresolved arson I would think people would keep records to see if there are a common denominators.

      A serial arsonist can be an individual or a group.

  2. Anonymous4:34 PM

    So, so far it doesn't look like this is going to come back to Sarah? Sucks

    1. Anonymous4:48 PM

      It will come back to her. This is just the start.

    2. Anonymous5:19 PM

      @4:34? Really? Seriously? I hope she is drinking all those caffine redbulls b/c he ripped her a NEW asshole without saying her flippin name!

      Oh yea, it will land on her lap! Now this is too interesting the Pimpin' trade being investigated now Mat-maid fraud!
      And G...wasn't that "special agent bla,bla" the same one who said Palin wasn't being investigated for "the iceberg"? Course we knew it wasn't the FBI but the IRS! Duh! How's that one going?
      I love that Andrew is a Repub as Andree, but they are the pitbulls going after her!
      Shit, it must suck to be her!
      And she is doing the dog & pony grifter dance "give me money I might run in 2016"...Bahwhwhwhaaaa!
      She might be in jail or dead by then! Breitbartin' herself!
      I thought Andrew did a Great job!
      tweeting it out! #GotFraud Baldy?

    3. Anonymous10:06 PM

      LOL nice try Sarah err I mean anon 4:34. It IS coming back to you and fast. Better confess now or turn states evidence if you want to avoid a long prison sentence. Something tells me you won't be treated well in the big house.

    4. Anonymous10:20 AM

      This is a matter for RICO.

      "special agent bla,bla" Eric Gonzales is a good investigator but he may be working for Sarah's peeps.

  3. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I so hope Sarah Palin is brought down in this matter.

    I just watched "Game Change" last night on Cable and Palin was such an arrogant, first class bitch during that campaign. I just wanted to knock her silly and I'm sure the ones trying to bring her up to par for the interviews and debate felt the same way. She was horrible! I'm so, so thankful we have President Obama and VP Biden for their second term!!!!!

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    There is no doubt that Mat-Su farmers are hard workers. Reading their Facebook posts about being up long before the sun to care for their livestock and some-such, it's hard ass work and they can have it.

    But if you are involved in a decades long loser like trying to run a dairy in the red every single month, you aren't doing it right or you shouldn't be doing it.

    Mat-Maid was a stinker, and other than AGIA, should be Sarah Palin's Solyndra.

    I hope the bungled management and kickbacks are ascertained and the those involved in fowl (get it?) play get nailed.

    Talking to you Sarah's BFF Ag Sec Franci Havemeister.

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Say what? I haven't kept up with Mat-Maid but I just read Halcro's blog where he says, "The Havemeister farm, that had been supplying the Creamery with raw milk, was fronted with over $600,000 in public funds to begin their own milk production facility, with no personal guarantees required."

      So Sarah's Ag. Secretary Franci owns that farm? Whoah!

      Political figures get caught doing much much less so what's so "special" about the Palin's that they've managed to get away with everything so far? It boggles my mind.

      And WHY can a college student who guesses a yahoo password go to prison for one year when people at the polls are caught red-handed stealing votes or dumping them in the trash get away with it?

    2. Anonymous10:41 PM

      Anon 7:11. Yeah.... People want to know. I hope the truth will prevail.... This time!

    3. Anonymous9:08 AM

      Fanci's father is operating his own dairy now. Yes, she approved the loans her daddy got for his venture.

      I would imagine each half gallon of milk he puts on a shelf is worth about $1,000 each?

    4. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Mat-Su farmers are hard workers, that may have once been truth and a few may remain uncorrupted. If they were on the take with fake loans, grants and any scheme they could manage did they go on working hard? They may have decided to go with the fake PR crap to make it look like they weren't just grifting.

      I took a peek at Ivy Frye and her family and ties to farming and the Heaths. They were instrumental in fudging votes and publicity for Bristol when she was in Hollywood. Some of Ivy's family/team work for SarahPac and make a bundle. I don't know how much they get from "postage."

      Anyone who has any financial affiliation with a Palin in time will come under deep scrutiny. Bristol and cousins are also entangled with some funny business when it comes to money.

    5. Anonymous10:40 AM

      It is good for the Palin and Alaskan agriculture that they are not into climate change. If that was man made or influenced, like say the Dust Bowl, they might have to change their ways.

  5. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I'll keep doin'whatever I want until the courts tell me to stop. I think the courts let somebody down, in the short term.

  6. Anonymous4:55 PM


    "Something is going on with an FBI investigation regarding the federal grant funds. The FBI has been contacting folks about checks they were given with cash back," read an email I received from one long time dairy source."

    is the kind of thing that puts people in prison jumpsuits and keeps the kids of criminal defense attorneys in braces and college.

    Unless Alaska secedes rill quick the valley trash might be hauled away.

    1. Anonymous6:06 PM

      "Unless Alaska secedes rill quick the valley trash might be hauled away."
      ~Priceless! :)

    2. Anonymous10:42 PM

      Double priceless!

  7. I suppose the next arson job for Creepy Sr, er, I mean unexplained fire, will be in the file room where State of AK has stored the original, un-redacted emails for the State of AK regarding state dairy business from 2006-2009.

    But destruction of evidence in a federal investigation just might increase the headcount of Palin/Heath grifters finally brought to justice.

    Sarah is such a walking-talking-cluster-fuck. She got it honest from her daddy, but she has definitely taken it to new heights.

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      It's a durn good thing that no one would ever suspect that any of this money ever wa

    2. hedgewytch7:25 AM

      Her mother is a real piece of work too.

    3. Anonymous10:43 AM

      Good valley folk do what needs to be.

  8. Gryphen, this is your blog:

    Can I scream “YOU FUCKING BITCH” at the top of my lungs? Sorry, I did it, now I have to ask for forgiveness since I sure didn’t ask for permission.

    Oh, and yes, she’s going to be our next president, you Rapture freaks. What the hell is wrong with you?

    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      I think Gryphen allows it Darlene. At least that is my experience. It is hard to endure someone as base as Palin, but we will.

  9. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Sarah Palin hired Wasilla BFF Franci Havemeister to be in in charge of Alaska agriculture?

    Don't tell me that's the incompetent woman Gov Sarah Palin hired to be in charge of agriculture in Alaska? Her bff whose only qualification for the job is that she liked cows when she was young?

    That's like making Bristol CEO of Wienerschnitzel because Bristol liked hotdog shaped penises when she was in high school. Makes no sense.

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      "That's like making Bristol CEO of Wienerschnitzel because Bristol liked hotdog shaped penises when she was in high school. Makes no sense."

      Bwhahahaha! You guys are killing me tonight ☺
      Yes Darlene, you CAN do it!! Just Do it! G-doesn't mind at all he is probably joining us in saying...

    2. Anita Winecooler8:56 PM

      Todd would be the CEO of vienna sausages.

      Don't hold back, Darlene! I'm sure a great many Alaskans will be joining you in a chorus.

    3. Anonymous10:23 PM

      That means Sarah is the CEO of Rocky Mountain Oysters?

  10. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Sarah the Grifter is so full of shit...

    Sarah better send Toddy-boy into town to stock up on the essentials: Including, a pallet or two of the extree-soft Charmin mega-rolls might help with the "leaking situation" with her, um, poop-tee-do.

  11. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I'd like to write a short note in defense of the cows involved in the dairy scandal.
    I'm not an expert, so I'm not sure of the time frame, but you can't just stop milking a cow - like today - I think it takes 6 months to stop them from lactating (is that the proper term when speaking of cows?). If I'm not wrong, it would kill the cow otherwise. So, the dairy farmers had quite a few cows to milk - I know they dumped lots & lots of milk before they tried their 'go' with the creamery.
    The real question would be how many calves they had last spring, and the spring before, and how many calves they plan on having this coming spring. Also, are they smoking crack in thinking that they can compete with Kirkland, Darigold, etc ? Might have worked 20 years ago, before Walmart and 3 Bears moved to the Valley. I'd say they ought to quit pairing cows and start letting the old girls dry up.

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      It works if you have customers that understand the value of local (economy) and fresh, and are willing to make a living, not a killing. Work on making local cheese and yogurt and ice cream, too.

    2. Anonymous10:20 PM

      Also, are they smoking crack

      Sorry, it's the Valley. They would be smoking meth and the herb MTF also known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck. It is in the Urban Dictionary.

    3. Anonymous10:53 PM

      I checked out the Matanuska Thunder Fuck. That might have been a better investment than a dairy.

    4. hedgewytch7:28 AM

      Yeah, blame MTF for the Diary - after all when you gotta have yogurt and ice cream - you gotta have it!

    5. Anonymous10:52 AM

      10:20 PM

      Where business is corrupt it is often in with the drug trade,also. Drugs have helped to prop up many a transaction. Not all dealers use drugs but most addicts will turn to dealing at some point.

  12. Anonymous5:17 PM

    These charges won't stick. The Department of Law will protect her. Its right down the hallway from the Department of Moronic Behaviors.

    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      Ummm, that was the OLD DOL? Didn't a new guy come on when another resigned? What a year ago?

    2. Anonymous6:54 PM

      Wouldn't it be in federal jurisdiction, not state?

    3. Anonymous6:57 PM

      The FBI investigates FEDERAL CRIMES which are FEDERAL charges if someone is indicted. These cases are tried in FEDERAL courts, by US attorneys.

      Theft of FEDERAL grant funds means US laws were broken,and the trial would be in a US District Court.

    4. Anonymous6:15 PM

      Baldy was talking about the "Department of Law" in DC! There is no such thing as the DEPARTMENT OF LAW! This is what the dumb dumb said...

      "Palin said there is a difference between the White House and what she has experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House the "department of law" would protect her from baseless ethical allegations.

      "I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we've been charged with and automatically throw them out,"

      Here's the link to the story about it...

    5. Anita Winecooler9:11 PM

      Even with the Department of Law, the FBI carries far more sway than any local authority. Add the IRS to the alphabet soup, add books and cook for a few years, season with 1 million six hundred thousand greenbacks owed - it's not gonna be a good minestrone!

    6. Anonymous4:24 AM

      The Department of Law is right next to the Ministry of Funny walks (see Monty Python).

    7. Anonymous5:40 AM

      There is a department of law in Alaska but when she was asked about ethics charges during her run for VP she suggested the white house also has a department of law. This statement revealed her ignorance of the lower 48, the obvious tell that she was unqualified for the job, and her short scope as a politician unable to see beyond her state's goveenment.

    8. Anonymous8:07 AM

      >>This statement revealed her ignorance of the lower 48, the obvious tell that she was unqualified for the job, and her short scope as a politician unable to see beyond her state's goveenment.<<

      Yes indeed. Sarah is even dumber and more disconnected than her supporters.

      All those militia types and tenthers backing Sarah for both Governor and President KNEW that Janet Reno worked for the Department of Justice and not the Department of Law.

      Also, too, these same people (most of 'em anyway) knew that their most hated agency the BATF is part of the DOJ.

      And fer shur Sarah should have known that it was the DOJ that indicted oily Ted Stevens and the alleged kiddie diddler (google Bambi Tyree) head of VECO Bill Allen. Sarah and Ted went way back.

      It was a classic Palin Fail moment. Sarah not doubt believes that it was caused by the "lamestream media" out to get a gotcha.
      It was caused because her mouth connects directly to her box of rocks.

  13. Anonymous5:18 PM

    With the FBI breathing down people's necks, some tongues are going to start wagging. like, "Sarah said... it was okay.."

    Maybe the radacted emails, were covering up stuff not at all related to babygate.

    1. Anonymous10:56 PM

      I was just wondering if the FBI would have access to those UN-redacted emails. What if they found credible evidence of Todd's pimping? OH my...

    2. Anonymous11:03 AM

      I don't trust Eric Gonzales. I know he is "good" and a nice guy. The sweetest men can be dishonest and working an agenda.

  14. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Previously at IM there was mention of a local newspaper report of a former Matanuska Creamery employee making a similar allegation.

    "Former creamery office administrator Kay Schaugaard and former pasteurizer Amy Moore, who are both Mormon, allege company co-owner and Chief Financial Officer Karen Olson made disparaging remarks about Mormons and not wanting “any more (expletive) Mormons” working for the company. They also claim co-owner Kyle Beus did not take their discrimination complaints seriously before they were fired more than two years ago.

    Schaugaard, who hasn’t bought creamery milk since she was ordered to leave the premises Dec. 5, 2008, said Monday she strongly suspects her termination is directly related to her allegations that company executives misspent federal funds.

    Schaugaard said Monday the Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation into the alleged funds misuse. When contacted earlier this year, the FBI would neither confirm nor deny such an investigation exists, as is its policy.

    “Some of the financial transactions that I was in the process of researching were extremely suspicious,” Schaugaard said Monday. “I couldn’t track where the grant money had been deposited. Kyle Beus and Karen Olson would not give me the data I needed or the answers I needed to make sense of their finances.”"

    1. Anonymous7:31 PM

      Thanks for this extra background info. What a messy business. Interesting that Schaugaard seems to implicate both owners.

    2. Anonymous10:10 PM

      There are more than two owners. Stay tuned.

    3. Anonymous12:39 AM

      Owners Kyle Beus, Karen Olson and Rob Wells. The first two have already defaulted on state loans each totallying over $2 million. Now , the state will be out another million on this boondoggle. No business plan, no marketing plan, the Board of Ag just handed over the money with no accountability or collateral. Recklessnes....pure cronyism.

    4. Anonymous3:26 AM

      And we all know that the FBI has a lot of Mormon agents....

    5. hedgewytch7:39 AM

      I've worked with a few big money grants. I've worked with an entity that didn't take it seriously when I told them that no, they couldn't just take that grant money and use it where they wanted to. And when the Federal gov came calling for an explanation on why that $ wasn't spent where it was supposed to be, people started scrambling and had to pay all of it back or somebodies where going to jail. And that was for under a 1/2 mill. Don't think the Dairy is going to be able to hide how many millions disappeared?

  15. If it comes down to it, no one is going to prison for Sarah Palin.

    1. Anonymous6:38 PM

      You don't think Glen Rice, Brad Hanson or McCain would volunteer to do Sarah's time?

  16. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Moo Hoo!!!!

    Can't think of a better person those pink handcuffs would look good on!!!!

  17. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Simple test on these cases

    1) Did any of this loan money get used for improper purposes? If so, then the person getting the loan (farmer) goes down.

    2) Were any of the loan proceeds diverted/kicked back etc. to people making loan decisions? If so, the person getting the kickback (and sometimes the farmer) goes down.

    Did Sarah get loan proceeds under either scenario? I don't think anyone is saying that. If not, then this turns out to be at best an ill-conceived program with maybe some dishonest people involved but nothing that sticks to her. Sorry but I don't see anything that makes this more than a run of the mill Federal Loan diversion investigation. Typically the farmers take it in these cases for "misuse" of the loans, sometimes to pay for things they really needed but weren't part of the agricultural part of the loan intent.

    1. Anonymous3:14 AM

      If Palin is involved, I'm sure the crime list is long and impressive. She IS that Stoopid. The question is, will it be properly investigated and charges filed?
      Listen up cronies: Saree only cares for herself. so cut yourself a deal, NOW. She will throw you under a bus quicker than you can say Bristol and Tri-G.

  18. I have posted links to Andrew's article about the web. I encourage others to do so.

  19. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Fascinating she never spoke to the previous CEO. I imagine she was listening to her dad and his friends and thought they had “common sense” and so that’s the way she rolled. What an idiot. I hope she ends up on the stand in this one.

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      All her crony capitalist pals grumbled to her that they weren't being paid enough by the CEO, so she replaced him with them and they paid themselves what they thought they were worth. Hence, a federal investigation.

  20. If only Alaskans had any fucking balls this would have long been over. Just imagine if the people who know the shit actually spilled. Dumbasses, all. You Alaskans who keep her secrets carry her water. Good job.

    1. Some of us Alaskans do have balls and there are some brave people who have taken risks to go after that evil-bitch-woman. When you spill the beans you are mobbed by the community. It gets really ugly. Bullying is part of the culture here. There is another story I have been interested in for some time. Remember when the incompetents Palin appointed to the PFD program had "computer" problems. I have always thought that was a cover for a scam.

    2. "Computer problems" eh? I'm just fairly angry that she continues to skate when the damned evidence of her crimes has to be pretty easy to get at. Look, if only a few people came forward and told what they knew she would be so ruined she wouldn't have any power left to torment people with. Can't anyone see that by keeping her secrets they are enabling her to do her evil shit?

    3. hedgewytch7:42 AM

      I'll telly o why mexmer - because Palin is stupid enough to do illegal things and think she can get away with it, but it wasn't just the Palin's. I really believe that the Palins were primarily puppets for the real Corrupt Bastards behind her. Why else would Parnell keep on protecting her? The Alaska GOP? Etc.?

    4. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Speaking of all the possibilities, what ever happened about the "vacation" house built with suspicious materials and no taxes paid?

    5. Anonymous11:15 AM


      agree that they are puppets. She may not fully grasp all crimes she perpetrates. Her capacity for entitlements is vast. Queen Ester does not have the same world view as commoners.

  21. Look, still a bunch of idiots are being quiet because of the deposed queen. When does this get old?

  22. If only anyone who has the goods would talk. Dumbasses equal to her.

    1. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Dumbasses may fear they or family will go to prison. Todd's record keeping of clients may be security for his crime family.

      The Cosa Nostra lived by strict rules and loyalty that no one dared to cross for years. Now that has all changed. The circles involved with Heath/Palin will not always remain the same.

    2. Anonymous12:36 PM


  23. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Hey, Sarah, maybe you will go to prison before PIMP DADDY TOAD.

    1. Anonymous5:45 AM

      Then who will keep the girls from getting pregnant when Todd and Sarah are both locked up?

      Probably the same person who is stopping them now.


  24. Anonymous9:12 PM

    We have not forgotten about Dar Miller, you SOB Sarah Palin. Karma will get you one of these days:

  25. Anita Winecooler9:23 PM

    To quote a famous vice president - "This is a big fucking deal!"

    Andree, and Mr Halcro to a lesser extent, deserve some kind of medal of honor.They're two Republicans who genuinely care about the state of Alaska's financial resources and Sarah's corruption.
    You don't get the attention of the FBI without something solid to go with.

    Finally, one of the gates is getting traction.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      I will feel better if Eric Gonzales gets a transfer out of Alaska or steps down and is no longer in an Alaskan FBI office.

  26. Anonymous10:09 PM

    What's the dill with Sarah related suspicious fires? I can think of at least three. Is she an arsonist or does Todd do that dirty work?

    1. Anonymous3:16 AM

      Maybe one of her dissociative personalities does the arson.

    2. Anonymous7:27 AM

      Todd and his buddies have gotten away with murder.... so far.

    3. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Her mother Sally's friends and friends of friends would do the dirty work like slash tires, beat someone up, tamper with breaks, arson and so on.

  27. Anonymous10:33 PM

    You Palins are all over Halcro's Blog, WORRIED? Is the GRIFTER GRAVY TRAIN in jeopardy? Maybe TOAD can restart his SEX TRAFFICKING RING to supplement your Lawyers' Fees. How will you be able to afford the NANNIES, and PAYOFF your BOTS to keep quiet? It looks like your Criminal Ways have caught up with you. 'MILK LIBEL'? BWHAHAHAHA. It is ironic that you and TOAD just might have to beg President Obama for a PARDON.

  28. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Oh my the Sarah Palin Curse has brought down Allen West.

    Allen West, Republican Congressman From Florida, Concedes 2 Weeks After The Election


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